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Solomon’s Daughters: Sar-Rah’s Chapter
Author’s Note: Well this is Sar-Rah’s chapter so I hope you enjoy. Also to the questions I’ve gotten of why I didn’t describe Sar-Rah or her sister. It’s because I’m going to do each girl at the beginning of their own chapter, that way I won’t have to do it more than once and you won’t have to remember information about characters that don’t exist yet. Also I only have vague outlines of the sister that may change before I write their stories. There’s finally sex in this one altough not alot this one is more meeting the main characters chapter. For those of you looking for more sex read the later chapters there will be more after this. For anyone who was waiting for this sry but i only have time to write on the weekends.
Read the prologue chapter first for back story. Enjoy!

Solomon’s Daughters: Sar-Rah’s Chapter

United States: Present Day

Anthony woke to the screech of his alarm just as his hand came instinctively slamming down on it to stopped the horrible sound. His friend Sam had bought it for him as a joke gift but it was the only alarm clock that would wake him due to that god awful screech like nails on a chalkboard. His sister started pounding on his door.

“Wake-up Ant you promised to take me to every garage sale we could find today, now get up before I come in there and ravish you, my virginal twenty year old brother.”

With a groan, he rolled out of bed on to his feet. He thought back to his promise to his little sister. He had told if she did all the cleaning the previously he would take her garage sale hopping today. For some reason today almost everyone decided hey let’s have a garage sale. And his little sister Elizabeth aka Liz love going and poking through other peoples crap. Seeing as how he knew this week was coming last week he had made the deal with her. Knowing that if she asked he would take her anyway he loved his sister. He had been taking care of her for her whole life. Their mother had died in a car wreck when Liz was five and their father was always off traveling or drunk he never came home for more than a few hours and he avoided his children when there. He had once hit Liz for asking him a question and Anthony had swung a bat at his head, His father had got his hand up in time to block the blow but it had broken three of his fingers.

“You bastard, you ever touch her again and I’ll kill you in your sleep,” shouted a 12 year old Anthony brandishing the bat before him while Liz pressed her small face into his back wrapped her arms as far around his waist as she could reach and sobbed into his t-shirt. “She only 9 you piece of crap, she only asked you a question.”

His father had just stared at him for a few seconds and then walked out of the house and Anthony had taken up all the other responsibilities of the house hold. He had a debit card his father had given him when he was eight for whatever he would need to take care of Liz since he was rarely home. The bills were paid automatically and they had only a short 15 minute bus ride to the mall, to get food clothes and whatever else they might need.

He snapped out of his reminiscence and walked into his bathroom. He mused at how comfortable it was to live in an old bed and breakfast. Each of the three rooms had a king sized bed and it own full bathroom. He took a shower and got out and started to get dressed until he caught a flicker out of the corner of his eye. He looked up it was his reflection in the mirror. He stared at himself in mild disgust. At 5’10” weighing in at nearly 300lbs. with plain brown hair and an average face and gray blue eyes that would shift to green if irritated he was not ugly exactly but he knew he was over-weight. He looks farther down past his stomach at now shrunken cock that could swell to about 5” long and 2” across and sigh in sorrow with this as well. With a small puff air in disappointment at himself for his fatness he finished dressing. As he was throwing his clothes into the laundry hamper a shriek from down the hall brought him whipping around and running down the hall to the kitchen.

“Ant, help me,” his sister screamed.

As he came into the kitchen the anxiety that had clenched his gut released and he laughed in relief. His sister stood at the stove at the stove fighting a fire she had turned breakfast into. At seventeen she was beautiful with long brown hair with the last couple inches dyed blonde, only 5’4” tall she had green eyes flashing in anger, b-cup perky breasts, and firm ass with legs that looked long and graceful.

“Don’t you laugh at me you hairy ape, help me,” she demanded as she stomped her foot.

With a smile he walked over to the cabinet grabbed the lid to the frying pan she was using, walked over turned off the stove and dropped the lid on smothering the flame. Then he turned and his hands shot out and gripped her wrists. She began to struggle a little as he began to examine her small soft hands for burns. He struggles ceased when he started to speak.

“I was not laughing at you, Liz, I was laughing in relief. I nearly had a heart attack when you screamed like that.”

He looked up, dropping her hands, into her eyes as he finished his inspection finding no burns. She is giving him this strange look almost longing but she has her lips curved into a tiny smile. He narrows his eyes and glared at her in mock rage.

“Did you just call your doting brother a hairy ape,” he asked in a low hiss.

Her eyes widened in alarm as she looked at him and took in his look, his words, and how his body was tensed up. With a squeal she spun and ran into the living room. She only made it two steps into the room before he grabbed her and slung her onto the couch. He flipped her to her back and sat on her leg, grabbed both of her wrist with one hand pinned it above her and began to tickle her.

“N-N-No, plea-please I’m sorry no more,” she gasped between little squeals and giggles while trying to suck in air.

He stopped tickling her leaned down and kissed her on the forehead. At this point he realized the he had gotten hard and when he had leaned down he had ground it against his sister. He jumped up and turned away from her hoping she wouldn’t notice while trying to push the thought he been having lately of ripping her clothes off and burying his cock in her.

“I’ll go make breakfast while you get ready to go.” His sister’s silence behind him telling him she had indeed noticed his excitement. He entered the kitchen and turned on the exhaust fan above the stove and dumping her failed attempt at cooking into the garbage. While she was changing he made them each a large super cheesy omelet each. He loved to cook, which was good because she couldn’t to save her life and she ate as much as he did but never gained any weight.

“How do I look Ant,” she ask as she bounced into the kitchen. He turned and his mind went blank as he took her in. She was wearing blue really short shorts and a spaghetti strap tank top with a little cartoon cat and words that read ‘Can you make me purr?” and as she spun I saw that the back of the back of the short had words as well, ‘Bite’ on one cheek and ‘Me’ and the other. He just stood there staring and his flannel pajama bottoms started to tent.

“Well, how do I look,” she asked with mischief and victory shining her eyes as she took in as arousal and clear loss of words.

At her question he snapped out of his stupor and realizing she had made him hard again and she couldn’t have missed it this time, he grabbed their plates of omelet and quickly walked to the table and sat down to hide his erection.

“You look good Liz, eat so we can go,” he said. Looking up into her eyes he realized she was inwardly laughing at him. ‘The little demon is doing it on purpose’ he thought as they both began shoveling the food in.

“You do the dishes and I’ll go change into my clothes and we’ll go, you’ve got your cell phone bus pass, and money?”

“Yes Daddy,” she replied mockingly as she licked up a piece of cheese hanging from the corner of her mouth.
With her words a shiver ran up his spine and he finished his food, stood and put his dish and silverware in the sink and fled to his room to get ready. And for some relief from her teasing cause he was sure she was doing it on purpose now.

Ten minutes later the siblings were getting on the public bus at the stop at the corner of their block. Even though Anthony had a license he didn’t have enough money saved up for a car his part-time job, college classes, and necessities didn’t leave a lot of spending money but what there was he gave to Liz for clothes, shoes, or other things all the other kids have. On the weekends Anthony would work a second part-time job to save up for a car. This was one of his rare weekends not working so he could take his sister around.

“Just let me know when you see one that looks promising and we’ll get off,” he told her.

Five minutes later they got off the bus. Looking around he saw starting from the house right in front of them for 8 blocks almost every house had crap in their yards for sale. He followed her up to the first house and just stood back and watched her. She had been doing this since she was twelve and I took her to a garage sale and she found a book she really liked and she was hooked. Garage sale hopping became here hobby and she developed s a sense of value for anything she saw. As she walked are looking at things she would babble to me about have much it was worth or not worth. She was looking at a watch looked so gaudy with the inset fake gems the guy running the garage sale was watching her with suspicious eyes. I looked at the price tag he was selling it for twenty bucks.
She looked up at me smiling and walked over to the guy. I was horrified it was the ugliest watched I’d ever seen. She was haggling with him to get the price down, she ended up buying it for $15. She handed it to me and I put it in my pocket while the man started talking to his next customer.

“Why would you buy that thing it’s so freaking ugly I don’t think anyone would ever wear that.”

“Well I bought it for fifteen dollar and since its real sixteen caret gold, and those diamonds are real I can probably pawn it for twenty times that.”

There was a choking sound behind us and I looked over my shoulder to see the proprietor looking like he swallowed his tongue, staring balefully at the back of my sisters head.

“I think he heard you,” Anthony laughed.

“He was supposed to, he thought the watch was a fake then he sat there and stared at you when you were over looking at those crappy fake pocket knives like you were gonna steal his crap.”

Her anger at the man and her defense of him warmed his heart.

“So is it really worth three hundred?”

“It is actually worth about five but pawning it three is all I’m go to get if I’m lucky,”

Five blocks and several hours later with the pack digging into his back they hopped on the bus stopped at their house emptied all her aquisitions into her room and went back out the door. They stopped on the way back and get some lunch at Taco Bell. Then returned to where they left off.

Several hours later ….

At the last garage sale she turned from the smiling woman manning the table with a happy feeling. After Ant had pawned that watch for her on their lunch break for $275 she’d had more money to spend with and she took her time to get everything she wanted and Ant hadn’t complained one time about her taking so long. She was about to call him back over to put her new things in his backpack but she paused. They had gotten to this garage sale forty minutes ago and almost immediately and he had gone over to the where all the crystal was on display for sale. She and the proprietress watched as he gently ran his hand over something.

“Is he with you,” the lady asked Liz.

“Yes, he is my big brother.”

“Is he gonna buy that little bottle, no one can get it open, it is only there because it is so pretty.”

“How much is it?”

“Since you’ve bought so much from me, he can have it.”

“Thanks,” Liz replied gratefully. “I’ve had him out here since before ten o’ clock and it’s the only thing he’s seriously looked at. He won’t buy anything, after taking care of me and giving me my spending money and paying the bills he has almost no spending money and what he does he’ll spend on me when he takes me out. Like today, he bought us lunch.”

“He sounds like a good kid.”

“He is awesome,” Liz told the lady. “HEY! Big brother, get over here and help me put this stuff in your backpack. Bring that bottle with you,” she said as she saw him about to put it back where he picked it up from.
He hesitated for a second than shrugged and walked over and started putting her things into his backpack after handing her the bottle.

“It is beautiful,” she said with a perplexed expression on her face. She could not place its worth. It looked new a deep purple color with silver sparkles the seem to swirl in the depths of the glass, but it felt really old and priceless. The stopper and the neck of the bottle were about an inch across and flowed straight down about three inches then flared into an perfect sphere except for the bottom which was flat so it could sit without tipping over. What really made the bottle exquisite was that it was covered in strange runes, but they were odd because they were carved inside the glass the surface was smooth. She tugged on the stopper, it didn’t budge.

“I tried that already,” Anthony said right by her ear.

She started and spun as she did the bottle slipped from her fingers and fell to the ground. While she had be entranced by the bottle he had finished packing her stuff and moved beside her to examine it over her shoulder. He stooped to pick it up. When he stood she watched as he ran his fingers over it looking for damage. She could tell by his face that he really wanted it.

“Why don’t you buy it Ant? I can tell you want it.”

“No more spending money. I used it all up on some beautiful girl,” he said with a grin as he looked up at her. At the flush that crept up her face and neck his grin grew even wider.
“The lady said you could have it since I bought so much here and since no one can open it and you’ve been staring at it for nearly and hour, say thank you.”

“Thank you,” he said to the lady at the table.

“You are welcome.”

Anthony stepped closer to his sister and slipping the bottle into the pocket reached out and gripped her by the back of the neck and pulled her close to him.

“Thank you little one,” he softly said to her as she looked up he kissed her on her forehead. Turning away he missed the look of longing and the small smile that flashed across her face and swiftly faded.

“Alright let’s get home and I’ll make us dinner and you can put away all of your new stuff.”

As soon as they got on the bus she leaned into him and fell asleep. For the ten minutes it took them to get home he held her and stoked her hair. Waking her only once they were at their stop.

For dinner me made them ground hamburger and diced mushrooms fried in beef gravy over white rice with green beans as a side. After dinner Liz retreated into her room to do whatever it was she did with the things she bought and Ant went to his with his bottle.

Ant was sitting at his desk examining the stopper of the bottle when a lucky flash of light showed him there was a seal almost that exact same color of the bottle holding it in place. On the seal was some kind of weird pentagram type symbol. He reached inside his desk and pulled out one of the pocket knives from his collection, he had dozens his sister had bought from garage sales for him really cheap, and tried the cut the seal. His blade just slid off it so he place it in the groves of the seal and slowly began to exert pressure until he was pushing with all his might. The palms of his hands becoming slippery with the sweat from his exertions caused the bottle to slip slightly and the bottle to shift. His knife slid from the groove and jabbed into his thumb and his blood leaked down on the bottle.

“Fucking shit, damn it all to hell,” he cursed as he stuck the small cut in his mouth and went to his bathroom to get a bandage leaving the bottle and knife on his desk.

One he cleaned the blood from his hand put on the bandage he returned to his room and picked up the bottle and he went to wash off the blood. That’s when he noticed that where his blood had coat the seal it had been eaten away like acid. The stopper now jiggled a little, loose in the bottle.

He took the bottle back to his desk and sat down. He put his knife back in the drawer. Then he set the bottle on his desk wrapped his hand around the base and tugged hard. With a pop the stopper jerked free and a purple mist started flowing from out from the bottle and pooling on the desk then falling to the floor almost like it was liquid. Ant stumble back from the desk in alarm his first though of pressurized poison gases, his second was ‘That is way too much mist to fit in that tiny six inch bottle.’

The mist all flowed onto the floor and began to stack on top of the mist already on the floor. It's shimmer the same color as the bottle the deep purple with silver swirls. Anthony had backed up until his knees hit the bed and he fell sprawling back on to his bed. The mist finally stopped flowing from the bottle and when it was done stacking higher it began to coalescence. The mist took on the form a girl who couldn’t be more than 5’ tall dressed in what looked like a purple and silver swirled linen sheet with arm and head holes cut out of it, it was bound at her waist with a silver belt, she was bare foot. As the last of the mist shimmered the girl became solid an in a flash of light the bottle became black. Anthony’s eyes flicked to the bottle and back to the girl who was slowly opening her eyes. Her eyes were black or so dark a brown it didn’t make a difference.
With a start he realized she was gorgeous, her black eyes in here cute face with that lightly tanned skin, and breasts that looked like they would be just a little more than a handful.

“#@$#^%$,” she said.

“Um I don’t understand what you’re saying,” he replied with trepidation.

She gave him a confused look then like a light clicked on her eyes lit up and she unexpectedly stepped forward and put her tiny index finger on his forehead and he felt a jolt, like an electrical shock pulse through his body. It wasn’t painful exactly but it wasn’t pleasant either. He jerked away from her hand and scooted farther back on his bed away from her.

“Can you understand me now,” she asked.

“Yeah, are you a genie? Why can I suddenly understand you, you’re not speaking English.”

“Technically I’m a Lesser Djinn but genie is close enough and easier to say. You can understand me because I gave you the knowledge of my language; I can’t very well server someone who can’t understand me. If it bothers you I can speak this English language if you wish I picked it up from your mind.”

“Ooookkkaay,” he said his head dropping into his hand. “I’ve finally gone bonkers, I go from lusting after my sister to having a hot genie chick hallucination in my room talking to me.”

“What is ‘bonkers’?”

He lifted his head and looked at her. She was really hot he was getting hard just looking at her.

“Bonkers is crazy, loony, mad, deranged, off my rocker, out of my mind, a few card short of a full deck.”

“And you have sexual feelings toward your sister,” she said with a raised eye brow.

He looked at her sharply.

“I said that part out loud?


“Please forget you heard that.”

“Mm, for now.”

“Anyway backup to what you were saying before you picked it up from my mind. Are you reading my mind?”

“Of course I wouldn’t be able to get my masters wishes exactly right, I need to know exactly what he desires even if he can’t express himself correctly. Since you are my master for the time being I can read your mind.”

At the words ‘you are my master’ his mind automatically flashed to fantasies of her sucking his cock and then her tied to a bed as he tortured her with pleasure till she begged him to take her. His eyes flicked to her when she cleared her throat, she had a slightly dazed expression.

“I’m still reading your mind,” she stated.

“Well it’s your fault I’m trying to keep my mind out of the gutter but with how sexy you look its hard, and you saying things like that make it absolutely impossible.”

Her faced flushed red at his backhanded compliment, and she felt a small surge of gratification that he was pleased with her looks.

“My apologies but I cannot control my thoughts and would not bother to try if I could it is my mind after all.”

“There is nothing to apologize for you are my master and I am your genie servant.”

“Ummm…. What exactly am I supposed to do with a genie servant?”

Perplexed she just stared at him.

“Ok what can you do?”

“I can grant you any wish that falls within the parameters of my aspect, which is housekeep. For example I could clean the entire house or make you dinner or wash your clothes. House renovations and expansions fall within my powers as well.”

“What do you get out of this?”

“I serve my master’s will and he will be please with me.”

“So if I wished for a car you couldn’t give it to me? But if I wished for and underground heated Olympic pool attached to the basement you could grant that one?”


“Could you change my body if I wished it? Make me healthy? Stop me from aging?”

“I could remake your body anyway you wanted, and I could make you perfectly healthy, but I can’t make you live forever, only Djinn live forever. There are ways to extend your life but none are plausible at the moment.”

He thought about that for a second, then realized with chagrine that he didn't even know her name.

“Oh damn, I’m a jackass what is your name?”

“Sar-Rah,” she replied with a smile at his self-deprecation upon realizing his mistake.

“Well Sar-Rah, I’m Anthony but you can call me Ant everyone I like does.”

“So you like me,” she asked with that same mischievous glint in her eyes that his sister got when she going to do something seductive to torture him.

“Of course I’d have to be dead not to like you,” he said his voice rough with his rising arousal, and have to be dead and gay not to like looking at you he thought.

She twirled her long straight black hair around in her fingers a she grinned at him and he remembers she was reading his mind. He was concentrating on her hair when he thought back to how his sister’s hair was tipped in blonde because she knew he liked it that way. He started and returned his attention to Sar-Rah, she was still grinning but there was something different about her now than before. It took him about two seconds to realize her hair was now tipped in blood red it gave a fiery illusion to her shimmering black hair. Grinning wider when she saw him notice and read the approval in his mind of her change.

“Ok Sar-Rah is it ok if I make some wishes? This doesn’t have a negative impact on you does it?”

“No it doesn’t cause me any harm, go ahead and wish away.”

“Alright first one question can you affect mental capabilities?”
“Yes but I can’t erase your memories.”

“Ok I want you to give me photographic memory so I don’t forget anything ever again. I want you to make me perfectly healthy. I want all my body to be what you, Sar-Rah, would find physically perfect,” he said to her. ‘And I want my cock to be the perfect size to please whatever girl I’m currently with,’ he thought at her to embarrassed to say it out loud.

“Done, done, done, and done,” she said with the glint in her eye as she said the last one.

He ran into the bathroom and checked the mirror. His fat was almost all gone he had a six pack and was well muscle not body builder muscles or anything. He had to admit her perfect fantasy body was really good. He reached down and pulled out the waist band of his sweat which had molded with his body or they have fallen off. When he saw his half erect cock he was impressed with Sar-Rah apparently the perfect cock to please her was about 10” long and 2” wide when fully erect.

“Wow that’s impressive, I have no idea how that huge thing is supposed to fit inside me,” she said while looking down his sweats.

He was staring at the back of her head as she looked into his sweats, he hadn’t even heard her come in. He decided to tease her back a little so he bent a little without moving his lower half and whisper directly into her ear while playing with the sleeve of her linen sleeve. ‘Accidentally’ rubbing her arm with the back of his hand.

“It fits in very carefully, by sliding it in inch by inch slow and easy so you can stretch hopefully without too much pain. But that come after your so turned on and wet you beg for it.”

With a low moan she looked up into his eyes and he saw the lust there he knew was mirrored in his own eyes. He leaned into kiss her and she jerked away turned and walked out into his room. After a few minutes he followed her out and stopped in the doorway watching she sat on his bed with her head in hands.

“I’m sorry,” he said she flinched at his voice. “I didn’t mean to offend you I won’t do that again.”

“I wasn’t offended,” she replied sadly.

“Big brother I’m going over to Cassie’s house for that party, and sleep over so I won’t be back till late tomorrow night so I’ll see when I wake you up Monday for breakfast,” Liz yelled from her door.

“Alright, no drinking and no boys unless you want me in prison for killing someone,” he replied quickly panicking, wondering what to tell her about all of this not to mention she probably freak when she saw him changed as he was. He’d have to figured out what to tell her before Monday morning he thought to himself.

“Ok don’t worry about it only girls are allowed at this party with the exception being you. You always have an open ended invitation to all Cassie’s parties Ant.”

“Maybe another time, you go have a nice time and be a good girl. I love you little one.”

“I love you too big brother.”

He turned back to Sar-Rah and started backward as she was standing directly behind him almost close enough to touch him when he turned.

“Your little sister,” she asked.

“Yeah,” he replied with loving smile on his face.

Sar-Rah felt a twinge of jealousy and felt appalled at herself. He loved his sister that was a good quality even if he loved her a little too much in a carnal way.

“Is she your only sibling when will your mother return or your father?”

“Yes she is my only sibling. Mom will never return she been dead for 12 years now, when I was eight and Liz was five. Dad I hope the son of a bitch never comes back, but he usually stops in one a twice a year at random intervals. He stays a couple hours and leaves, just checking to see if we’re dead yet so can sell the house.”

At the pain that flashed in his eyes with the mention of his mother she felt sorry she had brought it up, he obviously love her deeply. What shocked her was the venom in his when he spoke of his father, she had loved her family.

“You don’t like your father,” she tentatively asked.



He looked at her for a second, deciding if he wanted to answer. With a sigh he slumped onto the bed next to her, and he told her.

“When my mother died I was heartbroken my father and I were never close, I was always a momma’s boy but my sister while she was closer to mom then I was to dad she idolized dad. Before the accident she follow him around asking if he needed anything, getting his drinks, cuddling up next to whenever he would sit down and if the was no room to cuddle next to him she’d climb up into his lap.”

“She sounds like she adored him,” Sar-Rah observed.

“She did, when he wasn’t home she always stayed close to me I think because we had similar features. And I loved her, back then I didn’t really see her as a person. I saw her more as extension of my mother or a tiny copy of her. But she was family and you love and protect your family, mom always said that to me. She say my little man as a man of this family you should always protect your little sister.”

“And the reason you hate your father?’

“Right, that was all before the accident. After the accident my father sunk into a depression and started to drink. At first he tried to hide it but me and Liz knew. As time passed he got worse and became an angry drunk. When she turned seven he began yelling at Liz whenever he’d see her and she would run to me in tears. I would tell her he didn’t mean it was the alcohol and the pain over mom’s death talking. Thinking back it was probably the fact that Liz started looking like mom the set him off on her so much because he didn’t yell at me unless I interfered with him yelling at her. Anyway two more years passed when he wasn’t at work he was drunk and if we were in the house and he saw us he was yelling at us.

Sar-Rah was watching him she saw the rage boiling closer to the surface; he was getting close to the reason for his hatred. She wanted to calm him but didn’t know how so she laid back next to him and scooted closer hoping her closeness would offer him some solace. She was surprised when his hand rose and he started running it through her hair. She didn’t think he even knew he was doing it.

“When Liz’s 9th birthday came I baked her cake and bought her presents and wrote his name on them. After I sang her happy birthday and she blew out her candles she walked over dad and hugged him, he loosely hugged her back. ’Daddy I only want one thing for my birthday this year pretty please,’ she asked. “What is it,” he asks. ‘Please stop drinking,’ she asks back in the most timid voice I’ve ever heard her use.

He just exploded started screaming at her telling her she had no right to tell him what to do and that he wasn’t a drunk. She was sobbing with tears running down her face and I didn’t know what to do. He told her to stop crying like a baby or he give her something to cry about, she obviously couldn’t just stop crying. He hit her, backhanded her in the face. She was bleeding from the corner of her mouth where he split her lip.”

Sar-Rah listened with sadness for his sister, and tried to sooth his trembling that came with the rising adrenaline, and he gripped her hair in his fist as he held his rage in check.

“I don’t know how I got it but we always kept a baseball bat near the front door. He was still ranting at her as she laid there sobbing and bleeding. I charged him swinging the bat. I don’t know if he heard me or sensed my movement but he managed to get his arms up in time to block the blow, or I’d have split his head open. I know I broke at least three of his fingers I could see them sticking out in wrong angles. I yelled at him if he ever touched her again I’d kill him in his sleep.”

Sar-Rah couldn’t stand it any longer and she reached up and pulled his head down to her chest she could feel him shaking with his pain over his sisters suffering, and his rage.

“Shhhh,” she whispered as she stroked his hair. “It’s all over he is not here, you protected your sister.”

She kept stoking his hair as his trembling ceased and they drifted off to sleep in each other’s arms as she hummed some soothing tune into the top of his head.

Anthony woke feeling warm, safe, and more content then he had since his mother’s death. The soft silky strand of hair running through his hands, the smell of flowers, and a soft warm breeze ebbing and flowing against the skin of his face. Then the events of the night before flowed back into his memory as unconsciousness receded. His eyes open and he froze his breath stopping at the beauty before him. Sar-Rah was on her side facing one arm curled underneath her head while the other rested on his neck with her tiny head lightly gripping the back of his neck. Wisps of her hair hanging in front face, although thankfully not enough to obscure her features. Her silky looking linen dress had fallen from her shoulders sometime during the night. The exposed tops of her breasts rose and fell with the soft rhythm of sleep. The morning light the streamed through his bedroom window brought a golden shine from her lightly tanned skin. Unable to suppress the compulsion to touch her soft looking skin his hand came up from around her back where he had been stoking her hair in his sleep to gently caress her face and slide down her neck to her shoulder.
She moaned in her sleep, and he shivered at the satin softness of her skin glided under his hand and her soft sounds of pleasure. He was so bewitched by the feeling of her he didn’t even notice when she awakened and open her eyes. Running his hands in circles over the skin of her shoulder and down to just above her exposed breast, ignoring the temptation to go lower and fondle her, and then back up he slowly dragged his hand back up the skin of her neck to her face once more. When he reached her cheek again he saw that her eyes where open and that she was staring at him. He jerked his back as he flushed

“Sorry, your skin looked so soft I couldn’t help myself,” he told her as blood suffused his face and he lowered his eyes in embarrassment.

“Why didn’t you go lower when you got to my chest? I know you wanted to, I saw the desire on your face when you paused there,” she questioned.

“Because, it would have been wrong. To violate you in such away while you’re asleep I’m sorry if my touching you upset you,” he replied as he began to pull away from her.

Her hand gripped his necked tighter keeping him from pulling away any farther and her other reached out and grabbed his wrist pulling his hand back up to her face and she pressed her cheek into his open palm. He stared into her black eyes and caressed her cheek with his thumb as she stared back. He leaned in and kissed her, she stiffen for a second them wrapped her hands around his neck and pulled him harder into her mouth. His lips parted and he ran them over her in request for her to do the same. Once again her paused for a moment then open to allow his invasion of her mouth. His tongue gently explored her mouth until she tentatively reached out hers to him. He licked down her tongue and with a moan from her pulled his head tighter to her and tried to wrestle his tongue back into his open mouth with her own. He ran his hands through her hair until she began to enthusiastically kiss him back. With her signs of pleasure he ran his hands down her back and sides, over the flare of her his and gripped her ass kneading the muscles.

She moaned into his mouth and began to suck on his tongue. After a few minutes he rolled over on top of her. Alarm pinged through her as his wait lifted from her so the only part of the two of them still touching where their lips. He ran his hands up her side sending waves of pleasure through her making her mind go blank even as she stuggled to remember what was so important. He brought his hands up to the top of her dress and tugged when she didn’t protest I tugged a little harder and her breasts were exposed. He sucked in his breath and clenched his jaw to control himself to keep from his embarrassing himself and coming in his pants. This was the first time he had ever been past the kissing with a girl and Sar-Rah was gorgeous not to mention the smell of her arousal and soft cute little pants to get more air into her excited body were not helping his self-control at all. After a few seconds when he was sure he wouldn’t erupt he leaned in and licked her nipple.

“Ahhhhh,” she moaned loudly as her release exploded through her. Her arms shot out trapping his head, and grinding her nipple into his mouth as she held him to her chest. He continued to suck, lick and nibble her as her orgasm pulsed through her.

When he had paused from trying to drive her insane with pleasure the white fog of lust and arousal began to dissipate and she remembered she need to talk to him before this went any further about the consequences. Just as she opened her mouth to tell him they needed to talk he leaned in and licked her nipple and at the unexpected jolt of pleasure she went over the edge with a moan.

When a she gained her senses she realized he was still clasped to her chest his body against hers she felt his hard length pushing against her pussy. She trembled at the feeling and was both glad and disappointed that their cloth were keeping him from sliding into her.

“Anthony we have to talk,” she said.

“Okay,” he said pulling back away from her. At the sad looked in her eyes lowered his eyes and tried to puzzle out what was bothering her. He thought she was enjoying it as much as he was he was sure she came the end there. He played the scene through his mind and doubt and horror crept into his mind. She had said he was her master and she would do whatever he wished to please him, but maybe she didn’t really want to. Maybe though pauses were because she wanted to tell him no, but couldn’t because of what she was. Alarm slammed into him and he stepped quickly away from her praying he was wrong.

Noticing the strain around his eyes Sar-Rah looked at him fully when he took a quick jerky step back away from her and the bed. She watched as realization, horror, hatred, confusion flashed across his face in rapid succession then guilt and pain filled it and did not leave his expressive features. He would not meet her eyes.
His behavior confusing her she reached into his mind. Her breath caught in her throat at the maelstrom of his emotions. His pain and regret whirling kept at a steady boil by his self-loathing. She pushed through that and found a small flicker of hope that made his thought was wrong. She realized the small bit hope was keeping him from running from the room in depressed shame that might consume his mind completely if it went out. She pushed past that as well to reach the thought to discover what was causing such a high level of distress. She found it and went still. He thought he forced her against her will, that he was little better than a rapist, that maybe she couldn’t say no because she was his servant. Her heart melted with love for him and she pulled from his mind. She smiled up at him and his expression cleared a little but she could tell he was very upset.

“Before we take this any farther we must talk about the consequences,” she said looking up at him with love on her face and her breasts hanging out. She showed no signs of modesty or desire to cover herself.

“Um, okay,” he replied his mind unable to focus completely do to his worry and her half exposed state.

“First we get this out of the way,” she said as rose from the bed and walked over to him. He was rooted to the spot as she reached out and grip his head and brought it down and thoroughly kissed him then whisper in his ear.

“You did not force me, I was enjoying that far too much you made me cum with just one lick.”

He shivered in excitement at her words and his knees almost gave out in relief as all the tension flowed from his body.

“Second, I am not the only Djinn that was in the bottle. My six sisters still remain inside.”

He eyed the bottle sitting on his desk. It was a flat black color the stopper was back in it and the seal was back.

“Why is it that dead black color,” he asked.

“Because the magic needs time to recharge also to give me time to decide.”

“Decide what?”

“Whether my master would make a good husband for my sisters and I.”

He turned from the bottle to look at her with his mouth slightly agape in surprise and just stared at her. At his attention she reddened slightly.

“The Djinn, I mean genie as you call them, that made me and my sisters into genies and put us into that bottle put me into the bottle so I would always pop out first so I could judge the man who opened the bottle seeing as to how I amoung all my sisters am the best judge of character.”

“What if a woman opened the bottle? Or what if you didn’t think the guy was any good? How many time have you been released from the bottle,” Anthony asked her.

“I’ve been release three time before you, but two were bad men and the third was not a good candidate for our husband so back into the bottle I went, that is part of the spell until I find a good one we are all stuck in there. A woman cannot open the bottle.”

“What else,” he asked and she blushed.

“Well you see the genie that made us this way was that last one, our father had killed them all off until he, Razark, was that last left, he was a High Djinn, I guess you would call him a King genie. Well he wished to continue his species and with us going to be imprisoned until far in the future where the man whom we’d wed was born he tore his own lifefore into seven piece and stored each in one of us.”

“Why would you father kill off all the genies, and why would Razark store his lifeforce in you all?”

“My father killed the genies because they are powerful, mischievous, and like to meddle in the affairs of mortals. Razark stored the lifeforce in such a way that the first time we lay with a man the power will be transfer to him and fuse with his soul. With each of us he has made love to the stronger the power will become and with the all seven of us he will become a new High Djinn and the genie species will be saved though us and our husband.”

He stared at her for a few minutes and she looked back at him that sadness flowing back more and more with each passing moment that nothing was said.

“So you want me to be your husband,” he asked. Her eyes snapped to his and she nodded without taking her eyes from his.

He slowly walked to the bed and stood right between her legs her face level with his belly button her head tilted back to look up at him. He caressed down her face, then shoulders, then arms to her wrists and gripped them tightly in his hands. He leaned into to her forcing her back down, to lay on the bed her wrists gripped now in one of his hands stretched above her head. He leaned his face down to her and kissed her slow and deeply not pulling away until he was forced to through the need for oxygen. Panting slightly he looked into her black eyes.

“Alright, I’ll be your husband under certain conditions,” he said.

“What conditions?”

“First you and your sisters are mine, I will not share you or them with another man, so when I get these genie powers I’m going to bind you all to me there will be no escape. Do you agree,” he asked and he lower his head a little, leaned forward more and softly bit one of her hardened nipples.

“Yes,” she cried out in pleasure and acquiescence. When he stopped tormenting here to go on she raised her head and asked “What about other women?”

“If you want another woman go for it as long as I get other women to,” he said with a grin.

“Agreed,” she replied and laughed at the shock on his face.

“Second you have to love and obey me,” he said struggling to maintain a straight face.

“The love part, I can handle,” she said as she reached down and caressed his face while he leaned into her hand, “but obey I think not.”

“Well I can live with that,” he mock grumped as he slid down even farther down her body and dipped his head lower and ran his around and then into her belly button, an inny, as she moaned at the sensations.

“Third you must have a belly button ring.”

“Okay,” she said as one appeared, a gold bar through her flesh attached to a small gold chain with three skulls one of gold, one of silver, and one of jade, all with sapphire eyes that shimmer in the morning light.

They were connected back to back so the faces were pointing out. Anthony grabbed it with his mouth and gently tugged on it and she moaned again.

“You’re really sensitive you know,” he asked and she blushed and nodded.

“And last but not least none of you are allowed to tell anyone what you are or what I’ll be without my express permission, also will your sisters abide by your agreements?”

“Yes they will as if they are the ones that agreed we have our pride. Why can’t we tell anyone?”

“If you tell anyone the chances increase that the government will find out and then you be put in a lab and dissected to find out how you work.”

“Oh, okay we won’t tell anyone then.”

“Good well that just leaves one thing left to ask."

“What is that,” she asked breathlessly as he scooted even farther down her body till his face was just above her groin.

“Will you marry me Sar-Rah,” he asked looking up into her eyes, as mischief dancing behind his he lower his head without breaking eyes contact. Her breath caught in her throat as he got closer and the tension wound tighter within her and then he kissed her pussy right through her thin linen pants and she bucked her hips up into his face as he pushed harder into her. His tongue stroking her for the bottom of her slit to her clit. After his tongue ran over her clit a couple time and she bucked each time he did it he stop licking there. She gasped in air and released it with cute little keening noises. She lowered he hand to try and rub her clit but Anthony saw where here hand was going and grabbed it before it reached its destination. She moaned in frustration and increased the bucking of her hips to try and get his tongue to touch were he wanted but he made very sure his tongue didn’t get close to her clit. Her juices leaked out so much her linen pants were almost transparent all the way to her knees and her cried of pleasure were becoming louder and more drawn out as she near her peak. Anthony knowing how close she was pulled back released her hands, and quickly put her pants off and then his own. He kneeled back on the bed between her thighs with the head of his cock poised at her entrance and then stopped.

“Please don’t stop, I’m so closed, please,” she cried out as she grabbed his hips and humped her hips at him but he moved back with the motion keep it so he was just barely touching her.

He held onto her hip and grinned down at her.

“Well I’ve never done this before and if I do it badly you may decide to leave me but if your my fiancée, well a fiancée would forgive me my ignorance. I asked you a question, love,” he whisper into her ear as he brought his face down to her neck and bit her shoulder.

She shivered when he called her love, and when he bit her she thought she was going to come right there but he released the pressure and the sensation just put her right on the edge. She tried to focus on his words until they sank in.

“Yes, yes, god yes, I’ll marry you just take me now please,” she screamed at him as he grinned down at her.

“Your wish is my command,” he replied as he leaned down to her and whisper “my wife” and thrust forward at the same time. His words, as much as the feeling of him penetrating her drove her over the edge and she screamed with her release as his cock ripped through her thin barrier and pressed against her womb. He held himself still as she wailed in pleasure and her body gripped him and convulsed around him. He felt a rush of energy wash through him like he was just waking up from a long sleep fully rested and ready to take on the world. He looked down at her and she looked even more beautiful than minutes before. He pulled back and then slid forward driving himself into her again to pound into the entrance of her womb once again. Her legs wrapped around his hips and her hands shot to push against his chest.

“No more she panted, I’m too sensitive,” she complained. He grabbed both er hands one in each of his and turn them so the palms faced up. He leaned down and planted a kiss in the center of each, which caused her pussy to squeeze his cock. He looked into her face.

“It’s good that your sensitive, it will make my evil plan to fuck you until faint that much easier,” he replied with a smug grin and fell forward pinning her arms the bed above her head and began thrusting into her with long slow strokes as she writhed beneath him. The little pause had helped him gain some control but he knew he wouldn’t last more then a minute. He released one of her arms as he leaned down to suck on a nipple her hand feebly trying to push at his chest. His newly freed hand slid down her body to her clit which he began to rub rapidly slowly applying more pressure till she began her little keening cries again and then maintain that pressure and sped up the rubbing movement. In seconds she was screaming in pleasure and he pounded in and out of her as fast and deep as he could now. Feeling the need to cum rising past the point where he could hold it back he raised he faced to kiss her on the lips once then moved over to her ear.

“I love you,” he said and then he bit down on her shoulder and shoved himself deep inside her and came filling her womb with his cum. Her scream was so high pitched he thought she might shatter the window as she came again her tunnel tightening on him till it almost hurt her whole body going stiff and vibrating with her orgasm. After about thirty second she went boneless beneath him. With a smile he rolled over so she lay on top of him his cock still sheathed all the way inside her.

“No more, please no more,” she pleaded as she shivered at the sensations his movement caused.

“Don’t worry love no more for right now I was just getting more comfortable. Later on though, I’m going to fuck your brains out. Then we’re going to find a girl for you to have fun with. Then I’m going to get you pregnant.”

With each statement of his future intentions her pussy squeezed him telling him she liked those ideas. He grinned as a thought came to him and he decided to share it to get her honest opinion on the matter since her body was telling him the truth.

“After some of your sisters wake up I will see if any of them want to fuck you,” he said nonchalantly.
With a cry of passion she tightened up to the point just before pain as she came again and he came with her. This time when she came down from her orgasm she fell into sleep or unconsciousness instantly. He stroked her hair, back, and ass and slowly drifted off to sleep his cock staying hard and firmly inside her as he mused about how his life had changed in the last day.

That entire day they didn’t leave his room except to eat and for him to bend her over the kitchen table and take her right there. After cleaning up the mess he dragged her back to his room, locked the door and they spent the whole night making love until they both past out from exhaustion around nine o’clock wrapped around each other.

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