this is my first story ever i hope you like it
I awoke wednesday afternoon with my bitch sister Tya yelling at me for no reason other than the fact that I am the only one in the family that she could still yell at and not get stood up to. Even though I am the same size as her I would never stand up to her, she it well aware of it too. I am the youngest in a family of three. There is my aforementioned sister Tya she is 23 and about 5'5 and weighs 100 pounds soaking wet. She has A cup breasts (witch i have seen a few times looking down her shirt) and a nice ass she has a perfect 4 inch gap between her legs when she stands. She also has strawberry blonde hair. Then there is my brother Jake who is worse than my sister mostly because of his huge ego witch has gotten even bigger since he joined the air force. He's 22 and about 5'9 and has biggish muscles all the way around ,also he has short blond hair because he is in the military. Then last and certainly least is me I'm 15 and stand at 5 foot 6 inches and weigh in at 110 pounds i have brown hair like my mom. I'm not very muscular but I'm not weak either. either. the only thing big about me is my dick which is 8 1/2 inches long but 3 inches wide.

After a few minutes debating with myself i decide to go upstairs to fund out what the hell my sister was yelling about. Right before i got upstairs i heard her yell "Danny wake the fuck up an-" she was cut off by the sight of me entering the kitchen/living room area "Oh uh can you take out the trash it stinks" she continued than turned around to finish what ever she was doing. When i returned i said hello to my sisters son my 3 year old nephew. than went back to bed but i couldn't sleep so i jacked off, washed my hands than fell right to sleep.

I was awoken around midnight by more yelling but this time it was not directed at me it was my brother and sister in one of there heated arguments about how my sister does nothing with her life and my brother is so put together even though he was in the exact same position she is a month earlier and they both still live with there mother.

"Why dont you fucking get a job and do something with your life" yelled my brother from the bottom of the stairs

" I have a kid and i am the only on who does any work around the house plus ive been going to school the only reason im not this quarter is because financial aid doesn't cover summer" she yelled from the top

"All you do is make excuses. your worthless. You dont even pay rent your boyfriend pays it for you your a fucking joke"

"You fucking pay rent for your girlfriend so dont even give me that shit"

"Your just jealous of me cuz i got my life together and your just worthless shit"

"Fuck you"

"Ya right back at cha"

God i hate it when they fight like this it pisses me off now i have to walk on fuckng egg shells so im not screamed at by the both of them.

A few miitues later the unexpected happened i was almost asleep when i heard a light knock on the door and than my sister walked in turning my light on wearing a long basket ball jersey that goes just below mid-thigh and it looked like nothing els but i soon dismissed that thought figuring she had booty shorts on or something. I could tell she was crying and obviously needs someone to talk to "Sister whats wrong?" i ask her

"Its your brother dude hes a dick" she responded while laying on my twin bed so that we are face to face

"Ha ya but isn't that the general consciences?" i say as i wipe a tear off her cheek

"Ya i guess so but he knows im doing the best i can given the situation im in." she replies softly

After that we lied there is silence for a few minutes and i realize she is asleep so than i get a idea. I start to rub her back and with each stroke i get lower and lower till my hand is on her firm ass and i give it a little squeeze which made her let out a sound witch didn't dieter me at all than i started to rub lower till was rubbing her leg than i started rubbing higher. i was appalled when i found out that she was in fact naked under the shirt. After that discovery i went to find her clit. when i started to rub its she woke up.

"Danny what are you doing" she asked

Not wanting to stop and not given any red flags i continued and said "Well i figured you needed something to take your mind off our brother"
in reply she laid on her back and spread her legs exposing her beautiful bald pussy. I slowly went to message her clit than started to move faster and harder

That was my Que to take my other hand and slip two fingers into her pussy which was shockingly tight after childbirth. Slowly gaining speed i fingered her cunt hitting her G-spot every stroke finally she cried out "OH FUCK IM CUMMING" just then her pussy clamped down on my fingers and a rush of liquid came past them. then i got on top of her and took off her shirt and kissed and nibbled my way to her chest than i sucked and nibbled one nipple while i pinched and twisted the other than switched. after that i kissed my way to her pussy i pulled her till her ass was on the edge of the bed and knelt with her legs over my shoulders. Licked the outer lips of her pussy than the inner careful not to bump her clit just to torment her a little "OH FUCK THATS RIGHT LICK MY HOT CUNT OH YA" she moaned "OH FUCK OH FUCK NOW LICK MY CLIT" i didn't "Pleeaase baby brother please lick your sisters clit" she whimpered

After that i had to so i started to lick her furiously than i than i started to finger her G-spot. I than licked my finger on the other hand and started to finger her ass this threw her over the edge " OH THATS RIGHT LICK MY CLIT WHILE YOU FINGER MY ASS AND CUNT OOOHH YA RIGHT THERE" she cried "OH YA I I IM CUUUUUMMMMIINGG" than i pulled my fingers out of her pussy and lucked all of her cum onto my mouth than i stood up her legs still over my shoulders and leaned in for a kiss she sucked my tongue into her mouth when she broke the kiss she said" I love the taste of my own cum...Now fuck me" i did as she asked i leaned back, legs still over my shoulders knowing in this position id hit her G-spot with every stroke and rammed my cock into her tight cunt. I dont think she had seen my dick yet but i could tell it was the biggest she's ever had by the way she said" OH FUCK THAT THING ID HUGE" i quickly picked up speed and she said "OH YA BABY BROTHER FUCK MY PUSSY WITH YOUR HUGE DICK OH FUCK "

"You like it when i fuck my big sisters little pussy" i replied as i started to rub her clit

"YES YES I LOVE MY LITTLE BROTHERS BIG COCK OH YES RUB MY CLIT THATS IT OH YA IM IM GUNNA CUUUMMM" her orgasm made me realize it wont be long till i have a orgasm of my own but i didn't pull out knowing she was on the pill and than after a year of jacking off 6 times a day i know i can stay hard for at least one more run. Just then i shot rope after rope of cum into my sisters pussy. A few seconds later i was fully hard once more and i started ramming in and out of her cunt again. After 6 or 7 strokes my dick slipped from her pussy and accidently into her ass i did nor realize this until i hit bottom and she let out a small cry of pain i gave it a few seconds than started to move in and out of her ass soon she started to moan again" Oh ya fuck my ass" than i started to finger her pussy and rub her clit that really got her going. "OH YA BABY BROTHER FUCKMYASS FUCK MY ASS AND RUB MY CLIT OOO YA" she screamed

"ya you like that" i responded than she started to buck her hips wildly

"AARRRGGG" she said unable to form words from the orgasm i was giving her. Her ass clamped down on my dick so hard it caused me to shoot load after load of cum into her bowels.

She than rolled over and fell asleep i crawled in bed next to her and fell asleep cum dripping out of her ass and cunt the last thought that went through my head before i fell asleep was "im going to need to change these sheets"

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2013-01-31 13:57:29
total trash that never should have been posted DELETE DELETE DELETE.

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2012-07-01 01:12:12
Jesus H Christ, For the self fantasizing fuckwits who THINK they're the fucking master race, you dummies can't spell for shit, and obviously don't know what an apostrophe is. (miitues is minutes? . .I'll . . I've . . .I - is ALWAYS a capital letter) Hopeless (and your dick is 3 inches ACROSS - in your feeble little brain)

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2012-06-30 19:36:45
Family sex is more common than people think. I,m the only male in the house with my mom and older sister. Needs must and almost inevitably I,ve ended up fucking them both. I love it because they,re always available and I,m completly adicted to fucking them. Mom usually wears only a housecoat which is easily pushed aside to reveal her incredibly sexy body. There,s nothing hornier than fucking your mom to a climax or squeezing her juicy tits while fucking her butt. I,m so fucking lucky I can,t believe it!

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2012-06-30 03:44:14
I hope you plan to continue
And also I agree you did slightly rush into things
Take your time and put some background in
Also it was a great story seing ad how it was your first ever

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2012-06-30 00:04:07
I'll say it's short and sweet and to the point. You could've given us a little more background as to why your character is living with his sister. I started suckin' my brother dick when I was 11. He didn't fuck me in my pussy until after I was 18. Only because I couldn't very well ask our mother to put me on birth control pills because I wanted to fuck my brother. I don't think she would've gone for that. But I let him fuck my ass as often as he wanted, right after I started suckin' his dick. It was a little uncomfortable the first time. But once we learned to put plenty of lube in that hole before he fucked me. It wasn't bad at all. We're still together and I suck his dick while we read these stories. After he cums, then we switch and he eats my pussy while we finish reading the story we're into at the time. I hope you have something nice for you character and his sister in any future episodes. Good luck with future stories.

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