Chapter 1—Ten Years Later

After ten years we have four children, all spaced about eighteen months apart, and all girls. Danielle was the oldest, nine, then Lindsey, seven and a half, Ashley, six, and Amanda, four and a half. My Mistress has not changed much after four children; she is roughly twenty pounds heavier but it was all in the right places—her breasts and ass, primarily. In my opinion they were even more inviting now than they were when we first met. There was another way she had not changed—she was just as dominant and authoritarian with me as she had been all along. In some ways she was stricter. She decided that peeing on me wasn’t having the desired effect so suddenly, about four years ago, she wanted me to drink it—all of it every time. If she awoke in the night I was expected to scramble out of bed, dash around to her side, kneel and open my mouth so she could pee into it as she sat at the edge of the bed. Of course, I licked her clean every time. Then, about three years ago, she instructed me to receive our daughters’ pee, as well. There isn’t much that’s more humiliating than having your three year old daughter tell you to scrunch down so she can pee in your mouth, but I’m my Mistress’ slave—I do what she tells me.

I can see how she is teaching our girls to be dominant. I often think of the men they will marry and how they will suffer at my daughters’ hands. On the positive side my Mistress no longer paddles me or smacks my balls with the riding crop. She’s much more subtle now. It wouldn’t do for our girls to hear me bawling from a beating or to see my bleeding ass or swollen balls. My Mistress ordered a custom cock cage three years ago after measuring me carefully. If my indiscretion is minor, I might get a week in the restrictive cage, complete with spikes to keep me from even the slightest erection. If she feels it is serious she puts the cage on and adds the urethral insert, a stainless steel tube that fits almost all the way into my cock. It totally immobilizes me in the cage and any kind of erection is extremely painful. The insert is held in place by a nut that is hand-tightened. Somehow she learned that striking that nut with a small hammer gives excruciating pain. She also has an electrical attachment that fits under the nut and runs to a stainless butt plug. She only had to demonstrate that once to keep me in line for the rest of my life. If she thought I was straying, even a little, all she had to do was say the magic word—“ZAP!”

Now I’m celebrating Danielle’s ninth birthday in bed. I’m naked and restrained, my cock in the cage, but no insert, thank God. Dani is the spitting image of her mother and will make an outstanding dominatrix. The reason I’m here is simple. Just the other day Sam informed me that it was time to teach her about sex. I didn’t object until Sam told me how. We’re not having a discussion; we’re having a hands-on demonstration. Sam is still my Mistress. She says she’s not punishing me—just requiring me to accede to her wishes. I don’t mind Dani seeing me naked—we’re naked around the house almost all the time so she has seen my penis thousands of times. I’m just not keen on having her touch it, stroke it, or jerk me off—all things my Mistress has told me will take place tonight in Dani’s first lesson. I’m left to wonder what will occur in our succeeding sessions. I have been told to cooperate so there’s nothing I can do.

It’s just after nine when Sam and Dani enter; they’re both naked. I know the other girls are safely in bed and asleep so we won’t be disturbed. I also know that my Mistress has told Dani that she is never to tell anyone what happens during her sex lessons. Dani climbs onto the bed and kisses me. “Hi, Daddy, Mommy tells me you have been bad. You disagreed with her; that’s why you are tied up.”

“Yes, Sweetie, but I’m going to do my best to help you, anyway. I always do what Mommy wants.” We’ve had plenty of discussions about our relationship. The girls know that their mother is the dominant parent and that I am submissive—their mother’s slave. They know that Mommy can make me do anything—they’ve seen it plenty of times. They’ve seen me drink pee from Mommy’s female and male friends; they’ve seen me eat pussy and even fuck on occasion. I don’t think they understand all the implications of that yet, but they’re going to pretty soon.

Dani leans in to whisper in my ear, “Daddy, may I tinkle?” This is part of the game—they have to ask politely, but I am unable to deny them. My Mistress has ordered me to drink so I drink.

“Of course,” I whisper back sweetly. Dani has done this hundreds of times so she knows exactly what to do. She squats, positioning her hairless pussy expertly over my mouth. Her little stream drops into the center of my mouth. When she is done I clean her up, licking her clean while my Mistress beams her approval.

“That’s my favorite part, Daddy. I love it when you lick me there.”

“I’m glad you like it, Pumpkin. It’s my favorite part, too. I know Mommy likes it, too.” My Mistress just smiles. She loves having her pussy licked—I’ve done it at least twice a day since long before we married. Dani moves back. Sam signals that the lesson is about to begin. She removes the special high security locking screws and pulls the cage from my cock then she carefully removes the ring. She gently rubs my cock and balls before beginning.

“Now, Dani, I know you’ve seen Daddy’s penis many times, but tonight we’re going to examine it closely. This is the shaft. Feel it. See how loose the skin is and how soft.” She then showed Dani every part of my cock, emphasizing the most sensitive parts. Through all this I had managed to stay reasonably flaccid, but that was about to change. “OK, Dani,” my Mistress continued, “Watch what happens when I stroke it. Pay attention because I’ll want you to do this, too.”

I would have much preferred to remain soft, but that wasn’t going to happen so why fight it? I lay back and enjoyed first my wife and then my daughter stroking my cock. In less than a minute I was rock hard. “Wow, Mommy, it got big and hard. Why does it do that?”

“It needs to get hard in order to have sex, what most kids your age call fucking. It has to get into a vagina to help make a baby, plus fucking is a lot of fun and it feels great. Daddy and I do it every day, don’t we?”

“Yes, Mistress, it feels great and it’s a good way to show your partner how much you love her.” I could see that I scored some points with that so maybe I’d be free soon.

“OK, Dani, what we’re going to do now is masturbate Daddy. That’s commonly known as jerking him off. I’m going to start and I want you to finish. You’ll probably have to use both hands because Daddy has a big beautiful cock.” Sam began stroking in earnest. She drooled saliva onto it, rubbing it into the shaft. She twisted her hands around my shaft and over the helmet. Soon Dani joined her and when she did I began to groan. Damn, I was getting turned on by my nine year old daughter.

I was getting close so I knew I had to warn Sam, “Sam…Sam…I’m getting close.”

“OK, Dani, you’re almost done. Daddy is going to shoot his sperm into the air. Get ready.” I drove my hips into the air as my balls clenched and my semen flew more than a foot into the air before finding its way to my chest. Dani kept stroking me until I was spent; I had shot seven times. My torso was covered in my cream. “Now, Dani, comes a real fun part. Move your fingers to Daddy’s mouth.” I sucked those tiny digits, licking them clean and swallowing my jiz in the process. My Mistress scraped up a big dollop and put it into her mouth, smiling as she tasted me. Dani followed her lead, but made a sour face when she tasted it. We both laughed. “Dani, I promise you this—you’ll learn to love it. Most women, myself included, love to have their man cum into their mouth. That’s what we’ll do tomorrow. Maybe Daddy will be free to join in then. I hope so because we need to teach you about your body, too.”

Sam released me; I hugged Dani, thanking her for a great job jerking me off, and walked her to bed. I kissed her good night and as I walked out the door Dani spoke, “I loved jerking you off, Daddy. I’ll get used to the taste of it. It was just so salty.”

I turned, gave her a big hug and whispered, “I loved when you did it, too. Pretty soon you’ll be really good at it. Boys love it when a girl does that to them.” I kissed her again and returned to my Mistress.
I walked in, pulled her into an embrace and kissed her, savoring the feeling of her skin against mine. She looked up at me. “I thought that went pretty well, didn’t you?” I nodded. In spite of my misgivings I did think it was great.

The following night I was free, unfettered by restraints. I pulled Dani up to my lap. She reached down to stroke my cock, her tiny hand barely making it around my soft organ. I kissed her cheek as she made me hard. “I like that very much, Dani. You’re doing great. It feels wonderful but I think we should see what Mommy wants you to learn tonight.”

“Daddy, I asked Mommy and she said you could teach me how to kiss.” I looked at my Mistress; she simply nodded and I knew I was stuck—now I was going to make out with my own daughter.

“OK, Dani, the first thing is you have to relax your mouth.” I used my hand to gently massage her jaw. “Now, what I want you to do is just stick your tongue out a little bit like this.” I demonstrated and when she copied me I leaned in, my lips contacting hers. My tongue gently flicked against hers. At first she was shocked, but she was smart and caught on quickly. In only seconds her lips were mashed against mine as our tongues danced. I jumped when Dani put her hand on my cock. It was hard and hot.

Dani broke the kiss, looked down noticing how hard I was. “Wow, Daddy, did I do that to you? I must be a pretty good kisser, but just wait until I get some more practice.” I hated this but I had to agree—Dani was going to drive the boys wild—if only they could survive her dominating behavior. She climbed back into my lap, straddling me, my cock sticking up between us, the shaft touching her pussy. She reached up to resume our kiss and this time she threw everything she had into it. Her arms were wrapped around my head and her tiny body was gyrating in my lap as her vulva stimulated my cock. I was reluctant but I kissed her back as our passion grew. I moved my hand to her non-existent breast and rubbed her immature nipple causing her to groan. “Ohhhh, Daddy that feels so good. I want to do this every day.” I looked up to my Mistress, ready to complain, but the sternness of her expression stopped me. She nodded again, giving not only her permission, but her insistence, too. In a few seconds I was back into it. I kissed my daughter madly—I couldn’t help myself. I’d been ordered to do it and, worse, my daughter kissed just like my wife.

This time I broke the kiss, but not so soon that it would cause suspicion. “Let’s move to your lesson, OK?” My Mistress separated us, asking me to lie down. A request from Sam amounted to an order so I complied readily.

Dani moved to one side of me, my Mistress to the other. “Today, Dani, we are going to learn about oral sex. This is any man’s all-time favorite. It gives you great power over him as does jerking him off, but this is much more effective. Very few men can resist it. OK, watch me.” My Mistress stuck out her tongue and Dani copied her. Sam ran her tongue around my helmet, concentrating on the border with the shaft and my pee hole. Her tongue moved down the sensitive underside and up the top. She looked straight into Dani’s face as my cock disappeared into her mouth. When she pulled back she resumed her teaching instructing Dani to suck and use her tongue.

Dani showed incredible enthusiasm so it wasn’t long before I felt the familiar rumbling in my balls. “Mistress…Dani!

“Swallow it, Dani,” my Mistress told her daughter. “Drink as much as you can.” Dani had just nodded when I blew my first rope of thick white cum into her throat. She managed to get all of it down, but didn’t anticipate the next five. She tried her best, taking most of it into her stomach, but a goodly portion ran from the corners of her mouth. My Mistress gathered it onto her fingers and was about to feed it to me when Dani Intercepted her hand, drawing it to her own mouth. “I told you I’d learn to like it, Daddy. I’m getting there, aren’t I?” I laughed and nodded in reply before bringing her to me for a long deep kiss.

The following night was my turn. I lay my baby on her back, pulling her ass to the edge of the bed. I spread her legs and dove in, first teasing her labia with the tip of my tongue and moving steadily toward her slit. By the time I got there she was shaking in her excitement as her musky sweet juice poured from her pussy. I moved my tongue into her hole and slurped up juice, seemingly by the gallon. My face glistened in the low light from her secretions. I pushed my finger into her—carefully; I didn’t want to break her hymen—as I moved my oral attention to her clit. It was small as befitting her age but I couldn’t believe how red and hot it was. She came forcefully when I sucked it between my teeth, her hips bucking wildly. I continued to gently lick her until she was down all the way, relaxed after her ordeal. I moved up to kiss her cheek but she pulled me to her lips before I could react. She forced her tongue deep into my mouth.

The final two nights were devoted to anal activities. First, she fingered my asshole while jerking me off. Like her mother, Dani had an expression of power and dominance on her face as she moved me toward a super orgasm. She had me clean her fingers, but she handled the semen on my body, either licking it directly from my skin or from her fingers. The following night I fingered her tiny cunt while I ate her asshole, forcing my tongue into her bowel. She came hard, shaking like the tiny doll she was. I held her close for several minutes until she grabbed my head as she mashed her lips into mine, her tongue deeply into my mouth.

Later that evening I told my Mistress that I was glad the lessons were over. She gave me a “funny” look as if to ask what the hell I was talking about. “The actual lessons may be over,” she told me, “but there’s still all the homework ahead of her. She needs to practice, at least once a day—that’s what I told her so expect to be busy from now on when she comes home from school.”

Sure enough, I was seated at my Mistress’ feet the following afternoon when Dani walked in the door. “Daddy, come with me. I need you.” I looked at my Mistress, but she merely pointed down the hall. I rose and followed my daughter. Every afternoon was the same. I’d get to her room where she closed and locked the door. I was already naked so it took only a minute for her to join me. Then she would tell me what she wanted. I have to give her this much—it wasn’t only about pleasuring herself. Many days were spent on me, either jerking me off or sucking my cock. She also enjoyed fingering my ass and when she was done she brought the dirty fingers to my mouth for cleaning. I now had two mistresses, one of them my nine year old daughter.

Chapter 2

That’s how it went for more than four years—almost every day I’d service my daughter or be serviced in addition to my regular duties with my Mistress. That all changed one day shortly after Dani’s fourteenth birthday. I went to clean the dinner dishes as I usually did when my Mistress told me to follow her. “The girls will handle the dishes tonight,” she told me as we walked into our bedroom. “Lie on the bed,” she ordered.

I was surprised when she brought out the restraints. “Mistress?” I began, but I was silenced when she held her hand up, telling me to “stop.” She fastened me to the bed, my arms straight up, held by a metal chain that hooked directly to the steel bed frame. My legs were tied to the posts at the end of the bed by thin but sturdy rope. My Mistress leaned down to kiss me, whispering, “Be a good boy,” just before leaving me in the dark.

About fifteen minutes later the door opened, someone entered, and it closed again. “Hi, Daddy,” I heard Dani whisper. She lit several candles and when she did I gasped. She was wearing a black corset—her pert breasts and neatly trimmed pussy completely exposed—and a pair of sheer black stockings with some short heels on her feet. Under other circumstances I might have been thrilled, but this was my 14-year old daughter dressed up like an expensive hooker for her father.

She came to the bed, climbing between my legs to take my organ into her small hands. Slowly, I hardened under her delicate touch. I wasn’t too upset until she rose to straddle my hips. I begged her to stop but my pleas fell on deaf ears as she lowered herself onto my thick hard cock. I could see the euphoria in her face as she began slowly to rock. She covered my mouth with her hands and began a rhythm, moving sinuously on my erect organ. As she rocked she released my ankles before leaning forward to release my wrists.

Even I was surprised when I pulled her forward into an embrace while I kissed her passionately. I drove my big hard cock up, deep into her cunt. I had never wanted to fuck my daughter—my little girl—but now that I was presented with it I fucked like a madman. I could see Dani reach her first orgasm as she shook and trembled. I continued ramming my cock into her as I fingered her clit, bringing her to number two. When I pushed my thumb into her ass she reached number three and was just about to faint when I came, blowing my baby juice deep into her womb. I lay back exhausted as I held my baby, caressing her back and running my fingers through her hair. Finally, I heard her say, “Thank you, Daddy that was incredible—much better than I could have ever dreamed.” I eventually let her up and she retreated to her room to shower and prepare for bed. I rose, cleaned my cock in the bathroom, and walked into my home office. I sat at the computer and typed:

My Darling Mistress Sam,
I understood and accepted your peeing on me and I even accepted when you told me you wanted me to drink all of it every time. You had to establish and maintain control over me. I wonder if you had any idea how humiliating it was for me to have to drink my own daughters’ pee? Yet, you are my Mistress and I am your slave. I did as you instructed. I wasn’t happy about it but I respected your authority.

You know that I was not in favor of being sexually involved with Dani. For the past four years I have had two mistresses, one of whom was my baby. That all came to a head tonight when you restrained me and Dani came to fuck me. I’d like to tell you that I hated it, but that would be a lie. The problem is that I loved it. When Dani released my restraints I pulled her into a passionate kiss as I drove my cock deep into her tight cunt. I was like a man possessed. All I could think about was fucking my own daughter. I cannot live with myself knowing that this will happen over and over again.

I tried to tell you that I did not want to ever be a part of this, but I was not strong enough. I’ve never been able to match your strength. So I have decided to take the coward’s way out. When you find this letter I will be gone. I will rest peacefully knowing that neither you nor the girls will ever want for anything. Always remember that I have loved you so much.

Your Obedient and Loving Slave, Sam

I printed the letter, signed it, and went into the bedroom. I placed the letter on my night table and went into the bathroom where I relieved myself, got a glass of water and my sleeping pills. I opened the bottle, pouring its contents into my hand. I dumped them into my mouth and took a long drink. Then I went to bed, closed my eyes and slept—hopefully forever.


I could hear weeping, but I wasn’t quite able to open my eyes. I struggled and eventually, at least an hour later, I won. I was strapped into a bed, tubes in my mouth and arm. I turned my head to see my Mistress crying, her eyes puffy and red, mascara running down her cheeks. I tried to speak, but it was difficult with the tube in my mouth. Somehow, I made myself understood, “You need to wash your face—your mascara’s running.”

Sam sat up with a jerk, took a quick look at me and pulled the cord for the nurse. She smothered my face with kisses, saying, “Sam, oh, Sam,” over and over as she began crying all over again. The nurse ran in, took one look at me, and ran out. A few minutes later she was back, accompanied by several others; I assumed one was a doctor—he took charge and gave orders. The tube in my mouth was removed; my throat would be sore for a few days according to what he told me. In time they all left and I was alone with my Mistress again.

“What happened?” I whispered, “I wasn’t expecting to see you again.” Sam explained that she had gone into the office and found my letter on the screen—I was so upset I had forgotten to close the program.

“I told the girls to dress and ran to the bedroom. Darling, I have never run so fast in my entire life. You were unconscious when I found you. I turned you over and jammed my fingers down your throat forcing you to throw up. We’re going to need a new carpet and mattress and bedding, but who cares? Then I called 911. I destroyed your letter and wiped the document from the computer. I told the EMT’s that you’d taken the wrong medicine by mistake. I don’t know whether they believed me, but that’s my story and I’ve stuck by it.

“Sam, you have an idiot for a mistress. You told me so many times that you didn’t want to be involved with Dani. I don’t know what I was thinking, if I was thinking at all. Oh Sam, I am so sorry I put you through all this.” I reached out for her, stroked her hair and neck. She moved her head to my chest and bawled again—uncontrollably as her body was wracked with spasm. I put my arms around her, holding her tightly as I kissed her head. She rose suddenly and told me she’d be right back. When she returned she had Dani in tow.

Dani ran to me and hugged my chest as she, too, bawled. “Oh…Daddy…can you…ever…forgive…me?” She was gasping more than speaking, getting the words in between crying and choking. “I was…a…stupid…selfish…child…Daddy. Please…tell…tell me…you…for…give…me.”

“Pumpkin, come on, don’t cry. I’m going to be all right then I’m going home and I’m going to make you all wait on me hand and foot.” She giggled, just a little, and hugged me harder. She looked up. “I love you, Daddy.”

Two days later I went home with instructions to take it easy. I was confined to bed for another week so I figured I’d be crazy by the time I was able to get up. Sam drove me and talked non-stop all the way home. “Ok, Sam, I’ve made some changes. Why I have to have an emergency to see how stupid I’ve been, I don’t know. OK, no more peeing on you. No more sex with any of the children—only with me. No more serious punishments—I’ve put the urethral insert and the electric shock device away-hopefully forever. Nothing more than the cage now, and I only plan to use that when absolutely necessary. Your behavior has really been good and under control for so long I doubt I’ll need anything more. Your daughters will treat you with more respect—I’ve lowered the boom on them.”

I held up my hand, asking her to stop. Pointing to my neck I asked her, “What?”

“The EMT’s cut your collar off to help resuscitate you.”

“Want…another.” Sam looked at me, paused for a moment then nodded. “Also…want…your…pee.” I had been told to keep the talking to a minimum so I was going slowly, speaking only one word at a time.
My mistress looked at me incredulously so I repeated, “Want…your…pee.…authority. I’ll drink…gladly. My……take…care…you.” I stopped—exhausted.

“Well, there will be no pee until you can get out of bed. After that—we’ll see.”

“New…collar,” I repeated. Using hand gestures I told my Mistress—I belong to you!

She gave in just as she pulled into our driveway. “I can see you’re going to be a real pain in the ass, aren’t you?” She was grinning ear to ear when she said it.


The car had barely stopped when my daughters came running out of the house. Dani pulled the door open and I was hugged by four pairs of arms with everyone crying until my youngest –Amanda—spoke, “We have to use the toilet now, Daddy. Mommy said we have to.” I couldn’t help myself—I laughed so hard I cried.

Once I was safely in bed, in pajamas of all things, Sam shooed the kids out, sat on the bed next to me, and hugged me again. “Here’s what’s going to happen. You’re staying in bed and don’t even think about getting out.”

I stopped her. “Bathroom?”

“OK, but only with help and the same with a shower. Dani and I will help you with that. There won’t be any sex with Dani, and I doubt there will be any with me either.” I frowned. “Next weekend Mom and Steve are coming to visit. They’re going to watch the kids for a month while we go to Maui to relax and fuck.” When I frowned again she continued, “OK, no relaxing, just fucking. Happy now?” I nodded gleefully.

“Order…collar…please. I…belong…you.” Sam smiled as I continued, “Feel…naked.”

“OK, one collar coming up. I’ll order on the internet when I let you rest.” I closed my eyes and fell asleep as my Mistress tip-toed out of the room. The week went quickly, but not quickly enough so far as I was concerned, Sam’s mother and her Master came to help and, just as she had said, she wore her collar proudly, sitting at her Master’s feet. Two days later we left for Maui.

It was wonderful being alone with my Mistress after so many years with our children. We went naked in our house and fucked often, although for the first week or so Sam insisted on taking the top so I wouldn’t over exert myself. When we didn’t fuck she gave me either a hand job or blow job, requiring that I drink my own cum—just like always. We were there just under a week when my Mistress once again peed into my mouth. “I need it,” I had told her. “It’s a sign of your authority over me.”

We had a wonderful time, but during our third week Sam became ill. She felt weak, nauseous, disoriented, with severe pain in her abdomen. I ordered our pilot to take us home. The following day she was in the doctor’s office and the day after that she was in the hospital for tests—they were concerned it was cancer. Sam seemed to be fading fast so the doctors suggested immediate surgery. I looked to my Mistress for guidance—she nodded, giving her approval. I was at her side all this time and, when I couldn’t, Dani replaced me.

I knew the news was bad the minute I saw the surgeon’s face. “I’m sorry—it’s definitely cancer and its spread through her organs. We’d have to take half of them out to help her and that would kill her just as surely.”

“How long do we have, Doctor?”

“Maybe two weeks—maybe less.” My heart went into my throat. I was going to lose my Mistress—I’d be cut adrift just like when Marjorie had passed. I turned away from the doctor to Sam’s room, crying all the way down the hall. I sat in the room for hours weeping just as my Mistress had for me weeks earlier.

My mistress woke a few hours later, took one look at my face and spoke, “That bad, huh? How long?”

“They’re not sure,” I replied, “a few weeks, maybe.”

“Very well, Sam please get Dani for me. I need to speak with her.” I phoned home, asking someone to please bring Dani to the hospital. She arrived almost a half hour later. I explained what was happening as I walked her to her Mom’s room. I walked in with her, holding her hand. Sam saw us, smiled weakly, and told me to leave. “I need to speak with Dani privately, Sam.” They were in there for almost an hour when Dani came out, telling me she had fallen asleep but said we should go home for the night.

Chapter 3

The house was empty when we arrived home. Dani explained that her mother had called on her cell, requesting that they take the girls out to dinner and a movie so we could be alone. I was puzzled until Dani called me to the bedroom. She was naked, assuming a position of authority and domination—her legs apart, her hands on her slender hips. “Come here, Daddy. Come here now.” I walked to my daughter. “Remove your clothing. I want you naked.” I looked into her eyes—they were strong and determined just like her mother’s. I stripped and kneeled at her feet.

“Daddy, you know that Mommy has been training me, don’t you?”

“Yes, of course, Dani, for some boyfriend or husband.”

“Now that she is dying,” my daughter continued, “the emphasis has changed. You will now call me Mistress and you will be my slave. Your Mistress is passing you along to me. Do you understand?”

“Yes…Mistress, I understand. I accept you as my mistress.”

“You will obey me as you did my mother, will you not?”

“Yes, Mistress, I will do whatever you ask of me.”

“Good, now I have to pee. Come here to receive and drink. I don’t want to see any spillage.”

“Yes, Mistress,” I replied. We had done this hundreds of times so we both knew what to do. “May I also clean you, Mistress and bring you to orgasm?”

“You may clean me but no orgasm now. We have other work to do.” I moved under her pussy, opened my mouth and eagerly received her fluids. When I had swallowed the entire discharge of her bladder, I licked her clean then moved back to receive further orders.

“Lie on the bed and spread your legs.” She climbed between my legs holding the cock cage and my nemesis—the urethral insert. “Do I need to restrain you? Keep still, I don’t want to hurt you, slave—not yet, anyway.” She carefully slipped my flaccid penis and each of my testicles into the stainless steel ring. She applied some lubricant and pushed my penis into the tube, securing it with the high-security screws. “Mommy showed me how to do all this and she told me it hurts to put this in. I don’t really want to hurt you, but I need to know exactly how to do it—just in case.” She wiped the insert with an alcohol swab, added some antibiotic ointment, and finished with some lubricating gel. She aimed carefully at my pee hole and pushed. I could feel my urethra stretching under the assault as the steel insert slowly gained entry. In time she managed to push it completely into my penis—I had remained silent and still even though the pain was incredible. She twisted the nut and brought out the small hammer. “Mommy has told me several times that this hurts a lot. Does it, slave?”

“Yes, Mistress, it is extremely painful, but I understand that you must see for yourself, so go ahead. Punish me.” My Mistress Dani swung the hammer through a one-foot arc, contacting the nut squarely. The force of the blow spread throughout my penis, radiating out from my urethra. I grimaced, my face scrunching up in pain.

“Interesting. That’s good to know. Now I want to go to the secret room.” My Mistress and I had kept this room a secret from our children knowing that they would never understand why it was needed. Now Sam had told Dani. I knew we were going there to punish me, just as Sam had done when she first became my Mistress.

I opened the secret panel, showing Dani how it worked. She led me to the horse and secured me. “Mommy tells me that you need to know that I will punish you. Is that true?”

“Yes, Mistress. I need to respect your authority. Knowing that you will punish me will do that. May I suggest the cane, that’s the long thin one—yes, that’s it. It is the most painful.” Dani gave it a few test swings.

“How many did Mommy give you, slave?”

“When she first became my Mistress she gave me a dozen. However, any number you give me will be appreciated Mistress.”

“Well, let’s try a dozen and see how that goes.” She reared back, the cane moving four or five feet before striking my naked ass cheeks. Apparently satisfied with the results, she gave me twelve more—a baker’s dozen, she joked. She did rub my cheeks for almost ten minutes before bringing out the strap-on.

“Mistress, please use plenty of lube. It’s essential. You’ll probably kill me if you don’t. It’s in the cabinet on the wall there. Rub some on the dildo and some on my asshole. Thank you. I’m ready now. Feel free to fuck me as long as you feel necessary.”

Slowly but firmly my Mistress Dani pushed the rubber tool into my ass. She fucked me vigorously, gaining leverage with her hands on my hips. After about five minutes she asked, “Did you really love fucking me?”

“Yes, Mistress, it was one of the most exciting things I’ve ever done.”

“If you didn’t want to fuck me before, what will happen if I tell you to fuck me now?”

“Before you were my daughter, my little girl, now you are my Mistress. I am conditioned to obey, but I must warn you—nobody outside our family must ever know. I will be committing statutory rape because of your age and incest, as well. Your mother has told me you are on the pill. That’s good; we don’t need an addition to our family.”

“Mommy told me you enjoy this, is that true?”

“Yes, I love it, Mistress. It hurts a lot at first, but after that it feels wonderful—but not as wonderful as your pussy.” She pulled out, released me and led me to the shower. I washed her body lovingly as I had so many times with her mother. I requested and received permission to eat her pussy. I leaned her against the shower wall, spread her legs and dove in. I rubbed her labia as I tickled her slit with my tongue. She was incredibly sensitive so she reacted strongly to my attentions, bathing my face in pussy juice when she came. I held her in place to prevent her falling. I dried her carefully and helped her into her robe before attending to my own needs.

When I walked into the bedroom my Mistress Dani was waiting. She held my new collar. I kneeled before her as she placed it around my neck and tightened using the wrench. “I’ll hold onto the wrench, slave.”

“Mistress, please throw it away. I’ll never want to take it off. I’m yours until I die.”

“Excellent, slave, now come here. I wish to remove your cage so you can fuck me.” I moved to the bed where my Mistress was seated. Carefully, she pulled the urethral insert from my cock. It hurt almost as much going out as it did going in. Hopefully, I wouldn’t see it anytime soon. Unfortunately, I was the slave of a mercurial fourteen year old girl—not a mature woman.

I removed her robe, pulling her naked body to mine. Her breasts, somewhere between an A and B-cup pressed into my chest. I reached down, lifted her chin and kissed her gently until she pressed her lips into mine and pushed her tongue into my mouth. I fell back onto the bed and rolled us over so my baby—my Mistress—was beneath me. I rubbed my hardening cock into her slit as I moved my mouth to her nipple, feeling it harden under my lips. I touched her clit with the tip of my cock, bringing my new Mistress to her first orgasm. I moved farther down until my Mistress stopped me. “Fuck me. Stick your big cock into me and make me your slut.”

I did as instructed, pounding her incredibly tight cunt. I rubbed her clit for a few seconds, bringing her to her second orgasm. It was just as powerful as her first. Her final orgasm came as I exploded into her womb. I sank onto her, completely exhausted. I rolled off, pulling her into an embrace as I gently kissed her cheek and neck. My Mistress pulled back suddenly to speak, “I thought I would enjoy calling you slave, Daddy, but I don’t. I’m going to call you Daddy again. Is that OK?”

“Mistress, you are in charge. You have the power, the strength, the authority. You make the rules—I follow them. Whatever you decide to do is more than acceptable to me.”

“So, Daddy, if I wanted a sleepover on Friday night it would be OK?”

“Of course, Mistress.”

“And if I asked you to service each of my friends?”

“If you told me to do it, I would, but keep in mind, Mistress, that it could be statutory rape and if anyone told, I’d wind up in jail. But—if you told me to do it, I would, of course. You are my Mistress, I am your slave.” When I finished I heard my other daughters coming home from their movie and dinner. I helped my Mistress into her robe again and, naked, I followed her into the living room, sitting in my place—at her feet.

Chapter 4

My Mistress rallied, gaining strength, but we all knew it was only temporary. All the same everyone’s mood lightened, so on Friday night I welcomed several of Dani’s friends for a sleepover. Why it’s called that when hardly anyone ever sleeps will always be a mystery to me. They moved into the master bedroom as I carried their overnight bags. “Daddy, what’s the age of consent in this state?”

“I don’t know, Mistress.”

“Dani, why does your father call you mistress?”

“I’ll explain that in a few minutes, but first, Daddy, you need to know that the age of consent is fifteen. If you remember that I skipped first grade you’ll realize that all my friends are fifteen—they’re all a year older than me, right?” All Dani’s friends agreed.

“So, Daddy, would you please explain why you called me ‘Mistress.’”

“My wife has been my Mistress for the past sixteen years; I am her slave. Now she is in the hospital and dying so she has passed me on to Dani—Mistress Dani. I am now her slave. I do whatever she tells me to do—sexually, and otherwise.”

“Thank you, Daddy. Would you be embarrassed to be naked in front of my friends?”

“No, Mistress, do you wish me to undress?” I stripped quickly when ordered and took my position at Dani’s feet. Of course, the girls saw my cock cage and asked about it. “This is a male chastity device—a penis cage. It gives my Mistress control over my sexual activities. I cannot get an erection, or cum without her permission.”

“Tell them how you serve me, Daddy.”

“I rise before my Mistress. I usually squeeze fresh orange juice for her and bring it to her in bed—she sleeps in this bed with me. I escort her to the shower where, first, she empties her bladder, requiring me to drink every drop. Then I service her with my mouth and tongue. I wash her, dry and dress her. I make breakfast for her and her sisters and they go to school. Then I prepare myself for the day. I am here, naked and kneeling as I am now, when Mistress Dani returns from school. She usually has me service her with my mouth again. After dinner I wash her and we fuck. I clean her pussy of her juices and my cum and we go to sleep.” The girls all gawked, unbelieving until my Mistress Dani ordered me to eat her cunt.
I positioned her on the edge of the bed, her legs on my shoulders. I tickled the edge of her slit, causing my Mistress to moan, until I poked my tongue fully into her tight tunnel. “Oh, Daddy!” she shrieked. I tongue fucked her for several minutes before moving up to her clit. I sucked it forcefully into my mouth, and when I did Dani exploded in ecstasy. She lay back exhausted as she ran her fingers through my hair. “Thank you, Daddy. You’re the best slave ever. Would you be willing to do my friends?” I looked up at them—they ripped the clothes from their bodies and got in line. I took care of all three of them, leaving them all lying and panting on the bed until my Mistress Dani sat up. “Anybody see any reason why we shouldn’t be naked for this party?” There were no objections so we remained like this throughout the night. I fucked Dani in front of her friends and took the virginity of two others. They all went home around ten the following morning eagerly looking forward to Dani’s next party; Dani and I dressed for the hospital.

Mistress Dani sat in the chair; I sat at her feet, but I held my Mistress’s hand. Sam lay back on the pillows, exhaustion etched into her face. She did most of the talking in spite of her condition, giving Dani tips on how to deal with me. “Dani, you’re in a difficult situation—you are the mistress, but your slave is your father, not some boyfriend. It’s important that you not abuse your authority or punish your father unnecessarily. I know he will accept anything you give him, but you will need his counsel as you get older. You will also need him to help deal with your sisters and one of these days, a boyfriend. Your father is a male and he knows a lot about how they think.”

Then my mistress addressed me, “Sam, do you know why I have done this—made Dani your new mistress?”

“Yes, Mistress--because you love me, and because you are worried how I will react when you are gone.”

“You see, Dani, how smart your father is. Yes, Sam, I remember how you were when we first met. I’d hate to think all those beatings I gave you were for naught. Yes, Dani, I used to beat your poor father mercilessly, but I always did it because I loved him. That’s another lesson for you—punish because you love, not because you are angry.” I could see how closely Dani listened to her mother. This was advice she could get from no other source.

“Sam, how have you been doing with fucking Dani?”

“I explained to Mistress Dani, I am conditioned to obey my mistress. The first time it was with my baby, now it is with my mistress. It may be the same person, but to me it is not. Does that make any sense?”

My Mistress nodded and I suggested she rest. I excused myself and went in search of her doctor. We spoke at length and when I returned Sam gave me her final instructions—one day wake, no funeral, cremation, mourn for one week then move on, spread her ashes in the little cove near our home in Maui. Then my mistress slept. I tugged Mistress Dani’s elbow and we quietly left the room.

We sat in the lounge; this time we were both in chairs. “I spoke to the doctor. He says it’s common for cancer patients to rally near the end so we shouldn’t get our hopes up. He thinks she has less than a week left. I’m glad you’re here with me; I don’t think I could do this on my own.”

Mistress Dani pulled me toward her to kiss me—softly and gently on the lips—and told me something I have rarely heard in my life, “Daddy, you’re stronger than you think. I was just thinking that I’m glad you’re here with me. Somehow, together, we’ll get through it.”

“I know, Mistress, but I always thought I’d go first; I am 34 years older, you know.”

“Yes, Daddy, but you’re the best fucking 75 year old man I know and you’re in excellent condition. You’ve always exercised and kept your weight down. I like to think you did it to keep up with your younger wife and mistress. Now you’ll have a bigger reason—I’m more than 60 years younger than you. Oh, one of the things Mommy told me when you were seeing the doctor—you will not try to, I forget the word she used, begin or start sex without my permission. Is that true?”

“Yes, Mistress, I think she used the word ‘initiate.’ My first wife would never allow me to start sex, as you say. We were married more than forty years. Then when your mother and I got started together she had to control me; I was a challenge. I probably shouldn’t tell you this—one night we were spooning in bed, just like you and I do, and we were naked, of course. I put my hand on her stomach and let it wander to her pussy. She went ballistic and with good reason—I just wasn’t paying attention. She forced me into a cock cage even though I had a raging erection….”


“Yeah, then she restrained me and smacked my balls with the riding crop. I think she was going to give me a dozen but I faltered from the pain and she wound up giving me about twenty. She kept asking me, ‘Who initiates sex?’ My balls were so swollen I couldn’t go to work the next day. She stayed home to care for me even though she had a terribly busy schedule. That was the last severe punishment I received. Funny the things you remember at a time like this.” I broke down and cried like a baby while my baby—my Mistress—consoled me. I was in good hands.

We returned to my Mistress’ room. She was still asleep; we stayed there for an hour before leaving for dinner and home for some great fucking.

My Mistress Sam—the love of my life—passed away two days later in the company of her family. Once again, I cried and cried and cried. Dani was there to help me through it; I couldn’t have made it without her which goes to show just how smart my Mistress had been.

Chapter 5

Mistress Dani proved to be a strict but fair mistress. She did punish me when necessary, but rarely was it anything worse than the cock cage, although once she forced me to use the insert, hammering it several times for emphasis. The worst part of that punishment was being denied access to her wonderful tight cunt. I had never experienced anything as sweet or as hot as her cunt. Sam had been wonderful in bed, but even her cunt didn’t compare to Dani’s.

Before I knew it Mistress Dani had graduated high school one of the top students in her class and the following September she was off to college. Naturally I went with her, helping to set her up in a house a few blocks from school. I handled all the routine tasks—cleaning, laundry, shopping—so she could concentrate on her studies. We still maintained our established schedule—juice and coffee in bed, drinking her pee, shower, dress, breakfast, service with my mouth, and off to class. With more time out of class there was more time for sex, and at my age, more than 80, it was all I could do to keep up.
About half way through the first semester Mistress Dani told me she had a date. She also told me exactly what to do when her date arrived. She’d be ready a half hour later. I answered the door led an attractive young man into the house. “I’m Dani’s father, Sam Warner.”

“I’m Michael Young, sir.” I explained that there were certain rules he would have to follow if he wanted to date my daughter, the first of which was that he should drop his pants and underwear.

“You’re joking,” he replied.

“I’m afraid not, but, don’t worry I’m not going to hurt you.” He dropped both, giving me a look at his equipment. I took his cock in hand and stroked it. When it was hard I slipped a condom over it and jerked him off. It didn’t take long, only a couple of minutes. I removed the rubber and told him to remain standing. I retrieved a paper towel from the kitchen and washed his cock before putting him into a cock cage. He was stunned. “Now here’s what will happen. You may kiss Dani and you may touch her breasts. I’m sure you’ve noticed how nice they are, but you are not to touch her pussy. If you do, well, you’re going to hurt something awful. See this little box on the side here. That will send a good jolt of electricity through the cage into your penis. When you get home Dani will reward you, either with another hand job or a blow job. She’s very skilled at both. If you wish to see her again she will put you into another cage—we wouldn’t want you playing around on her, would we? When you come back I’ll jerk you again and you’ll get another reward from my daughter. They’ll get better each time and eventually you’ll get to fuck her, but it will be on her terms and her schedule.”

Just then Dani walked in and she left with the still stunned Michael. They went to her room when they returned around one. She gave me a “thumbs up.” Michael came back the next night and the next weekend and the next. They were still dating five months later. Then one Friday afternoon Michael called and asked to speak with me. He’d come an hour early to talk. I relayed the information to my Mistress Dani.

“What do you think it means?”

“Well, he’s been in that cock cage for more than five months so if it were a problem he’d be angry, but he didn’t sound angry or upset…more like thoughtful, so I think he might want to know what’s really going on.”

“What will you tell him, Daddy?”

“I find the truth is usually best, Mistress.”

“I’ll rely on your judgment, Daddy.”

Michael arrived on time at 6:30 for his 7:30 date. I welcomed him and led him once again into the living room. Dani was nowhere to be seen. “Mr. Warner, can you tell me what’s going on? Is there a name for what I’m doing with Dani? She’s wonderful but so…I don’t know …uh.”

“I think the words you’re looking for are strong…determined…dominant…am I right?

“Yes, but what is all this about?”

“I’d say you were ‘in training.’ She’s dominant—you’re submissive.”

“But—I’m not submissive.”

“Really? You’ve been dating Dani for five months. You’ve worn that cock cage all that time. How many erections…orgasms have you had on your own during that time? You’ve allowed Dani to control your sexuality. Yes, Dani is training you to replace me. Let me explain.” I told him my life’s history, how I had been Marjorie’s slave, and then Sam’s, and finally Dani’s. “Life as the slave to a Mistress has its good and bad, just like everything else in life. There are rules to be followed and punishments when you break them—just like almost everything else in life, but the rewards can be incredible—the best, most passionate sex, knowing that there is always someone there for you. Being a slave is always voluntary, but I don’t know of anyone who backs out—maybe, I suppose, if the mistress is sadistic or cruel, but Dani’s neither. To be fair I should tell you everything she has me do—I give her juice and coffee in bed each day. We go into the shower where she empties her bladder, requiring me to drink it then I eat her delicious pussy and wash her, dry her, and dress her. Drinking pee sounds horrible, but it’s not all that bad. She does it, as her mother did, to remind me that she can do anything she wants with me and to reinforce her authority. I must always be here when she returns from class, naked and kneeling, prepared to service her. But I should tell you that I usually cum an average of five times a week since she became my Mistress almost five years ago. We fuck every single day—every single day unless she is punishing me. For punishment she usually makes me wear a cock cage like I’m wearing now. I’m not being punished now, but she will be out all evening and she wants me to know she still controls me. I have also been paddled and I’ve had my balls swatted with a riding crop. The severity of the punishment depends on the infraction. A beating is rare, but if you decided to become her slave she would beat you, fuck your ass with a strap-on, and pee on you just to let you know that she means business—that she is in charge and the one who is running the show, but she’d probably make it up to you afterwards. You asked what was going on and I’ve told you. The next step is up to you. You need to decide to go forward or end it.”
Michael got up, excused himself and left. Then my Mistress came out and asked how it went.

“Well, he listened and he didn’t seem either angry or upset. He’ll be back because he’s still wearing the cock cage. I guess we just have to wait. You really like this guy, don’t you?”

“Yes, Daddy I do…I’m in love with him, but only if he will serve me.” We sat there in silence for another hour until the bell rang. I answered it and Michael walked in. He walked to Dani, removed his clothing, and kneeled before her, his head down in submission.

“Mistress, will you accept me as your slave? I wish to serve you.” My Mistress and I both smiled.

“Daddy, I won’t be going out tonight after all. Slave, come with me. We have work to do.” Daddy, you come, too. Michael kneeled in front of Mistress Dani, I kneeled at her side.

“Daddy, what did Mommy ask you when she took you as a slave?

“She asked me if I enjoyed pleasing her and how far I would go to do so.”

“Well, Michael?

“I’d do anything to please you, Mistress…anything.” Mistress Dani told him to finger fuck her ass. He was pumping away furiously when she told him to stop, remove his fingers and clean them in his mouth. He hesitated only a second and, seeing the strength in her face, he complied. Three times, as I did many years ago, he cleaned his fingers. Now he was ready for phase two.

NEXT: Michael’s Story

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