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Miles wins the lottery and decides to make his dream a reality! (This is my first story please be nice :P I encourage you to criticize though) this series is absolutely fake as far as I know it's all my imagination.
Read the first chapter before this one thanks for reading :)

I slept peacefully that night and woke early in the morning. I got dressed ate some food went to the bathroom brushed my teeth before finally deciding I was ready and padding to the basement door watching it accept my eye and swing open. I closed it before padding father down the hallway to watch her through the one way glass. She was awake that was for sure from my position on the glass I was inches away from her face. Her mascara and makeup was smeared across her face and dried up tears were laying on her face. I smiled growing hard in anticipation before going over to the padlocked door typing in the code padding in and closing it behind me. She must of heard it because she started struggling against her ties again pulling against her bonds to no avail. I stepped beside her bed and gently stroked her stomach before my hand moved up to her breast squeezing the tip until it hardened. I enjoyed watching her struggled as I twisted her other breast. I loved watching their pain and terror. While most males raped women for the power or feeling I did it to feel their fear and pain. I walked around the bed and pulled off her blindfold in a quick motion needing to see her eyes that held most of a persons emotion. I watched her trying to adjust to the light the fear showing clearly in her eyes as they adjusted. Her gaze wandered around the room and then they landed on me and she started to struggle again. I smiled down at her "were gonna have fun" I told her with a laugh "well I am anyway". And with that I walked to the bottom of the bed most people would start trying to teach her to obey right around now, but I didn't bother I liked them alive and kicking. I knelled between her legs and spread her lips wide before I licked her all the way down her pussy. I closed my eyes to savor the taste that I missed so much over the years. I stuck one finger into her quickly careful not to break her cherry and looked up into her panicked eyes as she struggled uselessly. "How old are you Natalie" I asked reaching up and removing her ball gag. When she refused to reply he added another finger watching her gasp in pain but her mouth stayed closed in a hard line. I smiled I loved them tough it made it harder to break them. I added a third finger into her tight hole and tears appeared in her eyes. With my other hand I twisted her clit roughly and she gasped "seventeen, seventeen o god please stop" she squeaked out. I smiled and added more pressure against the walls of her pussy slowly spreading my fingers out watching her gasp in pain before I pulled out of her. I bent down and licked her clit slowly my fingers holding her open for me. "how far have you gone with a guy" I asked and pinched her clit "no..not far, he just touched my boobs that's it" she managed to get out in between gasps I grinned that's good I smiled as I slowly took off my belt and removed my pants. Her eyes got round when a 4.5 girth 8.8 length pop out of my shorts. He grinned enjoying her panic as he stepped closer. I hit a button on the side of the bed and the front of it started to lower until her head was below her legs. He then stepped forward and pressed his cock to her closed lips "suck" he commanded and watched her push her lips farther together. He reached up and pinched her nose cutting off her air flow. She realised what I was doing and opened her mouth, but kept her teeth firmly closed together. I almost laughed at her useless determination. I slapped her across her cheek and she gasped in pain and in that moment I mercilessly slammed my cock into her open mouth. I quickly pushed it down into her throat watching her gag as she tried to get air. I let go of her nose and her struggles lessened as she pulled in quick bursts of air. I continued to push my cock inch by inch down her throat watching it bulge hotly. I had a few inches left to go and she knew it her eyes were filled with terror and pain that I fed on greedily. I removed my cock from her throat and she took in a gasp of air before I slammed it in again with one thrust I had my whole cock pushed down her throat painfully. Her jaws were stretched to the limit and her tongue pushed at my cock only succeeding in making it feel better for me. After a few more seconds of admiring the beautiful site I started pumping in and out of her throat keeping up a steady rhythm as she tried to get as much air as possible in the few chances she got. A few minutes later I felt my dick start to tingle and I pushed her head against the bed as I forced my cock all the way down her throat again shooting cum down into her stomach. A minute later I pulled out of her mouth and let her slouch against the bed gasping for air. I didn't give her a chance to fully recover about a minute later my cock was hard again I smiled at her cruely as I stepped quickly toward the bottom of the bed. This side of the bed was way up in the air just how I wanted it. I lowered the bed until her head was hitting the ground and then stepped onto the bed. "Because your still a virgin, I'm putting a lot of time into making this perfect" I smiled as she looked up at me with pure helpless terror. I let myself slide down the bed until my cock was positioned just outside her vagina. Knowing gravity would do a lot of the work for me I held that position for a few more seconds letting the terror on her face last before I dropped into her dry opening without lubing up first. My cock slammed into her mercilessly ripping away her hymen and slamming all the way into her my cock pressing against the other side of her womb. She screamed a high pitch sound and even as her voice gave away her mouth stayed open frozen in a silent scream. I grinned leaving her to suffer for about 10 seconds as gravity continued to push me against the back of her womb. I then tilted the chair back to normal and pulled out of her feeling her dry vagina cling to me as I pulled out of her causing another scream to come from her gaping mouth. I put my bloody cock back to her opening and slammed it in again watching her scream again and again tears dripping down her face as I pushed all the way into her before pulling out and doing it all over again. Finally her body started to lubricate my cock making it less painful for her as I grabbed her hips and pressed into her faster and faster. Finally I knew I was going to cum. I pulled all the way out of her and then grabbed her hips and slammed myself into her cumming deep into her womb load after load until it stopped and I pulled out of her body a grin on my face I had forgotten how good that felt. Natalie's eyes were wide open and she laid there in shock. sl

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2012-07-28 05:51:16
ya this seemed rushed to me. person below. you do realize this isnt a first hand account but a fictional story yes? the tenses do need to be edited, well the whole gd thing needs clean up but great story none the less.

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2012-07-10 18:34:32
I hope she was not on birth control. I also hope you really use her hard and load her up with cum lots of it leaking out of every hole. I love it when it is pumped inside a girl and not wasted by being sprayed on her.

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2012-07-07 08:00:16
Too difficult to read. You switch from first person to third person in same sentence.

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