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Late Twelve
By Systematic

“Can two guys even do that?” Sandy asked. Friday had come at last. Yes, he was in my study, yes, he was in my lap. He still had his pajamas on, and it was going to stay that way. I was injured, after all.

“Probably,” I said, looking at Oracle’s latest story. There are only so many ways she could write about beautiful boys having sex, so she was getting creative. She actually wrote two kinds of stories – most of them were this flowery gay stuff, but a few were more down to earth, and also hetero.

“Would you do that to me?” Sandy asked, pulling my arms around himself and leaning into me.

“Not tonight,” I replied.

“Let’s look at Oracle’s account.”

“What for?”

“Aren’t you curious about her?”

“Nobody puts personal information out in a place like this.” But I let him have the mouse anyway; I was done. I wasn’t going to write anything tonight. I just leaned back and relaxed while he dug for information about Oracle.



“How well do you know that maid?”

“Which one?”

“The one with the short black hair.” He meant Red. I knew Red lusted after Sandy, and I think he was starting to pick up on it. Or at least, he was starting to realize she looked at him differently from everyone else.

“Not very well,” I replied, thinking of how badly I’d fumbled my last attempt to get rid of her. It had backfired, just like the attempt before it. What she needed was a boyfriend. I thought about broaching the idea to Sandy, but I already knew what he’d say.

“She’s cute,” he said absently.

“Yeah,” I replied, just as absently. If I hadn’t been injured, it might have been difficult for me to doze off with Sandy in my lap. But I was injured, and that didn’t leave me with much libido. When I opened my eyes, I saw something I didn’t quite understand.

“What are you doing?”

“I’m looking around Oracle’s computer.”

“You’re what?”

“You wouldn’t understand. Do you know what an IP address is?”

“Not really,” I said.

“Then don’t worry about it. Hey, she’s got a webcam.”

“What? No, don’t click on it. That’s an invasion of privacy.”

“Come on.” He looked over his shoulder at me. “Don’t you want to see what she looks like? I bet you she’s at her computer. I can turn the webcam on from here.”

“No, that’s terrible.”

“No, it’s terrible when people give your stuff bad scores but don’t say what they didn’t like,” Sandy said.
I couldn’t argue with that. “Just one peek. Okay?”

Of course I was curious. And after all the voyeurism I’d done – though I’d never asked for any of it – it seemed like a minor offense.

“Just a quick look,” I said.

“Of course.”

Sandy accessed it, and we had our first view of my online nemesis. It was good that I was in a state of profound relaxation, because I’d have had a stroke otherwise. The same went for Sandy. What we were looking at took a moment to sink in. It was Kylie. And that would have been enough of a shock in itself, but she wasn’t alone. She was sitting in her desk chair wearing a sweater, but the sweater was all she was wearing. Kylie was completely bare from the waist down.

Kneeling between her legs, another girl was blocking this improbable view. I looked at the second girl’s tiny, narrow shoulders, and her short brown hair, and realized with a start that it was Edie.

Kylie’s head was back, and her mouth was open. There was no audio, but she was definitely moaning. Even from behind, Edie, who was fully clothed, didn’t seem very self-assured – but this was not the first time she had done this.

The girl that Kylie had fooled around with? It had to be Edie. It also explained their sudden weird friendship. I wanted to know how it had happened. Probably much the same way as Kylie’s encounter with Miranda. She must have, under some circumstances, confessed her inability to reach orgasm, and Edie must have offered to help. Was this what she had meant when she told me she wasn’t innocent?

“Oh my god,” Sandy said, and that summed it up. We were watching the school’s number one nerd perform oral sex on our school’s student council vice president at her computer. The same vice president that wrote erotic fiction and posted it online. Though you couldn’t blame her for that – if you don’t post it somewhere, how do you know if it’s any good?

Edie lifted her head from between Kylie’s legs, though she was still blocking the damn view, which annoyed me. Then I asked myself why I wanted to see so badly, but I had no answer. If I wasn’t careful, I really was going to turn into an actual voyeur, instead of a guy with a knack for being in the wrong place.

Kylie’s chest rose and fell visibly; she was breathing hard, but she hadn’t finished. Hadn’t even gotten especially close, by the looks of it. Very red-faced, the two girls were speaking to each other. I’d have killed to hear what they were saying.

I took that opportunity to take a look at Kylie’s room. There wasn’t much to see. Her bedspread had Disney characters on it. I didn’t know much about her personal life or circumstances.

Both girls got to their feet. They both seemed hesitant and awkward, as though all of this was very new to them. Who was to say it wasn’t? Maybe their first time together had been some kind of accident, and this was only their second. They were leaning very close, and Kylie was whispering something in Edie’s ear. Edie was turning redder and redder.

I felt like I was beginning to get it. I think Edie, after reading so many stories, and no doubt watching so much porn, had begun to think of herself as being knowledgeable about sex. And thinking along those lines, she was determined to help Kylie out. Though I knew nothing at all about Edie’s personal practices, her intense interest in erotica at least suggested that though she had the body of a child, she had the sex drive of a teenager. I was guessing she had no difficulty at all achieving orgasm herself.

Kylie took something from a desk drawer, and very reluctantly handed it over. Edie’s face was redder than I’d ever seen it, but she also looked excited. And unless I was mistaken, she was also pretty turned on. That didn’t surprise me, man or woman, Kylie has a great body. Very sleek and sporty, not much breasts, but all smooth curves and firm muscle. Slender, but strong. Boys would sometimes go out of their way to see her in her school swimsuit.

Edie said something to her, and now it was Kylie’s blush that deepened. She pulled off her sweater to stand fully naked in front of the smaller girl. They exchanged a few more words, and Kylie swallowed, then turned her back. She put her hands on the desk and leaned forward.

I could see now that Edie had some kind of lubricant. Now that Kylie wasn’t looking, Edie stared at her nude body openly. She seemed to realize that Kylie was waiting on her, and looked down at the tube of lubricant, looking to me very intimidated by it. But she took off the cap and squeezed some out onto her fingertips, then her eyes slid down to Kylie’s backside.

Sandy didn’t say anything, and neither did I. Our attention was solely on the screen. We watched Edie tentatively slip her fingers between Kylie’s cheeks and apply the lotion. Edie couldn’t believe was she was doing, and later, when she remembered how turned on she’d been, she’d probably go down that same road of self-doubt that Kylie had.

Watching Kylie’s reaction to Edie’s small, clumsy fingers rubbing her back entrance with cold gel was fascinating. She bit her lip and closed her eyes. Her arms went rigid, and her lower body trembled. She had to concentrate hard to stand still.

Edie finished, and said something. Kylie quickly turned around, and I noticed there was something in her hand. It looked like one of those sleek, metal vibrators. I saw what she had in mind. She was facing away from the camera, and we had an incredible view as she reached back to place the vibrator against her anus.

Breathing a bit hard herself, Edie went down on her knees, and buried her face between Kylie’s legs. Kylie immediately rose to her toes, and the flexing of her body told us every time Edie’s tongue pushed inside her, or her nose brushed Kylie’s clit. I saw Edie’s small hands on Kylie’s thighs, probably unconsciously, but they were stroking the smooth, taut muscles in a way that was not at all businesslike. This had begun with Edie trying to help, but now it was obvious our team’s manager had a weak spot for girls, or at least a curious side.

Kylie bent her back forward, then arched it, pushing the vibrator harder, maybe even penetrating herself with it. It was hard to tell. She writhed on her feet for several minutes, then had to lean against the desk. Her free hand disappeared around her front, probably to twist savagely at an angrily erect nipple.

Edie’s hands had found Kylie’s buttocks now, and she spread them, revealing to us that at least two inches of the vibrator were inside her. It went on and on. Kylie had to be exhausted, and Edie’s tongue had to be about ready to fall off. She finally withdrew, wiping her mouth and looking up at Kylie, who glumly set the vibrator aside. They spoke for a moment, then Kylie started to cry, and Edie leapt up to comfort her.

At that point I realized we probably shouldn’t be watching this. At first we’d been too surprised – but now there was no excuse. Kylie sat down on the bed, and Edie sat beside her.

“Okay,” I said. “We should stop.”

“What? No, I want to see what they do next.”

“They’re done.”

“Did she not cum from all that?”

“She seems to have trouble getting off,” I sighed.


“She needs…” Miranda. Or at least someone who knew what they were doing. Edie was not that person. And there needed to be mutual excitement, I guessed. Kylie turned Edie on, but I didn’t think the reverse was true. I could believe our fit and attractive gym teacher could get Kylie’s blood pumping, but Edie’s little body probably couldn’t.

“She needs what?”

“I don’t know. She needs us to stop spying on her, and to forget all about this.”

Sandy looked at the screen. Kylie was on the bed, lying on her knees and front, her backside in the air. Edie was eating her out from behind, and Kylie was enjoying it, wiggling her hips, and her whole body tensing, but I could tell it wouldn’t get her all the way. And I wondered if she was going to give anything to Edie in return for all of this, but I’d probably never know. I reached over and closed the window.

Sandy looked disappointed. “Now I’m all ready to go,” he complained, and I could see that was it was true. There was an impressive tent in his cotton pajama pants.

“I’ve still got that plastic thing,” I said, opening the desk drawer.

“I want the real thing.”

“I’m injured, remember?”

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