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Hardcore Thriller Fiction. This is NOT a get right to the humpin story. This is a slow builder with a detailed plot. If you feel like relaxing and getting into a (hopefully decent) story this is for you. If you want immediate gratification, I understand and happy trails, but this will not satisfy you.
The man in big black Suburban SUV watched Gabriella and Michael from afar as they sat in the café catching up. Through his heavily tinted windows he saw how beautiful they both were, most especially Gabriella. They had a purity about them that would have been endearing to a kinder heart. He was almost sorry that he would have to destroy such innocence but their bitch of a mother had to pay for humiliating and trying to destroy him and these two were the perfect way to get it started. He had been laying this plan for months. He used his considerable shady resources to bug the bitch’s house and then put a tracker on her kid’s cell phones. It hadn’t been easy but this afternoon it was proving to be a brilliant plan. He finally had her two youngest together and isolated so he could put his plan into action.

20 minutes before…

She felt him before she saw him. Since childhood she had always been able to tell when he was looking at her. In all of their pictures growing up in he had looked at her with a yearning that at first glance seemed like innocent devotion to his big sister. But upon further examination his gaze held an intensity that was unsettling in one so young.

Michael leaned against the brick building and just stared at his gorgeous older sister. Gabriella was still the prettiest woman he had ever seen. From her radiant long red and gold hair to her big fragile looking baby blue eyes, she looked like an angel in need of a protector. She must have felt him staring because just then she started to search around the street with her eyes. They were set to meet at the café close to their mom’s home and go to the family reunion later in the afternoon. By meeting this way they could catch up without the chaos of the family swirling around them.

When their eyes met, Michael felt the gut punch of something he couldn’t quite name but it felt perilously close to intense desire. To his alarm, his cock twitched in his pants as she stood and he could see her perfect body in full view.

Growing up they had been the closest in age of all their siblings. Their mother had a busy year in 1991. They were only eleven months apart and as a result they had done everything together. He developed faster because he was always trying to catch up with her. By the time they were four years old people would think they were twins because he copied and perfected everything she did. He loved her with such intensity it was almost like pain.

Gabriella waved and felt her smile stretch across her face. She was so happy to see him she knew she was grinning like an idiot. She waved and walked halfway to him and when he finally reached her she felt his strong arms wrap around her waist. For a few blissful moments she just breathed him in. He was HER Michael, they had always belonged to each other and it felt as natural as breathing to be in his arms again.
Michael noticed that her hair smelled like flowers and he loved the tickle of her breath as she whispered how much she had missed him. He kissed her neck in response and let his lips linger and then kissed her cheek a little closer to her dark pink pouty mouth. While he was still holding her in the air she leaned back and stared into his hazel green eyes and kissed his mouth. She pressed her lips to his a bit longer than proper and then pulled completely away so he could let her down. She grabbed his hand in hers and led him to their table where she started pummeling him with questions.


Michael and Gabriella laughed all the way through lunch. He told her hilarious stories about the pranks his friends pulled in the dorms at college and she told him stories about her bad dates and how much better she liked the college atmosphere than she had high school.

They went to separate colleges at their mother’s insistence but secretly still wished they went to the same one. Once lunch was over Michael paid the bill and they gathered their things and began walking to their mother’s house. They cut through familiar alleyways and because their hometown was so small and familiar they didn’t think to be wary of their surroundings.

Michael saw a flash of black at the side of his vision. Before he could even raise his voice in alarm he felt the piercing pain of a dart being shot into his back. He reached for it but couldn’t reach it before feeling the world start to spin wildly and the edges of his vision went dark. The only word he could get out before falling face forward was a slurred, “Gabriella”.

Gabriella squealed in surprise as she saw Michael fall forward. She hadn’t seen the flash of black so she assumed he’d fainted. She immediately bent down to turn him over and then she saw the dart in his back. She whipped her head around and was surprised when she saw a handsome familiar face before her own vision went to black. She went down fast with nothing more than a grunt.
The violent bouncing of the SUV was what finally made Gabriella come to. She couldn’t see anything because she was blind folded and she couldn’t move out of her current position because she was hog tied and packed in tight with her brother. She was still extremely groggy but was awake enough to realize with surprise that she wasn’t gagged. She immediately started screaming as loud as she could.

“HEY!” she heard someone roar from the front seat. This one word pronouncement proved to be even louder than her scream and it startled her into silence.

“Shut the fuck up!” he still yelled but slightly softer this time. “No one can hear you. We’re way too far from any people and your gonna irritate the shit outta me if you keep that up.”

Gabriella heard the unspoken threat in the familiar tenor of the man’s voice. She knew instinctively that irritating him would not be to her benefit. She was going to have to think her way out of this. She breathed and calmed herself as best she could and when she felt a little more composed she choked out, “Richard, what the hell is going on and where the fuck are you taking me and my brother?”

She heard a sinister laugh and felt a chill start in her stomach and run the course of her body. She had never heard a laugh like that come from anyone. While she waited for him to stop cackling and answer the question her puzzled mind raced to figure out what could be happening. Richard Benniton had been her mother’s rich ex boyfriend. Her mom, ever the lovely free spirit had dated many different kinds men over the course of Gabriella’s life but Richard had been, by far, the most well off and he was handsome too. Not in the way Gabriella liked but in a way that most women probably found irresistible. But Richard had given Gabriella the creeps. She couldn’t put her finger on the problem, maybe the way he leered at her, but she’d been relieved when their mom had dumped him abruptly last spring. When she had asked her mother what happened, her mom just said that he wasn’t the man she thought he was. Well that was for damn sure, Gabriella thought miserably.

She was so caught up in her train of thoughts she was almost startled when Richard answered her. “Look little girl all I’m going to tell you is that when I get started doing what I’m gonna do to you and your prayin to God to make it stop, just think of your bitch mother because she’ll be the blame for all your misery.”

Gabriella felt fear surge through her. She started to breathe rapidly and was trying not to hyperventilate.
The threat and sadistic meaning in his tone were pretty clear and Gabriella was never one to waste her breathe with stupid questions. She wouldn’t bother to ask what he meant because she was sure she would find out soon enough if she couldn’t think her way out of this. She began focusing on her situation and trying to wriggle out of the expertly tied knots. But before she could even get them slightly loosened the car stopped and she heard the front door slam.

Her heart was thumping wildly as she heard gravel crunching footsteps that seemed to be getting further away from the truck. She took this opportunity to struggle ferociously against the ropes. She felt the ropes starting to cut through the tender skin of her wrist and she yelped in pain but kept struggling. She still hadn’t gotten any loosening when she heard him coming back. With each thudding footstep her dread grew.
Finally he flung open the back and Richard looked hard at her and her brother. Even in the dim light he noticed her bleeding wrist and made a “tsk tsk” sound under his breath.

“I’m gonna have to watch you like a hawk.” he said with cold detachment. He sighed and heaved her up over his shoulder like she was a sack of sugar. “Damn, you are light as a feather little bird. You’re almost as light as my own teen daughter.”

For some reason this statement sounded odd to Gabriella and she thought back to the one and only time she had met his daughter. His daughter was named Dorothy (a name so out of place for such a young modern girl that it was hard not to remember it) and she had been a beautiful, strange, quiet girl. She was willowy and small and had long blond hair in waves down her back. Her eyes had been the most striking though because they had been the most gorgeous shade of green with blue striations running through them. They’d reminded Gabriella of beautiful nebulas. They hadn’t spoken much and she had never seen the girl again so she hadn’t crossed her mind again.

Now she didn’t have time to ponder why his statement bothered her and so she focused on everything she could hear and smell. She was still blindfolded but her survival instincts were well honed and she began listening for doors, locks and clocking how many steps it took him to get her where he wanted her. This might eventually help her to escape back outside. The place smelled clean and new and very clinical, like a hospital. He finally set her down on a hard cold floor and for some reason she was sure she was in a bathroom.

“Be right back little bird.” He said with a tone bordering on excited amusement. A few minutes later he returned and she felt Michael’s dead weight being dropped next to her. She was getting very worried that he hadn’t awoken yet and she asked with a frightened tremble, “You didn’t kill him did you?”

“Of course not he’s just as much a part of this plan as you are! He’s just a heavy sleeper. But I think it’s time we woke him, don’t you?” he asked but didn’t really want an answer.

Gabriella suddenly smelled the faint but pungent odor of smelling salts and she heard Michael start groaning. She sighed with relief. Michael sounded like he was in pain and started to say groggily, “what the hell…” but before he could finish Richard shouted,

“Shut up! I already dealt with your sisters shit and I’m not gonna deal with yours. You and your sister are my prisoners and if I hear one peep out of either of you for next hour I swear to Christ I will take this gun I have to your sister’s head and put a bullet right through her brain. It’s what I call plan B. Trust me, plan A is more fun.”

Gabriella felt new waves of terror rip through her and she started to tremble in response. She felt Richard’s large hand start to stroke her hair then. He did it almost tenderly and he leaned close to her ear and whispered, “Don’t be scared little bird. This is the easy part. You’ll really be shaking when you see what I have planned for you.” He laughed a little and licked her ear with moist sloppiness. Then he stepped away and Gabriella heard him say on an intercom, “Get down here Dot, I need your help.”

Two minutes later the door opened and barely audible footsteps entered the room. Gabriella smelled Dorothy’s sweet apple like smell and remembered it from last time. She was confused and horrified that this young little girl was being made a part of this.

“What do you want me to do Daddy?” Dorothy said in a tiny sing song little voice. “I need you to cut the girls clothes off and her ropes and lead her to the shower over there. Now remember little bird, I will have this gun cocked at your brother’s head this whole time so if you try anything funny I will shoot him.” Just for confirmation Gabriella heard him cock the gun.

“Leave her hands tied behind her back and leave her blindfolded Dot.”

Gabriella felt Dot’s little soft hands begin to go to work on her body. She heard the metallic snips and felt the sweet relief of the ropes being cut. Her legs were free and now and she could feel a numbness that she hadn’t even registered start to wear off resulting in painful pins and needles sensations. Dorothy’s hands expertly and quickly began slicing through the fabric of Gabriella’s shorts and shirt. Once these items fell away the uncomfortable chill of the room made her start to tremble again. Finally she felt those small hands slice through her panties and bra and in shame she realized her naked flesh was exposed for this little girl and her horrible father. She had never felt so vulnerable and violated in her life. For the first time, she felt tears welling in her eyes but they never fell as they got absorbed into the blindfold.

“Stand up now please.” Dorothy said in her sweet voice. Dorothy grabbed her by the arm and helped Gabriella to her feet awkwardly but successfully. She led her a few steps further into the room and then turned on the overhead shower jets. To Gabriella the water was surprisingly warm and the jet spray was soft but forceful.

“Now clean her up Dot.” Richard said with a voice that seemed thick with desire. “And do it all the way like I taught you.” “OK daddy.” Dorothy said evenly but sounded a little excited too.

“Please stand still and spread your legs wide.”

Gabriella felt fury rip through her. Not so much for herself but for her brother and this child, but she did what Dorothy said because she couldn’t see a solution right now. In an instant she felt Dorothy’s soft hands on her wet skin. She could smell the perfume scented soap as the little girl moved it in slow circles around her stomach first and then moved to her back, neck, face and hair. Dorothy soaped her legs and finally moved up to her pussy. Gabriella cried out in shame.

“Not a peep.” Richard threatened from the corner. Gabriella felt Dorothy’s hand spread her pink lips apart and gently soap all the folds. She then went around to the back and pulled Gabriella’s round butt cheeks apart and started rubbing her soapy hands up and down in the crack and even stuck her finger into her puckered hole. It was all Gabriella could do to keep from screaming.

From the corner Richard said quietly, “Good baby now rinse it off and clean it our special way.” Michael, who had been quiet up until this point, couldn’t hold himself any longer and shouted, “You son of a bitch, stop this right now!” Gabriella heard a hard thump and then heard Michael’s body fall the floor in what she assumed was an unconscious heap. She figured that Richard had smacked him with the gun on the head and knocked him out cold again.

“Oh damn, I didn’t mean to knock him out again. Keep going baby, I’ll take care of this one.”

Dorothy resumed her “work” and unhooked the showerhead and rinsed Gabriella off thoroughly. Gabriella had an idea of what came next and was still horrified but not shocked when she felt those soft hands parting her pussy lips again. Gabriella whimpered in revulsion as she felt the little girl’s cool tongue make first contact with her clit. Dorothy’s slowly slid two fingers into Gabriella’s slippery hole and began to make slow circles with her tongue on Gabriella’s labia. She opened her up wider and latched onto her so she could begin sucking at her swollen clit. Gabriella was repulsed but was even more disgusted when her body started to unwillingly respond to the girl’s touch. She felt the first unnatural stir of desire when the girl’s fingers started rhythmically sliding in and out of her pussy. Gabriella’s breath was becoming ragged and her face was hot and flushed. Her pussy began to spasm and she felt her cum begin to coat those nimble, skilled fingers. Gabriella was intensely fighting the feelings taking over her body when she heard Dorothy whisper in a husky but still sweet voice, “Oh daddy, I can feel her cumming on my fingers. She’s getting so wet and so am I.”

Just then Dorothy’s suckling became even more intense. She alternated between licking and sucking the clit and began to give off little moans in between licks. “She taste so good, Daddy. Her pussy juice is coming out now and it’s so yummy.” She moaned.

Gabriella felt her legs starting to shake from the intensity of the sensations ripping through her. Over and over in her mind one phrase just kept surfacing, “Oh God please no…” “Oh God please no…” Her whole body was on fire now. Even the girl’s perverted whispers to her dad were adding to Gabriella’s building orgasm. Dorothy seemed to sense the rising tide and started sucking more frantically. Her fingers thrust deeply into Gabriella’s slick hole. She hadn’t realized it, but Gabriella was suddenly was aware of her own moaning and heavy breathing. “Oh Daddy she’s almost there, I can feel it. Please come and fuck my ass daddy. I’m so wet for you.”

Distantly, almost like he was underwater, Gabriella heard Richard say to his daughter in a desire soaked voice, “Not now baby but soon. You’re doing so good and I’m gonna reward you later.”

The heat that was traveling at the speed of light all over Gabriella’s body was overwhelming. Her legs were trembling uncontrollably as she felt the first crest of her orgasm. “OH ….OH …OH!” was all she was able to get out as Dorothy gripped her leg to steady her and licked her throbbing, hot clit even faster. All the blood was rushing from Gabriella’s head and she felt the pleasure wash in waves all through her as her cum dripped from the little girls still thrusting fingers. Finally Gabriella collapsed in exhaustion and Dorothy quickly moved to avoid being fallen on.

Gabriella lay half on her side on the floor and was surprised but too exhausted to protest when she felt Dorothy parting her legs again and she heard her softly say, “Let me get all that sticky cum off.” And she slowly, gently licked Gabriella’s pussy hole and clit clean. Gabriella sighed in pleasure and fat tears of disgust welled in her eyes. She was disgusted with herself and with Richard for whatever he had done to create this little girl’s sick pleasures. She didn’t even feel when Dorothy rolled away and said quietly to her Dad, “what do I do next, daddy?”

To Be Continued…

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