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This is my first story so please feel free to make recommendations and pointers and let me know if you enjoy it!! I hope you have a good time reading it. Enjoy :)
Jenna waited in the car looking at the time, which told her it was just about 2 a.m., her fingers tapping against her steering wheel impatiently waiting. She had been looking forward for this whole thing between her girlfriend Stacey and her. It was hard for the two of them to have alone time since she had an annoying roommate and Stace still lived at home with her parents.

She glanced at her watch again thinking Stace was running really late. Not that she was complaining since she needed time to calm her nerves from the excitement. She told herself before she left that she was going to stay cool headed but knew she got a little carried away with what she was wearing. She usually stuck with jeans but tonight she was wearing a white miniskirt with a red buttoned up cardigan and some cute heels to go with them. She even let down her bouncy blonde curls. She wondered how Stace was going to look tonight. But she doubt Stace was going to dress up. Stace was always the one that didn’t care much for appearances, which was fine by Jenna.

She jumped in her seat as she saw Stace sneaking from behind her back fence as she walked in a quick pace towards the passenger side of the car. As soon as she sat down in the car, her mouth dropped as she looked up and down at Jenna. She was speechless until she finally found her tongue again and said, “You’re looking so gorgeous. Now, I feel bad. I should have dressed nice too.”

Jenna looked back at Stace, who was dressed in a tight white t-shirt and her skinny jeans. Her straight black hair pinned up with a hair pin. Jenna quickly protested, reassuring Stace that what she was wearing was just as good, since where they were going, no one was going to see them anyways.

Jenna drove a few blocks away from the house as Stace wondered where they were going. After a 15 minute drive she came to a stop and got out of her car. Stace followed her actions. She ran a few steps up to Jenna as she grabbed her hand asking, “Where are we?”

“This is the storage house where Toby works, he lent me his keys. He said management is out for the week so we can use it as our own private place,” grinned Jenna as she dangles the keys in her hands. After passing a few doors, Jenna came to a stop and said, “Here it is. 255”

She unlocked the door as they walked in. It wasn’t the best place, but it wasn’t the worst place. There was a table and it was dark. She was more worried Stace wouldn’t be okay with it. But to her surprise Stace jumped on her before she could even close the door. Her arms around Jenna’s neck as she kissed her lips; it was easy for her to do that since they were both about 5’2. Stace’s lips felt soft and warm against hers and inviting as she parted her lips with her tongue. Jenna slowly made her way towards the table, pulling Stace along, never taking her lips off of Stace’s. Jenna pulled the hair pin out of Stace’s hair as her hair fell down to her shoulders. She gave her a deep, passionate kiss as her hand ran through the softness of her hair. She could smell the coconut aroma in Stace’s hair from her favorite conditioner that she used.

Stace’s hand ran down her neck to Jenna’s chest. She loved her breasts. Maybe because they were bigger than hers. She unbuttoned the first three buttons of Jenna’s cardigan as she realized she was in for a treat because Jenna wasn’t wearing a bra tonight. She knew Jenna was a D but Jenna liked wearing bras that were a cup smaller. She didn’t like the fact that her size was so big but Stace always thought they were perfect, especially because she liked how people liked to stare at Jenna’s chest, especially guys. Stace, on the other hand was more petite and barely had B cup breast.

Stace kissed down Jenna’s shoulders as she slipped her cardigan off. Her lips trailed down to her chest leaving a soft trail of kisses. She nibbled on Jenna’s pink nipples as her hand made it’s way underneath Jenna’s skirt and she began rubbing her over her panties. Jenna let out a deep breath as she pulled Stace’s head closer against her. She wanted more and Stace knew it too. In fact, she wanted to make Jenna moan and climax like no one ever has. She reached under Jenna’s panties and found her clit soaking wet. She knew how turned on Jenna was but she wanted to hear it. She tugged and twisted her nipples as she whispered into Jenna’s ear, “Tell me you want it inside you.”

Jenna shyly leaned in for a kiss as she whispered into Stace’s ear, “yes, I want it inside. I want your fingers inside me.”

Stace knew she was wet herself, but she wanted to pleasure Jenna first. She stuck her finger inside Jenna, moving it in and out. Jenna’s breathing quickened. But Stace wanted to hear her so bad, so she added another finger and another. Jenna was trying hard to stay quiet but she couldn’t anymore. It was too much. She let out a moan and that first moan triggered another and another as she came closer to climaxing.

Jenna leaned back on the table as Stace pushed deeper and deeper into her. Jenna tried to push her hand away. She didn’t like how vulnerable climaxing made her feel but Stace wouldn’t let her. Stace just kept pushing and pushing as Jenna’s juice slides over her hand.

Jenna knew her climax was going to come hard. She felt as if she was about to burst into tears. She wanted it to stop but she felt so good at the same time. Her hips rose against Stace’s hand over and over until her moan became loud and high. Her juice finally squirted over Stace’s hand. Jenna laid there silently for a few seconds as Stace then removed her hand and said, “I’ll clean you up”

Jenna stood there never having seen this side of Stace as Stace began to lick her juices off of her inner thighs and clit. She sat up and hopped off the table as she gave Stace a kiss on the lips and said “now it’s your turn.”

Jenna untied the scarf around her wrist as she used it to cover Stace’s eyes. Stace let out a giggle as she said “Kinky…”

“Only because I want every touch to be a surprise to you,” she whispered into Stace’s ear as she guided her to sit back on the table to await her surprise. She hoped she would be good enough but most importantly that they would remain undisturbed.

Too bad, she was so focused on pleasuring Stace that she didn’t realize they weren’t alone in the room anymore.

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2013-09-23 18:16:48
not interesting at all.....cant turn a lesbian

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2012-07-01 13:07:48
This is a great start, especially for a first story. I'd like to see where this goes, although I sincerely hope there is no rape in their future. -S.V

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