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this is my new series i have been working thanks to all who belived in my first writing and a special thanks to J.J for his help
*******************************************************************************************************************My name is Alan Frost,but to the goverment i am simpily known as experiment xn72.Let me tell you a bit about self i am 6'2 and weigh about 220 pounds,i have black curly hair with ice blue eyes...i have a scar above my right eye due to a training accident back in '09, and as of now i am the only one who has ever escaped from the united states goverment.
At the age of 4 in 1952 my abilities were discovered,my entire family was slaughtered at my very eyes,to prevent any emotions for them.Since then i have been locked away using my abilities to save lives and sometimes even end them.My ability is known as multiple cellular machines,i can program the cells in my body to do practicaly anything on my own body or if i touch someone skin cells can pass off on them and infect their cells like a virus do and do much more horrid things.I have been alive 60 yearsalthough i appear to be only 18,my cells make me age more slowlyThis is the story of how i escaped from there and found love within sammantha.
......PRESENT DAY......As i awoke in a pile of hay somewhere,I felt a pain in my lower back that was very familar, i had been stabbed.Well i can fix it, i closed my eyes giving my cells the silent command to begin rapid healing,and nothing happenend.I tried to force the healing and a sharp pain came and as i began to sink into oblivion i started to remember....................4 DAYS EARLIER............... My nurse sammantha walked in with my daily tray of food, man is she pretty..32 years old,5'9 with that blonde hair that always smelled like strawberries,C-cup titties,with a rounded butt that shows she works out.

"Well Alan(she was the only one who called me that)looks like you have chicken and mash potatoes today"..."well Ms. Sammantha you know its my favorite"..."Alan you know i have told you to just call me Sammantha,it makes me seem as old as i already am"..."ms um i mean Sammantha you are the prettist girl i have ever seen."She only smiled at me,she might be the only woman i have ever seen,but by god she was amazing.As she was bringing my sweet tea over (also my favorite)she tripped over the edge of my desk and dropped the glass cup causing it to shatter onto the floor,she slid in the tea and fell.

I jumped outta bed and scooped her up off the floor and brushed her off.Then the smell that i could never forget hits my nostrils,blood.I look at her arm and relize there is 3 inch gash in her arm.I look her into her green eyes and she looks into mine and i realized that she was not pretty but a very beautiful woman.I closed my eyes and lay my hand on top of her gash and she realizes what i am about to do and she begins to protest,"Alan no you cant,you know you will get in trouble"...she tries to pull away but i am alot stronger than her and she finally quit struggling.I then close my eyes again and begin my silent commands to my skin cells to detach to her and heal her wound.

She grimaces slightly as i knew she would,within a minute what would have took weeks to heal took only 1 minute.I looked at her arm to make sure it had healed correctly.As i made sure that no scar formed and there was no infection,I looked into her eyes and she has a look in her i have never seen before.Before i can speak her lips mash against mine in a hot display of passion,at first i resist,but i give into her warm lips tasting of strawberries..i began to wonder if the rest of her tasted like that,that thought cause my cock to jump in my pants.She shuddered slightly and i realized we were so closely pressed together she must have felt it to.I have never sex before,but i have heard the male guards talk before of women so i knew a little of what to do.

I began massaging her breasts through her shirt and i discovered she wore no bra,I quickly unbuttoned her shirt and stared at my first set of breasts.She had a perfect pair of nipples that about a half inch.I quickly dove down and latched onto a nipple and she stiffled a scream as i did this.At this time my 7 inch cock was at full mast,she looked down and I heard a gasp from her.She pushed me back onto the bed and tore my pants down and reached in and took out my cock,she could not wrap her hands around it fully,due to the thickness of it.She put the head into her mouth and began to pop it in and out of her mouth,i was in totally heaven as she did this.I placed my hands onto her head as this is what i heard is right to do,and i pushed her head down a bit.She pulled her head fully off and looked deep into my eyes.."i love you Alan"...before she took my entire length into her throat.

Her throat muscles had a vice like grip on my cock,I knew if she kept this up I would not be able to last long at all.I spun her around so we were in a 69 postion and pulled her skirt up and i realized as she had worn no bra she was the same when it came to panties.She had the most perfect pussy i had only seen,the only one I had ever seen that did not envolve a grainy porno,that a very nice guard had snuck me in.Her pussy was neatly shaven with what i assumed to be what I heard a guard call a landing strip.She had a slightly enlarged clit, which is most likely why she wore no panties.I snaked my tongue out and tasted her already pouring over pussy.She tasted the way her hair smelled,like strawberries.

She moaned when she felt my tongue rake across her,causing my dick to vibrate deep in her throat.I found the jackpot when i sucked her clit between my teeth.She double timed her efforts on my cock.I started to feel that familar churning in my balls and knew i would last only another minute or so...i began to pump my tongue in and out of her like a steam engine.Only a few seconds later her thighs squeezed my head like a boa constricter,and the most delicuos nectar i have ever tasted,far better then sweet tea,poured out onto my tongue.Being locked in her thighs death grip stopped me from warning her about my own cumming,a second later the dam in my balls broke causing my hot seed to pour down the back of her wanting and needing throat.

After it was all over,only terror was displayed across her face..."Alan i am so sorry i did that to you,we can never do that again"...I tried to protest to tell her i liked it to,but she hushed me and ran outta the room after fixing her clothes.I began to think of a way to get to taste her nectar again,just then the door opened and general bill walked in..."Time for training xn72 get up and lets go"...I would taste sammantha again even if it killed me
********************************************************************************************************************This is a new seris I am working on,let me know if i shoud do a part 2

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yes do part 2 3 4 5 thru 20 or 50

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Please always say 'I' and not 'i'. It is imperative.

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2012-07-30 23:37:50
pretty good, ill have to keep an eye out for the next.

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2012-07-27 02:10:39
i liked it very much dont pay attention to the guys bitching about grammar they are just being douches my advice is too stay with the story

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