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We resume our story on the day after JJ and Kathryn were caught in the pool making love. The two days immediately after JJ's birthday had been exceptionally hard on the couple. It was the first time since they become a couple they actually had to sleep apart, and found out both could not without the other. Their bond gives them many advantages, but one major disadvantage they couldn't stand to be separated, but if anyone asked them they would not claim that as a disadvantage.

The 10 of Them Chapter 6
The Judicial Order.

The next day passes fairly quickly with only the delivery tanker trucks to interrupt our normal routine. To my surprise the water from the tanker trucks is already quite warm, and by that afternoon the pools ready to use. Mom cautioned me, "Now JJ, don't get anything in the pool like you did before."

I resist the urge to say a smartass remark and only say, “Okay Mom.”

Later that afternoon our sisters come over to enjoy the pool. They are in normal bathing suits, Kathryn and I giggle a few times as we played in the pool.

After a while Kathryn and I started doing laps. We'd skipped a run this morning and we both know we needed the exercise to keep ourselves in top shape. Our sisters gave us room to do our laps without complaint. They were accustomed to us doing this and even on occasion Kara would join. We swam our customary twenty-five laps and finish together.

After toweling off Kathryn and I said goodbye to our sisters and headed for our room. We did a little work check in a few items, made a trade or two, and read our e-mails. I found a new e-mail from Joan she was excited about coming to the wedding. She enclosed her flight information confirming that her family will arrive around 6 PM on 2 July, she only asked about the hotel and why they were not going to directly come here.

Kathryn I decided not to answer that question, send an e-mail back to acknowledge that everything would be ready for them when they arrived on the third.

At dinner the entire family was there, and Michael senior gives a toast the entire family raised their glasses and drink to us. Of course it was just iced tea but it's the thought that counts. We played a little pool after dinner, the coach was always good at nine-ball, and it was his favorite game. As we played he explained what was going to happen tomorrow. “Tomorrow after breakfast we have an appointment with Judge Thurgood. He wants to talk to the two of you. Just be truthful he's a friend of mine. JJ, he is Marshall's father it might be a good idea to give Marshall a call tonight.”

With a smile I say, "If that will help I'll be glad to."

“It can't hurt." The coach lines up a combination clearing the next two balls quickly, leaving only the nine-ball and him in very good position. He draws back tapping the ball just perfectly to send it into a center pocket.

Kathryn giggles and says, “Great game daddy." Kathryn grabs my hand and leads me off to the home theater for a TV show she likes watching and she doesn't feel comfortable unless I'm there too. We snuggled close together kissing once before the show starts. After the program Kathryn and I head off to our room. Tonight I double check and make sure the door is locked before we go to bed.

Kathryn is teasing me flashing her body as I come to bed. Kathryn giggles saying, “Come on JJ you only have three more hours to make love to me as a 13-year-old. I'm really horny for some of your adult cock right now."

I'm wondering could I take the entire three hours to make love to Kathryn I know we have come close to that several times. I begin slowly taking off my clothing, more to tease Kathryn than anything. I have a devilish grin as I say, “Love, I'm going to use the rest of your thirteenth year to make love to you my wife.”

Smiling broadly Kathryn says, “I'm going to hold you to that my husband.”

"I'm definitely going to give it all I have, or pass out trying.”

Still smiling Kathryn giggles saying, “If you can do it, I'll let you choose where we make love out of the house, at least for the first time.”

I pull Kathryn into a very long passionate kiss, constantly caressing her beautiful body when our kiss breaks I begin kissing down her chin to her neck. I kiss up to her ear lobe and gently nuzzle kissing and lightly biting along at, Kathryn groans and shudders slightly. Kissing back down her neck I slowly work my way to her breasts I start with her left as my hand plays with her right one. I tease both nipples into full hardness. I suck her areola into my mouth teasing her nipple with my tongue. Kathryn moans, “Oh I love this, JJ you're getting so good at it. Oh yes! Oh, I'm Cumming.” With that Kathryn lifts her hips off the bed and shakes. I slide my free hand down and cover her hot wet pussy gently running my finger through her inner lips and teasing her clit. She drops to the bed and spreads her legs shaking she kicks in the air. Before Kathryn's orgasm is completely over with I move to the other breast teasing it as well.

Kathryn is breathing hard but she grabs my head and pulls me into her right breast. Kathryn thrust up into my hand several times and then begins a second orgasm with a little screen before she puts a pillow over her mouth to muffle herself. I hear her muffled shouts, “OH JJ FUCK ME NOW I NEED YOU IN ME!”

As her hands release me, I raise up moving the pillow looking into Kathryn's eyes I see the love shining there. I moved quickly between her legs and position myself I slowly impale Kathryn on my hard cock halfway down Kathryn thrust up and she throws her legs around my ass pulling me fully into her. I lower myself and kiss her passionately holding onto her. I move with Kathryn as she thrusts up to me. I prolong our kiss for as long as I possibly can. Kathryn moans in my mouth now with each thrust, every time we push into each other I grind against her clit and pushed through her cervix.

Kathryn begins her third orgasm of the night. Her pussy tries to milk me, her legs lock holding me deep into her I only grind against her clit. In a few seconds then Kathryn spurts drenching the two of us. I know I have to hold back if I want to make it last past midnight. I break my kiss to allow us to catch our breath but in between each breath I gave Kathryn a quick kiss all over her beautiful face.

When Kathryn loosens her legs hold on me, I begin a long slow rhythm driving deep and pull almost completely out on each stroke. In minutes Kathryn is again conversing and her pussy begins to milk me again, glancing at the clock it's been a little less than an hour and I desperately want to cum. I continue the same rhythm until I can no longer stand it moving to a fast rhythm pushing deeper with each stroke when my balls tighten I push deep to her cervix and began the pump my seed directly into her womb. Kathryn screams feeling my cum peeing into her womb. “YES HUSBAND, FILL ME!”

Kathryn begins a powerful orgasm her pussy milks my cock until was nothing left in my balls I feel completely drained and Kathryn's womb is passed being full I can fill her leaking around my cock. It's an odd sensation, cum leaks out of her womb only to be forced back in as her pussy milks my cock. That feels so wonderful that I'm not even losing my erection, even after that powerful orgasm. Kathryn's orgasm finally subsides. I draw back and I can feel almost a stream of cum being forced out of her womb as her womb tries to shrink back to its normal size.

Kathryn's eyes go wide at the sensation, it causes her to shudder several times. As she tightens her pussy around me I push in forcing some of the come back into her womb. Kathryn groans trying to hold her pussy tight around me. She moans, “Yes husband keep your seed in me.”

I push only back to her cervix not hard enough to open it just lean against. I rise up slightly to make sure I’m not pressing against her womb from above. Looking down to my lover's eyes I see tears of joy now streaking down her face. I lean forward kissing away those tears. With each kiss saying, “I love you.” That doesn't do anything to slow the tears from those beautiful eyes that now are as green as any I've seen. Her hazel eyes that change color with her mood telling me how happy she really is. Kathryn finally grabs my head and pulls me into a long passionate kiss.

We lose track of time during our kiss, somewhere in the middle of it our bodies begin to move on their own and only the lack of oxygen causes us to break our kiss to breathe hard. Kathryn begins another powerful orgasm in my body responds to her with one as well. As her pussy milks me I'm pushing deep back into her womb, again she fully drains me there's nothing left once our orgasms finish.

I roll Kathryn on top me so we can recover. I let my hands softly caress her back. I still feel tears falling onto my chest. Now I'm just curious why she is so happy, I know our wedding is less than four nights away now. I gently raise her face so I can look into her eyes and ask, “Kathryn love of my life what makes you so happy?”

Giggling Kathryn says, “You my love, my husband, the father of my child.”

Premonitions work oddly, some gives you every memory, some only give you specific instances, some are a flash of insight. The one I had with Kathryn was a little of all that when Kathryn said father of my child I knew in an instant she definitely was pregnant or would be by the morning. No test would indicate she would be, but that wouldn't change the fact that our child will be born on March 1 next year, nine months and a few hours from now. Our child will be a beautiful baby girl that we will name Amanda. I get Kathryn a long loving kiss and then say, "My beautiful Wife thank you so much for our child. Our daughter Amanda is going to be is beautiful as her mother.”

Kathryn slides up my body and begins to kiss me passionately, I roll my hips forcing myself back deep into her. Kathryn giggles, “You keep that up and we’ll have twins this time, instead of my second pregnancy.”

I'm kissing her happily for a long time before I ask, “Did you forget your birth control on purpose love?”

Giggling Kathryn says, “Actually no, I didn't. When we didn't sleep I was so tired I forgot to take it. The first night back here we slept so late I forgot. Yesterday morning well you remember with the pool then our moms drive me off before I remembered. Today I remembered what happened just before my birthday so today you’re right.”

I kiss her before saying, “don't take it tomorrow either, I don't care if you ever take another one for the rest of your life. It’s not that I want to keep you barefoot and pregnant. I just want to have you pregnant ten times.”

Kathryn giggles saying, “I hope it's as much fun on all the ten of them as it was on the first.” We kiss again when we break Kathryn looks at the clock grinning she says, “Husband I'm fourteen years old.”

I chuckle saying, “Now you can claim I made love to you from when you were thirteen all the way through till you turned fourteen.”

Kathryn smacks me on the arm playfully, “I'm claiming that you made love to me from when I was twelve till I was one hundred and three. Until the Viagra stopped working.”

I inform her, “Actually my doctor takes it away from me. He's worried about me breaking a hip either one of mine or yours.”

Kathryn says, “You’re just going to have to get a different urologist.”
Chuckling I say, “Poor guy is not even born yet and you're going to replace him."

Kathryn pouts, “Damn straight he takes away my favorite drug.”

“I think we better get some sleep love, we need our wits tomorrow with the judge.”

Kathryn and I snuggled close to each other and I say, “Good night my loves.”

Kathryn giggles, “Good night my husband, good night my daughter.” We both drift off to sleep in just a matter of minutes.

In the morning again, we wake up early like most days when we would go normally running as early as possible to avoid the heat. I give Marshall a quick message to his phone, asking him to talk to his father about that judicial order he keeps offering, today is the day that I need it. We're due in court at 10 AM today. We decide to skip the run today. We shower and I gently wash Kathryn from head to toe, kissing her everywhere.

Kathryn giggles as I gently dry her saying, “JJ, I won't break.”

I groan, “I know that, I'm just spoiling you on your birthday, especially since is the first birthday that you're pregnant.” She just pulls me into a kiss holding me against her nude body. If you didn't know she was fourteen years old you would think she was a fully grown woman. It happens that way some mature earlier and others take their time until they're sixteen or so. Kathryn matured early, both in body and mind. Now on her fourteenth birthday the two of us are worth together over $1.5 billion if that means anything.

I dress in a suit I have it's a navy pinstripe, Kathryn and I picked out from a high-end department stores a few months ago. It wasn't super expensive but not cheap either. A solid white shirt with a nice silk tie, black shoes, Kathryn hands me a black citizens watch the goes well with the suit. Giggling she says, “I know how you like these eco-watches.”

I give Kathryn a loving kiss before zipping up her dress, it's a beautiful deep blue dress that makes her look more mature but not slutty. It also works well with my suit; pinstripes are close to the same color as her dress. I say to her, “You make that dress look good.”

Grandma knocks of the door and we call, “Come in.”

Grandma asks, “Would you two like any breakfast?”

Kathryn and I both look at each other realizing we got dressed probably too early, but we both are too nervous to eat. We shake our heads no.

Grandma asks, “You're both that nervous?"

Of course we both shook her head yes, causing grandma to giggle. After a moment she says, “Don’t worry about it, I got a feeling everything's going to be fine. By the way JJ bring the bear skin, okay.”

After the party a couple years back I had it cleaned professionally, it smelled like sex for months. I have it in the closet still in the protective sheet the cleaner sent it back in. We took it out a couple times, when Kathryn wanted to tell someone the story. I finally managed to get her to leave out the part where the bear was this stupid as her brothers. She will always grin at them when it comes to that part. Due to Kathryn’s enjoyment at telling it, the story has gotten a little longer nowadays.

We do manage eat a little bit and keep our clothing clean. At about nine o'clock the Coach and Helen show up seeing the two of us dressed his a little taken aback. He looks his daughter from head to toe before he says, “My God, you're all grown up. I'm almost sorry you didn't get your full childhood.”

Kathryn smiles and says, “Dad I'm not, I know now what I have with JJ is so special that it's worth giving up a lot for. So I traded a few years of whining about not getting to drive or first dates that are last dates, for the love of my life. I'm not at all sorry. I have no regrets about anything I may have lost because I got so much more.”

The Coach still acting the part says, “JJ you need to take your SUV today, Helen will be taking hers, and everyone in the family will be showing up at the courthouse. We all say that the two of you need to be with each other and married.”

We leave around 9:10 AM it's only about twenty minute drive, so we get there at 9:35 AM. The parking lot isn’t especially large for the courthouse, due to not very many cars needing to be there. But the days completely full and we managed to Park on the street and make it into the court on time. The courtroom was completely full, I see lots of faces I know from high school. Friends of both Kathryn and I, a few teachers and even Joe the young man that got used as the sparring dummy. Marshall is seated by Misty there holding hands and Misty leans onto Marshall’s shoulder.

When Michael Edwards was called before Judge Thurgood the Coach begins, “Your Honor, I like to get a judicial order that John J. Meyer be compelled to marry my daughter Kathryn Edwards.”

Judge asks, "What are the ages of the two?”

Michael answers, “Your Honor their ages by the calendar does not reflect their maturity that is why I come before you to request your judicial order. Although both are still in their teens John Meyer is a billionaire has been for over two years.” There are a few gasps from the crowded courtroom, causing the judge to call the courtroom back to order. Once quiet Coach continues, “My daughter Your Honor has been his trading partner for the last two years and her net worth is over $100 million.” Kathryn speaks up to correct her father, “Your Honor the information my father give you is slightly incorrect, and my net worth as of this morning is $128 million. John Myers net worth is $1.38 billion."

The judge points out, “Being wealthy does not have anything to do with this Court's decision."

The Coach continues, “No, Your Honor it wouldn't. I'm just giving you this information as background information in reference to their maturity levels. Both John and Kathryn work from home when most of their peers are playing video games, they research and choose investments of multi-million dollars on a daily basis. They are members of our national workforce, they actually pay more in income tax than I do.”

The judge says, “The court will agree that the two individuals in question both have the capability of earning as an adult. But for a marriage other things need to be considered than earning potential." In other words the judge hasn't made up his mind at this moment.

The Coach says, “Yes your honor, I can testify that presented with the opportunity John refused the possibility of any other partner for him other than Kathryn. He would be a good and faithful husband. I like to introduce my mother at this time to relate a story on John's bravely and his devotion to Kathryn.”

Grandma steps up unrolling the bear skin in front of the court. Grandma says, “Your Honor, two years ago John was assisting my granddaughters picking blackberries when this bear charged the group. John armed only with his skill in martial arts. John blocked the bear’s charge protecting Kathryn and her sisters. When the bear would not retreat John was forced to kill the bear. The bear stood over 7 foot tall Your Honor.”

The judge asks, “Did you witness these events?”

Grandma is forced to answer, “No Your Honor, I did witness the dead bear and my granddaughters all but Kathryn ran from the bear.”

The judge says, “Other than John Meyer can anyone give testimony on what happened.”

All the Edwards stand, except for the Coach and Helen. The judge asks, “Did anyone actually witness the bear's death?"

Kathryn raises her hand saying, “I did Your Honor.”

The judge says, “Please relate a story as you remember it.”

Kathryn begins, “It was early on July 4th nearly two years ago, and my grandmother had us picking berries for making jelly. I was kissing John, when my sister screamed turned and ran, apparently that's the wrong thing to do when a black bear charges, they do what is known as a false charge, if no one had ran the bear probably would've stopped and may have simply left. My sisters ran, but John held his ground and puts me behind him. He kept himself between me and the bear. JJ, John then raised his hands above his head screaming at the top of his lungs to stop the bear. He actually walked directly into the bear's path as it ran after my sisters. The bear stopped only fifteen feet in front of JJ. Oh John is known to us as JJ. The bear was easily head and shoulders above JJ, but JJ did not back down he didn't flinch he stood there waiting for the bear to make up its mind to leave, or at least hoping the bear would leave.

The bear didn't back down, but neither did JJ. The bear lumbered forward JJ continued his bellowing trying to get the bear to leave. The bear continued to approach than JJ also approached the bear. When the bear showed no sign that it would back down JJ moved into range and kicked the bear one time at its neck. The snapping sound of the Bears vertebrae was the last sound I heard from the bear as it fell to the ground.

JJ stood over the bear for only a minute as I walked to his side. He actually felt sorry for the bear but he would not allow anything to hurt his family. Your Honor he had already requested me to marry him, and as I said yes he claimed my family as his.

He was more worried about my grandmother at this point than anything. He hurried us on down to ensure her that we were okay.

The judge interrupts Kathryn at this point. “Did anyone else witness John standing up to the bear?”

Michelle stands up and says, “Yes your honor, I had tripped and when I got up John was between me and the bear I was only about 50 feet from the bear at the time. If he hadn’t stopped the bear, I do not believe I would be here.”

Kara stands up and says, “When Michelle tripped, I look back Your Honor and I did see that JJ had stopped the bear. That gave me enough courage to help Michelle up and to help her down the hillside.”

The judge says, “The court recognizes that John Meyer is both brave and protective of Kathryn Edwards. Two traits that go into making a good husband, but the court would like to know if anyone could testify on his and her love for each other."

Every single person in the courtroom stood, including his own son.

I have never heard of a judge actually laughing during performance of their duty, but Judge Thurgood did very briefly. “This Court recognizes by sheer weight of number John and Kathryn's love and devotion for each other. I authorize the granting of marriage license to John J Meyer 18 years of age and Kathryn Edwards 14 years of age. Now, John and Kathryn step forward before the court.”

Mom hands me a small jewelry box that I recognize it as the other piece to Kathryn's wedding set, plus the ring for me. With a surprised expression Kathryn and I look at each other, we’re standing in front of the judge as he begins, “We are gathered to unite the two of you in marriage, which is an institution ordained by the state and made honorable by the faithful keeping of good men and women throughout all ages, and is not to be entered into lightly or unadvisedly.”

The Judge says to me, “Do you, John J. Meyer take Kathryn Edwards to be your wife, to love, comfort, and cherish from this day forth?”

I answer, “Yes! I do!”

The Judge says to Kathryn, Do you, Kathryn Edwards take John J. Meyer to be your husband, to love, comfort, and cherish from this day forth?

Kathryn replies happily, “Yes! I do!”

We exchange rings. Placing my Love’s ring on her finger, my hand shakes a little I’m so excited, as Kathryn slides my ring on.

The Judge says, “Having thus pledged yourselves each to the other, I do now, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the state of North Carolina pronounce you husband and wife.”

That brought a cheer from the entire courtroom that spread into the hall. Those that were too late to be seated were standing in the hallway. The judge simply throws hand up with a smile he waved and left the courtroom. The court clerk come back in after leaving for only a minute, she rolled the bear skin back up and handed it to grandma. After the court begin to clear out she had Kathryn and I go back to the judge’s chambers. Mom, Helen, Grandma and the Coach came with us, once we walk in the judge shakes the Coaches hand. Judge says, “That's the most excitement the courtroom had seen all year. Young man if you ran for mayor you probably would win. From all those people that showed up today you’re very popular.”

Smiling I say, “I treated everyone the way I would like them to treat me. I guess that's what people respond to.”

The judge says, “Well young man, I've done some checking on you. I know that every holiday season you support a lot of activities around this county. I had four ministers and a priest asked that I go ahead and approve this marriage license for you two. They all said they owed to you.”

The judge joking says, “I didn't want you two losing sleep over what's coming up on the fourth. Other than that I just got a note about a couple like yourselves who after receiving a marriage license that jump the gun. An overzealous DA charged the young man for statutory rape for the two of them having made love three days before the wedding was scheduled. I would not want to see that happen in this county. Your future father-in-law here had me convinced even before this thing blew up. How in the world did you get so many people to show up?”

Finally getting my arm around Kathryn I say, “Maybe you should ask Marshall, I just requested him to speak to you. He's been telling me the last three years that he could get you to give us a marriage license.”

Judge Thurgood says, "Yes he mentioned that this morning, and about once a month for the last three years. I didn’t act like I was going to…”
From the doorway we hear Marshall say, “So I called a couple people and have them call a couple more everyone that would like to see those two married.” He stands there hand-in-hand with Misty.

Misty can't help but ask, “Is it really true you're a bear killing billionaire JJ?”

“Yes, that's what my business partner keeps telling me.” To which I get an elbow to my ribs. This brings a laugh from everyone in the room. I continue, “I mean my wife, but Kathryn doesn't tell everybody that that $128 million is all cash, what we have in stock is a little over 300 million, and she owns half of that.”

Kathryn grins and says, “Until it's sold it’s only worth the paper the stock is printed on, just asked the people who own Enron stocks.”

The judge chuckles, "Yes, I'm one of them, not worth the paper is printed on. Fortunately it was only a small percentage of my portfolio."

The judge signs the order written by the clerk. A marriage license is granted to Kathryn and me despite the fact she's only fourteen years of age. The order also declares Kathryn as a legal adult. The clerk brings in marriage license then we both sign. Now Kathryn is Mrs. Kathryn Meyer.

Kathryn has to ask, “Does the order also allow me to get a driver’s license?"

The judge chuckles, “Sorry Kathryn you'll just have to do like most of the other kids around here. Get a farm license, just like JJ did when he was fourteen. I'm sure JJ would drive you anywhere you would like to go.”

Kathryn groans, "If I have to wait I have to wait. I just wanted to give JJ a break your honor, he has driven me since he had his license.”

One of the sheriff’s deputies comes in, "Your honor, there is quite a large crown still outside the courthouse."

The judge says, “I'm going out on a limb here, but I bet they’re waiting on you two. A lot of people are mistrustful of the courts nowadays. Now that you two are married, and immune from prosecution I feel I need to send you on your way. See you on the fourth, so we can provide the wedding of her dreams.”

The crowd deftly was waiting on us, a loud cheer went up immediately after the sheriff on a bullhorn announced, “I would like to present Mr. and Mrs. Meyer.”

It took Kathryn and me quite a while to shake hands with and/or hug most of the people there. By this time our local paper shows up and we give a quick interview. Most of the questions are centered on our income. The reporter wisely avoids the question of sex between the two of us. Being in the Bible-Belt that's a question you don't ask of a married couple in public. I would've ended the interview if the reporter had asked any questions along those lines.

It's nearly 1 o'clock by the time we make it home. I've arranged for Kathryn’s birthday present to be delivered that morning while we were in court. Kathryn loves the water so I bought her a speed boat so we could spend some time skiing on the lake. I know Kathryn has to wait until she is sixteen to legally pilot her new boat, but that doesn't mean she has to wait to enjoy it. Seeing the red boat in our driveway with a large red ribbon on it Kathryn asks, “Is that my birthday present?

Smiling I say, “I think you have enough jewelry for now, so I got you something we can both enjoy.”

Kathryn throws her arms around me and says, “I love you JJ.” The whole family takes the boat for a ride early that afternoon. Of course Kathryn is at the wheel the second we are out of sight of the city docks. Kathryn is grinning ear to ear as she brings the boat up to full speed across the open water. Kathryn has piloted boats over the last few years, first my bass boat, and then her father's. She's quite good at it. This is the fastest boat she's ever been on and she loves the speed it has. From our boat house to the city dock only takes around twelve minutes in one of our bass boats. Kathryn covers the entire distance in eight minutes flat. Pulling the boat to the dock Kathryn only waits long enough for us to tie the boat, before she jumps into my arms and showers me with kisses.

Mom and Helen laugh from the docks. Helen says, “Apparently JJ she really loves the boat.”

Later on that afternoon Kathryn and I are relaxing by the pool, and a few of our friends from school come by to visit. Most of them have not been here since the party over year ago. When they ask Kathryn what college she plans on attending she gives me a slight squeeze of my hand. Kathryn finally says, “I'm not going to go to college. Like I said before I already have over 128 million in the bank. For me going to college would be, would be like JJ going to high school. It was fun for him, but he could've made a lot more money by skipping it. Besides that I plan on starting a family soon. We can do that now that we’re married.”

Marshall and Misty are there, Marshall graduated with us and Misty would be a senior this fall. Marshall says, “Dad hit the ceiling, when I told him I am taking a year off before beginning college.” He glances at Misty before continuing, “Now that I have Misty in my life I don't want to take a chance with us being separated. So this fall we will apply to the same college's together, and the one that accepts both of us we will attend."

From my tutors I learned a lot about campus life, plus the two years that I spent taking classes at UCLA. I remember a few fights and breakups during that time. It's easy for a couple to be tempted into doing something they both regret. Campus life is not conducive for most married couples. Kathryn and I don't require additional schooling to continue with what we are currently doing.

I gave Kathryn a look asking if she would agree and say, “Marshall I have an idea for you. Your father was quite impressed by Kathryn and me when it comes to our trading partnership. Ask your father if he would mind that you spent the year learning from us how to trade, how we do our research, earning over 200% on our investments annually.”

Kathryn giggles, "Only if Misty gets to learn as well.”

I smiled and blow Kathryn a kiss and say, “They are a couple, and they both should learn how to support themselves and each other. So of course Misty needs to learn.”

Marshall smiles and says, “I think that will quiet some stormy waters, between me and my father. When can we start?”

Kathryn and I giggle, “Well, we are on our honeymoon so don't show up before nine tomorrow morning. We'll start with the basics, how the research a stock for its potential.”

Marshall asks, “Have you ever thought about the commodities markets?”

Kathryn says, “I've watched them a little bit, and I think I have a pretty good idea what will happen with a couple commodities in the near future. That's something we probably can learn together.”

I warn them, “Commodities can make you a lot of money very quickly, but they are extremely volatile and you can lose the money just as fast. In other words they are risky.”

Marshall says, “I understand that, I have $25,000 my grandparents gave me to use. I would like to build that up as quickly as possible. Commodities would be one way to do that.”

Marshall and Misty leave shortly after that, a few more of our friends came by that afternoon most didn't visit very long, and thank goodness none of them simply asked for money. A few of them had business proposals they want to make at a later time. I told them bring their business plan and we’ll go over it.

Kathryn and I a laugh to ourselves realizing it would probably be months before this all died down. It's not that I minded helping some of my friends create businesses of their own I just wondered how much time I would have left for Kathryn and our children. That's when I remembered an article I found in Forbes a long time ago about a man who helped others and remained a semi-silent partner, he only helped them initially and stayed available to assist them later. As I understood he had plenty of time to go out and find new people to assist. That possibly may be just the way to go. Get someone that has a little bit of initiative, give them the means to carry it out and then get repaid for taking the risk.

We are bringing dinner from my favorite restaurant in town, the food there is usually fairly simple, like whipped potatoes with butter, a meat loaf or pot roast, there's no menu, you order what the cook has prepared that day. Usually get a choice of two entrées, others days he may just have one, but out does himself then. Tonight he's having one of his special dinners, it is a great barbecue brisket cooked till it is fork tender. I'm sure Sunday will have something very special then. But tonight is a little like the wedding something unexpected yet great.

My marriage license I scanned it is now my screensaver. When it first popped up Kathryn had me send her the file now it's hers too. We did a little work like normal that evening, watched a little TV with the family about at nine o'clock we disappeared into our room.

Kathryn disappeared into the walk-in closet, when she came out she was wearing a white negligee that made her beautiful body look fantastic. For her age Kathryn has matured into an extremely gorgeous woman by anyone's standard. If you had no idea of her age you would never guess she was only fourteen. I know I never thought of her as being a young girl, she's always acted similar to our peers, if not older.

Kathryn as she walks to me has a sway to her hips that says I'm all woman. Her eyes and smile says she's all mine, it enough to make me start ripping off my clothes. As soon as I drop my boxers and kick them off Kathryn is there she wraps me into her arms and says, “Now JJ we’re finally husband-and-wife, I am Mrs. Kathryn Meyer and I'm going to be forever. I'm yours forever my husband.”

Holding her gorgeous body to me in a loving hug I say, “I love you Kathryn. I'm yours forever my wife.”

Kathryn rises up to kiss me and I meet her halfway, I sweep her off her feet and carry her to our bed. On the nightstands are dozens of fresh roses, their fragrance fills the entire room. I set Kathryn gently down, kneeling down in front of her I ask, “Kathryn Meyer, my love will you marry me on the fourth?”

Kathryn giggles, “You afraid that just one won't keep, you got to marry me twice?”

“No my Love, it's just that were getting married again on the fourth. So you deserved to be asked again. Think of it as me helping you have your dream wedding.” I smile while holding her hand.

Kathryn returning my smile says, “In that case, I will marry you again now, on the fourth of this month, or any other time you ask me my answer will always be, yes my Love.”

We pull into a passionate kiss by the end of it we're both nude. It's funny I don't ever remember pulling off her negligee. She pulls me further onto the bed and I lie down beside her we kiss and fondle touching to please the other. My hands of worked her nipples until there hard as diamonds. I kiss down and take one of her nipples teasing it with my tongue Kathryn moans, “My husband is even better at this than my boyfriend was.” After that she shudders and holds me to her breast as her legs wrap themselves around me.

When she finally releases my head mainly because she wants me to move to her other breast I say to her, “Your husband has more love for you now than I ever had before. I have more love to put into our lovemaking."

Martial arts teaches you how to move and use energy from your body to do what your hands normally couldn't do, when you draw your energy to shatter two by fours. A thought hits me and I wonder if there's a different use I can use the energy from my body for. Instead of drawing energy to destroy I draw the energy to please I pull my feelings my love into my next contact with Kathryn as my lips meet her nipple feeling the energy that passes between the two of us. At this contact Kathryn arches her back and screams in pleasure, “FUCK YES THAT FEELS SO GOOD!”

As I suck and tease it I can feel the tingle in my own mouth as the energy still passes between us Kathryn's hands on the back of my head holding me tightly to her breast. My tongue teases her nipple running circles around it teasing it forward, backwards, up and down push it in the suck it out. Kathryn grinds herself into me, I'm aware just how wet she is gotten and right now I would love to disengage and put my face right in Kathryn’s beautiful pussy. To send this pleasure through her pussy, her clitoris, force the energy the very tip of my tongue as I use my tongue spread her vagina. Before I can Kathryn screams, “OH FUCK I'M CUMMING.” Kathryn's hips fly up, she's holding them tightly against me as she spurts twice then falls limp back to the bed. Kathryn is gasping for air as she pulls my face up so she can look into my eyes. Not panting as hard Kathryn says, “You must be using all your love to make me feel that good.”

I grin and bring my lips to hers still have my energy focused on them and my tongue. Once our lips make contact Kathryn's hands flies around my head. Her lips part and my tongue probes her mouth, Kathryn shudders moaning loudly in my mouth. I ease back on my energy slowly lowering the effect. Kathryn allows me to break our kiss now. Kathryn complaints, “JJ, why'd you stop, I was just about to cum again?”

Not saying anything I move over top of her in position my cock before bringing my lips back to hers. I start slowly into a passionate kiss bringing my energy up when she first can feel it I feel her raising her hips forcing my head into her. Kathryn is incredibly wet, but her pussy squeezes tightly almost forcing me back out. I bring my hips down as I bring my energy up, the kiss is even more passionate and she begins to quiver from her lips all the way through her body down into her pussy sending pleasure through me. Now I can fill her energy beginning to match my own, I sink deeper feeling the tingle as her energy inters me through my cock. I fuck into her getting deeper each stroke until my cock finally is pushing against her cervix. My energy is now on a level I haven't ever tried before. Kathryn's energy flows into me and I know no matter what I do I will soon let loose a torrent of my cum into my love filling her womb.

I don't want push through her cervix her womb now holds our child. I bring a little my energy through my cock giving some back of what Kathryn is giving me. Kathryn's back arches breaking our kiss and she screams a high pitch animalistic sound. I flood her with all of the cum my body has. When our orgasm subsides we're wiped out totally, it's all I can do to extract myself and move to her side pulling her close before sleep takes us both.

It's early in the morning when I wake. I see the first rays of sunlight had just broken over the hill to the east. Kathryn’s breathing is still slow and steady so she probably still sleeps. I lay there holding my wife, not wanting to disturb her. Kathryn awakes with a giggle she raises her head looking into my eyes she says, “Wow Love that was so intense, I could feel your love flowing from your kiss.”

I ask, “Did you realize you were doing the same thing?”

Giggling Kathryn says, “Yes, just not the same part of the body.”

Caressing her back, this love we share is something very special indeed. I wonder if the bond we share is what makes it possible. Does it allow us to share our energy, our passion and our souls? Is that why were so much better together than we are apart. I know everything I do seems so much easier when she's near me. We truly are together greater than we are apart.

An idea comes to me since we’re already married Kathryn and I can meet Alyssa, Edward, Joan and Johnny at the airport. We don't have to worry about them finding out that we’re actually having sex, because we’re already on our honeymoon. It will be a nice surprise for them, I'll drive them here and they can use any car they want. I asked Kathryn, “How would you like to meet Joan at the airport today?”

Kathryn giggles, “Oh that's right we don't have to hide the fact were sleeping together anymore."

Marshall and Misty will be here 9:00 but it's barely 6:30 I pull Kathryn to me kissing her I feel her pushing energy into her lips the way I did yesterday. The feeling is so intense forces me to break our kiss or ejaculate right then. Chuckling I say, “We’re going to have to figure out how to do that without ending our lovemaking in less than five minutes.”

Giggling Kathryn asks, “So I was having an effect on you?"

Honestly I say, “Any longer and I would've been through for at least half an hour.”

Kathryn giggles and says, “You got to let me try, I want to learn how to make you have an orgasm with just to kiss too.”

With a devilish grin I say, “Only if you let me go down and see what I can do to that gorgeous clit of yours afterwards.”

Giggling Kathryn says, “Oh this is going to be fun. This is going to require a lot of experimentation.”

I lean back in beginning another kiss I can feel Kathryn pushing her energy into me. She pushes a lot I feel her hand barely caress my shaft between her lips and her hand makes a complete circuit. In less than 30 seconds I'm cumming hard and have to break our kiss to catch my breath. Kathryn giggles, “Now I can do you so you better be good or we’ll both have creamy underwear.”

When I ejaculate most of it sprayed all over Kathryn, from just below her breasts all the way down to her thighs. Joking I say, “Looks like to be more than just your underwear."

Bringing a little up to her mouth on her finger Kathryn licks her finger clean before repeating, after the third time Kathryn says, “Still taste just as good.”

I slide down between her legs as she gives me an excited expression. I spread her legs and move my energy into my lips and tongue. I begin to please Kathryn like I have done numerous times before. This time her hips immediately buck up forcing more contact, and Kathryn moans, “Oh yes it's better, more intense.”

Giving the pleasure is also more intense, and my body reacts to it. Normally it would take another ten possibly fifteen minutes before I was completely hard again, but I am now rock hard. When my tongue parts her lips of her pussy running toward her clitoris Kathryn is practically dripping. I drop the energy just for a moment as I envelop her clit in my mouth and tongue like I had before. Waiting only seconds before offering the energy to Kathryn, she practically explodes, she begins spurting almost immediately and rocking around, screaming at the top of her lungs and kicking into the air. As long as I give her the energy her orgasm doesn't let up as soon as I pull back she falls limply to the bed panting.

Kathryn rising up on her elbows looking at me says, “JJ that was so, so very intense I don't think I could take that very often.”

Chuckling I say, “Okay love, we’ll take it easy doing this only by a kiss for now, and only when we’re alone and making love.”

Pulling me up to where we can kiss Kathryn says, “We can experiment a lot more between kids. Besides that it being quick may be very good then. I hear parents don't have a lot of time to make love."

From the doorway we hear Mom say, “JJ, what the hell were you doing to her?”

Kathryn giggles and says before I could stop her. “He was using his life force, and love to give me an orgasm.”

Grandma who has just reached the top of the stairs says, “You got be the luckiest woman ever Kathryn. It sounded like you were going to explode.”

I only raise my chest up enough for them to see; I'm still dripping with Kathryn's juices and say, “Like you think she didn't. We got to change the sheets by the way.” Running her fingers through it Kathryn giggles. The two older women just shut the door and leave us alone. A few seconds later we hear their laughter coming from the stairwell.

We shower and dress going down for breakfast, Mom and Grandma has retreated to their rooms. Kathryn and I begin making breakfast for them. Its 8:30 and by time breakfast is ready Marshall and Misty should be here and we made enough for them to share with us. Exactly at 9 o'clock the doorbell rings and Marshall and Misty wait outside for us to let them in. Kathryn goes to the door, pulling the couple back to the kitchen, where two plates await them.

The two glances at the food then back to each other without saying anything else, they basically attack their food. It was like neither of them had eaten at least for a day. Now Kathryn and I are both good cooks but the way these two were eating you would think we were top-notch chefs. When they had finished both look up with still hungry faces. I quickly added more to their plates. The second helping they seem to eat a little slower, maybe not wanting to appear so greedy.

Kathryn brings them both a glass of milk and asked if they would like coffee. Marshall drains half his glass of milk in a single gulp. He is shaking his head yes to the coffee. Misty declines the coffee but politely says, "No thank you."

I'm cooking eggs for Kathryn mom and grandma and I, Marshall had a third helping, consuming the rest I had already prepared. I got to hear the story behind this. Marshall has been a good friend for a long time, and he was one of the first I made on the football team as freshman. I shared a few meals with him and this is the first time I’ve ever seen him this hungry. I notice something else he's wearing the same clothes he was in yesterday. Taking a closer look at Misty is as well and I say, “Okay guys let’s hear it, what's the story behind you to in the same clothing and apparently hadn’t eaten in a day.”

Misty is now visibly shaking she is also watching how Marshall is reacting. Marshall is tense but he also trusts me, we had been friends for nearly four years now. A little shaky Marshall says, “Remember yesterday I told you about Dad hitting the ceiling, well it was a little worse than that. He has thrown me out saying I shouldn't give up a scholarship for love that’s not going to last anyway.” He stopped for a second and turns to Misty he whispers a silent I'm sorry before beginning again. “He's locked me out of all my accounts. So I don't have a cent to my name. Yesterday afternoon Misty's parents tossed her out as well. Dammit JJ I don't know what to do. I know Misty’s Mom and Dad would probably let her come home if she gave me up…”

Misty interrupts him right then, “You know that's not going to happen, I had a crush on you since grade school. Now I finally have you nothing is going take you away from me.”

I smile at that and Kathryn runs her hand over my shoulder lovingly. Kathryn says, “We’ll make sure that doesn't happen.” The two of them smile and lean on each other.

I smile and say, “I own two houses with a total of twelve bedrooms. I’m sure we can find one for the two of you.”

Mom says, “Yes, it’s about time you got some use out of this house. With Alyssa and family here we’ll have to put you in my wing, or the old house.

Marshal asks, “The house at the hard top?”

I say, “Yes.” Misty and Marshal hearing that smile brightly. I say, “The house could use having someone live in it again.”

Mom points out quickly saying, “The house doesn't have any furniture in it, but we can fix that quickly.”

We go to a furniture store in town, looking for the furniture to go in the house. I use this to teach Marshall and Misty about identifying quality product, going to the furniture more thoroughly now. We notice several companies have taken to making shortcuts in the manufacture of their product. Looking intensely it's easy to see the difference between lower and higher quality manufacturing processes. I insist on the higher end furniture and we make note of its manufacturer. The store being local can deliver the furniture this afternoon. Mom volunteers to be there to sign for it.

Marshall, Misty, Kathryn and I return home, we look up the manufacture of the furniture we purchased. I tell them knowing the product is one step in deciding which stock to purchase. Quality product speaks for the company, as loudly as a poor product. Products with inferior manufacturing techniques speak of the company desperate to save money. It may take those companies’ years to recover from this attempt; the loss in consumer satisfaction may even bankrupt the company.

The manufacturer we purchased from shows a good quarterly profit over the last four years. I do another search on consumer satisfaction, finding it very high. Kathryn I both know that those are three things that say stock will be a long-term investment. Placing money in that company to earn the dividends, a level at which the stock is increasing is slow but steady. It’s not a candidate for day trading. It’s a stock I’ll buy it to move my money from either a lower paying stock or one I no longer have certainty in long term earning potential. Kathryn and I roll over some of our dividends into the stock, after having Marshall and Misty purchase the stock first. They question why we had them go first until they saw the immediate jump in the stock price after we made our purchase.

I created two accounts, one for Marshall and Misty each. They had assumed the accounts were trial accounts, but in actuality I create actual accounts placing one hundred thousand dollars in each. I instructed Marshall and Misty to transfer the entire amount to the stock we selected.

Once Kathryn and I make our purchase, the price increased on the stock, their one hundred thousand dollars quickly became one hundred and twenty thousand dollars. For a while now I've noticed whenever I make a large purchase others follow. Today is no exception ten minutes after my purchase is finalized. There's another quick jump in the stock from a 20% increase to a 35% increase in price. I have Marshall and Misty sale one hundred thousand dollars moving it back to cash within minutes of the final bell. Stock prices had continued to rise and Marshall and Misty have one hundred thousand dollars cash and just over forty thousand dollars in stock.

I then confess to them that the accounts are genuine and actually contain one hundred thousand in cash. Marshall and Misty immediately want me to take it all back the two hundred thousand dollars and the stocks. Causing Kathryn to giggle before she says, “He did the same thing to me about two years ago. If you don't watch it he'll just keep adding money to your account.”

I reminded them that they had agreed to allow me to instruct them on the stock market, how to trade, research and make profit. I told him there's no way I could do that and close their accounts. Since they made the trades they were responsible for their stocks, when I finished instructing them I will allow them to transfer back the original two hundred thousand dollars and not a minute before.

Marshall knew how stubborn I can be. If I told someone something I would do there is no way anyone would stop me from making it happen. Bringing his hands up in surrender Marshall says, “We did agree that you could train us on trading. But we had no idea you were going to give us two hundred thousand dollars to use.”

Smiling I tell Marshall and Misty, “Think of it as incentive, if you do what I tell you, you will have more than enough money to pay me back fully. At the end of the year you should have enough to go to college without any restrictions, no need for student loans or scholarships. If I do well enough on your instructions, not only that you should be able to go on your residuals without touching the principal of your wealth.

Marshall is a little stunned says, “You mean you're not going to take more than 200,000 back even if we had made more than three, four or five times that by then.”

Smiling I say, “Think of it as incentive, if I screw up teaching you. I'm the one will be out one hundred thousand dollars. Granted that's not much of an incentive for me. But I really doubt you would allow me to put ten million in accounts for you. Trust me I made way over that two hundred thousand dollars today, you each made forty thousand dollars in the stock, because it increased in price. Kathryn and I made over ten times that.

Misty says, “So you're going to let us keep what we make, only take the 200,000 back.”

Kathryn giggling says, “We don't even have to take that back, JJ and I have more money than what will ever spend."

Marshall says, “I don't really know what to say, last night everything looked like it was going to fall apart. I was going to lose Misty, maybe not today but I would have given her up for her own good. I wasn't going to let her starve. The way the economy is around here I may not have been able to find a job fast enough, or one that would support us.”

Misty interrupts him, “Marshall, don't think for one second I will ever leave you because times get a little tough. Now JJ saved us, I actually made more today than my father did all last year. We can live off the eighty thousand dollars for at least a few years. No one is going to starve.”

My stomach growls before I say, “I don't know about that, the way Marshall is eating didn't leave me much for breakfast, and we’re late for lunch."

Kathryn giggles, "It's not going to kill you to be a little hungry.” My stomach growls again, Kathryn shakes her head and says, “Okay let's go get something to eat.”

Marshall gets an odd expression, I remember him saying he didn't have a dime to his name. I pulled Marshall over to the side to speak with him privately. “Marshall, you said your grandparents had given you twenty-five thousand dollars for you to use, but your father had locked you out of your accounts. I tell you what I'm going to do I'm going to advance you twenty-five thousand dollars for you to use in any form or fashion you care to. Now you'll have to do some work around here to pay me back for it, or I'll let you decide to repay me when your father unlocks your accounts.”

Marshall quickly says, “JJ, you know me I'll help around here without being paid for it. Just staying here will be payment enough for me to do anything you need doing.”

I say, “Okay Marshall, we’ll go by the bank today and start another account one your father can't access, loan you the 25,000 until you can repay it, right now you'll need it to replace your wardrobe for you and Misty.” Jokingly I add, “Plus you’re paying for lunch.”

Laughing Marshall says, “We better hurry to the bank, before you die of hunger.”

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