I was a horny bugger from a very early age. I don’t remember how old I was when I discovered that it felt nice when my willy was stiff and that by retracting my foreskin to expose my little pink head I could intensify the sensation. I soon learned that stroking my foreskin back and forth would cause waves of pleasure but it took a while to learn that after a time of continued stroking my willy would feel like it was going to burst. At first I was worried it would but found out accidentally one night while secretly wanking myself that the pleasure was so intense that I couldn’t stop. I felt a warm feeling starting to rise upward from my thighs and move downward from my tummy, coming together at the swollen little member between my rapidly moving fingers. My little balls tightened up and I could feel my anus clamping tightly until suddenly it felt like something had exploded inside me. I thrust my willy forward, pulling my foreskin back and felt my stiff rod begin to throb in my hand, it was wonderful and I had never felt anything like it before. Slowly my first orgasm subsided and I thought to myself that I would be doing that as often as I possibly could.

I would play with myself at every opportunity and with practice became pretty good at reaching orgasm. As the years went by so I would find different places to hide and masturbate. In the hall cupboard, the garden shed, under the bed and even behind the thick bush in the garden. My imagination at that stage was very limited but I somehow always seemed to have an erection and I always managed to jerk myself off till I came.

I think it was around the age of about seven or eight that I started to take an interest in girls. Of course I knew a thing or two about them, having been in school with them, but being an only child I had no sisters around the house. The result was that I would ask my Mom questions and she would answer them without going into graphic detail. When I asked how girls were different I was told that boys have willies and girls have a secret place that boys are not allowed to see. She should not have said that because that made me very determined to discover all I could about that secret place. My masturbation fantasies began focusing on the space between girls legs.

Around this time my two girl cousins came to visit for a week, they were nine and eleven years old. At first I thought nothing of it and we played together as if they were my school friends. One day we were out in the garden when Pat, the younger of the two, said she wanted to climb the tree. Her sister, Eve, and I helped her up into the lower branches and she began climbing higher. Pat was wearing a knee length skirt and a cotton blouse and to my delight I discovered that she was wearing pink cotton panties as climbed above my head and I looked up. Eve had not noticed that I was standing staring up under her sisters’ skirt and Pat was too busy trying to keep her balance on the thin branch to look down and see me looking upwards.

I could clearly see the thin cotton clinging to her soft mound, the absence of an outline of a protrusion like mine was obvious and my interest in this newly discovered place was having an uncomfortable effect on my, now growing, penis. I could feel my shaft stiffening and moving in my underpants, the feeling of increasing warmth flowing into the swelling head as I closely watched Pat’s every move. I realised that I could not make it too obvious that I was looking up Pats’ dress, I didn’t want the girls to go running to my Mom and telling her what I was up to but at the same time I couldn’t remove my eyes from the sight of the thin barrier between me and Pats’ secret place. Eve went and sat on the bench next to the tree Pat was climbing and I remained at the base. By now my rod was fully erect, standing out in front of me and tenting the front of my shorts. It did not occur to me that my erection was now very prominently obvious to anyone who cared to look. Pat in the meantime had tried to step across to another branch and in order to do so had parted her legs, giving me an unhindered view of the thin strip that lay between them. I could plainly see her panties pressing into what seemed to be a groove there, outlining the path of her little slit.

Unbeknown to me Eve had noticed the bulge in my pants and was now staring wide eyed at it. The girls had no brother from who they could learn of such things as stiff little erections which they would later find out could give a lot of pleasure. Eve also noticed my upward gaze under her sisters’ skirt but she said nothing, continuing to stare at the lump in my pants. My shaft was throbbing, yearning to be stroked until it climaxed. Unfortunately Pat decided it was time to climb down so I moved aside as she descended and jumped from the lowest branch. I felt disappointed that I had not seen more but at the same time relieved that I could now go and jerk off.

Pat ran inside, Eve and I followed but just as we approached the back door Eve turned to me and asked
“Does that hurt?” as she pointed at my protruding pants.
“No, why” I answered shyly, realising that my excitement was clearly visible and that I was probably going to get me into trouble.
“I saw you looking up Pat’s skirt and then your willy got hard, why’s that?” she quizzed me with a smile.
“I don’t know, it just happens, please don’t tell anyone” I begged.

Eve pondered the point for a while and then whispered,
“I won’t tell as long as you show it to me and tell me how you make it go away”
I was shocked, unsure of how to handle the situation. Then it dawned on me,
“I’ll show you if you will show me your secret place”
“Fine, when and where?” she answered without a moment’s hesitation.
“The garden shed, as soon as Pat is out of the way” I said.
“Pat is going to town with my Mom this afternoon, we’ll do it then. I want to see it all for a long time, don’t chicken out now” she warned as we went inside.

The anticipation almost killed me. My erection raged inside my pants for the entire time we waited for Pat to leave. I caught Eves’ eye now and again, she just smiled and dropped her eyes to my crotch. Eventually Pat left with my aunt giving Eve and I the chance to sneak into the garden shed, making sure no-one saw us go in. Once inside the dimly lit confined space we stood looking at each other, unsure of what to do next.
“Take it out, I want to see it” commanded Eve.
With trembling fingers I hooked my thumbs into my pants and pulled them down around my knees. My little shaft caught momentarily on the waistband before springing up to point straight at Eves’ wide open eyes. My foreskin was covering the swollen tip an only the very end of my knob, with its’ tiny “eye”, peeped out.
Eve stared in amazement and drew in every detail, from my small wrinkly balls to the length of my throbbing member.

“Your turn” I announced in anticipation of discovering what nestled between a girls legs.
“Ok” chirped Eve nervously as she hiked up her skirt.

I watched intently as she tucked her skirt under her arms and took hold of her white cotton panties. In one move her panties were on the floor and the wonders of the female anatomy were finally exposed to me. As Eve stood upright I saw a puffy, hairless cleft between her legs. I was intrigued and confused at the same time. That can’t be all there is to it, surely.

“Is that all there is?” I asked
“No stupid, there’s more but I need to sit down to show you” she smiled.

Kicking her panties away from her ankles Eve looked around for somewhere to sit. Next to her was a sack of potting soil, she turned and sat on it, parting her thighs as she did so. My eyes were transfixed on the wonder which unfolded in front of me. As Eves’ legs spread so to did her puffy young pussy lips, exposing the soft pink inner folds of her virgin slit. I saw what looked like a little willy at the top of the parted lips and lower down a small pink hole about the size of the tip of my pinkie.

“How do you pee” I whispered as I stared at her in wonder.

Reaching down with her hand Eve pointed at something near her hole and said that that is where her pee came out.

“And you?” she asked.

Without hesitation I took hold of my foreskin and retracted it fully, exposing the head of my swollen shaft. Eve gasped as the rounded tip pushed out toward her. She was breathing heavily, almost panting as I explained how boys peed, her eyes never leaving my penis.

‘I have never seen a boys’ thing before, it’s cool. Can I touch it?” She pleaded.
“Ok” I said, without giving the request much thought.

Eve reached out and touched the tip with her finger, the sensation was electric. I took her hand and guided it to close around the length. Eve gently squeezed the hard shaft and then reached down with her other hand to feel my undeveloped balls.

“Oooo” she cooed “That feels nice, how do boys play with themselves?”
I held her hand and showed her to stroke my rod up and down, when I let go she continued stroking slowly, feeling me slide in and out of her hand.

“Wow, that’s nice, what happens if you carry on like this for a long time?” she asked.
“It gets all warm and then it feels like it explodes” I told her as the sensation of her stroking me began to bring on the beginnings of an orgasm.
“How do girls play with themselves” I mumbled, trying to delay the inevitable ending to her manipulations.

Eve stopped stroking me and sat back again with her legs apart.
“We rub here” she said and placed a finger on her little willie at the top of her slit. “It feels very nice and it also gets hard like it is now. Some wet stuff comes out of the hole, see?” She explained rubbing her finger around her tight opening; I could see the glistening of wetness in the dim light.

Eve moaned a little as she rubbed herself, her pace began to quicken as she spread the slippery wetness from between her lips all over the now very hard button which I noticed also had a mini foreskin. Her foreskin had pulled back and a pink tip stood proudly out from under it as Eve circled it with her finger.
Without thinking I took hold of my erection and began stroking it, quickly bringing myself to a point where I knew I was about to orgasm.

“It’s happening” I gasped and I felt my shaft throb as a wave of pleasure gripped me, I kept my eyes firmly on Eves’ little willy as she furiously rubbed it.
“Me too” she gasped and suddenly went all stiff, her hand stopped it’s rubbing and she thrust her hips forward and pressed her slit into her hand, driving her sensitive erection hard against her palm, riding her orgasm. Over and over Eve thrust back and forth into her hand until eventually she calmed down and sat back, removing her hand and allowing me to see that her open pussy was leaking wet stuff. She made no attempt to cover up as I stared at her pulsing hole as she recovered.

“This will be our secret little cuz” she panted. “We will tell no-one and I will show you mine any time as long as I can see yours too. Next time I want to play with yours.”

We agreed on this and for the rest of the week we would sneak away at every opportunity to masturbate together. I got to feel her up as often as I liked and as long as no-one was watching. Together we got to explore each other and learned as much as possible in the short time available.

I didn’t get to see my cousins for a couple of years after that, they lived too far away. I learned as much as I could about girls and spent hours jerking off to the memories of Eves’ puffy little pussy. As the years went on so my little willy grew into a fairly well developed cock and when I hit puberty I got the fright of my life when my hardon began shooting sticky, clear cum when I orgasmed. My next sexual encounter would be entirely different………….

It was about four years later, I was twelve, when I saw Eve and Pat again. They came to spend the holidays with us and I had no idea what to expect. When I first saw Eve I could not believe my eyes. She had blossomed into a stunning fifteen year old with smallish, firm breasts, narrow waste and curvy legs. Pat was now 13 and, like me, in her puberty years. I stole a quick glance at the small bumps under her shirt and was pleased to see that I could clearly make out the outline of her developing nipples. Both girls seemed glad to see me and in turn gave me a hug. I could feel the pressure or Eves’ twin peaks against my chest as she pressed them against me, smiling at me knowingly as she released me. Pats’ little titties were less obvious but I could feel the heat of her firm buds through our thin shirts.

It was then that I decided that I was going to be a lot braver in my attempts at getting into the girls panties this time around. I was hoping that it wasn’t my imagination that both girls were keen on experimenting as well. Well, we were all soon to find out.

I am not going to bore you with all the details of the visit but rather concentrate on how I set about exploring my ever increasing sexual appetite. I was convinced that both girls deliberately wore clothing which revealed as much as their mother would allow. Both of them wore short skirts and tank tops or skimpy little shorts that were so tight that when we were alone they would allow the seam to ride up between their pussy lips to perfectly outline the soft treasure below. They would sit with their legs apart, innocently reading or watching TV but one or the other would keep an eye on me to make sure that I was enjoying the view. My cock was constantly hard and the girls would look down and giggle when they saw the lump protruding forward, the length and shape perfectly outlined.

I, in turn planned my revenge. I began wearing baggies with no underwear and I would sit in front of them innocently busy with some or other activity but all the while intentionally opening my legs so that the legs of the baggies fell open, exposing my cock and growing balls with the first wisps of hair to their hungry gaze. I watched them out of the corner of my eye as they sneaked a peak at my thickening rod, giggling to each other as they stared openly.

It was Eve, of course, that took things to the next level. It was very obvious that she was getting very turned on by the little game her and her sister were playing. I was disappointed that she had not asked me to join her in one of her masturbation escapades; I was dying to get a look at her naked boobs. She had been teasing me with bikini tops and, when her Mom wasn’t around she would wear thin cotton shirts with no bra. She was driving me crazy. Early one morning after all the adults had gone into town and I had just dragged myself out of bed, I was sitting in the kitchen with a cup of coffee. Eve came wondering in having just got out of bed as well. The first thing I noticed was the fact that she was only wearing a sleep shirt, one which stopped just below her ass cheeks. The material was so thin that I could plainly see the dark circles of her areolas where they perched proudly atop her jutting breasts. She made no effort to cover up when she saw me staring; in fact, it almost looked as if she pressed her boobs out further to enhance their visibility.
We said good morning to each other and Eve dragged herself past me slowly, making sure that I saw every detail of her naked body under the flimsy shirt. With her back towards me I could clearly see the crease running down between the firm cheeks of her ass. My eyes didn’t leave her for a second. Eve pulled open the fridge, paused for a second and reached for the milk which was on the bottom shelf. I gasped as her shirt moved upwards and her perfect ass appeared from under it. She didn’t stop there; bending further forward Eve parted her legs slightly, making sure that her shaven pussy lips were clearly visible to me between her thighs. I could see a small patch of auburn hair just above her clit, which was protruding proudly from under its’ hood.
After what seemed like minutes Eve straightened up turned, closed the fridge and walked over to me with a wide smile on her face.

“Enjoy the view, sport? Haven’t seen that little kitty for quite a while, have you?” She purred.
“Ah, yes, and no.” I stammered as the rush of blood to my raging shaft threatened to make me faint, my loose boxers were standing straight up in the air as she walked over and placed her hand around my cock. The thrill was almost too much, I closed my eyes as Eve slowly felt her way up and down the length of my rod, pausing to feel the thick ridge at the base of the head.

“Mmm, grown up a bit since the last time I held on to it. It feels like you are about ready to blow your load. Have you started shooting semen yet?” She queried, her eyes locked on her hand and the throbbing cock beneath it.

“Of course I have, lots” I replied, trying to concentrate on the sensations running along my dick, through my balls and into my anus. I was breathing very hard and I knew that very soon I would be making a very big mess in my boxers.

Eve opened the front of my boxers, drawing them down to expose my manhood to her lustful stare. She took hold of my shaft again and pushed downward, retracting my foreskin and showing her the thick swollen bulb of my knob, pre-cum dribbling from the tip.

“You really have grown up little cuz, a girl could have fun with this tool” She cooed, stroking me up and down, squeezing slightly and enticing the warm stick fluids from my balls to spill over her hand. Eve shifted her position, parting her legs and lifting her shirt with her other hand she straddled my leg, forcing her pouting, wet slit against my thigh. I could feel her lips move under the pressure as her arousal bubbled out from inside her hot inner opening and onto my leg. She began to rhythmically thrust her clit against me as she pumped her hand up and down my cock. It felt as if I was going to pass out.

“Don’t cum yet.” She breathed as she hiked her shirt up further, exposing the twin orbs of her tits. Her nipples were fully erect and her areolas has puckered up in her excitement.

“I want you to cum on my tits, pleeease” she rasped as she quickly approached orgasm.
I felt her thrust her hips forward, pressing her exposed clitoris hard against me as the first wave of her orgasm hit her. A warm gush of slippery girl cum escaped from deep inside her and lubricated the urgent friction between us as she continued to buck her spasming pussy against me. As the second spurt of Eves’ love juice erupted between us I felt my first convulsion emerge from the base of my cock, up under Eves; hand and out through the tip of my cock. A long thick string of hot, sticky cum shot out over Eves’ left nipple, coating it in a generous layer of semen. Eve moaned and aimed my knob directly at her tits as I exploded with a second burst, splashing both her jutting breasts with my seed.
Eve fucked my thigh in short jerks as her orgasm convulsed her pussy, each spasm producing less of a violent eruption of fresh lady cum than the last until she collapsed against my chest, her hand still wrapped around my twitching cock. Cum was still drooling from the slit at the tip of my knob and she rubbed her thumb over it, spreading it all over my shaft.

Eve made no effort to get off me, her cum was a slippery film between us and she gently rocked her still pulsing vulva against the firmness of my thigh, moaning quietly.

“Mmm, cuz, that was soooo nice. I have never made a guy shoot cum before and I imagined that I wanted the first time to be all over my boobs. I have been masturbating over it for years, thanks for making it happen.” She said kissing me lightly on the cheek as she released my softening cock. “You certainly made a mess; I’ll need to take a shower after that shower.” She giggled as she closed my briefs and surveyed the thick globs of cooling semen across her nipples. “For a twelve year old you sure have a lot of jizz, must have been saving it up for a while?”

I was a bit embarrassed about the mess I had made all over Eve but then I realised that what she was saying was actually a compliment, and looking at the sticky result of her orgasm on my leg I was sure she had really enjoyed it. Eve lifted herself off my lap dropped her shirt to cover her cum sprayed breasts and turned to go and take a shower. She looked back over her shoulder with a wicked grin “The game’s not over yet little cousin.”

From that morning on there was no stopping Eve, at every opportunity she would flash her pussy at me, at times reaching down between her legs to part her lips and teasingly show me her tight, pink opening. Whenever she showed off her pussy I noticed that her clit was aroused and there was always the glisten of a well lubricated entrance. She became very bold, making sure that wherever we were she sat where I could have an uninterrupted view of her lusty antics. Eve would sit with her back to everyone else but facing me and make sure that I could see up her skirt or take a quick look around to make certain no one was watching and open the front of her blouse to briefly expose a firm breast. In short she teased the hell out of me, the worst was that for two days after the kitchen incident there was no opportunity to corner her and get my hands on her gorgeous pussy. Unknown to either of us Pat was quietly observing every move.

I was fast asleep, it had taken me a while to fall asleep but eventually the thoughts of Eves’ teasing had diminished and allowed me to slip away. It didn’t last long, I was dragged from my slumber by something shaking my arm gently, startled I opened my eyes to see Eve next to my bed.
“Ssshhh” she hissed quietly.
Taking a second or two to absorb what was going on I realised that Pat was standing next to Eve, both were wearing the same short sleep shirts as that which Eve had worn two mornings previous.

“What’s up?” I whispered.
“We have a bit of a problem.” Eve explained quietly. “Pat has been watching you and I flirting and she has threatened to tell my Mom if we don’t, well….. include her” She shrugged her shoulders in anticipation of a negative response.
“Why would she want to be involved?” I asked.
“She says it makes her very horny when she watches us and I told her about you looking up her skirt at her pussy last time. She was very angry that we didn’t let her masturbate with us, she is such a perv.” Huffed Eve.
“Well, what exactly does she want from me?” I asked, hoping to receive the answer I wanted.
“I want to see your cock” breathed Pat in anticipation.

“Sure thing, as long as I get to see your pussy and touch it” I replied
“Ok” she whispered and broke out in a big grin.

Eve seemed to take over and orchestrate the proceedings from here on; she made me lie on my back. My erection poked upwards in my boxers and Eve took Pats’ hand and guided it to my stiff member. Pat clumsily held the rigid pole, unsure of what to do next. Eve instructed her to feel it gently which she proceeded to do, relaxing as her excitement increased. I dropped my hand behind Eve and placed it on the back of her thigh, she responded by turning slightly to give me easier access. I slid my hand upward between her legs until my fingers came in contact with her aroused pussy, having parted her thighs slightly I could feel her juices flowing from the small opening hidden between her pink inner lips. Probing gently, I parted her lips and traced the line from her clit to her willing entrance with my trembling finger, she responded by pushing her ass out which in turn allowed me to freely slide my finger along her juicy slit.

Pat in the meantime, with Eves’ help had removed my boxers and the two of them were exploring my erection. I could hear Eve explaining to Pat how to pull back my foreskin and why the tip of my knob was wet with pre-cum. I was getting pretty close to giving Pat her first look at an erupting cock, my probing fingers in Eves’ snatch were resulting in a building orgasm. Eve too was becoming more aroused, pushing back against my hand to intensify the friction against her swollen clit and burning hole. She suudenly reached down and took my hand, manipulating it until she had extended my middle finger, guiding me she rubbed the end of it around the slippery entrance of her pussy, teasing herself. Without warning she placed my finger at the centre of her tight cunt and held my hand still and pushed down with her hips. To my surprise my finger slipped inside her, a warm, wet sensation flowed up my arm as she slowly pushed my digit deeper into her pussy, not stopping until it could go no deeper. She hesitated and sighed, soaking up the sensation of the invading finger inside her, after a moment she began moving my finger in and out of her, slowly fucking herself. I got the idea and took over the motion of driving my finger as deep into her dripping opening as possible before retreating until it almost popped from the tight ring that guarded her secret opening. Eve began to ride my finger, her breathing quickened and she took over stroking my cock, I followed her lead as her pace increased, my balls tightened and I could feel the heat building up at the base of my cock as Eve drew her hand over the head of my dick. She watched as a stream of pre-cum glistened in the dim light and gasped to Pat to watch closely because I was about to cum. She knew me well enough, I felt her cunt clamp around my finger and she trust her hips forward as she came, moaning quietly but she didn’t stop wanking my cock. I held on as long as I could before the new sensation of Eve orgasming on my finger caused a thick stream of cum to shoot skyward and land on Eves’ arm. In a flash Pat bent forward and placed her mouth over my erupting knob. The feeling of her small hot mouth enveloping my sensitive rod brought on a second, third and forth spurt of hot semen, Pat held her mouth on me, taking each ejaculation. Eve had by now slowly come off her orgasm and was staring wide eyed at her sister taking my cock in her mouth while she held my foreskin back. She had never seen this before, I found out later.

It was a while before any of us said anything; the first thing Eve asked was where her sister had learned to do that. Pat said that she had heard about it at school but it was way better than anyone had said. I gingerly removed my finger from inside Eve, she complained a little and told me that it felt better when I fingered her than when she fingered herself. Pat took hold of my softening cock and slowly stroked it.

“No way are you going to stop now cuz, it’s my turn and I want to try a few other things I have heard about.” She said

With that she lifted her sleep shirt over her head and naked climbed up onto the bed. Before I realised what she was up to she had placed a foot on either side of my head and squatted down with her smooth peach pussy right in my face. Her puffy outer lips opened to expose a tiny wet hole nestled between her pink inner folds. Her clit was so aroused that it was the size of Eves’.

“Stick your tongue out.” She instructed.
I did what I was told and she lowered her open slit onto my mouth. I tasted her warm sweet juice as her lips folded over mine and my tongue probed her tight opening. She was way tighter than Eve and it took a bit of pushing to get my tongue to enter her.

“Suck my pussy hole and lick my clit, I want to cum too” Pat demanded, looking over her shoulder she told Eve to suck my cock. “Try it, you will like it.’
I was concentrating on finding out how much pleasure I could give Pat with my mouth. My inexperience made me clumsy but Pat moved her ass to position her pussy just where she wanted to be stimulated and after a few minutes she began drawing sharp breaths as I tongued her swollen clit, sucking it and rubbing the tip with my tongue at the same time. She began thrusting her hips against me, fucking her little cunt into my mouth, hungry for release.

I felt a sudden warmth close over my now fully erect shaft as Eve put my cock into her mouth. I pushed upward slightly as she slid her lips downward, cupping my balls in her soft hand. Ooooh it was so nice, one sister in my mouth and the other on my dick. Eve worked up a rhythm, up and down my length, teasing my thickly swollen cock head with her tongue. As she got used to it she slowly took more of me in, at my age I didn’t exactly have a six inch dick so it wasn’t long before I was fully inside Eves’ mouth.

Pat was now thrusting her hips back and forth, sliding the length of her wet slit along my tongue. She was literally fucking my mouth. “This is so much better than what my friends said it would be.” She hissed as I again latched onto her clit and sucked it into my mouth. Her little hole was oozing warm pussy juice into my mouth at such a rate that it was running down my chin and neck. I sensed she was very close to an explosive orgasm and reaching up I cupped her ass in my hands and held her as I shoved my tongue in and out of her opening as fast and as deep as I could. Pat grabbed my head and pushed her pussy forward hard as she began to shake, her orgasm gripped her hard causing her pussy to convulse around my tongue. She squealed quietly as her little body was gripped by her first real orgasm. I felt a warm stream of fluid leak from her followed by a small spurt as she peaked, frozen and impaled on my tongue.

By now I was very close to spurting my load into Eves’ willing mouth. She sensed this by the way I thrust upwards as she sucked on me. Eve held her mouth over the head of my cock and wrapped her hand around my shaft, stroking up and down rapidly to coax the hot semen out of me that she wanted so badly. My release was enormous; it felt like my cock was on fire. Pat was relaxing slowly and she moved her throbbing pussy off my mouth as I shot a second load of sperm into Eves; mouth. It felt fantastic, Eve was doing all the right things, my ass was clamped tight and my cock twitched as Eve stroked the pulsing shaft. Once my cock stopped spewing, Eve cleaned it off and stood up, she helped her sister up and they stood next to the bed in their naked glory, Eve had probably removed her shirt before going down on me. Their nipples were still stiff and erect, looking perfect in the dim light.

“That was great cuz, hope you enjoyed it. I hope you realise that you will have to satisfy us regularly from now on.” Smiled Pat
“It was great, and it will be a pleasure to lick your pussy any time you want.” I grinned back.
The girls crept out of my room and I tried to get some sleep, I was covered in girl cum and my own semen but who gave a damn.

The next day was hell; there was no way that we could get to be alone. The girls still succeeded in teasing me though, flashing panties and tits at every opportunity. It drove me wild. My cock was so hard that it hurt.
Late that afternoon our parents all went to visit friends. They were scarcely out of the driveway when the girls took me by the hand and rushed me to their bedroom. In an instant they were stark naked and I saw Pat for the first time. Her budding tits had light pink nipples, tight and erect with excitement. The cleft of her pussy was devoid of hair and as she stood with her legs together there was no sign of the thick clit which I had teased with my mouth the previous night. Eve on the other hand had a very prominent clitoris, standing out from under the thin strip of light pubic fluff which covered her mound. Without a moments hesitation and obviously pre-arranged, Eve layed down on the bed and spread her legs. Pat climbed up with her, spun around and got on top of her, her legs spread on either side of Eve and her knees bent in order to put her pussy directly above Eves’ face. Pat then took Eves’ legs and lifting them high, tucked them under her arms, effectively pinning her sister in a position with her ass and pussy wide open. She immediately lowered her head and began running her tongue along the open pussy slit from clit to anus.

“You just watch little cuz, watch and learn. You can take your cock out and masturbate if you want, just make sure that if you cum you shoot all over one of our pussies.” Instructed Eve before she took her hands and placed them on her sisters’ ass, spreading her cheeks and buried her face in Pats’ open pussy.

I watched Pat tracing the rim of her sisters’ pink hole, teasing it before driving into her and making her gasp. She used her fingers to hold Eves’ outer lips open as she licked the thickening nub of her clit, tickling the tip with her tongue until the hood drew back and the smooth pink head was exposed to Pats’ mouth. Pat then used her middle finger and inserted it into Eves’ now juicy opening. Entering her slowly she pushed it all the way in before retracting it, finger fucking her big sisters cunt. I saw, for the first time, Eves’ exposed anus, puckered and glistening with the overflow from her pussy. Pat took the middle finger of her other hand and circled the spot, causing Eve great pleasure and resulting in pulsing contractions as the finger began to pressure the centre for access. Eve gladly accepted the intrusion and, to my amazement, Pat slipped her well lubricated finger into her sisters’ ass.

I sneaked a peek around Pats’ spread cheeks to discover that two of Eves’ fingers were just as deeply positioned inside Pats’ tight entrances. My cock was straining for release, I dropped my shorts and undies and took hold of the shaft. I knew that if I were to stroke too fast I would blow my load within seconds. I tried to concentrate on what was going on in front of me.

“Get up on the bed here between Eves’ legs” instructed Pat.
I did as I was told and looked down to see the back of Pats’ head between Eves wide spread thighs. Pat stopped sucking her sister off, removed her fingers from inside her and held her pussy open. She moved back and I saw a close up view of Eves’ gorgeous cunt.

“Now, I need you to put your cock head here at the opening of Eves’ pussy” Breathed pat, Eve was working wonders on her from behind.
I did as I was told and felt a warm, wet sensation as the tip of my cock met Eves’ entrance.
“Now push it into her.” She hissed, the anticipation of what was about to happen was getting her really hot.
I moved my cock against the tight resistance and held my breath as I felt Eve open up and accept the intrusion, my cock pushed past the tight barrier and she closed behind the thick ridge of my head. I was inside her. I let go of my shaft and marvelled at the feeling of warmth and closeness as my cousins’ pussy gently squeezed my engorged knob.
Eve stopped tongue fucking Pat for a second.

“Oh cuz, that feels great, please push it in deeper.” She panted.

I obliged and slowly thrust my hips forward; Eve relaxed and took more of me in. She was lubricating profusely and it was really easy to slide into her. Pat placed a finger on Eves’ clit and began to massage it as I slipped deeper into the liquid honey of her sisters’ pussy. She took hold of my cock, holding the firm shaft as it got shorter and shorter, disappearing into Eve. Pat was approaching bursting point, watching her sister getting penetrated for the first time while she had her pussy licked was too much to hold in.

“I can feel you are going to cum sis. Cummon, let it rip.” Eve encouraged.
That was enough to drive Pat over the edge, she pressed her pussy against Eves’ mouth and moaned as she released a monster orgasm.

“Mmm, nice sis, you just squirted in my mouth” Cooed Eve.

I knew that I would not be able to hold back much longer so I drove my cock into Eve. It took her by surprise as I inserted my length fully into her, I could feel my balls against the warmth of her ass. Eve grunted and lifted her legs higher as she erupted, the sensation of my cock bottoming out inside her was all that was needed to contract her inner muscles around my throbbing knob. I felt a gush of sperm spill deep inside Eve at the same time as a flood of warm liquid rushed out of her all over my balls. We rhythmically pumped each other full of each others juices until we were spent.

Pat climbed off of Eve and lay down next to her. I remained inside Eve and she wrapped her legs around my ass, pulling me closer. We stayed like that for what seemed like ages.

“Hey cuz, your cock isn’t getting soft; I can still feel it filling my pussy.” Remarked Eve.
“That’s because you have got such a tight pussy;” I smiled.
The truth was that I was still completely hard, the wet, slippery heat of Eves’ cunt was keeping me fully aroused. I moved my ass back a bit to see what would happen, the sensation was magical, Eves’ juicy sheath held my cock tightly and I saw her eyes light up as well. I withdrew my shaft until the head caught on her tight opening and then slowly re-inserted it into her. She sighed. “Fuck me, please.”

Again, due to inexperience, I struggled to find a rhythm at first but as the pleasure increased so it all came naturally. I slid my knob in and out of Eve faster and faster, feeling her inner pussy tugging at me as I pulled back, not wanting to release me. Pat bent forward and took Eves’ left nipple in her mouth. Eve gasped as her erect nub was engulfed in warmth; her pussy gripped my cock tightly. My first ejaculation and Eves’ cum juices were running out of her in a torrent, my balls slapped against her anus as I pumped in and out of her, fast nearing my second orgasm. Eve looked up at me and mouthed the words “Cum inside me”

I drove my cock deep into her and a stream of semen rocketed through my cock and out into her waiting cunt. As she felt the hot eruption inside her Eve let go and gave over to her own orgasm. She gripped my cock fiercely, so much so that I could not pull back; my knob was trapped inside her pulsating pussy as she milked me of every hot drop of sperm. It felt as if I would never stop shooting inside her, I could feel every squishy convulsion of Eves’ inner muscles and the warm drizzle of her girl cum seeping from the tight ring of her pussy where it gripped my cock shaft at its’ base just above my swinging balls. Her slippery love juice, mixed with my first ejaculation, lubricated the friction of my soft spongy scrotum pressed hard against her little brown anus as we gradually released the last drops of new found lust.

Both girls were smiling at me, I was shaking, my cock was still throbbing but gradually deflating . Eve’s grip on my shaft relaxed and my knob suddenly popped out of it’s snug retreat, followed by a stream of young pussy juice mixed with my relatively immature load.

It goes without saying that these were not the last encounters that I had with the girls, but we leave that for later.

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Jan, you did a great job on those articles. I'm therllid they are going up on PokerWorks! I hope you and yours are well and the New Year has a big smiley face painted on it from start to finish just for you! double that!

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