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How to get Jake off my back, and test the effects of my power on a male.
Milk of Desire, Book II

By EFon

Chapter 2 : Jake & Jen went up a hill, but not before I got my fill.

So I woke up, still half dressed, on top of my covers, with dried cum all over my groin. It's a good thing it was Saturday or Mom might have come in to wake me up and gotten quite an eyeful. I tend to sleep pretty heavily, and even sleep through my alarm clock blasting for quite a while. Luckily I'd been left to sleep in.

Last night I had a plan and a scheme, but then Jen, my sister who had been the terror my life for at least the last two years, seduced me. She wore her cheerleader outfit, and gave me the innocent looks, then removed her top and sucked my cock. My plotting went out the window as my brain seized up, then she was riding my cock, and soon afterwards I was slamming between her splayed thighs. She'd had sex before, as had I, and we weren't full siblings, but it was so wrong and right all at once as I plastered the inside of her womb with my spunk.

Where do we go from here? I'd planned on asking Jen to somehow allow Jake to take some semi-nude photos of her, but could I still do that? Just the thought of it now made me jealous. Okay, so maybe I could add a new test to this. I've pretty much convinced myself that girls are susceptible to my influence, but what about guys? I couldn't fuck a guy, but maybe I could trick one into it.

After plotting for a few hours, I called Jake and told him the plan was set. He would go to the top of Park Hill with a camera and hide out there at 10 PM. I told him I'd swiped Chad's cell phone and would text her instructions, and he would be in perfect position to take advantage of it. After hanging up with him I got up and ate a late breakfast alone while my mother and sister were outside talking and gardening. The day went by with some TV and chores. Life seemed normal, but I was anxious for tonight.

After lunch when mom went out to garden again, I told Jen the rest of my plan. "So, a little after ten Jake will be hiding out in the bushes atop Park Hill to take pictures of you with Chad, but Chad won't be there of course, but you need to give Jake a show anyway."

"Okay, then what?" she asked while blowing a bubble with her bubblegum.

"After you've given him a good show send me a text, and I'll call him. Even if his phone is set to vibrate, it should be loud enough to hear if you know it's coming. Then you'll get mad, fume about how Chad is late, and make him eat your pussy."

"Mmmm, sounds like fun," she purred.

"Ahhhh, but you didn't hear the best part," I smiled as Jen waited for the finale. I moved closer to her and put my hand on her leg, "I'm going with you, and before you go up the hill..." I slid my hand up her thigh, "I'm going to fill your hungry pussy up with a big..." I pushed my fingers up against her panties which were already getting wet, "sticky load of...", I pinched her hard clit through her panties and she squirmed and groaned before I whispered, "cum." She shook, and came just a little I think, but I let her go and helped mom outside in the garden.

The rest of the afternoon was semi-normal, with both Jen and I teasing and playing, sometimes even being suggestive when mom wasn't looking. I was already getting quite horny by mid-afternoon, stayed good until a little before 9 o'clock when Jen told mom we were going out to see a movie. Mom was pretty tired and was headed to bed, just told us to be back by midnight. We agreed as we left and hopped in her car and tore off for Park Hill.

Jen drove, but we were both like eager kids, touching and groping, as we speed along in the dark. By the time we were almost to the park and pulled over into an empty road, I was bulging in my shorts while she was stroking me hard like she was using me as her shifter. Once the car stopped she bent over and instantly had my dick out of my pants and poking past her tonsils. I felt like I was ready to cum already, but I knew it was too soon.

"Get in the back," I said firmly, and Jen released me and squirmed between the seats into the back seat. I rose to follow, and even in the dark could see her pulling up her mini-skirt spreading her legs eagerly to receive me. It took all my willpower to not blow my load right then and there knowing she didn't wear panties for this occasion, but somehow I held it together and dove my face into that delectable pussy instead.

That shocked and surprised her, but much to her delight as my lips curled around her clitoris and my tongue flickered against it. My chin was soaked almost instantly from her spasming pussy as she groaned loud and hard and shook with a massive orgasm. That had given me the time I needed to control myself a little better, so when I stood as best I could in the backseat, and shoved my hard-on into her pliant soaking pussy I didn't cum instantly.

Jen was still wheezing from her orgasm as I began thrusting into her, sending her back into harsh, half-breathed grunts of pleasure. It was cramped, awkward, and very uncomfortable trying to find the right position in the backseat of her car, but that kind of added to the illicit excitement of the whole thing. It was the forbidden fruit that always tastes the sweetest they say, and plowing into my half-sisters pussy for my second time still held that sweet incestuous allure. She scraped and clung to my back and butt, while both of us were still essentially fully clothed.

Jen twisted to the side, allowing me to lie her down the length of her backseat, and I began really fucking her with hard , fast, even brutal strokes. I was an animal as I clawed into her hips and swelled within her deaths. Moments later my semen jerked and shot hard out of my cock, being deposited deep into her womanhood, but even then I didn't let up, slamming her hard as each jet took me, jerking and shaking. I'm not sure if she came again, but she held me tight and whispered, "Stay inside me. You wouldn't want it to leak out too soon." I did stay in and on top of her for a few minutes, just savoring the feel, and kissing her softly.

After my one-eyed soldier withdrew from Jens soggy and open vagina, now soft and with a wet "plop", she pulled out a pair of panties from her purse and put them on, while still on her back. "Wouldn't want Jake to think I'm a slut, now would we?" I shrugged, then we got back to our seats and retook the road to the park. "Besides, I want to keep as much of you as I can inside, right?" She was right again.

Once there she got out and said, "Okay..." then blew a kiss to me, "Text you soon," and headed up the hill. I checked the time and it was just after ten. Jake should have already been here, but taken his bike and hid it up at the top with him, so there would be no cars coming or going. The park was technically closed after sundown, but young people were known to come here from time to time to "park". Luckily no other cars were here today. I sat and waited, and waited. It seemed to take forever, but at about 10:30 I got a text from Jen. "rdy".

Good, she was ready. I called Jake. It rang once and then it picked up. I heard his whispered voice, "Not now!", then he hung up. Well, I hope that was good enough. Nothing happened after that, and I started to fall asleep waiting, then the door opened and the light in the car coming on surprised me. It was Jen, all smiles, who jumped in the car and started driving us home. "So, ummmm, how did it go?"

"A gentleman never asks and a lady never tells," she teased and that was all I got on the ride home. I felt like crap. What had I done? I just pimped out my own sister after defiling her myself! And I couldn't even say it was an accident like the first time. This time was fully premeditated. This was getting out of control and obviously a really bad idea. What if it wasn't me at all, and just all girls fell in love with guys who had sex with them. Hormones are a very powerful thing, right? Was she now in love with Jake? My mind was fighting between curiosity and guilt, but she was just happily humming as we drove home.

We got to the house just before midnight and she hopped out and said, "Good night, and be quiet not to wake Mom. She has to work early tomorrow."

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2014-07-11 14:02:22
i just love this story

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2013-02-27 01:03:55
True, you just pimped out your sister


2012-11-21 21:10:56
Love the comments, I AM still writing and have a future planned with lots of plot and lots of sex. If you've read my other works I like both. Next part is now up, but it's short. Will be more soon.

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YEA; please write more, this story is great

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Any1 on birth control? If not where is the evidence that jake actually gives the pics to his friend

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