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I tricked my teenaged Latina wife into letting my dad try to get her pregnant for me. This is a redo of my original story. I fixed it to tell the story correctly.
My name is Jake, I am a 31 year old man. I am married to my wife Leticia, she is 19. I don't think I'm really 'in love' with my wife, but she is very attractive, petite, and is my dream girl in the physical sense. Sometimes I am very jealous of her past relationships, because she has told me just about everything, so maybe I did love her since I had such protective feeling over her. I got a vasectomy when I was 27 for personal reasons, I don't ever want to have kids. My wife does not know. Leticia wants to have kids really bad. I act like everything is O.K. so I just keep trying with her, but she wants me to go to the doctor to get checked out, she already has and is fine, she knows there is nothing wrong with her. I have been cumming in her for 2 years now. She is very gullible, by the way, and there is a slight language barrier since she was born and raised in Mexico. I lied to her and said I went to the doctor and said that I have some kind of a condition I never knew about that does not allow me to have kids. She had all these ideas about how to have kids, but they were really stupid.

My dad, Bill, and I were really good buddies, we were like high school friends. He looks like my older brother in pictures. He is even bigger than I am, but he is very overweight and does not take care of himself very good anymore, age is taking it's toll you know?

My wife used to joke around with me about my dad, like how I'm "going to look like him one day" so she is getting used to that fact. To make a long story short, she even says stuff once in a while about how my Grandpa is handsome.

She acts like a very family oriented person and seems to have traditional Mexican family values. She has a dark side to her though. Her mom was a prostitute in Mexico when she was a little girl, and was around many men, but never did anything with them. She tells me some messed up stories, and it hurts me sometimes, but it's my fault since I keep asking her questions about her past. When she came to the U.S. she was attracted to white men and the whole American culture. She told me secrets, like a story about when she was 13 years old and lost her virginity when alone with the cable repair man in her apartment. She was turned on by him and wanted to experiment since one of her girlfriends had sex with some older neighbor guy and said it was ‘awesome’. Her parents were at work and she was on summer break. The story still makes me sick to this day. She is very 'dirty' with me, she is very sexually passionate in bed and 'kinky'. I view her as a piece of meat sometimes since she upsets me so much with stupid little things but can't help it I guess, and makes up for her stupidity with sex. So it all works out in the end, sort of. She tries to keep her attractive body a secret to the outside world now. She dresses very modestly when out in public and starts freaking out if she is driving alone in her car and has to get out to get gas while wearing shorts or something. I really don't know how much longer we will be married, but it will help her for citizenship reasons. We usually get along, and she is cool most the time. She wants a kid or 2 very, very bad. Like seriously bad. I'm worried she will get knocked up by some guy who looks like me or something and act like it's ours, like somehow I gave her a child. She is not the sharpest tool in the shed. She did heavy drugs for a year or 2 when she was 15-16.

My dad had a vasectomy also, after my brother was born i guess. My dad and I were very open about almost everything. I told my dad a bunch of the stories she told me. I told him not to tell her that I told him. I felt bad for my dad. He has had a hard life.

I talked my wife into it before I told my dad. This was supposed to be a gift to my dad, but she never ever knew of that intention. I was a sick person. I talked to my dad about the 'plan', and how I needed him to act like he would absolutely refuse to that sperm bank or artificial insemination bullshit. She was a 10 in my dad’s and my book. I'm sure he would have never even would have had a girl this attractive when he was my age or younger.

My wife and I talked about how it would work, and how my dad was also traditional and would only impregnate a woman in a conventional way, he was 'old school'. My dad and I talked about how it would work, and how he was the luckiest guy in the world. I told him not to kiss her though. I never let my wife and my dad talk about it while together in the same room or over the phone. All communication went through me until they started fucking. After that they had to talk to set up the times and stuff like that. My wife is not attracted to my dad so much that she would cheat on me with him. He is really not that good looking anymore. The thing is, me and my wife talked about how the only thing we want is my dad’s 'seed' in her, to make our baby, even though I knew it was impossible. What a way to trick a hot latin teen into fucking a gross old guy.

It took a while to work it out with her and break the idea to her the right way, but she was O.k. with it, after her crying and talking sleepless nights about it. She eventually really wanted the end result very bad, our own child. She talked about how hard it would be for her to work herself up to do it, and didn't know what to expect when it was happening. We were both not in the right state of mind I think because she was thrilled of the chance of having kid(s) with my 'DNA', instead of adoption or other means. I lied and told her how DNA works and how my dad’s is the same as mine and other stuff. I was turned on for some reason, at that time, and thought it was exciting in a way, she did not know that. We agreed that the only way it should be is quick and to the point, no sweet talk or kissing.

I knew what my dad liked in women, what turned him on. I used to look at his porn magazines as a kid. He liked Latinas but always got stuck with white ladies. In the week building up to the first day they were together we made sure it would work out as smooth as possible. We both wanted him to go quick in her because It was going to be a really disgusting thing for her to perform and sometimes she acted like she was thinking about not going through with it. She was looking hotter than she was on our honeymoon. She got a really nice tan in the back yard, was working out really hard, body wax, all that foo foo stuff. She got those really long black eyelashes done, the $115 hair do, and spent over $400 on lingerie.

She was back in like 25 minutes, but sometimes it would be longer like 45 minutes or sometimes even shorter like 15 minutes. That is when the sickness and jealousy began to set in. She got so hot looking for him, but I knew the reason. It was to get him so excited he would blow his load in her asap. She told me exactly how it happened, so guess how I feel about it all now.

She told me stuff like how "he was so heavy on her that she could hardly breathe sometimes, but had to take it". She wanted to "do him just the way he wanted to so that it would end quicker".

She told me how he wanted her to sound and how he wanted her to bend her over and shove her face in a pillow and all those details. How he would squeeze her as he went. He made her wear bows and put her hair up and all kinds of weird stuff.

She said my dad’s penis is a little "bigger than" mine and that he went "really quick every time". She said that it was the only part that made the whole thing bearable.

She told me what happened a few times. This was the first time. She rubbed lotion in all over her dark latin skin, put on her gray sweat shorts. I tied her string bikini top tight around her chest and neck. She put on a white wife beater tang top over that. She did the whole makeup and lipstick thing then left our house and drove over to my dad’s house, only a few minutes away. She said that as she got out of the car and was walking up to his house she saw him looking out the window at her. She thought he looked like he was ‘jerking off’.

She came up and knocked on the door, he opened it and she said “hi” in a confused extremely nervous voice.

He said “come in” with a very guilty, serious tone of voice.

She opened the door and walked in as he was wearing a robe. He was checking out her thick ass and the dark tan color and smoothness of her feet, calves then knees. Bills eyes followed her dark tan glistening moist skin up to her little knees, the beginning of her thigh muscle and then to her toned, juicy thighs. He looked over to a full body mirror he set up, that she didn’t notice, and saw the vivid look of disgust in her eyes, like how he should not be checking out his daughter in law such a way, even for this necessary reason of impregnation. She stepped out of her pink flip flops and left them at the front door and shut it, walked over to the couch. They sat down next to each other for a minute in silence.

He said “I can tell you rubbed lotion into your skin”

She said “yeah, I rubbed it in all over my body”

He asked “did you rub it into your back too?”

She said in a surprised voice “no”.

He said in a begrudging voice “O.k., well, I will rub some in for you”

She said “O.K.?” like she was questioning him.

She pulled the white shirt up over her head and got her hair tangled a bit which gave off that freshly shampoo’d smell, revealing her tanned smooth skin and large shapely, perfect d cups. Covered in a tight fitting flower colored bikini top, you could tell how tight it was since it was pressed into her chest, shoulders, and neck making a slight sexy dent into her tan skin. She started to reach back as he motioned like he was going to undo it for her, to act like he was being helpful, and then acted like he accidentally slipped and caressed her back with his hand. He felt her up for 3 seconds then quickly took his hand off hoping he didn’t freak her out too bad. Her skin was warm and smooth. She began to frown but then quickly smiled again. His dick pulsed moving his robe up and around. The smell of her spicy cinnamon perfume was sweet and moderate.

She moved her hands back and sat them on her lap, sitting back in erect posture, and said “are you going to do it?” in a friendly tone.

He pulled the strings apart and her top went loose as her teen tits hung out in their natural form. He couldn’t help his jaw from dropping open and took a subtle breath. He could barely see tan lines but they were not much lighter than the rest of her dark skin, and looked like she had tanned naked for a month prior. She had a look of reluctance to show her hard pink nipples, but knew she had to do it. Oh what a perfect petite body. Not too skinny and not fat, yet toned, just perfect! She was so stupid and had no self-confidence. She thought it would take forever for him to impregnate her with his semen if she didn’t turn him on as much as possible because she didn’t think she was really that pretty. She thought he really didn’t want to do this either, but had to make it work to have a grandson. He had some thick hand lotion and put some on his hand. She had a weird look on her face. He reached around behind her and rubbed it into the skin of her tan warm smooth back and shoulders, like a massage.

Her latin eyes, with their fake long black eyelashes and makeup, were blinking while trying to look back at him with an impatient and concerned look as she said in broken English “Um, this is weird” with a soft, concerned, teenaged voice.

He started undoing his robe as she stood up and pulled down her long gray cutoff sweat shorts then said “O.k. we know why we are doing this, just go quick. Let me know what I can do to help you go”.

She turned and bent over in front of his face and pulled down her sweat shorts to her ankles showing her firm tanned butt and very tight little trimmed pussy, which started to shift a little, revealing pinkness, as she stepped out of the shorts. She turned back around facing him for the first time totally naked with her shoulder length black hair up in a ponytail and her soft tanned skin lathered in lotion. She was 5’2” 110 pounds, no noticeable tan lines and perfect smooth skin. The fact that she didn’t really have any tan lines made him even hornier since it meant she laid her completely naked body out in the sun in her backyard, I mean there were neighbors with 2 story houses next door that could see her body laying on the towel on the grass in her backyard jacking off to her. She never thought that. She never wore clothes that exposed her body much. She never wore a bikini or even shorts and a tang top around people she knew, except for Jake and now Bill, during their ‘baby making sessions’ as she described it. Leticia’s long black fake eyelashes, black mascara and eyeliner, dark red lipstick and white nail polish would be stuck in a man’s mind forever once he saw her.

Bill lay back on the couch, opened his robe all the way off and showed his fat white stomach and hairy body with his big dick up like a pole, throbbing. He reached over and turned more of the brighter lights on so he could see her body better. It was the hottest young Latinas body he had ever seen! His perverted eyes lit up. It was better than what he ever seen or masturbated about.

She said “are you ready” in a very nervous Spanish accent.

He leaned forward and reached up to her bare tanned shoulders and arms and squeezed and fondled them as he said “yeah” in a very serious voice.

She crawled up on him. She put one of her little brown glistening knees on the couch touching his waist then he helped her by holding her waist as she put her other knee on the couch cushion sliding her leg on the skin of his waist. His fully erect cock slid across the skin of her legs as she climbed up on him. He was looking all over at her body, quickly checking out every inch of her teenaged tanned, petite flawlessly toned body. He started rubbing and grabbing her all over her shoulders, sides, legs and thighs feeling her flesh and a little fat as his dick throbbed against her butt crack. His eyes were opening wider and wider with the gaze and stare of sexual excitement. Then immediately he started rubbing and grabbing her back and waist feeling her frame. Fondling her like a pervert, he was too nervous to grab her tits because he was afraid to gross her out then she would get off him and go home.

In a very uncomfortable tone of voice she said “it’s O.k. to do whatever you want to me, just act like your raping me and I’m willing or come up with another fantasy you have, if it helps. Your son and I already talked about it. We just need you to cum in me as quickly as possible, that is it, because I really don’t like doing this at all”.

He then used both of his hands and fondled her toned upper arms and shoulders, then put his hands around her waist. Sliding his hands up from her waist on her tanned lotion saturated smooth latin skin, finally around to the front below her tits.

Stuttering, he said “ Oh, um O.k., I will pretend I am the cable guy you told Jake about”.

She held back from crying or having a scared look on her face. Her titties were just too sexy for him to not go for. They were large plump and fully tanned. They had medium sized pink nipples that were 8 inches away from his face. Goose bumps were formed on her skin and her tanned cleavage looked so exclusive as if was only for the young men that were lucky enough to fuck her body. He got really nervous but slowly started to slide his hands on her skin up to the bottom of her breasts, not touching her titty skin yet. He was going to try to fondle her tits! She felt the nervousness in his hands and their perverted movement, which made Leticia have a disgusted look on her face. She made a fake sexy look on her face every time he looked up at her though, but she still had a nervous, uncomfortable, scared look.

He mumbled things like ‘oh god’ and ‘uh’ in shallow perverted voices of luckiness. His eyes began to flutter open wide then back down as he slide his hands up to the beginning of her mammories and began to feel the weight of her golden brown, smooth titty flesh slide between the thumb and index finger of each hand. As he kept going up squeezing and fondling, Leticia’s nipples began to pop out a little. Bill knew they were for Jake and felt proud of his son. He had full control and grasp of each one of her tanned tits he held in each hand. Leticia’s nipples were between his thumb nail and index finger nail by about an inch. The skin under her breast was stretched out as he moved his hands together bringing her teen nipples within 2 inches of each other. Bill had a perfect grasp of her mammories as her nipples were popped out from between his fingers. He had great control of them, moving the d cupped tits around. She looked down and made eye contact with Bill every few seconds, sweetly blinking her eyes and smiling innocently.

He said “ now I want you to do this exactly this way or I will start to go limp, now do this with your hands O.K. Leticia”

She said in an even more nervous voice with a fake sexiness accent “yes Bill” and she did it!

Bill put his hands back on her hips, feeling her pelvic bones, smoothly squeezed them, and gently slid his hands on her tanned smooth skin up her soft, and moist warm back as his dick throbbed against her twat. He moved his hands so each one was open holding each one of her shoulder blades, and pushed her body forward until he was able to lick her nipples. He sucked on them and kissed them as he pushed her closer to him so her voluptuous latin tits smothered his face with 2 nipples almost touching each other. She felt like he was abusing her body and wanted to begin the vaginal sex.

She spread open her pussy lips with her little fingers using one hand. He noticed the color contrast of her shiny wedding ring on her tan finger as she reached with her other hand grasping his penis and flopping it up from out of her butt crack that it nestled into and guided it to the exact center of her pussy opening. The latina leaned forward rubbing her tummy and belly button on his on as she moved her body down onto his hard dick, opening up her pink pussy far enough so his dick head would go in smoothly. They finally began to engage in sexual intercourse.

He hugged her shoulders and tan smooth soft back and helped slowly to keep his dick in the middle of her opened pussy as he clinched his buttocks together on the couch cushion and tilted his pelvis up. His pulsing, rock hard dick slid right up straight in her warm, juicy, and tight cunt. As he went up in her just half an inch she took her hand away and let her tight pussy walls grasp around his rock-hard penis, feeling the skin her vaginal walls slide on the membrane of his penis’ head, as she hugged his hairy shoulders so as to turn him on. She was so tight, so he had to move her up a hair, then down even more to get the slow humping motion started. Her pussy lips were now down around the head of his penis and started to slide on his shaft. She started rocking up and down on him and repositioning herself a bit. Her body was warm and smooth, and had a nervous jerkiness to it. With her tan legs wrapped around his waist the skin of her inner thighs rubbed on the sides of his belly. His cock was stretching the walls of her vagina open which hurt, so Leticia let out whimpering soft cries throughout the fuck, making them sound as cries of pleasure. It was easy for her since along with the pain came the lustful feeling of hot steamy sex, due to the fact that she was humping the widest penis her vagina has ever stretched open for. He reached over, grabbed a pillow, and put it behind his back so he leaned forward and a hair more erect to her body. Her tan juicy titties were resting on his collar bone and could feel their weight. They were like warm water balloons. She was already very wet now and it was not her will, but began to have an orgasm on him while trying to keep the humping rhythm going for his orgasm. She hated the fact that she came and did not want to find pleasure in having sex with her father in law, this old perverted man. He reached over and aimed another light at her tan pelvic area, he saw white precum forming and it started to ooze onto the tan skin of her inner thigh. It was shiny and wet, then goose bumps formed on her skin. He rubbed his hands on the side of her waist/upper thigh and saw/felt goose bumps there too.

He stayed slow and focused on going ‘balls deep’. Her skin was warm and felt so good and lotiony as he fondled and fucked her. She humped him good. As soon as he got balls deep he didn’t rock her up or anything, he just hugged and kissed her neck and chest. He was up in further than anyone had ever been in her. It was like a virgin area of her pussy. Then he slid his dick down half an inch down her tight vaginal wall and back up again all the way to the top. The vaginal muscles began to involuntarily contract and squeeze around his dick. She had no control over the pleasure she was feeling, and smiled as she looked up. When she looked down she closed her eyes as she kissed him. Her mouth let out soft high pitched cries, uncontrollably, leaving her out of breath every other squealing cry, and was looking down at his face to see if he needed her to do anything to be hotter for him, so he would cum in her quicker. She saw him staring at her belly button on her perfect little tanned tummy, as it was rubbing on his. He could feel her heart beating really fast, and her lungs straining for air. They were actually fucking now, even though it was very slow and gentle, it was an ordeal for her to handle the whole experience as emotions of ecstasy, disgust, horniness and pain ran through her mind.

And Bill, well he just couldn’t believe it that Leticia was humping him and he was going to be able to cum all the way deep in her body. It was a dream come true. She remembered some sexy things she could do to help, like making high pitched sexy out of breath painful noises and hugging him around his neck making her nipples gently kiss his lips. She knew he loved her sexy Spanish accent, although she at one point just forgot everything and just grinded him to find pleasure in the fucking. He scooted to the end of the couch cushion so she could straddle him better with her tanned soft smooth legs around the sides of his fat white waist. He rested his arms on the top of her thighs and rubbed and squeezed her fit waist and sun tanned midriff, the skin of their bodies were sliding and sweating together. She was gently rocking on him. As his balls would touch her twat he would squeeze her body down on his even more, and clenched his buttocks together rocking his pelvis up so that their pelvic bones were grinding together. His entire, fully erect penis would then slide up the flesh of her tight vaginal walls as he pulsed his dick in her with his arms now wrapped around her back, grabbing into the meat of her tan, sexy, waist. She felt her vaginal tube guide his penis up as it sporadically pulsed uncontrolled between her kidneys somewhere. She would move her body up and feel their skin stick together as now some of the lotion in her leg, tummy, and waist skin was started to work into the skin on his waist. She felt and looked so hot on him that he only lasted 4 minutes. As she felt him shiver and shake, like he was going to cum, she thrusted her waist down onto his waist and jiggled around on him so that his dick was absolutely as far up into her body as possible, until he started squirting cum deep up in her body because she wanted to make sure it reached her egg. He was nervous that the cum shooting up into her womb would hurt her somehow from the pressure blowing in her organ because there was no room for anything else between the flesh of his dick and her vaginal tube. But he didn’t care anymore, it felt so good. It was an airtight seal, her pussy was sucking his dick head up into her tummy. It was so far up it was like between her dark tanned belly button and her perfectly tanned back dimples that he was pushing on. She was so petite that he was able to put his elbow almost to the top of her butt crack and reached up and grasped her at her shoulder holding her down on him as he shot his first load up deep in her with his other hand around the side of her athletic tanned leg grabbing her teen ass cheek. He decided to not think about anything else but taking advantage of this sex he lucked out on and just cum without holding back. Bill always had to try to pull out of other women but not this time. It was his job to get her pregnant. He acted like this perverted rough sex was normal and this is just how you were supposed to fuck. He moved his hands so they were both pushing forcefully towards him on her tanned, sweaty back dimples with his thumbs grinding into her waist flesh. She began to cum again while she clenched her beautiful toned arms around his back, hugging him tightly, their mixed cum was oozing out slapping on his balls and their legs as her anus was slapping on his balls making a mess and a clapping sound. Balls deep, Bill couldn’t even see his shaft at all. Her wet pussy would squeeze and pulse around his rock hard dick so tight and felt so well connected with his dick as his hard cock sporadically pulsed and slid deeper in her while their cum was mixing together with her body rocking up and down on his strong, erect shaft. With no cares in the world, except focusing on his orgasm, and holding her warm, wet, sweaty petite tan teen latin body down on him, which was automatically trying to buck off his body from the uncontrolled orgasmic movements, he twitched, shaked and held in a big breath with his hands clenched on to her fit waist injecting the second cum shot into her toned, dark, petite body as she grinded their pelvises together in a quick humping. Immediately following the third shot, cum began to squirt out through between his pubic hair and her smooth, hot, wet, golden brown pelvic skin as he forced her body still down on his.

As soon as she knew he had gone in her she began to climb off him, leaving a cum mess all over between her legs and his body. He let out a big breath of air and tried to hold her body longer but she wanted to leave now and he didn’t want any trouble, so he let go of her warm sweaty legs. Leaving her bikini top she just put her grey sweat shorts and white tang top back on, with her belly button and tan fit waist exposed, and left out of the house into her car parked across the street and left. There were some high school football jocks throwing the football around out on the street that saw her walk out to her little yellow VW Beatle and their jaw just about dropped out of their mouths she was so hot. One of them got his smartphone and took pictures of her behind her back.

After he cleaned himself up with a towel, Bill went to check the video cameras he had set up secretly. They all recorded clear HD vids at different angles, but he never jacked off to any of the hundreds of videos until months later, since he was having the greatest sex imaginable by anyone, ever, almost every day for months. He turned off the bright lights aimed at the couch and ordered a pizza. He began setting up the bathroom and his bedroom for her next visit.

She kept going for about 2 months until she couldn't stand it, since nothing was happening. She told me sometimes he couldn't get hard or ejaculate or something so they had to take a bath together or some crap. She didn't tell me they kissed until after a few months it was over with. She says they never had oral sex. She always came home with the lipstick on like nothing happened.

She said “ the kissing was helpful and hated doing it, but didn't know what to do".

The last time she was at his house she found a video camera on recording when he went into the bathroom and didn't say anything to him. She told me, and I had to act like I was mad at him, but it was really all my fault. She hated it every time, she told me. She really is a sweet girl and seems very innocent. She wants a real family. It has been about 1 year and she acts like everything is fine or at least O.K. Still no kids, thank goodness, but my dad and her never talk or are around each other, ever.

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