"You gotta go?"
"Yeah.'I eyed the love of my life.
"Will you give me my present tonight?" Her eyebrow raised.
All.night.long I danced after every word.
She gritted her teeth.
I knew she wanted me.
"Gimme a kiss" I puckered up
She kissed me
"Have a good night."
"I will when you come home" she bit her lip.
When I got there to my office I was mad.
"Mailekkkkkk" the daughter of my boss said coming over to me.
She put her hand on my shoulder "Lets not fight"
"I will fucking kill you if you lay a hand on me again."
"Ooh" she kissed my nose.Daddy wouldnt like that
I stood."I could quit here and now.I dont need this job."
I knew I was lying.
"You want a family with Sely
Big house
Nice car
Little babies?"
"Well you better sit your cute ass down,do this work and get over it."
What could I do? I needed this job.So I sat down and continued to do the all the work she put on my desk.
Seconds later I found myself thinking about Sely.
Damn, how could I leave her on her 20th birthday.
My eyes however found their way over to Keisha.
She looked good.
She felt me watching and spread her legs so I could see.
I admit I took her virginity but that was it.I didnt want a relationship with the bitch and that was way before me and Sel got together but she kept pursing me.
One time is never enough for her I guess
She slid her panties off and thats when I knew I was in hot shit.

Drama came through in an all black suit and Suede shoes
"Hey baby" he kissed my cheek.
"I'm not your damn baby" I snapped.
I was the center of attention now.
I smiled at everyone.
Pulling him aside "I asked what are you doing here?"
"My little brother told me to watch your pussy for him."
"He's watching it good enough.Something you never did." I shot back.
"Thats why we broke up?"
"Mark leave me be." I sighed
"No, really.I mean, that hurts my childhood sweetheart giving her virginity to my twin.
Were you drunk?High?" He asked really wanting to know.
I was in love.With him.
Mark nodded."Is he in love with you?"
"Yeah...well, I think." replied unsure.
"Keep thinkin' doll face."
"What does that mean?"
"He's slept around on you before." He said matter of factly.
"He has? How do you know?" I asked eager to know.
"I'm his brother we tell each other everything." He bragged.
"He's told me how good you fuck,how you fuck,how tight you are.
But I found out for myself." He was still thinking about it, what a dirty pig.
"All i can wonder is how he can still cheat when he has you at home?" He eyed every inch of me with hunger in his eyes.
Take me to him, Now!
We drove to Maliek's office and there he was at his desk.In front of him was some bitch masturbating.His head all up in her skirt.
I couldnt be more devasted asears fell down my face as my heart slowly broke.
I couldnt take it so I took off running.
Mark drove along side me.
"Sely dont be like that.You wanted the truth and you got it."
Get in.
We'll go to my house and make him sorry."
I got in and we drove to his place.
"Take off your clothes" he ordered when we got inside.
"My clothes?"
"Thats what we're here for right?" He walked over to me
"Mark.I should leave." I tried to get my coat
He grabbed me and kissed me forcefully.
I threw my hands around his neck and my legs around his waist.
He carried me to the bed and pounded my pussy til it was too sore that it hurt.Once done, he came inside me.The feeling he was giving me was electrifying.So, I did gave a damn about the consequences.
We fell asleep in the morning & I instantly felt ashamed of what I did but me and him just kept going at it and at it.
Til I couldnt do it anymore.

"Well how do I look?" I asked her
So,so good." She slithered over
She got ahold of my zipper.
"Baby, relax." I took her hands away
This will be here when you get home." I assured her.
"I want babies."She says out of nowhere
She sat on the foot of the bed with a sad face looking more goregous than ever.
"What you want a kid so early for? Youre only 20."
"I know but..." she shrugged.
"C'mere" I took her hand.
She hugged me.
"We'll talk about all that when we come home" I promised her.
She nodded.
"You look beautiful"
She smiled."Thank you."
After that comment we were off to my job's office party.
My friends slid through.Her friends were there.My brother even showed up.
We were dancing.
She started grinding on my leg showing me she wanted this baby.BAD.
Keisha cut in.
"Can I have a dance Maliek?"
"Well, Keisha..
Suddenly Sely step to her like "bitch you need to back your young ass off him."
"I was talking to him not you."
Well, this is my man.She took my hand and put it on her breast jiggling them then down on her crotch.
The warmth of it all.
I was in heaven.
"Do you know we slept together?" Keisha blurted out.
She dropped my hands."When?"
Mark stepped in."Does it even matter Sely? Aren't you gonna tell my brother about whats been going on between us?"
I checked my ears."Us? Us who?"
She looked back and forth between me and him.
You slept with my brother?! I screamed.
"I thought you loved me."
"I did.I do."
"She didnt all those times" he stood in my face not an ounce of regret.
"You slept with him more than once?" I looked at her disgusted.
I her off."I'm not your fucking baby.You nasty bit-
I stopped myself.Why would you do that to us?"
You cheated on me with her she pointed at Keisha.
"I never cheated on you with her.I slept with her when I was like 15 and that was it.When I realized I loved you,you were the only girl for me."
"Mark you said-"
"You listened to this fucking shit? Youre no better than him." Interuppted her
"We're over" I said to her.
"Keisha, I quit."
"You cant, I'll tell daddy."
"Tell your fucking daddy bitch.You aint nothing but an office slut.Blackmailing me to watch you masturbate."
"You need help."
"And you I pointed at my brother.You got what you wanted.I hope youre happy."
"Maliek, you cant quit.My dad will never forgive me.Youre the hardest worker here."
"You should have thought about that before" I said before leaving.
I went home,fell asleep and tried to forget the whole night.
I woke up to banging on the door.
I snatched it up."What?"
"I'm sorry."
She had make-up mixed in with her tears,shoes in her hands and her hair a mess.Yet she still looked like a goddess
I rolled my eyes walking inside.
She followed closing the door behind me.
I slipped under the covers
She stood in front of my bed.
"Come sleep." I called her over
She got under the cover and hugged me close.
"Maliek Im so sorry." She whispered in my ear
"Sely I cant be with you knowing you did that to me because you thought I cheated.
What would happen if I eventually did cheat would you go and get pregnant by dude to hurt me?"
"So, thats it? We're done?" She cried
I nodded.
Her head laid on my chest.
"I will always love you." She confessed
"I'll love you too" I closed my eyes.
She kissed me over and over which led to us having passionate sex til we fell asleep.
When I woke up the next morning every single reminder of her was gone except for her dress, the one she wore when we went on our very first date.
I sighed and continued on with my day.
I spent day after day looking for a new job.
Until I found one at the mall as a Cashier.
Ironically Sely and my brother, who were now dating came into the shop.
She spotted me and it was ackward.
I shrugged it off.
They came to my check out line.
"Wassup lil bro?" He taunted me
I looked at him."Who are you again?"
"C'mon." He smiled.
"Sir, could you maybe stand over By the entrance..youre distracting me." I tried to sound professional
"Its not me thats distracting you, its that ass."He looked at Sely's behind before walking over to where I told him to stand.
I checked her things out one by one.
"Maliek look at me" she whined.
"Why? You arent for me to look at." I looked over at Mark
She sighed.
I lifted my head up and stared at her."What do you want me to see?"
"You forgiving me." She said in a smooth baby voice.
"That might take some time.
A long time."
The sadness in her eyes now meant nothing to me.
She noticed.
I continued scanning.
I stopped.
She snatched it "Mind your business since Im not yours to look at anymore."
"But you still want me to look at you" I retorted.
She paid with his card.
Before leaving she mouth me an I miss you.
I sighed when they finally left.

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