I woke up the next morning, naked, and alone in my mothers bed. I walked out to the living room, to find my mother sitting on the couch. She was wearing her jogging clothes. And I knew that she had just gone out for a long jog. She was glistening with sweat.

"Oh hi honey, you really slept in." She said. "I have a surprise for you."

She dragged me into her bedroom, and reached into her bag. She pulled out a package of diapers. She saw the confusion on my face.

"They are for you. I want you to be my little baby today."
"What am I gonna do with them?" I asked.
"You're going to wear them of course." She replied. "And that's not the only surprise."

She pulled down her pants, reveling a sweaty white pair of panties, dirty from her jog.

"Mommy hasn't pee'd all morning, I was saving it for you." She said, seductively to her son. She smiled at him, and opened the package of diapers. I watched closely as she opened a diaper up, and pulled her panties down. I was confused, I thought I was going to be wearing them.

"Are you putting one on?" I asked.
"Oh no honey, this one is for you." She replied.

She squatted over the diaper, looked me in the eyes, and started to pee into the open diaper. It was a dark yellow stream, and it really smelled. It was a great smell, a dirty smell. I loved the smell of my mommy's piss.

"Morning pee really smells doesn't it? But you love the way mommy smells? I smell dirty. Do you like the way mommy's pee smells?" Saying all of this as she continued to pee into the diaper.
"It smells great, I love the way you smell." I say.

She really must have held it all morning, because she pee'd for a really long time.At this point my dick was as hard as ever. When she finally stopped, she leaned over the diaper, and smelled her own pee.

"I love the way I smell to. I smell dirty." She said. "Ok, lift your bum up baby, it's time for your diaper."

I couldn't believe it. I was about to put on a diaper that was full of my mothers piss. This weekend just kept getting better and better. I laid on my back, as my mom treated me like a baby. She lifted my legs up, and put the diaper under my butt. She wrapped it over my hard dick, and stuck the sides to the front to keep it on.

"There, all done." She said, with a smile on her face.

I could feel my mothers hot, stinky morning pee all over my dick and ass hole. It was a great feeling. I rubbed my ass around, trying to get her pee all over me.

"I have to go change these underwear." She said. "They are dirty from jogging."
"No." I said.
"You wan't me to keep these on all day?" She asked.
"No, I want you to keep them on all weekend." I told her.
"You are such a dirty little boy." She said, as she pulled her dirty underwear back up.

For the next few hours we sat on the couch watching TV. For the most part I had my hand down my mothers panties, I likes the way they smelled, I was excited to think about what they would smell like at the end of the weekend. The whole time we were sitting on the couch, we could smell my mothers stinky piss that was in my dirty diaper. Neither of us minded. We sat in silence, very comfortably. My dick still hard as a rock. I tried to drink a lot of water, that way I could make my diaper really wet when I needed to.

After a while my mother took her top off, and laid on the couch, just in her dirty underwear. I laid down on top of her, in between her legs, resting my head right below her perfect breasts. I reached down and started to play with her pussy. She didn't really pay attention, she was more concerned with what was on TV. I stuck my fingers in her pussy from the outside of her panties, making them wet. I could smell my mothers pussy, and her piss from my diaper. I loved how my mother didn't care where I touched her.

After her pussy, I moved my fingers down to her bum. Her bum cheeks were really sweaty and warm. My mom felt where I was going, and lifted her but up to give me more room. I slowly moved my fingers into her bum hole. I pulled them out, and she farted a little.

"Sorry hunny." She blushed. "I didn't mean to fart, that might stink a little."
"It's ok mommy, I like it." I smiled back at her.

She pushed me off, and rolled over onto her tummy. I sat behind her and continued you to play with her butt hole.

"You like the way mommy farted didn't you hunny?" She asked. "It was really dirty. You love it when mommy is dirty."
"I like it when you fart mommy." I said.

She reached back, and pulled one of her butt cheeks to the side, and farted again. I felt the hot air squeeze between her bum hole, and my fingers, and I smelled it right away. It smelled dirty and stinky, and I loved it.

"If mommy keeps doing this, my underwear are going to be really dirty at the end of the weekend." She said.

I put my face in her sweaty ass and licked her underwear. It was really dirty and hot and stinky. She giggled as I tickled her bum with my tongue. She peeled of her underwear, and started rubbing her clit. She smelled really dirty. She was on her hands in knees, a hand between her legs rubbing her pussy. I knelt behind her and played with her butt some more. I liked the sounds and smells it would make as I moved my finger in and out.

I picked up my mothers panties, and thought of a great idea, I really wanted them to be filthy by the end of the weekend. I took a small bit of the panties, and i stuck it in my mommy's bum.

"Put mommy's stinking panties in her bum" She moaned, as she rubbed her pussy.

I kept fingering her stinky panties deeper, and deeper into her bum. Very other finger or so she'd let out a quiet fart, making me even harder in my wet diaper. The entire pair of panties was lost in my mothers butt. She rolled over onto her back, and looked into my eyes.

"You want to see mommy squeeze her panties out?" She asked.

She stared at me as she rubbed her pussy more, and began to squeeze. I could see the strain on her face as she tried to push the panties out of her bum. The panties slowly squeezed out, with a few farts here and there. The smell of my mothers farts made me want to cum. She reached around and pulled the last bit of her panties out of her ass. I grabbed them, and began to sniff them. The smell of my mothers sweaty bum hole, all over her panties.

"You are such a dirty boy. But mommy is dirtier." She said. My mom grabbed her panties and put them in her mouth, with a smile on her face. She stared at me, panties hanging out of her mouth, as she fingered herself till she came.

She laid there for a few minutes, with her panties on her chest. I climbed on top of her and began to kiss her. I could taste her sweaty ass on her own lips. I slipped my tongue into her mouth, and moved it around with hers. And I dry humped my diaper into her belly.

"You better hurry up and wet that diaper, so we can get it off." She said. "This will help." My mother reached down the back of my diaper and quickly found my bum.

She slid her finger in my bum, and began to move it in and out slowly. This really didn't help me pee, but it was relaxing.

"You like mommy's finger in your bum?" She asked.
"Yea mommy, I like when you lick my bum too." I replied.
"Well if you pee, mommy can lick it all up." She said with a smile.

I started to pee a little bit, my mom felt it, and took her finger out of my diaper, and started licking it. She looked me in the eye as she licked the finger that was in my bum, as I was pissing my diaper. It was a really long pee, I had also not pee'd at all this morning. She watched me the whole time as I filled up my diaper. We could both smell the urine, and it made me really hard.

My mom pushed my on my back, and opened up my diaper. As soon as it opened we could smell the piss strongly, both hers from the morning, and mine from moments ago. She looked down at my hard dick, and started to lick all around it, cleaning up all of our pee. The fresh air on my dick and ass felt great, I'd never felt so fresh in my life. My mom lifted my bum, making me fart, she giggled, and started to lick all the pee on my ass hole. Sliding her tongue in and out, she grabbed her panties, and wiped up all the piss on my front. She moved her head, and wiped my bum, like I was a baby. She moved a finger in my bum again, in and out. And then she put her panties in my bum. She slowly moved the panties in deeper and deeper, trying to make them fit. I could feel her dirty lace panties in my butt. After that she put her mouth on my bum, and started darting her tongue in and out. She started to pull her panties from my bum into her mouth. As the panties were leaving my butt, I couldn't stop farting, but my mother didn't mind, she seamed to enjoy it.

She pulled her pair of panties out of my bum. She took them out of her mouth, she pulled them back on, and laid on her back.

"Why don't you come up here, so I can kiss your bum some more." She said. And I didn't hesitate.

I stood up, and walked over to her head. I put my bum right on her face. I grinded my bum on her face, as she guided my hips back in forth. She loved it just as much as I did.

She pulled me up onto her face, and she grabbed my tiny cock as I rubbed my butt all over her mouth and tongue. Her cold wet tongue made its way into my bum, and licked every inch it could reach. Her hand was jerking my small penis. I heard a small fart, that didn't come from me. I looked down to see my mommy fingering her own ass through her dirty panties.

I sat there riding her mouth, and humping her hand at the same time. Waiting for moment to come again. I felt it stronger than ever. Every thing my mother was touching was amplified. I could feel her tongue in my bum, wetter than ever, as it began to tighten. Her hand around my now twitching cock. I lost all control. I farted as my mom darted her tongue in and out of my bum. And for the first time ever, I started to cum, I was REALLY Cumming. It all came out very fast, I started to moan, and watch as I came in my mothers hand. I continued to grind on her mouth for another minute, completely out of control. And then I collapsed on her belly. Again she stuck a finger in my bum, in that loving mother way. And she wiped my cum on her already dirty panties, and continued to finger her own ass.

"You are getting better and better every day." She said.

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