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a private hunting club has target practice
A boy in his late teens led four girls to their designated spot. A small wooden platform with a fence stood in the middle of a clearing in the woods. The fact that these girls were stripped completely naked gave him a massive hard-on in his pants. The four girls were all gagged and blindfolded. The boy tied the legs of each girl onto a wooden pole, their hands were tied behind their backs. The girls were completely unaware about what was about to happen to them. Fifty yards farther four men were preparing their rifles. Franck lined up his rifle and positioned the crosshair to the first girl’s left nipple. She had rather small tits, making the target more difficult. He squeezed the trigger and a bullet flew out. It hit the girl straight in the left nipple, tearing it off and leaving a bloody hole in the girl’s tit. He repositioned his rifle and fired again, aiming at the right tit. This time the bullet hit the target but just a few millimeters. “Well, not bad,” he said. Jack positioned his rifle and aimed at the second girl. He fired two consecutive shots, both impacting the target, ripping off the girl’s two nipples, leaving two bloody holes in the girl’s chest. Jack had a satisfactory smile on his lips. “Hey!” Franck cried, “that doesn’t count, yours had bigger tits.” Both men laughed out loud. “Watch this!” Marc said to his friends. He squeezed the trigger twice, repositioned his rifle and let out a burst of short consecutive shots. The first two bullets hit target and blew out the girl’s nipples. The following bullets formed a bloody smiley face from the girl’s left to right tit. “Show off!” Jeff cried and fired at the last girl in line. His first shot missed target, so did his second and third shot. After a few more shots the girl’s tits looked like a sieve, although her nipples were still intact. “Screw this!” Jeff cried and ran over to the girl. He pulled out his handgun and blew off the girl’s nipples one by one. He gestured to the boy who had stood aside, watching everything. “Cut them down!” he ordered the boy, who removed the dead girls from the platform. He stacked them on top of each other. “Bring on the next!” Jeff ordered. The boy brought out four more girls, also naked, blindfolded and gagged. This time the girls were bent over the fence, their legs were spread apart, their hands tied to their ankles. “Let’s shoot some assholes!” Jeff said to this friends.

Franck lined up his rifle and took aim. His girl had a fat and round ass, he basically couldn’t miss. He let the first bullet fly, which impacted in the girls butthole. He aimed again, this time at the girl’s pussy and fired. The shot missed just by an inch, the bullet going through the wooden paneling and the girl’s chest. Jack obviously had the best shot and fired two quick shots. Both shots hit target, one bullet going in through the girl’s ass, the other entering via her cunt. Marc loved to show off his skills. He fired two shots, both impacting the girl in the ass. He shot two more, right into the girl’s pussy and added a hole in each buttcheek with a satisfactory grin. Jeff tried to do better than the time before but failed just a well. The first shot went over far and wide. The next few bullets hit the girl in the ass, a few even ended up in the legs. Angrily he threw his rifle away and got out his handgun again. He ran up to the girl, shoved the barrel in the girl’s asshole and fired three shots. Then he pulled out, shoved it between her pussylips and emptied the gun. “Bitch!” he yelled at the dead girl. He removed the clip from his gun and put in a new one. “You obviously need some more practice!” the other guys laughed. “Hey, remember I’m the chairman of this little club we have here, I can have you kicked out in a whim!” he replied. He gestured to the boy again, who swiftly removed the four dead girls, putting them on top of the others. “Next batch!” he yelled.

Again, four more naked girls were placed on the platform. The girls were tied in the same position as the ones before them. Jeff opened his pants and pulled out his stiff cock. Target practice always made him extremely horny. He positioned himself behind the nearest girl and shoved his hard cock in the pussy. The others followed suit and the four of them fucked the tied-up girls hard. They alternated between pussy and ass a few times. Because of the gag in their mouths the girls were unable to cry and only muffled yelps were heard by the raging men. Jeff was ready to cum and shot his semen deep inside the girl’s cunt. When his balls were empty he removed his cock and replaced it with his handgun. He shoved the barrel deep into her cunt and fired several times. “Yeah, what a discharge!” he cried as he removed the gun, slapping the girls on the buttock, blood mixed with seed streaming from her pussy. The others finished as well, shooting their sperm inside the girl’s pussies. “Come on, you need some more practice!” Marc gestured. They walked back to the shooting stand and Jeff pulled out his automatic rifle. He let it rip and sent a rain of bullets into the girls’ bare hinds, making a sieve out of the firm bottoms of the girls. He walked over them and shot a bullet in each girl's pussy to finish them off. The boy removed the four girls and placed them on top of the others. A pile of 12 dead girls laid beside them. The girls had all aged 16 to 21, their once first breasts filled with bullets, their tight cunts and asses ripped apart. The boy poured gasoline over the pile and looked at his father. Jeff lit a cigar and tossed the still burning match on the pile of girls, setting them afire.

“What do you have in store for us tonight?” Franck asked.
“Just wait and see, my friends, just wait and see…”

to be continued?????

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2013-09-16 14:39:16
Considering the tags, those who wrote nevgitive comments should just shut up. You knew full well what you were getting into, so if you don't like, don't fucking read.

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2012-09-24 03:05:57
this is a waste of women

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2012-08-03 10:10:39
more reactions from the girls!! continue!

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2012-07-09 13:00:31
not enof reactions from the girls

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2012-07-08 01:57:40
Please write more!!!!!!! Please! I am so wet

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