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Welcome back everyone. I understand that most stories on this site get right into the sex but like I explained in the first chapter this is an epic story. There is plenty of sex and depravity for everyone in this story but having the other side pushing the story forward should keep your interest as well. I really tried to make it as interesting as I could for everyone. Also instead of recapping at the beginning of each chapter I would encourage you to read the previous chapters first so that it all makes sense to you.

Daddy and I play water sports on the airplane:

Meanwhile in Los Angeles at the FBI offices:
It has been several days since Special Agent Murphy spoke with Dr. Miles Spencer PhD who heads a secret FBI facility known as Camelot Clinic. Dr. Miles’ work over the past decade has been very secretive as he was brought there to develop new brainwashing techniques. Before he was brought to the Camelot Clinic by the FBI his specialty was helping people who suffered major brain injuries and have lost their memories. Dr. Spencer has developed special technique’s that helps his various patients regain their lost lives as they once knew them. A few weeks ago he was brought his most daunting and challenging patient to date, a young co-ed who witnessed a quadruple homicide. Since that fateful night she has remained in a catatonic state since her arrival at Camelot Clinic. After the first therapy session in which Dr. Spencer hypnotized his patient he was finally able to unlock her subconscious. Once he was tapped into her subconscious he discovered that all of her memories were still safely intact but now Miles’ challenge is to figure out a way to help her regain her conscious self and live a normal life again.

Dr. Spencer relayed the information that was revealed in the first session that he hypnotized his patient. He agreed to only forward information that pertained to the case that Special Agent Tom Murphy was working on that was provided to him by his patient. Special Agent Tom Murphy of the Organized Crime Task Force of New York City was sitting in a temporary office at the FBI headquarters in Los Angeles drinking his morning black coffee and nibbling on a Cherry Danish. He was looking out his eighteenth story window as he watched the people on the street walking by underneath him. He was deep in thought about how he had gotten his self entangled in an ongoing threesome with two female homicide detectives from LA who are working the case with him. Tom’s mind was basking in the wonderful memories of the past several weeks of fucking these hot women and then waking up naked next to two thirty something’s who were also naked and inevitably ready to fuck his brains out each morning.

Tom heard people beginning to file into the office as each time he heard the elevator bell go off. He realized that his time of daydreaming was over as he watched his team from his New Jersey office walk in. Tom pulled out all the pertinent information that he needed and gathered his guys together in one of the conference rooms. Under the advisement of Doctor Spencer and with only one other viable lead in the case Agent Murphy decided to meet with his two trusted agents Eric Walker and Danny Lambert.

Once everyone was comfortable he started the meeting. Tom explained to them that he needs them to do some follow up on the information that Kristen Foster the witness of the quadruple homicide provided to Doctor Spencer in her therapy session while under hypnosis and he said, “Listen Eric and Danny I need you two to do some background interviews with several people back in Latrobe, Pennsylvania of all places ~ about our witness Kristen Foster. First, I need you to find this Kristen Foster’s father, mother or grandparents back there. Now, Doctor Spencer mentioned that while she was under hypnosis she said that she was a seven-year-old girl. He also mentioned that she could be stuck in a certain place in time inside of her mind for quite a while. So, perhaps if we find her Elementary school teacher would be a good idea.” Tom flipped through several pages and said, “Here it is Ms. Tina Johnson perhaps she can give us an outsider’s viewpoint of our witness who is supposedly going to UCLA right now.

Apparently the only way of communicating with our witness at this time is through some form of exotic hypnosis. Doctor Spencer feels that if he isn’t able to bring her out of her catatonic state soon that she could just wrap herself in her own sorta ~ cocoon. He said it’s like she is hiding deep inside of her own mind. I don’t know how that is possible but then again I’m not a Psychiatrist either. Apparently he said it could possibly make her feel safe remembering herself a young girl rather than her current reality. Dr. Spencer mentioned that she could very well be shutting down her conscious mind once and for all. At this point she’s is the only person who witnessed what happened in that hotel room the night of the murders. We need her ~ so we are going to be doing a lot of redundant work over the next few days. I want the two of you to be as murky about her being alive or dead.”

Danny broke in, “So basically what you’re saying boss, is you want her cover story to remain in tack that she has died? You want us to claim that, before she died, she talked and we are doing some follow up on her story is that it?”

Tom said, “I want you to do some background on the family back there in Pennsylvania, if there is anything. She could be lying but if any part of her story checks out then I want you back there in Latrobe doing the one-on-one-interviews. Also you could just tell them you’re there to do background interviews for a potential agent.”

Eric looked up at Tom with a smile on his face and did his best Al Pacino impression, “Just when you think you’re out of the east coast ~ The EAST COAST pulls you back in. I love it out here boss I can’t lie. This is like we’re on vacation all the time out here. It’s warm and sunny and the women are just ~ well you know boss ~ you’ve been spending a lot of time with those two hotties from LA Homicide. Tell me boss any plans on slapping some cuffs on one of them?”

Everybody started to laugh in the room and then Tom looked at Eric, “Look ‘E’ this case isn’t going away any time soon. We need as much background as we can get. If the witness is really from back there then let’s start filling in the blanks for this young girl. She just might be the key to this whole damn thing. If not, wouldn’t it be nice to make this girl whole again don’tcha think? Wouldn’t it be nice to at least help her out that way? Okay guys I need you to get back to work and you guys need to get on the phone and your computers. Okay that’s it.”

It didn’t take long for Eric and Danny to input the very little information that they had into the FBI computer system. It seems that there is a Kristen Foster that lives in Latrobe, Pennsylvania. The additional information started to be confirmed she was enrolled at New Derry Elementary School and one of her teachers is a Ms. Johnson. Then they confirmed that she was born at the Latrobe Hospital in 1992. They also confirmed the names of the patient’s parents and both sets of grandparents.

At the end of the day armed with this new info Danny made a call to his boss Tom about marching orders. Danny called Tom and said, “Hey boss got some news for ya.”

Tom said, “Okay, so what did you find out?”

Danny said, “Well, you know Eric he worked his magic on his keyboard and he confirmed the information that came from the good doctor. The real question is if this girl didn’t just use another person’s name or if this is the real Kristen Foster.”

Tom said, “Well, take a plane ride back to Pittsburgh with Eric and get to work and start confirming if it is her or not.”

Danny said, “Well, we found a photo of her in one of the local papers back then. It seems that she was part of some home invasion scenario it’s very vague as to what actually happened. We called the paper and they sent us a clearer picture and Eric put her face through our facial recognition program that aged our Kristen Foster. I have to say boss, it’s pretty damn close. I think the doctor did his job and got us some really good Intel.”

Tom said, “What is the one thing that we learn in the FBI Danny? We double fact check everything ~ then we triple fact check everything so that it’s concrete. Grab Eric and a suitcase and get on a red eye back to Pittsburgh. Keep me updated about what you find out.”

Meanwhile back in New Mexico the next morning:

It’s been a few days since Doctor Miles Spencer, PhD had put Kristen under her initial hypnosis using the technique of regression. Miles was still perplexed that Kristen hadn’t made any progress what so ever while she has been in her normal conscious state. Without the aid of being hypnotized Kristen remains in a vicarious catatonic state that is very similar to being in a coma. It makes her seem like she’s a living statue. Miles felt that if he isn’t able to help her within the next several sessions that she may just lock herself away in the deep recesses of her mind.

Miles and Kristen had an additional four sessions this week and each session resulted as her first thirty before she had ever been hypnotized. They consisted of Miles asking Kristen various questions and then looking for any kind of communication. Miles felt trapped not know what was really going to help her. Then he thought that perhaps hypnotizing Kristen and then using the regression technique on her once again he could pick out more information from her subconscious that could put him back on the right track.

Session #35 of Case Study 301:

Miles looked around his office to make sure everything was in place as he set the mood to once again hypnotize Kristen. As she was brought into his office Miles locked the door behind her. Miles never wanted to be disturbed when he was going to regress one of his patients. Before he put her under hypnosis again Miles finally started their session and said, “This is Case Study 301, Session number 35. Kristen ~ Kristen ~ Can you hear me Kristen?” Miles sat for a few minutes watching her for any signs of communication but when nothing happened he broke his silence, “Kristen I am a little worried. After the last session in which you were hypnotized ~ you once again returned to the state of being catatonic that you are currently in right now. There has been no communication between us whatsoever in our therapy sessions directly after you were hypnotized and quite frankly it has me worried. Now, I know that you can understand me while you are in this state but I need you to try and communicate with me ~ any way possible.” Miles sat quietly for several minutes but her body remained like a statue and her eyes stared forward into nothingness. Miles was frustrated and he knew that he was going to have to attempt another episode of regression with her.

Miles sat gazing at Kristen and he thought ‘she may have the body of a real 20 year-old girl but during session #31 while Kristen was under hypnosis she exhibited an ego of a seven-year-old girl. While she was in that state she acted much more sexually mature for a girl of that age while she seemed to be able to keep an air of innocence about herself when talking about adult subject matters.’ It was quite perplexing even for a seasoned psychiatrist like Miles. Miles wasn’t sure what disturbed him the most, was it the fact that he molested his patient while she was hypnotized or the fact that in her mind she believed she was seven and he broke the trust of her inner-child.

Miles pushed forward through the guilt that he felt and looked at Kristen deep within her eyes trying to see something, anything that would keep him from hypnotizing her again but it just never happened. So, Miles began the regression process with Kristen. Once she was under hypnosis Miles started their session, “Okay Kristen the last time that you and I talked you described the happiest day of your life. To my surprise you revealed a lot of dark family secrets. Kristen I can only imagine how you must have felt ~ you know you being such a young girl being thrust into the role of a grown-up woman. Kristen you told me that you had sex with your teenage cousin Timmy and that you and your Pop-pop, who you said is a doctor, made you play games together that lead you to you giving him fellatio.”

While Miles was speaking he watched Kristen’s metamorphosis from being a stone statue to a vibrant young girl. Finally after a few minutes she was finally fully alert under hypnosis and just like the young girl she exhibited in her last session in which she was hypnotized. She finally raised her hand and after Miles nodded at her signaling that she could ask her question she blurted out in a very young girlish voice, “What is fellatio Doctor Spencer?”

Miles after hearing how she was involved in many sexual scenarios with the men in her family felt like he could just tell her the truth and said, “That’s when a woman allows a man to put his penis in her mouth and then he ejaculates either in her mouth or on her face.”

Kristen smiled and giggled as her hand went over her mouth then she raised her hand at Miles and said, “What is ejaculate? That’s a funny sounding word.”

Miles smiled at her, “That is when your Pop-Pop gave you what he called his special medicine ~ you called it his special white pee.”

Kirsten giggled as her hand covered her mouth again to hide her embarrassing revelation and said, “Yes that is true” With her head bobbing up and down in agreement and now chewing on the ends of her hair, “We did fellatio a whole lot Doctor Spencer. My Pop-pop really likes to pee his white stuff all over my body.” Then her eyes widen and she held her right hand in the air with her forefinger extended, “This one time my Pop-pop told me to get naked you know ~ I didn’t know why he wanted me to be naked and all ~ I did it anyway because being a good girl in our house means ~” She started shaking her finger at Miles and she imitated a very low voice and she said, “~ Listening to your grownups is what good girls do in our family do.”

She then put her hands on her knees and shrugged her shoulders and gave Miles this cute little whim sickle smile, “When Pop-pop or Pap-pap was ready to pee his white medicine sometimes they made me open my legs really wide and they peed their white stuff all over my privates and then take pictures of me. That was the BEST!!!! I liked that the most. I liked watching it come out of the top of their privates all over me. It’s was so warm and wet. It took me a long time Dr. Miles to get used to the taste of my Pop-Pop’s and Pap-pap’s white pee but now I love it even though it tastes a lot like cough medicine. I also liked it when they took pictures of me when they were done ~ I want to be like those girls in my daddies naughty magazines. They look like they are having so much fun with the boys.”

Miles once again saw the path that this young girl was on. She was once again leading him down the path he so wanted to avoid but he wanted to keep things simple and on a non-sexual level as possible and said, “Today why don’t you tell me about your trip to Disney World? I am sure that it must have been a much happier time being a young girl going to what they call ‘the happiest place on earth’ why don’t you tell me about your trip to Disney World?”

Meanwhile back in Latrobe interview of Ms. Johnson

After a early morning flight Eric and Danny arrived in Latrobe and went directly to the New Derry Elementary School to meet with Kristen’s elementary school teacher is Ms. Johnson. They met her at the school at the end of the day in her classroom so that they could have total privacy.

Danny and Eric were seated on the other side of Ms. Johnson’s desk in her classroom. They felt like two students that had to be in detention for something that they did in class that day. It was as if they both were being punished and had to stay after school. Danny led off the interview, “Boy I feel like I’m right back in school again Ms. Johnson just another day where I had detention because I said or did something stupid in class.”

Ms. Johnson who was now in her early forties smiled at him and said, “I guess all those detentions did you some good because you ended up being an FBI Agent. By the way why don’t you just call me Tina and I’ll just call you Danny and Eric if that’s okay with you two?”

Eric said, “Okay that sounds fine with me.”

Danny was nodding his head, “Sure this interview is pretty low key anyway.”

Tina said, “Well, you two waited around all day to talk to me. So, I guess that I’m not under arrest for anything illegal. So, what could be so important that you came all the way to Latrobe to talk too little ‘ole me?”

Danny said, “We are here because we are doing some background interviews. These interviews are very informal. Of course we cannot reveal the name of the person who wants to be a part of the FBI but we interview family, friends, teachers, professors, co-workers and acquaintances of that person. We just wanted to ask some questions about some of the students that you had taught over a decade ago. Do you happen to remember a young girl or boy in your classroom with the last name Foster?”

Tina Carter just giggled, “You guys are definitely not from around here are you? Well, let’s just put it this way ~ each city has it’s (she held her hands above her head making quotation marks) pillars of the community ~ well the Foster’s are one of those big thick massive pillars, if you know what I mean? The name itself dates back to the founding families of Latrobe. There has been a long line of Doctor Foster’s that goes back to even before Latrobe was even founded. Okay, so let’s see here ~ if my memory serves me correctly I taught three of the Foster’s kids. Okay let’s see first there was Timmy then I had his younger sister Amy then came along the youngest their cousin Kristen ~ yes, that should be all of them. Are any of them in some sort of trouble?”

Eric said, “No, it’s nothing like that we are doing some background on the entire family. We are looking to get an outsider point of view of how their family is viewed by the community. That’s why we came to see you first. As a matter of fact you were listed rather high on the person’s referral page.”

Tina said, “So, I guess that you’re not at liberty to discuss whatever it is that you are really here for?”

Danny put his forefinger to his nose, “Right on the nosey there Tina. Can you tell us a little about the Foster kid’s when they were your students?”

Tina said, “Well, I can do more than that for you. I went to high school with all their parents Donny and Jim Foster and also Lilly and Lisa Carter. The funny thing is I went to school with Donald and Lilly they were in the same grade as me. Then along came Donny’s younger brother Jimmy and Lilly’s younger sister Lisa when we were juniors in high school. You know that now that I think about it ~ it’s awfully odd that two brother’s from one family would marry two sisters from another family.”

Eric said, “So, let me make sure I understand what you just said. The two Foster boys Don and Jim married the two Carter girls Lilly and Lisa?”

Tina nodded her head in agreement, “Yep.”

Danny said, “You know what? That is a strange phenomenon. So, what can you tell us about ~ let’s start with the oldest and work our way down to the last Foster you would have taught. I mean did they seem to be well adjusted children or did they have any problems? That is if you can remember anything?”

Tina said, “Latrobe is not a very big city and when you have two of the wealthier families marry each other their kids they are going to have certain ~ privileges ~ if you know what I mean?”

Danny said, “Well, it looks like we came to the right spot first. So, why don’t you go ahead and fill us in a little.”

Tina said, “Things are pretty simple around here. Not too much happens.” Eric and Danny sat for about twenty minutes as Tina filled them in on Timmy and Amy. It was a necessary evil as not to let onto what they were really after. Okay so finally let’s talk about Kristen? Well, okay, she was your normal average girl. She did eventually become the leader of the popular girls in her grade just like her cousin Amy did before her. Then when she was around eleven there was an unfortunate incident. It seems three men broke into Jim and Lisa Foster’s home and how can I say this delicately (she leaned forward and whispered in a hush tone) the men took advantage of her mother. There were plenty of rumors that Kristen was even abused as well ~ but I don’t think anyone wanted to really confirm that information either way.

I think they wanted to protect her reputation. Once the boys here in school heard about what happened to her ~ well, let’s just say her worst fears came true. The boys started grabbing at her naughty places ~ if you know what I mean. It got so bad that her mother and father pulled her from school and they actually left Latrobe all together. The boys were punished and expelled until the end of the school year but the damage had already been done to Kristen. I haven’t seen or heard from Jim, Lisa or even Kristen in years.”

Eric said, “So, aside from this break-in and assault she had a pretty normal childhood?”

Tina said, “That’s pretty much it. She was a pretty bright girl, she was extremely cleaver too and even though she was the leader of the in crowd here at school ~ she never picked on any of the unpopular kids. As a matter of fact she went out of her way to help those kids. You know now that I look back on it she was a good kid. She was a little too flirty at times for my tastes. Also she had no problem showing off her body ~ I mean as much as an eleven-year-old could ~ I felt she showed a little too much skin at times with some of the skimpy outfits she wore to school. There were some times when I think to myself what the parents are thinking by allowing young impressionable girls like Kristen was to wear short-shorts and mini-skirts, low rider jeans. Aside from that she was a really good kid.”

Danny said, “I have one other request for you.” He took out the composite image of what Kristen would look like today. It was from a picture of her when she was about eight years old from a newspaper article. Eric ran the picture through the FBI composite program and spit out an image of what she might look like today. “I know you haven’t seen Kristen in over a decade more or less but if I show you a picture do you think you could identify her?”

Tina said, “I’m not sure but let me have a look.” Eric reached into his satchel and pulled out the image and handed it to her. Tina looked it over for a good couple of minutes and then looked up at them and said, “I believe that could be her. I hope that she isn’t dead and that you are just trying to identify a dead body or something.”

Eric said, “Oh no it’s nothing like that at all.” Eric lied to her and said, “See we have already talked with Amy and Timmy but we haven’t been able to locate Kristen as yet. Now we have something to go on. Well thank you Ms. Johnson you have been very helpful.”

Tina said, “That’s it?”

Danny said, “Yes, that’s it. Like I said these background checks are a pretty informal thing.”

Tina said, “Darn it I thought that you were going to drop a bomb on me out of nowhere. You know like one of them was embezzling from a company or was a bank robber or something sensational like that.”

Eric said, “To be really frank with you Tina the person that is interested in joining the FBI ~ more than likely is going to be hired as a paper pusher and will probably never become a field agent.”

Tina said, “Well, I hope that I helped the person.”

Danny said, “Well, you confirmed a great many things for us. That is the most important that we at least know now that this person isn’t lying to us. Well again thank you very much for your time Tina.” They both stood and shook her hand and then left as the interview was over.

Meanwhile back in New Mexico:

Kristen was sitting on the couch confused by Dr. Miles Spencer’s question about going to Disney World and she appeared to be drawing a blank at the question and she had to think of an answer.

Miles watched as she began to twirl her hair once again her legs crept slowly up and she sat Indian style just like she did in session #31. Her skirt fell down her silky smooth thighs once again revealing she was wearing a white thong today and it was clinging tightly around her labia making a camel toe that revealed itself to Miles yet again. Miles smiled as he wasn’t sure if she was sitting like this on purpose or if she was acting out like a young girl who just happens to be innocent. The transformation that she had as she went back to in her last session it amazed him, then Miles asked, “Kristen do you remember what we talked about the other day?”

Kristen smiled squared her shoulders like she just won first prized and said, “Yeah, I told you about the day I became a woman right?”

Miles then stopped the video tape to make sure there was no way to incriminate his self about the two of them fucking each other’s brains out while she was hypnotized and said, “Do you remember anything specific that may have happened between you and me during our last session? I mean other than talking to each other?”

Kristen thought long and hard, “All I can remember is that you told me that anything I tell you or do in here (she pointed her finger at him) you can’t tell anyone else. I remember telling you about me and Pap-Pap, Pop-Pop. Then I told you about me, Timmy and Amy playing doctor together ~ oh yeah and Timmy making me a real woman that day ~ but that is all that happened, right?”

Miles quickly wanted to reaffirm that lie while keeping her in the dark about fucking her brains out and said, “That’s right nothing happened except you telling me the story of your happiest day.” Then he began recording again. Can you tell me about your trip to Disney World? That must have been so much fun. You know I have never been there myself.”

Kristen sat silent and nervously twirling her hair with one hand as she bit the ends of her hair with the other, “Disney World ~ Disney World?” Kristen sat for several minutes quietly thinking then she said, “I guess that would be a year after I became a woman right Doctor Miles?”

Miles didn’t answer right away pretending to think. At this point in Kristen’s mind she was still in the seven-year-old ego she exhibited from the last regression. This was dangerous for her psychologically. If Kristen couldn’t remember her trip a year later she could be stuck in her own fragile little world. A world where in her mind, she would remain a younger version of herself, “Yes, Kristen do you remember that your father and mother took you to Disney World on your next birthday?”

Kristen began rocking back and forth with a worried look on her face looking for the right answer for several minutes. She sat quietly thinking to herself as Miles waited patiently for her reply. Then there was a slight change in her demeanor. All of a sudden she sat straight up, she squared her shoulders, took her hair from her mouth then crossed her legs and smiled at him, “Who are you?”

Miles sat there for a second stunned by her question, it was as if something just clicked in her mind and he went with it and asked, “I’m Doctor Miles Spencer. Don’t you remember me, Kristen?”

Kristen said, “How do you know my name?”

Miles said, “Well, we’ve had several sessions just like this one, don’t you remember?”

Kristen pulled her skirt down over her knees and looked around the office, “Why am I here? And who are you? And why am I talking to you? Where are my mommy and daddy?”

Miles still in shock with this new revelation about her being clueless about who and where she was. This never happened to him before and said, “Your mommy and daddy brought you here to talk to me because you are having some trouble remembering things. Like why you are here. My name and who you are. Do you remember that we talked just the other day? You are in the same office as the day before where you told me about your happiest day, your seventh birthday party. You played kick the can and you played with all your girlfriends in the pool, then you told me how special it was about becoming a woman.”

Kristen’s face suddenly blanched bright red, “I told you about playing doctor with Amy and Timmy? I told you about the time I became a real woman?”

Miles went on, “Yes that’s right you remember that now, good. You even told me about what Timmy did with you in your Uncle Donny’s attic. You also told me about how you play the cowgirl game with your grandfather’s and you pretend to be Jessie from Toy Story 2.”

Kristen said, “Did I tell you about me and my mother? Or about some of the things that my daddy and me did together after my birthday party at my Uncle’s house?”

Miles was really intrigued as he guessed correctly several days ago that there was a lot more going on inside of her home then what she had led on to previously, “No, you didn’t. Would you like to tell me?”

Kristen thought about that for a minute, “Do you think I should Dr. Spencer? I mean I already told you too much as it is ~ you know ~ what my daddy calls the Foster Top Secrets? My mommy and daddy asked me to never to tell anyone any of our top family secrets.”

Miles became elated as she blurted out his name without realizing it and said, “It seems to me Kristen that you really want to tell me all the Foster Top Secrets. Kristen, listen to me, it is perfectly normal to be afraid to talk to me because I know you are holding onto very dark family secrets. I understand you don’t want to upset your mommy or your daddy but while you are with me you are not going to upset them. You are helping yourself with your memories, especially the ones that you have pushed so far down deep inside your brain. This is why you are having troubles right now remembering even the things you did a couple of days ago. I want to say you are doing well since you and I have begun with our sessions together, you are starting to remember a lot more things.”

Kristen said, “Doctor why can’t I remember certain things?”

Miles said, “You can remember it’s just you have locked things away deep down inside of your brain. You have some problems remembering because you don’t have anyone your own age that you can talk to about these things. Like you said the other day you have so many special moments with your family but they don’t want you to tell anyone about them. See, your mommy and daddy heard that I can help children like you ~ I can get you to share your feelings and your special memories without anyone getting into trouble. I know that you have a whole bunch of secrets that you’ve kept from a lot of people like your teachers, your friends and the people at your church but you need to start talking. You should at least talk to me, okay? It’s the only way I can help you.”

Kristen was shaking her head up and down, “Okay Doctor Spencer, I promise no more secrets I promise to tell you everything that I can remember. So, I can talk to you about what happened to me and you won’t get mad at my mommy or my daddy and family and stuff ~ right? Also you have to, pinky swear never to tell anybody about the Foster Top Secrets.” She moved to the edge of the couch holding out her pinky to him.

Miles leaned forward and put out his pinky and then they locked together and he said, “I promise. I also promise that I won’t get angry at your mommy and daddy or even you. I think that by you sharing all these things with me ~ I can help you with your memories. If you tell me the truth about your secrets I can tell you which ones that you can share with your family and other things that you shouldn’t tell to strangers or your teachers, your friends or the people in your church. Do you still think that I am a stranger to you?”

Kristen thought about that for a couple of minutes as she rocked back and forth twirling her hair. She then crossed her legs Indian Style like she did before and her skirt ran up her soft silky 20 year-old thighs, “Yes, that’s fair Dr. Spencer and yes I think I can trust you a whole bunch now. You make me feel sorta like ~ safe here.” She smiled at him as she watched his eyes focus between her legs and she said, “You like looking between my legs and looking at my privates, don’t you Doctor Spencer?” She then moved her ass to the edge of the couch, she then opened her legs wider and smiled at him and tilted her head to the side as her hair seductively fell over face and batted her eyelashes at him.

Miles brought his hand to his mouth and coughed as his face blanched red and his eyes were stuck looking between her legs. He couldn’t help himself, “Yes, Kristen I’m sorry that I was staring at your sexy underwear?”

Kristen smiled, “That’s okay Doctor Spencer I know that boys want to see my naughty spot. I like that you want to look at me. It makes me ~ like all excited and all that you think I’m a pretty girl. Just like my daddy, Pap-Pap and Pop-Pop do ~ they tell me I’m a pretty girl all the time.” Then she put her hand between her legs and rubbed herself and she lightly moaned. Then she pulled her thong to the side and revealed her pussy to him, “I trust you Doctor Spencer or I wouldn’t share my ‘kitty cat’ with you, like I share it with my daddy, Pap-Pap, Pop-Pop and Timmy. Is it a nice kitty cat or a bad kitty cat Dr. Miles?” Kristen tilted her head to the side and gave Miles her cute little smile that she knows that can melt her daddy to give her anything she wanted.

Miles smiled as his mouth filled with saliva and he swallowed hard as he wanted to crawl over and put his tongue between her pussy lips and eat her, “Kristen it’s a lovely kitty cat. Thank you so much for sharing it with me.” Miles realized that Kristen was a either made to be a nymph or was just a nymph to the core. He needed to change the subject as his cock was filling with blood bringing it to full erection. Deep inside of his core he wanted to be with her sexually right there but he knew how wrong that was and said, “Now, tell me about some of your secrets with your mommy and daddy. Oh you should cover your vagina dear.”

Kristen said, “I don’t wanna!” She screamed at Miles and intentionally spread her legs even wider then sucked her forefinger and middle finger and slipped them inside of her slick vagina and she said in a girlish and flirty tone, “I can tell you what happened after my birthday partyyyyy, do you wanna to heeeeear what happened?”

Miles eyes were completely focused on her fingers as they pleasured his patient and blurted out, “Sure.”

Kristen continued playing with herself right in front of Miles and said, “We got home late from my birthday party that night. So mommy and I took a shower together because we were both stinky from having sex that day. While we showered mommy showed me how to make my privates feel good with my fingers like this. (She still had her panties to the side with her vagina on display she continued to play with herself right in front of Miles) Then before I went to sleep in my bed mommy came in my room and sat on my bed in her tiny nightgown. She sat next to me and told me that since I was a woman now it was important for me to be able to act like a woman when I am alone with a boy and naked and all. My mommy had a surprise for me as she pulled out this small white toy of hers. She told me she used it for her bum hole but it would be perfect for me to use for my tiny privates.

Mommy lay next to me on my bed with her big toy and me with the small one. She told me to do what she was doing. She lifted her nightgown and spread her legs real wide like this (Kristen spread her legs really wide) and I did the same thing. Then she moved her toy inside like this (Kristen took two of her fingers and slipped them between her pussy lips again.) Mine wasn’t as big like hers but when you turn the toy on, it moves really fast and when I put it inside my privates it felt like ~ AH ~MMMMAAAAAA ZZZZZING ~ I never wanted to take it out of me. Mommy then showed me how to use the toy the right way. I really liked the toy mommy gave to me because it makes my whole body feel so tingly all over ~ it’s so good that sometimes I think that I’m going to pee my bed, then my whole body like shakes but it just feels so good Dr. Spencer that I don’t want it to ever stop.”

Miles sat in his chair as Kristen was remembering how she jilled off with her mother all those years ago as she fingered her pussy right in front of him. Miles’ penis had grown to its full length and girth under his trousers as he tried his best to remain as professional as he could. Under no circumstance did he want to fuck his patient again today. It was bad enough that he put his practice on the line as well as his freedom not more than a few days ago. He just sat there watching her fingers play with her clit and slip inside of her young tight co-ed pussy until she came on her fingers. When she finally finished she pulled her fingers from her vagina and licked them clean.

Miles collected his self and then shook his head in disbelief that a mother would teach her daughter to be so sexually active at such a young age. Then trying to steer her away from talking about sex yet again Miles asked, “So, you said before you and your family where going to Disney World?”

Kristen said, “Yes, we stayed at my Uncle Donny’s house the day before we left for Disney World.”

Miles found that to be quite interesting that she would remember a small detail like that staying at her Uncle Donny’s house while she avoided talking about a major subject matter such as Disney World. Why was she putting off talking about it so he asked her, “So, before you left for Disney World you stayed at your Uncle Don’s home? Why were you staying at your Uncle Don’s and Aunt Lilly’s home before you left for Florida?”

Kristen sat very still after she adjusted her thong back over her saturated vagina. She was quiet for several moments then she looked up and said, “Ahhh ~ Okay I remember now. We had to stay there because we had a very early plane ride at like 5 a.m. ~ that’s in the morning you know that Dr. Spencer? Also mommy didn’t want to bring my brother with us ~ she wanted some time to be with just me and daddy.”

Miles was real curious she didn’t mention that she had a brother the other day, “You say your brother? How old is your brother and can you tell me his name?”

Kristen smiled from ear to ear, “After my birthday party last year my mommy got pregnant and had a baby boy and they named him Kevin. He was too young to go on an airplane and because Aunt Lilly is a nurse mommy felt okay leaving Kevin with her for a few days while I got to go to Disney World.”

Miles was satisfied with her explanation as the last time when she was regressed she never went beyond her birthday in time. Now, at least in her memories she seems to be flowing forwards and backwards which is a marketable improvement, “Okay so tell me about the trip and don’t leave anything out okay ~ I want to hear about everything okay? I have never been to Disney World before and I want to go so badly.”

Kristen put her hand to her chin, “Well, mommy woke me very early in the morning it was still very dark outside. When I looked out my cousins Amy’s window you could still see the stars were still awake in the sky and all. Mommy took me into the bathroom and we took our normal morning shower together.”

Miles said, “You and your mommy would shower every morning together?”

Kristen said, “Well, not every morning ~ some mornings my daddy would shower with me. Anyway, I stepped in first then when mommy stepped in I saw that she had daddy’s white pee on her legs again and a lot of it was still coming out of her privates. Mommy handed me a washcloth like she usually does and then smiled at me and asked me to help her clean her privates.”

Miles penis had just started to deflate after watching this hot co-ed finger herself but for some strange reason it always turned him on watching his cum drip from his girlfriend’s pussy and his cock began to grow with anticipation with a new twist to her story, “So you’re sure your mommy takes a shower with you every morning?”

Kristen shrugged her shoulder, “Yeah ~ I take a shower with my mommy or my daddy it really doesn’t matter to me. But it is not every morning and daddy and lets me take a tubby with him sometimes at night before I go to bed.”

Miles was still shocked at the depravity of her parents and asked, “Don’t you think that your mommy acted badly by showing you that she did something so private with your daddy?”

Kristen tilted her head, “I don’t think so Dr. Spencer ~ I mean they let me watch them having all kinds of play time ~ I mean sometimes mommy lets daddy take his penis out of her privates before he pees his white pee inside of mommy. Mommy says that it’s okay to let me taste daddy’s privates with her special juice on it ~ sometimes daddy just puts it inside of my mouth and shoots his white pee on my face and inside of my mouth. He says that it is a special present because I am such a good girl.”

Miles shook his head in disbelief at what he was hearing but the detail was so vivid that she had to be telling the truth, what little girl could make this stuff up? Then he asked the hard question, “So, did you clean your mother’s vagina in the shower before you went to Disney World? It still had your daddy’s white pee inside of it, right? I mean how did you clean your mommy’s vagina?

Kristen said, “First mommy told me to put my fingers inside and gently pull daddy’s white pee from inside of her ~ what did you call it before Dr. Spencer ~ her vagina. Mommy spread her legs wide as she sat on the back of the tub. I put my fingers inside and gently pulled out as much as I could. It was white and really chunky looking. Then my mommy told me that if I wanted to I could taste daddy’s special pee. I put my mouth over mommy’s vagina and put my tongue inside of her like she taught me to do but my daddy’s white pee doesn’t taste the same when it comes out of my mommy’s vagina. Mommy said that was because it was mixed with her special love juice too.”

Miles said, “So, do you enjoy helping your mommy clean herself like this?”

Kristen said, “Yes, my fingers tasted so good that morning. When I thought I did a good job mommy started to push more of daddy’s white pee out of her vagina. Mommy told me to put my mouth over her vagina and suck hard to make sure I got it all out.”

Miles penis was so hard under his pants and he put his hands over his lap trying to cover his manhood and said, “Don’t you think that it is strange for a mommy to ask her daughter such as yourself to help her clean her vagina just after she had sexual intercourse with your father?”

Kristen said, “If you mean they had sex then I guess it might be weird and all for other families. It could be strange but you just don’t understand how special I am Dr. Spencer. My mommy and daddy play with me and they let me play with them all the time. They tell me that other kids aren’t special like me and that I am an all grown up woman now. My mommy knows how much I like daddy to spray his white pee the most. So, she lets me have as much as I want ~ mommy is very nice to share daddy’s white pee with me. My mommy taught me to always share and my mommy always shares her stuff with me.”

Miles realized that he was not going to be able to reason with the psyche of a child. So, he decided to just go with the flow. He wanted her memories to flow freely especially from her subconscious. Miles allowed her to continue with her story, “Did you like tasting it or was it something you didn’t want to do?”

Kristen said, “It’s the most fun mommy and I have together. It was nice mommy said it was a real special time for us. Then I cleaned her special place with soapy water. Then mommy started to clean me. As she was cleaning me I had to go pee really bad. I was going to sit on the toilet but mommy said that it was okay if I went right there inside of the shower. So, I started to pee and mommy sat down in front of me and opened her mouth and told me that I should pee on her face and in her mouth.”

Miles mind was being blown away at the pure decadence being exhibited by this innocent girl’s mother and he asked, “Did you pee on your mommy?”

Kristen said, “At first I didn’t wanna. I thought that it wouldn’t be not nice but mommy kept telling me it was okay that daddy does it all the time with her. It was kinda weird at first to pee on mommy but when she smiled at me it became a lot of fun squirting it all over my mommy’s face. I stood there moving my hips around so I could get it everywhere on her body. Then we finished in the shower and when I went to get dressed mommy put out a dress for me on Amy’s bed but I couldn’t find my underwear ~ I thought that was strange because I remember putting it in my suitcase ~ and she put out my brand new flip-flops that she bought for me only to wear in Disney World.”

Miles thought that it was strange that once again there was some innocuous fact that she remembered like there was no underwear and he said, “I guess your mommy forgot to put out underwear for you?”

Kristen said, “No, she told me that daddy didn’t want me to wear any underwear when we go to Disney World. After I put my dress on it felt ~ it felt like you know ~ all kinda strange and all ~ you know ~ it was kinda strange being naked under my dress. I watched my mommy get dressed and she didn’t put any underwear either ~” She then put her hands around her mouth then began to whisper, “Mommy didn’t put on a bra either she was naked under her dress just like me. She said that we were going commando for the next few days. Mommy said that daddy wanted us naked underneath. Then we went to the airport in Piksburg and got on the plane.”

Miles remembered that when she said Piksburg she really meant Pittsburg. What was really intriguing to Miles was the no underwear policy. He wanted to know why she would remember strange little details that are sexual in nature and not all the fun they would have experienced inside of Disney World. Especially when she was going to a place where kids are the happiest, “So what happened next, Kristen?”

Kristen said, “Well, when we got on the airplane it was neat ~ I never was on a plane before. I was ascared at first ‘cause it was so big and all. I didn’t think the airplane would go up in the air. My daddy held my hand when the plane started moving down that special road just for airplanes then the plane started to go faster ~ it felt weird and crazy inside of the plane. Then when the airplane started to go up in the air I couldn’t move at all in my seat it was like a ghost was holding me down so I couldn’t move. Then when we were in the sky I felt okay and I knew it was going to be okay because my daddy said he will always protect me and he wouldn’t let anything bad happen to me.”

Miles just realized that she feels that her father is her protector. That is what she called Special Agent Tom Murphy in the bathroom at the crime scene before she had her psychotic break. He realized that she was the only woman in that room that night. As he was scribbling Kristen kept on talking.

Kristen continued, “After we were on the airplane for a while daddy said he had to go to the bathroom and he told me to go with him. I looked around and it seemed like everyone was sleeping even mommy ‘cause the airplane took off so early in the morning. Then daddy carried me back to the bathroom with him.”

Miles said, “Where you sleeping too?”

Kristen said, “No, I was too excited I couldn’t sit still ~ I think that is why daddy wanted me to go to the bathroom with him. I don’t think he wanted me to be by myself or wake up my mommy. Mommy has been really, really tired because of getting up in the middle of the night to booby feed my brother Kevin.”

Miles began to chuckle again thinking that she had a very funny and bubbly personality, “So, go ahead tell me what happened next?”

Kristen sat for a minute silently chewing on the ends of her hair and said, “Well, we had to wait outside of the bathroom door because there was someone inside of the bigger bathroom.”

Miles interrupted and said, “Bigger bathroom? How did you know which one was the bigger bathroom?”

Kristen said, “Daddy asked one of the airline girls that works on the plane which one was bigger. He told her my tummy was upset and that I felt like I was going to throw-up. The airplane lady was so nice she felt so sorry for me and she rubbed my back. She told us to wait for the big one so we could both fit inside. A man went in just before we got there so we had to wait a little while. The airline lady left and went up to the front of the plane and daddy and I were all by ourselves at the back of the airplane. Then I felt daddy’s hand go underneath my dress and rub me all over.”

Miles interrupted once again trying to keep the facts straight, “Your daddy was still holding you around his waist?”

Kristen said, “Yeah, I had my arms wrapped around his neck and my legs around his tummy. He was moving his hand up and down my back scratching me with his fingernails. Daddy knows that I like when he does that to me because it feels so good and all. Then like I said before daddy put his hand under my dress and his finger went over my privates like he does when we take our tubby together at night.

I looked at my daddy and asked him what he was doing because somebody could see him playing with my privates and he just said, ‘happy birthday sweetie.’ His big finger went inside of me and it felt so good it always does when my daddy plays with me. He really knows how to make me feel all like tingly. Daddy moved it all around inside of my vagina and really slow in and out of me. When he heard the toilet flush he pulled his finger out of my privates and fixed my dress.”

Miles said, “Boy that was close you almost got caught and anyone on the plane could have seen what your daddy was doing to you?”

Kristen said, “No, it was really dark and all inside of the plane and daddy had his back to everyone. Then the man came out and said, ‘Hi’ to my daddy and to me. The man asked me, if this was my first time on a plane? I said yes and my daddy is taking me to Disney World. He was real nice and told me to have a good time.

When we got into the bathroom daddy put the toilet seat down and told me to stand on top of it. Then he told me to lift my hands in the air. Then he pulled my dress off so I was naked except for my flip flops. I was like ascared a little because I was naked with all those strange people out there on the plane. He hung my dress on a little hook that they have on the door. I put my hands between my legs like this (Kristen stood in front of Miles and began to imitate what she was saying to him by doing what she was saying) and spread my tiny pink vagina open like this”

Kristen then stood in front of Miles and she took her clothes off with no encouragement from Miles. Then she spread her co-ed pussy open for Miles to view) “When Daddy turned around he saw my open vagina like this and he hugged me and then kissed me on the lips. Daddy even put his tongue inside my mouth. It felt kinda strange because it made my head dizzy and when he stopped daddy told me that this is how all the people in France kiss each other. I really liked it Dr. Spencer daddy really knows how to make me feel so good all over my body. We kept kissing each other like the people in France do and then daddy put his finger back inside both of my privates like this.”

Kristen took her two middle fingers and began to finger herself right in front of Miles again. “Then daddy stopped kissing me and putting his finger inside of his mouth and sucked on his fingers. He lifted me up and lifted the toilet seat so I could sit down on it. Once I was sitting down I really did have to pee. Then daddy surprised me ~ he smiled at me and he unzipped his pants and took out his private thing and daddy told me he had to pee too. I was going to get up to let him go to the bathroom but he smiled really big at me and said, ‘he was waiting a long time to do this with me.’

Then he said, ‘Mommy told me you peed on her in the shower this morning and now I want to do the same thing with you.’ He asked me, ‘is it okay if daddy pees on you, baby?’ It was really exciting watching my daddy’s privates just hang there all big and soft like and then like magic it began to grow right in front of my face. It got really big and long like my Pap-Pap and Pop-Pop’s was before. I reached out and touched it without asking my daddy if I could. I then leaned forward and sucked on the top like I do with my grandfathers. My daddy’s isn’t as round as my Pap-Pap’s penis but it was bigger than Pop-Pop’s, it just like went all the way in my mouth and all. My daddy can fill up my mouth so fast but there is like so much more of daddy’s privates that was still outside of my mouth and it would go inside anymore.”

Miles was intrigued if she made him cum as her father’s intention was to piss on his little daughter, “So, did you make him shoot his sperm?”

Kristen hung her head a little, “Sperm? I really wanted him to shoot his white pee on me but he pulled out and then told me to sit back against the toilet and spread my legs wide because he wanted to see my privates. I did like he told me then he told me to open my vagina really wide with my fingers. Then daddy moved forward and said, ‘I am going to pee on your face and inside your vagina. You don’t have to drink my pee unless you want to try.’ Then he started to pee and it went all over my face into my mouth at first. I didn’t really like the taste of his pee so I spit it out onto my chest. Then daddy went down on his knees and then put just the very top part of his penis just a little inside my privates and peed deep inside of me. Then he pulled out and finished by putting his cock on top of my privates and he peed on my tummy all the way up to my face again. It felt so warm and good especially when it liked dripped out of my vagina really slow. It was a really neat feeling having daddy’s warm pee as it went way up inside of me ~ like all the way inside my tummy I think. When daddy’s pee started to come back out it felt like I was going to the bathroom for real.”

Miles never had a case where a young child of her age was being abused on such a consistent basis. He also realized that this was cathartic for her to finally be able to let it all out once and for all. As much as he wanted to stop the session he knew he had to continue on and asked, “Then what did you do?”

Kristen said, “Daddy cleaned me so I wouldn’t smell like pee. Then we went back to our seats and nobody knew what happened in the bathroom.”

Miles thought about it for a couple of seconds. A young girl carried by her father to the bathroom who is sick. Who would stop them or think anything suspicious about that? It seemed perfect and yet all too easy especially with a willing participant like Kristen. “So, nobody said anything to you or your father?”

Kristen smiled, “No. When we got back to our seats daddy was still holding onto me. Then he took my blanket and covered both of us. Then daddy looked around to make sure no one was watching us and he kissed me the France way again and said, ‘happy birthday big girl.’ As I sat on his lap I moved up and down on his privates like I do with my Pap-Pap and Pop-Pop because it makes their privates feel really good. Daddy pulled his privates out and my naughty spot felt really wet for some reason on the inside and the outside. It was feeling really like amazing rubbing my naughty spot up and down on my daddy’s long privates. I wrapped my arms around his neck and nobody was looking and I kissed daddy back. Then daddy put his finger inside my naughty spot again. Then I told my daddy I wanted to go to sleep. He put me in the middle chair and my head in his lap then covered me with my blanket all the way up over my head.

Daddy still had his privates outside of his pants and he was still very big. He told me if someone was coming he would tap my head two times and I should stop. He asked me if I wanted some of daddy’s white pee and I told him that I wanted it when we were in the bathroom before. So, I sucked my daddy’s mushroom part of his privates in my mouth the best I could. I sucked on it for a really long time and then I felt his mushroom part get really wide after a while and daddy said, ‘swallow everything don’t make daddy mad. I don’t want any stains on my shorts.’

I did what he told me and then I felt his white pee go into my mouth. It came out so fast and hard and it bounced all around my mouth. I coughed a little bit but I swallowed the best I could then after his white pee shot inside my mouth for the third time it was all over and I let his penis out of my mouth and swallowed everything inside of my mouth. I licked the rest up that fell on to my daddy’s stomach then he put his privates away and pulled the blanket off of me and he held me in his arms and said, ‘that was just wonderful and happy birthday.’ I smiled at him and told him that I loved him so much and that I was so lucky to have the bestest daddy in the whole wide world.”

Meanwhile back in Latrobe:

Once Danny and Eric finished speaking with Kristen’s elementary school teacher they looked at the list of people they wanted to talk to next. They figured the next logical person to speak with would be her father and mother but after Ms. Johnson revealed that they moved from Latrobe that they needed to move on to the next person on their list. They realized the next person would be Mr. Carpenter he was on the board of trustees of the Latrobe Beer Company. When they showed up at the headquarters they were informed that he was in Belgium and wouldn’t return for several weeks. Then it was on to the next person on the short list, Kristen’s other grandfather, Doctor Foster. They made their way to Doctor Foster’s office. Once they arrived Jake Foster cancelled the remainder of his appointments for the night to accommodate the two FBI Agents that showed up at his office.

Doctor Foster led the two Agents back to his private office. Once inside they took seat and Doctor Foster said, “So, gentlemen why is that I had to cancel the remainder of my night. What is so important?”

Danny led off and said, “We are conducting a background check for a potential FBI Agent. It seems that this person is from the Latrobe area and listed your family as a reference.”

Doctor Foster asked, “So, who is this person?”

Danny said, “Is it alright if I call you by your first name?”

Doctor Foster said, “If you want to call me Jake that’s fine but can you tell me the person who used my family as a reference?”

Eric said, “Jake it seems that one of your patients wants to work for the FBI. There is a very good chance that she could actually become an Agent. So, we do our due diligence and background checks. Unfortunately we are not allowed to reveal who we are doing background checks on. We would like to ask a few questions about you and your family.”

Jake looked at them and said, “Okay so what kind of information are you looking for?”

Danny began to chuckle, “Nothing sinister sir. Just some basic questions about your family and then we should be on our way. We’ve been asking around town about the Foster family name and the one thing that we keep hearing is how your family name is like a pillar of the community or something like that. Also that there has been a Doctor Foster since the inception of Latrobe is that true? You must be so proud that your family has stayed in a community for almost two hundred years now.”

Jake began to giggle, “Buttering me up. Very nice Agent Lambert.”

Danny looked at him, “Just call me Danny, please. This is a very informal background check.

Jake said, “I don’t know about the whole pillar thing but it is true my family heritage is that we were one of the founding families here at Latrobe. It is also true that there has always been a Doctor Foster here in Latrobe. Although my sons went in different directions my lovely grand-daughter Amy is finishing up her last year of her internship and will start her residency at the University of Pittsburgh next year.”

Eric said, “You must be so proud of her. So how many other grand-children do you have?”

Jake said, “I have a grand-son who is a Lieutenant in the Navy. He’s stationed down in Tampa Bay right now.”

Danny said, “Well, that is nice but from our notes here those are the grandchildren from your son Donald and his wife Lilly is that right? You do have another son Jim and he married Lisa Carpenter isn’t that correct?”

Jake said, “Yes that is right. I had two grandchildren from Jimmy. He had a daughter Kristen and a son Kevin.”

Eric said, “What do you mean by had don’t you mean has?”

Jake said, “Well, there was an unfortunate incident about a decade ago. Jimmy was in Europe with his father-in-law Frank Carpenter. While they were away peddling their new beer my daughter-in-law ~ the whore ~ went to a local dive and met three strange men and began to flirt with them like she’s done her whole life. I am still unclear exactly what happened at the bar that night but the three men must have followed her home. They broke in and raped her and what isn’t common knowledge is they sexually assaulted my grand-daughter too. That information has never been officially released to try and protect her. Also as a part of the tragedy my grandson was killed that night. The police said that my grandson drank bleach and poisoned his self and that his death was an accident. I don’t believe them but they could not prove homicide.”

Danny said, “Oh, sir, I am so sorry that must have been absolutely devastating for your family. What happened after the home invasion?”

Jake said, “My grand-daughter ~ well ~ she never fully recovered from that night. She had horrible nightmares and couldn’t sleep in her room by herself. She could never be left alone she was too afraid that the men would find her and hurt again. Then as it usually happens one of the police officers who was at the crime scene that night leaked out that she was molested. He was trying to make a name for his self and all he did was help to destroy my grand-daughter even more. Once that news leaked out in her school the boys in her school became relentless and were doing all sort of unspeakable things to her.”

Eric said, “Can you give some examples?”

Jake said, “They were slapping her butt when she walked down the hallways. They were trying to grope her because her breasts that were just beginning to develop. They tried to put their hands down her pants. They boys in the school felt that since she was raped they could do anything they wanted to her. They felt like she deserved it because she must be easy if three men did whatever they wanted to her. The name calling was just unbearable for her. She would come home and cry the whole evening they didn’t just name call her but also her mother as well. My son who I thought was stronger than what he really was should have put an end to all of this but he decided to go in a different direction and moved the family out of Latrobe.”

Eric said, “So, where did they go?”

Jake said, “They moved to a smaller town then he moved out of state for good a little while later that same year.”

Danny said, “You have no idea where they moved to?”

Jake said, “My son and I had a bit of a falling out. When he moved out of state I never heard from him again. He’s as dead to me as his daughter and his son are to me right now. Now, if there is anything else gentlemen this is a very hard subject for me to speak on.”

Eric said, “I just have one more question for you about your family, your son Donny is he still on the Pittsburgh police force?”

Jake said, “No, he retired as a Captain about three years ago. He and his wife moved into Jimmy’s house just outside of town.”

With that Eric changed the subject and then asked as many meaningless questions as he could to try and keep the good doctor from figuring out that they were there to talk about Kristen. The interview went on for another half an hour. Then Danny stood and held his hand out to shake Doctor Foster’s hand, “Thank you very much for your time Doctor Foster you have been very helpful. We will show ourselves out.”

Jake said, “Is the person that is looking to break into the FBI my grandson Timmy?”

Danny thought that could have been a brilliant way to throw him off even more and put his hand over his lips and said, “Mum’s the word there good doctor. We can’t say anything officially but keep your fingers crossed.”

As they left the office Eric said, “That was a great save there, partner.”

Meanwhile back in New Mexico at the Camelot Clinic:

Miles sat back after hearing about what her father did to her on the airplane, “My, that is some story Kristen. I mean did you actually ever make it to Disney World?”

Kristen said, “Yes, of course we did Doctor Spencer. When we got off the airplane and had all of our bags daddy had a huge surprise for mommy and me. There was this real long black car waiting for us at the airport. There was a strange man in a suit and he drove us to Disney World. When we got there it was still really early because Disney World was still closed. Daddy told the nice man at the gate who we were and we took this ~ it looked like a strange train ~ it was like so way up in the air ~ I didn’t even know trains could fly but this one could ~ then when rode on it went right inside of our hotel.”

Miles said, “That is called a monorail Kristen. A monorail is a train it just rides really high because that’s how they build it. So, your hotel was inside of Disney World?”

Kristen said, “Yes, and daddy got a special room called a honeymoon suite.”

Miles asked, “The honeymoon suite that is usually used by people who just got married. Do you know why your daddy rented that room?

Kristen said, “Daddy said he wanted a big room and a big bathtub.”

Miles asked, “So was the bathtub really big?”

Kristen smiled, “It was like a small swimming pool. We were in the room for like I guess two minutes and daddy told the boy who brought our bags up to our room to turn on the water so mommy could take a tubby. It took a really long time for it to fill up with water. We all unpacked our clothes and then daddy did something he never did before. We all went into the bathroom and got into the tub together. Then my daddy pulled me over to him and told me to push one of the buttons on top of the bathtub. Then all these bubbles came out of nowhere. I never saw a bubble bathtub before.”

Miles said, “Well, that is called a Jacuzzi tub. Did anything happen in the tub?”

Kristen said, “Yeah, daddy told mommy about everything we did on the airplane together when she was sleeping. My mommy smiled at me and said, ‘did you like what you and daddy did? Did you have fun?’ I told her ‘yes.’ Then she moved over to daddy and told him to sit on the end of the tub then she started to teach me how to suck daddy’s penis the right way so I didn’t hurt him with my teeth. It was a lot of fun mommy and I took turns putting my daddy’s privates in our mouths and sucking him. Then I couldn’t believe it my mommy actually made my daddy’s thing disappear inside of her mouth. How did she do that? Where did it all go? How did she hide it? Do you know how she did it Doctor Spencer? I mean did like my daddy’s penis like fold up like a piece of paper ~ because it always stays so straight and so hard inside of my mouth.”

Miles figured that she was in the subconscious so why not tell her the truth, “Well, the tip of a man’s penis starts to go down your throat.” He then opened his mouth and pointed inside of his mouth with his forefinger.

Kristen started to rub her throat, “You mean all the way down here? You mean it can fit inside of your throat?”

Miles said, “Yes, it goes down your throat if you want it to. So what happened next or was that all that happened? Your mommy showed you how to kiss your daddy’s penis?”

Kristen shook her head up and down and said, “Then mommy stopped sucking his penis then she sat on the edge of the tub then daddy licked her privates for a long time with his tongue. Mommy liked that a whole bunch. She kept pulling my daddy’s face so hard against her privates and she had her eyes closed and she moaned and screamed real soft like until her whole body started to shake.”

Then Kristen spread her legs wide and pulled her pussy lips open and said, “Dr. Miles just thinking what my daddy did to my mommy has made my privates get sorta wet again see. Is that normal for my privates to always get wet inside when I think about other people having sex or if I put something inside of it? I think it would be easier if you come closer over here so I can show you how wet it is. You can’t see it so good from all the way over there. If you want you can pretend to be my daddy and I can show you what we all did together that morning in the tub.”

Miles closed his mouth as it was watering and then he swallowed really hard and stopped taping the session. He got up and put in a new CD in the camera turned it on and then moved the camera and then zoomed in on Kristen as she sat with her legs spread open and her fingers pulling her pussy lips open. He then started taping and knelt between her legs and asked, “So, you’re daddy was using his tongue on your mommy like this?”

Kristen smiled as she felt Mile’s tongue touch her outer lips of her twenty-year-old pussy. She shivered and closed her eyes and began to softly moan then she said, “Yes, Dr. Miles he was doing it just like that.” After several minutes of eating her young co-ed pussy Kristen pulled Mile’s face hard and deep between her legs as she began to moan sensually then without any warning her pussy surged and Kristen’s juices coated his tongue.

As Miles sat on the floor recuperating Kristen fell to her back on the couch and continued on with her story, “Then daddy said that he was going to make love to mommy and that I could watch them how they made my baby brother Kevin. Daddy was pushing his penis inside of mommy like Timmy did to me. It was kinda cool seeing my daddy’s privates like disappear inside of my mommy ~ I think it is so neat that daddy can put his big privates all the way inside of mommy without hurting her. It was like daddy’s privates could ~ I don’t know like sorta hide inside of mommy all day long if he wanted it to.” Come here Dr. Miles I see that your private’s is hard under your pants let me show you how daddy played hide and go seek inside of my mommy.”

As Miles remained on the floor on his back he took his trousers off then his shirt. Miles came up to his knees and with his hands on Kristen’s knees forced her legs apart. Then he lined up his mushroom head with her tiny pink slit and pushed gently inside of her 20 year-old pussy. He was going slow and deliberate but slow and gentle wasn’t what Kristen remembered and it upset her, “No, you have to go faster and really hard Dr. Spencer just like my daddy was doing it to my mommy. Don’t worry Dr. Spencer you won’t hurt me if you push really hard and fast inside of me. It sounded like mommy and daddy was clapping their hands together when they were making love. Come on Dr. Spencer make it sound like we are clapping our hands together.” Miles picked up the pace as he couldn’t resist but making his semi-comatose patient happy. Kristen began to enjoy the feeling of Miles cock slamming deep inside of her creating that clapping sound that she so desired and she said, “Then mommy told daddy to tell me about my surprise as he kept having sex with her. Then daddy said after we are done taking our bath together we were all going to the big castle inside the park and I was going to meet all of the Disney Princess’ that were in the movies.”

Miles just couldn’t believe how much sex was part of this young girl’s life and wanted her to focus on more positive memories. It seems to Miles that the memories that should be at the forefront should have been, that she was going to meet the Disney Princess’ characters but instead it was revealing that she watched her parents fucking. As Miles continued fucking his patient’s wet and aching pussy he wanted to keep going on with the session as he felt like he was in Nirvana with his penis deep inside of Kristen’s wonderfully warm and wet pussy then he asked, “Wow, you got to meet every Princess’?”

Kristen said, “Yeah but I was more excited as I watched as my daddy pushing hard in deep inside of my mommy then he yelled how good it felt inside of my mommy then he put his white pee inside of my mommy. Mommy hugged daddy and told him that she loved him so much and that she was so happy that daddy gave her a cream pie. I didn’t understand what she said at first but then mommy told me what she means by a cream pie. When we were getting dressed to go meet the princess’ daddy told me that I wasn’t allowed to wear any underwear while we were in Disney World. Then he pulled out a special pink princess dress that he bought just for me. There was a long hat that went up to a point with a white veil. Then we went to the castle for lunch and I got to meet Belle, Cinderella, Snow White and Jasmine it was like so amazing.”

Then Kristen’s demeanor changed from happy go-lucky to a more somber tone and said, “Then mommy was talking to one of the boys who was pretending to be Gaston ~ you know from the movie Beauty and the Beast. Well after my mommy talked to the Gaston guy she came over and whispered something to my daddy in his ear. I don’t know why she was telling daddy secrets. It made me so mad but daddy took me to see the parade on Main Street but mommy didn’t come with us.”

Miles said, “Hey, why didn’t your mommy go with you?”

Kristen was so happy again and, “Daddy told me mommy’s secret. Mommy told daddy she wasn’t feeling good and was going back to the hotel room but we should go to the parade. It was okay after what daddy and I shared on the airplane I was happy to be alone just with my daddy anyway. So, we made it to Main Street and we were right up front and watched the whole parade and it was awesome!!!”

As she was telling her story to the fair doctor Miles was still pushing long and hard inside of Kristen. Then Kristen finally closed her eyes and became real quite as she wrapped her hands and legs around Miles waist keeping him deep inside of her. She then opened her eyes and then slapped both hands on the side of Miles’ face and said in a low demon like voice, “Deep ~ Deep keep it deep ~ make my vagina feel full like my daddy does.” Then her pussy exploded all over his shaft, “Oh Dr. Miles that was so gooooooood you do that so gooooooood to me. You can finish inside like daddy did to mommy you can cream pie me, if you want to?”

Miles felt her warm fluid rush over the tip of his penis and down his shaft in pulsating motions. As he continued to pump deep inside of his patient he looked into her eyes, “You are the most wonderful young lady that I have ever met Kristen Foster. You make me so happy that you want to share your special vagina with me.”

As they continued to make love after she recovered from her orgasm she continued telling her story like this sort of thing was common place, “Like I saw every Disney person from every movie I had ever seen inside of the parade. Then daddy took so many pictures of me with them and then some people took pictures with me and my daddy. Then when the parade was over we went back to our hotel room to get changed so we could go on some rides together. My daddy was like becoming like my best friend in the whole world. I just wanted to stay with him because he was so much fun. I am so glad my daddy waited until this year to take me to Disney World because if I would have came the year before I wouldn’t be allowed to go on a lot of rides that I did this year because I am so much bigger this year.

Oh, wow Doctor Spencer you feel so good inside of me. Please keep it deep inside me. I like the feeling of being full. Oh here get off of me and let me on top of you.” Then Miles slipped out of her and went to the floor of the office and then Kristen hovered her ass over his penis. She lined up the head and then impaled her pussy down onto his long shaft. When he was balls deep inside of her she moved her head down to his and whispered, “Now that is what I mean by deep Doctor Spencer. Now relax as I am going to make you feel so good. My privates are going to make your penis explode inside of me.”

Kristen was bouncing up and down on Miles, “see this is how I play cowgirl.” Then she went back to her story again, “When we left the parade we took that monorail thingy and went back to the hotel room. When we were waiting for the elevator downstairs in that big room at the hotel that Gaston guy got off the elevator and kinda pretended not to see us ~ he didn’t even say hi to us ~ he was so rude. I mean we just met him just a little while before ~ I mean how could he forget us so fast but daddy said, ‘the people who pretend to be all these characters meet so many people every day that they can’t remember everyone.’ When we got to our room daddy opened the door and mommy was on the bed sleeping on her stomach. I could see there was so much white pee inside her bum hole and her vagina. Daddy was with me so I asked who mommy had sex with.”

Miles interrupted her as his breathing was heavy and bated, “Oh My God Kristen you’re going to make me pee my white stuff. Where should I go? Do you want me to put it inside and give you a cream pie?”

Kristen’s mouth was making a perfect O and she could barely breathe herself as she was ready to orgasm yet again and she dug her nails into Mile’s shoulders, “Inside of me ~ cream pie me Dr. Miles!!!!”

Miles pumped furiously inside of his patient’s cunt from underneath of her as Kristen was pretending she was riding on a bucking bronco. She was so wet and her pussy was trying to grab onto his shaft which only enhanced the sexual feeling of penis and vagina working in unison to bring both to orgasm. Then Miles could no longer hold back his eruption and Kristen’s hot wet pussy was yearning for his cum and Miles reciprocated by unleashing an ungodly amount of sperm inside of her, “Oh MY GOD Kristen now I know why Pap-Pap and daddy want to do this with you so much ~ you feel absolutely amazing.”

Kristen smiled as she saw Miles face it was beet red and his breathing was heavy and the sweat was dripping off of his face. After Miles remained perfectly still underneath of Kristen he started to recuperate and his breathing returned to normal. Kristen then moved her co-ed ass upwards off of his semi-rigid-penis and it slipped out of her. As his head was finally ejected from her pussy lips a small stream of his seamen flowed out of her volcanic cunt down onto his stomach, “Dr. Miles that was so much fun. You did a good job ~ just like my Cousin Timmy ~ you felt so good inside of me.”

Miles stopped the camera and then put in the other CD and switched the view once again. Then he went to the bathroom and brought out a warm towel and cleaned his patient and his self. After ten minutes or so they both went to his private bath in his office and cleaned one another. Twenty minutes or so later they were back to their normal positions on the couch and Miles on his chair then he restarted the interview, “So Kristen you mean your mommy had sex with someone other than your daddy?”

Kristen looked upset as there were tears welled up in her eyes, her head was bobbing up and down and in a week desperate voice she said, “Daddy took me out of the bedroom and he saw I was going to cry and he told me that everything was alright. He told me that mommy asked permission if she could ‘fuck’ that Gaston guy. I didn’t know what ‘fuck’ meant but daddy told me it was what mommy and daddy did in the bathtub earlier. I was upset but my daddy told me that it was okay that mommy has sex with other men and because sometimes he had sex with other women. Then he told me that I could do whatever I wanted to mommy.”

Miles said, “So what did you do? Did you spank her for being a bad mommy?”

Kristen said, “I was mad at mommy because we were on vacation together ~ you know what I mean Dr. Spencer? We were all supposed to be together we were on vacation you know. Daddy took me by the hand into the bedroom and he told me not to be upset at mommy. He told me that if I wanted to I could play with my mommy’s pussy. So my daddy and I snuck into the bedroom real quite like and mommy was still sleeping you could hear her lightly snoring. Daddy told me that I should take my dress off and be naked like mommy.

Daddy started to take pictures of me taking my dress off. He told me to go real slow as I took it off. He said that I looked like a sexy model. Then when I was naked my daddy told me that I looked like one of the girls in his nudie magazines and he told me to pose like those girls do.”

Miles was really intrigued, “You looked at your daddy’s nudie magazine?”

Kristen smiled, “Yes he has one that is really neat because it shows boys and girls having sex.

Miles asked, “Do you remember the name?”

Kristen said, “Yes it was called Puritan and the girls are all so young and pretty and all the boys privates are so nice looking. I like that it shows pictures of everything that I do with my Pap-Pap and what I did with my cousin Timmy. It shows how girls should have sex and what boys can do with sex. I still want to try to have a boy put his penis in my butt hole like the girls of Puritan. I also like that the boys who put their white pee on the girls face, boobs, stomach, inside the girl’s mouth and inside their holes down here.”

Miles said, “So, you do know those girls are all over eighteen and you are not that old right now? Don’t you feel that you are too young to try what older girls do? Don’t you think you should wait like they did?”

Kristen said, “No, I mean just because they waited until they were over eighteen to do the same thing that my cousin Timmy and I did last year is their own problem. Besides Pap-Pap, Pop-Pop and I like doing, ‘what did you call it, fellatio?’ I like the warm feeling of my Pap-Pap and Pop-Pop’s white pee or you said his semen was it? All I know is I like it on my face and on my lips and in my mouth.”

Miles said, “So, your daddy, Pap-Pap, Pop-Pop and your cousin Timmy say that you are all grown up like those girls in the Puritan magazine?”

Kristen smiled, “Of course Dr. Spencer. That is why daddy was taking naked pictures of me. He told me that when I get older it will be neat to see how my boobies grew in and when I get my hair over my privates.”

Miles said, “So you were in the same room with your mommy as she was sleeping when your daddy took the pictures? She never woke up or did she also watch you too?”

Kristen was giggling, “No, my mommy could sleep if a big bomb would go off. It is really hard to wake up my mommy. After daddy took pictures I got on the bed with mommy and daddy told me to push mommies butt cheeks open. Daddy took a lot of pictures there was a lot of semen there. Daddy told me to spread my legs as I held mommies butt open.

I was upset that mommy wasn’t waking up so I tried to shake her awake but that didn’t work. Then I got a crazy idea and I pushed my fingers inside of my mommy’s privates just like I did in the shower before we left for the airplane. Then daddy told me to put my mouth over mommies bum hole and suck Gaston’s sperm out of it. I told him no because it wasn’t his sperm inside of mommy and I didn’t want to. Daddy started flapping his arms and clucking like a chicken and called me a big fat chicken. I don’t like when daddy teases me so I put my mouth over mommy’s bum hole and sucked Gaston’s sperm out. Mommy finally woke up and when she saw that I had Gaston’s sperm in my mouth, she smiled and giggled at me. Then she kissed me and sucked all of Gaston’s sperm out of my mouth and she swallowed it. Mommy told me that ‘it was her sperm’ and she ‘worked really hard for it.’ Then she took a shower and then we went out and went into the park and rode the rides all night until the park closed.”

Here ends Part 4 of our story. I understand that there is a lot of back filler but it really does help move the story forward. Don’t worry as there will be much greater depravities to unfold in the up-coming chapters. Once again thank you for taking the time to read. The next installment will be out shortly.

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