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Hey guys! Here is Part 2, thank you to everyone that rated my previous story, don't forget to rate this one. I hope to continue this series, so please leave feedback. Enjoy!

I stood in Sarah's shower and attempted to move or speak, but my entire body had locked up. All I could do was stand and panic as I attempted to cover my junk, which despite the situation had already started to grow again at the sight of Sarah in her bikini top and a pair of jean shorts she had thrown on after losing the bottom of her suit.

"I....I.....I...." I repeated the syllable about a dozen times in an attempt to explain my situation but my mouth refused to produce a legible sentence. This was rather irrelevant though, as I couldnt really think of a reasonable explanation in the first place.

"So, you grab my ass and run face first into my crotch in the pool, and now I find you jerking off in my shower?" Words continued to fail me as I tried and tried to speak, to produce some sound that would make me look like something other than a stammering and perverted idiot. No such phrase came however, so Sarah continued to speak. "I really should rat you out to your folks for the borderline sexual harassment and defilement of my shower..." She paused, and for the first time I found myself capable of rational thought.

"Why hasn't she done anything yet?" I thought to myself. "If I were her I would have just told myself to leave, but she hasn't even left the room yet". I caught her eyes aimed downwards for an instant, then they returned to mine.

"I'll tell you what," she began, "I don't really feel like washing your jizz off of the bottom of my shower, so I'll make you a deal. You clean this shower, top to bottom, and I'll think about keeping this a secret". Doing the only thing I could, I nodded and she quickly opened up a cupboard drawer and pulled out some cleaning supplies. "Use this to clean the glass, and this to clean the tiles," she said, pointing to two different bottles, "and her are some sponges. I'll be back in fifteen minutes, and if it's not done I'll dial your folks and tell them everything". With that she slammed the door shut, leaving me in the bathroom with the cleaning supplies and the water still running. I sighed, then reached out the shower door and grabbed the bucket of supplies. I got down on my knees and started scrubbing, and then after I had finished the floor I moved on to single tiled wall before picking up the glass cleaner and spraying the three glass walls of the shower. As I began to scrub I found myself angry.

"Why do I have to clean the whole fucking shower?" I thought. My anger soon directed itself away from Sarah and back at myself. I truly was stupid for jacking of in the middle of my sister's friend's house, and now it could end up costing me. I soon finished the windows and stepped out of the shower. Just as I did, I heard the door open, and I darted to the pile of clothes on the floor and covered my still hardened manhood. As Sarah stepped in however I almost dropped them. Sarah was wrapped in nothing but a white towel, which covered only from her nipples to the very top of her long skinny legs. I felt my cock throb under the pile of my clothes, and I attempted to suppress my hormones with no success.

"You can leave now." she said. "Just change in the hallway and get out of my house". Without questioning I swiftly moved towards the door, but before I stepped out I caught a glimpse of her dropping her towel and stepping into the shower. I had just stepped through the door and was starting to put my clothes on when I heard Sarah call out from the other room. "Wait," she said, and I slowly poked my head around the bathroom door.

"Yes?" I asked as I gazed into the white-walled bathroom. I saw her leaning out of the glass shower, her naked body already dripping wet from the still-running water.

"Get in here," she said, and I cautiously stepped into the room. "No I mean get in HERE," she said, now opening the glass door further and motioning for me to join her in the shower. I froze for a second, before slowly making my way over to and into the glass shower. Once I entered, she closed the door and sat on the tiled bench in a corner of the shower.

"Well?" I said nervously, trying to distract from the fact that I was naked in a shower with basically a total stranger, and, despite all the stress I was under, I had a raging hard-on. She stared at my cock for a few brief seconds before returning her eyes to me again.

"You are not the only one here who is aroused by this situation Arthur," she said to me in a cool tone. "Between groping me, nosing me, and your performance in here earlier, I'm also very horny". I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I had turned this woman on? "I on the other hand, am not content with getting myself off, which is why your last task before I send you home is to make me come. Have at it," and with that she opened her legs, revealing her beautiful shaven pussy.

"Excuse me?" I said, flabbergasted.

"You heard me". She said. "Now get to work, or I might have to make a phone call". Not giving her time to say anymore, I quickly got to my knees but froze when I got to her cute little pussy. I had never been with a girl before, much less eaten one out, and I was panicking. Before I acted however, Sarah did for me. She grabbed the back of my head and shoved it into her cunt kissing my lips with hers. My face crushed against Sarah's crotch once again, I began to extend my tongue, reaching out and running it between her wet pussy lips. She moaned and I continued, this time going deeper and licking the walls of her birth canal. Moaning softly and pushing my head into her pussy with one hand, Sarah reached up and grabbed the shower bar, arching her hips into my face. I continued licking up and down in between the juicy lips of her pussy, and despite it being against my will I was certainly enjoying my meal. I soon pressed my lips to her a sucked, drawing more of her fluids into my mouth and making her squeal a little. Whilst sucking I flicked my tongue harshly between her lips, and she shivered with delight at each stroke.

As I licked, I began to lean into her more so. I soon realized that she was no longer holding on to my head at all and that instead she had grasped the shower bar with both hands, her legs too weak to support her by themselves. As I leaned closer, one of my tongue flicks caught a small spherical object above her crevice. Almost instanly after my tongue swept across her clit, Sarah let out a loud cry of pleasure. I flicked my tongue over it again, and she continued to moan louder, her body now jolting slightly with every pass of my tongue over her lovebud. The jolting became more and more erratic as I continued, and her moaning became louder. Finally she let out a long cry of pleasure, and I stopped. Her pussy was now pouring out her juices onto the shower floor as her breathing gradually slowed. After a few minutes she looked up at me smiling.

"Have you ever been with a girl before Arthur?"

"Not until now" I replied shyly.

"I must say, you were brilliant for a first timer" she said, then stood up and grabbed my hands. "Sit down," she said, "I have one thing to take care of before you leave". She sat me down on the tiled bench, and before I could ask her what she meant, a wonderful sensation ran through my body. I looked down and saw Sarah's head bouncing up and down on my cock, and I moaned in pleasure at the sight of her petite mouth wrapped around my giant shaft.i felt her tongue flick the tip of my cock, and a shiver ran through my body. She then went further and further down on my shaft, taking all seven inches of it into her cute little mouth. She repeated this several times, pulling up until only the head of my cock was in her mouth, then going down until the tip touched the back of her throat. I did not need to ask Sarah if this was her first time. Soon I felt my legs locks up and I gripped the slippery tile as best I could as I shot my second load of the day into Sarah's mouth. After about four spurts my orgasm ended, and she pulled of and swallowed loudly, looking up and smiling. She locked my cock clean and stood me up, her eyes gazing deeply into mine. Without words she pushed me out of the shower, and I bent over to pick up my clothes. As I headed for the door she spoke up.

"I quite enjoyed tonight Arthur," she said, "Why don't you come back next week and we can have some more fun?"

"What if I refuse?" I said knowing full well what my answer would be.

"If you don't show up, I'll have no choice but to inform everyone of your grand performance earlier. Goodbye now! See you next week!" I sighed and shut the door behind me. As I left Sarah's house I began to wonder if being blackmailed by my sister's friend was such a bad thing after all.


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2012-07-24 04:51:54
If you don't go to the shower, you don't have to give a gift. You are being very ptloie about this whole thing. It's not like you're completely snubbing them or anything. Give a gift when the baby is born. Hope I helped

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2012-06-27 10:43:53
Pretty good for you second time, I look forward to part 3 :)


2012-06-27 02:38:31
now its time for him to tell his sis. and him fuk her

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2012-06-27 02:38:11
it was pretty dam good, made me real horny

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