Part 2 of 3
Part 2

Heather and I decide to go for a morning swim, as we are both pretty messy from the night before. We wash ourselves off and splash around for a bit, enjoying the sun rising in the sky. When we get out of the water, we lie back down on the blanket, while the warm sun quickly dries us off.

Heather is the first to get up. I watch her nice ass sway as she walks over to where she left her dress. That's when I notice her skin again. The sun shining on it makes it literally glow, and whatever effect her eyes have on me is wearing off. I begin to ask myself the same questions, and decide to avoid eye contact.

As Heather tightens the back of her dress, I figure I better gather my clothes together too. I find most of them next to a tree, and quickly get dressed. I grab the blanket, which is fairly dry itself, and we head back to the cabin.

When we arrive, we find everyone still asleep, aside from the few who haven't stopped drinking yet. It's still a few hours before the buses are scheduled to leave, so I peek in the fridge. Someone planned ahead, as piled in the back of the fridge, behind where the beers would have been the night before, are packages of bacon and ham, and cartons of eggs. There is more than enough to feed everyone.

As Heather leaves to find a laundry room for the blanket, I begin to make breakfast. Chances are a lot of people won't be able to stomach it, but I'm hoping it will stir some of the drunks awake. My plan works, as I hear more and more people begin to wake up and stumble around.

Suddenly I hear a whisper in my ear, “He's not only a good lover, but a good cook too.” It's Crystal's voice, and I suddenly begin to wonder if she knows about last night.

“Yeah, I had an interest in cooking and baking when I was young, so my mother taught me at an early age.” I tried not to bring up the fact that she's ignored me ever since she fucked me a month and a half ago.

“That doesn't explain your skills in bed, but I guess that's just genetics,” she said, leaning against the counter next to me, heaving her chest forward to show off her tits. “If you miss me yet, I found a key to a room downstairs, so nobody can walk in on us”

I had no interest in being used again, and things were going well with Heather. “What about the meathead?” I asked, wondering exactly what happened to her date.

“Oh, he had a bit to much to drink, so it was like playing with a hose.” She says this so shamelessly I can't help but laugh.

“Well I'm afraid I can't help you, I've got something going for me with Heather, and I don't want to screw it up.” I see her scowl at me, so i just smirk and continue making breakfast. “This'll be ready in five minutes if you want some.”

She walks away, mumbling something to herself, and Heather walks over shortly after. Making sure nobody is near, and knowing that my head is fully clear, I decide it's my chance. I make sure to keep my eyes on the frying pan, and away from Heather.

“I have to ask you something,” I say, “What is the deal with your skin?

“I'm not sure what you mean,” she says innocently.

“It glows in the sun. I noticed on the first day of school, and I noticed it twice this morning, before and after we swam, so I know it's not any lotion.”

“Maybe it's just the way my skin is, just look at me, it's not that big a deal.”

“That's another thing, I can't look at you, your eyes have some type of power, they put me in a trance whenever I look at them.”

That's just nature. You're a guy, so you want to fuck me because I'm a hot girl. You like my eyes, so they instantly turn you on.”

Her arguments were far from solid, but maybe I was just being paranoid. I have one more thing to throw at her. “What about the bumps in you're pussy, and on your tongue. I may have only had sex with one other girl, but I know that those aren't normal.”

I had her. In the corner of my eye, I saw her tiny face twist with confusion, as she seemed to be trying to figure out what to say. She stood there for a while before she finally leaned in to whisper to me. “I can't explain right now, it's too dangerous, but I promise I'll explain it all later.”

I wasn't sure what to think, but the sincerity in her voice convinced me to trust her. What she had said was confusing the hell out of me. Why was it dangerous? I decided not to push it though. Breakfast was finally ready, and people were shambling into the kitchen.

The rest of the day went smoothly, and everyone seemed to make it home alright. I got a shower, got dressed, and ate dinner. It was only 6:30, so I invited Heather over, finally hoping to get some answers. I sent her a text, and she agreed to come over.

She arrived at around 7, wearing a loose green sweater and some grey sweatpants. Not exactly sexy, but she looked good enough anyway. We sat on the couch, talking about school for a bit, and watched some TV until my parents left for my brother's hockey game.

It was time to ask. “So what's your deal?” It was completely out of context, so she was thrown off, but she knew what I was talking about.

“I'm an alien,” she said bluntly.

I couldn't help but burst out laughing. “That's bullshit if I ever heard it.” My reaction was instant, but immediately after I realized it made more sense than any logical explanation. The glowing skin, the mind control, and the bumps. I wasn't sure if I imagined the long tongue or not, but if it was real, the alien thing made sense.

“I'm serious,” Heather said, “I'm an alien.”

She looked devastated, almost on the verge of crying, because I didn't believe her. By the look in her eyes, I knew she was either telling the truth, or she was insane. I'm not sure if I decided myself, or if she was controlling my mind after I looked in her eyes, but I chose to believe her.

I saw a tear run down her cheek, and instantly leaned forward, pressing my lips to hers. Our tongues began to dance together, and I felt the bumps sucking on my tongue again. We made out for a few minutes, as my doubts were flushed away.

When we finally broke apart, I apologized, and Heather told me the story of her people, the Asmians. They had mastered space travel about eight thousand years ago, and had visited Earth over five thousand years ago. They had stayed here for about fifty years, interbreeding with us, and teaching us about basic technology, even the wheel. They returned to their Asmia with the research they had collected, and continued to explore the rest of the galaxy, without any similar findings.

About one hundred years ago, a rogue faction began nuking major cities, when the government reacted with more nukes, it resulted in a chain reaction, and effectively destroyed Asmia, and any ships near it. Heather's family had been searching another system, and if anyone else survived, they did not know. It was an older ship, so it took this long to reach Earth, the only habitable planet they knew of. As well, most of the people on the ship were also related, so humans were the only way to save their species.

Heather continued to explain herself as well. Because of the interbreeding between Asmians and Humans, our anatomies were very close, but they had some key differences, mainly due to their lengthened evolution and home environment.

The glowing I could see in the sun was an aura. Humans could only see it in the sun, and it was always a golden colour, but she could see it all the time, even on humans, and the colour and intensity indicated the health and feelings of the person. The aura is centered at the eyes, and Asmians can affect a Human's aura with eye contact, but only for a short period.

She confirms that she has a long tongue, solely due to evolution, and the bumps were used to soak up any water they couldn't sip, also providing a natural filter against polluted water. The bumps in her pussy have the same basic structure, but they soak up as much sperm as they can, filtering the good genes from the bad, increasing the chance of making superior offspring.

Heather tells me that I had been watched, because of my age and physique, and that they had finally chosen me based on my performance fucking Crystal. Heather had been of age, so they sent her to be my mate.

“I was nervous at first,” Crystal admits, “But the moment I met you I knew you would be a great guy. When you fucked me at the lake, I knew you were a keeper.” This made my cock instantly rise, and I glanced into Heather's eyes, I instantly felt them entrance me, and I sprang on top of her, once again pressing my lips to hers.

Heather's tongue spun around mine, as I pushed back at hers. Heather seemed to have more control and finesse with her tongue, and quickly won the “fight.” As we continued to make out, I slid my hand up under her sweater. She did not have a shirt on underneath, and my hand slid along her smooth skin, finally reaching her covered breast.

The doorbell suddenly rang, and I hauled away from Heather and tried to compose myself. I still had a raging hard on, so I quickly tucked it under my belt. It was a little girl selling Girl Guide cookies. Wanting her to leave right away, I hauled more than enough money out of my pocket and took a box, shutting the door behind me.

“We should go somewhere more comfortable,” I said, and led Heather up to my room.

As soon as we walked through the door, I grabbed Heather, and hauled her sweater over her head. I found a lacy black bra waiting underneath. Wanting to see more, I pushed her down on the bed and hauled the sweatpants off, finding panties matching the bra.

Even though the panties are black, I can still see a wet spot around Heather's pussy. With her legs dangling off the side of the bed , I kneel down and begin slowly kissing up her left thigh. As I get closer to her waiting pussy, I recognize the smell of peaches emanating from it. Moving closer still, I feel the heat against my face.

I haul her panties to the side of her pussy and, taking a moment to savour the heat and smell, I dive in, surrounding her pussy with my lips. I stick my tongue in between her lips, and am greeted by the same peachy taste as the night before.

I feel the bumps begin the work on my tongue as I work it in and out, up and down, and around the walls of Heather's pussy. I notice her clit pressing against my upper lip and back out to nibble on it. When I do this Heather lets out an approving moan, and I know I had the right idea.

I continue sucking on her clit, occasionally sliding my tongue back inside her pussy. I introduce one, two, three fingers which I pump in and out of her pussy. Her moaning grows louder, and turns to screams, as I increase my speed and curve my fingers to stimulate different parts of her pussy. By the way the bumps were working on my hands, I knew Heather was close to orgasm.

With another moment of this, Heather let out a loud scream as her body seemed to lock up. I could feel her juices flow past my fingers as her body started spasming. The bumps were sucking on my fingers, only managing to get back Heather's own cum. As she calmed down, I crawled up her body and, brushing her hair from her face, gave her a soft kiss.

With a sudden and surprising burst of energy, Heather grabbed me and rolled us both over, so she was straddling my still clothed cock. She grabbed my hand and sucked her cum off my fingers. “Mmm, I love the taste of myself.” This seemed to make my rock hard cock even harder.

She hauled the t-shirt off of me and backed up to get my jeans. As she unzipped them and hauled them off, my hard cock finally sprang free. Heather grabbed my shaft with one hand and cupped my balls in the other, as she moved her mouth closer to my cock.

She took her time as she rolled my balls between her fingers and softly pumped my cock. Finally, I felt her tongue land on my balls and slowly, so slowly, she moved it back and forth, making her way to the shaft.

I could feel the bumps on her tongue sucking at my skin. When her tongue finally reached my shaft I already felt like I was gonna burst. As it slid up I could feel it wrap around and squeeze my cock, and she finally reached the head, swirling her tongue around.

I felt her lips press against the tip of my cock, and she began to take me into her mouth, keeping her lips tight as possible. As she lowered her head |I could feel her tongue dancing around the head of my cock. I could not take it anymore, I was gonna blow.

The moment her lips reached the hilt, and I could feel my cock touching the back of her throat, I blew my first load. I could tell she was thrown off guard, but she kept my cock all the way in, and managed to keep swallowing burst after burst, each one going straight down her throat.

As I started to go soft, Heather continued sucking and playing with my cock, refusing to let me take any kind of rest. After a few moments I could feel myself begin to get hard again, as the bumps on her tongue seemed to be helping raise my cock.

Once I was fully erect, Heather stood up and took off her bra, revealing her C-cup tits and small, dark nipples. She also bent down, sliding her soaking panties down her legs. She moved back towards me, and as she began to crawl on top of me, I grabbed her and rolled so this time I was on top.

“Taking charge, I like that,” Heather said, giving me a lustful look, prompting me to give her all I got.

I pulled her to the edge of the bed, standing over her. I placed her left leg against my right shoulder for better access, and, lining up my cock, pushed myself into her wet pussy. My cock easily slipped all the way in, and all the way out, as her juices had completely drenched her whole pussy.

As I fucked Heather's pussy, I could feel the bumps sucking at my hard cock, pleading for me to shoot my load. Of course, I had already gone off once, so it would take a bit more to get another blow. I began to thrust faster, as Heather began screaming, getting louder and louder with each thrust.

Heather began pushing back against me, tightening her pussy against my cock, driving me insane. Both our bodies glistened with sweat as we fucked each other as hard and as fast as possible. Our climaxes were quickly rising.

With a sudden burst of energy, I leaned forward and, still fucking Heather, I picked her up, and began lifting her and dropping her onto my cock. She helped as much as she could, but gravity did most of the work, ensuring my cock was as far as possible into her pussy each time.

I could feel myself getting close, and Heather's constant, ear-splitting screams showed she was too. I picked up the pace, not wanting to wait any longer than necessary, and, knowing I wouldn't beable to continue standing afterwards, kept my back at the edge of the bed.

I hadn't realized how much Heather had been helping, until she began her climax, and she dropped right onto my cock and I could barely hold her up. The sensation of being so far into her tight pussy was too much, and as I felt her juices begin to rush around my cock, I blew my first load.

The bumps worked in overdrive as we continued cumming together. We collapsed on the bed as my last few loads shot into her pussy. We fell asleep in each other's arms, with my soft cock still partially inside her.

I woke up the next morning with the warm sun shining through the window. It made Heather's skin glow, but it wasn't golden, which was supposedly the only colour aura humans could see. It was a light blue colour, and it glowed very bright.

I watched Heather sleep for a while, and when she woke up she gave me a quick kiss. My family must have gotten home after we fell asleep, and nobody was up yet, so, after getting dressed, I snuck Heather out of the house.

As she was leaving Heather said, “Maybe you should come to my home next,” and gave me a wink. I wondered which home she was referring to, and I could not wait.


2015-01-09 08:46:18
The threesome with Crystal & Heather was sadly stillborn. I got excited when I read the following, " I was nervous at first," Crystal admits, "But the moment I met you I knew you would be a great guy . . ."

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I think you get the girls name mixed up sometimes. And I like how this part and the first part are rated over90% but the third part is rated11%. Great stories though

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