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Sid brings Judy a present from his business trip.
Escape for Passion

Part 4

Chapter 4a

A few weeks later, as she pumped iron again on the weight machines in the exercise room, Judy's thoughts ran back to the morning after that special, butt stuffing, play room session. Sid had been so solicitous of her every ache and painful groans the next morning. He had been scared that he had hurt her permanently, but she had felt refreshed and alive all over when she got up and took her shower. They made gentle, passionate love twice more that day and Sid left for another of his out of town business trips the next day.

"Seven… eight… nine… ten," She counted the bench presses out loud. She was trying to relieve her sexual tensions. Sid had been gone now for over three weeks and her loneliness was overwhelming. It was good to hear from him on the phone every now and then, but he wouldn't tell her where he was or when he'd be back or who he was with or what he was doing. He simply told her to trust him if she loved him and she did, so she waited in isolation up on the mountaintop. Her separation from Sid was his idea and added to her submissive feelings as she once again bowed to his will.

She'd been in love with Sid for a long time now and knew that she'd do anything in the world for him. She hoped that one day he'd make her Mrs. Sid Johnson. Her fervent dream was that he'd make this fairy tale last a lifetime. She dreamed of having his babies and growing old with him and having him take care of her for the rest of her life.

The set ended and she sat up. She looked at herself in the mirror wall that covered an entire side of the exercise room. She was nude and could see every bend and bulge in her supple, nineteen year old body. Sid had taught her how to stay in shape so she could more fully enjoy sex with him. He kept himself in good shape and they exercised regularly, together.

She looked good. Her smooth brown hair was washed and brushed to a silky sheen and hung down around her neck and shoulders to the middle of her back and could just barely tickle her nipples if she wore it forward. Her face was well shaped in a pixie oval with a pert, up tilted nose and full, sensuous lips around a fine set of high cheekbones and a well defined chin. The dimples in each cheek showed best when she smiled.

Her breasts were pear shaped and stood up by themselves. Sid said they were just the right size. Any more than a mouthful was a waste according to him. The nipples were her most prized possession. After Sid had pierced them in an exquisite two hours of titty torture, they had become more sensitive than ever. The attention that Sid gave to stretching them had kept her nipples constantly elongated into about one inch nubs that rarely went down. When she got aroused, the flow of blood to them increased and they took on a dark red hue and became even more sensitive to touch. Consequentially, she loved to have them stroked, sucked or just played with.

Her flat tummy came from the constant exercises and a steady diet of healthy foods in moderate portions. The roundness of her perky ass cheeks was an amazing sight to behold. Sid said he could get lost between those buns by just looking at them. They were attached to a pair of the finest looking legs on this old earth according to Sid. She liked the way the calf and thigh muscles were well defined without being too bulky. She wanted to be in shape, not appear as a bull in a muscle magazine. All in all, she concluded, she was a pretty good looking 110 pound sack of bones.

It usually felt good to lie back, after a hard set or two on one of the exercise machines and feel the strength return to her arms or legs, slowly. Today, however, the only feeling she could discern were the pussy twitches and constant sogginess in her cunt. These signs indicated that no matter how hard she tried to exercise it away she could not get around the fact that she was horny and needed relief.

She resolved to get that relief as she went down into the playroom. Crossing the dark, carpeted room to the cupboard and avoiding the ropes dangling from their pulleys, she remembered the last time Sid had played havoc in her ass hole in this room and shivers of further arousal went up and down her spine.

She opened the cupboard and pulled out a vibrating dildo with the elastic straps like the one that Sid had used in her ass that day, only smaller in diameter and length, and battery powered. She went over to the bookcase on the wall and pulled down one of her favorite x-rated videos and put it in the VCR. Then she picked up the remote control and went back over to the low couch opposite it and sat down on one end.

When the tape began to roll, she watched the heroine being bound and gagged to a chair with her legs over the chair's arms and her pussy splayed open. She saw a large black man begin to whip the heroine/victim’s inner thighs and tits with a buggy whip. Judy slowly began to run the head of the rubber dildo into her hotly running cunt.

Deeper and deeper into her sloppy snatch the rubber cock went. When it was almost all the way in, she began pulling it back out very slowly to tantalize her horny snatch. As the action on the video sped up, so did the action in her running cunt. She slid the dildo back and forth in her cunt faster and faster. She watched the girl on the TV scream as a similar cock was put up her cunt and pushed back and forth.

Judy imitated the treatment the girl in the blue movie was getting with the cock in her own cunt. Back and forth she slid the flexible, latex, reamer. As she approached the apex of her efforts, she reached up to her pierced and elongated nipples and began pinching and twisting them with the edge of her hard, sharp fingernails.

When she was almost to her climax, her titty twisting hand went down to the dildo cock sliding back and forth with rapid strokes in her cunt and tried to enter with it. As she rubbed her middle finger all around the outside of her cunt, it got very wet and slippery. Then Judy lowered it to her crinkled brown asshole and began to finger fuck herself there also.

The sensation of a cock in her cunt and a finger up her ass tripped Judy's climax switch and she went off the deep end crying aloud and moaning and finally screaming at the top of her lungs as she cramped and jerked and came gloriously.

Chapter 4B

When the world outside her body intruded itself on her consciousness again, she opened her eyes to see and hear the girl in the video moaning and screaming around her gag as she came also. This sexy sound and the pleasing presence of the stiff cock up her twat made Judy decide to wear the cock for a while. She adjusted and tightened the straps so that they pulled the big rubber intruder up into her even further and rested the hard balls at the base of the device against her clitty.

She got up and walked around the room to test its comfort level and found that the hard balls rubbed nicely against her clit as she walked. She decided to see how often she could cum this way as she did her housework or exercises.

She turned off the video, re-wound it and put it back up on the shelf. Then she went into the kitchen to prepare a gourmet meal for one. All the time the artificial cock was constantly pressing as deep into her as possible and her clitty got a nice rubdown.

After about three hours of washing and ironing what few clothes there were to do and dusting and running the vacuum all over the house and cleaning all the bathrooms on her hands and knees, she was both physically exhausted and sexually excited. She wanted to make herself come again, but she decided that tiredness had won out tonight. Besides, she liked the teasing horniness that the constant presence of the dildo in her pussy raised in her. She ran a shower and flopped into bed for the night with the hard rubber cock still stuffed into her dripping pleasure hole.

The next morning she removed it only to use the toilet and then replaced it way up inside her as she went about her daily duties. The cock felt like a large tampon inside her, but the balls were a delight when she walked and they touched her clit. She found that she liked the full, stuffed feeling she got wearing the big dick up her slushy cunt. It kept her wet and horny all the time. The constant horniness was building a tremendous need for relief in her. She knew she would have to do something about it, but decided to see if she could torture herself further by waiting until after lunch.

After lunch she went back into the playroom and watched another video while running the vibrator on low throughout the entire movie. It wasn't enough stimulation to get her off, but it did heighten her already high state of arousal. Near the end of the movie her cunt was so wet and she needed release so bad that she was moaning aloud and pinching her nipples toward climax.

When the movie was over, she was extremely excited and agitated. She switched the vibrator up to high and pulled it partially out of her dripping twat so she could rub it over her clitty. As the intense vibrations hit her clit, she went off into the never-never land of orgasm.

While she was cumming, she'd run the big vibrator up inside herself and around the outer lips. When she would start to come down, she'd press the intensely buzzing machine once more against her clit and she'd be back to her peak in a second. Finally, she lay exhausted with the big prick vibrating in her hand, outside of her cunt but being urged back in by the pulling straps.

She lay that way for a minute more to catch her breath after the huge series of climaxes she had experienced. Then, stuffing the big prick back inside of herself, Judy turned it off, and adjusted the straps so that she could continue wearing it the rest of the day. She was becoming addicted to being filled, she thought as she got up and headed for a shower.

Chapter 4C

Sometime during that night Sid came home and sneaked into their bedroom. He found her curled up in a ball in the middle of their king-sized bed with the dildo stuffed up her gash. As he undressed and got silently in bed with her, he noticed that she was squirming and twitching around the big dick in a delightful way. She was having a dream about getting screwed and was enjoying it thoroughly.

Changing his mind, Sid crept out of bed and went quietly down to the playroom to get a few things. As he came back in, he noticed that the sexy nineteen year old girl had rolled over onto her back and spread her legs as far apart as she could get them. He snuck around to the head of the bed and softly placed a blindfold over her eyes and pulled the elastic band up over the back of her head. Then, as Judy began to come awake, He quickly cuffed each wrist and connected them together over her head and attached them to the ring in the head board.

"Waahhtt!...Who's there?.. Whatareyadoing to me? Help!" She screamed as she came fully awake. Sid went down her body and cuffed her ankles and pulled each leg toward opposite ends of the foot board and tied her down again.

"Sid honey, is that you? I'm so glad you're home! Sid? Sid damnit, answer me!" She screeched as he continued his silence.

"Who is there? Why have you tied me up like this?" She asked querulously. "Sid please answer me!" she sobbed as he reached over to the giant dildo's balls that protruded obscenely from her pussy. He pulled it almost out of her creaming twat and let the elastic straps pop it back into her. "Oh, God I hope that's you Sid, but whoever it is, please don't stop!" She moaned as he pulled it back again for another popping entry.

This time it went back into her even faster as her dripping juices lubricated the false dick even further. "Oh, yeah, that's it, do me just like that again." she pleaded. He accommodated her gladly. She was a bit fearful that the person at her cunt was not Sid and the delicious fear of the unknown added more excitement to what was going on.

While the stranger was fucking the artificial prick into her cunt, she felt the large male body get up on top of her face with his balls and hard prick facing her mouth. As he continued to ream her hole with the false prick, he let his own warm balls and prick slide back and forth over her face. She greedily stuck out her tongue and licked any surface she could find, including his hairy ass and ass hole. With his knees on either side of her head, he slowly lowered his prick into her mouth and she sucked it in greedily.

He stopped pulling the rubber prick out of her pussy and turned the balls so they faced away from her clit and let it slide back in. Then, he lowered his head to her dripping, stuffed snatch and began laving all around the stretched and naked lips of her hungry cunt and the clitoral hood. Then, with his fingers, he pulled the hood of flesh away from her clit and started concentrating his oral ministrations on that tiny center of feeling. She jerked like a bolt of lightning had hit her and immediately began cumming and moaning around the big tube-steak stuffed down her throat.

Sid took advantage of her excitement to ram his prick all the way into her throat. He held himself there just long enough to feel the contractions of her throat muscles as her gag reflex kicked in and her desperate struggles to breathe made her squirm delightfully.

"God what a feeling!" Sid thought as he slowly began to withdraw his mighty prick from her throat so she could get some air. She drew in a huge breath as he cleared her throat and he rammed back down into her throat for another long minute of throat gags and tight sensations.

On the third dip back down into her throat, he began to cum and spurt directly into her stomach. He held his turgid tube in her throat so long that she thought she would pass out. Just as things were fading out on her, he removed his prick from her mouth and sat up.

Chapter 4D

By this time Judy knew that her intruder was Sid from his moans and the feel of his prick in her mouth. She said so and he removed the blindfold and kissed her much stretched lips and toyed with her breasts. Neither of them had the least inclination to remove the restraints on her.

"Oh, Sid, I'm so glad you're home, I missed you so much. Come over here and kiss me again," She sighed in total contentment. He leaned over again for a long, deep tongue kiss that heated them both up and sent shivers of desire down Judy's stomach into her quivering quim. As he kissed her, he lightly pinched her nipples and massaged her tits to heighten her thrills. He knew all her hot spots and he now began to turn her on in earnest.

"Sid, I'm so hot, honey. Could you fuck me again, please!" she sighed when he finally broke their kiss.

"Sure honey, I'd be glad to, but first I want you to meet someone," he said with an odd smile on his lips. Then he turned and went down the hallway a little bit and came back with a girl of obvious Asian origin.

She had a deep tan, almond shaped eyes, short black hair, and a slender, delicate body. The little girl just barely came up to Sid's nipples in height and was skinny and long legged like an ungainly adolescent. She did not seem embarrassed to look upon Judy in her fettered position but stared curiously when she noticed the gold loops hanging off of each elongated and blood engorged nipple. She was wearing a tee shirt and shorts and her hands were cuffed behind her back. Like Judy, she was also a prisoner.

Sid reached behind her and undid her hands. Then he pulled up on the bottom of her tee shirt and took it off over her head. The girl had small buds for tits with large nipples and deep red aureoles. Her slender figure was charming and the length of her arms and legs led one to believe she was a clumsy, awkward teenager who would grow up to be a beautifully short but slender person some day. Her dark eyes and short cropped hair helped draw attention to her round face and cute smile.

"This is Kim Lin, Judy. She's your new house maid and concubine." Then he unbuttoned her shorts and pulled them off her perky little buttocks and down her short, skinny legs. Kim Lin didn't try to cover any of her private parts and hide herself in embarrassment. She had spent most of her life running naked before all the people of the village, so this was just a natural way to live for her. Her innocent acceptance of nudity was charming and both Sid and Judy felt more relaxed in her presence when she was bare, like them.

"She doesn't know much English nor does she have much sexual experience. You see, she's still a virgin, so we're going to have to teach her a lot," said Sid as he turned her around. The short, black hair on her head was like soft silk strands that ran straight down her back without a hint of curl. Her shoulder blades were prominent through her back skin and what little musculature she had back there.

Her buns were just barely beginning to develop and the split between the halves did not gap open as some more full bottomed girls may have. The backs of her legs revealed a slim set of hips that flared into a well rounded set of calves and tiny bare feet with exquisitely shaped toes and small, fragile ankles. There were no tan lines on her brown body. It was obvious that she had been exposed to the rays of the sun without any protection at all.

She turned in Sid's hands docilely enough and stood patiently as Judy stared at her hard little body. Her whole demeanor was totally subservient and obedient. "I brought her back with me from the far east. Her parents sold her to me for three hundred dollars. They said she is eighteen, even had the proper papers to prove it and they claimed she was eating more than they could afford. She's our little servant to train our way. Say hello to Judy, Kim Lin," he prompted as he turned her back around to face the naked and bound beauty on the bed.

"Hello," whispered Kim Lin and then dropped her head. When she did, her eyes widened and her mouth formed an O shape as she noticed the big dildo still sticking out of the well fucked cunt of the lady lying on the huge bed. She had never dreamed that something so large would fit into such a tiny hole. She shuddered as she remembered the moans and sounds of the couple as she stood in the hallway and listened to their homecoming fuck, just a few minutes ago.

Judy lay in shocked arousal to hear that Sid had brought another woman home. Even a small, slim one like this was too much of a threat to her. Tears of jealousy and hurt welled up in her eyes as she imagined herself replaced by this diminutive rival. "Oh, Sid how could you?" she sobbed.

Sid had anticipated something of this sort and he had come prepared. Over the past few nights, he had spent hours on end training Kim Lin to lick and suck pricks, pussies and ass-holes. He reached over to Judy's tied up body and removed the dildo from her dried up snatch and nudged Kim Lin toward the bed.

Kim Lin took this as her cue and bent down to the woman's hairless groin and began licking and slurping at her distended cunt lips and clitoral hood. She used her hands to spread the outer lips of Judy's cunt to get deeper into Judy's pussy and reveal her clit beneath the clitoral hood.

Sid had hired several whores for her to practice on and, after almost a week of going at them every night for hours on end, she was fairly accomplished at eating pussy. She had come to enjoy the taste of pussy, all hot and excited and running with sexy juices. It made her own lightly haired pus swell and get mushy.

She knew that Sid expected her to make a good impression on this girl so she did her best to arouse and satisfy her. She licked up and down both sides of the running slit before her and then stuck her tongue as far up into Judy’s cunt as she could go. She then swirled back out and around the clit until Judy neared orgasm. Then Kim Lin headed down to the space below her cunt between the two holes. As she teased and tickled with her tongue, her tiny hands reached up for a nipple tweaking session with the largest set of nubs Kim Lin had ever seen.

Judy was still apprehensive about this new relationship. Even more so because, other than a perfunctory bout with Dora, she had never had her pussy licked so well by another woman before. Dora had not been inclined to do it for long enough to bring her off and she had just not ever been exposed to real lesbian love before. However, as Kim Lin worked on her in earnest, Judy's excitement level increased and the ministrations of the foreign girl at her cunt began to relax Judy and make her feel that this sort of thing could have it's good side too.

Chapter 4E

Kim Lin had lived in the jungle with her family of three brothers and four sisters. They had barely had a subsistence living and her parents had already sold off two of her sisters for money for food and other necessities. She had seen her mother and father making love many times on the dirt floor of the one room hut they lived in, but it had always been dark and she had never been able to watch closely enough to understand the mechanics of lovemaking very well.

As she got older, she'd not had an opportunity to learn much more than how to survive in the jungle from her brothers. They had always regarded her as just another annoyance in their lives until she had started to grow up and take on a more interesting, female shape.

Until the last three years or so, in the jungle, she had gone mostly naked. When her brothers and the other boys in the small jungle village had begun to notice her, her mother had fashioned a short, simple shift dress to cover her nakedness. Then she had started her period and before she lost her virginity, and therefore much of her value to her parents, they had sold her.

Without any formal education and not even speaking the language of the strange man who had bought her, she had spent a week in what was to her a luxuriously furnished, but, in fact, a cheap motel room on the outskirts of the main city in her poor country. Sid had tried to teach her some simple phrases and did succeed in getting her familiar with the female anatomy and how to make it cum. She also became quite an accomplished cock sucker.

He used a system of reward and punishment to teach her the methods and techniques she needed to learn if his plan was to succeed. The first few nights she was kept as a prisoner with her hands cuffed behind her and a chain attached to a collar around her neck.

Sid wasn't afraid that she'd run off. She had been taught from birth that a woman's place was serving a man and that she would be sold to a man to please and do as he said for the rest of her life. She felt she was very lucky to be sold to a rich man who would let her live in the lap of luxury for the rest of her life. No, she certainly wouldn't run back into the cold, cruel jungle. She wanted to please this man and stay with him. Sid just wanted to establish his total dominance over her before she got any idea that she might not be the slave he wanted her to be.

As she slept, naked in the big fluffy hotel room bed her first night, Sid came to her, naked and cuddled up to her back with her hands tied behind her. She had never felt such a soft bed before and was amazed and felt very fortunate to be in this comfortable position. The presence of a large male behind her was a reassurance that this was all not just a dream. It was also a comfort to her as she was used to sleeping on the dirt floor of their poor hut with siblings and parents touching her on all sides all night.

She had noticed his prick standing up for her appreciation earlier, but he had not made any demands of her except her nakedness and total subservience. Already he had taught her a hand-full of the words in his strange new language.

The second night, still naked and cuffed, he had guided her mouth down to his crotch and made her lick and suck his prick. When she had refused to put his prized possession in her mouth, he had dispassionately turned her over his lap and spanked her saucy, little buns until she had cried aloud and pleaded in her own language for another chance to please him.

He returned her to his prick and she immediately swallowed as much of his elongated, groin muscle into her mouth as she could. Then he had used her mouth to slide it back and forth a few times to arouse him and get his large tumescence harder.

When he deemed himself at his peak, he began ramming his prick further down her throat until he cut off her wind. She struggled and gagged, but the tied up, tiny doll was no match for his overwhelming strength and determination. Eventually, his cock stabs were deep enough into her throat to let her feel the wiry tickle of his pubic hair against her nose. When she felt his balls smash against her chin, she knew that she had taken him all the way in.

At that point, she felt his prick swell and become larger than ever and start to spurt gobs of sweet and bitter cum down her throat. Kim Lin also noticed a strange thing happening in her almost hairless pussy. As she swallowed his big globs of hot cum, her own pussy contracted and twitched and ran with juices that the diminutive Asian did not understand. It felt good in her groin, but it left her wanting more.

As a reward for her successful blow job for him, he ordered a sumptuous meal from room service of steak and eggs and a bowl of ice cream to top it off. She was delighted to get the meat and the eggs were a special treat to her, but the ice cream was a wonderful new experience for her and she vowed to herself that she would try harder to please this man so he would do more delightful things for her. She was also strangely excited by this quiet man and looked forward to each lesson that he was willing to give her.

The third night he left her after he gagged and tied her up on the bed in their room. When he returned, he had another woman with him. She was older than Kim Lin and wore a sexy wrap around dress that barely covered her privates and breasts.

He closed and locked the door. The whore he had brought in noticed the naked, young girl tied up with her hands behind her back and her legs tied together, but did not say a word. This white man had offered her a hundred dollars to come back to his room and have whatever kind of sex he wanted with her. He had told her not to say a word during the whole process or she'd only get half that amount. One hundred dollars was more than she made whoring for a whole month, so he knew she would cooperate and do everything he wanted.

He quickly stripped and ordered her to do the same. Then he indicated the girl on the bed. He told the older woman what he wanted and she acted immediately to comply. The aging whore of twenty five got on the bed with the frightened Kim Lin and knelt so that her pussy was in line with the little girl's face. Then, after sitting upright, she sat down over her mouth. Kim Lin knew that she was expected to service this woman with her tongue just like she had done for the man the night before.

Without hesitation, Kim Lin stuck out her tongue as the pussy lowered onto her face and began licking around the outside of her pussy lips and over the opening of her pussy. Sid reached under her back and unfastened her hands so she could use them to open up the pussy above her working mouth. Kim Lin had never licked cunt before, but the principle was the same as the night before and she found that the smell and taste of another woman's pussy was pleasant, even exciting.

Sid also removed the restraints on her ankles and pushed her legs open. He started tickling and lightly stroking the few sprigs of hair around her nubile pussy. Then he massaged her entire cunt slash and rubbed over the closed lips around her clit. He knelt over her pussy and got his face closer to the virginal cunt to taste and smell the excitement of this teenager's twat. As he lowered his face to her pussy he spread her inner lips with his hand and extended his tongue out to run it around her clit and into her hole.

Then he fastened her ankles to the upper corners of the wide bed, stood at the foot of the bed and slid his leather belt from his pants and started lightly flicking his belt first at one inner thigh and then the other. He alternated from left to right and covered the entire area from her knees to her pussy with belt swats. Kim Lin jerked every time she was hit. She couldn’t understand what she had done wrong, but supposed it was the way she was licking the pussy above her. She redoubled her efforts and began chewing and pushing up with her whole face, even as tears ran down her cheeks.

The first few minutes of Sid licking her pussy had been very pleasant and her passion had mounted to an unusual peek. Now, the stings of the belt were causing her real trouble maintaining that passion. Sid stopped swatting her with the belt for a few minutes and once again climbed upon the bed between the tiny girl’s legs and began to eat her out again. Kim Lin started back up that passion trail anticipating the feelings he was giving her. The whore on her face was groaning and jerking and the pussy she was sucking gushed out a liquid that she found pleasant as she gobbled it up.

Then Sid straightened up again and started really smacking her with the whip end of his belt, leaving red marks and whelps everywhere he went. Kim Lin squirmed and twisted and tried to remove herself from under Sid's ministrations, but of course she was not strong enough to break the ankle bonds nor was she big enough to get the whore off her face. He was hurting her. She was confused with the licking and the beating which caused her a lot of pleasurable pain.

The things he was doing were exciting, pleasurable, painful and frightening to her at the same time. "Sit down on her and hold her in place." Sid instructed the whore. She sat down further and held onto her wrists. Sid put the belt aside and leaned onto the bed and reached up to her barely swelling breasts and pinched one nipple and then the other one until Kim Lin thought he would draw blood.

She understood this as her punishment for not doing what he wanted and in order to get him to stop the pain she stopped her squirming and concentrated on her cunt-lapping. As soon as her struggles ceased, he quit hurting her nipples. She had learned another lesson. Sid began again to lick and play with Kim Lin's cunt and she continued to service the whore. Sid returned to licking her cunt, always staying just short of making her cum.

After about ten minutes of this action, Sid looked up and noticed the whore starting to moan and hunch her cunt down over Kim Lin's swirling tongue and teeth again. The experienced lady was getting off. Kim Lin was constantly moaning and on the verge of cumming herself. Sid stepped back and grabbed the belt and swung a great lash right across Kim Lin’s clitty and pussy lips. Kim Lin went off like a firecracker. It was all the whore could do to keep her seat astride the bucking teenager.

When Kim Lin settled down again and resumed sucking cunt, the whore must have gone off again so Sid reached up and took Kim Lin's hand around the whore's hip to her ass crack. Then he spread her ass cheeks and took Kim Lin's forefinger, dipped it into the juices that were now spread all over the whore's gaping and dripping cunt lips, and pressed it up into the whore's asshole.

Kim Lin got the idea and pressed even harder to sink as much of her finger up the older woman's back passage. The whore squirmed and bore down further and let out a small groan again. Then Kim Lin must have hit her clit because the more mature girl arched her back and got very still and sat down on Kim Lin's face until she thought Kim Lin would pass out. She hunched her hips back and forth again a few times and relaxed and lifted up so Kim Lin could breathe.

Sid had the more voluptuous of the two lie on her back while Kim Lin ate out her cunt and ass hole for the next two hours. Occasionally, the whore would arch her back and climax and when she did, Sid would return the favor to the ass and cunt of Kim Lin always with that sting of pain to bring her off. Whenever Sid got a hard on, he replaced Kim Lin at the cunt of the whore and while he drove his prick into her vigorously, he had Kim Lin tongue his asshole and run a finger up inside of his ass for extra stimulation.

This developed into a nightly routine that was a lot of work for Kim Lin. Since Sid seemed pleased with her progress with both the language lessons during the day and the sex lessons at night, Sid heaped reward after reward on her. He played with her cunt and clit until Kim Lin came off in his hand or mouth and he took her shopping for luxuries she never dreamed were possible. Portable radios and bubble gum and a pretty tee shirt and a pair of shorts and sandals better than any her father had ever made for her were all her reward for succeeding in this strange little school Sid had put her through.

Since Sid was being so lavish with the presents and rewards, she felt it was only her fair job to complete her tasks to the best of her ability. It was, after all better than carrying wood for the cook fires in the jungle. It also allowed her to live in these luxurious surroundings and enjoy many things that she had never dreamed were possible.

Sid had been taking these "business trips" for a couple of reasons. He needed to continuously check on his banking and stock market transactions because he was liquidating his assets and putting them into interest bearing, long term bonds. That way, he wouldn't have to manage them as closely as he had been able to before he met Judy.

He also enjoyed the sexual variety of his previous lifestyle and felt that multiple sexual partners would not sit well with Judy at this stage in their relationship. He realized he was madly in love with her, but she needed to be brought up to his same level of hedonism and erotic activity slowly so as not to spoil it for her or scare her away from him.

Sid felt that she needed to be taught that he was the Master in all things, including with whom he chose to have sex. He intended to keep her around for a while but he wanted her to accept his swinger tendencies and become a hedonistic swinger like him so they could both enjoy his favorite pastimes together. He wanted their lives to be filled with sex and more sex!

His strategy was to introduce a single playmate into their domestic lives and heighten the sexuality between the three of them. He also wanted to take her masochism to the next level of delight and psychologically bind her to him as his sex slave, under his total control. To do this, he had to make her like this Asian beauty and enjoy her comforts and delights.

The trip over the ocean in the big airplane had been a total delight for Kim Lin. They flew to another eastern country and then boarded a privately chartered Jet for the States. Identity papers and employment papers had been properly taken care of so that Sid was legally the girl's employer.

It had been somewhat difficult to keep the girl in her clothes. She wanted to take them off whenever she came inside the house and she thought the airplane was just another house on wheels. The public plane out of her country was not the place to do that, but the private jet he had arranged for was delightful without clothes. They had both disrobed and he enjoyed a pleasant blow job as they crossed the Pacific Ocean.

So now here they were in their bedroom back at home with Judy tied hand and foot to the bed and Kim Lin exhibiting the talents and skills she had acquired over the past few weeks. Judy was coming around with the sensations she was feeling and when the girl pushed a finger gently up her bum end, Judy took off!

"Oh, God! What have you brought me Sid? She's doing it to me, I'm cumming!" She said as she arched her body backwards in an effort to get away from the intensity of the tiny tongue rubbing back and forth across the super sensitive love nub. Sid knew that everything would be all right when he heard those moans of pleasure and saw the familiar tightening of Judy's body when she orgasmed. "Would you like to taste her?" he asked. "Climb up here Kim Lin," he ordered the adolescent girl without waiting for Judy's consent. He helped Kim Lin into a squatting position over Judy's face and pushed her down until the few pubic hairs on Kim Lin's face were tickling Judy's nose and lips.

Then Kim Lin sat down all the way and Judy's nose went up the tiny girl’s unused cunt. It was hot and wet with passion and Judy loved it. She inhaled a big breath of the pussy fragrance and started moving her lips and tongue all around Kim Lin's tiny pussy hole and clit. Judy had decided to give this sex slave girl a try without ever really knowing that she did so.
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