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This is quite a detailed story, but I'm sure you will enjoy reading it just as much as we enjoyed experimenting!
This story is about ‘something’ that happened between my brother Kai and I. Well, actually he is my step-brother but we are very, very close, and call ourselves blood-brothers. I am 16 and he is 15, and have been in each other’s lives for a few years now. And we do everything together. We have our good days and bad days. It is a lot like your typical brotherly relationship I suppose; we are always pissing each other off. He is an annoying little shit sometimes and I purposely wind him up. But I love him and would protect him with my life if anyone tried to hurt him and he knows that.

Friday night’s we both have the house to ourselves until about midnight, and we usually just do our own stuff in our own rooms, occasionally we may find it in our hearts to sit and watch a film together, but this particular night a few days ago was something completely different, that I never thought would happen. Okay, yes I admit it – I wanted it to happen, but never thought it would.

To be honest even though he isn’t my biological brother I felt kind of wrong about the thought of it, but that night I was just too swept away in the fun of what was happening that nothing negative crossed my mind. And he is GAWJUS. Seriously.

Anyway, on a Friday he gets in from school at about 4 and I finish work at 8, so he has the house fully for himself for a couple of hours. That particular night it was dead in work so they sent me home early, and obviously, unexpectedly to Kai, arrived through the door by half 6. I knew he’d be in his room and wanted to shock him, so, still in my uniform, I took off my shoes and dropped my bad and quietly made my way to the 2nd floor to his room. I usually knock, but like I said I wanted to shock him so I gently put my hand on the door handle, and then burst the door open and jumped in.

You guessed it. He was wanking. Well, he tried very hard very fast to hide it but it was obvious. He was so startled. He was on his computer chair facing towards to the side with his belt undone and his jeans down to his ankles. He still had his boxers on, they were fit and red. And he had ‘something’ poking out of the ole in the front of his boxers and he was holding it with his right hand. Sadly I didn’t see that ‘thing’, because as soon as I jumped into the room and we caught sight of each other he flung his trousers up and put his jumper on top of that ‘thing’ in his hand, at which point he let go and started twiddling his thumbs. He was silent and bright red, trying not to look at me.

I said “Why do you have that on your lap?” to which he replied “I was cold”. I nodded sarcastically. I then noticed something on his computer screen he forgot about, it was a picture – like a montage of dicks! So I said “Well by the looks of that you were getting quite hot in here”. He jumped around and saw it on his screen, obviously even more embarrassed now. To get rid of it as soon as he could, he just pulled his computer plug out, and it flashed off the screen. He said nothing and just looked at me.

I walked up to him and sat on his bed opposite him. He was still really red. I said “Are you gay?”. He snapped “NO!!”. I sat there for a moment thinking, then I said “Look, Kai, I don’t care if you are gay, a bender like me of all people – come on.” I was gay, he knew that, so after I said that he just smiled. After a moment he said “Well I don’t know. I like this and I want to try stuff with a guy, but I don’t want to think that I am gay because I remember everything you went through last year when you came out and I just can’t do that. You could, but I can’t I just couldn’t do it” I thought again for a moment and then said “You can. Look, I’m not trying to encourage you to be gay or anything that’s up to everyone to decide for themselves. But if you are then I don’t mind, mum and dad won’t mind and neither should anybody else. Just be yourself who cares. I thought I couldn’t do it but I turned out alright in the end. It doesn’t matter if you are. And it doesn’t matter if you are unsure either. It is difficult, so it might be a good idea to just ‘experiment’ a bit and see what you like.”. “Thanks Josh” he said and smiled. “Come here” I said as I leaned forward to hug him. I knew he didn’t wanna get up and expose himself so I just lent over to his chair and we hugged for just a couple of seconds. I said “You know I’ll always be there for you and you can talk to me or ask me anything you want”. I smiled and walked towards the door. As I said, I heard him say in a shy voice “Anything?” I replied “Anything”, before continuing to walk out. Then he said in a much more bold and confident voice “Can we ‘experiment’.

I stopped and turned around again. But this time I walked back towards him and said “Umm, do you want to?”, at which point he seemed to gain even more confidence. His dick was still under his jumper, I knew that, and he knew I knew that, and so on! Anyway, not for long. He grabbed the jumper and tossed it to one side, fully exposing his hard dick that was still poking out of the fly of his red boxers. I look at it wide-eyed, and then he did something that actually got me very instantly aroused. He made his boner twitch right in front of me. It seemed quite strong. And it looked perfect. I had seen it a couple of times before, un-erect when we were younger, by accident. But this was purposeful, intentional, and extremely hot. It was about 5 and a half inches long, uncircumcised and was pointing straight up, however it had an ever so slight downward curve at the stop. I noticed a few of his pubes at the bottom where his cock was poking out. I also noticed a bit of clear pre-cum that was literally dripping from the top of his dick. I started to get very hard very quickly. I looked back at him as he smiled and said “What do you think?”. Without hesitation I said in an inviting voice “Hmm, I think yes!”. At that, he jumped up from his chair and positioned himself really close to me. I could feel his boner pointing against mine through my trousers. I still had my uniform on. We touched each other’s cheeks with both hands, closed our eyes and began kissing. Really passionately. And I really enjoyed it. We bean caressing each other’s soft hair and bodies, rubbing our hands under each other’s T-Shirts to feel out silky as velvet backs and bellies. Then I put my hands on his perfect bum. Although his cock was still poking out the front his jeans were still up around him, and they looked so good on him. Mind you, just as good off of him! He leaned forward and we both fell onto his bed. He pulled away from the kiss and began to take off my trousers.

I just opened myself up and let him. I helped by using my feet to kick them off as I lay there in my psychedelic coloured stripy quite tight boxer shorts. Then then took off my socks and moved up towards my T-Shirt, throwing it off the bed. Meanwhile, he also took his socks off. He then started to kiss and bite my neck a little as we swapped roles. I took off his T-Shirt, before fully removing his trousers. I then followed with his boxers. I had just seen his dick be he was also keen to see mine. As we were now getting slightly cold, we simultaneously decided to go under the covers, so we lifted them up and kept our heads on the pillow. When we were under, Kai took off my boxers and threw them out of the bed, so we were not there completely naked. He lifted up the quilt and looked down at my now fully hard cock. He said “Wow. I’ve been wanting to see that for a long time. And that’s not all. What do you want to do?”. I said “Whatever you want sexy”. Without hesitation, he smiled and quickly went under the quilt. I wasn’t 100% sure of what he was doing but I kinda guessed, and then I was proved right. I felt something warm slide up my dick from bottom to top, and then around the tip. And again. As it got wetter and wetter, I then all of a sudden felt it engulfed by a huge wave of warmth, and could feel a slight pulling pressure too. I lifted up the quilt to see him sucking on my cock, and it felt great. The warmth of his hot mouth. After a few moments, he came back up to the surface and said “Was that good?!” to which I nodded and said “My turn!” He smiled and turned on his back. I slid under the quilt feeling the warmth of his soft skin as I made my way. My face landed right by his raging hard dick, it was soaked with pre-cum already so I didn’t do much licking, and quickly got stuck into him. I gently lowered my mouth over his cock, down to the bottom. Without moving my head, I just moved around my tongue here there and everywhere. I guess that tickled because I could hear him giggling cheekily. Then I thought “Right let’s do this” so I started sucking and at the same time started bobbing my head up and down right from top to bottom. I started off slow and began to pick up the pace, sucking hard and occasionally gently swirling my tongue in various places. He quit his stifled laughing and let out a long sigh. That was a good thing. Within moments he began breathing heavily and lightly thrusting his hips. Every now and then I could here him mutter a sexual ‘ohhh’ under his breath. After a couple of minutes I kissed the top of his dick and licked off that warm, salty pre-cum. Then I licked his balls a little bit, lifted them up and kissed underneath them, where it was a little bit sweaty from all of that heat. I went back to the top and lay next to him on my side as we kissed. “Wow. I was very close to cumming” he said. “Oh really?!” I said seductively, and without even asking him what he wanted me to do now, just pulled back the guilt to that both of our cocks were exposed, hard and wet as ever. “You are hot” I said, and he smiled. I reached my writing hand across and grabbed his dick. He knew what was coming. Very soon it would be him! I started wanking him really fast, I just kinda guessed he’d like it that way. And thankfully, he did, a lot. He let out another pleasurable sigh. I kept jerking him at a perfect pace. Occasionally I could hear his dick make like a kind of slurping sound from all his pre-cum. Every now and then I’d turn my eyes from his dick to his eyes, and tease him around the mouth. I would gently circle my tongue around his lips, and then without warning quickly thrust the whole thing into his mouth and straight back out again. He groaned each time I did that. Only about 30 second’s past, and he said “I’m nearly done”. I smiled and gave him a proper kiss, keeping my tongue in his mouth for a while and swirling it around. He tried to kiss back but seem to taken back by the pleasure. He had his eyes closed his mouth stuck open, and began shacking his whole body a little bit. I looked towards his cock and sped up my beating pace. He let out another groan and a couple of “oh yeah”’s. I was close to orgasm myself seeing how much pleasure I was giving him, it was so hot seeing him orgasms. Another dozen seconds or so passed before he literally shouted “OH FUCK!” OH! HERE IT COMES! OH!” Within a second or two of him finishing that sentence, a long stream of white, slightly clear liquid shot from the top of his dick, followed by another. I kept wanking him, but started to slow down. In total about 5 or 6 streams of cum decided to shoot out, each spurt got less powerful as it cleared him dry. The first 2 landed on his belly but the rest was dribbling down him hand. Whilst his dick was spitting hot boy juice at me, he was having the time of his life. Making a hell of a lot of noise and tensing his body like mad, yet humped my hand a little bit too. He was breathing heavily and slightly sweating. I didn’t mind, he loved it. After the final squirt I took my hand off and liked it clean. I really, really wanted to do that. And I fucking loved it. It was freshly hot, and had a mixed taste – slightly sweet and slightly salty. I could feel it trickle down my throat. He started to catch his breath and opened his eyes. After a moment he just said “Wow.” He chuckled. “That was fun. I’m gonna wipe this off haha”. He leaned towards his bedside table and grabbed a few pieces of tissue and began mopping up the jizz on his belly. Some of it went in his belly button. Meanwhile, I had an after-taste of cum in my mouth that was too hot to resist not wanking, so I grabbed my own cock and started tossing. Because I was so turned on, I came faster than I ever have before. After only a few seconds I could feel a warm orgasm building up in my cock as I jerked faster. I tensed my legs, screwed up my face and within moments I did the same as Kai, but I was still on my side facing him, so my spurts of cum landed on his belly, mixing in with his cum which he hadn’t yet fully wiped up. So now he had even more to wipe up. He didn’t seem to mind. As I fell on my side and tried to catch my breath, he chuckled and grabbed another tissue, wiping all of the cum from his tanned belly.

In sync, we both started to get dressed again. He out all of the clothes on he had before, but I just put on my socks and boxers because I was going to get changed into my casual stuff rather than back into my uniform. I got up from the bed, and kissed him on the forehead. We smiled at each other and I said “I am always here for you Kai, I promise”. He smiled and said “Thanks Josh”. He was still lying on the bed, in all of his clothes accept his T-Shirt. “I love you” he said. I turned around and replied “ I love you too. Why don’t you just think about what just happened and think about if you really liked it or not and if you’d ever want to do it again, or anything along those lines with anyone else. Ask me anything you want anytime. Don’t go rushing anything” He smiled again and said “Thank you. So much. Thank you.” “It’s okay” I replied, "Now I’ll meet you downstairs at like 8, I’ll make us a hot chocolate and we can watch Mrs Doubtfire, alright” That was his favourite film and I liked it to. We both smiled at each other again, he nodded. I made my way out of the room and gently closed the door behind me, making my way towards my room.

Well, The End!

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i loved it i cummed so hard reading this

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What happened to commenting about the story. P.s. I love Pokemon too.

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And it also can have the highest attack of any other dragon-type.

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