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With a little help from my friend (My Dad)
Gail Holmes & Nemasis Enforcer

“Time and tide awaits no man, that’s what my father constantly told me, For God’s sake what’s a matter with you, here you are twenty one, and still a bloody virgin. Christ, William I’d lost my virginity years before I was your age. I can tell you, once you’ve tried sex there’ll be no looking back”

At 50, William knew that old Bruce had had a few; and still he could pull, mind you he was a handsome man for his age, but then he didn’t look it.

“I think its bashfulness; I just don’t know what to say?”

“Come lad, I’ll get you laid if it’s the last thing I do, I’ll set it up. Don’t you worry none, the girl in question will know that you’re out to fuck her, think no more of it!” Bruce smiled, “I suppose when you have the need; you take yourself in hand every now and again. I tell you there is nothing better than pussy; it really calms you down if you’re tensed up. If God created anything better, he surely kept it to himself!” Bruce chuckled. “Tell you what; I’ll arrange something for the weekend, it’s only a couple of days off now, we’ll go together, I’ve not been down to old Mary’s in months, make a nice change. She owes me a favour anyway”

“Who’s Mary?” William asked.

“Mary!” Bruce smiled. “She’s a madam that I’m acquainted with; known her for years, could say we grew up together. She was a good lay then, but it’s her tribe now, she only picks the best; youngun’s at that, well in their twenties, that’s young to me but there’d suit you down to the ground!”

“Madam, that’s a form of pimp isn’t it?”

“Catch on quick lad; yes she has a whore house other side of town”

“I couldn’t go with a whore, don’t know where they’ve been half the time” William supposed.

“Selective then are we; tell you one thing, you couldn’t pick cleaner women than her girls. And they know how to give a guy a good time to!”

William made his way home on the Friday evening; he’d been to the nightclub, God there were some angels there; one of which he couldn’t get out of his head, she was a really gorgeous; they’d chatted for what seemed hours, but he just didn’t have the courage to invite her out, little did he recognize that she’d actually fancied him herself.

When he ultimately got into bed she was still on his mind; pulling the bedding to one side, he peered down observing his erect cock, slowly he moved his hand towards the stiff organ, holding it loosely within his fingers offering some form of comfort, it wasn’t long before he sensed the need to massage it even harder; his mind now on the girl. God, if only she knew as to what he was doing, he thought to himself; little did he realize she was doing virtually the same thing, only she’d a soft dildo, not soft maybe, but firm, she was lying back her eyes closed, holding the dildo with finger and thumb, viciously forcing up inside herself, but in her mind it was his cock, well as she visualized it, in her mind it was thick and strong, it’s head mauve in colour. She hadn’t realised he was virgin, perhaps just playing hard to get.

William met Bruce as arranged, he was still uncertain of himself.

“What if she doesn’t take to me?” He quizzed as they walked up the steps to large house.

“Fear you not lad; she’ll be willing to go once she knows you fancy her!”

“How will she know that pray?”

“Just you tell which of them you take a liking to, then leave the rest to me,” Bruce said ushering him into the door as it opened.

“What a nice surprise!” William’s friend Mary smiled holding the door wide allowing them both in.

“This err’ is young William whom I spoke of; I’m sure you have something to entertain him?”

“We surely do; what would you like to drink then? I’ll get the girls down then he can make his choice to whom he’d like to spend time with” Mary smiled toward William offering him a seat.

“Couple of beers if you don’t mind, they’ll do fine” Bruce responded, walking toward the window and looking out.

“You won’t believe the talent Mary has here bless her, you’ll be stuck for choice once you see them?” He declared without turning from the window.

“Still don’t know if I’m doing the right thing, I really don’t know where to start!” William implied, watching the doorway as he heard noises outside.

“You just tell me which one you consider!”


“Consider you’d like to fuck! Come on William where are you, this is going to be your big day. After today, you’ll be able to fuck whatever takes your preference. The amount of females out there just waiting for you to fuck them”

William made no response; suddenly he was lost for words as the girls came into the room, followed by Mary. All were dressed in short mini-skirts with open front blouses, a hornier sight he couldn’t have wished for.

“Here we go then; two nice cool beers!” Mary smiled as she pushed her way through the girls. “No you stay sitting young man,” She told William taking one of the glasses of the tray handing it to him.

“My your stock gets better!” Bruce implied looking at the girls as he took he’s glass from her. Watching as they milled past William, flaunting themselves their dress being sufficient to turn any man on.

“I can see you’ve not misplaced your craving for the young set then?” Mary grinned toward Bruce, who had now sat down for a better view of their legs.

“That’s what I’m here for!” He mused his eyes glued on the girls.

Two of the girls each sat aside of William on the large sofa; mutually knowing he’d taken a desire to them, one thing about women they have the inner sense when it come to aspiration within a mans eyes.

William lifted his glass to his mouth as to take a sip, feeling somewhat embarrassed by the suddenness of the girls movements, that was until one took it from his hand; placing it onto the table to the front of them.

“Later!” she smiled.

Bruce had not missed out on the array of females so scantily dressed, one was now sitting on his lap, hugging Bruce around the neck; he pulled her to his ear, whispering something that only she could hear. The girl looked up toward William, smiling she opened her legs but only slightly, but it was enough for him to see the delicate underwear she was revealing to him. One of Williams’s girls started undoing his flies, it wasn’t before time either, his cock launched its self like a jack-in-the-box, immediately she took it into her hand, the other girl got down onto the floor sitting in front of him watching every move her friend made with his cock. Suddenly she went down on him; William threw himself back into the sofa, the sensations of her gobbling sent his body into seizure, never had he experienced anything like it.

The girl on the floor was now removing his jeans pulling them down over his feet. From the waist downwards he was now naked. He felt somewhat exposed; nevertheless his mind was elsewhere. He casually looked across toward Bruce, who’s hand was now up between the girl’s legs tugging at her silky white panties, he caught a glimpse of the pubic hair, abruptly Bruce’s fingers vanished inside. The girl was kissing him passionately as if his fingers had willed her to surrender.

Both girls were now sucking Williams’s cock in turn, the sensitivity was extraordinary; he looked down at the two bobbing heads in his lap. He was certain at this rate he’d cum; the girls who was sitting next to him climbed over his body striding his lower torso, she lifted her skirt as if to show him her bits, after seeing as to what Bruce had done, as did he; his hand cupped her pussy area over her panties. The girl looked into his eyes

“Go on, it’s yours!” She grinned, and then leaning forward kissed him soothingly on the lips.

This seemed to have a considerable effect on him; his fingers were now delving to the side of her panties, the soft skin and puffiness of her pussy, sent tremors through his body. As the girl started to lower, the other still sitting on the floor took hold of his cock guiding it to the descending pussy. William eased himself back into the sofa; the sensation of her pussy on the end of his helmet was orgasmic.

“Jesus!” He exclaimed, catching his breath.

Gradually the girl sunk her pussy over his cock until it was fully immersed within; leisurely she started to rise and fall. The girl on the floor now got up sitting beside him, whilst her friend with hands on his shoulders started to fuck him in intensely. William clasped her waist lifting his hips to her movements. Her friend reached between them lifting the skirt revealing the erotic sight of his cock thumping up into her pussy.

Bruce looked across toward William, watching him in his moment of glory.

“Well lad, what do you think?” He grinned.

William shut his eyes then shook his head. “Never, ever would I have surmised it would be anything like this!”

The girl’s friend had now got off the settee and was removing her clothing. William watched, as her body became reality, never had he seen a nude female only in pictures.

The girl on his lap leaned forwards kissing him in a gently manner, and then stepped to one side whilst her friend moved into her place. It was a lovely sensation, from a wet and moist pussy to a moist but tight one. William reached up cupping his hands over her breasts, then kissing them individually.

This was certainly a new experience to William; by no means had he ever became aware of feelings such as this with his hand, it was a new height to his awareness of the female form. It was sensational, hard to explain, with one’s hand you can only cover so much of your cock he thought, but this, this was captivating his whole cock in one go, the two sensations we’re worlds apart. Abruptly the girl’s body seemed to freeze up, she slumped over his shoulder, her breathing somewhat heavy. William tried to lift his hips, but he was locked solid.

She eased herself back off his shoulder and gave him a peck on the cheek. “How d’you do that, it was breathtaking!” She murmured as if still not altogether having her wits about her.

“What did I do?” William questioned, not quite understanding as to the quandary

“Hell I don’t know; but you certainly knocked me off my perch” The girl sounded exhausted.

William’s cock was still deep inside her as she turned back to her friend.

“You’d better take over now Emma, I’m totally bushed. God, nobody has left me this exhausted, he’s drained me!”

Emma stepped forward as Ellie strained to lift herself off of his proud cock.

“I hope I didn’t hurt you in any way?” William informed her.

“Hurt! No way did you do that, but that’s some cock you have there, never has anybody given me so much exhilaration, it was shattering”

Once again his was subjected to a moist but tight pussy, and he’d only left fucking her about ten minutes ago. He couldn’t make out for the life of him as to what he’d done to Ellie. Emma lowered, unhurriedly still wondering what he’d done to her friend, his cock felt good to her, she continued to fuck him, however she was anticipating something happening like it had to Emma, She rode him hard all the way up; thumping her pussy down hard, assuring it was fully inside her. William’s cock sensed every ripple inside her pussy, it was like walking in heaven, and he was in a dream world of his own. He was glad that he’d got Ellie back; after all she did take his virginity. Unexpectedly he sensed the expected, but he’d have sooner have liked to carry on but his heart was pumping he knew he was about to cum. However, he was not in control, Ellie was, he could only lift up to her, the chances of him pulling out, were slim. Ellie sensed the fullness of his cock she knew his seed was on its way; William let out a loud gasp as he came. She held her pussy down onto his cock giving him the real experience of the swelling within her pussy. He sat pushing himself upright, placing his arms around her.

“God, that was a magnificent experience, it felt really excellent!” He told her as he slumped back against the sofa.

As Ellie lifted herself from him, there was a thick dribble of his cum hanging from her pussy. One of the girls rushed forward going down in front of her; William was amazed to see her actually licking the cum out of Ellie’s pussy.

Mary noticed his expression “We waste nothing here young man! It’s all part of the service, always cleaning up after us” She smiled.

William twisted toward Bruce; he’d a girl on her knees in a chair, fucking her like there was no tomorrow, the noise she was making made him wonder if he’d done the right thing, still, he did come here to get fucked, and he’d genuinely enjoy it. After he’d replaced his clothing he picked up his glass and sat down watching Bruce. The girl was nearly screaming now, he was really driving into her; suddenly he humped his cock in deep and blew his load with a loud moan. The poor girl nearly collapsed in the chair after he’d pulled out. He swung around, he’s cock swung to and fro.

“Is there any more beer Mary!” He inquired without any form of shame, with his cock flopping around.

“Coming right up” She replied, leaving the room.

“Well lad; did you enjoy it?”

William felt somewhat humiliated by him keep calling him either lad or son, certainly the girls found it amusing as they started to giggle.

“I certainly did, we all have our first time with everything!” He replied; this seemed to quell the giggling to an extent.

“And what’s more he’s very good at it!” Emma smiled. “Never ever have I had an orgasm such as he gave me, lessons could be learnt from him?”

Poor Bruce didn’t know what to say; for a girl to say such a thing to him knocked him for six. He did speculate if he’d done the right thing bringing him here in the first place, perhaps the lad wasn’t as naive as he originally thought.

When they’d both left Mary’s; Emma gave William a nice kiss on the cheek. “You will come back won’t you” She requested.

“Made quite a name for yourself by all accounts; though you were suppose to be a bloody virgin?”

William didn’t really need this, he still didn’t know as to what he’d done to make the girl applaud him; after all she was doing all the work.

“I was; I can assure you of that, whatever happened she did it herself, I haven’t a clue as to what could have occurred?”

“Well you certainly made me look a fool, I’ve been at it for years my boy!”

“There is no way I would have done anything to upset you; I would however appreciate it if you’d stop calling me boy and lad, I find it can be embarrassing at times!”

The following week went by, Bruce didn’t have a lot to say about Mary’s place, and William didn’t think he’d be going again, well not with Bruce anyway. He’d only wished he could remember what had happened with Emma; but it did spur him to go to the nightclub the following Friday night in the hope of finding the girl again, now he’d lost his virginity, he felt more secure, at least he knew what it was all about now.

The club was extremely busy, she never turned up until 9.30 even then she seem to give him the cold shoulder, he could only assume that she’d supposed he’d given her the brush off the Friday before. Even then he felt that if he had made a date he’d have let the side down. Finally she succumbed to him, but it was quite late, her name was Angie she was a very pretty girl, quite tall, slim but an hourglass of a figure with ash blonde hair down to the middle of her back, William didn’t think he’d a chance with her. They did two or three dances together before the end of the evening.

“Do you have lift home?” William asked her as they made for the club exit.

“No, I live on the outskirts of town”

“With your parents?” William inquired.

“No, have my own flat, it’s quite nice, would you like to stop by for a coffee?”

“Sounds great to me, we’ll get a taxi if you like?”

“Sooner walk if that’s okay with you, it’s a nice night and I feel quite warm after being in the club” Angie took his arm as they started to walk.

It took around twenty minutes to walk to Angie’s home, it was in a nice area of the town, William realised the she must be an influential girl as the property was well up-market, she must have a good job with excellent pay to afford to live in this neighbourhood.

“What do you do for a living?” William asked as they entered the flat.

“I have my own business, in Keep Fit!” Angie smiled.
“This is a lovely flat, it must cost you a fortune?”

“Well it’s my Dad’s really, he’s the one with the money. Here let me take your coat!” After William had removed his jacket, Angie hung it in the small reception area. “D’you prefer coffee or would you like a proper drink, I even have beer should you wish?”

“Beer would suit me fine”

When they entered the lounge it took Williams breath back, everything seemed brand-new, and everything was so spotlessly clean.

“You live here alone?”

“I suppose you could say that, except for Mr. Ollie that is” She smiled.

“Mr. Ollie?”

“He’s my cat, he’s still out by the way...I’ll shall have to call him in; I must take a shower now, that club make you feel so uncomfortable with its heat. Please help yourself to a beer, you’ll find them in the cooler behind the bar over there!” Angie pointed to a small bar set into the corner of the room. “Put some music on, I shouldn’t be to long, smoke if you want to”

“I don’t!” William smiled as she left the room.

He collected a beer then sat down on the settee with a handful of CD’s he’d collect from the music centre. It certainly was a spacious flat, and the pile on the carpet was knee deep. He wondered what her father must do to afford a place like this. After selecting three CD’s he then put them in the music centre.

“My I like you’re selection, we’re not to far apart there!” Angie laughed as she came back into the lounge in just a dressing gown. “Sorry if I’ve taken to long, like another beer?”

William looked up as she stood in front of him, sexy wasn’t the right word for her. “Fine I’ll get it, can I get you something?” he suggested looking back as he made his way to the bar.

“Just an orange with ice if you wouldn’t mind” she replied with a smile could melt any mans heart.

“Nothing stronger?”

“No, I only drink juices, sorry I’m such a bore aren’t I!”

William smiled back to her. “Not at all; you have whatever suits you”

Angie moved to one side as William brought the drinks back, leaving very little room for him to sit. It was obvious that she intended to be close when he did sit. He was in a quandary; he really didn’t know where to start, he knew she wanted him as he did her, but you don’t just jump into sex, well he wouldn’t have thought so, he’d tried to get the low down on the technique from Bruce, but after being at Mary’s he’d spoken very little about sex.

“You look lost?” Angie grinned up to him as he stood holding the glasses. “Come on sit yourself down”

She took her glass from him; tapping the cushion beside her, but still never moved. William virtually wriggled in beside her.

“I would say you’re a mite shy?” She smiled holding her glass out toward him, “Cheers”

“Cheers!” William replied with a grin, “You’re right; yes I am shy to a extent.

Angie reached for his hand; taking it into her own, “I think you’re cute”

“Funny I was thinking the same; of you I mean” He smiled.

Angie moved her hand down onto her leg taking his with it.

William’s stomach flipped as he felt Angie’s hand pull his onto her thigh. He remembered back to when he had first seen her in the club, she was so good looking and he wanted so bad to go and talk to her, even bring her home with him but he hadn’t the nerve to do it.

Now here they were, on her sofa, his hand caressing her inner thigh as she smiled to him, her eyes bright and inviting.

Angie’s mind went to the same night, the night she had gone home and masturbated thinking of the cute guy in the club, he was so nice and she wanted him, now she had him and he wasn’t going to get away from her, not this time.

“Ohhh” William moaned as he felt Angie’s leg shift slightly, his hand now being pushed up her thigh under her dressing gown.

Angie smiled as he squirmed with shyness, his mind was saying this is what you want; however, his stomach was doing flip-flops.

“Don’t be so shy” Angie said softly leaning over to William lightly kissing his neck.

William was frozen on the spot as he felt the lips touch his neck; this was different then anything before. When Bruce had taken him to see Mary, and he’d lost his virginity it was very surreal, the way the women fucked him didn’t seem natural. This on the other hand was different, here he was alone and expected to perform but he’d not done it before.

“Ohhh” William moaned again as the kisses got higher on his neck up to his ears now.

“Is this your first time?” Angie asked as William took a deep breath.

“No… well sort of… but not really” William was lost for words; his body was stiff and he was more nervous then ever before.

“Well which is it?” Angie smiled as she brought his hand further up so it now cupped her pussy, the only thing between his hand and her sultry lips now were the tight white panties she had put on.

“No its not” William finally said making his mind up to tell the truth.

“I thought it may have been with you acting so shy around me,” Angie said, lightly brushing his hand over her crotch.

“I lost my virginity a while ago” William admitted as he swallowed hard, the feel of the silk panties on his palm and the heat they radiated making him feel uncomfortable, but turning him on immensely.

“Lucky girl” Angie said as she continued to rub his hand on her pussy, pressing it a little harder into her lips, making the gusset crease up the slit of her lips.

“I don’t know about that but…” William trailed off as he thought about what Ellie had said, he was still at a loss, as to what he had done to make her act like that but it must have been something.

“What?” Angie was curious to know, she wanted to know everything about this young man she was with, and intended to have her wicked way with.

“It doesn’t matter” William said as he looked into Angie’s eyes, they were filled with lust, as were his.

“You’re staring” Angie smiled.

William blushed, she was right he was staring at her, anyone would, she was so attractive.

“Don’t be embarrassed” Angie assured him “But I must admit you do look cute when you blush; getting all embarrassed like that” That only made William blush more deeply.

His heart was pounding in his chest, even harder than when he actually lost his virginity to Ellie and fucked Emma, it was something about this situation that did it to him, something about this girl.

Angie was a little nervous too, she wasn’t inexperienced by any means but William seemed to do something to her she couldn’t explain, the first time they had met she had wanted him so much to just ask her out on a date, but no, now she knew why, she was shy and inexperienced, and she decided it was her that had to educate him on how to please a woman.

William had not realised that Angie had let go of his hand and he was now rubbing her pussy on his own, it was just something that he was doing subconsciously but Angie was really pleased he was.

“Oh William that’s nice” Angie moaned as her panties became damp from her own juices.

William suddenly snapped out of his trance, he suddenly realised that he was still rubbing her pussy, on his own now.

“Don’t stop” Angie said pushing his hand back in between her thighs to her moist panties.

William’s heart began to try and escape his chest, well that’s what it felt like to him, but that didn’t stop his hand from caressing her panty-covered pussy again.

“Ahhhh” Angie gasped as she felt his fingertip touch the crease between her lips just below her clit.

“I’m sorry what’s wrong?” William asked immediately thinking he’d done something wrong and wanting to apologize.

“Wrong! Nothings wrong, but damn; you sure know how to please a girl” she smiled “And I sure know how to please a guy” Angie replied with a winked.

William wasn’t sure what Angie meant by that statement but was pleased to know that he had not done anything wrong ‘That’s the problem with being inexperienced you never know if what you do is wrong or right’ he thought to himself as Angie began to kiss his lips slowly and tenderly.

William wasn’t really sure what to do when kissing, he’d had a few but was not that comfortable with the whole technique, it seemed like he just couldn’t get the hang of it.

“Ok Will, what’s wrong” Angie asked as he broke the kiss, feeling his lips were tight and hard, Angie knew he hadn’t done much in the way of kissing.

“It’s just I’m not that good at the whole kissing thing” William admitted, his face going red with embarrassment again.

“Here let me show you” Angie said turning to face him on the sofa “Wet your lips” she instructed. William ran his tongue over his lips, wetting them slightly before awaiting Angie’s next instructions.

“Now close your eyes and follow my lead” Angie waited for William’s eyes to close before she leaned her body forwards and tilted her head to the right, planting her lips on to his, softly at first before taking his face in her hands.

William suddenly felt at ease, it seemed to be Angie that had this effect on him, the way her lips glided over his as they kissed it seemed so natural and right, like they had been made for each other.

“Now, see that wasn’t so hard” Angie said as she broke off the kiss for a second before placing her lips back on his. This time she introduced her tongue, sliding it over his lips. William’s eyes opened wide as she licked his soft lips, but he became more confident and soon was opening his own lips and letting his own tongue slide into Angie’s mouth.

The kiss went on and on, both taking turns taking the lead, first Angie would have her tongue in William’s mouth, exploring it before she’d let him have his turn in hers.

It was Angie that broke the kiss first.

“William I want you so much right now” she said seductively “I’ve wanted you since the night we met in the nightclub”

William was a little shocked but he knew how she felt “I wanted you too” he said softly raising a smile from Angie’s lips.

“You know that night all I wanted was you to ask me on a date, and went I got home I had you in my mind all night” she said standing up from the sofa.

“I thought about you too” William said shyly, his shyness had returned somewhat as they talked about the night they met, it was because his mind was thinking about what he did when he got home, lying in bed thinking about that girl, the girl before him now, as he massaged his cock.

“I was so hot I actually… well I worked up a sweat lets say that!” Angie smiled down to him as she spoke, she could see he was a little uncomfortable talking about it; but loved the effect she had “Come on I want to give you a tour of my bedroom”.

William was nervous, his heart was pounding as he took Angie’s hand and was lead to the stairs.

Once they were in the bedroom William was taken back, it had a big double bed at the far end and was so big it seemed untrue.

“Make yourself at home, I’ll be right back in a second” Angie disappeared leaving William alone in the large bedroom, the bed looking very inviting at the far end. William moved over to it and stood looking around the rest of the room, it was nice and tidy, very clean and the sheets seemed clean and crisp.

“I thought I said make yourself at home?” Angie’s voice came from behind William “I don’t think you wear your clothes to bed or do you?”

“No” William said as he turned around and caught a sight of Angie, she was stood in only her bra and panties, her breasts more than filling bra to almost bursting point, her hourglass figure much more prominent in this form of attire.

William felt his cock rise immediately, it was making a big tent in his pants but he didn’t notice that, his attention was glued to the wondrous woman before him.

“Like what you see?” she asked giving him a twirl, her hair flowing down her back as she spun. William nodded, his mouth open in shock at how beautiful she was, he legs seemed to be longer now they were uncovered then when she was wearing clothes.

“You… you look wonderful!” he managed to screech out

“Thanks” she smiled walking over to her soon to be lover, placing her hand over the bulge in his pants, she then looked into his eyes “I think its time you showed me what you’ve got”.

William couldn’t believe this was happening to him, this girl should have been way out of his league, but here she was rubbing his swollen cock and suggesting he got naked with her!

Angie took the initiative and pulled his shirt up to his chest, William raised his hands and helped her pull it over his head, his heart was pounding as he lowered his hands to his sides again, his breath was becoming erratic, as Angie’s soft hands moved over his chest caressing his skin lightly.

William sighed as he felt her hands go to his jeans, undoing the belt and pulling it off before moving back to unzip the fly.

“Wow” Angie gasped as she let the denim jeans fall down William’s legs to the floor. She was amazed as to the bulge in his underwear; she could clearly make out the head as it strained to brake free from its tight confinement. Looking back into William’s eyes she smiled and leaned forwards to kiss him again, her breasts pushing against his chest, her erect nipples hard, and poking prominently thought the thin material.

William felt her hands move up his back as she pulled him close to her body, both their heart beats could now be felt, surprisingly to him, Angie’s was nearly as fast as his own.

“Oh I need you now!” Angie said as she eased him back onto the bed, William was astonished by the speed in which she had done it.

Quickly she took off her bra and her breasts come into full view for the first time, they were just perfect for her body, not too big or small and her nipples were rigid.

A small triangle of ash blonde hair came into view, as she stood upright once again, it looked like ash blonde was her natural colour.

William’s eyes were glued to her body as she moved forwards leaning over the bottom of the bed, her breasts hanging just over his legs as she smiled up to him, then down to his bulging cock.

“I think we need to get rid of these,” she said taking hold of his underwear and sliding them down. His cock was so large, it was hard to get his underpants over it easily, but with a little adjustment Angie was able to pull the waistband over and letting it spring free.

She was taken back by it, she had thought she got the size about right when she had masturbated the night they had met but she was way off the mark. Here it stood around 7 inches long and 4.5 inches thick the only thing she was right about was the mauve coloured head. Angie watched it bounce and throb in silence as William lay his head flat on the pillow, his heart beat rising, he had never felt so vulnerable in his entire life as he did right now.

“Ohhh Wow!” Angie gasped as she took hold of his cock with her left hand, her fingers not going all the way around it. William took in a deep breath as he felt her hand touch his cock, it took some getting used to having someone other then himself hold it, but he had to admit it felt much better this way.

Angie lowered her lips to the throbbing cock clutching it tightly in her hand.

“Ohhhh!” William moaned filling her tongue lick the underside, her lips moved over the top and closed over the helmet.

Angie leisurely took his cock deeper into her mouth, using her tongue to lick up the pre-cum that had formed on the top of his cock.

William remembered when the girls at Mary’s place had done this to him, he liked it then, but hell he loved it right now.

Angie continued to suck his cock as deep as she could then pull it back so only the head was still inside her tightly closed lips, following every vain on his cock with her tongue and savoured the salty taste of his pre-cum.

“Hmmmm” she moaned sucking his cock so hard her cheeks caved in.

William was in heaven as she began to bob her head up and down his cock, her left hand rubbing the shaft as worked with her talented mouth.

Angie began to move around William’s cock, lowering her right hand down to her own sexual centre, lightly rubbing her clit before inserting a finger into her dripping wet pussy.

William felt Angie begin to increase her speed of suck and rubs and he knew he wouldn’t last out much longer if she kept it up at this pace.

Angie suspected this would be the case too, she could feel his cock begin to swell slightly and his breath was very erratic like all guys are just before they his climax, she didn’t want him to do that, well not just yet anyway.

Taking her mouth off his cock Angie crawled up onto the bed straddling William thighs, her pussy was just a few inches away from his cock as it stood hard and proud almost touching her stomach.

Angie gave William a little time to calm down. Once she was satisfied he wouldn’t blow as soon as he entered her she leaned down and whispered into William’s ear “You’ll love this” She smiled before raising her hips off his thighs and aiming her pussy up and over his cock.

William looked down and watched Angie lowered her open pussy lips to the head of his cock, his heart was beating faster then ever before, more then the time when he’d first lost his virginity, he was so nervous.

Finally Angie positioned his cock at the entrance of her womanhood and slowly lowered herself down on him.

William’s mouth opened and his eyes closed as he felt her warm pussy open up to receive his cock, it was so hot inside her body and wet.

Angie gasped as he filled her, she could feel his cock stretching her inner walls as it was pushed further inside, deeper and deeper.

William felt like this must have been heaven, and Angie was an angel, the tightness of her pussy was extraordinary, and the wetness well it was just unbelievable. Finally William went as deep as Angie could take him and both let out a big gasp and sigh.

This was a new experience for Angie she hadn’t taken anything this big before; and it was a little uncomfortable to begin with, but the way it made her feel to have such a chunky cock inside her was overwhelming, taking away all other feelings of discomfort.

William was thinking about Ellie and Emma, he was comparing the feelings of their pussies to that of Angie; she was defiantly the tightest of the three, and possibly the wettest.

Angie stayed motionless for a few moments getting used to the feel of William’s cock inside her, once she was happy with it Angie began to lift herself up slightly taking his cock most of the way out of her body before dropping back down onto it.

“Aaaaaaaaaaaah!” she began to cry out as she picked up the pace of her thrusts, William’s cock being taken deeper into her on every bounce she made.

William could only hold her waist and thrust his hips up to meet her as he felt his cock being pumped so deeply into her tight pussy.

“Oh Will… Oh Yesss!” Angie moaned out as she felt his cock swelling inside her pussy.

William was loosing control as Angie’s thrusts became more aggressive, her breasts bouncing as their thrusts met each other.

Both began to moan out loudly as they continued to fuck hard and fast, William’s cock pounding into Angie’s puffy pussy lips.

This was dreamlike to William, it was just a week or so ago that he was still a virgin and now he had fucked two women, and was just doing his third.

“Yesss” Angie cried out as she began to grind her hips on William’s pelvis, his cock now sliding around her tight pussy.

Suddenly Angie went rigid, frozen just like Ellie was when they had fucked, William’s mind went back to that day and he realised the look on their faces was almost identical as was their next move. Angie slumped forwards onto William’s body, her breasts pushed onto his chest and her breathing hard and fast.

“Are you ok?” he asked but got no answer for a little while

“God that was excellent” Angie panted as she sat back up on his cock and looked down at his body.

“What was?” he inquired still not sure why girls kept doing that when he had sex with them.

“You really are good you know that!” Angie said as she leaned down and kissing him, the kiss was soft and tender not passionate, more thank you kiss then anything.

William was still wondering what he had done, it was Angie that had made all the moves but yet she was thanking him. His thoughts were distorted when Angie rolled to the side and pull him with her.

Now they were in opposite positions it was Angie who was laid back and William on top. He wasn’t sure about this new position he had always had the girl on top of him when he had sex; but now it was him who had to do the work, he was petrified of letting the side down, hoping his performance would be up to the mark.

Angie encouraged him to go for it by wrapping her legs around his back and pulling him into her body tightly, she could see the uncertainty in his face, thinking t she’d better assist him along.

William took the hint and with some nervousness pulling his cock back out of her tight pussy before thrusting his hips back into her.

“Ohhhh” Angie moaned as she felt that full feeling return inside her taut body, William pulled his hips back once more and pushed his cock back inside Angie again, It was a very diverse feeling then having her on top of him, he was in control now and he could do what he liked.

The thrusting of William’s cock became very rapid, as did his breathing; Angie was tightening her inner walls, gripping his cock tighter then ever before as he made his deeper thrusts.

William knew that with this extra stimulation he wasn’t going to last long and he was right.

After a few more thrusts William felt his balls tighten and the cum rise into his shaft, he was taking a big risk right now, he didn’t know if Angie was on birth control or not, nevertheless, he was at the point of no return and didn’t have time to ask her.

“Ohhhh Fuck” he shouted out as he pushed his cock deep into her overwhelmingly wet pussy and released a torrent of his built up cum into her. William had not relieved himself for a few days now and the build up was considerable, Angie gripped him hard, sensing the fullness of his load, never had she be subjected to such engorgement.

They laid together for a few minutes, William’s cock now shrinking buried inside Angie’s dripping womanhood. She released the grip on his back with her legs and laid them on the bed flat, both were exhausted and tired.

William felt really good about what he had done, satisfied by it and it looked like Bruce had been right when he’d said, “Once you’ve tried sex; there’ll be no looking back”.

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that was amazing

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2009-02-11 11:58:41
Fantastic! And to the critic that says the timeline doesn't make sense, you need to read a bit closer. It was a great story! Although there were a few grammar issues that confused some of the lines (he instead of her). But again great work!


2008-03-28 01:07:52
a cock that is 4.5 inches thick? give me a fucking break. unfortunately that totally unrealistic part of the story turned me off but the rest wasn't bad. 8/10


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fuckin sick bastards



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10/10, very very good story. Really made me bust a load

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