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Written by my wife, Nicole, she explains a little about her dad and their relationship
How I feel about Dad

As you have read from Jack’s posts, I have been in a sexual relationship with my dad for several years. Jack told me there has been requests for my point of view on our relationship and I know that Jack wrote about how it all started in “Visit From Her Dad”. My sister, step-sister, and myself all have been intimate with him at some point, but I think I’m his favorite because I am the baby of the 3, and I enjoy having his seed buried in me trying to create another life. As you know, he and I now have made 2 children together and I wouldn’t have minded more. My sister is thankful since she was unable to conceive and has adopted our first son. Jack has been an amazing father to our children, including JJ (Jack Jr.) who is actually my dad’s.

My dad has loved me, protected me, supported me, and listened to me my entire life. He understands my needs, desires, and dreams like no other man. He helped me learn to explore my body, my mind, my career, and my ambitions. Daddy’s always made me feel that whatever I do, I’ll be okay. What girl doesn’t want a father like that? I knew I could make him feel good with what I did to him and let him know I appreciate him. I would rather have my virginity taken by a man I love and who I know will always be in my life before I would give the most special part of a woman to a boy who only cared about sex and wouldn’t be there for me any other way. When Dad did take my virginity in the Bronco, it felt right. He wanted to make sure it was OK with me and continually worried about how I was feeling. It was so romantic and, other than the setting, it was just as I imagined it. Wrapped in my dad’s arms as he entered me for the first time slowly with gentle thrusts easing my mind and breaking my hymen was pure bliss. I remember the truck was in the garage with the radio going and Dad had “Journey’s Greatest Hits” CD playing. Needless to say, just hearing that CD brings back a flood of pleasant memories.

I need to mention that Jack couldn’t be a better husband for me. I never thought I would go back to Dad after being married, but when I went home to visit him while pregnant with Jack’s second child, I realized how much I needed Dad’s cock in me to fill me, complete me, and give me what I truly desired again. Jack has been supportive and understanding of my needs for Daddy and allowed me to fulfill my sexual needs in every way. Most women don’t realize how wonderful it is having numerous men love on you at the same time, to have multiple hands roam and caress you, to have two penises stuffed inside you at the same time, and to have more than one man’s sperm swimming inside you competing with the others to locate your egg and fertilize it. It’s so special, I can’t even begin to describe it, and when I think that one of those men doing those things is my own father, it makes it even more special. When I have him in my mouth, I think “this is the same organ that made me” and when I feel him thrusting inside me, I like to think that I am in the same position Mom was in when he delivered his seed into her. When I taste his cum, which is delicious, I like showing him how much he shot in my mouth before drinking it. It’s better warm and direct from his cock, but growing up when I had to visit him only on the weekends, I would save the rubbers with his semen in it and rub it over my body when I got home to Mom’s. That way, I could keep smelling and feeling him after our visit was over.

I know there are people worried about having children from incest, but the chances of something going awry are very low. In fact, our first son who my sister has is very artistic, exceeds in band, art, and writing. He is funny, outgoing, handsome like his daddy, and will be a major stud when he gets into college. Dad continues to give financial support to my sister and her husband, so he’s certainly not a deadbeat dad. As my youngest son, he’s also perfectly developed, in fact, he’s taller than average and is talking and walking equally well, if not better than, most other 3 year-olds. Again, Jack is raising JJ as his own and no one is the wiser outside those who know my relationship with Dad.

My dad, Jack, and JJ all got to suckle at my breasts and drink the nectar nature provides. When I was pregnant the first time and my breasts began to swell with milk, Dad was so proud of me. He continued to squeeze and caress them waiting for them to give the sweet fluid. Lucky for him, I didn’t have to nurse too long before my sister got to take over feedings, so Daddy got my milk-filled tits all to himself after the adoption. Jack got to play with them from our two kids and with the pregnancy of JJ. It is so neat to see the top of my dad’s head as he nurses from me, and even more incredible to see two grown men sharing my milk side by side, knowing I am giving them satisfaction and love.

Jack and I were elated when Daddy came to visit in May and we had some fantastic fun the entire trip. The three of us had many moments of pleasure, though I really enjoy teasing Jack by doing things with Dad when Jack’s busy doing something else and has no way to interfere. Daddy likes doing the same to Jack, like when Daddy was fingering me in the back seat of the van while Jack drove the family to town to dinner. Daddy made sure Jack saw in the rearview mirror that his fingers were coated with my pussy juice before he stuck them in his mouth to lick clean. Jack just shook his head and smiled. One time, I teased Jack by sitting on my dad’s lap naked in the spa while Jack was washing dishes. He could see us through the kitchen window since the spa sits just on the other side. He got to watch my dad suck my nipples as I rode his lap. I didn’t let Dad penetrate me at the time, just slide back and forth in the water as my chest was manipulated by Daddy. Jack gazed out at me and smirked.

One thing I need to mention that was somewhat sad is that Daddy got a vasectomy, so there will be no more babies from him, but he didn’t tell us until after we had several events of his cum entering me. I like talking about making babies with Dad and Jack because it is an erotic and lovely thought, and I remember begging my dad to put his babymaker back inside me and dumping his sperm into my cervix in hopes that JJ would have another brother, and Jack was video taping the entire time jerking himself while my dad plowed his thick cock deep into me. My dad came so much and so deep, I figured it had to reach into my womb. Jack jumped in and dropped his semen (minus any sperm) into me right after Dad got off me, realizing his ejaculation was a waste of my time, but I owed him some sex.

It was only after the third night that Dad revealed that he had gotten snipped. He said it was the right time. He had bore enough children and was ready to settle down for retirement, but still enjoyed the sex without making more checks out for child support. Just so you know, Jack and I never insisted on him doing that. He does it because he cares about his children and wants to do what he can for them. Jack was probably shocked to hear that my dad got a vasectomy, but he didn’t show it. Honestly, we would have had to put an addition on the house if we had another baby, so it is fine with us. Nonetheless, the fun continued during his visit. I’ll miss not being able to grow another baby inside me (I love being pregnant), but I just close my eyes while I rub Dad’s cock and have his pre-cum run down my fingers, feeling that warmth and wetness before I insert it in my vagina. Then, one of my favorite positions is being on top looking down. As I do, I still let him think about impregnating me. I tell him to unload his thick cream into his baby girl’s hole and knock me up. It drives him crazy and soon I feel him stiffen under me as he grabs my breasts and empties himself into me. Jack, during this last visit, tried to enter my anus while I was on Dad. As I was matching Dad’s orgasm, Jack’s dick fell out and he started spraying his cum on my back, though most of it actually hit on Dad’s scrotum and the bedsheet. To make it a highlight moment, I turned around on my father and let him lick me out as I cleaned his cock. Jack was exhausted and kept twitching from excitement as he watched me lick and suck their mixed cum. Feeling Dad’s tongue against my soaked clit and enter my vagina was intoxicating. I shook from another orgasm as his face was wet from my cum, his cum, and Jack’s remnants. I wish Jack had a picture of that moment, but it is one that I will never forget.

I still love and adore my dad. He’s a great father, a wonderful grandfather, a fantastic lover, and amazing man all around. I will continue to make him feel good the best way I can since I have Jack’s permission and love. Jack knows I’m not going anywhere, and I satisfy him in many ways, as well, not to mention his sister. If you have any questions, just ask and I’ll check back or have Jack tell me. Thanks for reading and I hope this answered some of your questions from earlier.

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2014-08-31 12:59:44
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2013-06-21 11:13:44
Nicole actually has contemplated being a surrogate mother. She has a gay couple that she told me she would be happy to carry their baby for them. She isn't a selfish woman (obviously), and loves being pregnant, as I love seeing her pregnant. I think she's beautiful with her rounded belly and darkened areolas filling with milk. Her face glows and she's just gorgeous.

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2013-06-19 03:19:00
I wish I could get pregnant but unfortunately I can't it sucks and all I see is pregnant women walking around saying omg I wish I could have this baby already it's too hot to be pregnant! I just want to know what it feels like to have or hold my husbands child.. I'm thinking of looking into being a foster mother

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2013-06-19 03:14:51
Would you ever consider having a child for someone who couldn't conceive?

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2012-11-07 13:36:30
I think you got low ratings because it didn't go into all the "gory" details that so many want. I thought your story was fine without having to talk cock size and boob size and cum squirting all over the place, etc.

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