a stolen child becomes the favorite pussy of a clan of chimpanzees
The Jungle Whore

During my first trip to Tanzania with the Peace Corps in the mid-1960's, I heard several tales about children who were occasionally stolen from small native settlements by wild animals.

Big cats were the most common offenders but apes and chimpanzees were known to grab small ones, too.

I never gave it much thought, thinking that the children had merely become meals for hungry animals, rather than the other way around.

After several trips over the years, I had become familiar with many of the jungles....
enough to do my own exploring and photographing for days at a time. On one excursion, I was alone in the foothills of a mountain, shitting quietly under some thick underbrush.

The normal, and beautiful sounds of birds, frogs, mating calls, and monkey chatter were all around me...the same sounds I had heard hundreds of times.

“Brrrreeeee! Brrrreeeee! Ack-Ack-Ack-Ack!!” The sound was something I'd never heard before. At first I thought it was a monkey of some kind, maybe hurt or in trouble. Then it reminded me of a damn child at play, perhaps trying to mock another sound. As you can tell by that statement, I’m not very fond of children. (but… I wouldn’t make a meal out of one, either.)

I could tell, whatever it was, wasn't very far away so I wiped my ass, pulled up my khakis and began a slow, careful, quiet move in that direction. As I crawled through a clump of low ferns, I heard the unmistakable racket of chimpanzee mating chatter. When I thought of the word “chatter”, I couldn’t help but think of my two ex-wives….’nuff said.

To my astonishment, a naked human girl of about 14 or 15 was bent over a low fallen limb, slapping herself on what appeared a fine shaped ass. “Brrreeeee! Brrrreeeee! Ack-Ack-Ack!” Her dark hair must have been 3 feet long. She was a white girl, but was very brown skinned....probably because of constant sun exposure.

Two large male chimps were circling the girl and trying to scare each other off. Both had large dicks sticking from their sheaths, ready to fuck something. Finally, the younger animal won the contest, scaring the bigger but older male away. He didn't go far, though. About fifty feet away, he climbed a tree and watched as his competition touched his nose to the girl's ass & pussy.

I considered yelling out to scare the animal away, but I was too astonished to move. Three licks with his big tongue brought the girl to life. She bounced her ass back into his face and started grunting. That was all it took...the two hundred pound primate wrapped his long arms around her waist and pulled her to him. His cock found what it was looking for...or was it what SHE was looking for?

My camera has a silent click, so I started snapping as fast as I could. After a minute or so, I was so engrossed, I quit taking pictures and watched…….

The chimpanzee humped hard and fast, dumping its’ cum quickly into the eighty pound female. As soon as he was done, he turned and ambled directly away from my vantage point. As he disappeared into the thicket, the old man of the jungle dropped from his perch and literally ran to the girl. What a horny old man he was, too. No foreplay was in this veteran's mind as he mounted his target. His strokes were a little slower than the youngster's and I could tell the girl was enjoying it more, too. I could see a few small scars on her ass cheeks, but whatever those cheeks had been through, they still looked delicious as she jammed back into each of the old man's strokes.

“AHHH, AHHH, UHHHHHHH, GNUUHHHHH!” I couldn't believe my own 38 year old eyes as I watched the teenager have an orgasm. Old man must have dumped his load at the same time, but it wasn't him I was watching. He stepped a few paces away and started rubbing his dick, as though he was cleaning it.

The girl grabbed some green leaves and wiped her own cunt...but neither of them was through. Within a few minutes, Old man had rubbed himself into another hard-on. The girl stood, took notice, and bent over again. No coaxing was needed as Old man shoved his cock into her again.

I realized that I, myself, had opened my own fly and was busting a load of my own cum onto the jungle floor. (Hell, I was so used to pleasing myself since my last divorce, it was just automatic for me to start jacking off when I get a hard-on.) The chimp was so engrossed that he didn't hear my groan, but the little female heard. She tried to turn so she could see my direction, but Old man had other ideas. His strength held her small frame in place while he grunted his juice into her body.

Knowing I had been detected, I began easing back into thicker underbrush, hoping I could remember where I took a shit & not crawl through it. I had all these questions in my mind. 'Did I really just see two chimpanzees fuck a young white girl? Did she coax them into it? What do I do now? Do I report this to the rangers in this area? Will they hunt down chimpanzees until they find her? If she's been raised in the jungle, will she ever be accepted by civilization?'

I gasped when I looked up and saw the young naked girl in front of me. The first thing that caught my eye was her thick pubic hair. What a fine set of tits this girl was already sporting, too.

She started making all kinds of strange sounds and motions at me. I didn't know if I should run or just shoot her. What happened next surprised me even more. She walked around me, pissing in several spots. Then she reached out and touched my hat. When I lifted my eyes to hers, she jumped backward.

More chattering, then she bent her ass toward me and slapped it. “Brrreeeee? Brrreeeee?” It was as if she were asking me to fuck her, the same way she had asked her primate friends just minutes before.

“Oh shit,” I thought...” what do I do now? She expects ME to fuck her, too.” Quickly thinking my life was about to come to an end, I considered my options. This little girl seemed to have some kind of control over the powerful chimps. If I ran, they’d catch me easily, if they so desired. If I tried to fuck her, they could tear me apart in minutes with their strong arms. I figured I was gonna be dead in minutes so I made my move…. I stood, pulled my eight inches out and spoke... “Fuck…….fuck.” I pointed at my cock, then her cunt. The best that I could see, it was clean, except for a little cum still leaking. “Fuck…...fuck.”

She slapped both butt cheeks and uttered some sounds, then said, “Futt-futt.”
“Damn,” I thought, “close enough for the first try.” She bent further as I stepped toward her and repeated, “Futt-futt.” I was still thinking about running as far and as fast as I could, but to no avail. That gorgeous ‘clam shape’ was winking at me through the 'gap', where her long, young legs met her hips.

I had a full hard as I approached her. With my jacking off back there, I knew it would take me a lot longer to empty my balls, than the long armed chimps.

“EEEEEEE!” She emitted a long high squeal when my cock hit bottom. I pumped hard and deep, causing to her to thrash and hump, trying to get more inside her. I could tell she wasn't used to a long session. Each time she had her own orgasm, she looked back over her shoulder, expecting me to be through and pull out.

As young as she seemed to be, her pussy wasn’t near as tight as I expected. Then it occurred to me. Her pussy had been probably been pounded daily, over the last few months or even years, by more than one chimpanzee. Who knows what else had been where my cock was now. “SHIT!” I thought. “AIDS got its start in Africa. If these fuckin’ apes don’t kill me, I’ll probably die from that. God, this is good pussy, though.” The girl loved the feel of my drive. I counted eight orgasms before my own nuts began contractions.

“YA-GA, YA-GA, YA-GA!” She yelled out for two or three minutes. Her screams scared the hell out of me.

“What the fuck is she yelling? She may be telling her chimp family that I’m hurting her. SHIT! I gotta hurry up or shut her up.”

When I pulled my dripping cock from her over-filled cunt, she fell onto the ground and picked up some green leaves. As she wiped herself, she began ‘talking’. I couldn’t understand one word, except when she pointed at her pussy and said, “Futt-futt”. Most of her ‘words’ were monkey chatter. The same chatter I’d heard dozens of times.

As I pushed my semi-flaccid member inside my khakis and pulled the zipper closed, she jumped to her feet. Walking toward me, she bent forward, her hands touching the ground much in the same manner of most primates. Even with her head raised, her long hair mixed with the tall grass.

Standing straight up in front of me, the top of her head barely came to my shoulders. She circled me again, taking the opportunity to piss in a few spots. She kept touching my clothes and pulling at the front of my pants. Finally, she dropped to her knees, still ‘speaking’ unintelligible. She started working at my zipper, trying to figure where my dick went.

A chimp’s dick simply retracts into its hairy sheath, but mine clearly didn’t do that. I finally showed her how to pull the zipper down and as she played with that, my eyes scanned the surrounding trees and undergrowth. Sure enough, hairy creatures with big eyes and strong arms were watching every move we made.

When one of the males began moving our direction, the little jungle whore took to her feet and chased him away. It was then that she screamed out… “RAK-KA! RAK-KA! BO-BO-RAK-KA!” She repeated the same message to her ‘family’ several times before they began moving away, disappearing into the thick forest.

She strutted back to me with a smile. I felt like she was trying to tell me that she was boss and she would protect me…..I wasn’t going to argue with her. Somehow, we understood each other.

She pulled at my clothes, trying to get me to follow her. We didn’t go far. She climbed a tree, swinging from one limb to another with ease. I could tell she wanted me to follow, but there was no way. I sat at the base of the tree and watched as she kept giving curious looks. Chances are, she thought everything in this place could climb and swing, like her.

About five minutes later, she dropped to the ground behind me. She rubbed the hair on my head and lay down. Within seconds, she was sound asleep. Twice, I began to move away, only to find that she had a grip on my pants leg. “I’m gonna die anyway”, I thought, “Maybe I’ll sleep a little before it happens. I curled up on the ground beside her.

As I lay there, I noticed her teeth. They were straight and white, very healthy looking. Then I slowly looked over her entire body. She was young, alright. Maybe even younger than 14. Who could tell? The small scars on her tight little ass, I had noticed earlier, weren’t the only ones. Her body was covered with signs of scratches, some had been deep. Her tits were high and firm. The size of them were the only indication, to me, that she could have been a little older. Her long hair was clean, except for a little grass where she’d tangled it earlier.

But the most impressive thing I saw was her face. This young woman was stunning, to say the least. Perfectly arched and natural were her dark eyebrows. High cheekbones, small ears and a lovely chin accented her browned skin. Her lips needed kissing, lots of kissing. A good stiff cock would fit between those lips just fine, too. In a quick, fleeting moment, I wondered if chimps did blow jobs.

The more I examined the naked beauty, the harder my dick was getting... again. I eased my zipper down and fished the hard shaft out of confinement.

“Oh you luscious little beauty,” I thought, “Where in the hell did you come from and how did this happen to you? You run around naked all day and fuck every dick you can. Come to think of it…I’d kind of like to be able to do that, too. I wonder what it’d be like to fuck a chimpanzee. Their pussies always look red and raw, though. I’ll bet those fucking little apes would like a dick my size. No bigger than it is, it’s still bigger than Old man and Junior.”

When I reached out to caress her nice firm tits, she awoke.

Seeing my pole waving in the air, she quickly got onto her hands and knees. “Futt-futt”.

I rose onto my own knees and patted the ground. The questioning look indicated she had no clue what I wanted. I patted the ground again & lay down on my back, with my legs spread. I pointed to her to do the same. The beautiful girl was smart, too. She lay on her back while I took off my clothes. Then she let me mount her, her face curious about every move I made.

“Unnnn, unnnn,” she moaned as I began pumping in and out. As I lifted her legs onto my shoulders, I told her, “Little girl, you’re in for a real ‘man fuck’ this time”. But she didn’t have any idea what was going to happen.

She gasped as I hit bottom. She had never been penetrated this deep before, unless it was with a makeshift dildo. It had to hurt her as I kept slamming my rod into her cervix, but she got the idea.

Fifteen to twenty minutes of the hardest pounding I’d ever given brought her to a screaming, wiggling fit of orgasm.


When all the screaming subsided, we were surrounded with curious chimps. I realized that at sometime, I had inserted both my thumbs into her asshole and they were working it in and out, as well as stretching it sideways.

Jungle Whore lay moaning unintelligible noises to the chimpanzees, none of whom seemed to be threatening toward me. As my cum leaked from her cunt, it slid down and into her asshole. I kept up my manipulations for several minutes.

Then I felt strong fingers on my own ass…..It was Old man. He was checking out my smooth skin, from shoulders to feet. “You bastards swing by your arms & feet all day,” I said to him, “Just please don’t jerk my balls off and eat them. At least not until after you kill me. I sure would like to fuck your little whore one more time before I die….right in her gorgeous little ass.”

Old man put his hand on my shoulder and turned me around. He looked me in the eyes and smiled….believe it or not, the mother-fucker smiled. I could almost read his old mind, saying, “You just fucked your last fuck. That’s my baby and I’m the one who’ll fuck her for the rest of her life. You’re going to die now, you white skinned son-of-a-bitch.”

It was very tense for several seconds, then he took my soft dick in his hand. He was so gentle with it as he stroked it back and forth. Being circumcised, I’m confident it was a novelty for him. The girl sat up and began inspecting me, too. The rest of the ‘family’ sat around chattering.

Then it happened…Old man reached my balls. “This is gonna hurt so fucking bad,” I said to him. “Maybe you better stop.” He looked close to my face again and I yelled, “STOP IT DAMMIT!!!”

A shotgun blast wouldn’t have had more effect on them. At least three chimps turned complete somersaults. Old man ran over the girl, who was trying to retreat, herself. Ten seconds later, Old man was the only one left in the small clearing with the girl and me.

The three of us sat and ‘talked’ for half an hour or more. Old man finally left us and the girl laid her head in my naked, now sun-burned lap. She nuzzled my cock with her nose and mouth until it began to stiffen, again.

“Four times in about five or six hours? This is gonna be a personal best for me.”

The girl looked up at me and wondered what the fuck I was saying.

“I’m gonna fuck you again”, I told her. “This time it’ll be your ass, sugar. If you don’t like it, tough shit. You’re the best fucking thing that I’ve ever had my dick in, and if the God-damned lions or warthogs kill me tonight, I’ll go to hell knowing my last few hours were heaven. Now get your pretty little ass in the air, we’re gonna FUCK-FUCK”.

“Futt-futt…gee gah gee gah.”

She landed on her back and spread her legs. There was no hesitation when I started turning her over, though, this was the only position she’d know all her young life. I jammed one thumb into her asshole, making her jump a little. Then she arched her back and pushed backward, toward my hand. Within a minute, both thumbs were in her and pulling sideways.

At this point, I realized that I was very hungry, so I removed my thumbs for a few seconds. I pulled my clothes closer then resumed my conquest. The girl was still oozing cum from her pussy, so I smeared my cock with a liberal amount. As I pushed my pink head against her opening, she whined a little.

I cleared my throat and spit a large blob onto my dick, too. It was time…..

It took three shoves to penetrate her sphincter. Then ol’ fat boy sank into her bowels. I stopped for a few minutes to let her get the feel of the intrusion. My left front pocket held a couple of large granola bars. I unwrapped the first one and offered it to her. After she licked & smelled it, she tried to get all of it into her mouth at once.

“Hmmmmm, I wonder if you can get all of my cock in your mouth at one time.”

When she saw I was biting my granola bar off in pieces, she began doing the same. As she got about half way through it, I started sliding my dick in and out. She seemed to accept the new experience easily and began assisting by meeting every push with one of her own.

Ten minutes later, we stopped…deeply imbedded, we finished our snack and went back to work. As hard as I jerked her lithe body into mine, she never whimpered or made any kind of ‘pleasured’ sounds. Ten minutes more of jerking, slamming and pulling her hair, I unloaded into her shit tunnel.

After we rested for a few minutes, she jumped up, touched my dick and said, “Futt-futt. Me-ka ga-ka.” She took to the trees and was out of sight in seconds.

I made it back to my camp and stayed in the same area for six more days, but I never saw my little Jungle Whore, again.


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I find it hard to believe that the old male chimpanzee didn't rip our narrator limb from limb. Unless I'm mistaken, a chimpanzee's "smile" is actually a threat.. Maybe he didn't mind sharing his "jungle whore" with the strange human because he was accustomed to sharing her with other chimpanzees-- and because she clearly enjoyed being fucked by another human.

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"The Jungle Whore"

With any luck at all, the two-legged male shit-fucker will have a good dose of AIDS! If he urges were so strong for an animal he should have taken on the chimps--in the ass!

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