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Her Eyes....
Heres' the story. Duh it's fantasy and there is going to be some errors this is my first story. :)

"The only way you'll pass is if you take after school tutorials Ethan." My principal Mr.Underwood said.
"Before or after Football practice?" I asked. I don't like playing sports, but my mom makes me so I have to.
I am really smart, funny, and just nerdy. My mom wants me to play sports "For discipline and so you won't be weak." Thanks mom. I'm 14 and 5 feet and 2 inches. I have blonde hair and blue eyes. Noticeable abbs, but I don't tan that easy. Anyways back to the story.

"After practice, so I recommend you washing up before you go." Mr. Underwood said inpatiently.

"Yes sir" I started going for the door out of his office when I asked "Who is my tutor?"

"Oh um...." he checked his desk for some paper, "Oh uh Tesa Frazier."

"Oh ok thank you sir." I left the office with my heart racing.

Okay lets start off with the reason for tutorials.I am smart I just slack off allot I'm constantly busy due to my parents 13 year old divorce that never seems to be quiet. So I'm just to tired for schoolwork. For the heart racing part. I have had the biggest crush on her for the longest time. I never had the courage to ask her out. So to keep my feelings under control I would "Pleasure" myself to her at home to keep me from exploding. She was my age 14 and had the perfect butt. I mean it was just perfect and her breast weren't large they were small but definately noticable. She had dirty blonde hair with streaks in it.

So I was sitting there in the locker room getting dressed thinking of how I should play out the tutorials thing. When my friend Dillon comes up and says "So I here you gotta "date" with Tesa." He made air quotes around date.
"Haha no she just has to tutor me in Literature some."

"Uh huh, you gonna make a move?"

"I don't know really, we haven't really talk since the Christmas party."

"Oh yyyeeeaaahhh that was one great night, well I gotta go my rides here see ya Ethan." He waved as he jogged off.
I was last to leave the locker room. I put my I-Pods' earphones on and played a quick Dubstep song to get my mind off of tutorials. I finally reached the room and when I walked in nobody was there I put my binder and book on the desk. I was playing Angry Birds when she finally walked in. I took out my earphones and put my I-Pod in my backpack. My god she was perfect she wore red but designed converse, with tight jeans that folded up a couple inches from her heel. She wore a black with white stripes shirt that was a V-neck. She had no lipstick on and not that much makeup cause she didn't need it. And her hair has one of them swooshes that necessarily emo people have(sorry I don't know what it is called and it is true).

"Sorry I'm late I had to deal with something." She smiled and pushed herself ontop of the teachers desk that was right infront of mine.

"So why are you in here, your one of the smartest people in the grade." She grinned pleasantly.

"I don't know, just slacking off in class." I answered trying to say it smoothly as possible.

"Oh what a surprise." She said giggling. "Well I cant tutor you cause I know you know this so it would be pointless to teach you so you can just put your bo-" She was cut off by her phone that started to ring.

"One second." She took the phone out in the hall and shut the door.

I put my stuff into my backpack and sat there listening to her muffled conversation that didn't seem to pleasant. I sat there and drifted off into an fanstasy.

Tesa was laying on my bed gesturing me towards the bed. I went up towards the bed and crawled ontop of her and started to kiss her kneck as her hands slid down my pants. I moved my hands to her shirt and started to take it off the-
The real Tesa came into the room and looked shakin up. She sat on the desk and stared at her phone not saying anything.

I asked, " Hey what's wrong?"

She answered as she raised her head, a tear was trickling down her cheek,"its Lucas he apperently is fucking Vanessa."

I got up and walked closer, " Wow um are you okay?"

She answered, "No I keep on setting myself with him thinking he is different, but I'm always wrong."

I keptmoving closer towards her and I raised my hand that was slightly shaking and swiped the tear from her cheek.

What are you doing Ethan?" She asked but didn't seem to resist.

I put the tips my fingures under her chin and leaned in towards her lips that were really moist. My lips connected with hers. She closed her eyes to seem to embrace it. I point my hands on her waist and she put hers around my neck. I started to use my tongue and she did to. We stayed in this little state for a coupleof minutes in which I got really aroused. My pants were extremely tight.I don't know if she meant to or if she just was moving her hand randomly.But her hand found my cock that was pressing against my jeans painfully. She grinned and asked, "Do you want me?"


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It's a great start please continue!

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wright more of this story, you have just started on this, doing great so far keep at it please

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