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This a continuation of Sharing My Sister stories, although neither of my sisters are involved in this episode. It contains my sister Sharon’s best friend Tina, me and my 3 best friends at the time, Phil, Martin and Mike.

It was now the first Saturday of September and near the end of the school holidays we had spent the afternoon watching West Bromwich Albion (English football team) thrash Swansea 4-1.
It was near 7.10pm we had made our way home across town, stopping for some chips on the way. We were now outside Phil’s house deciding what to do for the rest of the evening. We were all decided on having alcohol but after that we were undecided.

As we were arguing Tina appeared at the bottom of the road, swigging from an open bottle of wine, while clutching a plastic carrier bag in the other hand.

As she approached I acknowledged her with a nod as did the other guys, but as she reached us she stopped and asked us what we were up to
P hil replied “that we were going to get pissed like you” and nodded to her open bottle. Before adding “have mass wanks”

Tina replied with “oooohhh can I watch” by this time she was surrounded by all of us. Martin was the first to reply “you can do it for us if you like, that’s the least you can do “

As he said this he reached out with his right hand and cupped her left breast through her t-shirt pushing her back against the wall that separated Phil’s front garden from the pavement.
Tina replied “maybe if you ask nicely I might”.

Tina looked martin in the eye and just said naughty but made no attempt to stop him or move his hand away. Martin’s hand was squeezing and kneading her boob. I took this as a sign of consent and reached out with my left hand to cup her right boob. But I was to slow and all my hand felt was other people’s hands, as both Phil and Mike reached out for her tits with their hands.

I immediately moved my hand down to the hem of her skirt and pulled her skirt up as I moved my hand in-between her legs, I swear she parted her thighs to allow my hand access as it crept higher and higher until the palm of my hand cupped the gusset of her cotton panties. Using my middle finger I moved the leg of her panties to one side and parted her lips of her pussy feeling the warmth and wetness leaking out of her. I used my thumb and little finger to keep her panties out of the way as I inserted my middle and fore fingers into her pussy while starting a sawing action as I began to fuck her pussy with my fingers.
As the assault on her body really started to take momentum she tensed up and put her arms around both Martin’s and Phil’s neck for support.

She kept saying “that we were really naughty, and we mustn’t do this”, but she clung on tighter and tighter with her moans getting more frequent and louder

Finally Tina said “no not here it’s too public, let’s go somewhere private and let’s fuck”.
Phil was the first to react as he said his house was free and started to move the couple of yards to the entry to his house, we all trooped off behind him, with Tina 2nd last with Martin behind her with his hands fondling both of her arse cheeks as she walked.

As we all entered the living room, Tina stood in the middle of the room and addressed us all by saying “right some rules, first it’s 1 at a time no funny stuff “. She looked at both Phil then Me as she said this; Martin picked up on this by giving me a funny look.

Tina added” next blow jobs only there’s to many of you to all shag me and it’s upstairs only….. that’s the deal take it or leave it” with that she swigged the last of her open bottle of wine and let it drop to the floor, before she headed to the stairs, as she reached the stairs she turned and said” decide amongst yourselves who’s first” and disappeared up the stairs.

Before she had finished speaking Martin was already heading for the stairs behind her as he reached the stairs and turned to us with a huge grin he said “ I’m first as she wants the best and biggest “, with that he disappeared up the stairs.

A quick glance at the others confirmed that we were all tenting our jeans, I started stripping my t shirt off followed by undoing my jeans, as I did so I turned to the other 2 and just said” why waste time” as my jeans and y fronts slipped to the floor. Phil and Mike followed suit by stripping as well. When we were all naked Phil stood in front of both of me and Mike and wrapped his fingers around both our cocks and started to tug them, he gave both cocks about a dozen tugs each before heading for stairs saying “let’s watch”.

We both followed him upstairs trying to be as quiet as possible but failing miserably. As we reached the bedroom door it was slightly ajar and we all peered through the gap but couldn’t see the bed directly but could see everything reflected in the mirror on the wardrobe door.

Tina was lying on her back on the bed fully clothed except for her white cotton panties which were lying on the floor. Her t-shirt and her matching bra were pushed up around her neck leaving her pert pointy tits on show, with Martins lips wrapped firmly around her right nipple. Martin was lying on top of her he was fully clothed with his jeans and y fronts round his ankles. His cock was pistoning in and out of her pussy as he fucked her.

As we crowded around the door peering in Phil gave me and Mike a shove as all 3 of us went crashing through the door and sprawled on to the floor. As we picked ourselves up off the floor, Tina screamed at us to get out, but we just stood there watching as she wrapped her thighs around Martin’s hips and began to match him thrust for thrust. The moans really started to escape from her mouth now as she loudly told Martin to “fuck her hard…..pound her pussy……harder, faster, faster….” tina collapsed on the bed as her orgasm ripped thru her, with her head on the pillow she motioned with her finger for Phil to come towards her, he shuffled forward so his cock was level with her head on the pillow as Martin continued fucking her. Phil offered his cock to her mouth which she gratefully sucked in; I motioned to Mike to move around to the other side of the bed so Tina had Phil and Mike on either side of her head, while Martin continued to fuck her. Tina would sway her head from side to side so she could alternately suck Phil and Mike while being fucked by Martin. It wasn’t long before Martin announced he was Cumming and pulled out of Tina just as he let 3 large spurts of spunk over her pubic hair and lower belly. Martin crawled off her, Non of Martin’s spunk landed on her clothes but Tina told us to watch her clothes. At that Martin said “ok let’s strip her “and reached out to UN doing her skirt and letting it slip to the floor. As he did this Phil reached down and grasped the hem of her T-shirt and pulled it up over her head, grabbing her bra as he did this. Tina was now naked apart from her socks and pumps.

Martin went to sit on the floor as his dick started to shrink, but I looked at him and told him to go to Tina and let her clean his dick. Phil said to Tina “you should suck his cock clean, and taste your own juices……. While I fuck the arse off you”

I moved away from the wall I standing against and went to the head of the bed and told the others to move her down the bed, which they did, as I crawled onto the bed with my knees either side of Tina’s ears. Phil knelt between Tina’s legs and scooped Martin’s spunk up in the palm of his right hand and smeared it all over Tina’s pussy lips before inserting his middle and forefinger into her fanny and finger fucking her hard and fast to another orgasm.

Phil then positioned himself at the entrance of her pussy and guided his cock gently into her fanny and gave a couple of tentative thrusts and wiggles as he gained his rhythm. Just as he got going Tina put her hand on Phil’s shoulder and said “stop…….. Let Mike have a go first …… you’ve already had me, he hasn’t…….you can be next”. Phil reluctantly agreed and swapped places with Mike and stood next to Martin offering both cocks as well as mine to her eager mouth. As she took turns in sucking and wanking all 3 cocks at her face Phil leant in and whispered to her” go on taste it…..can you taste your love juice.
….taste his spunk…..that’s it makes us cum…. Take all the spunk you greedy bitch.” He then added “next time and there will be a next won’t there? (she just grinned and nodded) bring Sharon for a proper party”. Martin looked directly at me and said “you and “, before he could finish I nodded and brought my finger up to my lips in a sssshhh motion.

Martin now left the bed as his cock had now shrivelled, has he did so he picked up the unopened wine bottle that Tina had dropped on the floor by the side of the bed. He opened the screw cap bottle and held the bottle up to his mouth and took a long swig from it, before passing it to first Phil then, Tina and myself before I passed it to Mike.

All the time Mike was still fucking Tina fast and furiously when he announced he was close to Cumming. Tina said “do it…give me your spunk…do it inside me ….THAT’S IT MAKE ME CUM”.

Mike gave one last groan as he emptied his balls inside Tina’s pussy before collapsing on top of her. I was the first to move as I scrambled round to the foot of the bed, and put my hand on Mikes shoulder and pulled him off her, before saying “sorry I’m next need to fuck her fanny before I waste my spunk”.

I positioned the head of my cock at the entrance to her fanny, while Tina reached down with her left hand and guided it into her, giving a hard thrust to make sure; it went in all the way. After spending the last 10/15 minutes having my cock sucked and wanked I knew I wasn’t going to last very long as I could already feel the spunk start to rise from my bollocks. Tina’s fanny was feeling very wet and slippery from the spunk left in it from Mike, (Mike had now left the room to get dressed). I gave a couple of dozen hard and fast thrusts before announcing I was cumming, letting out a groan and adding my spunk to Mikes.i got off Tina and collapsed on a heap on the floor.

At the same time Phil without saying a word came in Tina’s mouth, with her allowing all of it to stay in her mouth, without spilling a drop. She then sat up and poked her tongue out showing the creamy white substance resting on her tongue. A small amount ran off her tongue and dropped on to her right boob.

Martin positioned himself between Tina’s legs while picking up the wine bottle and putting the top back on. With one hand held the lips of her fanny open and inserted the bottle inside her with the other hand. He then proceeded to fuck her with the bottle making the 2 loads of spunk in her fanny dribble out while coating the neck of the bottle in a mixture of love juice and spunk as it pummelled in and out of her fanny. As it continued going in and out of her she started moaning and kept saying she was cumming, over and over again, before letting out a loud moan as the orgasm ripped through her body.

Tina was left alone to sort herself out, as everyone else went downstairs to get dressed. As we were getting dressed, Phil was the first to speak by saying “that was fun”. Martin replied with “fun…. It was fucking fantastic”. Mike agreed with Martin and added “what a way to lose your cherry”. We all burst out laughing at his comment.

Tina then appeared in the room with the wine bottle in her hand, we all looked in her direction as she raised the bottle to her lips in slow motion and seductively licked the glistening wetness off the neck.
I asked her “if she had enjoyed breaking in a couple of virgins”

She said “they were quite good …. And didn’t guess it was their first time” and with that headed for the door. As she reached it she turned round and said “thanks lads I really needed that….. Give me a shout when you want some more”. Blew a kiss at us and left the house.

We spent the next half hour or so discussing the night’s proceedings, with both Martin and Mike not being able to believe their luck.


2017-03-01 05:31:38
oh to be young.


2015-10-08 19:48:20
Continue the story please.


2015-08-22 20:14:21
Great story!

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2013-05-28 21:43:32
And to this day Tina isn't sure who the father is

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2012-07-03 12:29:20
Good story but it could have benefited from having been proofread and edited to clean up all the language, grammar and punctuation errors. Still very hot though. I love girls who enjoy being gangbanged.

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