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Husband joins the fun
New friends 2

After sleeping like a log last night Chris and I awoke, showered, dressed and headed down for breakfast. Our table was empty no sign of Ben or Sam. We had nearly finished when Sam entered and sat down with us. I asked where Ben was. Gone to play golf, for real this time I saw he to the shop, which was open. He’s going to a course further along the coast with a couple of other guys that were in the shop.
We asked Sam how she was going to spend the day; her response was to ask to see the film I’d recorded. It might be a problem for Mike after how he reacted after we saw it last night. Sam smiled and asked if it had got hard, sure did said Chris. I suggested Sam ate something to which she replied maybe later, licking her lips and winking.
On the way to our room Sam kept exchanging glances with Chris, both of them smiling my cock started to harden as we headed to our room there was certain electricity in the air. Once in our room I went straight to set the camcorder up again and could hear Chris and Sam talking. Chris said “it was so hot seeing it over again, we both got so worked up that Mike screwed me and I’ve got to be honest it was just as good as Ben”, this gave my ego a big boast.
Sam pulled a chair next to the bed. The screen flickered into life and the images of Ben and Chris appeared again I could feel myself harden. I switched from the action on the screen to watch first Sam, then Chris both seemed to be enjoying the action, in fact Sam was soon openly rubbing her pussy under her skirt. Chris pointed this out to me and suggested I give her a hand, or even use your tongue.
I got off the bed and moved over to Sam, her skirt was now pulled up exposing a small white lace thong, which already showed how wet she was. I knelt down in front of her and could smell her sweet aroma, Sam and I looked into one another’s eyes and she just nodded at me. I moved in and began to lick at her pussy, my hand slid up her thighs and eased her thong off, siding to the edge of the chair to enable me to lick the length of her pussy and her freshly shaved pussy more easily.
I saw Chris get up and move behind Sam and helped her remove her top, then they kissed one another this was the first time Chris had kissed another female in such a way, their tongues dancing with one another, Sam began to moan and then an orgasm shuddered through her pussy juices flowing.
Chris broke her kiss with Sam, looked at me and said “aren’t you going to fuck her”?
Sam moved to lie on the bed; I removed my clothes and got onto the bed, sliding my cock into Sam. I slid in and out several times kissing and licking her tits I then pulled out and again returned to licking her pussy. This went on for 5 minutes with Sam moaning louder and louder, until with an almost animal groan arched her back and came. My face was covered in Sam’s juices; I stood up pulled Sam to the edge of the bed and rammed my cock into her, her back and arse were now off the bed as I rammed in and out. On one of the out strokes my cock came out and as I pushed forward because of Sam’s position my cock pushed against her arse hole. Sam was so wet and aroused my cock began to enter her. “OMG she cried, you’re in my arse, fuck me”.
I slide in until my balls touched her arse then began a steady rhythm Chris had unknown to us replaced the film in the camcorder as was filming the action, I felt Chris as she moved under me with the camera to get a better shot of the action. Mike give her arse a good fuck I was told, after just a few minutes I felt my balls tighten and my cock began to pump cum into Sam’s arse.
As my cock slide from Sam’s arse we collapsed on top of one another, our breath coming in great gulps. We looked towards Chris she was naked too and her fingers were going in and out of her very wet pussy, I pulled her onto the bed and got my tongue into pussy to bring her over the top as I looked up I could see Sam and Chris again exchanging kissed as well as rubbing one another’s tits.
I climbed onto the bed next to Sam, she turned and we kissed out tongues playing with each other. As we broke apart Sam said that it was the first time she had had anal but wanted to try again but with Ben watching. Chris admitted we’d never done anal before but not before she had a go first, this made my cock twitch and begin to harden. “Chris it might be sooner than you think, your horny husband has a hard cock ready to go” said Sam rubbing it. Chris gave a low moan and rolled onto her front, her arse in the air I climbed behind her and eased my cock against her arse Sam had picked up the camera and had started filming. Chris looked at her Sam announcing we couldn’t miss a first could we rubbing at her pussy as she filmed us.
My cock just slid in Chris was that wet OMG this is fucking great, I should have tried this years ago pushing hard back towards me. I built up a steady rhythm, to the sounds of Chris moaning and asked for me to pound her harder and faster. Because I had not long cum I lasted longer, longer than even I thought I would. With my hands on her hips and with a final thrust I emptied the contents of my balls deep into Chris’s arse, with a final “OMG, fuck yes”.
Looking at Sam her eyes were closed, one hand with juice covered fingers up her pussy going in and out, the other held the camera pointed at us began to cum as well. We all collapsed onto the bed again our bodies covered in sweat. “I can’t wait to tell Ben what’s happened” Sam announced. We’ll show him the film later said Chris looking at the two of us, I might even get to see Ben fuck Chris properly as well I finished.

Ben’s return

After a day on the golf course Ben returned to find Sam not in their room, Ben showered and decided to go down to the pool but on passing our room decided to knock. Chris answered the door naked, I was in the shower and Sam was still laid out on the bed naked.
Looks like you girls have had fun smiled Ben. I was exiting the shower as he came in. “No we’ve been having fun” Sam said with a huge grin on her face. Ben just feasted his eyes over Chris’s naked body, looked over at Sam, then back at me. “Looks like you three have had a busy day”?
“Could be” said Sam “would you like to see for yourself”? Without waiting for an answer Chris turn the telly on and hit play on the camcorder. Ben sat next to Sam on the bed and watched as the action unfolded. His cock beginning to harden as the action hotted up. Chris walked over to Ben knelt on between his legs and released his cock. He stood slightly to allow her to pull his shorts off. Naked from the waist down Chris started to lick up and down Ben’s large cock. It was more impressive in the flesh so to speak. Chris was soon building up quite a head; Ben began to trust his hips towards her.
Sam had moved round the bed and had turned round so that I could lick and suck her pussy. Soon the moans and groans were a mix from us and the telly. Sam had her fist orgasm very quickly catching Ben’s attention. He told Chris to swop with him and he too began an assault on Chris’s pussy. The air was filled with that wonderful aroma of pussy; both the girls were now moaning constantly and also as one they both asked Ben and I to shove our cocks in. Sam however told me to fuck her in the arse. Ben looked up and watched as my cock slide into his wife’s arse. Seeing this made him pound harder into Chris.
We must have lasted only 5 or 10 minutes but it was one amazing experience. Ben and I were covered in sweat as were the girls and cum was seeping for the girl’s holes. Chris looked over at me and asked “do you think you could fuck my arse now, please”. Who was I to disappoint my wife? Ben and I swapped partners and holes. We both took longer the second time. Sometime later, well late evening by the time we started to stir. We all agreed to have something from room service sent up as in truth both girls had a look of we want more and Ben and I were happy to have more as well.
Chris said she needed a shower to freshen up and Sam went to the bathroom as well. The shower had been running for a few minutes when Ben and I heard interesting noises coming from the bathroom. He got up and opened the door Chris was lent against the wall eyes closed with Sam sucking on her tits and her fingers working in and out of her pussy. I grabbed the camcorder quickly slipping in another film and entered the bathroom to record this fun. Ben and I exchange looks as both girls had said in previous conversations they weren’t into girl on girl stuff. Fuck me if this wasn’t girl on girl. Chris shuddered and came. Chris moved Sam around so she was against the wall and dropped to her knees, and then she began to lick and suck on Sam’s pussy and clit. “God suck that clit, make me cum” Sam cried and as Chris thrust her fingers into Sam she cried out “OMG OMG” shaking as she came. Sam slide to her knees and both girls kissed.
Ben and I just watched with smiles that could have lit the darkest of nights. Chris looked at my smiled and said this is certainly a holiday of firsts. “Darling would you mind if I spent the night with Ben tonight”? Turning to Sam finished by asking “if that’s ok with you”?
“You won’t be able to walk tomorrow you slut” replied Sam, “and your arse will as well” countered Chris. They both hugged one another and stood. I took Sam’s hand, handing her a towel and said “I think it might be a good time to leave”?
Sam wrapped the towel round her and we headed for her room, leaving Chris and Ben alone.
For the remaining week we had more foursomes, spent the occasional night with our own wife and watched a couple more Chris and Sam sessions.
When we landed back in England we agreed to keep in touch, we have with texts, emails and phone call going between each other. Ben and I have arranged a weekend away in a cottage. Both bedrooms have king sized beds. So let’s see what happens.
On our return Chris and I had a long talk about what happened, we’re both very different people now, but this doesn’t mean I’m going to do this again with another couple Chris told me. What we have with Ben and Sam is special and we all trust one another.

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2012-10-03 08:38:49
is a 2011 senior grdnautiag from hpa.a0 i previously shot both of her friends portraits, julie and sam.a0 all three of these girls have so much in common:a0 beautiful/natural smiles, rad style, and of

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2012-07-06 01:24:08
hi fantastic story i wish i had a holiday like that read the three stories together could not stop rubbing my cock hope you keep on writing and i am wondering if the girls persuade you and ben to have a bi-sexual exoeriance keep writing

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2012-07-03 11:29:46
Excellent, let us know what happened during your cottage experience.

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