The Weekend arrives and fun continues
My watch alarm went off at 6AM as usual and as I became conscious I realized two things. One was I had a raging hard on. Two was it was inside something tight and wet! So I did the only thing I could think of at the time: I start humping whoever I was in. As I opened my eyes I saw the back of my daughter's head and remember our love making from the night before. With my hands I have reached around and am messaging her tits with the emphasis on the nipples. They both turn hard.

As I slide my raging morning hard on in and out of my daughter's tight pussy I feel her starting to wake up and come alive. She turns her head around and sees me in the corner of her vision and says "Good Morning Daddy, How long have you been fucking me?" "Just a few seconds." is what I tell her and I think it is true. She replies,"Good then I did not miss much." and she starts to rock her pelvis to the rhythm of my fucking her.

She eventually gets to gasping for breath as her climax approaches and I speed up my stroke wanting to cum with her. She continues to work with me as the climax approaches and then suddenly she stiffens, quakes and arches her back. As she cums I let go and my cock discharges its load into her 29 year old vagina. I keep on pumping as it starts to fade and then it falls out and Sabrina says,"I guess that means it's time to get out of the fucking bed." We rise together and putting on robes we bead out to the kitchen. It's about 6:15AM now and the coffee which is run by a timer is done already so I pour two cups and carry them to the table.

I ask Sabrina what is her schedule today and she says she does not have one for the weekend. She tells me both girls want me in their beds this weekend and I can choose which one I want to sleep with when. Both will have enemas until they shit clear fluid before they go to bed tonight and tomorrow night.

Trish knocked on our door about 6:45 and I let her in and she told me she was going back to her mother's old apartment to sleep the rest of morning because Josh had her up all night fucking and sucking. She said she was all fucked out and wouldn't need to do anymore for at least a week. I told her to go home and sleep in there are no duty shifts on Saturday except for security. I sent her out not later than 7.

I get up and go to the kitchen and find milk, eggs and bread and start to make French toast. I make four slices up and put them on two plates with butter and a syrup container on a third plate and carry them out to the table and Sabrina and I eat our breakfast.

Sabrina says to me. "Why didn't you just pop my cherry and fuck me when we were doing sex when I was a kid." I said,"I wasn't really wanting to take your cherry then. I was just trying to keep me satisfied and you did not want the pain so I did not push the issue." She says,"As a wife I loved having sex with my husband though he was not as good as you are at it." "If you liked having sex so much why did he go to the girls?" She told me,"I was on a swing shift at a factory. So when I went on Grave Yard was when he started doing them. Then once they learned how it felt to be stimulated it continued anytime I left them alone. I only caught him because I went to the store one day and turned back to get my shopping list and he had Charlene in a sixty-nine in the living room. When I ask her why did let him do it she said Bea was doing it before she did. And that was when I found out about it. I called the cops and he went to jail. Since there were two charges of second degree sexual abuse he's doing life without parole.

She continued to ask me about her childhood sexual abuse. She asked me,"Why didn't you tell me that swallowing cum is the most loving thing a girl can do for a guy?" I answered simply,"I was happy having you just doing what you were doing. I'd never before used oral sex for anything but foreplay." Then she asked me,"Why didn't you teach me to use my tongue on your prick when I sucked you." I replied,"I was happy with what you were doing, your mother had not eaten me since before your brother was born." "Damn you were a very patient man."

As we finish up I hear footsteps in the hallway and soon after Beatrice comes out and I go to the kitchen to make her a french toast breakfast. She comes into the kitchen with me and raises her arms. This child is almost as tall as I am but I pick her up under her arms and she wraps her legs around my waist and gives me a long French kiss. When we break it she says, "Thank you for eating me last night. I wanted you to fuck me but I know we have to wait to do it on camera. I still slept fine though and I owe you for that." I tell her "It was good for me too besides I love you." She says,"I love you too grandpa." I put her on the floor telling her "I have to turn the french toast or it will burn."

She exits the kitchen and goes to the dining room. She sits and waits for me to bring here plate out to her with the still steaming French Toast on it. When I set it in front of her as she buttered it she said,"French Toast for the granddaughter who French Kisses you" I smile and nod as I agree it is interesting that I chose that meal for breakfast this morning.

I again hear the pitter patter of little feet and Charlene takes a running leap and I catch her for her octopus hug. Her arms are around my neck and legs around my waist. The octopus hugs are playing havoc with the belt of my robe and after a French Kiss I put Charlene down and my robe falls opened. She looked up to my semi-hard prick and says,"You need me to suck that?" She comes up and puts her mouth on my organ and starts to fellate me with her tongue and she's deep throating me which is terribly stimulating but I want her to have French Toast for breakfast not my jism. So I take her shoulders and push her away. My prick comes out of her mouth with a pop.

I tell her,"Go to the dining room. Go on." She left the kitchen and went to the dining room to wait for me to bring her her plate. I finish two slices for the little slut and then rejoin the whole little clan in the dining room. As the kids eat my daughter and I continue our conversation.

She says,"It wasn't until I turned in the girl's father that I went into hypnosis to regress me to the beginning of the abuse I had with you. When the girls said they had discovered my abuser's website and read it and then had asked their Dad to make them feel good I realized I had done the same thing. It was then I met Amy at school and she ask me if I considered becoming a porn actress. Then her Dad tracked you down you know what condition he put on my continued employment.

I really am sorry you went to prison or that my husband went to prison for doing what the girls asked him to do. They admitted it in his trial but the judge said he had no choice in convicting him or sentencing him.

He is appealing his conviction but it does not look promising according to his appeal attorney. I wish I had asked the girls before I called the police. Maybe we would still be together. I leaned over and kissed her on the mouth without tongue and told her I would be happy to help her any way I could. She said, "You've already proven that Dad. Both for me and the kids."

Both girls look up from their plates and smile at me. I kiss my daughter, their mother again, this time with a bit of tongue. When I break it off she turns to the girls and asks them which one wants me tonight and both girls raised their hands! I tell them I know I'm going to make love to Bea soon enough so I'll do Charlene tonight and Beatrice tomorrow night. Charlene turns to her sister and says,"Will you tie me down to the bed the way I want you to?" Beatrice answered her,"Yes I'll tie you down but he may have to untie you to get you where he wants you and you'll have to talk him into tying you up again."

Sabrina tells Bea, "Bea, you get out the enema for tonight but you can help me clean out your sister if you would right before we put her to bed." She hands me a little pill and says, "Take this Dad it's the erectile dysfunction drug I've been feeding steadily since we came together." I answer her," I was wondering how I was able to perform so well since you returned to me. I've been able to perform like I was only 17 again."

It was the weekend so I did not have to go to the office. I called Rita and ask her to send me a tour guide to show me around the whole place and in a little while the luscious red head Amy is knocking at my door asking if I called for a tour guide. I say yes and she comes in, embraces me, and kisses me with lots of tongue grinding her slender body into mine. When we break from the first kiss she says,"Hello Daddy" and I remember that I adapted all Karl and Rita's children and wards when I took on the company.

Amy looks good enough to eat. A loose fitting halter top and Daisy Duke shorts, high stiletto heels finish the wardrobe. We depart for my tour and she takes me to my office and shows me the door behind my desk that I had not noticed. She takes me in and shows me a bed room. There are two closets. She tells me the man's closet is filled with clothes, robes, and accessories for me. The girls closet which is even bigger has sizes from tiny little Charlene's size up to Rita and Amy's adult size. She explains,"That way if you take a girl in here and her clothes get contaminated she has other clothes to put on. Same thing holds if your clothes get fouled. Dad used this room to test fuck actresses. There are cameras there and there to catch the action and they go to recorders down in security.

I slip an arm around her shoulders and neck and my hand does into the halter to stimulate her breasts. She says,"Dad, if you keep that up you are going to have to fuck me or something." She kneels in front of me, opened the robe, and began to give me her usual expert blow job. I reach down grab her by her waist and with her gripping my cock in her mouth I flip her over my head lying on the bed under her very skilled mouth. It also put her in position for a sixty-nine if i work myself around and I do that so I can give her the same pleasure she is giving me. She shucked her shorts and I untied and removed the halter.

She is sucking my prick. I'm eating her pussy and race is on to see who cums first or if we tie. She's having to push my organ out of her mouth to breath sometimes as her breath becomes short. I know I'm getting close but when she returns it to her mouth she takes me deep into her throat and then withdraws so only the head is in her mouth then she runs her tongue over it. I'm in a sexual heaven or hell depending on whether I can hold off until she cums. I don't withdraw at all. I keep a couple fingers in her pussy massaging the little bump inside that is her G-spot and have the other had exerting pressure on the G-spot from the outside as my tongue is playing on her clit. She comes off my penis and screams "Daddy...I'm cumming Damn it" as she goes off I let go and my cum spurts into her mouth and she sucks and swallows all of it as it comes up to her.

She says,"Daddy, I'm so glad you came here. You are really good at that and I love you." I tell her "Thank you Amy, I'm glad to have such a lovely and sexually aggressive daughter like you." She asks me, "Are you doing Sabrina now regularly? and what about her two girls who are even more slutty than she was?" I answer her,"Yes and Yes and yea."

We get dressed. I put on clothes from the closet. She puts on her own halter and shorts and the tiny bikini panties she wore under them. We leave the office bedroom through a side door and walk down the hallway. She points out the producer's office and accounting office. We go down to the basement and she shows me three studios and then we go outside to the woods with tickets under cameras and picnic table and a wooden out building with mattresses on the floor. This is for a family pricnic scene where the parents start to make out and the child goes exploring, gets taken my a child molester and is taught sex at an early age.

She walks me through a mock up of a city street and alley which is used for outdoor porno scenes. All this is surrounded by a security fence with motion sensors and video monitoring all around.

We come into an area that is between the wings of the building and excavation is starting on an in ground pool with a deck around it. We go around the rest of the building and enter through the garage. We pass the infirmary and I see Charlene on the examining table and the doctor has a hose running into her vagina. Sabrina is there too watching. I ask,"Hey Doc what are you doing to my granddaughter?" He answers,"Charlene is in a hurry to get fucked so she comes in every morning to have me add more saline to the balloon in her vagina. She's expanding the circumference of it by 1/4 inch a day. She may be ready for you to fuck before the end of the month." I ask him about Steve's daughter Adrianna and he says her mother only brings her in every three days so she'll be ready in maybe a quarter.

I ask the Doc,"Can I do vaginal intercourse with her with your balloon in place?" He considers it for a few minutes and says,"Since the balloon lengthwise fills the entire length of the vagina from the hymen to the cervix you should be able to fuck her shallowly as much as you want. That should be done right before the balloon comes out for you or someone to pop their cherries so the outer vagina will be large enough to comfortably accept the adult sized penis." "Thank you doctor." is my response. I see him close a valve and turn off the pump that pushes the saline into the balloon. He remove the tube from Charlene's vagina and Sabrina takes her back to her apartment.

I then ask the doctor about human cloning. He says it violates federal law but he is willing to do it if I want him to. He says he'll need an egg from a volunteer and will remove the nuclear DNA from the egg or he may be able to turn whatever cell material we give him into stem cells which could be made to act as an fertilized egg. He says he'll be here til noon and if he gets the material today he'll know Monday afternoon what he needs to do the produce a clone of whoever it is.

I tell him the person being cloned was 6 months old and was one of Josh's family who he had abused and the clone was for him. The Doc asks me if I would want more than one of the clones I said I would not mind but we would have the spread the births out to get maximum value out of them and he said it was not a problem.

I ask him if I can use his phone and he says it isn't his phone but it is my phone along with the rest of his equipment. So I call Josh and tell him to bring the hair brush with Adrianna's hair in it to the infirmary before noon. He says he will and asks if he can have Trish tonight again. I tell him to send Carey to the infirmary and see the yeast infection is under control then he can do her. Trish is all fucked out from last night's marathon sessions.

As I leave the infirmary I see Carey coming up the hall with a ziplok bag containing a hair brush. She is wearing one of the simple company night dresses that are worn without underwear unless she's on the rag.

Amy and I then head up stairs into living quarters areas and she shows me the corner apartment that my wife and kids occupy. They take up half the floor above the one Sabrina lives on. We enter the apartment and I hug and kiss my wife, and she introduces me to all our kids, Amy(22), Brittany(21), Courtney(20), Deardra(19), Elizabeth(18), Fred(17), Georgina(16), Helena(15), Ivan(14), Jennifer(13), Kendra(12), Lisa(11), Mary(8), Naomi(7), Olivia(6), Peter(5), Queen(4) and Reyna(4){identical twins) and last but not least Samantha who is 3. I get hugs from all the kids and kisses from all the girls. I ask Rita,"Do any of the kids have vagina expanders inside them?" She says, "All the virgin girls have them except for Mary who is big enough right now. I ask her,"Do you want me to call off the stop of production? It would not be a bad thing since we know Mary wants to be popped as soon as you can. I remind her in front of all the kids that I plans to do Beatrice first, then Mary and then Vanessa last. Rita corrects me and says, "She won't be the last as your granddaughter and these virgins will want you too. I tell her I may have Josh take some of them since he is a fixated pedophile and I actually prefer my sex with adults.

Then Rita raises her voice and says, "How many of you kids would accept oral sex from your new Daddy?" I saw eleven hands go up. Even the boys raised their hands. I immediately want to clarify my position. "I don't accept homosexual acts boys but thank you for the hands." Then Rita asks them, "How many would offer to give him a blow job?" Again eleven hands go up. "How many of you want to have him fuck you up your asses? Again eleven hands go up. How many of you girls want him to fuck your pussies? All sixteen girls raised thier hands! I don't know what to say to this. I know I'm the boss but most of these kids never met me before today.

I sit down in a chair and call Samantha to me. The three year old climbs up in my lap, wiggles her ass to settle it in and sits quietly. I ask her "How many boys or men have you sucked off? She says, I sucked off 4 men, I did it with my old Daddy first when I was only 2. On my third birthday I sucked off Fred, Ivan and Peter. I did them one right after the other. And did that make you hot? Yeah, I rubbed myself until I came once then the boys each came and ate me until I'd cum. I just love to cum.

I put Samantha on the floor and call over Olivia. The 6 year old, like her younger sister, climbed up on my lap and wiggled her ass on my lap before settling into my lap. She says I've sucked off more guys than little Sam. I also have taken a lot more up my ass. Two of her holes are still virgin. I only have one hole virgin and I want to get taken as soon as I can.

I call Amy down and ask her who she's fucking out of the boys. She says she sleeps with Fred most of the time but will go to Ivan when Fred is fucked out by one of the other girls. "Sometimes I take on both of them at once."

I call down Lisa and she sits on my lap with even more ass wiggling than the younger girls. She turns to me and kisses me on the mouth with full tongue and my penis responds. She has on a tank top and mini skirt. I reach between her legs and feel up the inside of the girls thighs when I get to where they join the rest of the body I don't feel panties I feel pussy! and it's wet!

I ask her "Why is your pussy wet?" She said,"I want to fuck you and I was hoping to get on your lap so I could have your right here." She slides off my lap and unzips my fly and extracts my hard organ. She kisses it then opens her mouth and slides it into her mouth until her lips were in my pubic hair. She put her tongue on the bottom of it and slurped her way to the head then back down until her lips were in my pubic hair and the head of my raging hard on was in her throat. Then she climbed up on my lap. She slid her legs out under the arms of the chair. Then she elevated herself up and grabbing my cock she impaled herself on me. First the head went in and then she wiggled her ass and slowly the rest of my cock slid into this eleven year old's pussy. She kisses me with tongue and says,"Now I'll do the work. You just relax." and she did as she said. I looked to see what she was using for leverage to lift herself. I then realized the chair had foot pegs attached to the back legs! She kept a very steady pace for about ten minutes then paused as her little body stiffened and quaked with her orgasm. Then she resumed with the same steady pace as before. I look at her and then look about the room at all the other kids and Rita. They are acting as if this is normal as can be. Then I notice that Georgina is standing with her back up against the wall and Fred was up against her fucking her standing up. Georgina goes into a screaming orgasm. Immediately her little sister Lisa goes off again with a big shake and little moan. I feel her teeth in my shoulder as she bites down on me. As she comes out of the climax she says,"So Sorry Dad I didn't mean to bite you." I tell her, "It's okay Lisa, it will help me hold out longer."

She kept on fucking me and came one more time before I felt the jism rising in my balls. As I felt it rise I told her I was going to cum. She settled with it against her cervix and said, "I want to slow down so I can cum one more time with you when you shoot off" She started going up and down my prick and I noticed she was going slower. As the jism in my balls started to rise I noticed Lisa was also getting closer to hers and as she stiffened and quaked I felt my balls dumping their load. I shot rope after rope of cum into this very slender little girl. I kissed her and we exchanged tongues and lots of saliva. I see the rods to prevent conception in her upper arm and know she's not going to get pregnant.

As my erection fades she lifts herself off my cock and cleans it with her mouth and tongue. She kissed me on the mouth and I tasted the salt of my cum. She said "Thank you for making me your first fuck of this part of the family." The whole family was applauding and I had trouble understanding what I had gotten myself into. I call Amy down and we leave even before Georgina and Ivan have separated.

I get out in the Hallway and Amy explains,"Lisa has been claiming she would be the first of the old guard to have you besides what I did at your house and here. So now she's had you and I guess we'll have a little peace for a while."

I walk down the hall with her and she says she wants to visit with some friends for a few minutes if I don't mind. She knocks on one apartment door and when it opens it is Margaret who opens the door with Adrianna on breast. Margaret kisses me and invites us in. Asks me if I object to her feeding her child and I tell her no. She burps the baby and switches it to the other breast. I ask her, "Where's Steve?" He's on duty so I'm glad you are here. I tell her I just came from Rita's apartment and had sex with one of the kids and she said we'll get you going. Amy? Amy unzips me and extracts my flaccid prick. She starts to suck it and it gradually grows in her mouth almost to full hardness. Then Margaret gets up and puts the baby on my prick and puts her breast up to my mouth. I start to suck and get milk! I suck away and my erections expands in the baby's mouth and starts to squirt. Only one or two pulses but it was enough to satisfy the baby's taste for cum.

The child goes to sleep as Margaret takes her breast from my mouth, closes her blouse and carries the baby to the crib and puts her in. She comes out and embraces me and says thanks and kisses me with tongue. She says,"Too bad we have a moratorium going right now or I'd ask you a assign me to fuck you this afternoon." I tell her I'd rather she waited for Steve to come home. She says,"Yeah but I can have him anytime. Sometimes I just want someone else." I tell her,"You have me in the office and you can ask to be assigned to fluff me or to be the female lead."

We leave and she says, It's close to lunch time so we'll eat at the mess hall." As we enter the room that covers as much space as the central hallway I notice Rita and her brood at a table and Amy and I sit to one side of the group and then I see Sabrina and her two kids come in and they sit on the other side of me.

I collect my hugs and kisses from all three of them with tongue and Charlene is very aggressive with her tongue and even overworked as my cock is I feel it coming up. Sabrina slips me a pill and says,"You probably need this then this afternoon." I put the pill in my mouth and turn to Amy and ask,"What else do you plan to show me?" I'd like to discuss some changes in the studios downstairs to combine our American and Japanese operations.

Some of Rita's brood come over to offer me hugs and kisses and I accept them from all the girls. Olivia, Queen, Rayna and Samantha all give me octopus hugs with their arms around my neck and their legs around my hips. Lisa had kissed me with her hand on my crotch but it was not responsive. I guessed that the pill had not yet kicked in. It is okay I wanted to eat food right now anyway. Lisa had whispered to me "Remember this morning, Daddy?" I replied,"I won't forget."

After everybody had their piece of me, they returned to their places and I sat down. The meal was beef liver smothered in sauted onions with baked potato with sour cream and green beans. Coffee and Tea were offered and Milk for the kids. The meal was accompanied with conversation, mostly small talk but there was an undercurrent of complaint over the moratorium which some felt was a delay in their income. I would have to consider this in my planning.

I found out that while Amy sleeps with her brother Fred most often she also fucks Ivan on demand and sucks Peter to orgasm every day! I tell her she is the consummate slut and she says Thank you.

After the meal as people got up to leave my wife came to me and said, "When the moratorium is over I want us to consummate the marriage on camera. Be sure you schedule it for me. Okay?" I tell her I'll schedule it sometime after the three virgins are taken care of. She says,"I'd like to be first before them but you are the boss."

Amy and I leave but I notice young little Samantha is tagging along. I hold Amy back and extent my arm to Samantha and she runs up to take it and we walk along the three of us. Before we walk out to the park area Amy takes us into a side room and shows us the monitors from cameras out in the park area. These are in the picnic area and around the shed where the pedophile will abduct the child.

She also hands me a pair of glasses. I put them on and put my regular ones in my pocket. These are bifocals and seem to march my prescriptions. She throws a switch and what I am looking at appears on the monitor. She says,"We shoot the kiddie stuff using these. They are wirelessly linked into the system and it prevents your face from being shown and allows the viewer to think he is doing what you are doing." I can only ask one question,"Is the wireless link encrypted?" She says,"Yes, our IT department encrypts everything with 1024 bit encryption to keep out any nosy neighbors.

We go outside and visit the picnic area. Amy looks at the picnic table and runs her hand over the surface and says I know from experience you can't get splinters from the tabletop. We walk down the wooded path to the shack and Samantha walks and pulls down her panties, takes her dress off and says,"Want to rehearse a scene with me, Daddy?" I ask her, "What do you want me to do?" She says,"Anything you want. You can rub me or eat me or I'll eat you or you can rub your cock on me. Anything!"

I pick her up under her arms and kiss her. She tries to give me tongue but I hold my lips closed. She pulls off the kiss and says,"Come on Daddy, Get with the program. If you won't French kiss me neither of us is going to get to the mood. I want you to make me cum. I turn to Amy,"Go to control and tape the glasses' output okay?" Amy leaves goes into the building and I lay Sam on the mattress in the shack and position my mouth at her pussy. I spread her labia with my fingers and start to lick her clit. I work my tongue onto it from all directions and swirl my tongue around it. I slip a finger into her vagina. She flinched slightly when I touched her intact hymen. Then I finger fucked her shallowly as my tongue savagely beat her clit. Her breathing became heavy. I maintained my stimulation both internally and externally. Then I added a third front by slipping my ring finger into her ass. Now she is gasping for breath. Then she stiffened and shivered. She grabbed my head in both hands and brought me up to her mouth and kissed me with tongue and said,"Thank you Daddy, I needed that."

I stood up and said,"Your welcome. You have a very sweet pussy to eat." I hand her her clothes and she puts them on and we leave the shed hand in hand and walk back. Even before we get to the door Amy is coming out and saying, "We got it and it looks so hot! We have to the city section now." On the other side of the woods well past the shack is a couple of brick buildings with an alley in between. It looks like a typical urban ally with dumpsters and stuff but I notice the lack of odor. I ask Amy,"I see the garbage but I can't smell it." She says "it's a fake, it's all plastic." I reach for a wall that looks blackened with smoke. There is wood ash on the ground under it. No lamp black comes off on my finger.

I ask Amy,"What do we film here?" Amy says,"We film rapes here. It's all fun though we know what we are doing here." Samantha pipes up and says, "I do my blow jobs on drunk bums tapes here." I can only say,"Really?" She says,"I haven't yet but that is or was planned. She looks dejected so I pick her up and tell her,"Don't worry honey we will go through with the plan. As I kiss her my finger finds itself at her pussy hole. I gently push it in and tickle her internally. She smiles as she realized where my finger was. She kisses me again and gives me her tongue and I let it in and feel my erection rise but I can't use it on Sam. I pull out and put Sam down.

I grab Amy and pin her to the wall with the blackened stain and untie her top and those luscious breasts come free. Sam is watching with her finger in her panties. I unsnap her shorts and unzip them and Amy reaches down and pushes them down. I touch her pussy through wet panties and then pull them down. As she steps out of them I lick her slit from bottom to top and she giggles. Sam echoes Amy's giggle. As I stand Up I feel my zipper being pulled down but Amy has her arms around me so who? I look down and Sam is reaching into my fly extracting my erect cock with difficulty. She finally gets it out. She takes it in hand, puts it in her mouth and takes in four inches of it and pulls it out and stepping out from between me and Amy she puts my cock into Amy's wet waiting pussy! So I am stoking in and out of Amy as Samantha watches intently playing with her pussy.

I keep on fucking Amy and as she starts to breath hard I ask Her,"I'm not hurting you am I" She says,"I love making love to you if that was not clear at your house. It's just good clean fun." I check on Sam and she is sitting down on the ground with her panties of fingering the crap out of herself. I hope she doesn't break her hymen. As Samantha cums with a shiver. Amy goes to gasping for breath and she stiffens, quakes and then sags. It is only my still stiff cock in her that has her pinned to the wall that holds her upright.

I realize she is unconscious and as she comes to she says,"Damn I haven't cum like that for a long time. God Charlie I just love fucking you!" I inquire,"Don't your brother's get you off?" She answers."Yeah but my best orgasms always come from older men like you." I finally understand that she is turned on by old men.

I keep on sliding my prick in and out of her and she is still breathing hard from her last orgasm as I keep on pumping her I look down and Samantha and her dress is off again as she fingers herself to her second cuming. Once again Amy starts to gasp for breath and I push into her so hard I lift her feet off the ground with my cock in her cunt. She cums as my organ erupts.

She kisses me now and drives her tongue down my throat. I did not try to intercept it. She keeps on necking with me until my erection faded and fell out of her. Then she broke and said, "If my mother would let me I'd move in with you." I told her,"My daughter might object to that." She says, "You are entitled to an apartment of your own if you want it." I tell her "I'll think about it."

Samantha walked over and put her mouth on Amy's pussy and I heard sucking sounds. She turned back and opened her mouth and I saw my cum on her tongue. Then she closed her mouth and swallowed it. Then she smiled at me and walked over and put on her dress then pulled up her little bikini panties.

She walks back to me and opens her mouth puts my now soft cock in it and cleans it with her tongue. Then she put it back in my underwear and zipped up my slacks. She looks up at me and says,"I'm going to talk to mommy about adding stuff to my balloon more often so I can fuck you soon Daddy. You are making me soooo horny."

I tell her,"Don't be in such a hurry Samantha. You don't want to lose your virginity at age 3 do you?" She says,"Why not, Charlene wants to!" Oops. I'd forgotten that little girls talk and I guess she and Charlene are classmates.

We head back to the building and enter the same way we came in. I go into the control room and realize there is a young man there I recognize as Fred. I say "What's up?" He says,"Just watching you guys do your thing out there." I look and see Fred on the monitor that shows what my glass camera shows. I asked,"You still recording?" He says,"Yeah, Amy asked me to." I turn to Amy,"This does not mean the moratorium is called off." She says,"I was hoping you'd call if off once we did this but you are the boss." Samantha walks up to Fred points at his crotch. "You have a hard on." Jeff says,"So what?" She asks him,"Can I suck it?" He says,"Do you really want to?" She says,"Yes" He unzips his jeans and extracts his hard organ and she bends at the waist to deep throat him. She takes him in her mouth and goes up and down on the organ.

I walk up behind her and ask her, "Sam, you said you wanted to fuck me. Do you want me to see if you cant take me?" She comes off Fred's cock and says "Yes, Please do." So I reach down and remove her panties and hand them to Amy. I whip out my prick which is rising again put myself at the entrance of her pussy. I work it up and down her slit leaking precum and then push into her. The head went in. I pulled back a bit and pushed back in and another half inch went into her before I hit her barrier and the balloon. So I backed out an inch and limited myself to half in strokes as I short fucked her and she continued to suck on Fred.

I noticed as I pushed in she was taking more and more of his penis into her mouth. She was now almost into his pubic hair. So I kept it up and she rose up a bit to get some air and then plummeted down to swallow the head of his cock. We kept this up for about ten minutes when Fred said,"I'm gonna cum." I felt the pressure in my balls and felt little Sam stiffen. I stepped back and she pulled up to avoid coming into her cherry but remained with the head of my cock inside her outer vagina. Fred grunted as his semen spurted from his penis, Sam drank it down as she shivered in orgasm and my penis erupted sending rope after rope of hot stick jism against her hymen and the balloon that reenforced it.

She then cleaned Fred's dick with her tongue and then after I fell free from her she turned and did the same thing to my organ. She then swallowed hard and said,"Thank you Daddy for giving me a little taste of what it is like to fuck!" I handed her the panties I had removed and she put them back on. And we went into the hallway, all four of us. I have Samantha by the hand and fred has an arm around Amy's shoulders with his hand in her halter's cup. She sort of sags into him as they walk.

We go up a flight of stairs and she takes me to the DVD, BlueRay duplicating center where are masters are made into the hundreds and thousands of copies we mail out. These machines are active even now with an operator on duty. He's a young man I do not know. I introduce myself and he says he is Jeff Teklemburg. He is taller than my 5' 6" at 6' 3" and weighs in about 200 pounds. He's blond and handsome. I ask him if this is all his duty. He says "No, I act in some productions but not many girls can take me." I ask him if I can use his computer and he steps back and I look him up in the database and see what he means. He has a 10 inch long prick with a 9 in circumference. Then he says he has trouble getting it up unless there is a naked child around. I ask him "Pedophile Huh?" He hangs his head and says "Yeah." I put my hand on his shoulder and say,"Don't worry about it, we'll see to it you have what you need."

As we leave the duplicating center Amy comes up and says to me,"I think I would like to try to blow him!" I reply,"Are you sure you can do him?" She says,"I've never blown him but I'm willing to try." Fred kisses her and says,"I'll see you later." and leaves. The three of us turn around and Amy goes in first and makes the proposition. Then I come in with Samantha in hand and Jeff says,"Will she get naked to help me get going?" Samantha does not answer him she simply pulls down her panties and pulls her dress off over her head. A little rivulet of my semen runs down her leg. She bends down and collects the semen on her finger and then puts the finger in mouth to clean it off. Jeff's cock became full sized in seconds. Amy could only get about six of his ten inches into her mouth. But she was jacking him in the four inches outside her mouth. She was keeping a steady pace of swallowing his cock and pulling back so only the head of it was in her mouth. Samantha decides to shorten the action and walks up to Jeff and takes his hand and puts it on her pussy. He rubs a finger up and down her slit and then pulls his hand back as his penis explodes cum into Amy's eager mouth. She tries to swallow it as fast as it cums but can't keep up so a little starts to drip down his prick. Samantha sees it and springs into action licking it up directly off his cock. He's still pumping out cum and Amy is still swallowing and another rivulet escapes to dribble down and Sam licks it up. He grabs Samantha and picks her up and brings her mouth to his. He seems surprised when she Frenched him but he gave some back to her as well as he got it. Amy is cleaning his cock with her tongue. Then she apologizes for not swallowing it all as it came out. He says,"I didn't expect you to since I haven't cum in ten months!

Jeff starts to put his organ away but Samantha says let me do that. She walked down to his crotch and carefully put his organ away saying,"Damn you've got a real monster cock there, Maybe someday I'll dare to get big enough and brave enough to fuck you." I take Sam's hand and walk her out of there. We go to the studios and Amy says we need to add closet to the adult bedroom sets. So a child can watch from the the closet and get an idea to fuck her father and then do a shot for the children's site. I tell her I'll ask the set people to add it in. She says thank you and gives me a hug with her whole body and a kiss that would light a scarecrow on fire.

We go to my office and she comes in and sits on my desk as I go through production records trying to figure out who to set up with Jeff. There are three women who have done him and one is no longer with our organization. That leaves two. I send out a query to all female adult performers to see if any would be willing to try to do a hardcore scene with him.

Samantha is wanting to do something but I'm not sure if I should let her. After all I'm going to have Charlene tonight and I want to show her a really good time. So I ask Amy to take her home. Sam is mad but tells me she knows the way and leaves.

That leaves me alone with Amy. "Karl often stayed in the bedroom behind the office. Actually there is a full apartment there if you wanted to we could have you moved before morning." she says. I say, "No, if I decide to move out of Sabrina's I could move in with your family or I could come here. Depends on if I want a different girl every night."

She says,"I'd make sure you could have one of Rita's brood or Rita or Sabrina or one of her brood every night." "What if I want strange?" "Then I can dig up girls from families you have not met yet."

There is no reason to continue the tour so I take Amy home. She stops me in front of her apartment door and asks me if I'd like to fuck her again. When I decline she offers me Brittany, Courtney, Deardra, Elizabeth, Georgina, Helena, Jennifer Kendra and Lisa, who fucked me this afternoon. I turn them all down but she invites me in anyway. We enter the family apartment.

My wife is in a red silk dressing gown and runs through the living room to give me a full body hug and a kiss. Behind her all the girls except for Amy are lining up. I get full body hugs from Brittany, Courtney, Deardra, Elizabeth, Georgina, Helena, Jennifer, Kendra, and Lisa. Lisa whispers in my ear "Remember this morning when I made love to you?" I reply,"I'll never forget it." Mary, Naomi, Olivia, Queen and Rayna and Samantha all gave me octopus hugs with arms around my neck and legs around my hips. Very sexy.

Rita asks me if I want one of the girls to shag me. I say, "No, I have a girl at Sabrina's apartment for each of the next 2 nights at least." She says "Okay, I've seen the footage of you raping Amy, very hot stuff, too bad it has to be limited to the Japanese site because of Samantha being there. Of course these was also your love making with Samantha on the same disk as she sucked off Fred. That surprised me. I did not think you could short fuck her with the balloon in place. And now she wants the Doc to refill it everyday so she can get fucked as soon as possible.

I asked her, "What are you going to do?" "I don't think I'll do it. There is such a thing as doing it too early. Of course if you do Charlene while she is still three it will push me to let Sam do it too." I tell it to her plainly,"I don't have control over that situation. Charlene is Sabrina's child, not mine. I don't have authority over her except as a boss. You know medical decisions belong to the doctor and the parents. I firmly believe that and if the doctor is going along I have to think he knows what he's doing." I reach out and kiss her goodbye and turn to leave. Lisa comes up and says, "Are you sure you don't want this again?" lifting her skirt exposing her bare naked genitals. It was a pretty pussy but I had obligations to fulfill.

I leave and using the stairs I return to Sabrina's Apartment. I'm just in time for supper. She says come in Daddy and sit down I've got supper ready. Charlene and Beatrice come in one right after the other. Both climb my body into an octopus hug and give me a deep French kiss. As Beatrice slides down off me she feels my erection through my pants. She turns to her little sister and says,"You got the man hard already."

Sabrina brings out the bowls of rice and Oriental Pepper Steak like I used to make. we gather at the table and Sabrina says,"Heard you broke the moratorium this afternoon. Does that mean you are going to fuck Beatrice on Monday?" "No that was an exceptional thing caused by two very horny girls who were trying to give me a tour. It will not happen again.

"Come on Dad. You know the program here. We start the kids young and they become sexually addicted like I was addicted to you as a kid." I reply to this with,"So now you bring your daughters in to this place and want them to be the same as you were." "Dad, you don't understand, Beatrice got A's from all her male teachers and it was not because she studied hard to get good grades. She got C's from her female teachers because she did not want to go to the dark side but when I had to home school them because she was expelled I saw the addiction turn Lesbian. At least here now they want to have sex with boys and men. It might not be normal but it is closer than what they were before they came here."

That was the basic direction of supper conversation that evening at supper. We sat and watched TV for a while then Sabrina called the girls out to the bathroom. I went to the computer and checked my E-mail. I received notice that Courtney, the abused friend of Beatrice, was going to be coming on Monday. I did not know what we would do with this new unknown quantity we were bringing into the mansion.

For new though I figured I could put her in with Trish if nothing else came up. I did get a note from the doctor saying he was researching the cloning of the cells he gathered from Josh's hair brush. He also said that Carey was clear of the infection or at least no longer contagious so Josh would be able to use her to fulfill his sexual lust. I heard the toilet flush and remembered Charlene was getting an enema tonight so I could painlessly fuck her ass hole. I'd never done that before with anyone and I did not really want to start it with a girl that young but she was able to take me according to the database.

Beatrice came out and said the enema's were coming out clear now so Charlene would be expecting me in her bed soon. She said, I'll be on the twin upper bunk but I'll try to ignore you two. They slept in a combination bed that was full size on the lower bunk and twin sized on the upper. "Is that where you normally sleep?" She said "Yes, but I'll be on the lower bed tomorrow so we have room to play. Charlene does not mind at all using the upper bunk. She actually would like to have it permanently." Sabrina comes out and says,"Dad Charlene is getting ready for you." Beatrice gets up and says,"Sorry Grandpa, I have to go tie her up she's really into bondage."

After about ten minutes I see Beatrice come out and say,"Okay Grandpa, she's all trussed up and you can go do what you want to do." I kissed her and thanked her. I walked over and kissed and hugged my daughter and she told me,"Don't hurt her too badly!" I told her,"I don't want to hurt her at all." I left the living room and headed for the kid's bedroom. Beatrice followed me into the room changed into her nightgown right in front of me. I undressed and then turned to the bed as Bea climbed to the upper bunk. I saw Charlene, naked, tied to her bed, spread eagled. I walked over to look at her from the foot of the bed. I climbed into the bed and sat on my but between her bound ankles.

I reached for her pussy underneath her since she was tied down on her stomach. I ran my finger up and down her clit and tickled her clit at the bottom of the stroke. I put a finger into her vagina and began to tickle her inside and outside. She started to respond with hard breathing. I pulled my finger from her lubricating vagina and stuck it in her asshole. I slowly pushed it in then pulled it out and spit on it and reinserted it. Now I put a finger on her clitoris, a finger in her pussy and one in her ass. She was now gasping for her breath and quaked like her mother would in cumming. Beatrice looked down and asked,"Charles, do you need a bit of fluffing?" I looked down and my cock was soft! "I...guess so!" She jumped from the upper bunk to the floor and shucked off her nightgown.
My cock started to gain volume. She sat down behind me spreading her legs around me and pressing her breasts into my back. She did not have much. Just enough to get my attention.

She reached around me and started stroking my prick. She also nibbled my ears and when I asked her where she learned that she said it worked for her so she thought it might work for me. When I was at full erection I went to point my prick at Charlene's asshole and then Beatrice got up. Pulled a tube of KY jel from a drawer and continued the hand job liberally coating my now raging hard-on.

I asked Charlene,"Are you sure you want this?" She turns as far as her bounds would allow and said "Yes Grandpa, fuck my asshole Please!" Since she was still behind me Beatrice was pushing on me with her pelvis behind mine. She whispers in my ear,"Go on Grandpa Fuck her rosy red asshole!" I started to slid into Charlene as Beatrice applied pressure to my ass. My slickened prick was slowly going into her bowels. I started a slow stroke of in and out of her. One of my Bisexual friends I'd met in prison told me it was the best way to keep the pain at a minimum. I feel something reaching under my scrotum as I'm stoking in and out and realize that Beatrice is continuing to play with her little sisters pussy to make sure it felt good. These two kids may have been sluts but they really did love each other, that was plain to me now. Charlene's ass was tight I knew I could not last very long in there. Interestingly between what I was doing and her sister was doing Charlene was very stimulated as she was gasping for breath already. I increased my pace and stroked in and out and in and out and she suddenly screamed,"Grandpa you're making me cum so hard!" and she stiffened and shivered and pulled on her bounds. My prick started to explode, dumping my cum into her bowels. I kept up the stroking even as I came and then as I started to shrink within her rectum I popped out of her ass. She asked Beatrice to untie her and both of us started to undo the bounds. When she was free she got up and went to the bathroom and I could hear her fart out my cum. I heard shower water running and when Charlene came back she was dry and squeeky clean.

She said,"Grandpa if you want me to suck you I'll do it." I replied,"I'll be happy just to hold you tonight!" She came over and kissed my with tongue and slid into bed with me. I put one arm under her and one over her so she was completely enveloped in my loving arms. She asked me,"Was it good for you?" I told her,"I may never choose it as a preferred method of lovemaking but at least now I have done it." She then said,"I love you Grandpa. Good night." I fell asleep quickly holding this precious three year young child in my arms.

I did stir a bit as Beatrice climbed up the ladder to her bed. She whispered an, "I love you, Grandpa, good night!" I said "Good night Bea, I love you too." I slept like a rock.
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