this is the story of my best friend and what he did to me.
One day, when i was about 12, I was walking home from the store when my best friend jumped out of the bushes. He was 13, about a year older than me. "Boo!!" I turned around and stared at him. "Jeez Dave, you know i hate it when people do that." I kept walking, and he followed behind me. "Remember what sex is, right Zoe?" I looked at him like he was crazy, then whispered loud and angrly, "We're not supposed to talk about that idiot," then walked away as fast as i could. He cought up to me then grabbed my arm and yanked me around so i was facing him. "Well," he licked his lips and looked me straight in the eye, "I wanna try it." I gasped and tried to run, but his grip on my arm was tight. He dragged me into a dark ally, and made me drop my bags. He then came up to me and kissed me, first softly but then harder, getting to a point where he used his tounge. While he kissed me, his hand went up my shirt, under my bra, and onto my small, newly developed boobs. I tried to push him away again, but that made him squeeze my boobs, hard. He then pulled his mouth away from mine, and moved down to my Pussy. He pulled down my pans and panties, and licked my hairless pussy. I moaned, and wiggled away, but he pulled back and lick deeper. I scream "dave stop!!" But he didnt listen. he took out his dick and put it in my pussy. And he had a very big dick for a 13 year old, about 6.5 in. He shoved it all in my tight, virgin pussy at once. I screamed, and he sqeezed my boobs as hard as he could. He fucked me hard. All I could do was sit there and cry. I mean he was my best friend! So I .cried, and cried, and cried till my eyes hurt. He just kept fucking me. after a while he puled out his dick and said, "Turn around you little slut!! Now im fucking you in the Damn ass!!!" My pussy hurt, my face was wet, but i turned around and he started to lick my ass hole. it hurt as hell but i Held up. Then he spit on it and violently stuck his dick in it. I screamed. This was not fun at all. I wiggled and tried to ecsape from him. It just
made it hurt more. I heard Dave say that he wanted to be a father and something along the lines of this guys cum is going into this sexy Beauty. i was scared that he was gonna make me pregnant.Pregnancy was not on my to do list until i was at least 24. Dave yanked out his dick and slapped me in the face with it. my mouth dropped open, gawking at the fact he did that. Then he put his dick into my pussy and fucked hard, he screamed"Im about to cum!!!!!!!!!!!" Then a warm shot of cum surged through my pussy. Dave got up and put on his pants. "You may go, Zoe. But tell no one." I nodded my head, then got up grabbed my bags, put on my clothees, then ran home. my mom was super mad at me when i got ome because i was super later but i didnt care i just ran to my room and shut the door.

You like? Ready for part 2? Comment!!! Sorry for all the spaces wanted to b able to post it :)

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2014-07-19 05:59:06
GPKJ2K Appreciate you sharing, great article post.Thanks Again. Really Great.

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2012-07-03 13:25:53
If i would of saw that dave what get an ass whoopin!

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2012-07-03 13:22:27
If i would of saw that dave what get an ass whoopin!

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2012-07-03 06:37:13
this is not wrong to write about if thats what u like but the story is so short there is no texture no content to the story its like reading a diary comment u can write a better story make it longer space out the paragraphs and give it some content tell us more about the characters and whats going on before during and after.

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2012-07-02 15:34:44
This is real? That's terrible! Why would u wright about that?!?!?!!?!!?!?!!?!

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