It had proved to be a good decision to rent the apartment on the twenty eighth floor. At first Rory had thought it would be a bit of an inconvenience being on the top floor of the building, he had considered the safety factor as well as the lift rides up and down to and from his lofty residence. Now, in retrospect, none of that mattered, as he had found out.

Moving in was fraught with the usual problems as well as a few unusual ones. Some of Rory’s furniture was fairly bulky and refused to fit comfortably into the lift, much sweating and swearing was necessary before the majority of Rory’s belongings were safely transported skywards to their new place of residence. The place was a mess, boxes everywhere, nothing in any semblance of normality. It was going to take days for Rory to sort through the confusion, unpacking and allocating a new place for all his belongings. He sighed as he surveyed the chaos, lifted his large hand to his head and ran his fingers through his thick dark hair. Rory turned his broad six foot frame towards the kitchen and in a few long strides he was standing amongst the “kitchen” boxes, eyes searching. There it was, the six-pack of ice-cold beers he had brought up with him on the last trip. Pushing a thick finger through the shrink-wrap plastic packaging, Rory swung around with a smile on his face.

The view was breath taking; sitting on one of the wide sills, looking out through the thick, clear glass, Rory could see what he imagined to be the whole city sprawled out below him. Rory’s building dwarfed all those around him; his apartment was at least a floor higher than the next tallest building near to him. Uninterrupted panoramic views of the city with the faint smudge of the coastline in the distance, perfect, and the beer tasted great too. It was beginning to look like the choice of the penthouse apartment had been the right one.

Time became a blur for Rory as he worked to settle himself into the new place. He ate as he worked, moving quickly from room to room, unpacking and arranging, cleaning and putting away. Eventually Rory looked around to find that the last box was empty, the last cupboard was packed, all the furniture was in place and two days had flown past. Exhausted, Rory dragged himself into the shower and stood a while, allowing the warm water to soak his weary muscles. Rory was in good shape for his forty years, his muscle tone and definition better than some men half his age. The thick hair that bushed out of his chest and ran down his abs to meet where his pubic path ran up to join it was plastered flat against him by the strong jet of warm shower water. Clearly visible below the path of hair was his large penis. Rory had always been the secret envy of every locker room. When flaccid the thick rod hung almost o his knees, at the end of the pole was a large mushroom head. Rory had been made fun of by many for his huge cock with its large purple helmet, many a woman had not been able to take his cock fully inside them and to Rory this was an embarrassment.

It was pointless trying to hide the giant size of his dong, he had even been asked by inquisitive, giggling girls if they could just see it. When they did there was a genuine look of shock and disbelief on their faces. Now standing in the shower he was reminded of its size by the tapping of the head just above his knee as the length swung as he moved. As if that wasn’t enough, Rory had very large testicles, his ball bag hung low and the defined shape of his egg shaped nuts was clearly visible. Again the brunt of many a teasing comment, Rory was always conscious of his balls and how abnormally large they were.

Because of Rory’s fear of being teased at a younger age he had tended to shy away from intimate female relationships. With his abnormally large testes came a large dose of testosterone which basically made Rory a very horny youngster. In order to find relief for this pent up lust, Rory found a way of achieving release without people making fun of him; he used to watch them without them knowing it.
It had all started accidentally one day when he was looking into the neighbor’s yard. Rory had been about eighteen at the time. To his amazement Rory saw the neighbor’s wife lying in the sun by the poolside, she had been wearing a two-piece bikini. Rory was not sure why but he ducked down and peered through a gap between two of the fence slats. This is how he had seen her stretched out with those twin humps on her chest bursting for release from her skimpy bikini top. Rory watched her rub tanning lotion onto every inch of exposed flesh, running her hands up and down her slim legs, barely stopping at the apex where the crotch of her bikini covered secret places that he had scarcely seen in magazines.

Something was happening in Rory’s shorts. His cock was growing thicker and longer as he watched her through the fence, Rory’s underpants were now restricting the surprising growth of his groin and it was becoming uncomfortable. Nothing he could do to relieve the problem, too much risk that someone would see him.
As he continued watching, the woman looked around to make sure she was alone, then reaching back she unclasped the top of the bikini and let it fall away from her full, pert breasts. Rory almost fell backwards, her dark, erect nipples were clearly visible to him and he stared as her breasts jiggled with each movement that she made. It was too much. Rory jumped up and hobbled away uncomfortably, as fast as his engorged erection would allow.

As fast as he could he ran to his room, slamming the door shut behind him he rammed his hand down the front of his shorts, closed his palm around the thick length and pulled his penis free. It took but a few furious strokes along the length of the shaft and over the swollen knob and with visions of the neighbors wife’s naked tits in his head Rory shot a load of semen eight feet across the room and against the opposite wall.
This was how Rory discovered that he had a thing for watching other people and from then on many a fine hour had been spent hiding in places people would never imagine, just to get a glimpse of some forbidden spectacle.

For a fleeting moment old memories came to Rory as he stood in the shower but he was too tired to be bothered to take hold of his hanging dick and stroke it into explosive ejaculation. He was just too tired.

It was light when he awoke; Rory got out of bed and walked naked to the window. He stood looking out over the city, due to his exhaustion the night before and the fact that he believed that he was too high up to need them he had not bothered to hang curtains. Rory felt great, the fuzzy grey cloud that had inhabited his head the night before was gone and he was looking forward to getting to work on his new apartment.
Rory scanned the buildings across from him, no movement there, too early, everyone was probably still asleep on a Saturday morning. Rory stretched, enjoying the warmth of the early sunlight on his naked body. Something caught his eye, a slight movement to the right on the top floor of the apartment building opposite. Someone had drawn back the curtains of their bedroom and Rory could see directly into the room. The woman was young, early twenties with long jet black hair which looked like it could easily be touching the top curve of her delectable little ass as she walked away from the window. If she had looked up as she opened her curtains she would have got a good view of Rory’s hanging cock and pendulous balls framed in his window.

She was wearing an oversized cotton sleepshirt which covered her to mid thigh. Rory could see her firm ass cheeks moving teasingly beneath the thin fabric as she walked, the deep crease between the orbs seemed to suck in her shirt in such a way as to make sure he could see the exact shape of the firm flesh hidden beneath. Rory’s cock twitched and he felt it begin to swell and harden as he watched her. His ass clinched and he felt his knob bounce in time to the contractions. Rory loved to feel his cock jump when he clamped his anus closed. It always increased the pleasure of his arousal as he pumped his rod, causing the head to nod up and down.

Rory moved slightly to the right, he was worried she might turn and see him standing there with his dick becoming increasingly erect as he imagined spreading those delectable cheeks to get a glimpse of her tightly closed little brown anus.
As Rory watched the woman picked something up from the dresser and turned towards the window. She walked back towards Rory, he sighed when he saw her braless tits pressed hard against her shirt. Rory could clearly see her firm nipples pointing stiffly outward, moving ever so slightly as she approached the transparent barrier between them.

By now Rory’s cock was fully erect. He stood to the side of the window, peeping around the edge of the frame in order to keep her firm breasts in line of sight.
The woman stopped in front of the window and it was then that Rory saw what she had picked up. She lifted her arms and in long flowing strokes began brushing her hair. The outline of her boobs changed with each stroke, jiggling slightly as she moved. Rory could feel his shaft throbbing, he looked down and saw his helmet swollen and shiny, the little hole in the tip weeping the first drop of pre-cum. Resisting the temptation to wrap his hand around his thick girth and wank himself to a sperm spewing orgasm Rory wanted to savor the thrill of building up the arousal and watch as the clear sticky pre-cum began dribbling from the end of his knob. He had learned to control the urge to cum and preferred to prolong the pleasure as he tightened his ass, jerking his engorged rod up and down and enjoying the sensation of the large quantities of warm pre-cum fluid leaking from his balls and dripping from the tiny slit in the end of his huge knob.

As Rory watched the young woman brush her hair her noticed her tanned legs, perfectly shaped, her shirt lifted each time she lifted her arms above her head, the hem coming dangerously close to exposing the point at which her thighs came together. Rory could clearly see the beginnings of the gap between her legs where her thighs opened up slightly as they met the soft apex which was her pussy. It was mere millimeters and he would be able to see her cunt. Rory realized that any apartments below him would be in a position to see under her shirt and they would know if she was wearing panties or if she was exposing her snatch. Rory needed to know, he was breathing deeply, almost panting and his heart was pounding. His dick was aching with the need for him to reach down and take hold of the shaft, slide his hand up and down the length, rubbing the sensitive underside of his head with each thrust of his palm. Determined to make the experience last, Rory concentrated intently on what the woman was doing in an effort to ease the temptation to wank himself off. She pulled a few more strokes through her hair and then turned from the window; she placed her feet slightly apart and suddenly bent forward, flinging her hair forward to hang in front of her in order for her to continue brushing.

Rory gasped as her sleepshirt rode up, exposing the firm curves of her ass cheeks. She was naked under the shirt and the contrast of her round cheeks against her tanned thighs was breathtaking. As she bent forward her cheeks parted and Rory watched as the crease of her ass parted and the deep cleft opened to expose her light little ring. Just below the tightly puckered hole Rory could see the pouting lips of her outer pussy. He stood spellbound, watching as her ass moved slightly as she brushed her hair, the centre spot of her anus contracted slightly as she brushed, changing shape slightly as her sphincter relaxed and tightened slightly.

Rory was going to burst, the hot, sticky pre-cum was dribbling from the end of his cock, he felt his balls pull upward and tense, the prelude to what he knew was about to become a very messy ejaculation. The woman dropped her brush accidentally and to Rory’s surprise reached forward to retrieve it, bending further forward without moving her feet. The result was a further parting of her ass cheeks which in turn opened the smooth shaven outer lips of her upturned pussy. For a fleeting moment, which seemed to Rory to be suspended in time, her inner lips were exposed, the tiny tip of her hidden clitoris clearly visible in the groove of her slit.

It was the momentary glimpse of her inner lips parting to expose her pink cunt hole that eventually drove Rory over the edge. He could see the glistening folds of her entrance as he reached down and grabbed his rampant cock, sliding his hand up along the length he felt the slipperiness of his own fluids coat his fingers. As he stroked downwards along his shaft he coated the thick shaft of his cock in a lubricating sheath, easing the passage of his palm along the veined ridges that ran the length of his rod. It took two up and down strokes on his cock to release the waiting flood of semen which had built up above his balls.

The first explosion shot a thick stream of hot white liquid aimed straight at the little pink slit he was looking at, hitting the window with a splash. Rory thrust his hips forward, his hand stroking furiously over the head of his cock, he paused briefly as a second string of semen shot from him, he could imagine her tight opening clamping down on his throbbing member as he shot burst after burst of sticky semen deep into her cunt. Rory realized that if anyone was looking they would see him pumping the jiz out of his rod, the thick streaks of semen running down the window glass as he felt the last few contractions of his ejaculation squeezing the remaining sperm from his balls. He didn’t care; this was an opportunity that he could not miss.

After a minute or two of quiet recuperation, Rory looked up and saw that the woman was no longer in her window. It was then that he made up his mind that moving to this apartment was the best thing he could possibly have done. It was time to get set up for some serious perving.

It took two hours of searching but Rory eventually found what he was looking for. It took a while to struggle it into the elevator after a cramped cab ride. Eventually Rory had managed to set it up in front of the big window overlooking the apartments across the way. The distance between his apartment and the top floor of the other apartments could not have been more than fifty feet but Rory was determined that he was going to see everything there was to see. In front of him stood a 300mm telescope, mounted on a tripod with sighting scope and cushioned eyepiece. Together with the purchase Rory had bought a padded office chair, comfortable enough for the long hours he intended spending looking through his new lens.

This was not the first telescope Rory had owned but it was certainly the most powerful and the first one he had bought for his specific purpose.
Forgetting completely about all the work he still had to do on his new apartment Rory turned the large glass eye towards his opposite neighbours, first ensuring that the curtains were closed in such a manner that only the front of the lens was visible should anyone look across at his window. This he achieved by poking the lens between the closed drapes and by using clothes pegs he fastened the fabric together above and below the jutting tube.

Tilting the scope downwards Rory began to scan the apartments one at a time; the majority were open to his scrutiny, blinds left open, balcony door open. Unfortunately Rory saw no-one moving in any of the apartments, wait, there was someone on the right. A middle aged woman was sitting on the couch stroking her cat and talking on the phone. She was quite attractive with a good figure for her age, the “T” shirt she was wearing made it obvious she was braless and her average size boobs were firm with pointy nipples. She wore a knee length skirt and swung her feet back and forth as she spoke. Nothing interesting there.

Two flats to the left Rory saw a young guy in a pair of shorts and no shirt standing doing curls with two dumbbells. He was well built, fairly muscular and it looked like he had a pretty small cock tucked inside those shorts, the bulge was hardly noticeable.
One floor down and Rory saw a woman, who he guessed to be in her fifties, busy in her kitchen. Her graying hair tied up in a bun on top of her head. Rory didn’t waste any time watching her.

In the apartment to the right of granny’s Rory noticed a young girl, possibly eighteen or so. She was walking around her apartment in a bra and a g-string panties. This was more like it. She busied herself with cleaning up, picking things up and putting them away. Rory examined her as she moved about. Her firm 34C titties were oh so perfect in her transparent bra, Rory could make out the shape of her nipples clearly against the thin covering. Her areolas were puffy and swollen and her small budded nipples made little outward dents in the centre of the dark circles.

As she walked Rory watched her ass cheeks flexing, the thin string of her thong hidden deeply inside the deep cleft. She bent down to pick up a magazine off the carpet and Rory was perfectly focused on her butt as the cheeks parted and he caught a glimpse of her little brown anus with the thin dividing string pulled tightly across the soft flesh. Rory was getting hard, his knob was beginning to throb and the length of his penis began to push against his pants.

Rory watched her for a while longer before scanning for any other action in the other apartments. He found no-one in so he went back to the girls apartment just in time to see her walk towards the bathroom, on the way taking off her bra and dropping her panties to her ankles. She stooped to pick them up and Rory got a momentary flash of two very pink pussy lips nestled between her thighs before she stood and disappeared into the bathroom. “Damn” thought Rory “Nice pussy”

Across at granny’s flat nothing had changed, she was still busy in the kitchen. The middle aged lady was now on the carpet doing what looked like yoga. She was still in the same shirt but had removed her skirt to reveal a pair of light blue panties. Her ass was nice and firm, her back was towards Rory and she was doing stretching exercises, rotating her hips, bending and rotating again. As she bent forward with her legs apart Rory focused on the area between her legs. The fabric of her panties outlined her pussy lips in detail, the crease between her pouting outer lips clearly defined and Rory could see a few fine light hairs peeking out from under the elastic.

Shifting position, the woman sat on the carpet, laid back and slowly lifted her one leg. Higher and higher until her toes were touching the carpet behind her, then she took her arm and hooked it in front of her leg. She then did the same with her other leg until she had both legs lifted high and hooked in behind her. She was amazingly supple and the view of her pantie covered cunt was just as amazing. She was completely spread, her panties straining to contain the pussy lips trying to escape from their grip. Rory could clearly see her lips on either side of the thin strip of fabric between her wide spread thighs.

Rory’s cock was very uncomfortable, straining for release from his pants, his thick shaft aching from the confinement. Rory stood and quickly removed his pants and undies, letting his length spring free to stand out in front of him. Returning to the scope Rory noticed that the woman had not changed position but that she seemed to have forgotten that she was supposed to be doing yoga. She had begun to stroke her thighs, her fingers tracing along the line of her exposed pussy lips, feeling slowly downward toward her spread ass cheeks. Obviously aroused, the woman began feeling herself off. Running her fingertips along the crease between her lips, down to where the lips parted and her open vulva waited just below her panties. She pressed her finger deeper into the groove, forcing her panties against her sensitive entrance before moving upwards and doing the same over her now swollen clit.

Rory could see the outline of her erect clitoris as she began to gently rub the swollen shaft, masturbating herself. A dark spot began to develop at the point where Rory could see her pussy hole was, this chic was really getting off. Rory’s cock was fully erect now and her wrapped his hand around his pole and began to slowly stroke up and down his length, hesitating as he touch the sensitive helmet.

The woman now slipped a finger under her panties and pulled the thin strip aside, exposing her very open vagina and wide spread asshole. She immediately placed a finger under her clit and pressed inward, parting her inner lips, finding her waiting entrance and driving her finger up into her vulva. Rory was now rubbing his hand along his cock faster and faster, he could feel his ass clenching and he knew that he was not far from ejaculating. The woman was fingering herself rhythmically and with her other hand she frigged her clitoris in time to her penetrations of her finger into her pussy. Rory could see the slippery wetness on her finger each time she retracted it from inside her. Her hips were beginning to buck off the floor to meet her probing finger and her clit was being massaged at an increasing tempo as she approached orgasm. Rory could see her anus contracting as she increased her thrusting finger. Suddenly she stiffened and Rory saw something he had never seen before, she ejaculated. She removed her finger from inside her and using both hands held her pussy lips apart, opening her hole wide. A burst of clear liquid exploded from inside her, closely followed by another. It was all Rory needed to let go of a thunderous explosion of semen from the tip of his cock. His dick convulsed again and again, sending a large quantity of hot sperm shooting onto the tiled floor. The woman relaxed and inserted her finger back into her pussy, gently slipping it in and out of the slippery mess between her lips.

Rory stood up and cleaned up the mess he had made, that was one apartment he was defiantly going to keep an eye on.

It wasn’t until later that evening that Rory had time to sit down again at the telescope. This time he sat naked, his flaccid cock drooped between his legs, hanging over the edge of the chair. Again he disguised the end of the scope, he had switched off all the lights in his apartment so that anyone looking up would not see him watching. Rory scanned the apartments opposite.

The first few he checked on had the usual goings on inside, people making dinner or watching TV or playing with the dog or whatever. The clarity of what he could see was amazing, much better at night without the glare and with the backdrop of lights. Rory’s scope fell on the grannies flat and his jaw nearly hit the floor. The old dame was stark naked on her couch. Her fairly large tits hung slightly and Rory focused on her large nipples. They were huge, the areolas as big as saucers with small nipple buds standing out from the centers. Her pubic hair was as grey as the hair on her head and as Rory watched she spread her legs, exposing the previously hidden slit to him. For her age she had a remarkably sexy pussy. Her outer lips were still firm and puffed outward; her clitoris was very visible where it stood out from between her lips.

As Rory watched granny reached down and parted her lips, opening her pussy hole she probed with her fingers, feeling herself off. Rory could see her gently slip her finger up into her entrance and begin to stimulate her erect clit with her other hand. Rory’s prick was getting hard, the shaft was no longer limp and hanging, it had begun to swell and rise upwards towards his belly as he watched the granny play with herself. The woman was beginning to finger her pussy deeply and her stroke frequency over her clitoris was increasing. She lifted her legs high and spread her knees wide, completely exposing her aroused vagina to Rory’s probing lens. Rory could see the woman inserting a second finger into her juicy opening, he watched as her tightly puckered anus tightened as a pleasure wave washed over her.

She picked up the pace on her clit, spreading her lips wide and pulling back her clitoral hood to allow the tip of her finger to dance easily over the swollen head. Granny began to frantically finger her pussy hole, driving her fingers in and out at a furious pace. Suddenly she stopped plunging her fingers up her pussy and just rubbed her clit, Rory could see she was cumming, the shiny juices cascaded from her open hole and over her ass cheeks. “Wow old girl, you have certainly still got it in you to wank” thought Rory.

Rory was now fully erect but he resisted the temptation to jerk himself off and swept his scope over to the apartment that he had seen the girl in the g-string in. What he saw gave him quite a shock. In the middle of the room was a man on his hands and knees, naked, his ass towards Rory. Rory could see the mans heavy balls hanging between his spread thighs. As he watched Rory saw the girl enter the room wearing nothing but a strap on dildo, the silicone phallus standing straight out from her shaven crotch. The girl walked behind the man and slapped him hard on his ass, he flinched but made no attempt to move. Rory could see the girl giving him instructions and the man pushed his ass backward, and spread his knees further apart. Rory could now see that the man had a full erection, his circumcised cock was small, maybe four inches at best but the head was reasonably large. Enough to give her pussy a good stretch Rory reckoned.

The girl now retrieved a tube of KY jelly from the table and proceeded to squirt some out onto her hand. She now stood over the man and reached under him, grabbing his stiff penis. With the hand that had the KY on she followed the deep crevice between his ass cheeks, liberally lubricating the mans ass and balls. She began to wank his cock as she ran her slippery fingers along his crack, pausing at his anus to tease the dark hole. Her hand was moving faster over the shaft and Rory watched as she slipped her middle finger into the mans butt. He pressed back against her finger taking her deep inside him. She continued like this for several minutes, fingering his anus and jerking his cock.

Suddenly she stood up and opened her legs, straddling his legs. She squatted down and took hold of the artificial penis. Rory could see her pussy lips below her firm ass cheeks as he dropped lower to aim her thick cock at the mans back entrance. She placed the silicon head against his well lubricated hole and drove it forward, forcing his ass to open and accept the intrusion. After penetrating his anus about three inches she withdrew slightly before pushing it back in, this time deeper. Time after time she withdrew and pushed back in until eventually the entire length of her cock was inside him. Reaching down she took hold of his throbbing cock and proceeded to wank his rod as she drove the thick length of her own rod in and out of his asshole.

Rory could see the girl’s puffy pussy lips pumping back and forth, the slit wet and slippery with her juices. The pace was becoming frenzied; the girl’s fist pumped his shaft fast, her palm covering his swollen knob for a second before pulling back again. Rory saw the girl giving instructions again and the man reached down and took his cock in his hand as the girl released it, her hand going to her pussy where she immediately shoved two fingers deep into her dripping hole. Her hips pumped the long spongy cock in and out of the mans anus, his hand was a blur on his rod as he masturbated himself towards orgasm and her fingers invaded her tight opening as she approached release.

Rory watched as the man began to shoot thick streams of semen from the end of his cock, spewing semen onto the carpet, his ass clenched tightly around the invading shaft which she was now having some difficulty ramming in and out of him. She suddenly stiffened and her fingers hesitated in her vulva as she came in her hand. The man collapsed on the carpet in the messy puddle of semen he had just deposited there, as he fell forward the dildo slipped from his ass, leaving it open and gaping for a second before it clenched closed, back to its normal puckered size. The girl frigged her clit for a few more minutes as she recovered from her orgasm, spreading slippery wet pussy juice over her outer vagina as it ran freely from inside her.

Rory’s cock was on fire; he reached down and retracted his foreskin, running his fingers over the bulbous head. He felt his cock jump as he touched the sensitive underside of the thick flange. He held his cock as he scanned for any other activity across from him. Again nothing unusual, granny had gone to bed the dildo couple were cleaning themselves up.

Rory noticed a light go on in an apartment to the left. Focusing he saw a middle aged couple enter the lounge followed by a much younger man. The woman and the younger man sat on the couch while the older man went to the kitchen and prepared drinks. He returned and handed the woman and younger man their drinks and went through to the bedroom. He turned on the light and began to undress hurriedly. As he left the lounge Rory watched the woman, as the man closed the door she suddenly turned to the younger man and kissed him deeply. His hands came up as if in defense but she didn’t let up. He seemed to relax slightly and her hand went to the growing bulge in the front of his pants. The seemed to protest but again the woman didn’t let up. She was massaging the young mans hardon through his pants as she stuck her tongue down his throat. In the next room the older man was naked and Rory saw that he had an enormous erection. He reached down and gave his swollen member a quick stroke up and down. His hips trust forward as his hand moved over his cock and Rory could see that he was very aroused.

In the lounge the woman was now opening the younger mans pants and she had her hand inside, stroking him. He still protested but she seemed to be explaining as she wanked his cock inside his pants. The younger man seemed to relax and sat back to enjoy the handjob. In the bedroom the older man had put on a pair of boxers, combed his hair and was now moving back to the lounge. He didn’t walk right in but instead sneaked around the corner, stopping to secretly watch the woman feeling the young man’s cock. He stood and looked as she freed the fully erect cock from the young mans pants; she examined the thick head, retracting his foreskin and feeling the ridges that ran the length of the shaft.

Moving forward she dropped her head and enveloped the exposed head in her mouth, he young man thrust forward as her hot mouth covered his manhood. He caught her behind the head and pushed his length into her mouth. The older man stood watching as the woman sucked away on the young stud. Rory assumed that they were a married couple who had brought a younger man home for her to have fun with while he watched. She was pumping her mouth up and down over his cock, pausing occasionally to swirl her tongue around the swollen helmet before plunging the hard length back into her throat. Suddenly she stopped, stood up and began stripping as the young man watched her, stroking his cock.

In less than a minute al her clothing was on the floor and Rory got to see her pert tits, swollen and erect as she quickly gave them a rub with her fingers. Her neatly trimmed pubic mound had a thin strip of hair indicating the path to her swollen clit where it stood out from between her lips. The woman looked back over her shoulder to make sure the older man was watching before she climbed up on the couch, one foot on either side of the young man and trust her mound into his mouth. He brought his hand up between her legs and parted her lips, probing her pussy, opening her as his tongue searched for and found her stiff little clit. She put her head back and enjoyed being eaten out while her hubby watched. The young man now slid a finger up into her starving entrance, probing deeper he turned his finger and rubbed her g-spot as he sucked her clit deep into his mouth, teasing the tip with his tongue and causing her to buck her hips involuntarily, fucking his mouth with her swollen mound. Her husband came forward and the young man hesitated. The older man spoke quickly to him and he relaxed. Increasing the pace of the stimulation on the woman’s inner pussy. The husband came closer and took his wife’s ass cheeks in his hands, spreading them and opening her wide for the young man to finger her cunt deeper.

It took several minutes of oral stimulation before Rory saw the woman buck her hips forward, thrusting her clit into the young man’s mouth hard. She came in his mouth as he fingered her hard and deep, releasing a flood of warm lubrication from her opening. She had scarcely finished cumming when the husband released her and she got down off the couch and began undressing the young man. She took no notice of her husband as he again took the man’s cock in her mouth and began to deep throat his shaft. The husband sat on a chair, pulled off his boxers and began stroking his huge erection, twirling his palm around the enlarged head as he fucked his hand.

The woman suddenly stopped sucking the younger man off, turned and straddled him. She wanted to be certain her husband could see her pussy being penetrated by another man’s stiff rod. She took the thick knob in her hand and guided it between her wet lips, holding the shaft against her slit and moving her cunt up and down along the length, rubbing the bulbous head firmly against her clitoris. She then positioned herself over his cock by lifting her ass, reaching under her she held his foreskin back and placed the tip of his cock at her entrance. Then she lowered her tight pussy down onto his jerking member. It penetrated her juicy opening easily, the head popping into her and her inner muscles closing around the shaft. She sank lower, releasing her hold on him as she took more and more of him inside her. Eventually his balls were against her outer lips, the lips forced apart by the thick rod sticking up into her. She now sat up to give her hubby a clear view of her penetrated cunt, her juices escaping past the tight fit of her pussy clamped around his cock and dribbling over his soft ball bag.

The husband was masturbating furiously as he watched his wife begin to fuck herself on the young man’s pole, his ridged shaft sliding in and out of her cunt as she impaled herself deeply on his erection. Rory was wanking his cock fast, his foreskin moving up and down under his hand in time to her inserting the stud’s cock into herself.
He knew he would not be able to hold back much longer and hoped she would cum quickly. She was now jumping up and down on his cock at speed, her husband stood up and came over to her, standing between the young man’s open legs with his cock aimed at her stretched open pussy hole as he wanked himself. She reached down and grabbed the young man’s balls, coaxing him to ejaculate inside her as she came all over his cock.

Simultaneously she stopped pumping her pussy up and down the thick rod inside her, she released the hold on his balls and moved her hands to her pussy. Using her fingers she opened her lips and frigged her clit frantically. She came just as the first blast of hot semen hit her cunt after being shot out of her husbands cock. Stream after stream of sperm splurged onto her exposed cunt as the young man ejaculated deep inside her convulsing pussy. Semen ran down her pussy and on to the young mans balls, At the same time his own sperm overflowed from inside the woman where it mixed with the husband’s and ran down into his ass crack. The woman removed her pussy from its tight fit over the now softening cock and a flood of her juices mixed with thick globs of white sperm flowed from her still convulsing hole.

Rory jacked his cock as fast as he could as he watched her opening shrink back to normal and the last dribbles of semen dripped from inside her. Rory groaned and pulled his foreskin back and watched as his ejaculation shot, thick and white from his cock. Rory reached under his balls and felt the thick ridge in front of his anus pulse as he pumped large amounts of sperm from his balls. He pressed against the hard ridge with his fingers, increasing the pleasure as he came on the floor. His cock jerked until no more semen shot from inside him but the sensation of ejaculating was still there. It was amazing to feel the heat of his pumping cock cumming over and over.

He now had a lot of cleaning up to do… again.
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