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Sorry it took so long for part 2 but it's finally here! Part 3 WILL be up soon (I promise) and it will bring a new dynamic to the story.
I looked in the mirror, ran my fingers through my hair and took a deep breath. This is it, today is the day I spend with my crush.

I fell backwards on to my bed. What am I doing? I asked myself, he's straight. He is never going to like me and I just have to deal with it. I flipped onto my stomach and groaned out loud thinking of how hot he was. I thought of the brown pants he had worn yesterday. On most people, anything but jeans looks bad but on him, the fabric would cling to him, giving me a full view of his perfect ass. And the shirt he was wearing? It was amazing. I thin, plain white t-shirt that was essentially see through.

I remembered the way he talked to me over the past week, talking as if we were old friends, joking with me. It all seemed to come so easily, to him at least. The entire time I was thinking about my luck and how glad I was to just see this wonderful guy.

I remembered the way he always played with his nipple ring, lifting his shirt up, revealing his toned chest. He did it so often that it was a normal thing to him but to me, it was heaven.

I was brought out of my daydream by my phone vibrating on my nightstand. I picked it up and looked at the screen.

"Hey, I finished swimming early, you can come over now if you want. - Matt" Within two seconds of receiving that text, I was in the car already driving to his house.

I pulled into his driveway, checking the address twice to be certain. I jumped out of my car and jogged up to his front door. I knocked a bit too loudly and waited for him to come let me in. I could not believe the sight I was met with. Matt walked to the door wearing nothing but a towel wrapped around his waist. He opened the door and gestured me in.

"Hey, sorry about the towel. I didn't realize you lived so close and I just got out of the shower." I couldn't muster up the willpower to say anything so I just nodded. "You can go wait in my room if you want, I'll just be another second." Once again, I nodded. He turned around to lead me to his room and I saw him grinning widely.

Once I found his room, he left to go change in the washroom, which was right across the hall. He shut the door but didn't completely close it so I still could see a bit of it. He disappeared for a few seconds but when he returned, he had lost the towel and was now in his underwear. I was a little disappointed when I saw that he wore boxers, instead of briefs, because I couldn't see as good of an outline of him as I would have liked. He bent over to put on his pants and I got a good look at his round ass. He pulled them up and did up the button before putting on his shirt. I moved over so he wouldn't be able to see me spying on him and I tried to cover up the erection that I was now sporting.

He came into the room and sat down next to me on the bed. We started talking about school, jobs and just about everything we could think of. I glanced over at the clock every once in a while and before long, I noticed that more than an hour had past. We decided to start studying and he brought his notebook over. We went over calculus notes for a long time until neither of us could focus anymore.

Once again, I looked at the clock and noticed that two hours had gone by. It was now going on 10 o clock and we were both exhausted.

"Hey, do you wanna head to bed now?" I nodded and looked around for a spot for me to sleep on the floor. "Dude, I have a queen size bed, you can just sleep on that with me"

"Um, ok. if that's ok with you." Matt smiled and nodded. I waited to see what he would be wearing to bed before getting changed myself and was glad to find he just slept in his underwear.

After we both stripped down, we climbed into the bed and Matt moved closer to me.

"I'm not really that tired yet, are you?" Matt asked me, putting his arms up behind his head, exposing his armpits.

"No, we could talk if you'd like."

"Sure, what about? We've basically already talked about everything..."

"Well, not everything." I gave Matt a confused look and he broke out in a wide grin. "Sex." He stated simply, and I was glad for the low light because my cock started growing that instant.

"Wha-what about it?" I stuttered

"Well, obviously you've never had it before," He laughed. I blushed and shook my head. "Can I tell you a secret, Alex."

"Sure, anything."

"I've never actually had it either." He looked away, clearly embarrassed.

"But you always talk about it like you always have sex." He shook his head.

"That's just a cover... The other guys would just laugh at me if they found out."

"I wouldn't" I almost kicked myself for saying that but he smiled.

"Thanks. Do you want to know why I've never had sex before?" I didn't say anything and he took my silence as a yes. He sighed before continuing. "I've never had sex because, well, because I'm gay." Matt kept talking, asking me not to tell anyone and other stuff but I wasn't listening. My dream guy was actually gay, practically naked, and laying right next to me. I would have never thought that this would actually happen to me and i couldn't focus on anything else. I started smiling widely and in the back of my mind, I could hear him saying my name. I decided to take a risk and do what I've wanted to do since I met him. I moved closer to him and crashed my lips into his. At first, he didn't do anything, but finally, he gave into the kiss and wrapped his arms around me.

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