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Daughters love
She loves her Daddy.

This is a true story and if you have any problems with incestuous relationships, you’re on the wrong website.

I was divorced in 2000 and after a few years of screwing my brains out with any and all cummers, I got fed up and decided to go solo for a while, like that was evergoing to work.

Anyway, I was on a holiday, scuba diving, when I met Anna, a very beautiful lady who swept me off my feet and into a relationship which saw us married a few years later, the only problem was that she brought her 7 year old daughter with her.

Now, Olga was a lovely child, but never having had a Dad, or any male influence, she really didn’t like men especially the one who had her momma’s interest, and she was very quick to let me know it.

After many years of love and understanding things started to improve and Olga would come to me with all her little girl problems, including the big one, “daddy I think I’m starting my period” Anyway, I dealt with them all and after another few years of puberty Olga was then 16 and strikingly beautiful, with the most perfect body, firm tits and curvaceous ass I’ve ever seen, and that’s when she decided to experiment.

One day during the summer we were canoeing at the sea shore and afterwards when we getting stripped out of our wet-suits she casually reached over and grasped my cock and said, “jeez Dad, that’s a large one” I was very surprised, while we never had a problem with nudity in the family, we never got that physical either.

So the touch came as a shock, equally, the erection that resulted was also a shock. Olga thought this was hilarious, and couldn’t resist grabbing my cock again and squeezing it tightly in her fist, but the look on her face had changed from one of humour to one of fascination and lust.

I was at a loss, I was hugely turned on but feeling guilty at the same time, so I jokingly said” Babe, are you trying to give me a heart attack?” to which in her matter of fact way she replied “ no Daddy, but I would like to give you an orgasm, I’ve never seen a real man cum, except on the internet, so please, let me”

I was torn between the pure sexual electricity blazing through my system and the guilt of allowing this to happen, but lust won the day as soon as her hand started to slide down my shaft and her other hand closed gently around my balls. I was in heaven, I closed my eyes and accepted my daughters caresses until a very few minutes later, I warned her, ” Babe, I’m gonna shoot” this had the effect of her pumping her hand harder up and down my raging, throbbing cock until seconds later I exploded with a geyser of cum
which splashed all over her belly and legs and left me shaking and feeling weak.

“Wow, that was amazing” she said, followed by “I love you Daddy thank you for letting me do that”

In that moment everything changed between us, I no longer saw her as a teenage kid who bucked authority but as a young woman with a very strong emerging sexuality of her own who was wickedly daring and very adventurous, just how adventurous I was about to find out.

A week or so passed without incident, when, one evening I was home with her watching TV. She jumped onto my lap ( she’s quite petite) and started squirming around. In seconds my cock was rock solid and throbbing, an effect she knew her butt would have. I said “ Babe, that’s making me hard, be careful or you’ll wake the monster” to which she replied “ that was the general idea Dad, I want to play with him”

She then took him out and after a few exploratory strokes to my shock and amazement she slid down and licked my cock. Slowly, she explored the size and taste of me and then when she was satisfied, she sucked me in and tickled the head of my cock with her tongue.

My head was in meltdown, the sheer sexiness of my babe girl sucking my cock was enough but then I couldn’t help myself, my hands went to those beautiful tits I had so long fantasized about, no bra, firm warm and every mans dream.

I massaged those gorgeous tits until she suddenly moved away from me. I was upset, I thought I’d hurt her but she quickly reassured me by saying “ dad, you’re making me so wet, I’m dripping, would you like to see my minge ?” I didn’t even know she called it that, and I was more than willing to see, touch or please god, kiss her sweet pussy.

My fingers slid down her sheer belly, over her smooth mound ( she shaved) and slipped into the warm, soft wetness of her, quickly finding her swollen clit and sliding around her entrance. She gasped, gripped my hand tightly and forced my hand tight against her pussy lips, pushing with surprising force until she suddenly had her first ever orgasm with me. It took her several minutes to come down, during which she held me tightly to her telling me how much she loves me.

She then went back to work on my cock, with new found enthusiasm, and the sensation of her beautiful mouth, licking sucking and sliding up and around my cock-head was too much. I felt that all to familiar feeling and gasped out “babe, I’m cumming” expecting her to pull off me. Not my Babe, she sank down onto my throbbing member, taking as much as she could into her mouth as I boiled over and started shooting the biggest load of my life into her throat. She didn’t miss a beat, but swallowed the lot, even licking her lips as she kissed the last drops off the tip and smiling at me said “OOOHH, that was nice, I really loved it” The hugs and kisses afterwards made it feel really special and very cosy.

So began the most exquisite sexual experiences of my life, there’s a lot more, but that will depend on the comments of the audience, so feel free to comment, we’re dying to hear your views.

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2016-04-14 18:29:45
I really liked your story. Keep them cumming!!!!

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2015-02-18 18:40:48
Nice story. What on earth is anon reader with the 13yr old trying to say?


2012-07-20 23:20:42
The story is good but needs more details pertaining what happened with the mother, is she working, watching or with someone else while you and the daughter play?

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2012-07-08 15:16:36
its a wonderful story... very delightful and inspiring... daddyslove hats off...

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2012-06-29 01:13:35
I was fishing w/my girlfriends 13yr old daughter and I asked her to get me a night crawler all she said was the worm I want is too big for my hook will U let me squeeze the juice out and rub it on my skin it makes my tan prittier if u will I won't tell my Mommy if u don't then I'm gonna tell her well Fucked in the pontoon n e ways I ended up lettin her cause it alsrmed me she got soo were in her bikini she said omg now I'm soo horny and. A virgin so if now u don't fuck my tiny pussy I promise I will tell! So ok yes I fuced her virgin pussy and when it bottomed out I swear I tried pulling out but her pubic bone was soo timy and strong my penis would not come out of her little pussy til I went soft I swear it felt like 50 grit sand paper sucking my 9 inch cock and I was soo sorry I didn't fuck her mom for 6 days and my cock was brused from her squeezing my penis and she says Daddy am I tighter than a 5th grader! Now if she ask me to fuck her I caint say no cause if I do she's tellin her

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