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This is my first story, comments are encouraged and any advice would be helpful
I do not not know when i first started having sexual desires for younger girls, but for whatever reason it happenend.Around my 10th birthday i started experimenting a little with masturbation .I realised that if i stroked my weiner (i say weiner because at that time i was rather on the small side) just the right way and long enough i got quite the pleasure.I was 13 when i saw my first naked girl in person , she was my cousin and she was only 10 at that time.

My aunt Tiffany had dropped her off for what she called a "play date".Well my cousin Nicole was prone to not fully bathing so my mother instructed me to watch her while nicole took a bath.Me and nicole have has been close since we were kids.I was actually a little mad at first i really wanted to go play with myself as i had got accustomed to at that time.Well my mother was not having any disobediance, so i was ordered to do as she said.As i led my cousin nicole into the bathroom to my totally shock she began undressing in front of me.Now at that moment i was totally transfixed on her now beggining to bud titties.She only smiled and me and i could swear she began to slow her actions into a sort of strip tease.

"Do you like what you see james?",she asked.I could not answer her as all words at that moment left me.As i looked at her,her eyes where transfixed on my now hard 3 and half inch penis un able to be covered up in my loose fitting basketball shorts.She was now totally nude in front of me and beggining to pull her barely visible nipples."I think it is totally unfair that i am naked in front of you and you are just gawking at me without taking off any of your clothes."I did not know what to do every part of screamed that this was wrong, but i wanted her to see me.Trying to be bold i said,"why dont you come over here and undress me yourself, i dare you."I knew this would set her off as she was the type of person that would not back out on a dare.

She slowly begin to walk towards me,i turned around to make sure that the door was locked.Nicole grabbed at my shirt and began to take it off,i realised her hands were shaking fairly bad.She then reached for my shorts wrapping her fingers into the shorts and waistband at the same time.She pulled them down and my penis sprang out causing her to gasp and fall back.I thought i heard my mother coming down the hall, then a knock only confirmed it."Is everything alright in there?" "Yes mom nicole slid on some water she is ok."This seemed to satisfy my mom as she left going back down the hall.I looked at nicole and she was climbing back to her feet.She slowly got on to her knees and stared at my penis for what seemed like hours.

She then looked up at me with her blue eyes and asked,"can i touch it?"I only nodded and she reached out and took my penis in her hand and i smiled from ear to ear.She just pulled it up,down,and even sideways examining it."Nicole do you like it?" she nodded."do you like making me happy?" again she nodded."well pull on it gently, going towards you and then back towards my tummy."She obeyed and slowly began to stroke me and i leaned against the door and my eyes glazed over with sexual feelings.Nicole was really getting into and even obeyed when I told her to spit on it.The next thing i thought of was from a porno movie i had saw "Slow down there is one more thing i want you to try, are you willing?" she nodded."ok take it and put it in your mouth." she seemed a bit worried."dont worry if you dont like it you can stop." She nodded and slowly stuck her tongue out and licked my pee hole.

There are no words to describe the feeling that coursed through me as she did this.Then ever so slowly she took my head into her warm mouth."lick it like you would a sucker" with me still in her mouth she began to swirl her tongue aroung the head and i can say it was driving me crazy.Thinking back to the porno i put my hand on the back of her hair and began to gently push her head more on to my penis.She would not budge at first but then she gave way and my full 3 and a half inches was fully in her mouth.Her instincts took over and she began to bob on my penis,slowly at first then building up until a decent speed was reached speed.After about 10 minutes i felt the tell tale sign of my balls tighting and i knew i was close and i did not want to frighten Nicole so i pulled out as my orgasm over took me and moaned maybe a bit to loudly and i squirted jism on.Just then the door was forced open and there stood my mother glarring at me with my quickly deflating penis out and cousin with my jism on her face caught in this incestous act.
********************************************************************************************************************Please comment and if enough good comments and rating i will try and do a part two,and be completely honest on how i did for my first time writing a sexual story such as this one.........and tell me what you think should happen if i decide to do a part 2 in this series

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2013-05-13 18:07:27
Yeah these is Noooooo fucking WAY he has a 5 inch dick. Compesenating for something!?!?

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2012-11-26 01:50:58
no way your 11 and have a 5 inch dick. I bet you have such a small prick that even your mom is worried about you


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2012-07-08 22:48:07

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2012-08-22 02:20:21
3 1/2 in thats tiny im 11 yrs old and am 5 roughly

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2012-07-27 02:15:16
awsome story part 2 please


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