True story written on instruction by the scribe.
The job of scribe to my Mistress and Master is not an easy one at times. They have tasked me to put to words their recollections as dictated under fear of dire consequence. My Mistress's name is Jenny and she has an incredible lust for exhibitionism, her husband, my Master, Phil, is a devoted voyeur. Together they make up a team who enjoy carrying out erotic fantasies in real life. They enjoy fucking in places where the potential for being seen is high, not to speak of their private fuck sessions where they enjoy having sex in front of friends, often allowing them to join in. This is to be the first of their recollections of their escapades, related as they happened with photos to illustrate and accentuate their experiences. Let the erotic games begin........

It was on a trip to Amsterdam that this particular incident occurred. In this ultra liberated city it is quite acceptable to walk in the narrow streets wearing very little and no-one will take exception. In fact, the rule of thumb in Amsterdam is that you can basically do anything you wish as long as you do not offend another person. While visiting the city Phil and Jenny decided to visit the sex museum, famous in Amsterdam. The idea was to visit the museum and then go to one of the hundreds of restaurants in central Amsterdam for dinner.

Jenny dressed in a black leather skirt with a black crocheted blouse, black full length stockings, mid calf black leather boots and a black leather jacket. The skirt was short and buttoned in front, Jenny smiled as she knew that she would be wearing no panties under the skirt. Jenny enjoyed being in public knowing that she was nude under her skimpy clothing. She loved the knowledge that her naked, smooth shaved pussy was just out of view of hundreds of people who would do anything to catch a glimpse of it. Jenny had another secret under her skirt, both of her pussy lips were pierced, perfectly positioned to stimulate her sensitive clitoris as she walked.

The blouse that Jenny had chosen was totally transparent, the gaps between the knitted wool did nothing to hide her pert 36DD tits, her smooth skin clearly visible to even a casual glance. The large holes in the fabric of the blouse allowed Jenny's stiff, pierced nipples to protrude through and her perfect areolas were easy to see contrasting against Jenny's milky skin. Jenny knew it was going to be a good night and she felt the stirrings of arousal starting between her firm breasts, radiating downwards to where her soft pussy lips nestled between her thighs, she felt the first tiny stream of warm, sticky fluid escape from inside her, making her slit slippery.

Excitement was mounting for Phil and Jenny as they made their way to the museum. It was nothing unusual to see scantily clad women walking in the streets of Amsterdam at night but the sight of Jenny's gorgeous legs disappearing under her leather jacket with no hint of her wearing anything under it was defiantly turning a few heads. Phil could feel the twitching of his lengthy cock in his pants as he anticipated what Jenny was going to have in store for him to watch. Jenny was struggling with the urge to open her jacket and show everyone her perfect tits, she didn't want to spoil the sense of anticipation by showing it all too soon but the friction of her erect nipples against the inside if her jacket was having a seriously arousing effect on regions lower down. Her pussy lips were swollen and aching to be stroked, the warm wetness becoming more pronounced as time went on. Jenny was not sure how long she could go on without touching herself, she sighed, hoping the museum was not much further.

At last, the museum entrance, a narrow foyer with a glass fronted ticket office. This was Jenny's cue, stepping up to the glass she undid the leather belt which held her jacket closed and pulled the front open. "Two please" she smiled at the gaunt little character behind the counter. Phil watched as the man's face literally dropped when he caught sight of Jenny's twins poking at him over the top of his counter. He muttered something in Dutch and fumbled with a ticket roll out of sight under the counter ledge, not for a second did his eyes leave Jenny's chest, his eyes may as well have been welded in his sockets. The little perv asked for fifty Krona and as the money and tickets exchanged hands Jenny gave her tits a cheeky little wiggle, the mans eyes looked like someone had hit him on the side of his head as he tried to stay focused on Jenny's nipples as they jiggled from side to side slightly. Jenny giggled and turned away, mission accomplished.

The Amsterdam Sex Museum is just that, a collection of sex memorabilia through the ages. The horny Victorians used to carve dildos out of hardwoods and ivory and even shape some pretty hunky phalluses out of wax. They were supposed to be so prim and proper, bullshit, they were having a ball under those huge skirts of theirs. On the outside pretending to be all virgin like but in reality they were just as horny as our modern day women, couldn't wait to get home to the dildo and from what I have read they were particularly keen on girl on girl action. Anyway, I digress, every kind of sex toy and aid is on exhibition in the museum and for Jenny this was just a full on tease in the condition she was in. By the time she and Phil had been inside for five minutes Jenny was walking around wide eyed, looking at all the different means of manual stimulation behind the glass panels. Now and then Jenny would reach up and give one of her aching boobs a gentle fondle, moving the crocheted blouse aside to expose her arousal to all who cared to look.

It was too much to resist when Jenny found a model of a nude girl on her knees, she smiled as she walked up the girl and exposing both her boobs began to fondle the girls tits. It was a real turn on for Jenny who knew that it would not be long now before she would need some release for her sexual tension.

At the next exhibit Jenny found another model in a position which she just could not resist taking advantage of.

By this time Both Jenny and Phil were both feeling pretty aroused. Jenny could see the outline of Phil's cock straining against his pants, the well defined shape of his large head showing clearly at the end of his thick shaft. Jenny couldn't wait to feel that warm hardness pressing against her inner thighs as the tip sought her soft opening. Jenny reversed her ass against Phil's bulge and cheekily thrust her firm cheeks back against his throbbing member. Phil returned the gesture by pressing Jenny against the nearest exhibit, bending her forward slightly he put his large hand up her skirt, searching between her inviting thighs and finding her puffy cunt lips. Probing gently with his fingers he parted her lips and inserted his middle finger into her waiting vulva, stretching her open to accept his intrusion into her narrow pussy. Jenny sighed as Phil's finger entered her and she thrust her ass back against his hand. MMMMmmm, now that was what she needed. Phil knew that if he continued fingering Jenny she would cum right there, reluctantly he removed his finger from the wet steamy grip of Jenny's pussy and putting his hand to his face sucked her sticky juices off of his finger, she tasted delicious.

Anticipation of a wild sex session back at the hotel made Phil and Jenny hurry through the remaining exhibits, both knew from experience that tonight was one of those "tear each others clothes off and fuck wildly" nights. Leaving the museum Jenny didn't cover up her partially exposed boobs and this caused a few cases of whiplash in both men and women as they walked down the narrow streets to a particular Chinese restaurant that they knew of. Jenny had taken a liking to one of their waiters on a previous visit and she was hoping that the same waiter would be there tonight.

Upon arriving at the restaurant Jenny smiled as she recognized the waiter that greeted them at the door, the woman's name was Tiger and as she approached she noticed Jenny's tits. They seemed to have the same effect on the young woman as they had on the perv at the museum ticket office, she could not keep her eyes off of Jenny's nipples and this really aroused both Jenny and Phil. Tiger had long jet black hair, typical Japanese porcelain complexion with small firm tits. She wasn't wearing a bra and the view of Jenny's tits right in front of her had made her own nipples come erect, pressing hard against her thin blue cotton uniform. Tiger greeted the pair, took two menus from the rack at the door and turned to lead the way to their table. Quick off the mark, Jenny looped her arm through Tigers as she turned pressing the girls arm against the curve of her firm breast. Jenny heard the girl gasp and felt her stiffen slightly but immediately relax and return the pressure against the swelling of her tit. In return Jenny got to press against the rubbery heat of the girls small boob, Jenny wished she could take her whole tit in her mouth and suck and nibble her nipple until the young woman convulsed in orgasm.

Once seated and with drinks ordered Tiger left to fetch the order and both Jenny and Phil watched as she walked away, her firm ass moving tantalisingly against the tight fabric of her dress. "Imagine licking out that tight little pussy while she tongue fucks me" Jenny commented to Phil as Tiger left, Phil just smiled, he was imagining, and how nice it would feel to push his aching knob into the firm resistance of her slippery hole. While Tiger was away Jenny made sure that her nipples was poking through the holes in her blouse, she wanted Tiger to have a clear view of her stiff nipples with their shiny piercings, ooooh how her pussy burned to be touched. The fingering Phil had given her in the museum had only fuelled the fire.

Tiger returned with the drinks, her gaze firmly on Jenny's nipples. The girl began to look flustered, barely containing herself. She busied herself by taking Phil's napkin and folding it placed it carefully in Phil's lap. She must have seen the bulge in his pants, for it was a few seconds before she seemed satisfied that his napkin was perfectly positioned. Jenny watched, amused at Tigers reaction to her husbands erection. Jenny knew what was coming and prepared for it by parting her thighs as she sat opposite Phil. Tiger, as anticipated, took Jenny's napkin next, folded it and placed it in Jenny's lap. Jenny took Tigers hand lightly in hers and firmly guided it up her skirt, between her legs. Tiger did not resist and to others in the restaurant she was helping a patron with a napkin. Jenny sighed as she felt the warmth of Tiger's fingers against her swollen lips and Tiger gasped quietly as she felt the slippery heat of Jenny's pussy. Jenny pressed gently on Tiger's fingers and, getting the hint, Tiger pushed deeper, feeling the slit part and the thick stub of Jenny's clit meet her probing finger. The temptation to masturbate Jenny there where she sat was great but Tiger knew that it would attract attention and she was sure to lose her job. Reluctantly she removed her hand from under the gorgeous foreign ladies skirt. It took all the self control she had to calmly take the meal order and deliver it to the kitchen.

From the kitchen Tiger went directly to the loo and locked herself into a cubicle. Hurrying she lifted her dress and pulled down her panties. It was a physical shock as her hand covered her small mound, she shaved her pussy smooth except for a small patch of hair just above her clit. Tiger had very small inner lips, with the result if her legs were open her clit and pussy opening were clearly visible. Now Tiger slowly moved her hand over her mound until her fingertip came in contact with the hard, pink tip of her clitoris. With her other fingers she parted her outer lips, pulling them open and upward, retracting the soft hood that covered her sensitive bud. She knew that her clit was now standing out from between her lips, hungry for friction. Momentarily slipping her finger past her clit, deeper into her cunt, Tiger felt the wetness of her open hole, circling the slippery opening she made sure to wet the tip of her finger before again bringing it into contact with her miniature cock which stood proudly outward. Tiger had discovered a while back that when she tightened the inner muscles of her pussy she could make her clit push further outward from under its hood, much like a mans erection emerging from his foreskin. Tiger tightened her inner muscles and her swollen shaft twitched and grew under the gentle massage of her wet finger. Tiger thought about Jenny's perfect tits with their hard nipples and Phil's long hardon and she began to wank her clit harder and faster. Tiger was breathing loudly and she hoped that no-one would come in while she was busy satisfying herself. Visions of Jenny's mouth over her clit, licking and sucking her, fingering her juicy hole, all were too much and Tiger's lust exploded into a eruptive orgasm. She bit her lip to stop herself crying out as her pussy convulsed, squeezing a warm stream of her juices from deep inside her.

Outside Jenny had begun to wonder what had happened to Tiger, a full ten minutes had gone by without any sign of the girl. Just as she was beginning to worry Tiger appeared and approached the table to find out if everything was alright and to tell them that their meal would not be much longer. Suddenly she bent over Jenny and whispered in her ear. Phil watched in fascination as the look on Jenny's face changed from fascination to pure delight. After a few moments Tiger left them and Phil had a chance to ask Jenny what Tiger had said. Jenny told Phil that Tiger had just admitted to her that she had been masturbating while fantasising about the two of them. Phil was shocked at Tiger's openness to share that with them but at the same time he was pleased because he knew the effect such a revelation would have on Jenny. He knew that her cunt was just bursting to have Tiger now. Jenny then told Phil that Tiger had said that they should come back the next day when the bosses weren't there and she would have a surprise for them.

The rest of the meal was memorable, the pure lust in the air whenever Tiger and Jenny were close to one another could be felt in the air. Both knew that they could do nothing tonight but were soooo turned on by each other that it was difficult to concentrate. Eventually it was time to leave and Tiger saw the couple out. As soon as they were outside Tiger looked back to make sure that no-one from the restaurant could see her then she turned to Jenny and kissed her hard, her hand in Jenny's long blond hair holding Jenny's mouth captive against hers while she explored the inside of Jenny's mouth with her hungry tongue and pressing herself tightly against Jenny's heaving chest. After what seemed a long time Tiger turned to Phil and did exactly the same thing, she tasted delicious, hot with passion. It was hard to leave her behind but the arrangement was to meet for lunch the next day at the restaurant, Tiger would be on duty.

Phil and Jenny discussed the evenings happenings on the way back to the hotel, which was only a few minutes walk from the restaurant. By the time they reached the elevator they were both ready to fuck in the street and not worry about who saw what. As the doors of the elevator closed Jenny hiked up her blouse and pounced on Phil who immediately placed his hot mouth over her right nipple. He sucked on the firm nub, feeling Jenny's areola harden and shrink in his mouth until the whole wrinkled, aroused nipple could fit in his mouth. Jenny was whimpering, crushing her crotch against Phil's leg, he could feel Jenny's urgent need to cum and thrust his thigh hard against her throbbing cunt. As Phil sucked on her nipple Jenny humped her mound against the firmness of Phil's leg, she was nearly there, reaching down she pulled her skirt upward and out from between her erect clit and the rough fabric of Phil's pants. The sensation of the dry fabric against her swollen bud was too much, all she could manage was "OH Fuck" as she released a monstrous orgasm from deep between her legs, she froze, her sensitive tip jerking as she convulsed in orgasm. Jenny felt a warm pool of her juices wet Phil's pants where her open pussy was against him. Phil released his death hold on her nipple and smiled as she tried to recover enough to stand on her own to feet for the walk to the room.

I am but the lowly scribe and what happened that night behind that hotel room door I am not privy to but if I were to venture a guess, it was some serious fucking.

The following day, after a long lay in and a breakfast brought up by room service, Jenny had made up her mind what she was going to wear for the meeting at the restaurant. It was obvious that she was excited about the prospect of getting together with Tiger and had decided on a tiger print dress which did not allow for any underwear to be worn with it.

Getting dressed was a ceremonial affair for Jenny and she took great care with every detail. When the time came to leave for the restaurant both Phil and Jenny were pretty excited at the prospect of what they hoped was going to happen. Again the short walk to the rendezvous and as expected Jenny drew looks from many of the patrons but Tiger was nowhere in sight. A waiter approached them and Jenny explained to the young lad that she was looking for Tiger. The waiter explained that they were very busy and if we didn't mind we could wait for service in the adjoining lounge, Jenny agreed and the young man led them through to the waiting lounge. Jenny sat on a large black leather couch while Phil made himself comfortable on a large recliner. The waiter took their drinks order and promised to let Tiger know that we were there.

The waiter returned a while later with their drinks and told Phil that Tiger would not be long. A few moments after he left Tiger walked in through the door. She was wearing her blue uniform again but Phil noticed that there were no tell tale pantie lines, giving away the fact that her pussy was naked under the thin cotton dress. Again Tiger could not keep her eyes off of Jenny, her eyes drawn down to the deep cleavage between Jenny's protruding tits. Jenny too made no effort to disguise the fact that she was ogling Tiger from head to foot. Her gaze froze for a long time on Tigers tiny, pert tits pressed against her uniform and hesitated again in her crotch, imagining the neat little slit nestled there. Jenny asked Tiger if she liked what she saw and Tiger smiled and nodded her head. With that Jenny reached up and took hold of the strip of fabric covering her boobs, without hesitation she drew the strip down, exposing her globes to Tiger. Tiger's mouth fell open as her eyes fixed on Jenny's beautiful pair, her nipples hardening under Tiger's stare.

Jenny was heating up as she watched the look on Tiger's face, Phil could smell her arousal and had honestly expected things to move a bit slower, but he wasn't complaining. Jenny lifted her legs up onto the couch and in doing so gave Tiger a full frontal view of her pussy from her clit to the cleft of her ass. What none of them had realised is that behind them stood a large, good looking Dutch student who had happened to walk past and noticed Jenny showing off her tits. He stood there mesmerised as Jenny's tits jiggled with each movement she made. Catching his eye, Jenny beckoned to him to come over to her. Without hesitation he walked over to her. Jenny dropped her legs down off the couch and placed her high healed shoes as far apart on the floor as she could. The result was that her shaved cunt lips were clearly visible to all and Tiger did not move her eyes from the stiff shaft of Jenny's clitoris where it stood erect from between her lips. Jenny then proceeded to undo the young mans pants and drop them to the floor. Her head was level with the boy's crotch so when his cock sprang free it was right in front of Jenny's face. A thick veiny shaft stuck out from between the young man legs, topped by a large, uncircumcised head.

Jenny's eyebrows lifted as she looked at the monster and without hesitation she wrapped her hand around its girth and began to wank him. Stroking slowly back and forth Jenny retracted his foreskin back from the rapidly swelling head, each movement forward brought her palm in direct contact with the thick ridge around his dick, it twitched as she stroked the, now, fully erect shaft. The boy put his hands on his hips and thrust his knob towards Jenny who had now picked up the pace and was fast bringing his cock to a point of ejaculation. Suddenly she stopped stroking, exposed his huge head and closed her mouth around the end of his dick. He gasped as her warm lips closed over his sensitive tip, Jenny pushed his tip into her mouth, deep to the back of her throat, all the while following her mouth up and down the length of his shaft with her hand. After a few strokes Jenny pushed him deeper into her throat, she knew he would not last long and she would soon feel him explode in her mouth. With practice Jenny had good gag control and could take a reasonably large knob way back in her throat without any discomfort.

The boy's hips began to buck as Jenny worked faster on his prick, she could taste his pre-cum and squeezed his shaft, milking the salty liquid from his balls. Lifting her other hand , Jenny cupped his low slung balls and gently squeezed as she prepared to make him blow his load. Two more thrusts and Jenny shoved his cock deep into her throat and held him there, playing with his balls and moving her throat muscles over the expanding cock head. To encouraging cheers from Tiger and Phil "Oh shit" is all he could say before his ass cheeks tensed and Jenny felt the first load of thick spunk under her fingers as it shot along his shaft and a split second later exploded into her mouth. Jenny didn't move, she swallowed just in time for the next eruption and again she swallowed the huge spurt of creamy semen. As he ejaculated so Jenny swallowed but there seemed to be no end to this guy's load. Eventually Jenny pulled back and stroked the shaft furiously, this brought on a fresh wave of spunk, Jenny's mouth was open with his knob inside and she had placed her tongue over the tip of his head. The result was a thick stream of white semen running from Jenny's lips a she continued to wank his pole. The spunk was dripping down between Jenny's legs, onto the tops of her stockings, pooling in a sticky mess. Eventually the young man stopped shooting globs of spunk and staggered back to sit on an empty couch

Jenny looked down at her sperm spattered stockings, using her fingers she spooned as much of the thick white splooge off of her as she could and put her fingers into her mouth. Still not happy with the clean up job Jenny released the clasps, rolled the stockings down to her ankles and then, kicking each shoe off one at a time removed the soiled garments and placed them in her handbag. Magically new stocking appeared in her hand from inside the handbag and Jenny proceeded to roll the thin fabric up her shapely legs. These were white lacy hold-ups and therefore needed no garter belt to hold them up, Jenny lifted her dress and facing Tiger, unclasped the belt. All the while Tiger's gaze was fixed on the perfect puffy pussy lips between Jenny's legs. Jenny dropped the hem of her dress and placed the belt in her handbag. Tiger stood frozen, she was shaking slightly and Phil could see that she was licking her lips, her mouth had gone dry. Then she croaked "Come with me."

Phil and Jenny followed Tiger down a narrow passage, leaving the spent student behind. The passage opened into a secluded back room. Immediately upon entering Tiger pushed Jenny against a cabinet and placed her warm mouth over Jenny's right nipple. Jenny gasped and threw her head back in ecstasy, this is what she wanted. The girl was sucking and nibbling with a serious urgency, alternating between Jenny's erect nipples.

Phil moved in and lifted jenny's dress to give Tiger access to the burning cunt that he knew was aching for attention. He then took Tiger's dress and lifted it up over her head, her sexy body was now naked but for her matching blue bra which Phil left for now. His eyes followed the curve of her back down to her firm, round ass cheeks with their deep dividing valley. At the base of that valley lay the secret place where Tiger's thighs parted slightly to show her puffy, very swollen pussy lips. From where he stood Phil could see the wet glistening of her escaped juices where they coated Tiger's narrow slit. By now Tiger had found Jenny's pussy and had covered her mound with her hand, Phil could see Tiger's fingers working feverishly as she pressed them deeper between Jenny's lips, searching for and finding her waiting opening. Tiger plunged her finger deep into Jenny and both groaned with pleasure.

After a few minutes of enjoying Tiger's fingers inside her, Jenny placed her hand on top of Tiger's head and pressed down gently, making it very clear just what she wanted Tiger to do. Tiger obliged by moving downward between Jenny's parted thighs. Before her she saw Jenny's pouting lips inviting her to kiss her in places that made her knees weak. Tiger opened her warm mouth and placed it over Jenny's waiting clitoris and sucked noisily. Jenny stood up on tiptoes as the rush of pleasure burst outward from her erect bud. Jenny placed her hands on the cabinet behind her ass and pressing downward lifted herself up onto the counter. Jenny could now fully spread her thighs to give Tiger better access to her pussy. Tiger took full advantage of the position change and using her fingers she parted Jenny's lips as wide as she could, exposing the soft pink tip of Jenny's clit and the deep rose of her wet entrance.

Now that Jenny was positioned higher Tiger could stand with her ass in the air and her mouth firmly planted over Jenny's cunt. Phil moved in behind Tiger and gently nudged her feet apart. As her thighs parted Phil could see her pussy lips open and the tight little space between them become visible. Phil could see Tiger's clit standing out from its hiding place, thick and swollen. Phil placed his hand over Tiger's pussy and began to gently massage her clit with his finger. Tiger squirmed under his touch, pressing his finger between the lips of Tigers pussy Phil could feel the slippery heat of her released juices. Probing deeper he felt the soft flexing of her small entrance under the tip of his finger, slight pressure caused his finger to stretch open her folds and begin to penetrate her. Phil could feel Tiger's pussy literally sucking his finger deeper. Jenny was moaning quietly as Tiger tongued her hole and clit and Tiger was whimpering with lust, seemed a good time to press a bit harder at her pussy. Phil slowly pressed his finger deeper up into Tiger's cunt. She stopped sucking on Jenny as she felt Phil's finger entering her, Phil retreated slightly and Tiger moaned, pushing her ass back against his hand. He resumed his probing, pushing his finger deeper this time before again retreating, each time entering her further until he could go no further, his progress halted by the tight rubbery obstruction of her young uterus. Tiger was now wildly tongue fucking Jenny's pussy, Phil positioned his finger against her g-spot and gently massaged her, feeling her inner muscles contract under the friction.

Tiger began to buck against Phil's finger as her arousal began to peak and she approached orgasm. Jenny too was close, Phil could see her nipples had tightened up into wrinkled tips and from experience he knew that her heavy breathing was an indication that she was close to cumming. Increasing the pressure and pace of his finger on Tiger's spongy g-spot, Phil felt Tiger begin to race toward climax, her pussy clamping down firmly around his fingers. Out of the corner of his eye Phil saw Jenny thrust her hips forward and grab Tiger's head, holding her mouth tightly against her raging clit. Tiger suddenly froze, her narrow passage convulsed around Phil's fingers as she released a mind blowing orgasm, she made quiet mewing sounds as she climaxed and Phil felt a flood of warm wetness run over his hand. Moving quickly, Phil removed his hand from between Tiger's legs. Unzipping his pants, Phil pulled out his throbbing member and positioned himself behind Tiger. Thrusting forward, Phil placed the large mushroom head of his thick dick against Tigers hot hole.. Gentle pressure was all that was needed to stretch her open and allow his flange to pop past her tight entrance, the opening closing firmly around Phil's pole as the head drove deeper into Tiger's cunt. Jenny too had let go, she was still bucking her mound firmly into Tiger's mouth, her head back and her eyes shut tightly, she was in heaven.

Phil watched Jenny cumming as he began to pump his length in and out of Tiger, penetrating her deeper with each inward thrust. Phil could feel Tiger's cunt muscles gripping him so tightly that he literally had to force his knob deeper into her young hole. Reaching down, Phil placed a palm on each of Tiger's ass cheeks, spreading them. Tiger's tightly puckered anus winked at him each time he pressed forward as Tiger's muscles reacted to being penetrated so soon after cumming. Phil felt his swinging balls slapping against Tiger's still erect clit, he was inside her as deep as he could go. Tiger began to thrust her hips back against Phil, meeting his stabbing cock and keeping pace with his. Phil could feel his knob beginning to swell inside Tiger, her heat drawing a shot spurt of pre-cum from the small hole in the tip of his cock, he was close, his balls pulled up and his shaft became ultra sensitive. Phil could feel every contour of Tiger's cunt as he began to hammer his dick hard into her.

Each driving thrust was like a punch into her pussy and Tiger grunted with each searing impalement. It felt to Phil as if someone had suddenly tightened a rope around the base of his shaft as Tiger came again with him inside her. Jenny had reached under her and was playing with Tiger's tits as her husband pounded into her soft cunt from behind. Phil couldn't hold on, his ass clenched as a thick stream of steaming semen left him and shot deep into Tiger's wanton pussy. He felt shot after shot of sticky sperm shoot into Tiger and she continued to clamp down on him, very aware of each throbbing explosion inside her.

Phil pulled out of Tiger slowly, as his knob pulled free it was followed by a small dribble of his sperm mixed with her juices which ran between her lips, over her clit and dripped between her widespread feet. Tiger's legs were shaking and she staggered to a large chair in the corner of the room and collapsed backwards. Jenny jumped down off of the counter and kneeled between Tiger's legs. Placing her hands under Tiger's thighs she lifted her legs high into the air, parting her legs wide, Jenny exposed Tiger's now deep pink slit for inspection. The wet hole and twitching clit were clearly visible to Jenny as she lowered her head and placed her full lips over Tiger's recovering cunt.

Jenny traced the open slit with her tongue from Tiger's ass to her clit, stopping to suck her clit deep into her mouth. This caused another sudden pussy contraction and a thick spurt of Phil's cum and her own cunt juices ran from Tiger's hole. The ejaculation caught Jenny on the chin and she immediately placed her mouth firmly over Tigers leaking pussy. Sucking hard and driving her tongue deep into Tiger, Jenny endeavoured to clean out Tiger's messy cunt at the same time as tongue fucking her. Using her fingers Jenny spread Tigers cunt lips wide making her clit stand proud and giving Jenny easy access to Tiger's gorgeous inner hole. Tiger was on her way to another orgasm and lifted her thighs high and wide, Jenny took advantage of Tiger's position and wiggled a finger tip at the firm entrance to her anus. Phil's load, her own juices and Jenny's tongue had made her puckered port slippery and easy to penetrate. Jenny found no resistance to her probing and Tiger gasped as Jenny's digit slipped into her sensitive ass. She always had her best orgasms when she was anally stimulated.

Tiger began to breathe heavily as her cunt reacted to the attack on her clit and ass. Phil knew that by now Jenny would also be ready to cum again and he stepped up between Jenny's legs and got down on his knees behind her. Feeling him there she arched her back, offering her juicy pussy for Phil to do as he wished to it as her lips reached out for him from behind. His knob was fully hard again and still glistened from Tiger's wet cunt. As he pressed his tip against Jenny's open cunt she pushed back against him and in one swift movement engulfed his cock inside her throbbing love tube. Phil took this as a signal to "fuck me hard" and began to drive his full length in and out of Jenny, occasionally he pulled his thick head out from Jenny's opening and seconds later plunged it back up into her until he could thrust no deeper. Jenny squealed with each thrust, her cunt making squishy wet noises as Phil's knob pumped in and out of her. Tiger was begging Jenny to fuck her ass faster and Jenny obliged by accelerating the pace of her ass penetrations. Phil felt Jenny tighten around his dick, he reached down around her thigh and placed his hand over her pussy, a finger on her clit. As Phil rotated his finger tip over the shaft of her clit he could feel the resulting grip on his cock. A few more deep, hard thrusts into his wife's cunt and Phil shot his first glob of jizz up into her. Over and over Phil's shaft spat hot load into Jenny and he felt her cum on his cock, milking his semen from him with firm contractions of her cunt muscles around his dick.

Just as Phil jerked the last drop of his load into Jenny, Tiger screamed that she was cumming and Phil watched as her pussy released a spurt of warm wetness into Jenny's mouth. Jenny continued fingering Tiger as she slowly relaxed, twitching and jumping as waves of pure pleasure swept through her groin. Phil retracted his knob from inside his wife, she released him with a soft popping noise and Phil watched as her , now, red opening slowly shrunk back to size. Tiger was not going to miss out on this opportunity and suddenly stood up and told Jenny to change places with her. Jenny sat back in the chair and Tiger lifted her thighs just as Jenny had done to her. Phil stood back in a position to have a good view of Jenny's exposed holes, he could only hope Tiger was going to do what he thought she was about to do. Without hesitation Tiger dropped her mouth over Jenny's pussy, licking and lapping at her lips and clit. Jenny showed her appreciation by pressing downward into her cunt, forcing the fluids inside her to bubble out of her spread vagina where Tiger licked up every drop, a small amount got away from Tiger and ran between the wide spread cheeks of her ass, dribbling over her tight hole. Without hesitation Tiger stuck out her tongue and licked the soft, sensitive flesh of Jenny's ass, pausing briefly Tiger pressed the pink tip of her tongue against the centre of the puckered circle. Jenny gasped and grabbed Tiger behind her head, pulling her mouth over the deep crevice between her cheeks.

Again returning the favour, Tiger pulled back slightly and slipped her middle finger into Jenny's anus. Jenny whimpered and bit her lower lip as Tiger shoved her finger deeply into her ass, "Fuck... I'm going to cum again" she shrieked and Tiger increased her pumping. Phil and Tiger watched as Jenny reached her peak, her eyes closed tightly and she placed her hands under her thighs, lifting them even higher as if trying to get Tiger's finger deeper into her back door. Jenny's whole body tensed and she stopped breathing, her cunt hole was opening and closing as wave after wave of ecstasy washed up through Jenny's anus and into her raging pussy, releasing a torrent of hot juices which Tiger quickly lapped up. Suddenly Jenny relaxed, breathing heavily, she was really finished.

It took a while for the girls to relax after their strenuous orgasms, the three of them sat and talked about their incredible experience and the decision was made for Jenny and Phil to return to Amsterdam for Jenny's birthday later in the year and they both knew that it would turn out to be a worth while trip.


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