No matter how long you know someone, you never really know them. I found this out in the most exciting was you could ever imagine. This is the stuff that grown men fantasise about their entire lives and never get to live the dream…….. I did.

We are an average 30 something couple, reasonably well off, nice house, nice cars, blahdy, blahdy, bla. What we do have that is way above average we only discovered recently and in a way which knocked my socks off, how can a guy be so lucky?

She’s a Physical Education teacher, my wife, that is. Lyn is really stunning, great figure from working out all day at the school, long blonde hair, firm, anti-gravity breasts that just seem to stay put no matter how much bouncing around she does. We have a great sex life, love to climb into each other whenever possible…. but, I had a secret fantasy. I fantasised about my wife teaching young men a lesson in the art of sex. I wanted to see her go down on a eighteen year old with a ten inch cock. I wanted to see the look on her face as an inexperienced stud slid his rod up into her hot little pussy and I wanted her to know I was watching while it happened.

The only thing was, and I am sure this is generally the case; I kept this fantasy to myself. I had often joked with Lyn about how I was sure the senior boys must get an eyeful of her in her swimsuit when she trains the swimming team or look down her shirt in the gym during training. Lyn just took it all in her stride and would ask me how much I would enjoy watching her with some of her students, I was always too shy to come out and tell her that I would do anything to see her secretly wank a senior until he shot his load all over her.

All that changed one day when I was pulling her leg about how great she looked as she got ready to go to a swimming meet. I told her I wished I was one of her students so that I could get to stare at her tits as she gave instructions to the team.

“How would you like it if you saw me making a move on one of my students?” she smiled.

“It would drive me wild” I told her jokingly “I would want to watch the whole thing”

“Ok, let’s see if you can handle it” Lyn looked me in the eye and grinned, turned and walked away.

I am sure my mouth was hanging open, was she serious? I could not believe what I had just heard but I decided to let it slide.

I had a few errands to run that morning and decided to go over to the school afterwards to show my support for the team. The pool area was packed with people but I quickly spotted Lyn with her golden mane, tight fitting swimsuit, which outlined the curves of her gorgeous tits, and loose fitting gym shorts.
I found a seat in the stands close to where Lyn was busy with her team and settled down to watch the action. The standard of competition was good and my attention was firmly fixed on the pool until I noticed one of Lyn’s team standing next to her. A tall, well built young man with the physique of an athlete but it was not his build that caught my eye, it was the size of the bulge in his swimsuit that I noticed first. He was standing next to Lyn, facing her and they seemed to be discussing a schedule. He looked over towards the pool and as he did so Lyn looked up over the paper she was reading to sneak a peak at the above average lump in his pants.
I could not believe what I was seeing, Lyn was peeking.

The outline of his cock was clearly defined against the sheer fabric and from where I sat I could see the shape of the head of his penis. Below hung an equally large pair of balls, again, clearly defined against the tight garment. I noticed Lyn’s nipples had hardened and she was looking uncomfortable, Lyn had very sensitive nipples which hardened at the slightest excuse. She loved her nipples sucked and played with while I was sliding my cock into her, it drove her wild As I sat watching I could just imagine her pussy swelling and a slight flow of pussy juice begin to escape from her opening. Suddenly she looked up, straight at me, it was as if she knew I was watching her. Lyn smiled and looked down at the guys dick again, making sure I knew what she was looking at. She looked up at me and mouthed the word “WOW”.

I could easily have fallen off the stand, my conservative wife was openly staring at a young man’s cock and making sure I saw her do it. I felt my cock stirring, swelling and lengthening inside my pants. This was the most erotic thing she had ever done and I wanted more. As the swimming meet went on I kept an eye on Lyn, at every opportunity she was openly staring at the crotches of the young men around her, careful not to make it obvious to those who may take exception but to me it was blatantly obvious that she was getting off looking at the abundant array of cock around her.

The gala was drawing to an end when she slipped away from her wards and came over to me. She leaned forward and whispered in my ear,
“I am so horny right now I could cum in my panties, hope you are enjoying the show. Be warned, it’s just the beginning. When I’m finished with you, you are going to beg to be allowed to cum in your pants.”

With that she turned and returned to her duties. I was dumbfounded, what was I supposed to say? Hearing her ragged breath and faltering voice telling me how turned on she was had a problematic effect on me. There was no way I could stand up, my cock was standing up straight up, pushing a tent in my pants. I wanted her so bad.
“Fuck the risk.” I thought and the next time she looked up at me I moved my leg in such a way as to show her the effect her little statement had had on me.

Lyn’s eyes widened as she noticed the obvious lump in my pants, she knew that the hard rod that she liked so much to suck was bursting to shoot a load of lust into her mouth. She licked her lips and looked away. Not to be outdone, decided payback was in order. Sitting down on a seat in front of a group of senior students she pretended to be busy with result records and carelessly allowed her thighs to part slightly. The leg of her loose fitting gym shorts opened and there was a clear view of the crotch of her swimsuit. No-one sitting in front of her could miss seeing straight up her thigh to where the tight fitting fabric covered her protruding mound. The boys grew quiet as they realised the view that was presented to them, trying to hide the fact that hey were stealing a glimpse of their teachers forbidden pussy. Lyn looked up at me and smiled as she parted her legs further, the space between her legs now clearly visible. The boys were transfixed, without exception a huge bulge in the front of their swimming trunks. I wanted to stand up, walk over to her, put my hand between her legs and pull away her swim suit to show the boys exactly what a gorgeous wet pussy looked like.

The gala ended and after all the to do Lyn came over to me, her eyes were glazed as she took my hand and we walked to where our vehicles were parked.

“I cannot remember when I’ve been this horny, I wish you could bend me over the front of the car and stick that hard rod into me” she breathed.

“I would like nothing better but I think I might just have some competition if one or two of those studs of yours gets to see that pussy of yours.” I answered, grinning.

“Did you see the size of some of those cocks? Shit, those things would feel great inside me” she smiled back.

“So what’s stopping you?” I asked, anticipating the answer.

“Nothing, I’ve invited a few of them over later to celebrate the win.”

With that she opened the door of her sedan and climbed in, leaving me wide eyed and wondering what she was planning.

Things started innocently enough, the two boys arrived at the house and Lyn invited them through to the pool area. She was wearing a two piece bikini and I watch as both boys eyes her tits as she moved, making sure to walk behind her to watch her ass cheeks move under the skimpy garment. The boys knew who I was and we said our hellos, they introduced themselves as Jed and Mark. I recognised Mark as being the one with the monster cock.

It wasn’t long before the initial shyness wore off and the boys had removed their shorts and ‘T’ shirts. They were both wearing their competition swimwear from the meet in the morning and I was amazed to see that neither Jed nor Mark was in any way shy of the fact that their cocks were so prominently displayed. Lyn loved it; she looked up now and then with a big grin on her face, openly gawking at the thick, flaccid penises flouncing around in front of her. I kept mostly out of the conversation, watching Lyn’s reaction to the young, hard bodies on display for her. I kept an eye on the boys as well as they sneaked a peek at Lyn’s tits, her erect nipples poking outward, or caught a glimpse of her thinly clad slit. I knew that by now Lyn’s clit was swollen and fully erect, peeping out from under its pink hood, begging to be rubbed. I was sure she would be dripping pussy juice from her surprisingly tight opening, I was rock hard just thinking about it.
Lyn was having a serious erection effect on Jed and Mark as well, I could see an increase in the size of the bulge in the front of their pants and it was about then that they decided that it was time for a swim. Both made a hasty retreat to the water and Lyn turned to me.

“What would you like to see me do to them, honey? Should I take pity on them or should I perhaps make very sure that they both push those beautiful cocks right up me? What do you think?” the devil flashed in her eyes, without giving me a chance to answer she stood and taking a few steps forward dived into the pool.

I sat with my sunglasses on, pretending to be disinterested in what was happening. I picked up a magazine and pretended to be reading, the boys could not see the direction of my eyes as I watched them with my wife. What follows from Lyn’s perspective was related to me by Lyn when we recalled the events.

Lyn wasted no time in making a move, she swam up to Jed and putting her hands on her shoulders pushed him under water, her hard tits brushed against his back as she pressed downwards. Mark returned the favour by ducking Lyn, the huge bulge in his pants ran the length of her back as she went down. As she went down she twisted and innocently moved her arm outward, her upper arm caught Mark just under his balls and she felt the pressure of the two large nuts against her arm as she lifted his bundle upward. His semi-hard cock now pressed against her arm and she hesitated a moment, enjoying the sensation of Mark’s huge shaft touching her. Lyn felt mark pull back, suddenly realising that his sexy teacher was in direct contact with his teenage rod.

Lyn came to the surface and again pounced on Jed, pushing him under. This time she forced him down ward and at the same time made sure that one of his legs got entangled between hers. In the wrestling that ensued Lyn parted her thighs and descended onto Jed’s thigh. To me it looked like nothing spectacular was happening, a bit of splashing and ducking and that was about it, apparently that was not all.

Lyn pushed her mound against Jed’s leg and was pleased to feel him push back. She continued wrestling with him, innocently rubbing her tits against him and pressing her thinly clad slit against his muscled thigh. Suddenly, in the thrashing around Lyn’s bikini top come undone and floated away from her tits. She felt her naked nipples forced against Jed’s well muscled chest and she pretended to ignore it. The need to breath drove the two of them to surface and both boys stared as they realised that Lyn’s firm boobs were exposed. Lyn looked down, pretending surprise she removed the flimsy piece of cloth.

“Well, you have seen them now, no need to cover up” she said.

“What about your hubby.” asked Mark.

“Oh, he won’t mind, promise” smirked Lyn.
“In that case, neither do we” said Jed as he openly gawked at Lyn’s fully erect nipples, her areola hard and dark with the little bumps around the nub clearly visible.

“We certainly don’t mind seeing tits like those” said Mark “As long as your hubby doesn’t mind”

“Don’t think it’s all going to be a one way session” laughed Lyn, she looked up at me and smiled, I pretended to be reading but Lyn knew I was watching every move.

It was then that Lyn decided to make her move.

“Let’s see which one of you two has the bigger cock”

Lyn reached down and using both hands grasped both boys around their now rock hard cocks. Both boys looked in my direction, seeing me completely ignoring them they relaxed. Lyn released both cocks and pushed her hand inside their trunks, circling their penises once more with her hands.

“Mmm, very nice both of you. Mark, your cock is longer but Jed’s is thicker. Come on you guys, how about at least feeling my tits, I want you to enjoy this as much as I am.
Lyn began to gently squeeze their erections and stroked her hand downwards along the lengths of their shafts, retracting their foreskins and exposing their smooth cock heads to her touch. She traced the shape of their knobs with her fingers feeling along the ridge of the thick flange behind their knobs. At last the two boys overcame the initial shock of being fondled by their teacher and reached out to each take one of her aroused breasts in their hands. Lyn gasped at the friction of their touch and began to stroke their cocks back and forth, slowly masturbating the thick shafts, anticipating the rush of hot semen from the tip of each of her student’s cocks.

Realising that I was missing most of the show Lyn guided the two boys towards the shallower water by gently tugging on their very hard dicks. The boys followed, still fondling Lyn’s boobs, not able to believe their luck.
Lyn stood up out of the water, giving Mark and Jed full view of her firm, round tits. Their eyes were fixed on her as they too stood. I could now see for the first ime that Lyn had a hand around each of the boy’s fully erect cocks and she was gently massaging the firm flesh, pulling their foreskins back and forth over the swollen heads of their extended knobs.

Lyn released Jed’s shaft and moved her hand to Mark’s crotch. She pulled his trunks downward to expose the pole which she was still wanking back and forth. Without hesitation she bent forward and took Mark’s huge cock head in her mouth. Mark gasped as Lyn’s mouth closed around his head, Jed looked on in amasement as his friends shaft slowly disappeared into his teachers mouth. Lyn hooked her teeth behind Mark’s flange and nibbled on the rubbery ridge. Mark thrust his pelvis forward, trying to get more of his length into Lyn’s throat but she was in no hurry. She began to suck on his huge head and at the same time inserted more of his considerable length into her mouth. Both boys had completely forgotten about me so I could now feely watch as my wife devoured Marks hardon. Jed had by now removed his trunks and was wanking his cock in full view of Lyn. He was pretty close to cumming and Lyn was not about to let that happen. Taking her mouth from Mark for a second she moved over and engulfed Jed’s thick knob, not wasting any time, taking him deep into her throat.

“Shit, I’m going to cum.” exclaimed Jed as Lyn reached back and grabbed his ass, in one smooth movement she took his entire length into her mouth, pushing Jed’s swollen head to the back of her throat.

Mark shed his trunks as well and moved in behind Lyn, he took her bikini bottoms and slid them down her legs. Her naked ass was clearly visible below the water; he seemed unsure of what to do next and watched as Lyn pulled Jed’s length from her mouth only to take him back in again. She could feel his ass tighten and his balls lift as he approached orgasm. He suddenly stiffened and thrust forward as the first splurge of his hot seed ejected into Lyn’s throat, time after time his knob swelled and exploded in her mouth until the initial rush of semen subsided and his cock began to soften She was enjoying every moment of these two inexperienced students and her swollen pussy burned to be penetrated.

Lyn gave Jed a few moments to recuperate before withdrawing her mouth. She turned her attention to Mark who was fisting his long pole, looking down at her deep ass crease.
She turned and let him see her shaven mound for the first time. Lyn then took hold of the hand which was not rubbing his cock and placed his fingers between her legs. She parted her thighs to allow him better access and then, placing her hand over his, guided his fingers between her outer lips. She felt his middle finger part her and she applied a bit more pressure, pressing deeper between her lips. She gasped as his finger tip found the slippery opening to her inner cunt and she pressed harder, forcing his finger into the tight entrance.

Lyn closed her eyes tightly, enjoying the sensation as he explored her willing entrance and sighed as he discovered that by pressing inwards his finger disappeared up into her tight hole. Lyn now took hold of Mark’s cock and began sliding his foreskin back and forth; at the same time she moved her hips to encourage the penetration of his fingers into her hot vulva. She began to match the stroking of his cock to the thrusting of her hips until Mark caught on and began to finger fuck her contracting opening, drawing more and more lubricating juices from inside her.

Mark began to moan, Lyn had his cock in a tight hold above the water and I could see each thrust of the rounded head as she retracted his foreskin back and forth. I so wanted to see that thick cock pushed up into her tight little pussy hole. The urge for me to reach down and take hold of my own cock was overwhelming but I sat quietly watching as Lyn jerked Mark’s cock off. Suddenly Mark froze, Lyn exposed his cock head completely, just in time to watch as a thick stream of hot semen shot from the little eye in the tip and landed on her left nipple. Lyn sighed at the feeling of heat on her cool, wet nipple and she let go as an orgasm gripped her pelvis. Her pussy contracted on Mark’s finger as a second stream of semen shot from him onto her swollen nipple. Wave after wave of pleasure gripped her as she fucked Mark’s finger, stroking his shaft in unison with her contractions. Lyn’s hips jerked as each orgasmic ripple ran through her pelvis, gradually she relaxed, releasing her grip on Mark’s softening shaft and relaxed her hold on Mark’s hand between her legs. Mark reluctantly withdrew his finger from inside her, looking up at me sheepishly. I lifted my sunglasses.

“I hope you enjoyed that as much as Lyn did young man.”

Mark opened his mouth but nothing came out.

“We are really sorry, we didn’t mean….” Jed began before intervened.

“Don’t be sorry, be grateful. You have just had the honour of being sucked off by one of the best blowjob experts there is. I think you should rather say thank you.” I lectured sternly, all the while holding back my urge to rip my cock out and jerk myself off.

“Tha….thank you.” stammered Mark

“My pleasure” crooned Lyn. “Only thing is, you are not off the hook yet, it’s getting late, I think it’s time to move in to the Jacuzzi.”

You could have knocked me over with a feather, Lyn wasn’t finished with her two studs, I was going to get to see more. I was struggling to come to grips with the realisation that my wife was really getting into something which had been my secret fantasy for years.
To make things a little less uneasy I told Mark and Jed that I really didn’t mind what was happening and that they could relax and enjoy what Lyn had in mind for them, what was I saying? I didn’t even know what she had in mind for them.

Lyn stepped out of the water, she made no attempt to cover up her nudity and the boys eyes followed her every move. She walked towards the house, her ass cheeks beckoning to us to follow as she walked.

“Meet you in the Jacuzzi boys.” she said and signalled me to follow her.

I got up and showed Mark and Jed where the Jacuzzi room was before following Lyn to the kitchen where I found her collecting two bottles of champagne and four glasses.
As I approached her she put down the glasses she was carrying and grabbed me. She kissed me, her tongue invading my mouth with a ferocity which I had never seen from her before. Her tits pressed against me, her hot, erect nipples boring into my chest as she tried desperately to shove her tongue down my throat. Lyn thrust her hips forward against me, grinding her mound against my very prominent erection. I pushed back, aiming my throbbing knob between her naked thighs. Lyn grunted as she felt my cock between her legs, my trunks dulled the sensation but I could feel enough to know she was extremely aroused.

Lyn broke the kiss. “I want you to fuck me so bad I can taste it.” She panted.

“I think that’s Jed’s cock you can still taste, did he cum in your mouth?” I asked “I couldn’t see too well from where I was.”

“Oh yeh, he came alright, must have been litres, next time I’ll pull him out so you can see him cum in my mouth, ok?” she grinned.

“Fukkin’ right its ok, this is just too wild, I must be dreaming” I stuttered.

“Well dream this.” she said as she dropped to her knees and took hold of my trunks, pulling them to my ankles in one motion. My rigid cock sprang free in front of her and without hesitation she engulfed it, taking me deep into her mouth, her tongue swirling around my circumcised head, caressing the sensitive underside of my helmet. My ass clenched and my cock jumped on her mouth, I knew it would only take a stroke or two before I shot my load into her wanton mouth. Lyn moved up my shaft, gently probing the hole on the tip of my cock for a second before thrusting me deeply into her throat. There she paused for a second; I could feel my balls tighten. Lyn reached up and held my swinging sack, her fingers circled around the soft orbs inside and she knowingly ticked the hard ridge between my balls and anus. She knew this would make me cum, I felt the impending rush beginning at the base of my shaft and my cock head swelled. Suddenly Lyn withdrew her mouth and released her hold on my balls.

“If you cum now you’ll spoil the fun” she said as she stood und picked up the glasses. “Bring the champagne.”

I stood dumbfounded as I watched her wiggle her gorgeous as down the passage towards the Jacuzzi. Obediently I followed, slowly, hoping my enormous hardon would diminish slightly before I reached the Jacuzzi, I didn’t like the idea of two teenage boys getting to see my hard cock. Well, I had seen theirs and I couldn’t wait to see what Lyn had in store for them, there was no way my dick was going to go soft while thinking about her getting fucked by Mark and Jed so I resigned myself to the fact and soldiered on towards the Jacuzzi with my stiff shaft jutting out proudly ahead of me.

When I walked into the Jacuzzi I was just in time to see Lyn step into the water, the boys were already in and both watched her intently as her legs parted to step down into the warm agitated water. They could clearly see directly between Lyn’s legs, the deep crease between her swollen lips visible from her clit to her ass.
I opened a bottle of champagne, turned on a CD and stepped down into the water, the boys were just as intrigued with my horizontal cock as they had been with Lyn’s pussy. I sat in one of the six alcoves in the Jacuzzi, turned and poured a glass of champagne for each of us. Lyn sat between the boys whose eyes seldom left the sight of her breasts floating just above the turbulent water.

Passing each a glass I noticed that both was obviously holding his cock under the water, I could not tell if they were masturbating or not but I was pretty sure they were. Lyn took a big swig of her champagne and smiled across at me.

For a while we enjoyed the music, the water and the champagne, of which there was plenty. Mark and Jed both seemed to enjoy it and I seemed to be filling glasses at more regular intervals as time went on. My cock was so hard watching Lyn, she flirted openly, making suggestive remarks, some of which the boys were unsure of how to react to.

“Are you guys nice and hard yet?” asked Lyn as she reached out under the water and took a cock in each hand. “Oh, I see you are, let’s see if we can’t make some mess in the water, shall we?”

I could see that she was stroking the two hardons she had in her hands, after a moment or two she released Mark and turned toward Jed. She kissed him, not releasing his cock from the firm grip she had on him. I could tell that Lyn was now very aroused by the way she was breathing heavily, she wanted to cum. Lyn moved her legs and straddled Jed’s legs momentarily lifting her backside out of the water. Mark saw as her cheeks parted and her dark ass hole winked at him, just below that her outer pussy lips opened slightly to reveal her tight little opening to him for the first time. I heard Mark gasp quietly.

“Nice pussy, hey Mark?” I said.

“Yes Sir.” he stammered back. “Very nice.”

Lyn continued to kiss Jed as she jacked his cock, her open cunt hovered just above her slowly pumping hand. I saw her move forward slightly and place Jed’s cock head against her stiffly erect clitoris. Pulling Jed’s foreskin back completely she pressed the thick helmet between her lips, guiding him along the length of her slit. I could see her lips part as Jed’s cock forced between them. Jed lifted his hips slightly, trying to push his dick further between Lyn’s legs. Lyn retreated, lifting herself slightly out of the water. Mark and I could now clearly see Jed’s cock sliding between Lyn’s pussy lips as she slipped him up and down along the length of her pussy, pausing at her entrance to circle the hole, lubricating Jed’s pole before sliding it back towards her clitoris. Holding on to the shaft she thrust her hips back and forth, rubbing her swollen clit against Jed’s hard cock head. She put her head back and sighed.

“Mmmm, it feels so good to have your hard cock against my clit” she purred as she humped her erection against his. “I think it might be about time to see if you will fit inside me”

With that she shifted Jed’s tip back to her entrance, tilted her ass backward so that we could see her lips part and her little pink hole open just before she placed Jed’s cock in position to penetrate her. We watched as she lowered her pussy onto Jed’s knob, his size stretching her open, forcing upward into her. Lyn’s small hole was now tightly stretched around the bulbous head and Lyn slowly lowered herself further, pushing the head completely into herself. Lyn’s pussy closed around the thick ridge at the top of Jed’s shaft, entrapping his cock inside her. She slid further down, taking the thick veined pole deeper into her. Lyn’s pussy went below the water but we could still see her anus, dark and puckered, contracting and opening slightly as the pleasure of taking a huge cock inside her. Lyn lowered herself completely onto Jed’s cock, taking him into her until she could feel his pubic hair on her clitoris.

I moved to sit where Lyn had been sitting and told Mark to sit directly behind her for the best view. I wanted him to see Lyn take Jed’s penis all the way into her and watch as jed shot his load into her. Mark watched intently as Lyn lifted off of Jed’s cock until she felt the flange of his head against her tight entrance and then lowered herself again, impaling her pussy on the enormous shaft.

“Feel how deep he is inside me honey” Lyn whispered to me as she bottomed out on Jed.
“Feel how his cock is stretching my little pussy open, mmm, I wanna cum”

I reached behind Lyn and felt along her ass crack with my fingers, enjoying the contact as I touched the deep crevice. I felt Lyn’s asshole with my fingertip and she reacted by sighing and contracting the tight opening against my fingertip. It was such an erotic feeling having my wife’s ass react to my touching her anus while another mans cock was buried deep inside her pussy.

I continued downward, my fingers found the rim of Lyn’s pussy, I was numb with excitement, I could feel her opening tightly holding Jed’s cock. I had never felt another man’s cock before but I was so aroused that I didn’t give it a second thought. I wrapped my fingers around Jed’s solid shaft and felt how Lyn’s cunt lips had opened to allow his cock to penetrate her. Lyn lifted off of Jed’s length and I followed her pussy upward, feeling the opening change shape as the ridged erection retracted from inside her, slippery and warm from her juices. I felt her stop with his cock head just inside her, pause and begin inserting him again. I now had my hand wrapped around Jed’s erection, a first for me, not having a foreskin of my own it was a weird feeling to feel the rubbery sheath being forced downwards by Lyn’s tight hole. As Lyn reached the full depth of penetration I felt Jed’s balls under my palm, again a first but somehow it didn’t worry me. Lyn began to slide off of Jed again, this time I held onto the base of Jed’s cock, holding his foreskin back as Lyn slipped off of him. Jed moaned and Lyn asked if he was enjoying himself. “Oooooh, shit yes.” was the reply “I’m going to cum any second.”

I moved my hand off of Jed’s dick and slid my fingers up between Lyn’s wide spread ass cheeks. I felt for and found her anus and placed my still slippery finger against the resistance of the tight opening. This time Lyn moaned and pressed her anus back against my finger. I resisted with a little pressure and my finger tip began to penetrate Lyn’s ass. She gasped, “Oh fuck that’s incredible!”

Lyn and I had never had anal sex before and had never experimented so I was taken totally by surprise when she reacted in this way to my finger slightly entering her anus.
Encouraged I pressed harder and felt her hot hole envelope the first joint of my finger, my cock almost burst, I could feel Jed’s cock moving inside her pussy as my finger entered her backside. Lyn sighed “Deeper..please.”

I did as I was asked and slipped my finger deeper into her. Lyn was now moving faster and faster up and down Jed’s rigid cock. I could feel his dick twitching and I knew he would not hold out much longer. I looked over at Mark, he had his knob above the water and was fisting it as fast as he could, his eyes fixed on Lyn’s open pussy each time she lifted off of Jed’s rod.

I pushed my finger into Lyn’s ass as deep as I could and turned my finger to feel the shaft of Jed’s cock sliding deeply inside her pussy, I felt the moment when Jed began to cum. His cock pumped upwards as Lyn sat down had on him and she stiffened as she let go as well. Her anus clamped down on my finger – hard. I could feel her inner pussy muscles contracting tightly around Jed’s cock as she milked the semen from his balls, her own juices flooding out to mix with his thick white sperm. Mark let rip with a jet of cum which barely missed us all and landed on the side of the Jacuzzi. I realised suddenly that all three of them had now cum trice and I was yet to shoot my load. I wasn’t sure I could hold out much longer.

It took a minute or two for them to recover but to my surprise I felt that Jed did not lose his erection. I knew that Lyn’s pussy was now nice and slick from his semen and her own juices. I slowly removed my finger from inside her and moved to one side. Lyn was slowly rotating her hips, manipulating the thick shaft deep inside her cunt to bring her to another orgasm. Mark still had a very hard dick in his hand which he slowly stroked as he watched Lyn.

“Time to play musical chairs” said Lyn and lifted herself off of Jed.

“Mark I hope you are still hard, I need to try out your cock for size” she purred as she straddle Mark, taking hold of his monstrous length and lowering her wet pussy onto it.
It was Jed’s turn to watch with me as Lyn too Mark up inside her and began to ride the boys shaft, impaling herself as far as she possibly could onto the throbbing cock.
It wasn’t long before she was riding up and down the thick length at a pace which was sure to draw another orgasm from Mark’s balls.

Lyn leaned forward and pushed her ass back “Honey, how about that finger in my ass again please” she crooned.

“I’ll do one better” I told her.

I motioned Jed to stand up, his cock was rock solid again. I took hold of Lyn’s ass cheeks and spread them even wider, coaxing her anus to present itself for penetration. Lyn caught on to what I had in mind and relaxed her anus. I watched as the tight entrance relaxed, without thinking about what I was doing I took hold of Jed’s cock and guided it towards the opening. Lyn sighed as she felt the swollen head press against her rear. Jed caught on and began to press forward, gently easing his huge knob into my wife’s ass. Slowly her ass gave way and began to take Jed in. Bit by bit the rounded head of his knob slipped into Lyn’s anus. Lyn resumed sliding her pussy up and down Marks cock, careful not to dislodge Jed’s shallow penetration.

A rhythm developed, Lyn rode Mark’s cock, with each stroke she pushed back and took a little more of Jed’s length up into her ass. Lyn was really into this now, two huge cocks inside her and her pussy was about to erupt. She picked up the pace; she wanted both boys to cum inside her at the same time.

“Cum boys, cum inside me, I want to feel your sperm shoot into me. Hurry up; I’m almost ready to cum on your cocks.”

She groaned as Jed took her by the hips and slid the last two inches of his raging cock into her before he began to pump his length in and out of her asshole. Mark was panting, very close to ejaculating into Lyn’s cunt. Lyn stopped moving and let the two boys slide their cocks in and out of her at their own pace, she put her head back and closed her eyes tightly.

“Oooooh, I’m cummming” she breathed.

Mark shoved his rod deep into Lyn’s dripping pussy and released stream after stream of sticky semen into her. Jed pulled out once more before driving his knob deep into Lyn’s ass to inject his load of sperm, his cock jerking inside her as she clamped her anus tightly around his shaft.

After they had recovered enough to be able to remove their cocks from Lyn’s holes, both boys sat back and sipped champagne while Lyn stood up and came over to me. She stood over me, her legs apart, semen dripping from her swollen pussy. She kneeled in front of me, put her hand under my ass and lifted my rampant cock out of the water. Bending forward she took my cock in her mouth and wrapped her other hand around the base of my shaft. Teasing my knob with her tongue she stroked her hand up and down the length of my shaft. Seconds later I felt my ass tighten and my balls lift as a load of semen came speeding along the shaft of my cock. Lyn felt it too, she drove my cock deep into her throat and kept my throbbing dick encased in her heat as I shot load after load of semen into her mouth.

It goes without saying that I am probably one of the luckiest men alive, we now have “coaching” sessions on a regular basis with many different people. Yes, Lyn has got me coaching the girl’s team now………..

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2013-08-18 03:09:51
the only thing I'm not sure of is the ass fucking......... it would seem that a lot of shit could slip up inside the hole in the end of a mans prick and cause a bad infection, oither than that it was a good story.

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2013-07-11 11:19:18
Completely expected her to make him lick her clean.

Also, a bit abrupt ending, but I liked it nonetheless.

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2013-02-20 12:28:47
I would've sucked the 2 boys dicks.. I love sucking dick and drinking cum.

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2012-09-07 03:59:30
should of licked her clean

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2012-09-07 03:59:16
should of licked her clean

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