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This is not a true story...too bad for me :/
I hadn’t seen my girlfriend in weeks.

It wasn’t her fault that her job had made her relocate to the other side of the country for nine weeks to help out with the new hotel that was opening up in Florida, but I couldn’t help but be frustrated with the situation.

My girlfriend and I were one of those couples that had sex anytime, anywhere. We’ve had sex in public restrooms, backs of cars in public parking lots, in a public swimming pool, and many other public places.

Now that I hadn’t seen her in weeks, I was horny beyond any fathomable point. I had tried to jerk off to balance out the lack of sex, but it didn’t work. Sitting there tugging on my own dick didn’t do anything for me, and most of the time I’d end up stopping halfway through, bored with whatever scene I was watching. There was one scene that caught my interest, but after the website took it down due to copyright issues, I went right back to sitting around my apartment, going crazy. I was working out about four hours a day, trying to get rid of all my energy, hoping that if I wore myself out physically, I wouldn’t be horny anymore, but it didn’t work.

I was willing to try ANYTHING to get my mind off of sex, so when my friend Dave invited me to go golfing with him, I excitedly agreed to join him, figuring that hitting a ball around for a few hours would get my mind off my girlfriend and how insane I was going.

As Dave and I played a few rounds, I began to relax a little. By the time we got to the twelfth hole, I wasn’t even thinking about sex anymore, focusing only on my golf game. After hitting a horrible tee-shot that sliced into the trees, I went over to retrieve my ball, I saw a couple guys and a girl playing on the hole on the other side of the trees. The girl that was with them was breathtaking. She was a tall, skinny brunette with long legs and perfectly large, round tits. When she bent over to place her ball on the tee, I got an incredible look down her blouse at her giant tits, and all my hormones rushed back to me. I tried to get a better look at her, but after she crushed her tee shot, they moved down the course and out of sight, leaving me there with a giant boner in my pants. I had to

“Hey, Dave!” I called out, grabbing his attention. “I’m going to go to the bathroom really quick! I’ll meet you at the fourteenth hole!” Dave nodded and went back to focusing on his shot. I immediately raced off towards the clubhouse.

This clubhouse wasn’t a particularly popular one, and since it was a Monday morning, there was virtually no one here. I figured I’d have the place to myself.

As I walked into the Men’s room, I checked both stalls: empty. I quickly unzipped my pants, pulled down my boxers, and began tugging at my dick. I was jerking it slowly, picturing that brunette’s giant tits and fantasizing about what she looked like naked. I was really starting to get into a rhythm when I heard the door start to open.
Reacting quickly, I raced over to a stall, acting like I was just taking a piss. The man walked over to my stall, his heavy footsteps coming to a stop right outside the door.

“I saw you out there,” the stranger said, “Rubbing your cock all the way over to the bathroom.”

“Yeah,” I said, “I had to take a giant piss. Barely made it!”

I was hoping he would just walk away, but he began trying to open the door.

“Come on, I can help you,” He said, “just open the door and I’ll make it go away.”

“What the fuck are you talking about, dude?!?”

“Come on, I see guys like you all the time. Out in public when they get a giant ass hard-on, so they scramble to the nearest bathroom to wack-off.”

“Hey, fuck off, dude!” I was still incredibly horny, but I couldn’t concentrate with this guy hanging outside my stall.

“Open the door, trust me.”

“Dude, I don’t know what you’re into, but I’m not gay.”

“Neither am I. Look, human beings have needs, dude. It’s just one guy looking out for another.”

To this day, I still don’t know what overcame me, but I suddenly got the intense urge to open the door. When I did, I finally got a good look at him: he was around 45, in good shape, and wearing a blue polo and a pair of khaki shorts. I was expecting him to look entirely weird, but this looked like a normal guy you’d expect to see coaching a little league team or playing a pickup game of football at the park.

“just trust me.” he said. He locked the bathroom door and dropped to his knees, lightly rubbing the head of my cock with his hand.

I still had no idea why I was doing this, I just knew this was the first time in six weeks that someone else was touching my cock besides me.

He immediately began to suck my dick, going deeper and deeper with every pump. I considered my cock to be pretty big, but this stranger was going all the way down on it. It felt so good as I felt his tongue flick the very base of my shaft, licking over every little bit of dick as he pulled away. It felt so good as he began licking it up and down, then stroking it with his big hand.

He then lifted my cock up and started sucking on my balls. Even my girlfriend had never done that before. His tongue felt incredible and I could feel the urge to cum starting to creep up, but I didn’t want this to end. As he went back to sucking my cock, I was hornier than ever and, once again, I have no idea what overcame me, but I stood him up, got on my knees, and began unzipping his pants.

I could already see the he had a big, thick cock through his boxers, and I just got hornier and hornier. I pulled down his boxers and observed his perfect penis: thick, 9 inches, and rock hard. I had never done it before, but I began to suck on it. I went crazy on it, licking the tip, sucking the shaft, and putting his fat dick as deep into my mouth as it could go. His cock tasted good, and after sucking it for a minute, I began to taste his pre-cum. An urge came over me: I had to have him cum in my mouth. I began to pump his cock over and over with my hand while I sucked it, and I think he knew what I wanted. After a couple more minutes of sucking, he pushed me off, lifted my head up, and began to jerk off. He started groaning and I could tell he was about to cum. I opened my mouth wide, right as he shot off his load.

I had never tasted cum before, but as I swallowed it all, I thought it tasted great.

Remembering that I still hadn’t come yet, the stranger went right back to work on my dick, sucking it and licking it to the point that my cum was boiling in my balls.

“I’m about to cum!” I shouted, expecting him to stop sucking my dick, but telling him I was about to come only made him suck it harder.

I exploded.

He swallowed my entire load then went back to sucking my dick, making sure to get every single drop of my cum in his mouth. After licking the tip of my cock a couple more times, he stopped, zipped his pants up, and began to wash his hands.

“You know,” the stranger said, “I work at home running a few websites and my wife is always at work until five. Every weekday. You should swing by some time.” He scribbled his address on a paper and handed it to me. “We could help each other out.”

I smirked and nodded, “Dude, that was the best blowjob I’ve ever gotten in my life.”

The stranger laughed, “Guys know how they like it, therefore we are just technically better at giving blowjobs. Doesn’t make us gay, just makes us willing to help a dude out. Like I said, swing by some time.”

The stranger began to leave and I looked down at the card he left for me.

5252 West Prosemi Avenue

I made sure to put the note in my wallet. I didn’t want to lose it.


2012-07-13 19:23:36
Part 2 is up, every one! Hope you enjoy it!

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hope to see a part 2 very soon(:


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very nice, agree on a part 2

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Good story. You should post a part 2.

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