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As the Battle of Hogwarts comes to an end Harry Potter would like nothing more than to have a peacful life with Ginny Weasley, unknown to Harry there's still one man that seeks his death
Disclaimer: This story does not reflect the attitudes or characters in the Harry Potter series, nor does it have any affiliation with its author.

Part 5

Sunlight crept through the bedroom window onto Ron Weasleys face causing him to wake up with a start. Ron's eyes adjusted to the bright light as he took in his surroundings. He was lying in bed, Harry must have already woken up and gone for breakfast because his camp bed was empty.

Checking his bed side alarm clock he realised that his first quidditch match for the Chudley Cannons youth team was in 5 hours time. Normally Ron would be forced to spend the night before matches at the team headquarters but as it was his first game they had let him stop with his family to help with nerves.

And boy was Ron nervous. He always was when it came to quidditch matches, but this was a whole lot bigger. All his family and friends would be attending the match to watch him, amongst the other thousand dedicated Cannons fans that liked to go to the youth games to see up and coming talent. This match would be very important, he needed to make a good impression.

Ron was still lying in be when Hermione walked in wearing her dressing gown with plates full of food. Ron loved food and as he looked down he realised Hermione had cooked him a full English breakfast with extra everything just for this special day.

'How you feeling?' Hermione asked after Ron had grunted his thanks.

'I'm fine' Ron bluntly replied.

It was obvious to Hermione that Ron was lying through his teeth here. She remembered as well as anyone the kind of nerves that quidditch could cause him, and the green tinge to his cheeks gave it away a bit.

'You can't lie to me Ron Weasley! Lucky for you I've planned just the right thing to calm you down and it isn't the breakfast' and with that she pulled at her dressing gown and let it fall to the floor, revealing her slender, naked body.

Ron knocked his plate of food to the floor in delight as he gazed longingly at Hermione's body. They had shagged plenty of times but he was still in awe of seeing her naked, he still got that priceless sense of excitement and pleasure of seeing her naked that he did the first time.

Hermione walked over to the bed, pushing Ron onto his back, as she climbed on top of him.

'Bu.. But you haven't locked the door.' he muttered to her, turning his attention to the bed room door that was left wide open. Ron's bedroom was on the top floor and the only other rooms on the same levels was Ginny's, but that didn't mean any of the family couldn't walk up to speak to him at any moment.

'So what, what's life without a little risk?' Hermione asked as she winked at him seductively.

Ron had to admit to himself that this would be exciting and well worth the risk. So he leant forward and gave Hermione a passionate kiss on the lips. As they kissed their hand began to explore each others chests, caressing each other. Hermione began to grind her already wet pussy against Ron's hard 8 inch cock through his boxers.

She couldn't wait any longer though. The thought of being caught and how pleasurable it will be with Ron's hard cock inside her, she lifted herself up and pulled down his boxers before climbing back on top of him. Reaching down for his cock she rubbed his bellend against her pussy to add some lubrication before impaling all of his 8 inches inside of her. A shot of pleasure burst through her. God it felt good to have her pussy so full again she thought to her self.

As she began to bounce up and down on his cock she leaned forward, hinting for him to suck on her tits. Ron, always the gentleman, gladly took one of her nipples in his mouth where he bit down hard.

'Ohh my god' She moaned as her pace began to pick up. The pleasure was increasing for Hermione with every passing second and she longed for more. So leaning back she placed one hand on Ron's strong chest for support and began to rub her clit frantically with her other hand.

Ron lay back enjoying Hermione bouncing up and down on him. This was always a great way to release some stress, and he was glad that Hermione was thoughtful enough to do it. But as he watched his beautiful girlfriend bounce up and down on his cock, his eyes following her wonderfully large boobs, he felt the need for some dominance.

Sitting up to face Hermione he pushed her off him onto the side of the bed. Hermione squealed in shock. Picking her up he turned her round so that she was facing away from him on all fours. Hermione's heart was racing in excitement, they'd never done it in this position before and she was all for trying new things.

Ron crawled up behind her and pushed his cock into her wet pussy. Without hesitation her began to pound into his girlfriend with no mercy.

'Ohh fuck that’s good Ron' Hermione uttered, barely able to string together a sentence though all of her soft moans.

Ron had to agree that this position held many advantages. The main one being Hermione's boobs bouncing with the rhythm of his thrusts. Feeling his own end nearing he reached round and began to rub her clit with his thumb, which only caused more moans from Hermione.

'I'm getting close Ron, give it to me harder!' Hermione demanded.

'I'm close too.'

With a moment of inspiration and no thought for his girlfriend he pulled his hand away from her clit, which was soaking in her juices, and spread her arse cheeks. Seeing her tight bumhole her pushed his lubricated thumb in without a seconds thought.

Hermione had realised Ron's intentions when it was too late, and as she started turned round to shout at him for his thoughtless intrusion into her she found that she couldn't speak a word. The intense pleasure that had run through her at that moment was enough to leave her speechless. She had thought about anal sex before and had decided it was something that she never wanted to try. But right now she was experiencing it for the first time and oh go was she enjoying it.

Regaining her speech she turned to Ron and with a look of longing and sexual desire shouted 'Holy shit I'm so fucking close, don't stop! I'm going to come so fucking hard!'

A signal for Ron to give it his all he thrust with all his power into his girlfriend until he felt her body buckle and she let out a long and loud moan of delight and pleasure. He could also feel her pussy and anus contract and tighten around his cock and thumb. The new pressure on his organ caused him to reach his own end as he fired his warm cum deep inside Hermione, falling to rest on her back as he caught his breath.

Hermione's knee's had given way when she has gone through that almighty orgasm so now she just lay, still bucking and moaning in delight, with Ron on top of her. As she managed to regain her composure she turned round and pushed Ron off of her.

'Wow' she softly moaned.

'Sorry about not warning or asking you about that' Ron replied with a guilty look on his face, although he guessed that she had enjoyed it anyway.

'It's okay Ron, it felt bloody amazing! She replied 'Tell you what, win your quidditch match today and I’ll let you fuck me up the arse tonight as a reward.'

Ron just stared at his girlfriend. If that wasn't motivation to win then what was?

Harry was sat at the kitchen table at The Burrow with Luna and Neville. Harry had messaged both of them with his notepad the news that Ron had made the team at the Cannons and both had wanted to come watch his first match. Harry was glad they were so interested in supporting his best friend although he feared that Ron might not be thankful of the added pressure of having his friends come watch him.

However Harry knew that Ron would be relaxed right now. When he'd come downstairs for some breakfast, before entering the kitchen, the breeze through the backdoor had blew Hermione's dressing gown up and he had caught a glimpse of her very naked arse. Knowing that she was no doubt planning on waking Ron up in a very special and enjoyable way, Harry had sat down at the kitchen table acting as if nothing had happened.

Something had happened though. Harry had found himself getting hard when he'd seen Hermione's naked bum. He'd instantly felt guilty about becoming excited over a girl that wasn't Ginny, he loved her and didn't want any other girl. But he'd never found Hermione sexually attractive before so why was he now. She's worn revealing clothes during summer weekends at Hogwarts and Harry had never looked twice. But as more explicit thoughts crept into his mind about Hermione she left to go upstairs to Ron, and Luna and Neville had arrived.

So as Harry sat at the kitchen table eating his breakfast and talking to his friends. Just then Ginny walked down the stairs in a tight t-shirt and a very short skirt. Because of the elevation of the stairs Harry go a wonderful view of Ginny's slender legs and also her panties. Unfortunately so did Neville and Luna, in fact Neville couldn't look away and Harry noticed he had shuffled forward to hide, what was no doubt a growing erection, under the table.

Harry was about to have a go at Neville for staring at his girlfriend when he realised he'd just done the same thing with Hermione, so he let it pass and kissed Ginny on the cheek as she sat down next to him.

'Good morning Ginny, Neville was just telling me about his new job.' Harry said.

'Ohhh where are you working?' she asked, looking at Neville who was still obviously embarrassed about the erection he was hiding.

'Ummmm.. Just an apprenticeship. Professor Sprout owns a plant shop in Hogsmead and has said I can work in there through the week and then take private lessons with her at the weekends.' Neville replied.

'Sounds wonderful Neville' Ginny replied.

'Yes, Professor Sprout said if I work hard she'll recommend me for the Herbology job at Hogwarts when she retires.'

'That's cool Neville' Said Harry.

Hermione and Ron then walked down the stairs, and by the happy look on both of their faces Harry knew his predictions earlier were correct. He also noticed that Hermione seemed to be walking with a little bit of a limp, it must have been rough.

Ron had to leave straight away to get to the stadium and meet up with the team to plan the match beforehand, so they all wished him good luck and he apparated away.

Harry, Hermione, Luna, Neville and the Weasley Family all entered the Chudley Cannons stadium together. Everyone had booked the day off of work to come and cheer Ron on in his first game, even Fleur had come to watch. Well everyone except Percy, but he was so boring nobody really cared much. The last thing they wanted was to be talked into a deep bout of boredom about the goings on at the ministry.

As they took their seats in VIP box, which Ron had managed to secure for them, they all started to become a bit nervous and worried. Everyone wanted Ron to do well, especially in his first match. After all you never get a second shot at giving a first impression.

Harry and Hermione were shocked at the amount of people who had turned up for the match. They both only ever attended one Quidditch match out of school and that was the World Cup final which was obviously busy. Harry had expected only the friends and family of the players to come and watch a youth match, but over five thousand people had turned up. Obviously the Chudley Cannons fans took their support of their team seriously. Judging by everyone else's reaction to the amount of fans though, this seemed a normality.

'By the way everyone, Ron told me before he left that were all allowed into the players lounge afterwards for some food and drinks.' Mrs Weasley informed them all.

Everyone seemed excited about the news that they'd be able to meet the other players and staff after the match and talk of quidditch quickly spread amongst everyone as the match got ever closer. It was at this point that Harry noticed his old quidditch team mates Angelina, Katie, Alice and Oliver sat a few rows away. He hadn't spoke to any of them since the war, so he made his way through the crowd to go and talk to them.

'Hey guys, what are you doing here?' Harry asked as he took a seat next to them.

'Hello Harry, we've come to cheer Ron on of course.' Angelina replied 'Got to support my old team mates haven't I.'

'I didn't even think you'd know about Ron making the team.' said a surprised Harry.
'Well me and Alice seen his name on the team sheet so thought we'd come check him out seeing as he might be playing with us in the first team soon.' Katie explained 'Plus Angelina heard it from George, and you know Oliver, couldn't resist a chance to watch a quidditch match.'

'I'm hear to observe the teams tactics, that's all' replied Oliver, although Harry could tell this wasn't the truth.

'How come you haven't come with George then Angelina? Surely he asked you seeing as you two are dating? Harry asked, wondering why George wouldn't have asked Angelina when they normally couldn't stay away from each other.

'Well he did but Katie and Alice had already got me tickets and I'd promised to go with them so I said I would meet him after in the players lounge, or maybe somewhere a bit more private if you know what I mean.' she said with a saucy wink.

Harry spent a good 10 minutes talking with his old friends about their jobs and lives, until he noticed the the players coming out onto the pitch and he made his way back to the Weasleys.

Harry stood clapping and shouting loudly as the commentator boomed out the score.

Chudley Cannons 270 Appleby Arrows 10

Ron had played his heart out and put in a great performance. Making a total of 17 saves he had kept the team in the game until their seeker had caught the snitch. Nobody cared that he'd let one goal in... The Arrows chasers were all second year youth players and were well respected in the 'Butterbeer' British and Irish Youth Division.

Everyone was cheering for Ron loudly, they was all so proud. He even flew up to their box after the match to give Hermione a kiss.

'I'm so glad I didn't make an 'arse' of myself!' he said as he flew off to join his team mates. Nobody except Hermione, who had gone bright red, had noticed the emphasis on the word 'arse'.

As everyone started to make their way towards the players lounge Harry noticed Bill and Fleur heading towards the male toilets. Curious as to what they might be up to Harry told Ginny he needed the toilet and followed them.

As Harry followed them into the toilet a few minutes later he found a pleasant yet surprising sight. Fleur was sat naked on the sink, arms and legs wrapped round an equally naked Bill as he thrust his massive cock into her tight pussy.

Harry's initial thought was to look away. He didn't want to see Bill naked, but then he noticed Fleur's body. The beautiful French girl had come to Hogwarts in his 4th year and he amongst many of his male classmates had thought of her during the dark private hours of the night. However he had never imagined her body to be so perfect. Slender and athletic yet curvy at the same time. She had a beautifully toned stomach, large round tits and a soft and supple looking ass. He couldn't tear his eyes away as she moaned loudly into Bills ear, scratching at his back, pulling his closer and deeper into her. Harry's eyes followed the bouncing of her boobs that matched the thrusts of Bill ploughing into her.

Harry, as well as the busy Bill and Fleur, never notices Ginny walk into the bathroom. When Harry hadn't returned she had decided to go looking for him. Never did she expect to find him here watching the couple fuck furiously by the sink. She was going to start shouting at Harry when she too noticed the beautiful Fleur.

Ginny couldn't understand why she found herself staring at Fleur's naked body. She had before found girls attractive. Her best friend at Hogwarts, Luna. She had always admired Luna and found her very attractive. And, although she would never admit it to anyone, had thought of her blonde haired friend once whilst she pleasured herself in bed at night. But Ginny couldn't believe how turned on she was getting seeing the beautiful French girl in front of her. Ginny slipped her hand into her skirt and started to rub her pussy, which was quickly becoming wet.

A soft moan behind him notified Harry of his girlfriend stood staring at the couple fucking, pleasuring herself at the sight. Although surprised, Harry wondered why Ginny would possibly be watching her brother and his wife shagging by the sink, when he realised that Ginny's eyes hadn't left Fleur's body. She probably wouldn't have realised if it was some random bloke fucking Fleur's brains out.

Formulating a quick plan he grabbed his girlfriends spare hand and pulled her into one of the the toilet cubicles. Noticing that Ginny still hadn't taken her eyes of the French beauty or stopped rubbing her own pussy, Harry left the cubicle door slightly open so the that Fleur's body was still in sight.

It wasn't until Harry sat her down and knelt down in front her did Ginny turn her attention to him.

'What are you doing?' she whispered.

'Giving you a helping hand, now just carry on watching the show!' he replied quietly, lifting Ginny's skirt up and pulling her panties to the side.

He quickly lunged forward and started to devour the taste of his girlfriends dripping pussy. He loved the taste of her and couldn't get enough as he lapped up her juices greedily. Working his tongue over her clit, he pushed two fingers into her dripping pussy which was still as tight as when she was a virgin. He licked and sucked at her clit causing Ginny to do everything possible to stop herself from crying out in delight.

Ginny still couldn't take her eyes of off Fleur, although she admitted that her boyfriends tongue was a close distraction. Her orgasm was quickly approaching her. She knew she wouldn't last long seeing as she has already pleasured herself, plus the sight in front of her was turning her on like never before. She was holding onto the toilet seat for dear life to stop her body jerking uncontrollably from the pleasure Harry was giving her. She also had her legs wrapped tightly round his head, making sure that he wouldn't stop his efforts to pleasure her.

A final squeal of pleasure from Fleur caused Ginny to start her own orgasm. Harry knew that Ginny was quite loud when she came so he reached forward and covered her mouth with his hand just in time as she let out a loud moan, going through her own orgasm simultaneously with Fleur's.

Ginny's juices gushed out onto Harry's waiting tongue as he swallowed it all. Ginny was just coming down from her unbelievable orgasm and her breathing had calmed. It seemed Bill and Fleur had finished because they put their clothes back on and left the bathroom, unaware that they had just put a show on for the now sweating and and very pleased Ginny Weasley.

The after match party was great. Everyone enjoyed themselves and drank to much as they congratulated Ron. Harry and Ginny had made their excuses about being late, lying that they had stopped to talk to one of Ginny's dorm mates at Hogwarts.

But as everyone enjoyed themselves and danced with the rest of the team and their families, Harry had found a bottle of firewhiskey and had excused himself to the backroom. Everyone was celebrating but her could only think of the people that should be still alive and celebrating too. His thoughts were with Fred as he drank his umpteenth shot of the very alcoholic drink. Fred would be so proud of Ron right now, although he'd never admit it and would definitely wind him up about the one goal he let in. It just seemed to Harry that nobody else wanted to remember all the people they had lost. It was probably the alcohol that was causing him think like this, but all he wanted was to drink more to numb the pain.

A few minutes later he was passed out. An empty bottle next to him.

Harry woke up with his head pounding, a headache starting already. He was also aware that he was still drunk. It seemed that someone was shaking him. Looking up he found someone he didn't recognise standing over him.

Harry took in the unknown man's appearance. He was pretty short and skinny with longish dirty blonde hair styled and messy. He had a young kind face. He must have been around the same age as Harry.

'Who are you? Harry asked, nursing his growing headache.

'I'm Galvin Gudgeon, I'm seeker for the Cannons, I'm on the team with Ron.' He replied.

'Where am I?' Harry replied, all his memories of the party were gone.

'You're in the back room mate, I seen you come in here earlier and seeing as you hadn't come back I thought I'd best check on you.' Galvin replied offering his hand to Harry to help him to his feet.

As Harry got to his feet he stumbled to the players lounge and found it empty.

'Where is everyone?!' Harry demanded.

'Everyone's gone home, I was doing an interview for The Daily Prophet when the Weasleys left so I couldn't tell them where you were.' Galvin explained. 'I think they thought you'd already apparated home when they couldn't find you.'

'Shit, they must be worrying about me.' Harry said as he turned to apparate but fell over in the process.

'You can't apparate home like that mate. Here I'll take you home with a portkey.' Galvin offered, picking up and empty bottle and muttering 'Portus' whilst tapping it with his wand.

Harry took a hold of the bottle and instantly felt a pull on his hand. Spinning round and round next to Galvin he found himself land uncomfortably on the edge of The Burrows garden. The spinning had made Harry feel ill, he fell to the floor and began to be sick until he passed out.

Galvin crouched down and picked Harry up onto his shoulder. Although small he was really strong.
Carrying him to the front door when Mrs Weasley and Ginny came running out screaming.
'My dear boy, we was so worried! Thankyou for bringing him to us.' Mrs Weasley said through tears.

'It's no problem ma'am, I found his passed out and thought it was best to make sure he got home safely.' Galvin said. 'But I must get going, my parents shall be wondering where I am. I hope Harry will be okay in the morning.' And with that he apparated away.

Hermione sat looking out of Ginny's window. When they had realised Harry wasn't at The Burrow they had all become awfully worried. Just when she started to fear something dreadful had happened she spotted two figures appear at the end of the garden. She easily recognised Harry who was lying on the floor being sick. She should have known he'd been drinking again, he was always irresponsible when he had alcohol.

About 10 minutes later Harry floated into Ginny's bedroom still unconscious, with Ginny behind him supporting him with her wand.

'I told mum I would look after him whilst his in this state so she asked if you'd stop in with Ron, although she said she's trusting you to behave yourself and be responsible!' Ginny smirked.

Hermione's faces light up. She had hoped to congratulate Ron on her own when they got back but Harry's disappearance had caused everyone to worry. Walking over to her draw she picked out some underwear and turned to Harry.

'Oh don't worry he's completely passed out I think, and even if he isn't he wont remember anything in the morning.' Said Ginny.

Shrugging her shoulders Hermione started to remove the dress she had worn to the match until she stood in the middle of Ginny's room completely naked. Ginny was used to her doing this now and didn't bat an eye lid as she started to make her own bed.

Harry had just began to stir when he opened his eyes to see Hermione's shaved pussy in his direct eye line. His head was still spinning and he soon passed out again as Hermione slipped on some sexy lace underwear and made her way to Ron's room. Ginny levitated Harry into her bed and then crawled up next to him where she soon fell asleep.

Hermione knocked quietly on Ron's door and then entered.

Ron's mouth dropped at the sight of Hermione in her sexy underwear. The thought of thrusting his cock into her tight pussy filled his mind until....

'Well you won the match, time for your prize.' She said as she held out a bottle of lube and wiggled her arse in his direction.

To Be Continued...


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I'm still reading these at a breakneck pace!

Keep it up!

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keep it like R/H considering at the end of the seventh book ron and hermionie end up married

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i suggest reading your work aloud to yourself before posting. the stories are great, but there are some typos where a letter might have dropped, and it was still a word

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I ve the books many times and even though the isnt really anything between H/HR i have always felt that they should be together as many fans do i think it should be ron/luna ginny/neville and h/hr .Plus i read a story which they referred ginny as looking like harrys mum so now i cant read any h/g withoout getting freaked out

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to that anonymous reader that said hermione is out of character. the point of writing erotic fan-fiction is to take the characters to a place never before explored.

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