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I awoke the following morning, it was early, and every seemed to be okay. I wasn’t much of a morning person, and having only just woken up I pushed the covers aside and walked across the corridor to the bath room. The sun shone through the window, giving me a slight head ache as my eyes adapted to the light. I opened the bath room door, and was shocked that someone was using my shower, I frowned heavily, my eyes still adapting. At the same time the person in my shower screamed. “Charlie!” the person grabbed the shower curtain covering their body. I couldn’t make out the details of the body before me, but by the outline hidden behind the curtain it was female.. And that theory went with the scream.
I took a few steps back, squinting.
“Charlie, get out!” It took me some time to realise who it was…
“Alice?!” I said, turning my head the other way as I realised.
“What the hell?” she questioned me, her voice still pretty high pitched.
“Sorry. Sorry” I repeated, turning my head back forgetting she was naked, but my god I loved my memory then, I could see her right leg, and see her developed breasts through the shower curtain, her dark brown hair soaked giving her a model look. I stood there.. Amazed at her body, my mouth open a little, it was for certain my eyes adapted for sure, at the perfect time. She looked at me bemused. I was in a status of shock, and the overwhelming need to get in with her, to shower with her. I didn’t care who she was, her beauty overwhelmed my brain. Her eyes suddenly looked down, and her mouth opened slightly, that was when I realised I had my loose boxers on, and my dick was making them expand. I coughed awkwardly, and tried to hide it, it wasn’t overly large, nor was it small, but it gave me a run for my money when trying to hide it in front of a naked teenager.
I gave up, and ran through the door, heading back to my room. I shut my door as soon as I ran past it, shutting my eyes hoping that was a dream, of course a great dream!
As I opened my eyes, my brain started kicking in again. I realised I cummed thinking about her, listening to her groans of pleasure, it was wrong, so very wrong, and yet so very hot.

I got dressed and Alice knocked on the door as I finished making the bed.
“Yeh?” I asked, throwing two pillows in their place, she entered, towel around her chest, and still wet. Again I was shocked; I examined her more carefully this time, a closer look. The towel was tight, giving a perfect outline, her hips were gorgeous, and legs were perfectly tanned. I was surprised she wasn’t a model.
She saw this, and titled her head slightly.
“Really? Can’t you stand to have a girl in your flat?” her hands on her hips, pointing them out to me evermore.
“” I muttered still glaring at her, thinking of the body under that towel. “I mean, yes.” I hesitated. She sighed.
“If I remove this towel, will it at least get it out of your system?” She un- tucked the towel slightly, but kept it up with her arm. I gasped as the towel lowered ever so slightly, revealing the top of her breasts, I nodded. Not really knowing what she had asked me. She nodded in approval and allowed her towel to drop. Her breasts stuck out like a sore thumb, following by the rest of her body. It was amazing, so beautiful, and irresistible.
My dick filled so fast, it was ready for sex within a couple of seconds, and I couldn’t help it, I made no attempt to hide it, or to hide my amazement. I knew it was a bad idea to allow her to show me, but I couldn’t resist, and now I couldn’t resist at all, the urge to have her there and then was too much, I couldn’t handle it. I dashed forward, pushing her against the wall, forcing my lips upon hers. I wrapped my right arm around her back, and held one of her hands with the left.
The heat from her wet body imprinted upon my cloths, and my dick rubbed again the inside of her thigh. It was lucky how she stepped back, both legs were spread. I wanted her so much, and knew she would freak out, but she didn’t. Instead she groaned a little, and began kissing be back. I was shocked, knowing that my wet naked sister before me was accepting my kiss made my dick bulge ever more against my boxers.
I slowly let go of her hand, and moved it down to her pussy.
“No...” she whispered, as she broke the kiss. Her breathing muffled her words. I hesitated entering, knowing this was going down a dark turn. But my fingertips brushed again her pussy, and with the groan from her mouth, and how wet it was down there told me to do it. I forced 2 two fingers inside her, she gasped, arching her back. I gasped as well, knowing how truly wet she was, surely not all this was from the shower, could it? Then it hit me.. Maybe she was fingering herself again, like she did last night. The thought made me want her more, and I rapidly forced my fingers inside, and outside again, she wrapped her legs around mine in response. Her groans turned to scream of pleasure.
My dick was ready to pop, I needed her. I had to have her! I turned her around, throwing her onto the bed, it was easy considering her legs had been around mine. I looked at her, gazed upon her spread legs, and the pussy which I wanted so much.
I unbuckled my belt and pulled down my trousers, and boxers. Allowing my dick to breathe the fresh air.
I positioned myself accordingly, all was need was a thrust and then I was in. But I looked up at Alice, her face looking at mine with contempt.
“Do you want to?” I asked, knowing if she said no, I would have to try and control myself. She didn’t move, instead she wrapped her legs around my waist and pulled me in.
I could feel her pussy expand around my dick, it was amazing, both of us yelped in pleasure, she bit her top lip trying to be quiet.
I began thrusting, not taking it easy at all, she was to wet for me to be gentle, trusted fast and hard, my balls smacked against her ass, she arched her back, screaming in pleasure again giving up the thought of being quite. I arched my neck upwards, the pleasure was simply too much for me, I couldn’t observe her body at all. Together we got into a rhythm, I couldn’t hold my noise back, I yelled her name, and she did mine, we both yelled at each other telling one another to go harder.
We continued doing this until I could my climax coming, I couldn’t hold it, it was too strong, but I didn’t want the pleasure to stop, so I emptied my load within her, she kept thrusting until she got loader and began twitching as I felt another liquid swarm around my dick.
I collapsed to the floor, cum still spurting from my dick, and as I glanced up I saw her juices squirt as well

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2013-01-23 16:04:06
Dearest Cookie, I have wanted to tell you how much your fsrindehip and love mean to me. I know that you have enriched many lives and mine is included. As I have read your honest and transparent blogs I have been able to see and face the mortality that we all have to face. I count it an honor to have you as my friend. Your gracious and positive attitude are examples that I want to adopt and mirror in my life. When I bike along the bike path following Sand Creek I look for the beauty and abundant nature that I have seen through your eyes and your camera. I have learned to look at life as art through your eyes. I am grateful to have been a student of yours as you have taught me to see art, nature and life as all precious gifts from God. I admire the water that springs from your spirit from the deep well within your soul. I love you Cookie, I will miss you and look forward to seeing you in Heaven. Your friend, Cindy Unruh

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2012-10-05 00:41:28
it's just backlighting! :) done in caemra.[]Lori says:Perhaps I need a better caemra. :)[] says:I assure you, it's not the caemra.Lori says:So I guess it is user related on my part then Any thoughts on what I can read up on to learn? I have a decent starter caemra. Nikon D3000. My dad got it for me as a Baby Gift when my daughter was born. It has been one of the most useful and wonderful gifts as I have been able to really document the changes and milestones she has experienced. I have been trying to learn new techniques and pretty much Googling and You Tube-ing everything! says:awesome! #1 source of great info: your manual. Read up on metering. That should help a ton. :)

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