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Sexual Exploration

Jake and Emma had been dating for several years, and when their love life started to develop into routine, they decided to “spice things up” by exploring new grounds sexually. Their sex life became increasingly kinky, and they began to love fucking each other so much, they could hardly be alone together without stripping off their clothes and doing all sorts of outrageous things together. Jake had a large set of mirrors installed in their bedroom, and in front of the mirrors he hung a hook on the ceiling. Attached to the hook was a rope, so he could bind Emma's wrists above her head and view the full length of her body in front of the mirror.

One day after coming home from some errands, Jake tied Emma in front of the mirror. They had been unable to fuck for several hours (seeing as they were in public), and both were incredibly horny. Emma was wearing a skimpy dress with no bra. The skirt was so short that if she bent over, everyone could see her thong and her gorgeous ass. Emma had to wait, tied to the ceiling, while Jake went into the next room and came back with a pair of scissors. With a teasing expression, he used the scissors to cut the straps of her dress, and her clothing fell to the floor in a heap. Emma was left standing completely naked except for her thong and high heels, and Jake stood in front of her smiling.

Emma was horny, but she was also angry at Jake for ruining her dress. She began to yell at him, but he just laughed.

“I can't take you seriously,” he said, “Do you realize how silly you look?”

He moved behind her so that she could see her exposed body in the mirror. Her silky thong barely covered her pubic triangle. Jake began toying with the thong, pulling it down an inch so that the black hair popped out, and he gently ruffled the hair. Then he moved his warm mouth to her ear and whispered, “Spread your legs apart further.”

She obeyed. With her legs several feet apart and her arms above her head, Emma looked incredibly vulnerable, and Jake, though dieing to fuck her already, knew that he could make his girlfriend go even further before offering release. He reached between her legs and felt her wetness through her panties. He pulled on the straps of her thong and let them snap back against her ass. Then he pulled down the crotch of her panties and rubbed her swollen clit so gently she started humping his hand to get more pressure. In response, Jake removed his hand from her pussy, smacked his wet palm against her ass, and walked to the dresser, where he had left the scissors.

He returned to Emma and cut the strap of her thong on each side, allowing the panties to fall to the ground. Except for her heels, Emma was left completely naked. Her legs were still spread, and both she and her boyfriend could see the warm come dripping off her pussy. He looked her up and down and then said teasingly, “So what do you want?”

Emma closed her eyes and whispered, “I want you to stick your tongue up my cunt.”

“What did you say?” Jake responded, “I couldn't hear you. Say it louder.”

Emma said, “I want your tongue in my pussy.”


So Emma screamed that she was dieing to rub her cunt against Jake's tongue.

He dropped to his knees, put his hands on her ass for leverage, and began to fill his whole mouth with her pussy. He stuck his tongue deep inside her, nearly choking on her cunt, and she released a loud, uncontrollable moan. In response, he gave her a single smack on the ass with both hands. Then he looked up and asked, “You like that?”

“God, yes,” Emma said.

“While I suck you, tell me how much you love rubbing your wet cunt against my tongue,” Jake said, “Or else I'll stop.”

So Emma had to describe exactly how much she loved being sucked. If for a moment she stopped saying, “I love humping your tongue; it makes me so horny,” etc., then Jake would pause and resume only once she'd started talking again. The two of them kept going until Emma came in Jake's mouth. That warm burst of liquid, as well as seeing his girlfriend's body convulse in abandon, made his cock so big it almost hurt against his bluejeans. He carefully untied her wrists, and as she leaned against the wall, exhausted, he started to strip.

Seeing Jake naked made Emma feel horny again immediately. He had a huge cock, and the thought of him inside her made her cunt tingle.

Jake said, “Get on all fours on the floor.”

She obeyed readily, and he knelt down in front of her face and stuck his cock in her mouth. Emma groaned. She loved sucking him, especially in this position with her ass in the air and her bare pussy completely open and exposed. From that angle, Jake could grab both of Emma's tits and play with them as though they were his toys. He rubbed his fingers against her nipples, forcing them to become hard and pointed. Then he spanked her breasts and watched them swing from side to side like erotic pendulums.

“Emma, I need to fuck you,” Jake whispered. She was doing a good job of blowing him, and he was afraid he might come.

Emma took his cock out of her mouth, looked up at him, and asked innocently, “Oh yeah?”

“Yeah,” he said, “Stand up and turn around. Put your hands against the wall, above your head.”

Emma grinned. “And what,” she said, “makes you think that I want to fuck you?”

He understood the game she was playing, and yet he felt so horny he was uncertain he could play it until the end. It took all of his self-control not to simply grab her then and there, throw her against the wall, and fill her soaking went pussy with his cock.

“I haven't had my fun with you yet,” teased Emma.

“God,” Jake gasped, “Don't do this now, Emma. I need a good fucking right now.”

“Then you had better follow my instructions exactly,” grinned Emma, “The more obedient you are, the faster you'll get to fuck me. Now go over to the dresser and take my vibrator out of the top drawer.”

Jake immediately stood up and retrieved her vibrator.

“Now give that to me,” Emma said, “and move my chair in front of the mirrors.”

Jake did as he was told. She sat in the chair and ordered him to stand behind her with his hands on the back of the chair. For several minutes she played with herself using the vibrator. She wanted to get the toy soaking wet, because she planned to stick it up Jake's ass.

To be continued...

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