Sherri leaves home to attend Art School in New York.
Swinging in the neighborhood Chapter 27 Sherri Becomes an Disappointment

In my last Chapter, I told you about the first wound I had received in Vietnam from a booby trap. Fate had set that trap for me however the first appearances of the monster within foiled fates plans The monster would go on to protect me and keep me safe through that tour as well as my next one.

Carrie had written in her journals about how I never told her how the scar to the side of my chest had happened. I am not for sure, if I did not tell her out of fear or if during that time the monster within me would not let me. Carrie was right in that my troubles started around that time and continued until Sherri stopped me that day in my workshop. I own her my life and you my readers have been able to hear my story only because she stopped me.

During seeing my daughter Sherri over Father’s day, she suggested that I should write about my life and times with the monster while I served in Vietnam. I may do so as my next project.

Also in my last chapter the only woman I ever loved as much as I had, Carrie had walked out of my life. Kay leaving left me confused, unhappy and concerned about her safety and my own sanity. Kay had been gone a little over two months. Cathy knew where she was and she explained the reason Kay left. Well the reason had come to me as her, Sherri and I talked. The reason was one I had faced with Kay when I first met her, Kay’s fear of loving. I suggest you read all my chapters to catch up with all that you have missed. I can tell you that you have missed a lot.

For the past two weeks, I had been having visions of seeing her when I went places. I was worried my mind may have snapped again. I kept those visions of Kay to myself I did not share them with Sherri or with Cathy. The reason for keeping them to my self was that I was not looking to end my life over Kay walking away. She had promised in her letter that she would return one day.

However, promises made are only to be broken. I know because I had promised Kay years ago that I would never have fun with another woman other than her except during the time we were swinging together. I broke that promise even before she had walked out on Sherri and me.

I had committed adultery with Pam a nineteen-year-old classmate of Sherri the night before Kay walked away. It was not one of my prouder moments in my life. Sure, the sex was bizarre however; the guilt was not worth it at all. I never thought about it until now I had also sinned when I took Sally home that night Kay walked out on me. At least Sally understood that I could not nor would she ever see me again.

I was about to turn 40 that year 1992. My biggest fear also became a reality that year that I would soon have to deal with. My fear of being alone looked as if it would soon be upon me. I was trying to deal with it and I had a little help from Angel Carrie as she had come to me finally in a dream. Just the one lone dream kept me going at least for a while.

It was June; Sherri was to graduate from High School on this day. Sherri and I had wanted Kay to be here on this day however, she was not here. Sherri left in the morning to go get ready for graduation with her friends. I promised her I would be there that afternoon to watch her.

The fear of facing life without Kay hit me as I dressed for Sherri’s graduation. For one thing, I did not know what to wear. I decided on my three-piece suit. I was even going to wear a tie however, that idea ended when I popped the top button on my white shirt.

I was totally lost as I held the button to my shirt in my hand. I could sew a wound closed if I had too with fishing line but I could not sew a simple button onto my shirt. It was funny to me until the reality of it came to me. I was helpless without Kay. Sherri had taken care of stuff like that since Kay had been gone. However, who would be doing it when Sherri left in a few months.

My joy of seeing Sherri graduate soon turned to fear of being alone. I could survive for weeks, months in the jungle however I thought I might not last four days on my own here at home. In fact, as I was pulling my shoes on I thought it might be better if I just went and lived in a jungle somewhere.

Those crazy thoughts in my head caught up with me. As I stood up from putting my shoes on the room began to spin. My stomach started to flip as I ran into the bathroom in our bedroom. I made it to the toilet just as vomit rushed from my stomach. I puked out breakfast Sherri had made for us as well as dry heaving my stomach lining up as well. To make matters worst I had it all over my suit and my pants. So much for wearing my suit, I thought as I looked into the mirror. I washed my face, brushed the bad taste from my mouth, and returned into the bedroom.

I walked to the closet and pulled a pair of jeans off the hanger. I also saw a black polo shirt that I grabbed as well. I undressed and then got dressed in them. I also said the hell with the shoes. I pulled my black high polished army boots from the closet. By now, I did not care what I looked like.

Sherri’s graduation was in our local civic center. I arrived and watched from my truck as couples got from their vehicles. They walked hand in hand as well as standing hand in hand at the doors waiting to get inside. Proud parents here to watch their sons and daughter receive their diplomas.

I got out of my truck alone. I walked up and stood in line alone. Some people in line knew me. They asked where Kay was. I told them she was not feeling good and could not make it. I even saw some people we knew talking amongst themselves and then looking toward me.

I had pretty much heard all the rumors around our little community about Kay and me. They ranged from that I had done away with her to the plain truth that she had walked out on me. I was never one who cared what people thought of me until that day. I even over heard some people talking.

“That poor Sgt. J his first wife taken from him and now his second wife walked out on him,” The woman said to another woman a few spots ahead of me in line.

I looked to the ground ashamed as I brought my head back up I saw Kay standing at the corner of the building. I hurried out of line as she went around the corner. I got there and I must have been seeing things again as there was no Kay and nowhere that she could have went. I came close to just getting into my truck and leaving. However, I could not just up and leave Sherri. I leaned against the building gathering my composure.

I got back into line where I once again faced the looks from different people. To me it seemed as if everyone around me knew. I finally made it inside. Once inside an usher asked me my name and I told him.

“Oh Sgt. J your Sherri’s father,” the older man said. He held out his hand as he added, “Your daughter is very talented with drawing, I am Mr.____ her art teacher.

I shook his hand as I nodded my head. He led me down to around the second row of seats. He looked at the paper on his clipboard as he pointed to the two end seats. I looked to those seats; one had Sgt. J taped to it and the other read Kay.

The art teacher looked at me as he asked, “Is your wife joining you later?”

I stood there for a few seconds before I replied, “Yeah something like that.”

He walked away as I stood there looking around the room. I swear everyone was looking at me. I turned and looked toward the doors I had just entered. Once again, I thought Kay was standing there. However, I blinked my eyes and she was gone. I sat down as the rows around me started to fill up with people. I glanced up toward the stage and I saw the curtain part a little, as Sherri looked out at me. She smiled then left my view.

I felt scared and alone as I sat there. A lifetime of fear filled my body. My mind replayed my life up to this point as I sat there. The Vietnam War and all I had faced. The joy and happiness I had with Carrie. The pain I felt with losing her and Melissa and then my own journeys to find myself. The joy when Kay and Sherri came into my live. The pain and hurt when Kay went away played out in my mind as I sat there.

Others soon joined me as the row filled up except for the seat next to me. People surrounded me however, I still felt alone. I also knew that Sherri would be leaving for Art School soon and I would truly be alone. I sat there closing my eyes hoping to make my emotional torment stop. Voices filled my head as I did. I could hear everyone’s voices that sat in the center in my head. Fear gripped at my very soul as their voices filled my head.

It felt as if my body was trembling as I sat there. I opened my eyes to make sure it was not. The voices grew louder in my head as the room grew full of people. I had to do something to get their voices from my head.

I closed my eyes again as I slowly filter all the noise around me from my hearing. I was sitting alone in silence finally. The image of the lake filled my mind as I sat there. I was standing on the shoreline looking out over the water. The gentle waves splashing against the shoreline filled my ears. I watched as the moon danced once again on the water. I looked up into the night sky however, there were too many stars for me to count. I looked all around as I stood there at the edge of the lake.

The smell of “White Diamond” Perfume filled the air. I knew Carrie must be near. I looked down into the water seeing my own reflection. As I stared into the water Carrie’s face appeared next to mine.

“I am here John,” I heard as I stared into the water.

Carrie’s lips did not move when I heard that she just kept smiling at me. I felt her hand touching against my face as she faded from the water. Her hand stroked lightly on my face as my own face faded away. The gentle waves splashing against the shoreline faded away as did the moon and the stars. I stood there in darkness as her hand stroked my face.

The touch on my face seemed so real I opened my eyes. My eyes opened with everything out of focus. As they focused in front of me, I saw Kay standing looking into my face as her hand stroked the side of my face.

Kay smiled as she said, “Sorry if I took you from your happy place.”

I stood up and I wrapped my arms around her pulling her tightly against me. I buried my face to the side of her head as I smelled at her hair. I had missed smelling her hair, as it always seemed to smell so fresh. I nibbled at her ear as I breathed in the “White Diamond” perfume she wore. I kissed at her neck following it around to where I placed my lips onto hers kissing her deeply and with passion.

Kay broke our kiss as she said, “John everyone is watching us,” as she smiled.

“Let em I no longer care,” I replied kissing her deeply once again.

I broke our kiss as I sat her down next to me still holding her hand. I stared into her face as she stared into mine. I fought back my own tears as I watched a single lone tear run from her eye. I was just about going to catch it on my fingertip when Kay caught it on hers. She held it up to my eyes.

“I cry this tear not for myself John but for you and you only,” Kay said. “I hope you can forgive me in your heart as well,” Kay added.

I brought her hand that I held in mine up to my lips. I kissed her hand lightly then I looked deep into her eyes as I replied, “I forgave you a long time ago my love.”

The program for graduation began as I still held her hand. I would look toward the stage ever now and then. I just stared at the face I had missed so much mostly. I was not paying attention when they called Sherri’s name as I was staring at Kay still.

“She looks so grown up and so lovely, Kay said turning toward me.

I smiled as I replied, “You sure do,” as I wrapped my arm around her turning to the stage to see Sherri being handed her diploma.

Sherri turned and with a smile on her face, she brought her finger to her eye. Then she pointed to her heart then with two fingers from her hand she pointed to Kay and me. She was telling us that she loved the two of us.

For the rest of the program Kay and I would just stare at each other. She would stroke her hand at my face and I would kiss her hand. The program ended and we sat there together. More than a few people stopped to say hi and to tell Kay how lovely she looked. Most of the people were gone as Kay and I still sat there.

“I talked to Sherri before I joined you John,” “I explained it all to her,” Kay said. “I also explained to her that it was not time for me to return home yet,” she added looking at me.

“You’re not going anywhere your quest to find yourself has ended,” I replied.

I placed my hand to the side of her face as I said, “Close your eyes Kay.”

Kay closed her eyes as I added, “Listen to the sounds around you and filter those that you do not want to hear.”

Kay sat there with her eyes closed for some time. If this did not work, I knew I would have to set her free. If I lost her, at least I would know why. I closed my eyes as I filtered the sounds from the room once again.

In mere seconds I heard, “Lub-dub, lub-dub.” “What do you hear Kay?” I asked.

“I hear my own heart beating,” Kay replied with her eyes still closed.

I took both her hands into mine as I heard, “Lub-dub, lub-dub” followed my another set of Lub-dub, Lub-dub,”

“I want you to listen closely and tell me what you hear now,” I said as I closed my own eyes.

In about 30 seconds Kay replied, “I heard two hearts beating as one.”

I was going to say something when suddenly I heard, “Lub-dub, Lub-dub,” three times in my own ears. I felt a hand rubbing against my face as three hearts began to beat as one. I opened my eyes to see Sherri standing there with her hand rubbing on my face. I looked to Kay as she opened her eyes.

Kay smiled at Sherri then to me as she said, “I heard three beating as one.”

I stood up standing Kay up with me. I dropped her hands from mine. I grabbed Sherri’s hand in one hand. I held out my other hand to Kay.

“If that did not tell you who you are and where you belong then I guess this is good bye Kay,” I said to her.

“Daddy,” Sherri cried out as she squeezed my hand.

I never took my eyes from Kay when she did. Kay looked to Sherri when she had cried out “Daddy.” However, her eyes returned to mine as I stared deeply into hers. Kay’s eyes grew bluer than I had ever seen them as they started to sparkle and shine. I felt her hand go into mine squeezing at it.

Kay smiled to me then to Sherri as she said, “Take me home for that is where I belong.”

It was nice driving home with the three of us in my truck. It reminded me of when Kay and I were but dating. Sherri and her mom did most of the talking as I drove us home. It was mostly Sherri telling her mom how much she had missed her. I smiled to myself as she did because I knew she was doing it on her own not because I asked her too. Sherri then asked her mom a question.

“Mom, what made you come to gradation today?” Sherri asked.

Kay smiled to her then to me as she replied, “A caring angel guided my heart these last few weeks.” “No John that was not my ghost you had saw,” Kay added. “By the way did you hurt yourself when you fell from that bulldozer?” Kay asked giving me a smile.

“No but I do have a button that needs to be sewed back on my good white shirt,” I replied thinking at least I had not been seeing things.

“So helpless daddy is without you mom,” Sherri said cuddling up to her in the truck.

Kay looked at me as she replied, “As helpless as I am without him,” smiling at me.

As I drove I looked to the heavens and told angel Carrie thanks for her help. I knew then that the falling star that night in my dream was Kay and that Carrie had left me to go watch over her. Be it true or not someday, I can only hope to find out. However, for now I was just happy to have her back.

“Would you two mind if I lay down in our bed for a while?” Kay asked when we walked into the house.

I did not I told her as Sherri walked her back to our bedroom. I sat down in the living room and grabbed a fishing magazine. In about fifteen minutes or so, Sherri came walking out into the living room. I saw she had her drawing book with her.

“Daddy I have a new drawing for your workshop,” Sherri said as she sat down beside me. “But before I show it to you I need to ask you something,” Sherri added.

I looked at her as I asked, “What is it princess?”

“Daddy, would you have really told mom goodbye?” Sherri asked.

“Yes, princess for the good of us both,” I replied looking seriously at her.

“How did you know she would hear our hearts, daddy?” Sherri asked.

“Princess, I am shocked it was in the book,” I replied referring to Carrie’s journals. I smiled at her as I added, “Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. "Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens.”

Sherri smiled as she stood up and handed me a drawing from her drawing book. She walked away as I looked down to the paper. Sherri had handed it to me blank side up so I had to turn it over to see what she had drawn this time.

I flipped the paper over to see it was a drawing of me standing on the shoreline looking out over the water. It showed the gentle waves splashing against the shoreline. Stars filled the background with the moon resting almost beside me on the shoreline. A set of steps projected out and spiraled down ward to my feet. My arm extended giving my hand to Carrie as I helped her from the steps. Her long blonde hair blowing in the night’s gentle breeze smiling at me as I smiled back at her. Once again, that girl had drawn exactly what I had seen in my dream. She had even drawn Carrie with that little tilt of her head as she smiled at me.

I rolled the drawing up tucking it under my arm. I walked down to my workshop. A peaceful feeling came to me as I walked. I built a frame from wood making sure the drawing would fit. I stained the wood l and left it to dry. I stayed out there for a couple hours until it hung with the rest of her drawings. I returned to the house to see Sherri and her mom looking through the refrigerator. I asked them what they were doing.

“We were going to cook you pork chops but we do not have any,” Kay said. “Sherri and I will run to the store and get some,” Kay added as I walked into the living room.

I saw Sherri grabbed her keys from the car key hanger in the kitchen. The hairs on the back of my neck stood up as a cold chill ran through my body. I turned back to the kitchen just as they were opening the door.

“STOP you two,” I yelled as I walked toward them. I took Sherri’s keys from her hand as I added, “You two stay here I will go to the store.”

Kay and Sherri stood there staring at me as I went out the door. They never asked and I never told them why I stopped them that day. Let us just say I had one of those feelings. There was no way in hell I was going to let them drive to the store.

We had a nice family dinner that night. Which was something that had not went on in this house for well over four or five months. I also make sure that the three of us knew that there would be more like that one before Sherri went off to college. That was if I left her go. I knew I had too however I really did not want her to go.

Sherri went out that night with her friends leaving Kay and I alone. I took her on a boat ride where we watched the sunset together. In all the years, we had lived together on the lake this was the first sunset we had seen together from our boat.

Kay cuddled up to me as I wrapped her in my arms. The waves started to rock the boat as we drifted across the water. I turned Kay’s face toward mine and I looked into her lovely blue eyes.

“Kay, I have something to tell you,” I said to her.

I told Kay the whole story of Pam and Sally. I asked her to forgive me, as I was weak when tempted. I made no excuse for what I had done.

“I did not do it out of anger, hate or for spite,” “I knew better however I just did not say no,” I said to her. “Please forgive me Kay I broke a promise to you,” I added giving her a sorrowful look.

Kay hand touched my face as she said, “We both committed crimes against our hearts, John.” “Let’s just forget this chapter of our lives and move on to happier times,” as her lips touched mine.

Kay and I watched the sunset before we returned to our home on the lake. I went into the living room sitting down on the sofa. Kay was out in the kitchen getting us a couple glasses of wine. Kay came back into the living room with the glasses in her hands. She sat them down onto the coffee table. She gave me a funny look as she came toward me then bent over as her hand went under the sofa.

“Looks like someone forgot these,” Kay said holding up a pair of hot pink panties.

“Kay I…” was all I got out as she pressed her fingers with the panties to my mouth.

“John, there is nothing to explain,” Kay replied as she sat down next to me. “Mmmmm there still fresh smelling with her juices,” Kay added as she sniffed at them.

I sat there not knowing what to say so I did what came naturally to me. I wrapped my arms around her pressing my lips to hers. I kissed her deeply and with passion. Her mouth opened as I slipped my tongue over hers. Kay kissed me back as her arms wrapped around my neck. Her tongue danced with mine as we kissed. Kay broke our kiss as she let out a sigh.

Kay smiled as she said, “I have missed you very much,” before she kissed me again.

I broke our kiss next as I picked up a wine glass handing it to Kay. I picked the other one up as well. I held my wine glass out to her.

“May our hearts never go astray again,” I said as I moved my glass to hers.

Kay smiled as her glass touched mine. We both took a small drink before sitting the glasses back down. Kay reached over and she took my hand into hers as she looked to me.

Kay went on to tell me how a few weeks ago she had drove up to the happy place Carrie and I shared. Kay explained that the moon was full with many stars in the night sky. She told me that it made her feel peaceful as she sat in her car. Kay explained too peaceful because she had fallen asleep.

“I awaken in my car with the moon resting at the waters edge.” “Carrie stepped from the moon smiling at me.” “I got out of my car and walked over to her,” Kay said staring into my eyes. “Carrie reached out with her hand and she touched my heart,” Kay added.

As she did, she said, “John waits to hear this heart beating as one with his own,” a falling star caught my attention as well as hers. Carrie turned back to me and added, “John holds the key to your happiness as you hold the key to his,” before she stepped back into the moon as it drifted across the sky once more.

Kay went on to tell me that she awoke in her car as the sun was rising over the water. I realized it was but a dream I had when I fell asleep in my car. It had seemed so real to me at the time. Later that day I ran into you at the store. I ran and hid from you in the store because I was scared. I was afraid you would not take me back. I watched as you went to check out; all I could hear was my own heart beating.

“I started to go to your work sites and the other places I knew you would be,” Kay said. “I even went up to that bar hoping you and Sherri would be there last Friday night,” “Sally the bartender told me that I was such a fool to have walked out on you.” “She also told me that you would never be around there again,” Kay added.

I smiled at Kay as I replied, “I was worried for a while there what with seeing you and then you would disappear.”

“In my search to find myself I found out I cannot be myself without you John,” Kay said. “I will never leave you again as I no longer fear loving you,” “I fear being without you,” Kay added.

I wrapped my arms around her pulling her tight against my chest as I whispered, “Hush, hush my love or the creatures of the night will get you.”

Kay broke my hug as she replied, “Take me to our bedroom and make sweet love to me John,” tilting her head to the side.

I picked her up in my arms as I replied, “I thought you never were going to ask,” as I carried her into our bedroom.

I dropped her on the bed bouncing her to watch those lovely tits bounce. I turned back to the door closing it and locking it. I walked to the bed with Kay stopping me at the bed. Kay reached out with her hand rubbing at my cock through my pants.

“I hope he has missed me as much as I have missed him,” Kay said as she unzipped my jeans.

I did not have to answer her, as my cock was hard and dancing in her face as she pulled my jeans and underwear to the floor. Kay placed her hands onto my thighs as she got onto her knees on the bed. She licked and kissed at the head of my dick. Kay took just the head of my cock into her mouth as she began to suck on it.

“AHhhh I have missed that a lot,” I moaned out.

Kay started to take more of my cock into her mouth as her head went up and down on my cock. She soon was taking all of my cock into her hot mouth. Kay would suck hard at it each time her mouth ran up my cock. Kay licked at my pre-cum as it oozed from my cock. I bent down and picked Kay from the bed standing her up against myself.

Our lips met as we kissed passionately. It felt great to taste the lips I have wanted to taste for the last four weeks. Kay slipped her tongue into my mouth as my hands unbuttoned the shirt she wore. I removed her shirt tossing it to the floor. Her breasts heaved as we kissed.

I worked my hands to the back of her bra unhooking it then pulling it from her. Kay’s lovely big tits swung down as I did they bounced once or twice as they did. I took one into my hand as I broke our kiss. I kissed at her nipple then took it into my mouth sucking on it until it became hard. I did the same to her other tit until she stood there with both nipples rock hard.

I moved my hands to the jeans Kay wore. My fingers were just going to unsnap her jeans. Kay’s hand went to mine. Kay looked up at me with a bit of sadness in her eyes. I went to unsnap her jeans again her hands stopped me.

“John, you may not like what you are about to see,” Kay said with worry on her face.

Kay removed her hands from mine as I unsnapped her jeans. I pulled her zipper down then pulled her jeans down her legs. Kay had on a pair of black silky underwear. I ran my hand against her crotch feeling her wetness. I also felt what she was talking about as well. I pulled her panties down to see a bare hairless pussy.

“Sorry John I shaved it,” Kay said looking worried as she waited for me to reply.

“It will grow back,” I replied as I took her back into my arms.

I bent down so my hard cock poked at her bare pussy as we kissed again. I could wait no longer to feel my cock inside the woman I loved. I placed my hands onto her butt and I picked her up into the air. Kay wrapped her legs around my body as I did. Kay moved a little as she wrapped her arms around my neck. She rose up as my cock poked against her pussy. The next time she did my cock found her hole.

“AHhhhh,” Kay moaned out as my cock slid up her pussy.

With my hands still on her butt, I started to pump her up and down on my cock. Kay’s lips went to mine as she kissed me deeply. Kay broke our kiss as her face went to the side of my head.

“AHhh John I love your cock,” Kay whispered into my ear.

Kay started to rock on my cock wildly as I tried to hold onto her. I almost dropped her as she was squirming in my hands as I held her. I worked us toward the bed and I slowly leaned her over onto the back. Kay’s legs slipped from around me as I did.

I took her legs and I placed them up onto my shoulders. I started to run my cock slowly in and out of her wet hairless pussy. Kay was raising her butt up toward me each time my cock went into her pussy.

“CUM with me John,” Kay screamed out loudly.

I felt Kay’s pussy squeezing at my cock as I drove it deep one more time. I felt my balls moving as my cock twitched deep in her pussy. I felt my cock throb as cum blasted deep into her pussy.

“AHhhhhhhhh,” Kay screamed as her pussy left go with a massive squirt.

The force of her squirt caused my dick to slip out of her. Kay’s warm pussy juices splashing against it and my thighs as it did. I left her legs slip from my shoulders as I fell on top of her. I kissed her deeply and with passion as she threw her arms around me.

I lay there on top of her kissing and licking at her face. Kay had this look as she just stared at me. It almost seemed like it was a lost look. I got up onto my hands looking down into her face as she stared at me. I was going to ask her if something was wrong. However, I did not get the chance too. Kay’s hands went to my face.

“John, no other can make me feel the way you do when you make love to me,” Kay said. “I was so stupid to think anyone could satisfy me like you do,” Kay added as her lovely blue eyes sparkled.

“I love you Kay,” I replied staring deeply into her eyes.

Kay smiled as she replied, “That look of love for me never left your eyes,” “It used to frighten me but it only brings me joy to see it now.”

I rolled from Kay grabbing her hand in mine. I slid up into our bed pulling her up with me. She cuddles up next to me with her hand still in mine. Kay leans over and places her head onto my chest. I feel her fingers lightly rubbing on my chest. I soon realize she is not rubbing she is writing on my chest with her fingers. Kay stops writing as she looks to me.

“I love you too,” I said smiling back at her as I pull her tighter against me.

We make love one more time before Kay falls asleep in my arms. I lie there thinking how good it is to have her back in my life. I also worry about losing her again. I told myself that I will never let her walk away ever again as I close my eyes.

The next morning I awoke in bed alone. At first, I feared it had all been a dream. Until I swung my feet from the bed and they landed on Kay’s bra. I freshen up a bit before I grab my robe and I make my way from the bedroom. I could hear voices as I left the bedroom.

I walk up the hallway as I hear three voices Kay’s, Sherri and Pam’s. I froze in the hallway as my ears listened. I hear nothing as their voices stop. I was thinking about going back into the bedroom as worry fills my body.

“Its OK daddy you can come out now,” Sherri yells out toward the hallway.

I walk out as I replied, “I wasn’t sneaking out or anything like that.”

“No just listening to see if we were talking about you,” Sherri said to me smiling.

Kay walked over to me and she wrapped her arms around my neck pulling my face toward hers. Kay kisses me deeply and with passion. Kay hugs me tightly as her lips kiss at my ear.

“I see now why you were tempted,” Kay whispered into my ear as she broke our hug turning toward Pam then walking back into the kitchen.

Sherri came over and she wraps her arms around my waist as she said, “Good morning daddy,” giving me a tight bear hug.

“Good morning princess,” I replied as I kissed her forehead.

Sherri broke the hug she was giving me. She smiled at me with her head tilted to one side as she walked away. I was standing there for a few seconds before I realized she had the tie to my robe in her hand as she walked away. All three of the girls were looking at me as I stood there with my package all hanging down. They all were smiling at me.

“SHERRI,” I yelled as I closed my robe as I tied it tight this time.

“John, it is not like we have not seen it before,” Kay said. “Is it girls?” Kay asked to Sherri and Pam.

“No mommy,” Sherri and Pam replied in unison as they smiled at me.

“WOMEN,” I said as I sat down at the table.

Pam came walking over to me and she said, “Here is the morning paper daddy,” as she gives me a kiss on the cheek.

I just looked at her as she smiled then walks over joining the other two in the kitchen. The three of them are hard at work making breakfast. They are talking and laughing as they do. The worry I felt leaves me as I sit there. The girls soon brought breakfast over and we all sit down talking while we eat. We talked about them going off to school. Sherri also informed Kay about the two of them getting an off campus apartment to share.

“Daddy, you know you have to meet with a client today,” Sherri said.

“SHIT, I forgot all about that meeting,” I replied rubbing my hands over my face.

I did not have the blueprints ready or any of the paperwork. I looked at the clock the meeting was only an hour away. There was no way that I would be ready in time. Panic came across my face as I sat there. Sherri got up from the table and she walked down the hallway.

Kay reached over as she took my hand she said, “I am sure you could reschedule it.”

“There is no need daddy,” “Here is everything you need,” Sherri said as she laid a big folder down.

“I sure am going to miss you princess,” I replied picking up the folder.

I saw Kay’s arm going around Sherri’s waist as she said, “We both are going to miss you.”

I looked through the folder and every thing was as it should be. That little girl of mine had learned my job well. An idea came to me as I sat there. I closed the folder up and I handed it to Kay.

“What’s that?” Kay asked.

“Your first new client,” I replied as I got up from the table.

“No John I just can’t.” Kay said as she looked to me.

“It is just like riding a bike you never forget,” “Besides I will be there with you,” I replied smiling.

“OK, I suppose,” Kay, replied. She then looked to Sherri and Pam as she asked, “Just what are you two going to be doing today?”

I did not give them a chance to answer as I said, “Those two are going to do some research for their apartment close to their Art School.” I smiled at Sherri and Pam as I added, “Then maybe next weekend I will take us all to New York to check it out as well as some shopping.”

Kay shook her head as she replied, “John you spoil us well.”

Kay and I got dressed and we headed off to work. Kay had not forgotten anything as we met with our client. The project was a small one however; it gave Kay the right adjustment so to speak. Kay and I walked into my office after the meeting. I looked on the desk and the picture frame that I had knocked off my desk was back on it.

I picked it up and looked at it as I ran my hand over the new frame and glass. I saw Frank smile at me as he entered my office. I knew he had replaced it for me. Frank had always been a good partner and I knew someday he would leave when he was ready. The day went quick and we headed for home. Kay scooted over next to me lacing her arm through mine as I drove.

“Thank you John I needed that,” Kay said smiling to me.

“Get used to it as I am no longer meeting with clients,” I replied smiling back to her.

“John I have to go get my car, it at the civic center yet,” Kay suddenly said.

“We will just have it towed,” “You’re due for a new car anyways,” I replied.

Kay smiled as she said, “I was thinking more like a big SUV.” “I also have to get rid of the apartment I leased,” Kay added.

That is my girl I thought as she laid her head against me as we drove home. We were once again a happy family. We did have another addition to our family as Pam spent the summer with us. Kay had told me that I could have fun with Pam whenever I wanted too however, I flatly refused to think about doing it.

“I am very happy with just you,” I said to her.

“As I am with you John,” Kay replied. Kay smiled as she added, “That and Cathy for us both.”

Cathy and Rod were no longer together it seemed that after Cathy got over her addiction to cocaine. She also got over Rod. I found out later that Rod had got her hooked on it in the first place. The two of them parted friends at least and as to Rod, he had enough women that he could turn too.

It was the Fourth of July weekend coming and Kay invited Cathy over for the weekend. It was Friday and I had taken the day off from work. Kay was also at home, as I had given everyone at our company the weekend off to be with their families. I had taken Sherri and Pam fishing with me in the morning.

I had my hands full with them both. I knew I was in trouble when they took their morning clothes off, as the weather got hot. I think they were having a contest to see who had the smallest bikini. To make matters worst they were catching all the fish that day. I also found something out that day about those two.

It seemed to me that their relationship was one of more than just friends. I guess maybe that I had just had a blind eye to it all when Kay had been away. After I thought about it for a while, I realized that Sherri had not been out with a man since bringing Pam to my office that day. I also thought it was not any concern of mine if she did choose to be a lesbian. If that was what she was it was Ok with me I still loved her.

We were drift fishing as I was thinking about it. I was also watching them at the same time. They were holding hands then they kissed deeply on the lips. Sherri whispered something into Pam’s ear. Then Pam whispered something into Sherri’s ear. Sherri’s pole almost went out of the boat as they were doing that.

“IT’S a big one daddy,” Sherri yelled as she started to reel the fish into the boat.

Sherri fought with the fish for a while before she got the fish near where I could net it. I dragged the fish into the boat. It was the biggest walleye I had ever seen. It ended weighing just less than 13 lbs. only a couple of ounces from our state record.

“You should have it mounted,” I said to Sherri.

Sherri shook her head as she said, “Take a picture and then it is back into the lake.”

I snapped a few photos of her holding the fish. Then Sherri released it back for someone else to catch. Sherri turned to Pam who wrapped Sherri into her arms. They kissed deeply and passionately as I watched. I saw Sherri’s hand go down to Pam’s lovely ass. Pam’s hand went to Sherri’s lovely ass. Their hands rubbed and grabbed at each other’s butts.

Sherri broke her kiss as she licked at the top of Pam’s breasts. Pam smiled at me as she did. Pam then used her tongue to lick at Sherri’s nipples right through her small bikini. I saw the girls taking turns looking at me.

“OK girls your little game is over,” I said as I started the boat.

The girls came up to me and one got on each side of me as they both said, “We were just playing with you daddy,” as they laughed their asses off.

I drove us back to the dock and as Pam went up to the house. Sherri helped me put the boat away. I told her I was proud of her for putting that fish back into the lake. I also asked her if I could ask her something.

Sherri smiled as she said, “No daddy I am not a lesbian,” as she walked away. She stopped after about five steps and added, “I am bisexual,” smiling as she tilted her head at me.

I finished the boat and caught up with her. I took her hand in mine as we walked back toward the house. As we walked, I thought about how Carrie and I used to make this same type of walk from our dock to our house on the lake. How happy we both were doing it together. Sherri stopped as I kept walking; she jerked me back to her.

“You should teach mom to fish,” Sherri replied with a smile.

Once again, that girl knew what I had been thinking. I hugged her as I kissed her forehead. I told her that was a good idea.

“I just hope she does not turn out to be as good as you are at it,” I added with a smile.

I walked into the house with Sherri and I could not find Kay. I walked back outside to see Cathy’s car in the driveway. I walked out back and I saw them sitting on the swing. I walked down to them standing beside them as they looked to me. I could tell that Cathy had been crying.

“What is going on here?” I asked.

Kay told me that Cathy was sad because her daughters were leaving for college as well as Sherri. I noticed that Cathy was looking toward the ground the whole time. Kay went on to tell me that Cathy would be home all alone now that she and Rod were no longer together.

Cathy finally looked up to me as she said, “It’s no big deal,” as her head went back down to the ground.

I placed my finger under her chin lifting her head up looking into her jade green eyes. I smiled as I replied, “Your right it is no big deal so sell your house and move in here with us you can have Sherri‘s room until I add an room on for you.” I looked to Kay as I added, “That is if it is OK with you.”

“I was thinking the same thing John,” Kay said smiling to me then to Cathy.

I turned and started to walk away as Kay asked where I was going. I told her I was off to the store to get some steaks for dinner tonight. Kay told me that she and Cathy could go however; I told them I would go. It seemed as if my life was almost going as it had with Carrie in a way. Cathy was now to become Brenda to me instead of Carrie I thought as I drove into town.

I went to the store and I came home. I placed the steaks in the refrigerator and walked out onto the patio. I still had on my swim trunks from being out on the lake. I walked over to the girls where I slipped my shirt off over my head. The girls all stared at me as I did. I flexed a few muscles for them before I pulled my trunks off and climbed into the hot tub with them. The girls just stared and started to laugh.

“WHAT?” I yelled.

One by one, the girls stood up in the hot tub. Sherri first she had a full swimsuit on her body. Then Pam stood up she had on a full swimsuit as well. I looked to Kay and Cathy who stood up together revealing they had full swimsuits on as well.

I yelled out, “WOMEN,” as I shook my head from side to side.

That summer seemed to be the shortest one I could remember. We all went to New York and found the girls an apartment close to their Art School. A nice charming two-bedroom one for them; the girls were happy and so was I.

Kay, Cathy and I stood in the driveway as Sherri and Pam drove away. I wondered if she was looking in the rear view mirror as she drove. If she were, she would have seen the tears running down my face. I was sad, as I did not want her to leave home however; I knew she had her own life to live.

As the three of us returned to the house, Cathy wrapped her arm around my waist as she said, “She will return to you someday,” smiling at me.

With Sherri now on her way to Art School it was time for Cathy to move in with us. I decided that Cathy’s bedroom would be our bedroom as that king bed would give us all plenty of room. The girls never questioned me on it however; the reason behind it was that Sherri’s bedroom was for my princess only. That room was as it was the day she left.

I would walk in there from time to time to be near that girl whose skates I had fixed many years ago, those skates hung on her wall. I would walk over and spin the wheel on it. Coco would follow me into her bedroom and lay his head on her bed looking toward her pillow. That dog missed her as much as I did.

Sherri would call everyday however as time went by it went to only a couple times a week. I missed some of her calls due to working late on projects that had to be finished before winter came. I tried to call her back a few times however no one answered the phone.

Sherri had been gone for around three months. It was late October and the fall season was upon us at the lake. Kay, Cathy and I went to bed and during the night, I awoke with the feeling that something was not right. I got out of bed and walked into the hallway. I looked to Sherri’s room to see Coco lying at her door as he had every night since she had left.

The only difference was that he did not raise his head when I entered the hallway. I walked to him to find that he had passed on during the night. I picked him up in my arms carrying him into the living room. I sat down with him in my arms onto the sofa. I held him while I thought back to the day Sherri had picked him out. How he used to lick her face as well as my own.

That dog had been lost since she went away to Art School. He would come to me when I got home and lay his head on my leg just staring up at me. I knew how he felt because I felt the same way. It was as if something or some part of me left when Sherri went away. I felt lost and alone once again however I hid that fact from Kay and Cathy.

I held Coco in my arms until the sun started to rise. I carried him down by the boathouse where I dug his grave and laid him to rest. I praised him and thanked him for watching over Sherri for all these years for me. I believe that dog might have died because he missed her so much. I also wondered if the same fate awaited me.

I went back inside and called Sherri to tell her the bad news. I felt helpless as she cried on the phone. I was not there to hold her to tell her it would be all right. Sherri told me that she would be coming home that weekend before she hung up the phone.

“What is it John?” I heard Kay’s voice ask me as I hung up the phone.

I turned to her with tears in my eyes as I replied, “Coco passed in his sleep last night.”

Kay came over wrapping her arms around me. She rubbed her hand on my back as she told me everything was going to be all right. I walked with Kay down to the boathouse to show her where I laid him to rest. I walked into my workshop in the boathouse leaving Kay standing over his grave.

I went to work making a marker for his grave. Kay came walking in and she looked around as she did. Kay checked out all the drawings that were hanging around my workshop. I realized as I stood there watching her she had never been inside my workshop before. Kay stopped at the recent drawing of Sherri’s. She stared at the picture showing the moon, a stairway and Carrie stepping from it. Kay was looking at it with great interest. I walked over to her as she turned to me as her face went almost white.

“John, I saw that in my dream,” Kay said to me looking back to the drawing.

“I know my love, I know,” I replied as I took her into my arms.

“Our little girl has more talents than I ever realized,” Kay said smiling to me.

“She is special just as you are to me,” I replied kissing her deeply.

I finished the grave marker as Kay looked around in my workshop. Kay looked to the drawing above my workbench. She stared into the drawing of my eyes that Sherri had made when she was but a child. The one that used to show skulls now filled over with big hearts. Kay came over to me and she turned my face toward her. She stared deeply into my eyes as a smile came over her face.

“Our daughter captured the true look in your eyes finally John,” Kay said as her hand stroked at my face.

Kay and I placed the marker on Coco’s grave then returned into the house. Cathy met us at the patio doors. Kay explained to her what had happened as I returned to the bedroom. I got dressed telling Kay and Cathy I would see them at the office. Cathy now worked for me as well as Kay.

When Sherri had went off to college Frank my partner had came into my office. I knew why he was there before he started to talk. Frank told me that it was time that he moved on in his life. I tried to talk him into staying. However, Frank told me no that him and his wife had purchased a nice little cabin in Colorado to live out the rest of their happy life’s together.

“I had our attorney’s turn the company fully back into yours alone,” Frank said to me as he laid some paper work down onto my desk.

I looked over the papers in front of me. I noticed that Frank had not taken any money for returning his part of the company to me. I looked up to Frank from my desk as I told him that was not right.

“Boss you helped me many years ago that was worth more than anything to me,” Frank said as he held out his hand.

I sat there shaking my head as he walked out of my office. I got onto the phone with my lawyers as I watched him cleaning out his office. I asked my lawyers just what would be a fair share to give to Frank. They told me and I called the bank next. I had the bank place a nice chunk of change into another account. I walked into Frank’s office handing him a piece of paper with a name on it.

“Stop at the bank when you leave and see this man,” I said to him.

I helped him carry his stuff from the office to his truck. Frank looked around the building once. We hugged and he got into his truck driving away leaving me standing there. I felt alone as he drove away but also thankful that all his troubles were gone. With that bank account, he and his wife would live comfortably for the rest of their lives.

That was how Cathy came about working for us. I was out in the field to much on projects to handle the everyday stuff at the office. Kay was busy with clients as well as looking after me. Cathy had the office experience so I asked her to take over our office.

Our little construction company was beginning to grow into what it once was when Carrie ran it. It troubled me as well. Kay and Cathy were too good at their work. Both of them kept telling me not to worry they would handle it. I did not say anything I just went along with it, as I really did not know what I should do. I wanted to tell them how I felt but I could not bring myself to do so. I was also putting long 12 to 16 hours days 6 days a week trying to stay on time with our many projects.

It started to get to me the long hours and my feeling of being alone once again returned. I was not alone, as I had Kay, Cathy and my crew when on projects. However, I had a feeling that just would not leave me. One of that no matter who I was with I was still alone.

I was looking forward to seeing Sherri when she returned home for the weekend. I had not seen her in over three months. I had driven up to their apartment a few times when I sent Kay and Cathy away on business over weekends. I never stopped to go in, as I did not want her to think I was checking up on her. The real reason was that I was afraid too. Something was wrong with me I just did not know what.

The truth was I felt lost without her around. It was as if a piece of me went away when she did. I could not explain it then nor can I now. I worried about her every minute since she had left. All I could think of was what Sherri had told me that day in my workshop as she gave me the bullets back to the 38.

“Carrie told me when I stopped you that I should tell you that her heart longs to be with you.” “Tell him my arms need to hold him and my lips needs to taste him.” “However I can not as he has to stay and look after a special child who some day will need his help as well,” Sherri had told me as a tear ran down her cheek.

Ever since Sherri left, I would jump each time the phone rang. I would think it was Sherri calling to tell me that she needed my help. I become paranoid of everything. Kay and Cathy sensed it as well. They would each ask me about it when we were alone.

“John, I am here if something is troubling you,” “Remember together we can work it out,” Kay would say to me.

Cathy would say, “John I know you are worried about Sherri when the time comes you will know,” as she smiled to me.

It was 6 am. Friday morning and I had just arrived at the office. I walked in and turned on the lights as I went to my office. I sat down behind my desk looking at the stack of new contracts. I took my hand and I swiped them from my desk scattering them all over onto the floor. I buried my face into my hands as they fell to the floor.

The hairs on my arms and the back of my neck suddenly stood at attention. I could sense something however; I did not know what. A strange feeling filled my body as I sat there in my office.

“Tell them how you feel daddy they will understand,” Sherri said as she walked into my office.

I removed my face from my hands looking toward the door as I replied, “CARRIE.”

“NO daddy it’s me,” Sherri replied as she closed the door behind her.

I stared at her not able to take my eyes from her. I looked to a photo of Carrie hanging on my wall. It was of her as she stood outside of the college she had attended. I turned back to Sherri; she could have passed for her double. The morning sun shined through on her creating that lovely aura around her. I watched as her long blonde hair waved gently as she walked toward me.

I was mesmerized as she did. That peaceful, calm, feeling of tranquility filled my body. I stood up walking from behind my desk taking her into my arms. Sherri wrapped her arms around my waist as I hugged her tightly.

“I have missed you princess,” I whispered into her ear.

Sherri broke our hug as she replied, “I am always here with you daddy as you are with me,” as she smiled touching my heart with her hand. “Sit down daddy and tell me what is on your mind,” “I have felt how trouble you have been since I left,” Sherri added as she tilted her head.

I sat down behind my desk as Sherri sat upon my desk. I explained to her about how I had left our little company grow into something I had not wanted it to do ever again. I explained how Frank had left me just as she had. How I felt like a piece of me left from me when she left. I told her how I worry about her every minute of the day.

“Daddy, just say NO,” Sherri replied. “It is your company tell mom and Cathy how you feel don’t run away,” She added smiling to me.

“That just it princess I have tried but the words just do not come out,” I replied looking to her for the answer.

Sherri’s hand reached across my desk as it touched my face she said, “A piece of you did come with me daddy.” Sherri stroked her hand at my face as she added, “I only realized it last week.”

Sherri went on to explain how she too has felt something was missing since she had gone to New York. She told that at first she could not figure out what was wrong as she felt as if the connection she shared with me was gone. I started to worry about every little thing I did about whether it was right or wrong. I was not afraid for some reason when I should have been, as I no longer had daddy to protect me.

“I grew paranoid of feeling like I was,” Sherri said still stroking my face. “I even thought I had seen you driving up and down our street a few times,” Sherri added.

I grabbed Sherri’s hand as I replied, “That was me princess.”

“Daddy, why didn’t you stop and come in?” Sherri asked as her head tilted.

“I did not want you to think I was checking up on you,” I replied.

“Daddy, what do you think you were doing?” “I stopped calling every day because you were never home when I did call,” Sherri said. “I thought you didn’t want me anymore at first,” Sherri added.

“Princess, that…,” I started to say before her finger pressed against my lips.

“I know daddy that was not the case,” Sherri said. “I realized that late one night when I could not sleep.” “I lie on the sofa looking at the photo of you and me as a child holding my first big fish.” “A voice came to me that said, ““A part of me has grown in you. And so you see, it's you and me together forever and never apart, maybe in distance, but never in heart,” Sherri added.

“Was that angel Carrie who told you?” I asked.

“No daddy, it was you,” “The other you,” Sherri replied.

I looked deep into her blue eyes as I asked, “Princess, is everything OK?”

Sherri replied, “Yes daddy, my troubled time is not yet upon us,” as she hung her head down.

I lifted her head with my finger as I asked, “Can you not stop it from happening?”

“No it is your destiny, daddy,” Sherri replied.

Mine I thought as I stared into her eyes. What did fate have in store for me this time around? I sat there feeling scared and frightened over what may lie ahead for Sherri and me. The room seemed to go black as if a shadow walked through the door and cast its gloom over me. The blackness seemed to go from Sherri then into me.

“I will protect you Sgt. J as well as her,” a voice said from within me.

I pulled away from Sherri as I slipped back into my chair. The monster with in me had returned. I sat there shaking my head from side to side in disbelief. I looked up to Sherri almost as if I was asking for help or why.

Sherri’s hand touched my face once more as she said, “It’s the only way daddy.”

Sherri’s hand stroked at my face as my body went calm and peaceful. I closed my eyes as I thought the monster is only I. I have nothing to fear not even ever being alone again. The hairs on my arm and the back of my neck stood up once more. I opened my eyes to see Sherri smiling at me.

“Mom and Cathy are coming,” Sherri said.

There was a knock at my door followed by, “John, are you in there?” Kay asked.

Sherri slipped from my desk coming around to stand beside me. I told Kay to come on into my office. Kay opened the door; Cathy and her walked into my office. They both stopped as they stared toward Sherri and me for a few seconds.

Sherri bent down and she kissed me on my cheek as she said, “I have to go be with an old friend daddy,” “I will see you later.”

Sherri walked over giving her mom and Cathy a kiss before she headed for the door. Sherri stopped and looked back to me as she closed the door behind herself. As she looked to me, I heard her in my head.

“Don’t run away daddy,” Sherri’s voice echoed in my head as she closed the door.

Cathy and Kay stood there looking at me. I watched as they walked to the wall where that photo of Carrie hung. They both turned to me and started to say something. However, I stopped them as I stood up from behind my desk.

“Never mind that girls, sit down I have to talk to you both,” I said as I pulled two chairs over to my desk.

I explained to them both what a wonderful job they both have been doing. I also told them how I did not want my company to get as big as it had gotten. I explained to them how it was taking too much out of me. I told them sometimes I did know know if I was coming or going.

“John, why didn’t you tell us sooner?” Kay asked.

“A part of me was missing until today,” I replied smiling at them.

“Your not going to tell us are you, John? Cathy asked.

“Let’s just say it is my destiny,” I replied.

The girls just stared at me for a few seconds before Kay said, “Sherri looked like Carrie standing next to you when we walked in John.”

“Oh really I had not noticed,” I replied smiling to them.

The girls were full of questions as they sat there. Their questions were ones, which I did not know the answers too. I sat there with them for about a half hour mostly shaking my head yes or no until I grew tired of it.

“Girls don’t you have some work you should be doing?” I asked in a firm but polite tone.

“Yes Boss we understand,” they both replied in unison before they walked out my office closing the door behind them.

A big sigh of relief seemed to come from me as the door closed. I sat there wondering why I had not simply told them that when all this began. I did not have to wait for my answer. It was simple a part of myself had gone missing however he had returned when I needed him. I wondered if Sherri some how had him with her.

I also wondered had he returned for me or for Sherri’s sake. I smiled to myself as I thought either way it was good that he had returned for now. I went back to work as if nothing had happened.

I had to go to a job site in the afternoon as I pulled into it I saw Sherri’s truck there. I walked over to see her on the bulldozer hard at work. She stopped the bulldozer as I got to her.

“What are you doing princess?” I asked.

“That’s Sherri to you boss,” She replied smiling. “Get your ass on the other one and help me level this out we might even be home before mom and Cathy if you do,” Sherri added as she went back to work.

I jumped on the other bulldozer and with the two of us working; it only took us a few hours. We had the site ready by 3:30 that afternoon. I went over and helped Sherri down from her bulldozer.

“Thanks for lending a hand,” “I would have been here till 6 or later,” I said to her as I lifted her down.

“Anytime Boss,” Sherri replied with a smile. “Did you handle your other problem as well,” She asked standing there in her coveralls looking so cute.

“Yes and again thanks to you,” I replied.

“That’s OK daddy you can have that part of you back,” Sherri said looking a little upset.

I wrapped my arm around her shoulder as I walked her to her truck; Sherri looked to me as she asked, “How did you ever control him daddy?”

“I guess I never really did,” I replied. “Princess, you did not get yourself in trouble having him along did you?” I asked.

“Let’s just say that a few boys will not be asking me out again,” Sherri replied with a smile.

Sherri got into her truck as I got into mine. She flew out of the project site burning tires as she hit the pavement. “Please watch over her until I can kill her when I get home,” I yelled as I drove home faster than I should have but I was angry very angry. Something I had not felt in a long time.

I arrived home to find Sherri just getting out of her car. I pulled behind her truck jumping from mine and slamming the trucks door. Sherri’s eyes grew big as I approached her. I grabbed her by her arm pulling her toward me.

“YOUNG LADY I ever catch you driving like that again I will disown you,” I screamed. “DO you fucking hear me,” I screamed.

“DADDY LET GO OF MY ARM or else,” Sherri yelled back at me.

“OR ELSE WHAT,” I screamed back at her.

I saw Sherri thigh flex as she moved it to deliver a kick. I dropped my hold on her arm as her leg came forward. I caught her leg in my hand placing my other hand onto the top of her boot she was wearing.

“Time to kiss the ground, princess,” I said as I gave the top of her boot a little twist with my hand.

Sherri had no choice but to roll as I twisted her boot. She caught herself with her hands as she hit the ground. I released my grip on her boot as she did. Sherri lay there with her face buried in the back yard. I heard her start to cry as she laid there. What had I done I thought as I stepped toward her.

I stood over her from behind my feet straddling her leg. I heard that voice inside my head as it said, “You have fallen into her trap and you will not be getting out of it.” Sherri scissored her legs around my leg as she rolled on the ground. Her move caught me off guard as she did. I ended up face down on the ground as well.

Sherri jumped on my back pushing my face down into the ground as she said, “You forgot I knew how to take care of myself,” laughing as she did.

“You may want to hang on princess,” I replied.

I used my hands and my upper body to lift myself from the ground. Sherri wrapped her legs around my waist squeezing them around my midsection. I wrapped my arms under her legs as I started a quick walk to the dock. I carried her piggy back down to the dock.

“DADDY, you won’t dare,” Sherri screamed as I stepped on the dock.

I jumped from the dock holding onto her legs tightly until the both of us went under the cold water. Sherri released her leg lock around my midsection as I released my hold on her legs. We both came to the surface of the water laughing. I pulled myself up out of the water onto the dock.

I held my hand out to her as I said, “Please princess don’t drive like that it worries me,” as I gave her a serious look.

“Sorry daddy I won’t ever do it again,” Sherri replied as she held her hand out.

I pulled her up onto the dock beside me. We both rather gave a shiver as we stood there, as the water was a bit chilly. I looked down to see that her nipples were poking through the two shirts she did have on as the coverall had slipped to between her boobs.

“Your not cold are you, princess?” I asked with a laugh as I pointed to her hard nipples.

Sherri smiled at me as she replied, “MEN can’t live with them but can’t live without them.”

I chuckled as I wrapped my arm around her shoulder. I told her lets go get some dry warm clothes as I walked us up to the house. We got about halfway up when Kay and Cathy pulled into the driveway. They were waiting for us by the trucks when we got there.

“I am not even going to ask,” Kay said with a smile.

“He started it,” Sherri replied.

I smiled at Sherri as I said, “Yep sure did and I finished it as well,” giving her a wink.

The four of us walked into the house. Kay and Cathy stopped in the kitchen as Sherri and I walked back toward our bedrooms. We had gotten as far as the hallway.

“HEY, you two,” Kay yelled.

We both stopped and we turned around to look at her. Kay and Cathy stood there shaking their heads from side to side. They both pointed down to the floor. Sherri and I had left a rather muddy trail from our boots across the kitchen floor as well as onto the carpeted floor where we stood.

I scooped Sherri off her feet and carried her back into the kitchen sitting her into the kitchen chair. We both took our boots off as we told them we would clean the floors. I was taking my boot off when a wet sock smacked across my face. I looked up to see Sherri running back toward her bedroom.

“I swear you two have never grown up,” Cathy said as she stood there shaking her head.

Kay came over wrapping her arms around my neck as she said, “I won’t have it any other way,” as she rubbed her nose against mine before kissing me.

I went on back to our bedroom where I took a quick shower. I threw on my jogging pants and a tee shirt. I returned to find Sherri busy cleaning our mess. I got down beside her to help.

“Daddy, I will get it,” Sherri said.

I smiled as I replied, “And I will help.”

Kay and Cathy went back to change their clothes as well. Sherri and I finished before they returned. We sat down onto the sofa and talked about Coco. I finally held her and comforted her as she cried into my chest. We talked about all the fun we had with Coco through the years.

I took us all out to dinner that night. We returned home with Sherri and me staying up talking until almost midnight. I walked her back to her bedroom and kissed her forehead at her door.

Sherri hugged me as she whispered into my ear, “Thanks for not giving Cathy my room daddy.”

“That room is only for you princess,” I replied.

I went into our bedroom to find the other girls fast asleep. I climbed into bed and I believe I went right to sleep. However, the alarm went off in 5 hours as I had yet another project to handle Saturday morning. I was dressed and walked out into the kitchen to find Sherri up and dressed in her coveralls. Sherri poured me a cup of coffee and she walked over handing it to me.

“What are you doing up?” I asked.

“With both of us doing it we will be home before noon,” Sherri said smiling.

We talked as I drove us to the project site. Sherri told that for now she would return home on weekends to help me. I told her she did not have to do that.

“I want to daddy,” Sherri replied.

“Why princess, why do you want to spend your free time with me?” I asked.

Sherri looked at me with sorrow all over her face as she replied, “I might become a disappointment to you some day,” “Hopefully you will remember this and not take it so badly.”

I pulled into the job site and stopped the truck as I asked, “You’re not going to tell me are you princess?”

“You know I can’t daddy,” Sherri replied as she jumped from the truck.

I knew either she had a vision or maybe angel Carrie had paid her a visit again. I watched her climb onto the bulldozer thinking she will never be a disappointment to me. Sherri and I worked for about a half hour when I saw her get down from the bulldozer. She walked to the front blade where she kicked at it. I pulled over to her and asked her what was wrong.

“It blew a line,” Sherri replied.

“I will fix it, you take mine,” I replied.

Sherri looked at me as she tilted her head and replied, “I broke it Boss I will fix it,” as she walked toward the supply trailer.

I went back to work as she went to work changing the line. I had workers that did not know how to change a broken line. There was no way that girl could ever become a disappointment to me I thought. Sherri soon had the blown line off and a new one in place. We were able to finish the project just an little after noon.

“Thanks princess life is so much easier with you around,” I said to her as we drove home.

Life was good again at our house on the lake. Sherri kept her word about coming home on weekends to help. All the breaks she got from the Art School she would return home to help me. She never went any where with the group from her Art School. Sherri even spend her entire Christmas break helping me clear the roads. We had a mild winter that year however, I was glad she was there to help me clear the roads of snow.

When summer came the next year, I sent Sherri and Pam to the Caribbean for a whole month. Sherri did not want to go however; I told her she did not have a choice. The summer ended with them having to go back to school. I also told Sherri she did not have to come home every weekend. Our little construction company was once again at a very manageable size.

It was September 1993 when once again we all stood in the driveway as Sherri pulled away. She got about halfway up the drive when she suddenly put her truck into reverse. She backed up to us and she jumped from her truck. Sherri ran to me and she wrapped her arms around my waist.

Sherri gave me the biggest hug as she said, “Daddy, I love you,” as she stared into my eyes before she jumped back into the truck.

Kay wrapped her arm around my waist as she asked, “What was that all about?”

I wiped a tear from my eye as I replied, “I believe my little girl told me goodbye without saying the words,” as I walked toward my workshop.

“What do you mean John?” Kay asked.

“Let him go Kay, I will explain it to you,” I heard Cathy saying.

I fiddled with some projects in my workshop trying to get Sherri out of my mind. I knew that the time I had been waiting for was about to come. I had seen it in her eyes. Those lovely blues eyes had turned dark as I stared into them. I did not what to face what I had felt as she hugged me as well.

I had felt alone so very alone as her arms wrapped around me. I was using a hammer to put a project together as I thought about it. No matter what ideas filled my heads I always came back to one conclusion. I might never see that cute little girl whose skates I had fixed many years ago.

I became angry pounding the hammer into the project. I took one more mighty swing with the hammer. It slipped from my hand. It seemed to be in slow motion as it tumbled through the air. I sat there watching it as it went through the side window of my workshop. I had once thrown a vise through the same window. I sat there shaking my head from side to side.

I heard the door to my workshop open as I sat there. I never turned around as I heard footsteps approaching me from behind. I felt a hand go to my right shoulder and another one to my left shoulder. A small hand laid the hammer onto my workbench.

“We are here if you care to talk about it John,” Kay and Cathy said in unison.

“Sorry girls it slipped from my hands,” I replied.

“Sure it did John that was what we thought too,” Kay whispered into my ear.

The girls laid their heads onto my shoulders as I looked to the picture Sherri had drawn of Carrie stepping out of the moon. I closed my eyes as I heard the waves gently crashing against the shoreline. I watched as the moon danced across the water of the lake. The stars filled the sky with to many for me to count. Calm and peace returned to my body as I stood there looking across the lake.

I looked down into the water as the water went still. I saw Carrie’s face staring back at me as I peered into the water. Her lovely long blonde hair gently moving with the waves

Carrie smiled as she said, “It was not goodbye only until I need you,” as a roller skate replaced her image in the water.

“Let’s go into the house John,” Kay whispered into my ear.

“Go ahead girls I will be in after I seal the window back up after all I broke it,” I replied giving them each a quick kiss.

Kay and Cathy did their best to keep my mind off Sherri when she returned to school. The girls were very good at it as well. The fun with them started as soon as I walked into the house after fixing the window.

I walked into the house and into the living room; I sat down onto the sofa. Kay and Cathy were somewhere however, I did not know where. I soon found out what they were up too in a few minutes. They both came walking from the hallway and I saw that they both had on just their red silk robes.

As they walked toward me, the air filled with “White Diamond” perfume. I knew they both must have poured it all over their bodies as they neared me. They came over and they sat down with me in the middle. I felt their fingers going to the side of my head then into my ears.

I looked at them both then asked, “What are you girls up too?”

“We just want to take your mind off of worrying about Sherri,” Kay replied.

Cathy then said, “Sex always takes our mind off of you when we worry about you, John,” smiling at me as she kissed at my ear.

I felt Kay’s hand rubbing at my cock in my jeans. I kissed her then I kissed Cathy. I felt Cathy’s hand unsnapping my pants as Kay pulled my zipper down. The girls had me stand up as they pulled my jeans and underwear from my body. Cathy lifted my shirt up over my head leaving me with out any clothes on my body as I sat back down onto the sofa.

The girls stood up and slipped from their robes. They stood in front of me embracing and kissing as I watched. My cock soon grew hard as they kissed, sucked and licked on each other’s breasts. I swear Kay and Cathy’s breasts had not changed at all through the years. They were still firm and huge yet with very little sag in them. I was playing with my cock as the girls tweaked their nipples hard.

Cathy’s nipples were longer than Kay however, Kay’s were much plumper than hers were. The girls kissed again this time deep and with passion. They whispered to each other how much they loved the other as they did. Cathy was the first to slip her hand between Kay’s thighs as they stood there. Kay’s bush had long since grown back thicker and fuller than before.

Kay hung on to Cathy with her arms around her neck as Cathy’s fingers danced in her moist pussy. Kay was moaning softly as her fingers slipped in and out of her pussy. Cathy pulled her wet fingers from between Kay’s legs.

Cathy brought them over to my mouth where she rubbed her wet fingers across my lips as she said, “Taste her juices.”

I licked then sucked at her fingers as she ran them in and out of my mouth. As I was cleaning Kay’s juices from Cathy’s hand, I saw Kay slip her hand between Cathy’s thighs as well. Cathy’s pussy had a full thick patch of hair covering her pussy. She also had a line of hair that ran up to her belly button.

I squeezed at my cock as I looked at her belly button. Hers had always been a turn on to me for some reason. I loved to drive her crazy by running my tongue around it and using it to trace her hair. Cathy removed her fingers from my mouth as she started to rock onto Kay’s fingers that were digging at her pussy.

“AHhh you’re going to make me squirt Kay,” Cathy moaned out as she squirmed.

Clear liquid gushed from her pussy running down her thighs. Her juices coated Kay’s hand as well. Kay removed her wet fingers from Cathy’s pussy. She wiped them all over Cathy’s big tits. Kay then turned Cathy toward me pushing her to me until her big tits were in my face. Kay got behind her and squeezed Cathy’s tits together as she rubbed then into my face.

“Lick her juices from her tits,” Kay said as she shook Cathy’s tits in front of me.

My tongue was licking at her nipples tasting her juices. I started to suck on one of her nipples. Cathy was rubbing her hands through my hair as I did.
Kay’s hand left Cathy’s breasts as Cathy pulled my face between her big tits. Cathy smacked them into the sides of my face. When Cathy removed my face from between her tits, I saw that Kay had moved the coffee table. She looked to Cathy smiling as she lies down on the floor at Cathy’s feet on her back.

“Suck his cock while you ride my face,” Kay said to Cathy.

Cathy got down on her knees with her pussy right on Kay’s face. Cathy wrapped her hand around my cock as I settled back into the sofa. She licked at the head of my dick with her tongue as she pumped at my cock. My pre-cum started to lick from my cock. Cathy took her fingers and smeared it around the head of my cock.

Cathy used just her hand on the head of my dick jacking on it. Cathy stared up at me with those lovely jade green eyes of hers. Hers eyes had always been so beautiful to me. Cathy soon replaced her hand with her mouth. She slowly sucked and licked at my cock as she rocked her pussy over Kay’s face. Cathy had become as good as Kay at sucking cock. I watched as Cathy took all my cock into her mouth then slowly worked it back up it. She was soon going to town on my cock using her mouth.

“AHhhhh,” Cathy moaned out as she removed her mouth from my cock.

I knew she was having an orgasm as Kay lies below her. Cathy wrapped her hand around my cock pumping it as she moaned. I tried to fight back my urge to blow my nut. I was going to warn Cathy however it was not in time.

“Ahhhhh shit,” I yelled out as my cock left go of its load.

The blast of cum caught her squarely between her eyes as she was just getting ready to wrap her mouth back around my cock. The first shot hit her then she closed her mouth over my throbbing cock. Cum filled her mouth as she sucked me dry.

“Sorry about that,” I said with a little chuckle as I wiped cum from between her eyes.

The night went on as we all retired into our bedroom. The girls got my cock hard again. Kay got on top and she rode my cock hard until she squirted all over me. As she got off my cock, Cathy was ready for me on her hands and knees.

I got behind Cathy and put my cock into her from behind. I fucked her slowly working up to a steady pace. Kay came over on her knees kissing me as I fucked Cathy. I felt Kay’s hand reaching down to my cock. On my next backstroke, she pulled it from Cathy’s pussy. Kay rubbed my dick head at Cathy’s asshole.

Cathy looked over her shoulder as she said, “Don’t hurt me John,” before she buried her head into the pillows.

With Kay’s help, I worked my cock up into her ass. I held it there until Cathy got used to it. I waited until she started to rock back against my cock. I slowly fucked her up her butt as Kay rubbed her hands over her butt cheeks. I butt fucked Cathy for a very long time before I finally blew my load deep in her asshole.

The three of us jumped into the shower. The girls were going at each other still when I got out of the shower. I dried off and climbed into bed. I lie there propped up on some pillows. I was thinking about how my fun with Kay and Cathy reminded me so much of my fun with Terri and Carrie. I also thought about Terri as I lie there.

Kay had told me a few days after she returned that Terri and Paul had filed for divorce. It seemed that Paul had found himself a younger woman. I asked Kay how Terri had taken it.

“At first she was OK but then she felt betrayed much like you must have John,” Kay said. “She lived with me for a few weeks.” “Then one day I came home and she had left me a note telling me that she was going to California,” Kay added.

“She does have family out there.” I replied.

“I was more worried she would run to you John,” Kay said.“She kept asking me if I was over you,” “I kept telling her NO and that she had better stay away from you,” Kay added with a smile.

“Kay I thought you didn’t care,” I replied.

“I cared John, I worried every second I was gone about you finding someone else,” Kay said. “However I also knew you would not as long as Sherri was still at home.” “That was also why I had Cathy keep an eye on you two for me,” Kay added.

The girls finally came walking out and joined me in bed. They cuddled up to me with me in between them. They both ran their hands over my chest looking into my eyes. I knew they wanted to talk about what happened today in my workshop.

“Girls if you don’t mind I really do not care to talk about it right now,” I said.

“I understand John and when you want to I will be here for you,” Kay replied kissing me on my lips.

“You know I am always here for you John,” Cathy said as she kissed me on my lips.

“Thanks girls,” I replied as I cuddle them both in my arms.

The girls soon fell asleep with me between them. I lie between them thinking about them, Carrie and Sherri as well. I closed my eyes with Carrie on my mind hoping she would find me in my dreams. However, she did not and I did not dream of her.

Life went on so to speak. All seemed to be OK as Sherri would call about every other day. She seemed to be doing well and she had sent some of her projects from Art School home. Her drawings and paintings were amazing. Sherri had told us that they had a little art show at the school and all of her paintings had sold except for the two she had sent to us. One was of Coco and the other was a winter scene of our house on the lake.

I was proud of her, as I had always hoped that she would become a great artist someday. I would have given anything to have that come true. Sherri’s phone calls stopped just before Halloween. Then when she did call, I was not home. I tried calling her many times and each time I would get Pam.

“Sorry Mr.______, Sherri is not home,” Pam would tell me each time I called.

It was funny as now I was Mr._____ to her instead of daddy. I came home one day in November and the girls did not hear me come into the house. I could hear them talking in the living room as I stood in the kitchen.

“You are going to have to tell him sooner or later,” Cathy said to Kay.

“I can’t it will break his heart,” “I am not for sure what he will do,” Kay replied.

I was in that living room in an instant as I yelled, “ONE of you had better tell me what the fuck is going on or else.”

Kay stood up and as she came to me, she stuck out her hand to rub against my face. I grabbed her by the wrist as I said; “Tell me Kay,” as I held her hand back from rubbing at my face.

Kay looked to the floor then into my eyes as she replied, “Sherri quit Art School the first week of November.”

I released her hand as I asked, “She quit school,” “Where is she at?”

Kay looked to Cathy then back to me as she replied, “She ran off with some boy.”

I stood there shaking my head as I yelled, “And just when the fuck was you two going to tell me.” “Whatthe fuck else have the two of you kept hidden from me all these year?”

Cathy stood up, she came over to me, and she slapped me hard across my face as she said, “John you will not talk to Kay or me in that tone of voice.”

“I will fucking talk to you ….” I started to say when I heard a voice in my head. “She is right Sgt. J.” “Your mission lies elsewhere not with these two.”

I stepped back from the girls as I rubbed my hand over my face then I said, “I am sorry you two I did not mean to frighten you or to jump on you like I did.” “Could some one please just tell me what is going on?” I asked.

The girls sat me down onto the sofa and explained what was going on with Sherri. It seemed as she had met some boy and he had talked her into leaving school and traveling around the country. Sherri had made them both promise her that they would not tell me.

“We both told her she had until Thanksgiving to tell you herself or we would,” Kay said. “Sherri told us she would tell you soon.”

“HOW could you Kay Sherri is just a child,” I said many a little harsher than I should have.

“A child John she is twenty years old,” Cathy yelled to me.

“I know but to me she is but 10,” I said.

“John, she has to make her own mistakes just as we all have,” Kay replied.

“OK, fine if that is how she wants it to be then I washes my hands of her,” I said as I stood up from the couch.

“John, you know you don’t mean that,” Kay said grabbing my hand.

“Watch me Kay,” I replied pulling my hand from hers. “That girl could have called me and I would have set her straight,” “Instead she ruins her life over a fucking boy,” I added. As I silently thought “Taking all my hopes and dreams with her."

I walked over to the phone. I called the bank and told them to stop all transactions on the credit card I had given Sherri. I then called Pam at the apartment she shared with Sherri. Pam picked up the phone and called me by name without me telling her who I was.

“YOU could have told me young lady,” I said to her. “Now you must pay the price as well,” I added.

“I know Mr.______, I already got placed in a dorm,” Pam said. “Sherri told me you would cut the money off first,” “I am sorry daddy,” Pam added.

“You just a disappointment to daddy as Sherri is,” I replied as I hung up the phone.

I turned to Kay and Cathy looking at them both, “As for you two I will never trust neither of you two again,” before I stormed from the house.

“JOHN, Please come back let us explain,” I heard them both yelling as I walked out the kitchen door.

I got into my truck and I drove and drove. The day turned to night as I drove down some back roads. I pulled over and leaned against my truck trying to think why Sherri would do something like this. I also wondered just who this boy was she was with. I looked to the night sky as I saw a star streak across the sky. I knew angel Carrie was to busy to help me. I slammed my fist into my truck door leaving a dent in the shape of my fist.

I could not go back home yet as I was too filled with anger. The monster within would not even talk to me. Whether he was afraid to or maybe I was just to upset. I just drove around until I had calmed down somewhat.

It was early morning before I returned home. I was not as upset as when I had left however, I was still mad at the girls. I was more hurt over it than anything. Kay, Cathy and Sherri had all not trusted me I felt. I walked in to find the girls still awake. They got off the sofa as I walked through the living room.

“John, we were worried,” Kay said with a broken voice.

I stopped and with out looking toward them I replied, “Worry not about me,” as I walked toward Sherri’s bedroom.

I walked in and closed the door behind me locking it. I turned the lights on for a few minutes as I stood there. I turned them off as I looked to the ceiling. The glow in the dark stars and planets that were on her ceiling lit up as I sat down onto her bed. I lay back across her bed looking into the night sky on her ceiling. I felt nothing as I lie there.

My body felt as if there was nothing left inside me. I could not even bring tears to my eyes to cry for her. The worry and anger I had felt earlier while in my truck was gone. My daughter the one who I thought knew me the best had betrayed my trust.

When I first went into the army, I had problems with trusting anyone. All through my training and into NCO school I was pretty much of a loner. After what Terri had done to me, I believed that I would never trust anyone again. I had a fellow soldier ask me during my first tour over in Vietnam.

“Why it's so hard for me to trust people?” the soldier asked me.

I answered with a question of my own, “Why is it so hard to keep a promise?”

Carrie gave me back my ability to trust again. However, she broke her promise of never leaving me. I trusted Sherri because of the bond that grew with us. Now as Carrie had Sherri broke her promise to me. Even Kay and Cathy two of the kindest and caring women I knew was no longer worthy of my trust.

I did not even feel any fear, as I lie there knowing I was once again very much alone. A slight flash of light caught the corner of my eye. I looked to see Sherri’s skates hanging on her wall. The flash of light had come from the silver wheels on them. I also noticed a piece of paper stuck inside of the skates.

I got off the bed, turned the lights on as I went to those skates. The paper had a yellow ribbon tied around. I pulled the paper from her skates. I sat down on her bed again as I untied the yellow ribbon from around the paper. I unrolled the paper to find that she had written me a letter. Here is what the letter said.

Dear Daddy,
I hope you can remember all the fun and joy we used to give each other. I know you must hate me and think that I have betrayed you like so many others have before. I wish I could tell you why I brought this upon you. However, I do not know what I am going to do to make you feel this way toward me. I only know that someday you will be reading this. You once asked me if I could stop it from happening and I told you I could not as it was your destiny. I was wrong daddy it was mine not yours. I knew there was no way to stop it from happening especially after Angel Carrie left me.

Angel Carrie told me good-bye in my last dream of her. She told me that I must face what was about to happen without her help. “You will seek help from one who has turned his back on you,” “Only he may save you, when it is time,” she told me before she walked away.

It was strange daddy as she walked away she had her hand sticking out by her side. As she neared the lake, a little girl with long blonde hair appeared taking her hand. I am not for sure daddy but I believe that was Melissa with her. I yelled to Angel Carrie asking her if she would return however, they disappeared into the moon as it danced across the lake.

You faced many trials during Vietnam as well as after daddy. I now must face my own. I only hope that I have your bravery in me when I do. Sorry if I have became a disappointment to you daddy. I cannot even be sure if you will be there that day when I do need you. I can only hope and pray that you will be. I love you daddy and I always will.

Your Loving Daughter

P.S. Keep me in your heart as I do you.

I sat there just reading her letter repeatedly. I kept telling myself that she was not a disappointment to me. However, no matter how many times I said it and read her letter she still was to me. My dreams of her becoming an artist taken from me, my hope that she could have came to me with any problem, as we would face them together taken from me. The trust I had in her broken and taken from me. Perhaps the biggest disappointment was that she had promised never to leave me and she had. I sat there with those thoughts running through my head.

“I know of another who was good at running away as well,” the voice within me said. “You may hate her Sgt. J however I am sworn to protect her,” the voice added as it faded from my head.

I rolled the paper back up in the yellow ribbon and slipped it back into her skates. I gave the wheel of her skate a spin as I walked from her room. I walked into the bedroom to see the girls getting dressed for work.

“You girls stay home today and get some rest,” I said to them.

“What about you John?” Kay asked as Cathy came over beside her.

“I will be OK,” I replied with sorrow in my voice.

The girls started to cry as they both told me that they were sorry. They should have told me sooner. However, Sherri had told them how I hated anyone to break a promise. As I said before a promise made is only to be broken, I thought as I walked toward them. I wrapped them in my arms pulling them tightly against me.

“Hush, hush my loves or the creatures of the night will get us all,” I said.

My heart grew cold and bitter as winter came to our neighborhood. It was a bad winter that had came as well. The snow started piling up around Thanksgiving and was still going strong in mid December. Kay and Cathy had thought Sherri would call for Thanksgiving or maybe even show up at home to surprise us all.

However she did not; I tried to make it as if I did not care. If I kept telling myself that, it did not hurt as bad. It was a Saturday night a week or so before Christmas. I had spent most of the afternoon and the evening clearing snow from the back lake roads. I was tired, cold and hungry when I got home around midnight.

Kay and Cathy were up waiting for me. The three of us had patched up our differences however, I warned them not to ever do anything like that again or else I would disown them as well. I walked into the house to the smell of pork chops cooking. The girls helped me out of my heavy winter suit and told me to go take a quick shower as they got my dinner ready.

I did as they suggested and returned to see our plates set upon the kitchen table. The three of us sat down and we began to eat. They asked me how the roads were. I looked to our patio doors with the curtains pulled back. I saw that big snowflakes were coming down once again.

“They were cleared however I think I will be back out in a few hours,” I said.

I dug into my food as I was starving. I was on my third pork chops when the phone rang. Kay got up from the table to answer it. I just kept on eating until I heard her yell.

“YOUR WHERE, Sherri,” Kay yelled into the phone. “YOU’RE WHAT?” Kay asked as I watched her eyes get big.

That will end this chapter. As always, let me know if you are enjoying my story. We are nearing the end of my life story with maybe two or possibly three more chapters left. I leave you to your thoughts on a word I have used in my story.

“Disappointment” we all have faced it sometime in our life and probably will again.

Disappointment means the feeling of sadness or displeasure that haunts us, when our hopes, aspirations or expectations are not fulfilled. Overcoming disappointment, taking it in your stride and moving on, is the basic quality of champions. Disappointment breaks down the spirit of many people. However, this is life. You have to face a fair share of disappointments and setbacks, while you are treading the path of success.

Anytime you suffer a disappointment or setback, put your head down and just move ahead. As it is just one more hurdle, you must face in life. Believe me, as I know all about the hurdles one faces in his lifetime. I have faced many and I am sure I still have a few more to face. One can be disappointed because of secondary, innocent or quite paltry reasons, as well.

“Age does not diminish the extreme disappointment of having a scoop of ice cream fall from the cone.”

I had to use that as it recently happened to me. I am sure it has happened to us all either when we were young or when we were older.

Never lose time or heart, when things do not accomplished at one shot. Next time, try a little harder and you will surely gain success. Sitting back disappointed, in the face of adversities, is no solution. I wish someone would have told that to me when that little girl whose skates I had fixed went away.

As my Carrie would tell, I and the other vets when she would end our meetings, “Never give up.”


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I love the way you would put in a bit of advice and perhaps a quote at the end of each chapter. Love your stories! :)

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