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I took pre wedding jitters to the extreme.
This is the story of my wedding day. Like most brides I had that mixture of emotions ranging from excitement, to nervous, to fear I was doing the right thing with the right guy. I was driving everyone close to me crazy, especially my maid of honor Amy. She kept telling me I just needed a good fucking to settle my nerves. I had no idea she was serious.

After the rehearsal dinner we split into two groups, the three groomsmen took me out while the bridesmaids took my fiancé. I give the guys credit, one thing they know is how to get a girl drunk. Not that it took much for me, at the time of my wedding I was 5’5” and 110 lbs soaking wet. I had been working out to look good in my wedding dress so my body was firm and my 34C tits were as perky as ever. My dark complexion was accented by my copper blond hair.

After a couple shots of tequila and a couple beers I was ready to be carried back to the hotel we were staying in. Once in my suite the guys wanted to play cards and I was coherent enough to agree. So another beer and some games, we were having a blast. One of the guys, I think the best man, suggested to play strip games. At first I told them I didn’t want to, but they talked me into it.

I can’t remember exactly what games we played, but I can tell you I was bad at it. I was easily the first one naked and still had enough of a buzz going I was ok with that. Besides, it’s only fair for the wedding party to see the bride naked, right?

Once I was naked, the game still had to go on. I was to pay at first by lap dances and letting the guys grope me. It seemed like harmless fun and I went along with it. Besides, these were not guys who would normally have a chance with a girl like me. The best man and my fiancé’s brother, Jim, was my height, about 180 lbs with a beard. Tim, one of the other groomsmen was exactly opposite, about 6’ and skinny as a rail. Jake the third guy was barely old enough to drink and looked like he was 12.

I was drunk, having fun, and by being naked with a bunch of guys, starting to get really turned on. So when Tim dared me to give a blowjob I feigned modesty before agreeing to do it. Giggling I got on my knees in front Tim and told him to drop his shorts. He pulled off his underwear and showed me probably the smallest dick I had seen. Fully erect he was only about 3”. Trying not to make him feel bad I quickly hid my face and leaned in to service him.

It really was like sucking a lollypop. I ran my tongue up his shaft, then licked around the head. I took his full length into my mouth and worked my tongue around him while in there. His groans of pleasure had me smiling and I worked to give him the best blowjob he could imagine. I was surprised to find myself getting a little wet while I did it.

It did not take Tim long. Almost as soon as I started to taste his precum he was cumming in my mouth. I usually don’t swallow since I don’t like the taste of cum, but I suspected he did not get this often and I wanted to make it memorable for him. He came a lot, thick salty sweet cum shooting into my mouth as I sucked him dry. As much as I tried to swallow it all, my mouth filled up and some of his cum dribbled down my chin. The other guys were cheering him on and telling him to stick it to the bride.

When I finally stood up and wiped my chin, I was smiling. Keep in mind I had been very conservative in bed before this, pretty vanilla. I was enjoying this attention and coming out of my shell for these guys. Nobody was more surprised than me at how turned on I was. I wanted more, I didn’t care I was getting married the next day; I wanted to suck another cock. I didn’t need to wail long for the opportunity.

Jim had his underwear off immediately and loudly proclaimed he needed to try out his new sister-in- law. I gave him a shove and pushed him back onto the bed, he slid back so he was sitting up and I crawled onto the bed between his legs, my ass in the air. He was about the same size as my husband, about 6 and a half inches long and average thickness. I grabbed the shaft and started licking. He groaned as I started telling me it felt fantastic. I smiled at him and swallowed his cock, feeling it push against the back of my throat and he moaned in pleasure.

As I suck Jim someone behind me spreads my legs a little further. The next thing I know something, at the time I could have sworn it was a baseball bat, started pressing at my pussy. I took Jim’s cock out of my mouth long enough to look back and see Jake behind me trying to shove his cock into me. I had no intention of actually cheating on my future husband, but before I could say anything or move, Jake was in and felt fantastic. He was by far the largest cock I ever had and he filled me like never before.

I groaned and pushed back against him. I could hear the other guys cheering him on but I didn’t care. Jim grabbed my head and pushed me back on his cock, reminding me to finish what I started there. I was in ecstasy, I forgot all about getting married and was caught in the moment of pleasing two guys at once.
I have to admit, Jim was not getting a very good blowjob at that point. With Jake pounding me from behind, I could not get a good rhythm. I took Jim’s cock out of my mouth and told him to slide over on the bed. I groaned as I made Jake pull out of me and had him take bottom. With me on top I slid Jakes wonderful cock back in my pussy and with easy strokes was able to suck Jim and fuck Jake at the same time. I had never felt as exhilarated in bed as at that moment, my first orgasm hit me fast and hard.

As I was distracted with my orgasm and trying to swallow Jim’s cock whole, Tim decided he was not done playing. With my legs wrapped around Jake my asshole was exposed and it was too much temptation for Tim. He climbed on top of us and before I knew what was happening he was shoving his hard again cock against my asshole. Now I was an anal virgin before that night, and as I have tried it more since I have come to appreciate my first time anal being with a guy who was less endowed. Even so, with the size of Jake already in me, even Tim was able to stretch me to capacity.

I was no longer moving on my own. The friction from Tim fucking me drove the thrusts over Jakes cock. I basically let that motion drive the mouth fucking I was getting from my future brother-in-law. I loved it, Cumming again and again as they stretched me. Jake was the first one to cum. Because we were stacked he could not pull out and he unloaded deep inside me. Since my fiancé and I were trying to have a baby I was not on any birth control. At the time I didn’t care, it felt really good and there was too much going on.
Jake stayed in me until Tim was done. He was the next one to finish and he also did not pull out, filling my ass with his spunk. I was still cumming and loving the feeling of it shooting inside me.

I could finally concentrate on my brother-in-law, and it did not take him long to start spraying my face. I swallowed the first shot, but Jim just wanted a chance to cum on my face, and he took it. I was soaked. As we started to climb off each other, and the guys started to pull out I could feel their cum start to leak from me. It was then that I realized what I had done.

I looked at them and said very sternly that nobody was to speak of this. Then I tried to walk to the bathroom but weak kneed I stumbled. Tim and Jim caught me and helped walk at first, of course taking a chance to grope my tits as they did. When I was cleaned up I kicked them out and tried to get some sleep.
I was tired for my wedding but everything went as planned. It was not until my new husband and I got back to our room after the reception that the guilt overcame me. Just as I was about to tell him what happened he blurted out “I slept with the bridesmaids last night.” I was stunned and asked him which one. He replied “All of them.” He told me the story, I never told him mine. When I turned up pregnant we rejoiced and he never doubted our son was his. I have my doubts.

His story is coming soon.

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I think all the guys should be casterated with a dull knife and the whore should be cut so she don't like to have sex any more also

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I think all the guys should be casterated with a dull knife and the whore should be cut so she don't like to have sex any more also

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I had my wife fuck two guys on our wedding night and i jack off wacthing them they put hickys all over her teats and later fuck her big teats her and i both thought it was great and we been having sex with other guys every sence

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On my wedding night, my husband invited three of his friends back to our hotel room. I spent the night getting fucked in every hole by all four of them. I love my husband for his great gift to me that night.

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the guys should be casterated with a dull knife

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