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My coming out eperience
This is my first story. I will write more if enough positive feedback.

It all happened my first year of highschool, that is when my dad, Dave, first exposed his love for me. But first let me

start with a little about me, my name is Karter, I am eighteen, 6'0" tall, and chubby. I have hazel eyes, and soft

curly hair that is pretty long because I have been growing it for about a year. I had just realized i was gay at the

start of senior year. I thought about guys a lot in my junior year, but i didn't think i was gay. That was until i met my

best friend Paul, now Paul was outwardly gay and was never shy about being himself. Paul walked up to me on the

first day and was so charismatic that i couldn't help not being his friend. He had the personality that he could get

whatever he wanted and whoever he wanted including me as i would soon find out. So, a few months of school

went by and Paul and i had gotten closer, and he thought that it would be cool if he came over to my house to

hang out and maybe sleep over. I said " Of course", him being my best friend and all. But there was something that

he didn't know about me, I was in love with Paul since the first time i had seen him and planned on making my

move. So we planned on doing it, the sleep over that is, on Friday so I went to the local sex store and got lube and

a butt plug. When i got back home my dad was sitting on the couch in the living room, watching tv, and drinking a

beer. He asked me " What's in the bag?", I told him "It just something for a school project." My dad was 6'9", has a

basic dad hair cut, he is very fit, and as i would soon learn very endowed. He then asked me " Got any plans for

tonight?" I told him " A friend is coming over and we are going to have a kind of sleep-over." He then said" Oh, well

me and your mother are going out for a bit. Don't get into any trouble while we're gone." So soon Paul came over

and met my parents, and then my parents were off to their night. Me and Paul began our night with watching

movies, playing games, and surfing the internet. While surfing the internet Paul typed into the search bar "Da-"

and "" popped up. He was surprised that i had this site in my history, and asked me if I was gay

with a devious smile on his face. I said " Yes, and i have to tell you something.", he replied "What?". Then i stared

down at the floor and smiled bashfully, then summoned my courage and said " Well, i have the biggest crush on

you and wanted to make my move on this sleepover." I continued to stare at the ground until I felt his hand caress

my face and and lift my chin to come in for the deepest kiss i have ever felt, which was stopped just long enough

for him to tell me " I feel the same and always liked you, and tonight we are going to do everything you want." He

continued to kiss me and his hand ventured all over my body. He started at my back and ended at my juicy ass,

he grabbed it hard and pulled me in closer, when he did this it got me so hot, and i just had to have him right

then and there. I started to move down kissing every inch of him on the way, then stopped right before his

pajama pants, undid his drawstring, and saw the imprint of his, 7 inch in length and 3 inches in width, semi hard cock. I

took off his drawers and started sucking the tip of his cock, making circle with my tongue around it. This sent him

into a trance, he began screaming " More baby, take more of my dick!!!" I was more than happy to oblige, I

started sucking harder and deeper than i had before, i went up and down each time taking more in my throat. By

the time ten minutes past I was able to take the whole cock in my mouth and even flick his balls with my tongue.

Some time passed and i could tell he was close to cumming, and though i wanted him to i rather he did in my ass.

So i stopped came back up to his beautiful face kissed him and whispered in his ear " I want your fat cock in my

juicy ass." He grinned then commanded me to bend over, then he got behind me, pulled down my pajama pants

and drawers, and started eating my ass out. He was face deep in my virgin asshole and was noisily ate my ass

with a variety of slurps and gulps. This made me scream and moan like a little slut, all the time begging for more.

Then he stopped and began to finger fuck me first with one finger and working his way up to three fingers

loosening my once tight asshole. I was in a inferno of pleasure and moaned " Stop playing with with me and stick

that beautiful cock up my ass." I gave him the lube and the butt plug. After one more preparatory loosening, and

a few squirts on the lube, he began to prod and finally entered me. Even with all the preparation he still felt tight

in my ass, but I could soon could fit his whole cock in my ass. As soon as he had his cock was in my ass, he

began really pounding me, pulling his cock out and then putting it back in, and then pounding me some more.

But with all the noise I didn't hear my dad and mom come back, and neither did Paul. Then before i could realize

what was happening my mom and dad caught me, my dad kicked out Paul, and my mom was in her room crying.

After things settled down my father came back in to my room and said " I am really disappointed in you, i will be in

my room thinking of your punishment." It wasn't until early the next morning that i was woken up by my dad, he

had a look of sincerity in his eyes, he said get dressed and meet me by the car. I put on a t-shirt and some sexy

tight jeans that show off my butt, and went to the car and got in the passenger side. He started driving, and told

me that he was sorry for overreacting, and he said he had a confession to make. He said " When i saw your

friend fucking you senseless I was turned on, and hurt also because i wanted it to be me fucking you." When I

heard that I lit up with excitement, because i also wanted him but i thought it would never happen. I smiled and

then went in for a kiss forcing him to pull over, then stopped and stared into his eyes, and smiled again. He

smiled back and said " I love you so much", " I love you too daddy, by the way where are we going?" I replied with

the biggest smile i ever had. He said " I told your mother we are having some father son time and going camping,

but we really are going to a hotel that I reserved for the weekend" he said as he got back on the road. I smiled at

him and during the ride I couldn't keep my hands off him. I started kissing his arm, then I went to his chest, past

his stomach, and down to his pants. He gave me a little nudge as i undid his pants to unveil the biggest most

beautiful cock I have ever seen, it had to be at least 11 inches in length and 4 inches in width. It was love at first

sight, and I felt my mouth begin to take him into my throat. I struggled a bit but soon was able to take most of his

huge cock, and I could tell he was enjoying it by the moans and the swerving in and out of the road. While I was doin this

I felt his hand slide over my ass, then into my pants and underwear and settled between my ass cheeks. I took my mouth off

of his cock just long enough to moan in my most seductive voice "Daddy fuck me with your fingers so i can be able to take

your huge cock." he smiled and told me to suck his fingers. I did then immediately went back to engulfing his cock. Then

he slid two of his thick fingers into ass which was already loose from the previous pounding.The feeling of his fingers in

my ass sent shivers up my spine which made me moan on my daddy's cock which made him moan louder, this continued until we

got to the hotel. While walking to the room we were more like a couple instead of father and son, and before we went

inside we stopped by the door and had a make-out session, then he whispered in my ear "I have a surpise for you."

When he opened the the door my eyes lit up, it was a beautiful room, there were candle surrounding the bed and champagne.

Before any words were said I threw him on the bed and began kissing him intensely, then I moved down to his pants, ripped

them off, and began to inhale his huge cock. I was sucking his cock furiously making him scream in ecstasy, this made him

grab my hair and began to fuck my face. This had me so hot that I started to jerk off while he did it. This went on for

forever then all of a sudden he stopped and bent me over the bed and started eating my gaping asshole. Then the room was

filled with my moans and the slurps of my dad who was making circles with his tongue on my hole, and tongue fucking my ass.

Then he started to finger my ass with three fingers at first, making sure he didn't hurt me and trying to loosen my

asshole. He had me suck his fingers from now and then, after he had stretch my ass he stuck began to slide his thick cock

into my waiting asshole, going inch by inch until I took all of it. After my dad notice how much I was enjoying it he

started to pick up the pace a little,but after I moan "Fuck me harder daddy, make my ass your's." he got an excited

slightly sinister smile on his face then he pick up the pace a lot. He put he grabbed a hand full of my hair that was

resting on my back and began pounding me with all of his might. He kept shouting "Who does this ass belong to?!?!" then

smacking my ass, and i would always reply " It's your ass daddy, I'm all yours." He kept pounding me while i jerked my

cock, then he said "Daddy's legs are getting tired, get up and ride my cock" and smack me on my ass which made me give

out a happy shriek and said "Yes daddy." I got up and straddle his cock, he helped me by guiding it into me then he put his

hands on my hips and moved me up and down on his cock. Each time I came down my ass would jiggle on his abdomen, this turn

him on and made him pump faster. After a while I start to take over my movements more riding his cock hard and fast, my dad

smacked me on the ass saying "Yeah, take your daddy's dick.", and i would moan "Yes daddy." and variate between grinding

and riding. I continued to take my daddy's dick in my ass and moaning like the slut I had become until i felt myself about

to erupt, and i screamed "Oh daddy your gonna make me cum" and I came all over the cover, which tensed up my body sending

my daddy over the edge and making him shoot his load deep inside me. I collapsed on the bed and laid on his chest, then he

told me that there was more to my surprise, he reached to the cabinet on the night stand and pulled out a bag and handed it

to me. Inside was a cotton white shirt, a bra, a plaid skirt, panties, knee high socks, and black shoes. He said "I was

thinking since you are my favorite son (his only son), you can be my little daughter too."I never thought of it but the

thought of cross dressing and my daddy fucking me was hot.....

I will write part 2 if you all like.

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2013-10-23 10:39:03
YJ4dmy Thank you ever so for you blog post.Much thanks again. Will read on...

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2013-09-13 05:08:49
sDgGM2 Muchos Gracias for your blog article. Really Cool.

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2012-07-04 00:07:10
2294570816. Son here likes dressing up in womens clothing pants pantyhose and skirt with heels

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2012-07-03 22:47:01
I like it so far. Daddy's cock is just da right size for a son to worship. A suggestion, get Mom involved even if she is just a voyeur or an unwilling partner. Lots of possibilities...

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2012-07-03 19:54:35
I like it so far. Daddy's cock is just da right size for a son to worship. A suggestion, get Mom involved even if she is just a voyeur or an unwilling partner. Lots of possibilities...

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