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***sorry it took me so long to get the sequel out. I have been having some computer problems and have found a temporary solution. Hopefully this is as good as you were all hoping it would be. Comments and ratings are always welcome***

The feelings I felt from this point are were nothing short of amazing. She slowly slid my dick into her warm wet mouth, taking all of me in with one fell swoop. I felt the back of her throat press against the tip of my cock, and then she slowly slid her mouth back off of it. I was in heaven. I just let my arms fall limp to my sides as i rolled my head back in ecstasy. I looked back down to her, watching those beautiful soft lips slide back and forth on my dick. She looked up at me with fire in her eyes and I felt like I was going to cum right then. Just as I felt I was going to blow, she pulled off of my dick and told me to lay on the bed. Thank God. It would have been a waste if I didn't get the chance to fuck her. She fumbled around through a small drawer on the side of the bed as I laid down then sat on the bed at my waist and produced a condom. She took it out of the wrapper and then placed it on my tip. She lowered her mouth onto it and proceeded to unroll the condom onto my dick using only her mouth. She lightly scraped the sides of my cock with her teeth, getting the condom to go all the way down. Once she was satisfied, she looked back at me and said, "Are you ready?" She gave me a devilish seductive grin and all I could do was nod.

She grasped a hold of my firm dick. There was no way that it could get any harder at this point. She lifted her leg and straddled me, positioning my cock at the entrance to her gorgeous and slick looking pussy. I couldn’t believe I was able to get a hold of this Amazonian goddess. How could a girl this beautiful and stunning be a prostitute? She lined herself up with me and slowly began to slide down onto me, enveloping my hard cock with her gorgeous tight pussy. It was an indescribable feeling, I can’ even begin to explain how great it felt. She sunk all the way down, pushing my dick further into her inch by wonderful inch. Once her pelvis was pressed against mine, we both let out a long gut uttered moan. I couldn’t believe the amount of pleasure I was in.

She slowly began to move her hips, grinding her pelvis more against mine as my dick pushed around inside of her. I took a hold of her hips and started to raise her up until just the tip of my cock was buried inside her. I gripped her tighter and pulled her down onto me tight. She ground her pelvis forward, pressing her clit into my, rotating on it and moaning deeply as pleasure coursed through both of our bodies. I reached up and took hold of those gorgeous breasts of hers. I toyed with the nipples as I squeezed her breasts tightly. The expression on her face was of total bliss as I looked up into her tantalizing eyes. If I didn’t know any better, I would say she was thoroughly enjoying herself with me buried into her to the hilt. She started to rock her hips on her own, moving in every direction imaginable. She seemed to move in every direction all at once. I wasn’t sure how long I’d be able to last. She rocked up and down a couple more times before running her hands down my chest and then pushing off of me.

She went to the foot of the bed and got on her hands and knees. I lay there, just looking at her gorgeous ass and pussy on full display for me, completely caught up in the moment. She looked back at me with those amazing eyes and beckoned me over. It took me a minute to catch up to what was going on and finally got on my knees behind her. She reached back between her legs and guided my ever hardened cock and lined up with her warm juicy pussy once again. I didn’t even have time to hesitate pushing inside of her, she didn’t give me the chance. Once she was satisfied with the positioning, she shoved back onto my dick, putting it back where it wanted to be, enveloped in her warmth. I grunted deeply, taking a hold of her gorgeous ass and giving it a nice firm squeeze . I spread her ass cheeks apart and peered down to watch my cock sliding in and out of her pussy as she took complete control of the rhythm and motion. She bounced her ass up and down as she pushed back against me, driving my dick to all the different areas inside of her. It was impossible for my dick to not have touched every square centimeter of her gorgeous pussy. She reached back, grabbed one of my hands and brought a finger into her mouth, sucking on it long and hard, swirling her tongue around it like I had felt her do to my dick just moments ago. When she was satisfied, she placed my finger against her tight little asshole and pressed it in, moaning as my finger slid inside her. I could feel my dick on the other side of the membrane sliding in and out of her. She was blowing my mind and I knew it wouldn’t be long until I blew my load.

I kept sliding my finger in and out of her ass while she controlled my dick going in and out of her sweet tight warm pussy. There was no need to worry about lubrication, I could feel her juices running down onto my balls and as I looked down saw a wet spot that seemed to keep getting bigger. She slid all the way forward, letting my dick come free from her pussy. I reluctantly slid my finger from her ass and she began to turn around slowly. She pulled the condom off of me and then slipped my dick back into her mouth, taking all of it until the hit the back of her throat and then moaning around it. She pulled it out of her my and lifted it up and licked her juices off of my balls. The sensations I was feeling were incredible. She looked up at me with those amazing eyes and flashed me a sly grin, “don’t worry, I’m not done with you yet.” I wasn’t sure what she’d meant, she had already pulled my condom off.

She laid on her back on the edge of the bed and pulled me over in front of her. I stood on the floor in front of her, with what would seem a quizzical look on my face. She spread her legs, doing almost a full split effortlessly. She rolled her hips back, bringing her tight little asshole into better view. She spit on her hand and then rubbed it around her gorgeous rosebud. Now I had a better idea of what she was talking about. “I love cum in my ass, will you do me the favor?” she said. With the amount of times I froze up in front of her she either had to be at least a little irritated or just humoring herself. She probably also had a good idea I was a young guy and had little experience with hookers, probably women all together. Since I wasn’t moving yet, she took control once again and pulled my dick into her tight little asshole. She reached up and grabbed me by the shoulder, pulling me down onto her, driving my dick deep inside her ass. It felt so much warmer than her pussy, I didn’t even think it was possible. She let out a deep moan and I figured it was time to use my equipment on my own. I pulled back, letting my tip linger inside of her before plunging back in hard and fast, not giving her a chance to know that my cock wasn’t where it was supposed to be. From there I proceeded to fuck her awaiting ass deep, long and fast, knowing that it wasn’t going to take me much more time before I came. She moaned loudly with every thrust. I reached down to get a final feel of her gorgeous tits, squeezing them hard, rubbing my thumbs over her nipples. This only caused her to moan even louder, almost resulting in screams. I bent forward and started to suck on her supple breasts, kissing all over them in a frenzy, feeling my cum about ready to burst. She grabbed the sides of my face with both of her hands and pulled my face to hers, sliding her tongue into my mouth and wrapping her tongue around mine. That was it for me.

I plunged into her deeply one last time as I felt the cum rise out of my balls, through my shaft before finally shooting from my cock deep into her glorious ass. I just kept it there as she kept kissing me. The state of utter bliss I was experiencing was amazing. Her legs began to shudder and shake as my cum shot into her. Was she really cumming? Either it was real or she was one hell of an actress. When my dick finished shooting, she let go of my face and kissed my lips one last time. I reluctantly drew my cock out of her and watched as it slipped from her ass. What a site that was. I stood back to take in her beauty one more time, watching as my cum dripped from her ass, looking at her spread pussy, up to her gorgeous tits, and finally into the mesmerizing eyes one last time. She slowly got up, took me by the hand and let me to the shower in her small little bathroom. She turned the water on and walked in, pulling me in with her. I felt the water hit my body, followed by her hands, already lathered in soap, rubbing all over my body, reaching down and giving special attention of washing my dick. She pushed me forward and then turned me around to face her. “How about you do me next?” she said with the devilish grin she had flashed me several times already. If I hadn’t been so spent from the heavenly sensations I had just experienced, I may have gotten hard again. Two or three times was usually a usual number for me. Even to this day, it blows my mind that my cock was unable to get hard again looking at this Amazonian goddess, in the flesh, wearing nothing, water slowly dripping down her body, everything exposed to my ever hungry eyes. I washed her tentatively, paying special attention to ALL of her areas, I couldn’t get enough of her body.

To my disappointment, she turned off the water and stepped out, taking me by the hand to the towel rack. She took a towel and dried me off, making sure my balls were nice and dry more than anything. I returned to my clothes and slowly got dressed. I looked back at her as she got dressed. She was putting on street clothes which seemed a little odd to me. Seeing the puzzled look on my face she said, “Oh, I’m done for the night.” I looked towards the curtained window and figured it must have only been around 7:30 or 8, I couldn’t really be sure. “It seems a bit early though,” I said. “After that, baby, I don’t think I can keep going. Every now and then I get a special costumer that really gives me what I need from time to time. Tonight, I was lucky enough that he was my first one.” She gave me a quick wink and finished putting on her heels. I reached for the door and she pulled me back and turned me around. She planted one last, deep, lustful, kiss on my lips, moaning deep into my mouth. She pulled back, opened the door and said, “Maybe you can come back and see me when you’re 18. Then again, I wouldn’t mind if you didn’t wait that long.”

I can still picture that intoxicating smile she had. Sadly, it was a smile I would never get to see in person again. I’ve been back to the same place and a couple others looking for that Amazonian goddess that completely satisfied me and so much more. I never found her again.

thanks for reading, thanks to a few unexpected days off from work, should be a few more stories up in the next few days. :-)

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2016-08-19 06:07:05
Great story (both parts) - the ending is sad but true. I had this gorgeous working girl once, not an Amazon like yours, just a girl next door type but she was a lovely lass, we really clicked and I made her cum... but just as in this tale, next time I went back to her establishment she'd moved on somewhere and I've never been able to find her. I'm still looking though!

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2012-07-03 16:25:51
this is awsome its just how i felt my first time

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2012-07-03 15:38:45
wow, great story, please keep writing

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