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This is the part 2 and i know it took me a while but iv been busy
The night before was amazing I had taught my daughter how to have sex and she loved it and so did I. She walked out and she was wearing her pink Hannah Montana shirt and some tight jeans. She said to me "Daddy can we do that again I liked the way you made my tot feel" and i told her "Baby of course we can but remember not to tell anyone". She said ok and was off to school.

I picked her up from school and we were on our ay home when she started rubbing her "tot". I told her that that would have to wait until we got home she huffed and said ok daddy. So we got home and she immediately started to get undressed so I closed the blinds and curtains. She was pulling her pants down and she was wearing no underwear. I started rubbing at her tot and she was moaning I loved the feel of her pussy warm, tight and it was always so wet. She started to pull my pants down and began sucking on my hard,thick,long cock this was awesome it was like having my own sex slave whenever I wanted. She wanted me to put my weiner in her tot so I told her that it would hurt a lot and she would bleed she said "I don't care daddy". So I put a condom on and began to put my dick into her it was so tight but it felt amazing. I was moving in slowly and ffelt her cherry I told her that it was going to hurt and pushed. She yelped but then at my amazement started thrusting harder on my cock I as surprised because it had to hurt a lot but she loved it. Just when I felt my precum come out she started to have an orgasm she was moaning so loud and her tot was so wet it felt amazing so I pulled out and started eating her out. She tasted so good then she started squirting. Her body was shaking like she was cold and she was squirting a lot.

There was so much sex juices on the floor and couch so I grabbed some towels and put them down and sat on the couch. Shhe cuddled up to me and told me how awesome it was and how she loved doing this then she asked me what anal was like. I told here that it would take a while to do that and it would hurt worse than when I broke her cherry she said she didnt care once again and so I turned her over and starting to work my way into her tiny little asshole.

I thought i would need lube so I grabbed a little bit and put it on my hard shaft as I was going in. She was moaning bu i wasn't sure out of pain or pleasure but I was halfway in and she told me to push a little bit harder so I started to push a little harder. This felt great it is completely different that a vagina but it felt great i got about 3 quarters of the way in when she told me to stop she said it was hurting to much. So i pulled out of her tight little asshole and started to fuck her tot again. She let off a sudden moan and started to thrust harder on my dick I was loving this but I was about to cum. I told her i was about to shoot again and she started to suck my dick and she swallowed all of my cum. She loved the taste of my cum when she was finished she looked up at me and said " I want more". I told her that she would have to wait a little bit before I could give her anymore.

There will be a part 3 and it will be soon so leave me some comments some ideas and some things you liked and some thins i should change.


2012-07-05 13:08:42
annonymous reader 2012-07-0501-1 17 59 id love to talk to u more


2012-07-05 13:05:07
mystepdaddy did my ass too but he was very big

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2012-07-05 01:17:59
Let me tell you about my first time. It happen when i was six years old. I last it to my daddy. My mother, I never knew her, she die when I was born. I don’t remember when the first time my daddy molested me was, I probably happen since I was a baby. For me it was normal, he would give me a bath almost every night and that’s when he would do it. He always put extra attention to cleaning my pussy. It wasn’t until I was six that he took it to another level. I remember it was Friday after school; he was in his room watching a porno on the TV, when he calls me into his room. I remember he told me to sit in the middle of his legs: as I sat in his bed I could feel his erect cock. I sat there watching the porn movie with him, not really knowing what was happening. That was the first time my daddy ate my pussy. He even try putting his finger up my little hole. I remember how much it hurt, telling him to stop, crying as he rip my pussy open with his fingers, but he never did. After that he took

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2012-07-04 20:12:28
You need more details and make it longer it doesn't have to be quick

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2012-07-04 16:09:47
You rushed through it that was short and needed a little more details.

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