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This is my first time trying this, so please go a little easy on me. Hope people enjoy!
Joanne Thompson, a farmer's wife in her early 30s is worried about her current situation. Her husband Donovan and son Junior were out in the town running errands preparing for the devastating storm coming in. She walks around her ranch house worried that something bad could happen to her. "Sweetie when will you be back here? It's starting to rain harder and the windows are shaking now every time it thunders. It's coming in faster than we anticipated." She was starting to breath in an uncomfortable rhythm to her husband over the phone.

"Joanne I understand but we are still getting supplies and it seems by the traffic report that it will be a few hours until we can make it back. Nathan should almost be done boarding the windows outside, just let him in and he will keep you company until we can make it back. Love you."

She hung up the phone, not satisfied, still scarred. Nathan was a ranch hand that lived in a trailer on the property. He was barely 20 years old and had a good relationship with the family. Joanne knew little about him other than he was a good worker and eventually wanted his own farm someday. Joanne just couldn't relax, she tried calling her husband again only to find that the phone lines had died. She went to get the emergency cell, no signal.

She tried to keep herself busy. She was too weak to go out and help Nathan but she did see that some tools were left on the back porch. She walked outside and started to grab the tools only to see ten feet in front of her a rain covered figure drilling a piece of plywood to the window. It was Nathan, and he literally took her breath away. He stood six feet tall soaking wet in the rain, he was well fit. He reminded Joanne of a younger version of Donovan. She immediately started having lustful thoughts about him. "This is odd," she thought to herself. "I've never felt this, whatever this is," she said under her breath.

As she went back inside she had to change her clothing. As she looked through the closet she found an old nightgown with very thin straps that hold it up. She hasn't this outfit in years. Joanne smiled as she looked herself over in the mirror, "it still fits" she thought.

Joanne went back downstairs to greet Nathan. He walked in and said with a smile "ma'am, all the animals are in the barn and it is locked and secured. I finished boarding all the windows so everything should be prepared for this monster."

"Great!" She smiled back at him, "go ahead and use the spare bedroom at the end of the hall. Mr. Thompson keeps spare clothes down there." He kept smiling as he walked down the hallway and trying to sneak looks at Joanne's curvy body.

A minute had passed and Joanne noticed she never heard the door shut. Maybe it was open? She wanted to take a peak and see him changing. "But I'm a good girl, I'd never do anything to break Donovan's trust." It had been quite some time since the two talked and he was only running late due to a possible traffic report. What if he came in and saw her looking. She started getting nervous again breathing hard and fidgeting.
After moments of contemplating to herself she decided to peek her head around the corner just to grab a quick look. He stood there in the middle of the room fully naked drying himself off. What started as a quick look ended up being a long gaze. He rose his head only to see Joanne staring at his chiseled body. Something came over Joanne and once they made eye contact she started a slow pace towards him. His eyes never left her, her eyes never left him. She again started thinking about her husband and how wrong this is but it never stopped her from moving. Once his body was in reach she placed one hand on his body and the other on his half-hard cock. Not a single word was said, just small strokes were made by both her hands. He stood still as she ran her hands all over his body, exploring something different.

Nathan stood there half in shock not knowing what to do. Joanne had a beautiful curvy body with really smooth milky skin. He too didn't want to get in trouble with Donovan but he couldn't help but grow bigger and harder in her grip. It was very apparent that Joanne was getting nervous, she started that uncomfortable rhythmic breathing again that made her breast move slightly up and down nicely in that nightgown. Nathan tried to ease her and gently took his fingers inside one of her straps and dropped it off her shoulder. One of her breasts popped out and Nathan couldn't help but look at how sexy and pink her nipple was. With little hesitation he dropped the other strap and her nightgown hit the floor. Staring at her now full naked body made him fully erect and he had to get inside her.

Standing there now naked Joanne was still just as nervous as she was before. She couldn't help but want this man. She slowly dropped to her knees still cock in hand and just looked at it deeply. This would only be the second cock she sucked and she was afraid because it was much bigger than Donovan's. Shame came over her and she turned her head away from Nathan's cock. Still, without saying a word, Nathan caressed her cheek and gave her a look of assurance and guided her mouth to his throbbing dick.

Joanne put the head of his cock in her mouth, and with one taste of his pre-cum she lost all her nerves. It was the taste of a new man, something different, something wrong, she loved the idea of having this cock now in her. In a simple swallow she went from the farmer's wife to the whore that got around the town. She had one hand on his cock and the other working her pussy. She rubbed her clit as she took him in deeper and deeper. She gagged and she choked but it didn't slow her down. Nathan just stood there groaning and moaning as he was receiving the best head ever. She started to fuck herself harder and harder as she sucked him harder and harder. She started moaning against his dick as she was getting closer to climax. Within the next minute she was creaming all over her hand while Nathan was fighting not to cum in her mouth.

As he got closer to cuming, the front door was slamming shut. Joanne freaked out and jumped up in fear not knowing what to do. They both took a peak and saw it was just the wind blowing the screen door open and slamming it shut. They both let out a sigh of relief. Nathan grabbed her by her hips and just says "Shh" as he guides her to the bed and places her on her back.

Joanne opened up her legs and presented her pussy to Nathan. Without any delay Nathan slammed his rock hard cock in her. The fear of getting caught now turned on Nathan and he was harder than ever. He wasn't an experienced lover but he knew one thing, how to fuck hard with a big dick. Joanne couldn't take it she was getting stretched in a way she has never experienced. She screamed, she moaned, she tried to push him off because he was too deep but just had to give in as she came over and over. She thought she would feel pain for cheating on her husband but that didn't faze her, she literally was feeling the pain from this new cock.

He kept fucking her vigorously, not stopping at all. She experienced orgasm after orgasm just leaking her juices all over his cock and balls. Her toes were curling her back was arching this sensation was just too intense. Nathan started to moan harder and she could feel in his cock that he was close. Joanne pulled him down and said her first two words since being in the kitchen, "inside me," she whispered.

He took her feet and propped them up on his shoulders and took a grasp of both her breasts as he started to fuck her as hard as he could. His balls were smacking against her cum covered taint. Joanne kept screaming in pain, this is truly the deepest she's ever been fucked. She loved it. Nathan then groaned his only word during the encounter, "fuck." He bent over squeezing both her tits as hard as he could and shoving his tongue down her mouth as he blasted her pussy full of his cum. It was the biggest orgasm he had ever experienced. His cock kept spasming inside her. He held his cock deep in her for a few minutes for he finished cuming. Joanne just laid there, full of cum and breathing nicely. Nathan got up and walked to the bathroom as Joanne picked up her nightgown and went back into her room.

About twenty minutes after they cleaned up Donovan and Junior came home. Joanne was just finishing dinner and Nathan sat in the living room reading a magazine by candle light.

"News is reporting that the power won't be back on until sometime tomorrow evening," reported Donovan. "Hey Nathan, thanks for taking care of the windows, is the barn and shed okay?"

"Yeah I took care of that first."

"Okay thanks, but next time do the house windows first and then the barn. We need to take care of my wife first," Donovan smiled at Joanne who was back in her conservative jeans and sweater look.

"No problem Mr. Thompson," Nathan said as he smirked at Joanne.

"Dinner's ready guys. Everyone at the table please," stated Joanne.

"So, you guys had at least an hour together I'm assuming," claimed Donovan. "Do anything exciting?"

"It was just a storm Mr. Thompson. Nothing special really," Nathan stated as he kept one hand on his cock thinking about his encounter preparing himself for the next one with Mrs. Thompson.

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2012-07-03 15:13:12
I'm pretty sure this is a more erotically deive version of the novella The Storm. Otherwise that good job.

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