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Chapter 1

I had asked my Mistress to marry me and she had said “YES,” but only after scaring me half to death, screaming at me to lick and suck her toes and then her delicious cunt. I was lapping up pussy juice when I suggested she should punish me for being so bold as to suggest such a thing. She promised me the worst punishment she could think of—marrying me. I was so relieved I almost pissed my pants before attacking her pussy with increased zeal.

My Mistress and I both worked and we also wanted to marry quickly so I respectfully suggested we either hire a wedding planner or elope. She was not too keen on that, “We’ll hold that as a last resort, you know every girl dreams of a big wedding” she told me. My Mistress interviewed several and made the selection. I had thought the key issues would be the church, catering hall, and honeymoon, but I’m only a man. Our first meeting with the planner was an eye opener. Her wedding dress—something I would only see once, at the wedding and reception, and probably never again, flowers, favors, and ….

That night we lay in bed, naked as usual. My Mistress spooned with me; I rubbed her stomach before moving my hand to her leg. I rubbed it then, nervously removed it. I did this several times. She tensed—“What are you doing?”

“Uh…sorry Mistress… I was…hoping… you might…consider…uh.”

She turned to face me, her face all kindness. “Are you trying to say you want to fuck me? I was hoping you’d say that. Remember--I said you could--so don’t worry about my reaction. I know it’s been a long time that I was in total control of our sex so I think it will take you a while to get used to being an aggressor again. Have I told you recently how much I love you?”

“Yes, Mistress,” I smiled, “You did tell me at dinner, and in the shower, and when we got ready for bed, and again now, but I haven’t told you, have I?”

“Sam, you’re my slave. You tell me every minute of every day that you love me through your servitude to me, but right now I think I should be serving you.” She pushed me onto my back, moving between my legs. “I really do love your cock, Sam. It’s so nice and thick—it stretches me so much that I can feel you all through my cunt, but right now I think you should stretch my mouth.” I was semi-hard, but the thought that my Mistress was going to suck it made me rock hard in seconds. She teased me at first, lightly running the tip of her tongue over my helmet. Her touch was exquisite, but it was also torture for me. “Sam, you probably want to be in my throat now but I just thought of something and I want to tell you before I forget. I’ll just rub this monster until I can get back to blowing you. OK…we’re going to have a lot of involvement with other people while we prepare for the wedding. You need to call me ‘Sam,’ OK? Calling me Mistress—I love it, but it’s going to cause some problems that may be embarrassing to you. Remember, you’re a big deal around here.”

“Mistress…Sam, nothing that deals with you would ever embarrass me. Maybe I’ll take out an ad in the paper—I AM SAMANTHA HARRIS’S SEX SLAVE, AND I’M PROUD OF IT--SIGNED, SAM WARNER. How does that sound? I‘ll bet you a lot of men would gladly trade places with me. I’m so lucky to have you.”

“Yes, but right now you’d prefer I shut up and suck this big thing, wouldn’t you? You don’t need to answer. That’s what I want, too!” She wrapped her tongue around my cock which, by now, was pulsing with every heart beat. Sam placed her lips on me and sucked me into her hot moist mouth, running her tongue up and down the sensitive underside.

“Oooooooooooooooh, Mistress—uh, Sam, that feels so good…oh, God, what you’re doing to me!” Sam bobbed up and down, licking on the way up and sucking on the way down my shaft. It was Heaven, but I was cumming soon so I pulled her up, moving her tight tunnel over my cock. I pushed my hips up, spearing my Mistress and driving deep into her in a single thrust.

“That’s what I want, Sam, drive that big cock into me. I need it…so badly. I thrust into her, increasing my pace steadily until I was humping like a dog. My one worry was that I’d cum before my Mistress. “Don’t worry about me, Sam,” she whispered, “I want you to cum.” Then she began to rock, driving her clit into me with tremendous force and bending my hard dick in her hot, hot tunnel.

“Oh, my God, Mistress, I’m going to….” I blew my first river of hot white semen into her womb. She’d been off the pill for several weeks now and we were both praying for a miracle. She collapsed on top of me. I reached up to kiss her. “Mistress….” She gave me a harsh look. “Uh, I mean, Sam, I’m kind of nervous. I have to tell you…I’ve never initiated sex…Marjorie would never let me. I get really nervous doing it.”

“OK, Sam,” she replied kindly, “it’ll just take you longer to get used to it. I’m not going to punish you because you want to fuck me. Remember, I want to fuck you just as badly—maybe more, no—definitely more. To help things along I’m ordering you to initiate sex at least once a day for the next two weeks. Now I want to flip over so the cum doesn’t leak out.” She rolled off me.

“Maybe, Sam, I can help you with that.” I rolled over moving between her legs, pushing them up as I began to lick her gooey slimy cunt. I used it to drink every drop that covered and leaked from her. It was a combination of my cum and her lubricating juice. I’d tasted my own semen many times as my Mistress had fed it to me after jerking or sucking me off. I had eagerly cleaned her fingers. I fondly remembered the first time—our first weekend together—before she had established her dominance over me. While I was cleaning her cunt I desperately wanted her to cum. I pushed her legs up so I could massage her magnificent firm breasts. Sam was not huge, only somewhere between a B and C-cup, just right for her slender frame. But her breasts were wonderfully shaped—perfectly symmetrical, her nipples just slightly upturned. I loved them. I rolled her hard nipples between my fingers, pinching them to give her just a trace of exquisite pain. My Mistress—Sam—moaned in ecstasy as I shifted my attention from her slit and tunnel to her clit. It was hard, hot, and swollen. I lightly ran my tongue around its border before forcefully sucking it between my teeth. My fingers found her sensitive G-spot and seconds later she exploded in rapture, squirming and shaking for minutes before it passed. I stayed where I was to elevate her legs, keeping my potent semen where it belonged.

Sam slowly regained her breath. “Sam, what’s a synonym for ‘mistress?’” I thought for several minutes, unable to think of one. “Sam, darling—for us ‘Sam’ will be our private synonym for ’mistress.’ How does that sound to you?” I looked up, pussy juice dripping from my face. I smiled and nodded as Sam pulled me up for sleep.

Chapter 2

Sam was still spooning next to me the following morning. I often wondered why we had a king-sized bed—we rarely used more than a third. I decided to follow my Mistress’s instructions—I was going to initiate sex! Slowly—carefully—I raised her leg, positioning it over mine, and baring her beautiful cunt to my cock. As usual, I was sporting morning wood. Rubbing against Sam’s naked body all night almost always gave me an erection, if not several throughout the night and early morning. I rubbed my tip into her slit and pushed just a little, not wanting to wake her. I was thrusting gently—not more than a half-inch at most when she began to groan. At first it was only a tiny “uhh, uhh,” but it grew rapidly until I heard her whisper, “Fuck, Sam, it I’d known you’d do stuff like this I would have given you permission a long time ago. Are you sure you’ve never done this? It’s wonderful!” Then she became an active participant, arching her back and bending her cunt around my cock. Her effect on me was immediate. My cock exploded, hot semen forcefully ejected into her womb. When I was spent I turned her onto her back, attacking her again with my tongue. I relented only after she had an incredible orgasm, spasm rippling throughout her body. She pulled me up for a long sensational kiss—I loved the taste and texture of her lips and tongue, but after a minute she spoke hurriedly, “I have to go--into the shower with you.”

I raced her into the shower, squatting and facing her pussy. She barely made it before releasing her urine. Her stream hit me in the forehead. I adjusted my position and opened my mouth; Sam smiled as she ran her fingers through my graying hair. Using both hands she pulled my head to her cunt. Pee just oozed from her over my face. Once done she pulled me up to kiss my dirty face; her tongue tasted her pee as she pushed it into my mouth. We showered and, once again, she beat me to the soap so she could wash me, spending a disproportionate time on my cock and balls. I returned the favor, concentrating on her firm muscular ass. I even cleaned her ass as I pushed my tongue into her. Sam leaned against the shower wall—the only way to support her body as she pulled my head into her anus. Finally, she collapsed into my arms as she experienced yet another thunderous orgasm. She kissed me again as she shared the flavor of her ass with me.

I made coffee and cooked her breakfast. “Sam,” I asked, “have you given any thought to a honeymoon? Where would you like to go and for how long?”

“Gee, I don’t know, I’ve never been anywhere. I grew up in Mississippi and moved here. I drove through those states, but I never even saw anything but the Interstate and some cheap restaurants. Have you traveled much?”

“Yes, Sam,” I replied, “I’ve been all over the world.”

“Then why don’t you plan it and surprise me? I want someplace romantic and exciting. How long—I don’t know.”

I dropped to the floor, kneeling to show my subservience to my Mistress. “Sam, how much are you worth?”
“I don’t really know. I have my car and a couple thousand in the bank, why?”

“Sam, when we marry you’ll be worth close to a hundred million. If you spent $10,000 a day you would never exhaust it; you wouldn’t even spend the interest. And, don’t forget, I’m much older than you so it’s certain I will pass while you are still a young vibrant woman.”

“Oh, Sam,” she exclaimed, grabbing and clutching my head, pulling me to her breasts, “I don’t even want to think about that.”

“What I’m trying to say, not too successfully, is that you don’t have to work any longer. I couldn’t stop you—I’m your slave not your master—and even if I could I wouldn’t. We could spend more time together—you could pee on me more often.”

Sam laughed, “You’re not supposed to like that. Oh, I’m such a failure as a mistress.” I reached up, held her head, and pulled her into a long sensual kiss.

“Sam…Mistress…you’re anything but a failure. You’ve shaped me into what I am today with your strength and your love. Without you I am nothing—absolutely nothing. I know you love your job, but it is stressful and soon, hopefully, you’ll be a mother. Will you want to leave our child every day? It’s one thing if you have to, but you won’t. You will have complete financial security. Even if I never earned another cent the interest and dividends on my money would be almost ten million dollars every year.”

Sam told me she would think about it, but the decision was made when I reviewed the honeymoon plans with her. As usual she was seated and I was at her feet. “I think that first we might go to Vegas. We’ll get comp’d for everything at Caesar’s—room, food, drinks, shows, everything.”

“Whoa, Sam, you have to explain. I don’t understand.”

“OK, I’ve been to Caesar’s—Caesar’s Palace—many times to gamble. I usually have a bankroll of a hundred thousand or more, so they treat me to a suite, food at their best restaurants, shows anywhere on the Strip, everything. I had to bet the amount, but I usually break even. The worst I ever did was to lose twenty grand. I called my contact there today, telling him I might come out in October, but I’d be on my honeymoon so I didn’t know how much gambling I’d do. He said they’d be glad to comp me anyway. So I figured we could go there maybe four or five days. We could take a day trip to Grand Canyon—it’s beautiful. Oh—I think we should charter a plane rather than use a commercial airline. That way we won’t have to go through security. Then I thought Hawaii—Waikiki for four days, Kauai for three, and Maui for a week. That’s three weeks. If we wanted to do more we could go from there to Australia and New Zealand. We could swim in Australia—the Great Barrier Reef—but we’d have to cover our collars because of barracuda. New Zealand is breath-taking. That would require another ten to twelve days. We’d stop off again in Hawaii on the way back and maybe in L.A. or Frisco and then home. What do you say?”

Sam sat there speechless for several minutes before speaking, “OK.”

“OK? To what—part of it, all of it?”

“All of it, but I don’t have a passport.”

“I think we can get one quickly. I supported our congressman last year. He owes me one.” He agreed with me when I phoned, telling me to send the application to him. Three weeks later it was returned. I sent another $10,000 for his reelection. I’d send more later.

Somehow everything was completed in time. We were both thrilled when her mom told me she would come. I sent an executive jet for her. We had a great visit that was ruined when she left—Sam’s dad had been raping underage girls from his Sunday School class. Our mood was somber hearing that, but we were married and that’s all that counted.

Chapter 3

We flew to Vegas; a limo from Caesar’s was waiting for us. While I checked in Sam asked if a package had been delivered. “Yes, Mrs. Warner, I took the liberty of delivering it to your room.” Hand in hand we walked to the elevator and up to our suite. Once I had tipped the bellman we were alone again, a relief after all the commotion of the past few days. “Open the box, Sam. You know what’s in it.”

I did—it was another cock cage, an acrylic one that I could wear through airport security if necessary. I used a key to cut the tape, folding out the top of the box. I pulled out the plastic bag—The Curve—the label said. “Open it, Sam and put it on.” I turned to Sam, my Mistress, with pleading eyes. She came to me, caressed my face and kissed me. “I want it on you during the day unless we decide to have sex, which will probably happen quite often. I want to reinforce my authority over you. Things have been so crazy over the past few weeks. I need to make sure you’re under control. Don’t worry, sweetheart, you’re going to fuck me silly for the next five weeks.”

“I understand, Mistress (how easily I fell back into that!). I dropped my pants and opened the bag, pulling out the parts. The rings were open, made to slide up behind my balls rather than having to push everything through a solid ring. “We could have used this when…you walloped me. It’s a lot easier to put on and off.” I tried the smallest ring—too tight. Same with the next, but the third of five fit perfectly. I slid the cage over my cock, added the retaining bar, and fastened with the lock. I gave my Mistress the keys and the plastic one-use locks. I was down until she kissed me.

“Why don’t we go to the casino and you can show me how to play blackjack? Then I think we’ll have a reason to take it off for a while, OK?” I smiled; I couldn’t stay mad at her no matter what she did to me.
I was greeted personally by the pit boss. He asked me if I wanted my own table. I turned him down, sitting at the $100 minimum table with Sam at my side. She kissed me and patted my cage. I signed for $10,000 in chips, having wired twenty-five to the casino a few days ago. He gave me 100 black chips. “What’s this, Sam? My wife asked.

“That, my dear, is $100, the minimum bet at this table. Put it in that square; I’ll use these two.” We played for almost two hours before Sam tired. She was a quick study. She was actually up four hundred when we left the table; I wasn’t so lucky—I was down about fifteen hundred—no big deal. I tipped the dealer a hundred and we went off to dinner.

“Sam, dear, can we go back up to the room for a minute? I need something.” I opened the door, walked in, holding it for Sam. When I turned around she was dangling the tiny keys in front of me. “OK, Husband, fuck me.” I stripped then and turned to serve my Mistress. I carefully undressed her, caressing and kissing every part of her luscious body. When she was naked she dropped to her knees, opened my cage and helped me remove it. She stayed on her knees to take me into her mouth. In seconds she was bobbing on my cock as she rubbed my balls.

I fell back onto the bed—my knees were weak. Sam released me from her mouth but continued her assault by licking the underside of my throbbing cock. We have a lot of sex—every day, several times every day—but I couldn’t resist, just as I couldn’t resist her strength and dominance almost two years ago. I blew into her mouth. Five times my sperm-laden semen blew. She cleaned my cock and climbed up my body. I knew what was coming so I opened my mouth. Sam kissed me as she transferred what seemed to be a quart of cum to me. Our tongues swirled through the viscous fluid. I swallowed as we continued to kiss. Sam broke the kiss, “Ready to eat now?” I nodded, rose and helped her to dress. When she was done she had to pee. I followed her to the bathroom but she turned me back, “Why don’t you get dressed? I’ll do this without you this time.” By the time she returned I was fully dressed, my cock cage back in place. I handed her the keys again.

We had a great four days gambling—Sam was actually a winner, she credited me with being a great teacher. She loved the day trip to the Grand Canyon. She made me promise we would return. Then we were off to Waikiki

We stayed at the Sheraton Moana Surfrider. It was an elegant old hotel that had been modernized with several new high-rise wings. Best of all it was oceanfront with a beautiful view of Diamondhead. We made love on our balcony, ignoring our neighbors. I always wore the cock cage during the day, but we slept naked, as usual and Sam exercised my cock whenever she could.

We flew to Cairns on the north shore of Australia, staying there for four nights. Our first afternoon we walked along the waterfront as Sam marveled there was nobody on the beach or in the ocean. I led her across the street to a small sign—“NO SWIMMING! SALT WATER CROCODILES!” We took a trip to the Reef and I shared with Sam the “collar covers” I had devised or our safety. Barracuda will chase and attack anything that attracts their attention and a shiny collar could easily result in our deaths.

From Cairns we flew to Sydney and, after five days we flew to Christchurch in New Zealand. Two days later we flew into Queenstown for a trip down to Milford Sound. We loved the scenery—it was breath-taking. Finally, we flew back to Kauai where we kayaked and took a helicopter tour of the Na Pali coast, a beautiful area where green fluted mountains fall directly into the sea. We fucked several times each and every day, just as we had done all throughout our trip. Too soon we left for our last stop, Maui—in my opinion the most beautiful place I’d ever seen. We stayed at the Sheraton Kaanapali Beach, built onto a dramatic black lava outcropping that is one of the best snorkeling spots on the planet.

We were there two days, loving the sun and water when Sam received a call on her cell—it was her mother. “Hello, Samantha. Are you someplace private? I need to speak with you. I have a lot to tell you.”
“Yes, Mother, we’re in Maui in our suite. Our honeymoon has been fantastic. Sam has been even better. He’s here now.”

“I think you’d better put this on speaker so he can hear, too, and you’d better sit down. Oh, dear…where to start? Well, I’ll go to the ending first—your father has been arrested by the state police. He’s been charged with so many felonies I can’t even count them. But now I have to go back to the beginning. I found out about fifteen years ago, while you were just entering high school, that your father was cheating on me. I was on my way to surprise him. School had closed--some problem with the heat. I got to his office just in time to see him run to his car. Samantha, your father never runs. For some reason I followed him. He drove several miles and parked outside a house. I could see the husband leave with his kids. As soon as he left your father went in. He kissed the woman in plain view. I was shocked. I always thought I gave him all the sex he could handle, but I guess not. About an hour later he came out; he was zipping up his pants. He drove right past me. I couldn’t believe it! After that I paid close attention whenever he was on the phone with his clients. I overheard him making “arrangements” several times, but I did nothing. Truthfully, I didn’t know what to do.

“Then fate came and dealt me a winning hand. The state police were giving programs to elementary schools to train the teachers about drug awareness. Several uniformed officers came to our school along with a sergeant in plain clothes. We began talking and—Samantha I can’t believe I’m telling you this—we never stopped. We talked the entire morning until he asked me to lunch. I didn’t know what to do, but he was so handsome and so strong that I agreed. We went to a motel instead and made love all afternoon. Since then we’ve developed a relationship, one that’s much stronger than my marriage ever was. Over the years Steve was able to get the names of more than twenty women your father had fucked. I was about to leave your father and ask for a divorce when I found those pictures of him with the little girls. I used what you told me about your relationship with Sam to punish your father. I’m sorry I lied to you about that—I really am, but he cheated with Ashley Johnstone, forcing her to have oral sex and then fuck him less than a week after I put the cock cage onto him. I don’t know if you’ll remember her, but she’s twelve and she lives only two doors away from us. The final straw came yesterday. I was punishing James for some failure. I paddled him and, unknown to him, I had invited all the girls he had fucked to come in and fuck him with that strap-on you sent me. One of the girls was eight years old—EIGHT YEARS OLD! I called Steve and told him the time had come to arrest James.

“Now, Sam, I have to apologize to you. I was very cold to you when you came to visit us. It wasn’t that I didn’t like you, because I do and I think you’ll be marvelous with Samantha. I recognized your slave collar immediately. I was afraid I’d give myself away. You see, I wear one whenever I’m with my lover. He’s my master; I’m his slave. I couldn’t wear it all the time like you do because of my marriage, but I’m wearing it all the time now. Steve is a lieutenant in the State Police now and as soon as the divorce is over I’ll move in with him. I’m old enough to retire now so I’ll be able to spend my life serving him like you serve Samantha. If you come to visit you’ll find me at his feet. That’s my place.

“Samantha I’m sure this comes as a huge shock to you. It’s a huge shock to me, too. But this is all your father’s doing. I would have been completely satisfied with him. I thought I was doing everything to satisfy him, but I’m sure now that he is sick—mentally ill. Steve’s spoken with the District Attorney—the evidence is overwhelming and he thinks James will take a plea. Even with that he’s going to prison for a long, long time.

“Well, I’ve taken enough time away from your fun and games. If I know you Samantha, you’ve got your hand in Sam’s pants. I saw the way you looked at him when you were here and again at his place. I know you love each other very much. I can see it in your eyes. Bye, Samantha, Sam, I’ll see you when you get home. I want you to meet Steve. He’s nothing like your father—thank God!”

She hung up. I could see Sam was shell shocked. I went to her side and caressed her, holding her tightly as she began to cry. I kissed the tears from her face, but it went on for almost half an hour. She looked up at me, her eyes red and puffy. “Promise me, Sam. Promise me you’ll never cheat on me.”

I pulled away from her, kneeling at her feet, my head down in total submission. “Mistress, I am nothing without you. If you were to ever leave me I would fall apart and die. I swear I will never do anything to disappoint you.” I rose and took her to bed—not for sex, but to hold her closely to me in a long, lingering, and loving embrace.

We were naked, as usual, having just showered after a full day at the beach. Rubbing my Mistress’s soft perfect skin had its effect on me. When Sam noticed she had to laugh. “You and I may be upset and down, but that guy is never down and I think he’s just what I need.” She pulled me on top of her as her mouth sought mine. We kissed, lightly at first until our hunger for each other overcame our feelings for the death of her parents’ marriage. In minutes we were completely engrossed in each other—fitting tor honeymooners. I picked her up and turned her around into a ’69.’ I would never ever tire of her tasty pussy. Using my broad tongue I licked and sucked her labia, soaking up every droplet of her nectar. I moved quickly into her slit; she was oozing juice—it was delicious--sweet and musky as I began to fuck her with my tongue.

Sam worked her tongue on me, running the tip up and down my cock. I was so hot I thought it would explode. I groaned into her cunt when she opened her mouth and swallowed me whole. I could feel the constriction in her throat as her lips kissed my pubic hair. We were working each other hard so it was only natural that we react as nature intended. I lifted her hood, exposing her swollen clit just as she licked all around my hole. I shuddered slightly as my balls clenched; Sam started to shake—we blew together, Sam swallowing a ton of semen as she bathed my face, squirting several times. I reversed her and held her tightly again, realizing for perhaps the ten thousandth time that I was an extremely lucky man.

I spoke first as we came down from our high, “So, Sam, how have you enjoyed our trip?”

“I can’t believe everything we’ve done and everything we’ve seen. I just love it here on Maui, everything is so beautiful. I wish we could stay on.”

“Why can’t we? I’m sure we can make the hotel arrangements. You’re unemployed and I’m practically retired. I don’t think anyone will miss us for another week or two.”

“OK, let’s--but you know something? I was just thinking that there’s been something missing from this entire trip.”

“What, Sam? I thought everything was perfect.”

“Oh, it was, Sam. You did a wonderful job of planning it. All the same—something was missing. Think about it, Sam. You’re a smart man. What did we do every day?”

“Well, you did pee on me,” I replied as she gave me a playful jab.

“I’ll give you a hint—we did it almost every day for weeks before the wedding and every day since—so what’s missing?”

I thought for almost a minute when a light bulb went off in my head—we had fucked every day for almost two months! I leaned forward to kiss her nose, her cheek, her ear as I whispered, “Your period.”

“Good guess…Dad…I’m almost sure I’m pregnant.”

I took her head into my hands, whispered, “I love you, Mistress!” and we kissed—long, soft, and tender.

Chapter 4

We stayed in Maui an additional three weeks, spending much of the final week looking for a house—we wanted to return often and we could afford even the most expensive mansion on the island. We eventually settled on a four-bedroom estate just south of Kapalua, home to some of the most expensive golf courses in Hawaii. The house was on three acres, and, best of all, it stood on a low cliff leading down to a small beach on a secluded cove. The water was warm and the waves were small thanks to an offshore reef. It was perfect.

We were pretty sure that Sam was pregnant, but that didn’t stop us from fucking several times a day. I was maintaining a pace that many men half my age would have difficulty with. However, I was madly in love with a woman who was a total turn-on for me. For some mysterious reason I turned her on, too.

We flew back to San Francisco where we spent a few days sightseeing and walking around Fisherman’s Wharf. Then we flew home. Sam had phoned her gynecologist while we were in Maui, requesting an appointment as soon as possible. I couldn’t believe how nervous I was in the waiting room. Sam noticed and leaned in to me, kissed my cheek and whispered, “Darling, I’m the one who’s pregnant. You can relax—until we get home, that is. There’s something I know we both want to do. I know I need it so badly.” I grinned, hugged her, and laughed. She was right—there was no reason for me to be nervous—we were only here for confirmation and to schedule her appointments for pre-natal care. It seemed we waited for hours until we finally saw the doctor. He was an old friend of mine—a golf buddy who’d attended our wedding. He shook my hand, congratulating me on our marriage. Nervously, I tried to explain why we were here, but I was a total failure until Sam spoke up, “We think I’m pregnant. We’d like to have confirmation and, if I am, to schedule whatever appointments we need.”

“Well, Sam,” my old friend Ed began, “you’re not wasting any time, are you?”

“Ed, it was a lot of hard work; I thought she was going to kill me with all the sex she forced on me.” Sam punched my shoulder, but we all knew she was only kidding.

“Sam, taking a look at your bride I doubt there was all that much forcing. You’re a lucky man—a very lucky man. Now, let’s take a look, shall we?”

Ed took some blood. “It’s the most conclusive way to test. It has to go to the lab so it will be a couple of days, but we’ll have a urine test, as well. These tests are about 97% accurate. Sam excused herself to give a sample—I felt kind of funny not being there to receive and swallow it. When Ed came back in to us he was all smiles, “Congratulations, Sam. I ran it three times and all three read the same. Samantha, I’ll want you back in two weeks and we’ll establish a course of action for you to follow—diet, rest, exercise—absolutely no drinking or smoking. I’ll give you a more complete examination then, too, but, until then, enjoy while you can—being a parent is a lot of work.”

We left all smiles, but when we got into the car I broke down, crying like a baby. I couldn’t help myself, all my emotions rushed to the surface at the same time—I totally lost control. Sam leaned across the console, her face showing her concern until I waved her off. In a few minutes I regained control as Sam dabbed the tears from my cheeks, her face all kindness and concern. “I’m sorry, Sam. I’ve wanted to have a child my entire adult life, but Marjorie said, ‘no.’ She didn’t think a family was consistent with our lifestyle; she was the mistress, I was only the slave so I had to go along. I would have let her paddle my balls a thousand times if only…. And now my dreams are coming true. Thank you. I love you so much, Mistress…Sam. I’d love you just as much if you weren’t pregnant, but….”

Sam put her fingers to my mouth, silencing me. “I have to confess something, too. I’m thrilled to finally know for sure, but I’m also nervous as hell. We have lots of time to talk and work things out, especially now that I’m home all the time. Oh, I have to tell you…the farther I go, the more I’m going to have to pee.” She began laughing and a few seconds later I joined her. We drove home ready to plan a new life for ourselves. We’d had many stages in our relationship. In the beginning Sam had to beat and punish me to shape me up and we had evolved to such an extent that now we were like many other couples with one exception—we never argued. I knew that Sam was in charge—she was the boss. She’s the Mistress; I’m the slave.

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