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hi my name is ritesh n my moms name is meena. Infact she is my mom passed away when my age was just 14 months. I had 2 sisters older than me but still young enough 2 take care of me n our house. So my dad had to marry again.
My stepmom loved me as i was cute in my younger days with curly hair reaching upto my shoulder. We lived in a small house that was 1BHK. I was of 8 years now and we use to watch television together after we had our lunch done.
I was very deeply interested in cricket i always wanted to watch cricket but my sisters wanted to watch T.V serials. For this reason me n my sister had to fight sometimes. once my stepmom(meena) told me to come with her n have
a sleep in bedroom n let my sisters watch T.V. I agreed n went with her to sleep. As winter was going on,i took my shawl with me. I told her that i wanted to see the cricket match n my xpressions on my face also told the same.
But she had a better plan for me. I was sleeping beside her.she told me to come and sit on her lower stomach. She was dressed in a yellow saree which showed her stomach which was very much flat and also sometimes a little cleavage would be visible.
As i sat upon her stomach, she moved her saree a little bit which showed her blouse. She unbuttoned one of her button on blouse,which showed a little more cleavage. I din't knew at that time what she was doing. After that she took out her left breast
out of her blouse,n i was surprised by seeing the size of that balloon.I think it might be 38DD. Also i saw a brown coloured something with something pointing out from the centre of it. i asked her what was that called. she told me in sweet voice that
that broun thing is called tit n one which was pointing out as nipple. she told me to touch that balloon. I was unable to catch hold with a single hand n so i trid it with both hands n guess wat happened, i wasnt able to hold tahat balloon like boob in both hands completely,
but it felt gret playing with that thing. i told her that i liked that thing. she told me finger it around her tit in circles. i did what she told me n after some seconds her nipple grew longer and pointing it towrds me as if a bullet will be released from it to kill me.
she told me to come closer to her boob n she told me to play with the boob,tit n nipple with my mouth. i did what she told me, n i was starting to enjoy it aswell. but i was little uncomfortable with her saree coming between i complained about this to her.
She immediately took her saree off from her body n told me start again. but it was still uncomfortable for me b'coz of her blouse coming i n between,so she finally decidedto undress herself on the upper half.she took off her blouse which showed her with bra from which one boob was hanging.
she asked me to help her in taking her bra off her body. I put my hands behind her back and opened hooks of the bra. immediately her right boob also came out as if coming out from a prison. her body structure looked awesome with her 38DD hanging in front of me.
she agained layed down on her back n i again took hold off her boobs. i would sometime lick her right boob and play with her left one and viceversa. i enjoyed every bit of that. she was moaning a little all the time and told me that she is also enjoying.after 20 minutes or so
she came up to sitting position n unbuttoned my pant n than opening my zip.and than pulled my underwear down completely took out from my body. i dint know wat she was doing but i saw that my penis was saluting meena for her good works. i asked her how that happened. she told that it was totally natural.
she took my penis in her hand between her thumb and index finger. she moved my skin down and then brought back.she did this for sometime and i realized that my penis became a bit larger. she told me to see that in the mirror and asked whether i noticed it bigger or not, i told offcoure it is bigger .
i told her that she was a magician.she parted her legs and moved her lowers higher upon to her stomach and then mved her panties down to her knees.she hold one of my finger in her hand and brought near to her vagina.she first showed me her hole with her hand and then asked me to insert in to the hole.
i took my finger and started moving near her vagina. but i was unable to see her hole as there was a black forest near her vagina. she told me to find it myself by moving it hear and there, finally i found her hole and inserted my finger inside it. she told me to move it inside and out repeatedly and i did what she told. she started moaning as i increased
my speed n then i was told to do that thing with now 2 fingures. i obeyed her and saw that she was really enjoying it. after some time she stopped me,told me to come above her and insert my penis into her. i did as i was told but i was unconfortable as her lowers csme between me and her so i told her above that.
she immediately took her panties out of her body n then lowers too. now we both were fully naked. i enjoyed seeing her fully naked i sat on her thighs as she told me to. her legs were smooth as had done them waxed.her thighs were really smooth n also strong so she managed me on them. she told me to hold my penis and move inside her hole. i tried that but her pussy
was really tight.she than took some saliva from her mouth in her fingers and lubricated her pussy. she now told me to try it again. also she helpedd me by parting her legs a bit more with her hands andi pushed my penis into her pussy. i pussed it a little and asked was it ok... she told me to push harder into her. i did what she told. i also felt some pain in my pennis and moaned a little.
i contiued with this for a minute or two n saw that her boobs were crying been left out from out of play. i immidiately took hold of them and caressed them with my hands,sqeazing and licking those nippies....
i would like to tell that her nippies would have been nearly about 9 to 10 mm.we continued this for nearly about 10 minutes slowly and steadily and we both enjoyed a lot. at last she told me to take my lion out from her caves .as i was tired too, my lion came out too. she dressed herself again n told me to do so. i took my pants n wear it again. she brought her head near mine n started giving me kisss on my head n cheeks. she than brought her lips near mine and gave me a small smooch continued by long smoochs, i told her i wanted to still play with her boobs.
she immediately opened it for me and i started playing with those monsters.she told me not to tell about what we did or we will be in trouble. i din't knew when i slept playing with those monsters. and this was the day i'll remember forever in my life


2017-05-05 05:07:29
Man! There's only a handful of good writers on this site! The rest are shit like this writer and stupid story! Yup! You got a negative vote from me!

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2015-06-03 18:30:56
Are you an indian ? and improve your writing quality it is no where good. any erection i could have got went down because of your vocbulary.

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2013-03-31 18:57:17
my name is mary lou. im 62 & havent been fucked for 5 years. my husband passed & his son ronnie asked if he could spend the weekend with me while his house was being painted. i agreed & the 1st night he came over, watched a movie & he was wearing just a pair of shorts. i could tell he had a hardon. i went to bed, & left me door cracked & i could see him through the door.after awhile i saw hiw go into my clothes hamper & he pulled out a pair of my silky panties & went back to the couch. he pulled his cock out & it was huuuge !! he wraped my painties around his cock & held up a picture of me & jacked off. he came soo hard & there was cum all over my panties. he put them back & the next morning i went into his room with my soiled panties & acted mad & said " ronnie, what the hell is this ??? why did you cum in my panties??" he didnt say anything & froze & i said " u better start talking....where u thinking of me ?? do i turn u on ?? what do u want to do to me ??


2013-03-07 13:44:30
Those who hav problem just fuck off....:D

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2012-07-24 04:34:29
This year (to avoid disapointment) I have kept my wish list VERY miaimnl. Waffles for breakfast (with bacon and whipped cream and maple syrup pretty much the Weight Watchers nightmare) Home made Mothers Day cards and a whole day where I don't have to do anything, no washing, no nappy changing, no dinner cooking NOTHING! Just hugs and kisses and love. Actually maybe I am expecting too much? hah

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