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me and auntie had fun
it all started when i was in the 8th grade and i was going to basketball camp so i stayed with my auntie she was a 5'5 ill say plump woman and she had massive tits which i would alwayz sort of look at and now i would go to her house she told me to put the bags in her room so i did and i said auntie im tired where do i sleep? and she said well your cousin is at work and i dont think u want to sleep on the couch so i guess u can sleep in my room.

--- ---- -----

So i fell asleep in her room little to know that i would wake up and she would be cooking my favorite food and i ate and then she told me well ur cousin is going to spend the week with her boyfriend so its me and you this week since she is my favorite aunt i said ok kool

--------- -----

now that i ate and we might as well get used to eachother i wasnt used to how cold it became it was 40 degrees in the house became very cold and blankets wouldnt do the trick so she said to me can u come over here cause as u know im a 55 year old lady and i am a big one so i need some warmth and i said ok and then i got over and put my arms around her i thought it would be good but i had my arms around her neck so she grabbed my arm and put it on her stomach remember she is a big lady so i had one touching her massive breast and then i started getting hard and she said whats that and i said that is just the phone and i moved the "phone" up so it wouldnt be touching her and then she told me to get closer because she is shivering and i just realized she has no shorts on just a thong! and i said auntie do u have a thong on and she said why do u ask and i said because i never knew that you would wear that and she said its a thong just a string up my ass nothing more then u see in these videos and i said what are you talking about? and she said i know that you watch porno and booty shaking videos and now that i know that im comfortable with wearing thongs around you and then she said this shirt is so tight on me lemme take it off and then she took it off and i was suprised that there was nothing under and i said auntie well nvm and now i was hard as hell and as a 8th grader its about....6.5 inches long and it rubbed down her crack and she said ooooo what is that and i said omg im so sorry and she said thats ur dick? it is mighty big for your age and i said auntie how do u know? and she said because when u were sleeping it was poking out of your shorts! and i said ok my bad and she said u kno the last time ive ever seen or felt a real dick is 25 years ago and now that i felt yours i want it

--------- -------
so she turned a light on and removed the covers and started grabbing my dick and i said auntie its wrong but it feels so good i never felt like this i only masturbate and she said i know u do thats why i want it more and she took of her size 22 thong and stuck my cock in her ass and started riding my dick Ohhhhhh.......ohhhhhhhhhhhhh daaaaaammmnnnnn shiiiittttt omg it feels so good!! and she kept yelling ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck me fuck me fuck me i love you and i started to cum and i got caught in the moment and i flipped her around and stuck it in her hot fat pussy and i started fucking the shit out of her! and she screamed ohhhhhhh oww owwwwwwww owwwwwwww itssss sooooo harrrrrddd!!!!!!! ommg omg omg its to damn hard mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm im gonna cuuuuuummmmmmmm ohhhhhhhh
and so i did we both came and she said damn that was the best time i had in years and her cum was all over me and i said im gonna get in the bath and she said ok but the dog is in there so i said ok i diddnt put on any clothes because i seen that it was only us and the dog of course but oh well dogs dont know anything right??........wrong

------ ------- --

and i went into the bathroom and then i tried to let the dog out but i diddnt see him and i tripped on him and it got on top of me and started licking me and since ive had sex it felt so damn good but i forced him off of me and got on my knees to run the bath water and then i felt a hairy palms onme and it was the dog and i felt something hard press against my ass and then the dog shoved it all in me i am not gay i was telling the dog but i could feel its knot getting close to trying to get in me and i forced up and the dog started humping faster and it came all in my ass and then my auntie came in the door and said now that looks like fun and then i stuck my dick in her mouth as the dog was fucking her ass and then she started yelling switch and got me and bent me over and she was on the ground sucking my dick more and i was licking her pussy and then the dog kept cumming in my ass and i came in my aunties mouth and my aunt came on my face again and now i love going to my aunties house its the best ive experienced!

the end

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2015-11-12 20:12:46

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2013-05-09 18:39:23
A 8th grade punk Is not going to have a 6.5 penis that the average size for an adult.

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2011-05-29 19:15:59
come on its a story not a text message.
dont slang or spell "wordz" in leet.


2010-09-22 06:42:46
It needs to be rewritten so it comes across as understandable.


2009-09-05 11:08:16
Complaints re literacy are valid but story is legible and told with writer`s sincerity. So I ask the writer to write some more about fucking Auntie and maybe others also.

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