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Wife was on her way home from a company Christmas party.
As Misty drove her Mustang across the lonesome Mississippi countryside. Pushing a fast 70 M.P.H. Anxous to get home. The party lasted way to long she thought. Blue lights appeared behind her. She pulls over and lights a cigarette. Hopeing it would kill the smell of the alcholl on her breath. The cop was at her door. She rolls the window down letting the toxic smoke of her cigarette out mixed with the beers and the Chenelle #5 she was wearing.

" I Need to see your iicense please." She fumbles through her purse. And hands them over. She gets the fealing he's checking her out. His eyes go right to her low cut gray top. She pulls her coat to cover her busty breasts. He returns to his squad car to call dispatch. She waits nerveously knowing her previous d.u.i. and drug possesion will show up on her record. But she also was wondering when our small town hired a black cop. He returns.

"Mrs. Jones I'll need you to step out of the car."


"I need to give you a sobriety test."

"I'm not drunk!"

"I'll be the judge of that. Get out now!" She carefully gets out and follows him to the front of his car. He puts her through the paces walking a streight line toe to heel counting out loud. Balanceing on one foot then the other. The finger to nose thing.

"Mrs. Jones your under arrest for drunk driveing."

"I'm not drunk like this is hard to do in high heels.." She protests with her hands on her hipps. He shines his flashlight down at her feet and studies her 4 inch peep toe pumps. A light cold rain begins to fall.

"Take them off and try again."

" way its cold and wet out here. I got a new pair of hose on." She complains

"Hands on your head spread your leggs." She asumes the pose and he frisks her. As he squeezes her big 40 double D's.

"Don't you suppose to get a female officer to do this?"

"She will at the station." He proceeds with his search going under her trench coat fealing over her plump ass running his big hand between her leggs squeezing her crotch through her tight jeans. Down her theighs and leggs. She looks down watching him as he feals her sheer black nylon clad ankles.

"Are you wearing stockings or panty hose?"

"Now thats none of your damn business!" He laughs as he stands and cuffes her hands behind her back. Holding her by the upper arm he escorts her to his car.

"Its nice and warm at the station. You can plan on takeing those sexy high heels off when you get there."

"Great I guess." He returns to her car to search it finding a bag of Marijuna under the seat.

"It looks like your in big trouble now Mrs. Jones." She turns pale and quiet for the ride in to town. At the station everyone turns to staire at the sexy blonde as she is led through the station. He pushes a red button on the wall a loud buzzer goes off and the door opens. They walk in the heavy steel door slams behind them. A brightly lit coridor with a shiney tiled floor awaits her. The erotic clicking of her high heels echoes throughout the building with every step she took. A large black man in a orange jump suit is mopping the floor. He steps to the side for her to pass.

"Be carefull Mrs. The floor is wet." She ignores him. He takes out his big black cock and gently strokes it. She is led in to a small room.

"By the way my name is Buck." Introduceing himself as he removes her hand cuffes. He then takes hold of her leather coat pulling it from her body then tossing it out of the way. He looks her up and down from head to toe under the bright lights. Dressed in a gray crop top, blue and gray Gasoline jeans. And black pumps. Her long blonde hair pulled back in a tight ponytail. With a pair of rose colored sunglasses resting on top of her head. Her makeup was packed on with lots of that blue eye shadow and mascera. His big cock buldged from his pants.

"Have a seat Mrs.Jones." She sits down in the folding metal chair. Buck picks up her purse and emties it out on the table and paws through her stuff. Makeup.wallet, hair brush,birthcontroll pills.tampons,cigarettes,huge black dildo and a pink vibrator. He looks at her sex toys then at her crotch. Sitting with her leggs spread. Her jeans up in her gap.

"There something with a girl hveing her toys with her?"

"No ma'mm nothing at all." Misty takes a cigarette and lights it. Buck picks up the phone and dials some numbers.

"Becky come to processing please." Is anounced over the intercom. A miniute later a tall busty red head walks in dressed in a blue uniform top,black skirt and black boots.

"We'll look who we have here."

"You know her?"

"Everyone knows her." She staires at Misty. She then reaches for a pair of latex gloves and puts them on. She hands Buck a clipboard with some forms to fill out.

"On your feet young lady. Put the cigarette out." Misty complies with the order. Like Buck Becky looks her up and down.

"Empty your pockets and remove all your jewlary." Misty reaches for her hoop ear rings then her watch and wedding set are taken off. They watch as she places her foot in the chair and takes a ankleit off.

"Up againest the wall spread your leggs." Becky searches her As she stands Misty watches her hands reach around her waiste unfastening and unzipping her jeans. Humiliated Misty looks over at Buck seeing him staireing at Becky as she slips her hand inside her black satin panties . She pulls out then takes a peek inside them from the back. She then slaps her on the ass.

"I cant beleave a fat ass like you was home comeing queen." Misty began to fasten her pants.

"Leave them open were not finished yet." She grabs her by the arm leading her back down the hall. Other inmates whistled at her as she passed them. They walk in a large room that says women processing room on the door. She is then photographed and her finger prints are taken. She notices Buck takeing his gun belt off and locks it in a file cabnet. The other black man comes in to mop the floor.

"Sit down big tits!" Slideing a chair out for her to sit in. She takes a flashlight from her pocket.

"Open your mouth." She examines her

"You smell like youve had a cock in that mouth today." She checks her ears. She then takes the sunglasses from the top of her head. Then takeing the ponytail holder out. My wifes long,thick blonde hair falls down her back. and across her face. She takes hold of the gray shirt lifting and pulling it off. It is tossed and the clasp of a lacey black is unhooked. Buck stands infront of her with a camera takeing pictures. Misty watches as the straps of her bra fall down off her arms as her big double D's spring free. Her light pink areolas are bigger than silver dollars. And her fat stubby nipples become erect as the cool air hits them. My wife looks sexy as hell. Topless with her hair down,leggs spread,jeans open with panties showing and for the moment still in her come fuck me heels. More to come later

Anonymous readerReport

2015-09-18 20:57:39
me and mom both were frisked on the road and in a cell. then forced to strip to our undies and bra. then marched down the jail so many wolf calls. at the end of one roll i was asked if i'd like to kiss my mom, i was sobbing so hard. we kissed gentlily but hung onto each other for a long time.i could see flashes going off.after that we were separated and interagated. they wanted me to accuse my mom of sex trdeing me

Anonymous readerReport

2015-01-05 05:11:53
they sure didn't treat my wife that good she was forced to remove her skirt in front of the inmates then to walk down the isles in front of them

Cuffed ChickReport

2012-12-27 21:21:23
Hi, when is Chapter 2 going to be written? This actually happened to me too, with my husband. funny

anonymous readerReport

2012-07-12 00:39:53
I'm sorry but WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK was that?


2012-07-01 01:26:50
please use a spell checker. "leggs" "marijuna" etc

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