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Escape for Passion

BY LouisHoney

This is a book of fiction.
It is adult in subject matter.
If you are not at least 18 years old,

Part II

Chapter 2A- Judy gets some exercise.

Sid stirred atop her luscious titties and buried his head in the billowing forms of girl flesh as he slept on in Judy's arms. She gently pushed him off of her body and responded to the urgings of her full and complaining bladder by silently walking across the deep, pile carpeting to the large, richly appointed bathroom just off the mirrored, master bedroom.

As she sat on the commode and relieved herself, thoughts of the past few months flashed before her again. She remembered just how really dumb and unsophisticated she had been when she got off that bus and Renny found her. Then, as he'd talked her into bed first and outright prostitution next, she'd not thought to question the small amounts she'd earned from all those tricks. Renny and Dora had cheated her and Sid had explained it to her months later.

"Honey," he'd said "your sweet, young, petite body would be a prize in any whorehouse. It would normally attract top dollar and it probably did for Renny and Dora. They just never let you find out how much."

Judy was worried about Renny or Dora finding her and what they’d do if they did. She had vivid memories of some of the threats he’d made against her if she ever left him. These had been reinforced dramatically by extremely abusive and painful sessions many times over. She did not want anything more to do with the volatile and vicious Renny. She often voiced her fears to Sid that they would be found even up here in the mountains.

"Well that would be difficult since they didn't know my real name or where I live or work. I met them through a casual acquaintance of mine who doesn't know those things either. Besides, living way up here in the hills, away from everyone else and having you all to myself has isolated me from those same casual friends. I guess they think I just dropped off the face of the earth. I keep in touch with a few that I can trust, but I didn't buy this place until after we got together. To my knowledge, no one that knows me knows them", she remembered him saying.

Judy wiped her tush and went over to the bidet to wash it and her hands. "I must be fresh for Sid in case he wants to eat me later." she thought to herself. The warm water rushing up into her cunt gave her a rush and she felt herself getting excited again. Shaking it off, she finished drying with the towel next to the drawer under the counter, she turned her thoughts to what lay in that drawer and, on impulse, she opened it. She brought out a small box that had the words "Ben Wah Balls" written in bold lettering on the top. When she opened the box, a nylon cord dropped over her wrist and she saw that it ran right through the middle of two large round plastic balls.

These balls were about one and a quarter inches in diameter and as smooth as a baby's bottom. The steel bearings inside
of them rolled around and made the plastic outer coverings wiggle like Mexican jumping beans. She held them under the hot water faucet for a few minutes to warm them up and bent down to her cunt and spread her legs so she could cram them both into her vaginal canal as far up as they would go.

She relished the feel of the still cool, but not cold balls as she stuffed them up higher and higher into her birth canal. Her inner walls were beginning to drip moisture and she could feel a glow of horniness start at her cunt and radiate outward to every extremity of her body.

After the second ball was pushed as high as it would go, she ran the tip of her index finger gingerly around the clitoral node at the front of her cunt and thrilled as her excitement mounted. With steel in her resolve, she withdrew her hand reminding herself how much better the climax would be after some time of anticipation.

Now, only the strong nylon cord attached to both of them was hanging out. She wadded that up and put it neatly inside her outer cunt lips so it wouldn't get in the way or look unsightly to Sid.

As she straightened up, she could already feel them working her arousal up and she knew that if she didn't take her mind
off of the sexy balls clattering around in her cunt soon, she
would be tempted to bring herself off with her hands. She didn't mind doing it that way, but experience had taught her
that the ache of horniness over a long period of time would accumulate in her and make her cum so much better when she and Sid got around to fucking again.

She quietly slipped out of the bathroom, through the bedroom and down the hall so Sid could sleep while she did her morning exercises. Sid had his routine that kept him in shape and he had taught her one of her own. But first, the pool looked inviting through the wide, French doors out back so she went outside to warm up in the summer sun. She was still naked as she walked like a silent ghost through the dawning light and down the hall to the den and out back to the swimming pool.

She spent most of the summer morning lounging in the rising sun by the pool and thinking about having sex because any movement she made caused the Ben Wah's to twitch and gently remind her of their presence, making her hotter and hotter. The guey slickness of arousal was sliding out of her cuntal opening and down the crack in her ass to drench her asshole and the chaise lounge upon which she was laying.

A couple of hours later, as the sun, her fevered thoughts and the sensations in her cunt that had her gently hunching her lower abdomen back and forth in the flexible chair all came together to raise her body temperature to a fine sweat. She jumped up, determined to make this feeling last without climaxing and dove into the water to cool off and began her laps.

As she swam, those devilish Ben Wah's kept up a constant vibration in her pussy that almost drove her wild with lust and made it even harder for her to breathe than the laps she was swimming.

After several laps, she was breathing hard and ready for more
strenuous exertion. Feeling alive and 100% in touch with her every sense, she got out of the pool, dried off and went back into the den and into the extra bedroom at the end of the hall. This room had been equipped with exercise equipment of many kinds.

Sid was determined that they would stay in good physical shape and Judy had become accustomed to doing her body a favor by working out regularly. She also didn't mind the constant stimulation of the Ben Wah Balls, today, up inside her pussy, which reminded her that she was a woman in need.

As she began the first repetition of slow sit-ups she remembered what Sid had said about the house. "No one can see us up here. We can run naked through the house and out the back door to the pool and into the back yard if we want and no one will see us,” explained Sid as he tried to reassure her that she had nothing to fear from Renny and Dora. "Renny and Dora will never find us up here even if they are still looking for you, which I doubt."

Sid was right, the house was ultra modern and built up on a mountain top that overlooked farmland and many acres of forested hillsides and other mountains. The winters up here were beautiful and the summers were gorgeous. There were few cars that traveled the main road and no visitors up the winding, long drive that led to the main house. The four bedroom ranch style house had a large 25 meter swimming pool, heated so they could use it almost year round, an outdoor hot tub and an eight foot high concrete block and brick fence that hid the patio and both the pool and hot tub from any prying eyes in the lower forest.

Judy had done all of the housekeeping and cooking and seemed content. Only occasionally did her need for pain surface for Sid to mete out punishment to her and help her achieve that highest of orgasms.

Both of them became accustomed to fucking and sucking at the drop of a hat and clothes just got in the way, so they mostly went naked through the house and pool areas. There was no real pattern to their fucking activities. Sid said he didn't want either of them to become bored or stuck in a rut when it came to their lovemaking.

He was constantly surprising her with inventive ways to catch her at awkward times or in different positions when he fucked her. The variety was wonderful and had kept her off balance and loving every minute of it. Some of those methods would have been considered obscene or cruel by an outsider, but Judy loved them all, even the ones that hurt.

As she finished with her sit-ups and moved to the universal set, her glance ran over the large cardboard box in the corner of the gym. Sid had said it was just a bunch of junk he had thought he would do something useful with some day. On closer inspection, it had looked to be scrap wood and leather and nails and bolts all in a confusing mass that looked just like what Sid said, “junk.”

Judy was feeling hornier with every exercise she performed and was looking forward to going back to bed and waking Sid, after a quick shower. But just as she was finishing, Sid appeared from the pool, dripping water and announcing that he felt great and was ready for his exercises.

"Boy, it's good to be alive and kicking and hungry on a fine summer morning with you! I could eat the north end off of a southbound goat honey, and when I'm finished here, I'll need to take in about a thousand calories. How about you? Are you ready for breakfast?" he enthused.

"You mean brunch, don’t you?” she said with arched eyebrow. “You’ve slept most of the morning away!” she exclaimed.

Then, in response to a mock stern look from Sid she said, ”OK. OK! I'll have the mighty king's brunch ready when he finishes, but right now, your horny little girl has got herself a problem." With that she bent her knees out to the sides. This action caused the outer lips of her cunt to open up and the nylon Ben Wah cord fell down almost to her knees.

"See what I mean?" asked the pouting young teenager as both she and Sid stared down at her dripping pussy. Then she grabbed him by the shoulders and backed him up to the workout bench behind him and started to tongue kiss and rub her sweaty body up against his cool, chlorine scented physique. As she kissed him, she reached down and grabbed his erecting prick and began squeezing it rhythmically with her hand.

Sid knew he must pay a toll before he could get his workout done, so he leaned back onto the short bench lengthwise and left his feet on the floor. Judy followed him down to the firm padding of the bench without breaking the kiss. His right hand slid down her quivering stomach to the soft pubic patch of his. He hesitated there to stroke and tease her before he ran his finger along her cuntal crease to the rising clit and on into her boiling snatch.

She was hot, wet and very horny and he could tell it by the slippery slop on his fingers as it began to run down into the palm of his hand and down to his wrist. He began to
diddle her clit back and forth with the first two fingers of his hand and she increased the activity of her tongue in his mouth and began raising her right leg to straddle his now erect prick. As she got her leg up to it's highest point, Sid grabbed the cord and plopped the two Ben Wah's out of her horny pussy and let them fall to the floor. She grunted as each ball was removed quickly from her gushing snatch. She never let go of his prick or came up for air from the exciting tongue kiss.

As she got her knee over his body and stood over his torso with his prick in her hand, she began moving up over his face and began dragging her nipples up to his chin. He licked and sucked and finally captured one of her unusually elongated nips in his mouth. He began immediately to swirl and drag his twitching lips and tongue over and around her breast and aureole. He was driving her crazy and Judy feared she would come right then without ever getting his prick into her hungry snatch.

She positioned the thick, hard dick head at the entrance of her vagina and let herself drop down over it. As she sank down on his pole soooooo slooooowwwwllllyyyy, he groaned and tried to buck up into her. She rode up with him and would not let him quickly put it to her. She wanted to make this hungry ache in her pussy last as long as she possibly could without becoming frustrated and missing the ultimate act of climaxing.

She had now become a sophisticated fucker that enjoyed her slow fucks and their anticipating aches and urges. She also enjoyed the fast comes that surprised her at times. She could feel the wiry hair of his pubes mixing with hers as she finally sat down with her full weight on top of his tall pole. She sighed with contentment and just rested at the bottom of her long slow decent. She had savored every inch of that slide to ecstasy.

She rose swiftly to the top of the prick pole and once again began her teasing slide to perfection, but Sid had other ideas and she was too far gone to match his upward thrusts this time. He arched his back and pushed his groin upwards with such swiftness and force that Judy's feet left the ground and her cunt flew quickly down onto his prick and rebounded off of his pubic bone and lower abdomen to ricochet back up and almost off of his prick.

Just as she thought she would fly off of him and off into space, he grabbed her by the back of her thighs and forced her legs up, off the floor. He lunged upward again pushed her up and off his prick almost to the end of his turgid manhood and snapped his prick back into place deep into her cunt as her entire weight came crashing down to crush her clitty against his hard pubic bone. Up she flew again, and again he caught her at the top of her bounce and met her vigorously just as she was coming down.

The force of the entry was a wild strain on her tender pussy lips and walls, but it only seemed to add to the excitement and mingled the pain of the re-entry with the pleasure she sought to release her from the frustrations of the past two hours with the Ben Wah balls. Judy felt safe and secure in the knowledge that Sid was excited and had taken charge of the fucking. She was most content to let him take his lead.

Again Sid bucked her up toward the ceiling with her legs pushed up by his hands and sprawled out to the sides and the full weight of his prick pushing up into her horny snatch. As she reached the top of her upward trajectory, Sid once again pushed himself off the bench to thrust with all his might up into her waiting hole with a sound of thunder and a moan of pain/pleasure from her. The sensation in her cunt of going to full and then empty and them crushingly full again was driving her wild. She began to moan as all of her inhibitions left her and she became a simple fucking body bent on its own pleasures.

They crashed back onto the bench again and Sid lunged upward again, bucking her up and down for a full three or four minutes. Judy could feel her climax approaching and since she had waited so long for it, she knew it was going to be a big one. She was delighted and amazed at both his skill as a lover and his stamina. Not many 33 year old men could keep this kind of exercise up for this long.

Just when her bruised pubic bone was beginning to really begin to hurt, Sid hunched his hips upward and on the next bounce, he caught her square in the clit with his pubic bone. Her body zoomed through its climax and the throbbing in her pussy changed to a tight fisted clenching as spasm after spasm hit her entire lower abdomen and groin area. It was all she could do to stay on top of him as he drew back and slammed into her again. Another gripping orgasm tore loose from her pussy and seemed to run up and down her loosely flopping legs as she came one last time.

The lights winked and the room spun and she felt Sid reach his climax and his prick started to twitch and pulse way up inside her as he came too. She had clung to his neck like a monkey clings to its mother during all of this, and as Sid subsided into an exhausted heap, she kissed his neck and ear in gratitude for the wonderful climax. She knew that once again she had satisfied her Master’s wishes and provided pleasure to him in the act of sex. She felt grateful that he had made sure she came also.

"That was just about perfect, Master." She breathed directly onto his ear and onto the sexy nerve that she knew he had inside his ear. "Thank you for one of the best cums of my life."

"Oh, that was nothing." He said between deep breaths. "Just wait until I get started really good!" he kidded her as it was obvious to them both that he was totally winded and tired out, for the moment.

"Well, I'd like to stay for another round, but I'm getting hungry and I don't want your strength to leave you, so I'll just slip into the kitchen and make us that meal you ordered." she whispered as she lifted herself off his prostrate body.

Sid was still heaving hard for breath and was really glad to be rid of Judy's weight so he could get air more easily into his lungs, but he couldn't resist coming back with some banter of his own. "OK, if eating is more important than sex with me, then just go on with you."

Judy paused as she was, still astride of him and said, "Well, since you put it that way...," and began sinking back down onto him again. However his prick had shrunk and it flopped loose from her pussy. "Never mind, I'm really hungry too, so please go fix brunch and let me die in peace!" Sid said as he pushed her back up and off of him and then rolled off onto the floor and played dead.

"OK, If you're going to poop out on me, I'll go then." She said as she grabbed the Ben Wah’s off the floor, staggered toward the door and leaned against its frame looking back at him with a pouting mouth and cast an exaggerated and alluring look back at him. It caused them both to laugh and she went on down to the kitchen still naked as the day she was born.

“OK, but you’ll sing a different tune when I decide to take you with me to check the mail.” Sid hollered as she walked away.

Chapter 2B
As Judy prepared the meal, she remembered back to a day about six months ago when Sid had brought home a golf cart and proclaimed it to be their yard cart, since their yard was so big. The front drive to the house from the main road was a twisted and winding track of gravel and concrete pothole patches. Just getting the mail took almost a half an hour down and back that tortuous track. Sid has said it discouraged visitors and Judy accepted that as a necessary evil to protect their privacy.

About two weeks after he brought the golf cart home, Sid announced he was going to check the mail and told Judy she was coming along. This surprised Judy as she’d never ridden with him before, but her Master had decreed it so she went with him. Both of them got into the cart naked and Sid threw a couple of pool towels in the basket behind the seat. They both wanted to stay naked and would cover up only while at the mailbox beside the road in case someone drove by while they retrieved the mail.

Sid said he had something special for Judy and he showed it off when she sat on the seat. He moved a lever and a part of Judy’s seat fell inward. She felt like she was sitting on a large, padded toilet seat. Her cunt and ass were both over the hole. Then Sid pushed down on another lever and two dildos started up inside of Judy. Both were lubricated with petroleum jelly and slid into her cunt and ass with no difficulty once she got them lined up correctly. Judy started to get up, but Sid put a safety strap across her lap and told her to leave it on.

Then Sid started slowly down the drive. At first, Judy didn’t notice it, but after Sid picked up speed, every bump he hit was translated, somehow, to the twin dildos lodged up inside her. This constant motion became a vibration as Sid drove faster and took the wheels of the golf cart down into the gutter beside the road where the bumpiest gravel lay. Judy could not believe the thrill of feeling first the front dildo move up or down and then the ass dildo move up and down independently. It was as if they were attached to different wheels. (They were!)

She silently thanked her good luck and Sid for the petroleum jelly as the movements were sometimes quite violent. As Sid hit a particularly large rock on the right wheel, she noticed that the cunt dildo jumped violently in her, but did not threaten to harm her, as if some safety mechanism were in place. Another bad bump by the left wheels had the ass dildo jumping and Judy was astounded at how good it felt even though the movements were powerful and jerky. Her surprise suddenly turned to orgasm and Judy screamed out her joy all the way down the mountain as Sid drove more and more in the gutters and ruts of the worn gravel driveway. By the time they reached the bottom, she was cuming repeatedly.

Nearing the bottom, Sid grabbed the towels and wrapped one around his waist and draped one over Judy’s torso. Then he drove right up to the mailbox and picked up his mail. Going back up the mountainous driveway was not as much fun because it was slower and the novelty had worn off to some extent. Nevertheless, Judy came twice more before they reached the house again. Every day now, they take the golf cart down to check the mail, even if the post office is closed!

Sid had also taken her on a round of golf with him and introduced her as his assistant. She endured almost five hours of riding across fairways and gravel cart paths and had cum most exquisitely many times before Sid’s game was over. For the occasion, Sid had bought her a small tennis outfit with a short skirt and panties underneath with two holes in the crotch surrounded by elastic. She had to screw around a bit to get the dildos up inside her and she had to lubricate her ass and cunt at home before she put the panties and short skirt on, but she managed to do it all in front of all the guys and gals at the local country club without anyone knowing what she had up her cunt and ass.

When Sid took the cart off the path and swing down a dry creek bed, ostensibly looking for his ball, she came heavily in her cunt as he took the cart’s right wheels over several stones big enough to create some fast friction in her cunt. Sid then turned the cart around and headed back into the same dry creek bed with the left wheels going over rough stones. Once again, Judy came with abandon, in her ass. Judy was feeling like an adored whore as Sid turned and twisted the cart down the cart path with one wheel in the graveled gutter giving her a thrill that she knew he wanted her to enjoy. It made her feel more secure to know that he had intended for her to get off on this device.

Then Sid drove over to a stand of trees at the edge of the fairway, grabbed Judy by the arm, jerking her up off the dildos and took her behind a bush. He then bent her over so that she was touching the ground with her hands and her knees were straight, in front of him. Judy heard the zipper on his pants release his big dick and immediately felt his presence pushing up into her distended asshole.

A few strokes later, Judy muffled a scream as she orgasmed and Sid went off in a flurry of motion. Sid turned her around without standing up so that she could clean off his now flaccid prick with her mouth. He stuffed it back in his pants and zipped up. Then she stood up and they went back to the cart.

As Judy settled over the protrusions sticking lewdly from the passenger seat, Sid reached around and fastened her seat belt again and drove off at a fast clip. Up around the green, Sid apologized to the other players in their foursome by saying, “Sorry to hold you up, we lost my balls.” He said.

“Yeah”, said one of the other golfers, “Well chasing balls into the woods is a part of the game isn’t it?”

“It sure is when you play as badly as I do.” said a gleeful Sid. “Who’s turn is it to tee off?”

The rest of the afternoon, Sid played the worst golf he had ever played. He shanked or sliced the ball into the woods constantly and drove that cart where no carts were meant to go. Judy got very tired as orgasm after orgasm sapped her strength, but since this was what Sid wanted, since she was doing the thing that turned him on, she felt great about it.

She was fucked out by the time they got home, but Sid had other ideas. He tied her upside down from the hooks in the playroom ceiling. He spread her legs apart as far as the ropes would reach. Then he handcuffed her hands behind her and added a spreader bar between her knees. He then adjusted the ropes so that she was suspended with her cunt and pussy mound just below mouth level to Sid. After tying her off, Sid left the room and she could hear him moving around in the bathroom next door.

When he came back, he spread a towel underneath her head and splashed a little warm water on her cunt. He then took out a shaving mug and put some cream and water in it and began string it up to make lather. She felt the slippery soap swirling around her hairy cunt hole and clitty, making her hotter and hotter. The prickly bristles of the brush around the inner lips of her cunt, clit and asshole warmed her up so that the buttery cunt juice of her pussy overflowed her upside down cunt and began running down her body to her tits and neck taking soap suds with it. In this manner, she was able to smell her own excitement mixed with the shaving soap and it aroused her even more.

He spread the lather on her cunt lips and pussy mound thickly. Then he paid particular attention to making sure that her clitty was well soaped and even lingered over her ass hole, pushing the bristles of the brush partly into her asshole. The stiff bristles of the brush were like a trigger to orgasm for her and she came twitching and bucking again as this was done.

Sid bent down and showed her a safety razor and told her to be still. He carefully shaved her from her naval all the way around to the top of the crack in her ass. After all of the soapy residue was washed clean, he stood back and admired his handiwork.

“Now, my little sex slave,” he said using the deeper more stern voice of his that Judy had come to recognize and love as his command voice, “I think I like that look so well that I shall require you to keep it shaved and ready for my use at any time of day or night.”

Judy replied, in a contented whisper, “Yes Master.” As she relished the feelings of letting him take total control of even this private part of her body.

Then he lowered her so that she was closer to the floor with her cunt and ass level with Sid’s crotch. She felt his large prick slowly sinking into her slimy cunt for a few strokes and then pulling out and ramming back into her asshole for a few minutes. Judy would just build up to near climax in one hole and he would pull out and start in another hole. Finally, Judy was so close to orgasm, that it didn’t matter which hole he used. She came. Sid alternated back and forth for a few times and Judy kept going off time and again until he finally shot a wad up her asshole.

The toaster popped up a pair of brown pieces and Judy returned her thoughts to the present.
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