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I hadn’t always been interested in young girls. In fact, even now I still found girls my own age attractive, but last summer had changed me. It had been my summer job that had been my undoing. At eighteen years old, I had been about to enter the final year of my studies before heading on to University, and since I had had nothing to do over the summer, my Mum had been going on and on and on at him to find a summer job.
I was well built for my age. I had been a swimmer since I was five, my mum had always pushed me to do it and I certainly didn’t resent her for it because it had paid off. Being quite a good looking young guy, with a body to go with it, I had never been shy around girls, in fact, a lot of the time it was they who approached me. However I had never really done much about it, always preferring to get on with my work and get good grades. I still went to parties though and certainly got my share of action, yet I had never had a long term girlfriend and didn’t sleep around anywhere near as much as some of the guys in my year.
When I saw the advert for a lifeguard at the local pool, I thought it was a great idea as they knew me there anyway and since I spent so much of his time there I might as well get paid for it. However, I didn’t expect what was to happen during his time there over the summer.
His first week was fairly uneventful for him, since the summer was not in full swing yet there were not that many people at the pool during the day. Most of my time was spent wishing I was in the pool, or somewhere else entirely. However gradually it started to pick up and as the weather got hotter and hotter, the more people began to show up.
What surprised me was how I had never noticed some of the babes that came there. I guessed it was down to the fact I had always been focused on what I was doing rather than the girls sunning themselves on the sides. However since I had nothing better to do really, now was a good chance to check some of them out.
There were the really hot-and-know-it girls, who came in the smallest bikinis possible to flaunt their bodies. I noticed they tended to group together and get as close to the guys as possible without trying to be too obvious.
Then there were the not so confident girls, who were still attractive but felt they were outclassed by the goddesses making a more obvious display of themselves. They came in groups of three or four and seemed to stick together more for morale support than anything else.
Then there were the girls who knew that they were not as attractive as he others but had come just to be brave and have a day by the pool in the nice weather. They covered Themselves up a lot more and generally were only in twos, maybe threes, wishing that they were getting the attention that the others were getting.
But it was none of them that caught my eye. I was shocked to find that I kept glancing, for longer and longer periods of time and one little blonde girl, dangling her legs in the water, sitting on the side of the pool. She could only have been ten at the most, long platinum blonde hair, very thin but not anorexic thin, the vaguest hint of boobs, but nothing had really started to form yet, just enough to push her very small yellow bikini top away from her chest. What was odd for her age was that her hips were quite well defined, they would not have looked out of place on a girl of twelve or thirteen, and her side-tie up bottoms rested well on them. She was captivating because she was stunning and didn’t realize it. In a few years she would be turning heads and breaking guys’ hearts.
I was quite happy that his uniform issue shorts were quite loose, because there was a definite stirring in them. I shifted my weight to make myself more comfortable. What was it about this girl that had made me so aroused? I had never looked at a girl that age before in a sexual way?
She stayed at she pool almost all day. It turned out that she was with a group of six girls and three mums that had all come for a day out obviously. I ended up watching her all day, jumping in and out he pool, splashing around with her friends (all of whom were pretty, but not even in the same league as she was) and sunning on towels by the sides. It was certain to say that I was longing for the end of my shift so that I could get home and relieve myself of the tension building up between my legs.
The girls and Their Mums’ were among the last groups to leave. As they walked past my chair the blonde girl was one of the ones who looked up and smiled at me. My heart skipped a beat and I hastened to smile back at her. My bulge grew even more, thank god for loose shorts.
As I was leaving my boss called me over to her office. This was unusual and it worried me, had somebody caught me checking out the young girl and complained perhaps?
Anna, my boss, was a nice woman in her early forties. You could tell that she had worked hard to keep her body looking good, because for her age she was still very attractive. Yet she was not one of the bitchy ‘MILFS’ that get shown on TV, she was quite sweet and certainly easy to get along with, even insisting that everyone call her by name.
‘Mark, I’ve got a proposition for you’ she said as I sat down
‘Oh?’ I replied, ‘what would that be?’
‘Well, we weren’t planning on it, but a lot of parents have asked if we would run an activities session once a week for the kids, basically I guess ‘cause they want to ditch them for a day and have some time to themselves, but we’ve said that we will, starting next week and I was wondering if you and Chloe would run it?’
Chloe was one of my fellow lifeguards, more than that we were in the same year at school. She hung around with the popular girls at school, even though she was not quite as good looking as they were, somehow they accepted her, yet she was a bit of a bitch because of it.
‘Erm’ I answered ‘okay, I will. Just how many kids are we talking though?’ I was picturing hundreds of them badgering me all of summer and was not exactly pleased at the thought.
‘Well so far we’ve got, fourteen names down’ she answered checking a list in front of her, ‘but if any more sign up then they can’
That wasn’t as bad as I had thought; at least I wouldn’t be rushed of his feet looking after screaming kids.
‘Okay hen sure, I’ll do it’
‘Great, first one is on Thursday, just show up like normal and we’ll get you set up. I’ll have a word with Chloe tomorrow’
‘Cool, see you then Anna’ I said as I left.
Driving home I thought about all the things that I was going to have to do with these kids and was trying to come up with ideas for games. So lost in thought was I that I was home quicker than I thought.
‘Mum?’ I called stepping through the door, ‘Mum, I’m home! You in?’
I walked into the kitchen and threw my keys on the side. There was a note stuck to the fridge door:
‘Won’t be home until late, out for Becca’s birthday, dinner in oven just heat it up, Mum x’
I had forgotten that she was going to be out tonight. Oh well, not so bad I thought, free house, free TV. The it hit me, I had forgotten about the girl at the pool, immediately I felt my cock grow in my shorts again. I rushed upstairs and flicked on his computer. I needed to watch some porn badly. Finding something, I dropped my shorts, grabbed my cock and began beating off. It took me about twenty minutes to get there, but when I finally did, I wasn’t focusing on the girl on screen, I was thinking of the little girl and her thin, wet body as she pulled herself up out of the pool. I shot a big wad of cum all over my desk. I felt a bit ashamed of myself really. She was so young, how could I even think of her in that way? It was just plain wrong. But then I thought, that was a really great orgasm right then.
I cleaned up and went down for dinner. After that I flicked on the TV and started watching the highlights of that week’s football. I fell asleep on the couch a little before midnight.
I woke with a start as the front door banged shut. I sat up and rubbed his eyes.
I looked to the living room door, just in time to see my mother collapse through it. She fell onto one knee, managed to grab the side of the nearest armchair, pull herself further into the room before finally falling onto her back. Laughing the whole time.
‘Mum, how much did you have to drink exactly?’ I asked, smiling. I wasn’t too worried, Mum didn’t get drunk often, hell she didn’t even go out that often (she worked really odd shifts as a nurse), so the few times this did happen it was no big deal.
She managed to stop laughing long enough to answer.
‘We had the, lots of fun tonight’ she answered me quite incoherently, before starting to laugh again. As she rolled around in hysterics, the rather short dress that she had on began to ride up and I got a glimpse of my Mother’s shapely ass and a quick peek at her vivid red panties. I felt my cock stir again. What was wrong with me today? First a pre-teen girl and now my own Mum?
‘Come on you; let’s get you up to bed’ I said, more to myself than her, before I scooped her up into my arms and carried her up the stairs. She was asleep before I got her halfway up. Pushing he door to her room open with my foot, I gently dropped her onto the bed. I took off her shoes. Considering that they had five inch heels I was impressed that she had actually managed to stagger home like this really. I couldn’t leave her dressed like that; she was quite proud and would never fall asleep dressed if she could have prevented it. So I put her arms above her head and pulled her dress up. I assumed that because she was wearing panties, she would be wearing a bra. It didn’t even cross my mind to check. So when I threw her dress onto the floor and looked back at her, I was met by the full sight of my Mum’s naked 34DD tits. I literally took a step back. They were magnificent. Full, round, very perky, with bright pink nipples that stuck out, rock hard away from her. If my cock had stirred before, it became rock solid now, my full nine inches straining away at my tight jeans.
I couldn’t help myself; I felt my hand stretching out and couldn’t have stopped myself even if I had wanted to. All too soon, I felt my hand close as much as it could and squeeze my Mum’s heaving breast. God they felt amazing. So full, heavy even. Her nipple was pinched between two fingers as I massaged her chest, at least as hard as my dick was. Lowering my head, I tried to tell myself to stop, but I simply couldn’t manage it. On a normal day I would have been kicking myself out of the room at this point, but let’s face it, this was not a normal day.
My lips met with her rock hard nipple. Slowly I slid my mouth fully around it and bit gently. Her gentle snoring was interrupted by a soft moan. I stopped at once, but when she immediately started again, I put my mouth back on. It was rubbery, but nice between my teeth. The situation was making me hornier than I had ever been in my life. There was no going back now. I had to free my cock.
With my one free hand I reached down and (with some difficulty due to the strain) undid my jeans. My cock sprang out like a rocket and I began to jerk it. God it felt SO good!
Then an idea hit me. I let go of my throbbing, red hot cock, and gently took my mum’s hand. I wrapped her fingers around my member, they were so cool and thin, they felt amazing around me. Then slowly, I moved her hand up and down my shaft, up and down, up and down. It was one of the most amazing feelings I had ever had.
I took my other hand off her tit, and looked down towards her pantie covered crotch. God it was SO wrong. What the hell was I doing, I asked myself as my hand involuntarily moved toward her pussy. Before I even knew it, my hand was slipping under the waistband and down, deeper into her panties. It struck me that she was shaven, not a hair at all under here. My fingers glided over the bump that was her clit and became lost in the wet lips of my mother’s pussy. She was soaked, absolutely drenched. I slowly brought my hand out again and up to my face, I breathed in her aroma, heavenly. I put my fingers into my mouth and licked them. She tasted amazing, so sweet.
That was all it took. The combined pleasure of the taste of her pussy, and her hand on my cock not so much pushed, but catapulted me over the edge. Despite cumming only a couple of hours before, I blew an even bigger wad over the floor of her bedroom. Spurt after spurt flew through the air, before the last one dribbled onto my Mum’s fingers. I wiped her fingers across my top to clean them before looking down. Thank god it’s a wooden floor I thought, at least it won’t stain!
It hit me suddenly what I had just done! I had just used my mother to wank me off!
Don’t panic, I thought. She is shell asleep (it was true; she was snoring, not loudly, but enough to convince me she was genuinely unconscious)
I went to her wardrobe and pulled out one of her t-shirts and a pair of short-shorts. I pulled the clothes onto her, very carefully, very gently. Just before I covered her boobs however, I reached out, with both hands, for one final feel. Amazing.
I then cleared up the mess on the floor with some tissues, crept to the door, left and shut it.
When I got back to my room, I collapsed onto my bed. The reality of what I had just done hit me like a hammer. The guilt surged over me, what had I done?
I rolled over and tried to get some sleep. It didn’t come easily, but eventually I drifted off. Even my dreams were filled with ways to apologize to my mum. Every so often though, a little blonde girl crept into my mind.
I woke up the next morning with a stream of sunlight hitting my eyes. I swung my legs over the side of my bed and glanced at my clock. It was a little after 09:00.
I opened my door, went downstairs and into the kitchen. Mum was nowhere to be seen, for which I was not a little relieved. I began cooking breakfast and was just sitting down to eat it, when she walked into the room. Still wearing what I had dressed her in for bed. She had a hand to the side of her face, her long jet black hair was sticking up in odd places and she was definitely a shade of green that she wasn’t normally.
‘Eught’ was her way of saying ‘good morning’ to me.
‘Hey, how are you this morning?’ I asked timidly, not wishing to be the first to bring up what happened.
She dropped into the chair opposite me and rested her forehead on her palms
‘I feel terrible’ she answered, she coughed
‘Look mum …’ I started
‘I know, I know, I’m sorry. I must have got in late, I don’t even remember getting changed’ she cut me off. She didn’t remember getting changed? Did she not remember what else had happened? Could I get away with this?
‘Well yeah, somehow you managed it’
‘I must have been wasted’ she carried on, without even hearing me, ‘Sorry Mark’
‘I’ve told you before, it doesn’t bother me!’ I said hastily, ‘It’s not like you do it week in week out. You’ve got a tough job; you have to let your hair down once in a while’
She smiled at me, ‘Thanks hunny’
I got up, filled a glass with water and handed it to her, along with two pills to dull he obvious headache she had.
We have always had a closer relationship than mother-son. It had just been them since before I could remember. My Dad had been in the army, and had been killed when I was very young. Apart from photographs, I couldn’t even picture my Dad. My parents had had me young, my Mum was only just thirty-seven, and she had been a mix of mother, big sister and best friend to over the years. I had no actual siblings.
Not that I am complaining with my lot, my mum is wonderful. Pretty great to look at as well, long jet black hair, green eyes, always tanned it seemed, whatever the weather, great figure from working out every chance she gets. Let’s just say when in her nursing uniform, it is hard to keep down a full on stiffy. God knows how the patients cope.
She downed the pills and water, before putting her head onto the table. Her eyes closed she asked me, ‘What is the date today?’
I looked at the calendar on the far wall, ‘the 12th, why?’
She groaned, ‘ooooohhhhhh, its Mathew’s Birthday party today’
I felt my heart sink as well. Mathew was my ten (nearly) year old cousin. He was an absolute nightmare, a right little terror. It wasn’t actually his birthday for another week yet, but his parents were taking him on holiday over the actual day, so he was having a party early. Each year me and Mum put in an appearance at his party to drop off his present and every year, I got conned into some sort of game with Mathew and the other kids that he invited. I hated it.
‘We’ve got to drop in his present’ she stated what I already knew. She hated it almost as much as I did, because although she escaped the games, she couldn’t escape her sister-in-law Amanda, who was about as stuck-up as you can imagine, and spoiled Mathew rotten, (probably why he is such a little shit, I thought)
‘Well if you don’t feel up to it, we can probably get out of it’ I offered hopefully
‘No, we’ve got to’ she suddenly lifted her head off the table, ‘unless …’
‘Unless …’ I replied, wishing a happy ending to that sentence.
‘Unless you just drop it in from both of us’ she smiled so sweetly at me.
‘You are having a laugh yeah? You’re going to leave me on my own with them?!’
‘Oh please!’ she implored me, standing up and coming over to hug me, ‘go on, you’ll get away quick if it’s just you, and I’ll get us a takeaway for dinner when you come back’
I knew I wasn’t going to win this argument, and if I carried on I’d probably lose the offer of take-away, so I gave in quickly. Besides, after last night, I felt I owed her one, even if she couldn’t remember.
‘Fine!’ I conceded, ‘but you owe me!’
She jumped for joy, then remembered she had a splitting headache and immediately sat down again cringing, ‘thank-you’ she said weakly and smiled again
The hours ticked by quicker than normal, until four o’clock appeared all too quickly. I took the present and card, said bye to my Mum (who was under a blanket on the couch watching crap day time TV) and went to my car. As I drove along I practiced my ‘sorry she couldn’t come, I can’t stay long’ speech, but it wasn’t sounding convincing, so I gave up and accepted my fate.
I got to the hall that Amanda had hired for Mathew. It was a community center basically, that had a big enclosed park attached to the back of it, for soccer games and stuff like that. I parked, noticing the number of cars and groaned. How many of them are here?
I stepped inside and there was music playing, some shit that I would never listen to, but the kids were rioting over.
I spotted my Aunt and Uncle over the far side by the drinks and snacks. I made my way over to them, my Uncle smiled as I came closer.
My Uncle, Robert, was my Mum’s brother and was he nearest thing to a Father I had known. He had always been good to me, taught me to shave, played soccer with me, took me to the cinema. I was extremely grateful to him. How he ended up with miss-stuck-up, I couldn’t possible imagine.
‘Mark my boy thanks for coming!’ he said, throwing an arm around him as I got close, ‘means a lot. Where’s your mum?’
‘Ah sorry Uncle Rob, she is feeling really ill, so I came instead’ I told him the half-truth, leaving out he crucial detail that she was massively hung-over.
‘Ahh well, doubt she is too fussed really’ He said, winking at me. He knew that Mum and Amanda didn’t exactly get on, but it was funnier for him to watch them pretend.
I put down the present and turned to face he hoard of children running around. Mathew was easy to spot, at the center of a small group (all boys) who were trying to show off for a small group of girls standing close by (paying no attention).
Then it hit me. The long, platinum blonde hair of the girl from the pool. No! Couldn’t be, could it?
Then she turned around and yes, it was. Christ since when has she known Mathew? She had a long-ish bubblegum pink dress on that ended about two inches above her knee, long knee length white socks and flat pink shoes. Her long hair was tied back in a high ponytail. She looked like a dream come true. Once again, I felt my member rise in my pants. Where were these thoughts coming from? I shifted again, trying to hide my discomfort.
It wasn’t as bad as I had thought actually. The kids left me alone, and I ended up spending the afternoon with my Uncle, drinking a couple of beers and just chilling out, which suited me fine really. Then, typically, Amanda ruined it.
‘Okay everybody, we’re going to have a big game of hide and seek! Parents too, we’ve got that big park outside, might as well use it eh!’ she smiled at the assembled people, some of whom cheered (mainly he kids and dads) some groaned (he mums and me).
‘Ha-ha, don’t worry kiddo’ said Uncle Rob, ‘one of these years they’ll manage to leave you out of this’
Amanda designated Uncle Rob and Mathew to be the first ‘finders’ whilst everybody else went outside to hide. I looked longingly at my car and thought how good a hiding place home would be, but realized it would be rude to Uncle Rob, and so with a horrible sense of dread, turned and made my way out into the park. It really was huge, easily enough room for the thirty or forty people at the party to hide in. As I was wandering around the outside trying to find somewhere suitable, I heard a little whisper.
‘Hey, Hey!’ it said, definitely a girls voice. I looked round and there was the little blonde angel, hiding behind a clump of bushes. It was a good spot; I certainly wouldn’t have noticed her, despite her bright pink dress if she hadn’t spoken to me.
‘Come hide here, they’ll never spot us!’ she added, before ducking back out of sight.
It probably wasn’t a good idea, considering the rock-hard problem I had in my pants because of her, but then again, I hadn’t found anywhere and was running out of time, so I looked round quickly, saw nobody, then ducked behind the bushes as well.
This was the first time I had really seen her up close and I have to say, she didn’t disappoint. Her skin was flawless, not a blemish on it. Her eyes were a really bright blue, like he color of the sea in the Caribbean. Her lips were a shade of pink that matched her dress perfectly, and were so full it was all I could do to stop myself lunging across he few inches between us and kissing her right there and then.
Then it hit me that there really wasn’t a lot of room behind here, unless you wanted to be poked by a branch or something. I managed to sit down and so did she, but our legs were interlocked and we both had to raise our knees to fit in comfortably.
‘My name is Sophie by the way’ she said, in a simpering voice, smiling the whole time.
‘Hey, I’m Mark’ I said back, very much aware of how much of her thigh I could see. It looked so smooth and creamy; my bulge grew to an almost unbearable size.
‘I know’ she giggled, ‘said so on your name-tag thingy yesterday’, god that smile was amazing.
‘Oh right’ I replied slightly awkwardly, ‘you err, saw that hen huh?’
‘Yep’ she said brightly
‘Fair enough then’ I said, not really knowing what to say to her.
Under the pretense of looking between the low braches to see what was happening out in the park, she leant forward, lowering her head maddeningly close to my crotch, she peered out for a few seconds before looking up at him.
‘Nothing happening, can’t have found nobody yet’ she smiled yet again. Always smiling this kid.
‘Well you’ve picked a good spot’ I said looking around, ‘I don’t think many people will look Ire’
‘Exactly’ she said, smiling again, though this time going very red and looking quite sheepish.
I looked away to save her he embarrassment. She didn’t pick this spot on purpose for me did she?
Suddenly a small cheer went up that indicated somebody had been found. It was quite a long way away though.
‘So then Sophie, how old are you?’ I asked, trying to make conversion
‘Oh I’m ten next month, I’m one of the youngest in the year’ she said, peering through the low branches again to see what the cheer was about. I could see right down the front of her little dress like that. I had been right yesterday when I had thought she had he faintest hint of tits. For an eight nearly nine year old they were downright impressive. Nice little nipples as well. Just right to suck on. No! Stop that, I thought.
‘Oh right’, I said, trying to keep things as normal as possible ‘I’m going to be nineteen soon, I’m one of the youngest in my year too’
She smiled at that but didn’t say anything. She just lent back and looked up at the sky through he leaves. As she did so, her dress fell back right the way down her raised legs and showed him a perfect view of her naturally bald, uncovered, totally naked pussy. I was stunned. It was the most perfect thing that I had ever seen, so pretty like the rest of her. There was the faintest trace of dampness on her lips, just enough to make her glisten. So tempting. So appealing. Just like last night I felt my hand move involuntarily towards it, slowly as though my brain was fighting just as much of a battle as his conscience was. However unlike last night, Sophie was awake…
‘Hey!’ she said suddenly. Enough to snap me out of my trance, ‘if you wanna touch it you just have to ask!’ I tore my eyes away from her perfect little pussy and directed my stare at her perfect face, lowering my hand.
‘W-what?’ I stammered, confused and also a little scared at the same time.
‘You don’t have to be all sneaky, you just have to ask’ she was still smiling, she wasn’t running for her Mum, something didn’t add up.
‘I’m sorry, I err, don’t know what came over me’ I said quickly, temporarily distracted by another cheer that meant even more people were searching for us now.
‘It’s fine, I like it’ she said, looking between the branches yet again. She hadn’t even made an attempt to cover up her bald, juicy little slit.
That was the most confusing thing she had said so far, it was all I could do to stammer out, ‘W-what are you. Err, what do you mean?’
She looked up at him as though I was a little stupid.
‘I like it when men do that kinda stuff to me’ she stated, pure, simple, straight to the point, before rolling her eyes.
For the second time in two days I was visibly taken aback.
‘You mean people have touched you here before?’ I said, slightly louder
‘Shssssh! They’ll hear you!’ she said quickly. I wasn’t entirely sure she had the right priorities. She was sitting (hidden) with a boy ten years older than her, exposed, she knew I had just tried to touch her, and she was worried about a game of hide and seek? She looked through the branches.
‘Nobody coming’ she said sitting up again. She saw my eyes fall back to her crotch. Before I knew what she was doing she had reached out, taken my hand and placed it on her pussy. I was in a state of shock, but made no effort to take my hand away. My fingers moved of their own accord. Gently teasing her juicy lips, flicking over her budding clit. A little moan escaped her lips that distracted me, she was actually enjoying this!
‘So err, who err, touched you like this then?’ I asked her, trying to restore the normality of conversion even if it was a dangerously weird topic.
‘Oh my step-dad, my uncle, my mum’s new boyfriends’ she reeled off, shocking me, ‘they never touched me for long though, they all wanted me to play with their things more than they wanted to touch me’
Despite the fact that my fingers were currently busying themselves with her pre-teen slit, I felt a tremendous pang of sympathy for her. She was eight years old and had been abused by all those men? That must have been horrible for her!
It didn’t stop me dipping a finger into her opening. God she was juicy, not to mention tight as a vice! If that was how tight she was around my finger, I could only imagine what she would be like wrapped around my cock! Another moan escaped her, longer this time, more drawn out.
Another cheer erupted from outside the bushes, not close, but closer, and louder. If I had to guess, about half the people had been found by now.
She leant forward quickly to peer yet again and as she did so her hips slid forward, impaling my entire index finger into her pussy. I expected her to cry out in pain, but she didn’t, she shrieked in pleasure, it would have been very loud too if she hadn’t shoved her face into my chest, muffling the sound.
She had no hymen. Had she already … ?
‘Sophie, have any of these men put heir, err, thingies into your thingy?’ I asked tentatively
‘My pussy you mean?’ she said taking her head off my chest and smiling, all the time thrusting her hips onto my finger. ‘Yeah, a few times. It hurt at first but then it started to feel all good. Made me go all tingly’
Her eyes were closed now. She was thrusting herself onto me with a passion I would never have expected of her. Without even thinking (it just seemed he right thing to do) I slipped he shoulder straps of her dress down, letting it fall to bunch up at her waist. Her tiny little bump-tits were on full display to me, her nipples hardening as the cool evening air brushed hem. I began to massage them, gently at first but as she began to thrust her chest towards me as well as her hips, I squeezed harder. Pinching he nipples between my thumb and forefinger, I made her scream and once again she muffled herself on my chest.
All of a sudden, her pussy tensed up around my finger, and she let out one long drawn out moan that told him she me cum, and cum hard! Long after she had stopped moaning her pussy remained clenched, not wanting to let go of the thing that had given it so much pleasure. Her juices were leaking down my wrist as I didn’t want to pull out either. I took my hand off her tits, gently put one finger under her chin and pushed her face up to look at mine. Then I drew her in and kissed her long, and passionately, as a lover would, both her arms wrapped around my back. How an nine nearly ten year old could do what she was doing so well escaped me, but I did not care.
Finally she broke the kiss.
‘That was amazing’ she panted at me, slightly out of breath. ‘None of the other guys have ever done that before, you made me feel really good’, suddenly she was blushing again.
My finger was still knuckle deep in her pussy.
Another cheer, more had been found. We’d been out here for about twenty minutes now, it was actually starting to go a little dark.
Suddenly, I felt my jeans being popped undone.
‘Hey what’re you doing?’ I said firmly but in a hushed voice. My finger finally fell out of her pussy with a distinctive ‘pop’
‘Well, you made me good, it’s my turn to make you feel good right?’ she looked up at me as she said it, but didn’t stop undoing my pants.
Finally she managed to shimmy my pants down far enough for my cock to spring out. She let out an audible gasp of delight when she saw it.
‘WOW!’ she exclaimed, ‘that is like the biggest one I’ve seen yet!’
Before I could reply to that statement she had wrapped both hands around the shaft and put her tiny mouth over the top of my throbbing cock.
‘Listen, err, Sophie’ I said through the pleasure of having her dainty tongue dance around my cock-head. I had to admit for somebody her age, GOD was she amazing at this!
‘Sophie, if you don’t want to do this, you don’t HAVE to!’ I exaggerated the end of that sentence as she had plunged down almost half way on my cock and was gagging as it hit the back of her throat. The sensation was amazing. It felt like my cock was trapped in a vacuum that was trying it’s absolute hardest to suck every drop of cum from my swollen balls.
With a flourish she pulled her mouth from my cock, looked me in the eyes whilst wanking me furiously, her tiny little hands were a blur on my shaft, stroking every inch of my cock as she tried her best to please me.
‘Sorry, what was that?’ she asked all innocently, ‘I was kinda busy’ and without waiting for a response she plunged her mouth back onto my dick and began sucking me once more. My willpower vanished in that instant. She clearly wanted to do this, more than that she knew what she was doing. Of course I knew what I was letting her do was wrong, but right now, it just felt so damn good!
I was aware that only meters from us probably were parents, looking for us, but I didn’t care, she had picked this spot for a reason, it was very hard to see, and it was getting dark as well, the chances of us being found were almost nothing, so long as nobody tripped right over us.
With one hand I reached out to stroke her long shiny hair, with the other, I reached out and cupped her budding breast again, I could never get enough of those little titties. Coupled with the sensation of her swirling tongue, her sucking throat, her wanking hands, it was fair to say I was in heaven right then.
It was time to enjoy it. I leant back and let her continue her ministrations. She was slurping now, her mouth full of saliva washing around my cock as she sucked and sucked without swallowing.
The sensation was too much for me to take, ‘eugh, Sophie, I’m gonna cum!’
If she heard or understood what I said, she totally ignored it, and as I blew, a huge load into her mouth, she did her best to swallow it. She did a good job at first, taking down most of my seed, but then some squirted out the corner of her mouth and I was sure that some squirted out of her nose!
She leant back, stroking my now deflating cock slowly, a warm down after the main event. She looked so sexy with a little of my cum on her face and sweat pouring down her. I kissed her again, before wiping he excess cum off of her face. She smiled at me.
‘Thank you’ we both said in unison, before giggling slightly and turning red.
I helped her make herself look presentable, before we both deliberately made noise when a group was passing so that we were found (we weren’t even the last two), nobody was any the wiser.
The rest of the evening went by without a hitch. Right at the end, just as I was saying goodbye to my Aunt, Uncle and Cousin, Sophie came up to me.
‘Are you in charge of the swimming activity thingy at the pool on Thursday?’ she asked with her trademark smile across her lips.
‘Yep, I sure am’ I replied, smiling equally back at Ir.
‘That’s great! ‘cause I am going to be there!’ she almost skipped. To say I was happy with this news would have been an understatement.
Her mother came over to us at this point. She looked similar to her daughter, you would know they were related, but she had the definite look of somebody who had not had an easy life. She looked as though things had not gone her way, unlike her daughter who looked radiant.
‘Now Sophie, stop bothering the young man’, she said, eyeing me suspiciously.
‘Oh she isn’t a problem!’ I said quickly, ‘it’s just I am running the swimming day’s this summer’
Her mood lightened slightly, ‘Oh that’s right, I recognize you now, you’re the lifeguard right?’
We chatted for a few moments, basically about what was going on at the pool this summer, Sophie not saying a word, but holding her mother’s hand and smiling at both of us. After a few moments she looked at me curiously before saying:
‘Listen, I know this is a bit cheeky, having just met you, but since you know Amanda and Rob …’ she started hesitantly
‘Go on’ I replied reassuringly
‘Well I was just going ask, if you’re going to the pool anyway, would you mind taking Sophie there and back for me?’ she put her hand on my arm, ‘I know it is a lot to ask, but it really would save me getting my shift covered’
I pretended to think about it for a second, but in reality my mind had been made up as soon as she asked.
‘Yeah sure, that isn’t a problem’ I replied, smiling first at her, then Sophie who was positively beaming.
‘Thank you so much Liam!’ she said, visibly relieved
We swapped phone numbers and I grabbed her address before they both waved goodbye. I had a feeling that the next few weeks were going to be something quite special

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